Vaug Toran

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: R – All the fun stuff without the porn!
Location: Vaug Toran

Plot Teaser
Vaug Toran – a marvelous world of… nothing very extraordinary. The golden days of old are over; the council of mages all but diminished saved for a mere few, the dragons that once dominated the mountains have been slayed, the majestic creatures that blessed the forests have vanished. Humans have finally claimed the lands and flourished in their dreary unfascinating lives.

This is not the will of some. Though rare, magic is still born in a special few… but thanks to a strange plague that has been ravaging villages, it becomes a tainted black magic. Ones that would have been good become twisted under the pull of a darker power. Vaug Toran is under siege by a mysterious unknown.

A plague has become an epidemic in Vaug Toran, and though the illness itself is bad enough – the fact that anyone born with a natural talent for magic will become tainted with a darker power if they catch the sickness. Countless of people are dying due to the plague, worsened by the influx of violence by newly realized Dark Mages. This crisis has caught the attention of the last surviving wizards of the Titan Council, reminding them of a quest they had never completed and being a precursor to a much worse fate for Vaug Toran if this mysterious power is not stopped. The wizards have realized, though, that they are way too old to complete their quest on their own and have enlisted the help of a small group of people to aid them on their quest. Their goal is to find the Scrolls of Titanus – a written documentation of all the spells and teachings that were handed down the generations of the Titan Council. These scrolls contain many spells and concoctions that could ruin the world if they fell in to the wrongs hands – they only pray its not already too late!


THE TITANS: The Titans were a council of elite mages and wizards in Vaug Toran. Males born with an exceptional affinity towards magic would be sent straight away to the Temple of Titanus to spend the rest of their days learning the intricate threads of magic. The Tital Council had a great deal of influence on the political powers of the world, and were revered for their wisdom and aid in times of crisis. However, nothing can remain untainted forever. After hundreds of years without ill thoughts in the temple, there was a premonition shared by many of the mages. It foretold that one of them would rise to power and come to control the lands of Vaug Toran. The more ancient wizards thought this to be impossible, but the younger apprentices found this intriguing… and power is a very tempting lure!



Lufernat: One of the last of the ancient wizards. He and his comrades have banded together to finish the quest they started years ago, before something evil awakes! He is, however, very old and not as agile as he used to be, so he and his fellow mages have hired some younger men to aid them in their quest.

Olivia: Grand Daughter of Lufernat. Her parents died recently in a village plague, and the home/property was confiscated to pay for bills. She has sought out her grandfather to tell him the news and join in his quest. She seems to have a natural ability to cast magic, despite having no training or knowledge of what she can accomplish. This is rare as woman do not usually have a talent for magic. She is a trained healer/potions maker and has an affinity towards animals!

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