New Amsterdam

Genre: Steam Punk/Alternative Universe
Rating: PG-13?
Location: New Amsterdam in the Kingdom of Nova Belgica

It’s just another dreary commute for the many strangers on the train in New York City. Another gray filled day, be it the buildings, the skies or the hearts of the riders. All that changes though as the train goes through one of the worse maintained and blackest of tunnels in the cities rail system, and on the other side is not the world they know.

Welcome to New Amsterdam, a thriving city, full of culture, history, and trade. It is a place where people from all over the world travel to and live in. A city of beautiful buildings, and technology run by for the most part steam. To the outsiders the dress is not dissimilar to what they have seen on TV (something no one in New Amsterdam has heard of) of Victorian period.

Now the lost travelers must find a way home, but with few able to believe they came from another world and almost no one having an idea how such a thing took place, it might be impossible to do so.

People of note:
Queen Olga III – Just a short three years prior, her brother the King died. Being that he was without heir this young by head strong woman has taken the thrown and tries to lead her people forward in this wondrous age.

Lady Petunia – Wife of the late King, who felt secure in being queen of Nova Belgica and finds that now being upstaged by her sister-in-law to be most annoying.

The Archbishop of the Mongoose – One of leaders of the Church in Nova Belgica. A soft spoken man of much charisma, what does he know about the New Yorkers, or is he working on assumptions and fear?


You play a perfectly normal person. (Or maybe not so normal. XD) You’re on the subway train to go to work, home, somewhere… BUT WHAT THE FUCK, THIS ISN’T OUR STOP?! The train arrives in New Amsterdam which seems to be an alternate reality earth, where everything is much much different!

As a whole we’re kind of “winging it” but if you have ANY questions about what New Amsterdam is like, ask them here!

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