Sea Raven

Sea Raven

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: R – Violence and Naughties!
Mood: Think; Pirates of the Caribbean.

Plot Breakdown:
The Sea Raven, a hauntingly beautiful ocean vessel, has been the most romanticized ship to sail the seas. This might be due to the very un-pirate like behavior by it’s Captain and crew for at least three generations. Thwarting scourges of the ocean, stealing treasure from unworthy hands, annoying the Royal Navy, and most notoriously rescuing of pretty damsels in distress. Despite heroic tales of their exploits, their operations are still “less than legal”, always leaving the crew of the Sea Raven needing to keep one step ahead of their enemies.

…until girls get involved, then all hell breaks loose.

Be you crew or foe, when the Sea Raven is involved, it’s going to be an adventure!


Captain is a pirate, sailing the seas ambushing ships, stealing cargo, smuggling and other most illegal things! His only weakness is the lovely Lady, the Lord’s daughter… They both had the most brilliant plan of staging her kidnapping and them both running away before Lady was wed to the Duke… but they didn’t plan on the Captain’s crew botching the whole thing and kidnapping the wrong women, Duke’s sister the Duchess! Now Captain are on the run from a band of Duke’s men that want the Duchess returned, as well as trying to get back to Lady who is soon to be wed to the Duke!

On the ship of the Sea Raven, Duchess pretty much annoys the living daylights out of everyone. Unfortunately, they can’t take her back because the Lord has ordered an entire navel fleet after the Sea Raven. To go back means suicide! To top it all off, the Sea Raven’s most notorious rival The EVILPIRATES is also chasing the crew for vengeful purposes.

Meanwhile, after a botched kidnapping, Delilah Red and BLARGH(one of the male members of the crew) are stuck as a captives of Duke. (Those stupid lackeys took off with the wrong woman and left them behind!) Duke has decided to captain a ship and save his sister Duchess from blood thirsty pirates, while Lady stows away disguised as a cabin boy to keep tabs and protect her love!

CHARACTERS: Official Storyline Cast

Captain of Sea Raven – The pirate captain of ship Sea Raven. A smuggler and thief in love with Lady!

Marcus Red – Owner of the Sea Raven. Delilah Red’s uncle.

Delilah Red – First Mate, Captain’s best friend and fellow pirate.

Lady – Engaged to Duke and in love with Captain!

Duchess – Sister to Duke that got kidnapped by accident!

Duke – Fiancee to Lady, who is seeking out his stolen sister!

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