Category: Settings: Magical Fantasy

  • Bane of Shades

    Bane of Shades

    Genre: Fantasy in Semi Modern time period? Feel: Feudal Asia warfare and battle mixed with Fantasy style ruling systems? Location: Timeline: Kingdoms have a “heart” that justify them as ruling kingdoms. The heart is a semi living thing. Small country ____, with majestic mountains and valley villages. Cooler climate, lots of forests and green trees.…

  • Ancient Legend

    Ancient Legend

    Genre: Modern Fantasy or Fantasy Location: Timeline: The Legend “Emperor” was a great and powerful Emperor that was seeking a wife to bare his children. Ming was the greatest beauty in the land and all the makings of a fine Empress. Yet, Ming had fallen in love with another man, “Love”. The Emperor was so…

  • 27 Prophecies

    27 Prophecies

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: BASIC A person is mentioned by “name” in 27 unique prophecies that all lead up to the eventual destruction of all living things. A group of retired adventurers must once again take up arms and decipher vague clues about each prophecy.

  • Glowing Tree

    Glowing Tree

    Genre: Post Apocalypse Fantasy World Location: Feldagard Timeline: Plant it here, your soul, my dear, at the roots of Yggdrasil Seek it out, with your hands, and shout! at the base of Yggdrasil Eternal life, no pain, no strife, climbing the trunk of Yggdrasil Reach the top, but beware, of the drop, you stand in…

  • Calladyr Class of 692 E.E.

    Calladyr Class of 692 E.E.

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Calladyr University Timeline: 692 Eradol Era Dearest Graduate, We are writing to inform you that your 10 year Wizarding School Reunion will be hosted in the Calladyr University Main Ballroom at Autumn Fest Eve. The Administration is thrilled to welcome back the Class of 692 Eradol Era (Long Live Eradol) for a…