Ratings: PG-13
Genre: Borderline Sci-Fi.
Time: 2052
Location: Old New York


It is the key to immortality.

It holds the secret to life itself.

It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the universe.

For untold generations, mankind has spread across the planet. Mighty empires rose and fell, and wars ravaged the countryside and changed history for generations to come. With the destruction of the great Galadorian Empire, the ways of magic and sorcery declined, giving way to the rise of technology. Over the next two thousand years, the old ways were utterly forgotten, and mankind entered a new age full of computers, space travel, and the completion of the Human Genome Project, which laid bare the mysteries of humanity.

But some things will never change. Throughout all of history, only one story…only one legend has survived the passage of time, and lives still today. The story of the key device that was sought after by sage and warrior alike; the one item that was said to contain the great essence of God Himself.

The Legacy.

No one has ever seen the Legacy, and its origins are unknown. Only rumors of it unfathomable powers exist, but in all of history, it has never been found. Now, in this age of iron buildings and digital technology, the old ways are being remembered once more; the Legacy is making itself known. It wants to be found.

And it wants to be used.


World Setting: 40 years after the attack on earth. One very trashed, run down Earth. The big cities are almost like skeletons, run down and ghetto-like, as most people have moved on to other planets due to earth’s ruin during the war.

Plot: Man shows up in a bar ranting about “legacy keys” and the name “Pandora”, then he drops dead. A few minutes later some people come in, and shoot the place up looking for a box the dead man dropped… Basically, the players have to figure out what the box is, get the box, steal the box, try to keep the box out of bad people’s hands, ect.


Why has magic returned at this point in time?
There was the battle quite a few years ago with the aliens that not only brought new technology with them, they uncovered some of the old as well.

What kind of guns can we have?
Most normal people will have regular projectile weapons. Government will have the high-tech guns, IE Plasma guns and lasers and so on.

What kinds of mind powers can we us?
Limited Precognition and Minor Telepathy.


Humans_- Most humans do not have magical capabilities. Though can have some skills in white & black magic, Shamanism and Druidism.
Werewolves_- Have no magical capabilities but are magic resistant. They can change form at will.
Vampires_- These are not the traditional vampires. These are more or less humans that are following vampirism like a religion. Most have psychokinesis or telekinetic powers.
Alien_- You cannot apply for an alien character. Aliens appear randomly only for NPC use.


White Magic_- healing and shields
Black Magic_- offensive spells, etc
Shamanism_- Shamanism has a spiritual basis..
Druidism_- Druidism is purely based on nature.. shape-shifting, into normal animals, is usually common…

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