Genre: Modern Fantasy World
Location: Greyshin
Timeline: Present Date

Greyshin is a modern world of skyscrapers, global business, world trade, advanced technology. TV and Movie stars are over payed, no one is fond of their country’s leaders but vote for them anyway, and prices for fuel are way too high. The world could be considered just like Earth. Only… Greyshin isn’t dominated by normal humans. Greyshin is a world ruled by wizards, sorcerers, witches, and sentient beings. In fact, if you’re a normal human – without magical skill or special abilities. Well, you just shouldn’t exist.

“Nethers” or “Lowlings” as they’re commonly called, are humans born without talent. They’re considered defective, tainted. If you’re born a Nether child and weren’t lucky enough to be “disposed” of right away, you can expect to live a life of strife, hate, and danger. Nethers are outcast by society, used as slaves or servants, some even hunted down for sport in less civilized countries. Heaven forbid that a Nether is discovered living amongst the Gifted and faking a talent. They will find merciless imprisonment or a death sentence.

There are activists on both sides of the Nether fence. Many people believed that the Nethers need to be wiped out, simply because they are a lower species and quite worthless. Some groups support Nether preservation, stating all living creatures have the right to an enriched and fulfilling life, regardless of their station. Others are demanding equal treatment for Nethers, after all they are humans too! What ever side you are on, expect quite a bit of debating!

There’s a rumor that there’s a secret group of Nethers forming an alliance to bring down the systems of the magical peoples. Freedom Fighters, crazy Terrorists… it’s not quite sure what their agenda is!

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