Genre: Supernatural Horror/Thriller Multi Genre
Location: Rhydall

It started with the ravens and crows. Landing on roof tops, in the trees. They weren’t… normal. Their feathers would shift. Eyes would follow. More flew in.

They were the first sign of the beginnings of the end.

Soon it was the resurrection. Up from the grave, the ground, the earth… they rose. The long dead, the recently deceased. Some called them zombies, others called them ghosts. Demons. Wraiths. No matter the name, they had risen sending our civilization in to dark ages. Is this what ancient religions and prophecies predicted? The apocalypse?

The Undead have risen, sending society in to a new era of fear and death! People must avoid being devoured, killed, maimed by these things while still carrying out their normal lives. No one knows how or why they have risen. For the past 20+ years it has simply been a part of life. You begin in the town of Baronhall. Be you a villager or a stranger, Baronhall has managed to deal with the undead for years to lead semi-normal lives. A wall was built around the village to keep it safe, but still no one goes outside at night. You never know when and where one of the undead might be risen.

Yet, Baronhall is not without it’s problems. A gang of bandits are trying to terrorize the town. They’ve been pillaging the farms and homes outside the town walls. The sheriff has recently died, leaving no one in charge of protecting the town.

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