Genre: Sci-Fi
Location: ???
Timeline: Futuristic

Erikson Shadowstar was a proud headmaster of his family clan. His shipping and trade business was known in 27 different galaxies. There was not a greater and more happy man than Erikson! He had his choice of ladies, and not being a very faithful man he had born 4 sons with various women. Until the day he met Octavia – then there was no other. Erikson married her shunning all his lovers for the star of his life. When their first child was born – a daughter, they hosted a grand party inviting all the well-knowns of the galaxy… Except for Erikson’s lovers. Octavia wouldn’t stand for that.

Everything seemed fine and dandy, except for Morgan. Morgan thought she was Erikson’s favorite and when he chose Octavia instead of her, she was livid. Adding insult to injury, Morgan wasn’t invited to his wee daughter’s shower party. She was infuriated. How DARE they shun her. Morgan crashed the party with a few of her best men, and called Erikson out. It ended with a brawl, Morgan and her men cast out. Humiliated and rejected again, she vowed revenge on Erikson and Octavia, and most especially their spawn.

20 years later… Erikson Shadowstar and his clan are stronger than ever, having built a great business empire. His four sons each have their own cargo ships, and for her 20th birthday, Erikson is giving his daughter HER own ship. A party is held in her honor, and to christen her first ship!

…But Morgan once again crashes the party! This time she’s had years of planning and preparation. Ruthless with vengeance, Morgan’s personal force wrecks havoc on the guests and the Shadowstar family. Blood is spilled, people are murdered. The four sons go missing. Erikson and Octavia’s fate is unknown, and the Daughter was kicked in to a cryogenic sleep chamber to be frozen for all time.

..An unknown amount of time later…!

The cryogenic sleep chamber is found by a Captain and his meager crew, and the daughter set loose! Not sure of where she is, or if she’s even on the same side of the universe, the daughter has vowed vengeance on Morgan and plans to reunite the Shadowstar clan again.

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