Sleeping Beauty

Genre: Modern Fairy Tale
Timeline: Present Day

“For your insulting neglect… Before the sun sets on her twentieth year she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel…and DIE.” cursed the evil fairy in a booming laughter before she spirited away. The entire court fell silent.

“Never fear sire… our youngest sister has yet to give her gift.” said the eldest fairy. It was true, the last and most timid of the 12 good faeries had yet to give her gift to the infant princess.

“Death will not befall the tiny princess, but instead she shall sleep until awakened by true love’s touch…”

With fear in his heart, the King immediately ordered all spinning wheels to be burned and destroyed. Yet, come her twentieth birthday it was all for naught. The evil fairy entranced the princess to a hidden chamber and she fell victim to the curse. Devastated the King tried his best to find the one that could awaken his daughter. Inviting all the nobility, knights, and even peasant people to come and try to wake the sleeping princess. Until the day he died.

Slowly, the sleeping princess faded from the family’s memory with each generation. Her room closed away and forgotten… until the day of true love’s embrace.

Plot Breakdown:
The Sleeping Beauty story is a popular fairy tale, one the Bontecou family proudly stats stemmed from their own family history. Of course, they say that it was more likely that the Sleeping Princess likely just fell prey to an illness or coma and eventually died, but it was always a favorite tale to be told. These days the castle that their Kingly ancestor once owned has been neglected for a near fifty years as all but one of the Bontecou have since died. He is a lonely man that knows his days are numbered, and it’s a sad fate to have to find a new heir to your property and fortune. One that isn’t even of your own family blood. He’s hired a team of historians and construction works to renovate his castle as he seeks someone to mentor.

In the castle one of the historians stumbles over a hidden chamber that had been blocked up for centuries. Inside, it’s a beautiful and lavish room filled with such fantastic antiques… Probably worth millions! The most startling thing was the woman sleeping in a bed. He thought it was a plastic model, but the woman was breathing… definitely real! When he shook her awake, and she confusedly insisted she was a princess… he thought it had to be a joke by Lord Bontecou! He drags her to Bontecou and the lord denies everything. The lawyer suggests a blood test, and perhaps even a mental evaluation. In the mean time… what to do with a crazy lady that thinks she’s a princess and has no idea what to do in the modern world!

Sleeping Beauty with a twist! Lord Bontecou discovers the woman really is a DNA proven blood relative and is elated! Having everyone else believe she was a sleeping princess is harder to accomplish. To save them all from trouble he claims her as an illegitimate daughter. Believing in the curse and the story, he’s sure the historian that woke her up is her True Love and plays match-making devil.

Meanwhile it seems the Evil Fairy has lived all this time and has become a sort of wicked black widow sort of Heiress. She was living high on life thinking the Bontecou family had finally died out when she discovered the sleeping princess was now awake. She makes it her goal to destroy them all once again!

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