Supernatural Consequence

Genre: Otherworld Sci-Fi Fantasy
Rating: R – All the fun stuff without the porn!
Location: Empire of Ezra Ojado

Plot Teaser
Modern times in a fantasy driven world. Ezra Ojado is a great empire in the center of the world, the focal point for the planet’s greatest accomplishments! It has the most grand universities, billion ezri (dollar) business, and the centralized government ran by Gouhara D’nash the high emperor elect. With such a successful and peaceful empire, Ezra Ojado seems like the perfect utopia, but greed and resentment leads it’s most trusted official that may destroy it all!

Gouhara D’nash is a great emperor, but a lifetime of resentment towards his friend has sent him off the deep end! He may be the ruler-elect of all Ezra, but he never got the best of rankings, the woman, and nor is he happy! Why can’t he be happy like his friend? Suggestions from his adviser gives him a brilliant idea, however. If he destroys his friend, there will be nothing left for him to be jealous of!

The plan was very simple. Use a little magic, raise a little hell beast… Devarin Illusan would be devoured within the week! What Gouhara didn’t count on was a betrayal by his adviser and the spell to expand far greater than he had wanted! A massive foretold evil has been unleashed on the world of Ezra Ojado, and the very man the emperor wanted dead may be the only one with the knowledge to stop it!

Now considered nothing but myth and legend, written in religious texts it speaks of a powerful wizard the gods once fought. Craving powers like the gods’ he searched the world and studied all kinds of magicks, conducted experiments and in the end created many fantastic and terrible beasts. He waged war against the world, nearly succeeding in conquering all! But the gods, being wise and having a natural power tied to the earth created five beasts of their own each representing the gods’ will. The people of Ezra Ojaho, lead by these beasts waged an epic week long battle and using a combined magic power sealed all of the unnatural creatures deep in the Underworld. The Wizard both, defeated and humiliated knew that he had not the strength nor power to fight any longer, disappeared not to be heard of again.


Unicorn (forests)
Dragon (mountains)
Sphinx (deserts)
Gryphon (skies)
Leviathan (seas)


Gouhara D’nash: Current Emperor of Ezra Ojado, elected by the people. He is a good man and a good emperor, however he is insanely jealous of anyone that seems to be happier than he is (especially his friend). He has a weak constitution and seems to be easily manipulated in to believing things if someone provides convincing evidence.

Devarin Illusan: A scholar and professor at the Ezra Ojado University of Magical History. His main interest is archeology of magicks, studying the evolutions and history of Ezra and it’s properties. He teaches General Magical History. He is pleasantly matured, having always something nice to say… but has a terrible temper for anyone that misuses magicks. He has an almost obsessive streak for justice, and will loose all common sense when it comes to righting wrongs, defending the weak and dare it happen – fighting evil.

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