The Problem with Consequences

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Location: Fantasy World in Modern Times
Timeline: Present

In the beginning there were the Gods. And like most Gods, they all have their one special thing they reign over. There are gods of nature, gods of sunlight, gods of water, gods of dancing, gods of wine, if it exists, there may very well be a god for it. In the world’s few eons, the gods played on the lands in person, but over time the humans that lived there believed less and less in the gods. So, they retreated once again to the Heavens.

Present date in Elgasia, it is modern times. There’s many different religions, some celebrating the old gods and some not. No one believes in magic or old races. Even so, the Gods feel it’s their duty to continue doing what they do and caring for the world they created. ..And the gods are growing weary of some of the younger generation deities that don’t seem to understand the importance of their work.

Celia Vera, the Goddess of Justice is a spoiled little thing. She sits on her cloud flittering around and doing nothing all day, while the modern world twirls on without her. During a council meeting, the Gods of War and Chaos convinced the other Gods that she needed to be taught a lesson. Send her to the mortal world without her full power until she learns her purpose.

Of course, the Gods of War and Chaos are hoping she doesn’t survive the trip. Without Justice there is no consequences… and without consequences, which gods rule over the mortal plane? They do.

So when the spoiled Goddess of Justice meets some very confused humans… it’s a tricky problem!

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