The Vengeance

Genre: Fantasy

Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman – Nalcissa. Especially the most beautiful woman in the entire country, it was no surprise that she became the Prince Wilhem’s betrothed. Yet, come mere months before their wedding, Prince Wilhem met and fell in love with another woman. The engagement was broken off. Nalcissa’s pride was painfully wounded, but she held her head high. Over time she had many courtiers. In the end, she married a fine Baron. He was wealthy and widowed. Having an only single child from his previous marriage.

Nalcissa was not a cruel step-mother, but jealously grew in her heart. As time went by, she could not seem to bare her husband a child. And his first daughter, Yvaine, was growing more and more beautiful each day, reminding her of her own dwindling beauty and how fickle men can be about whom they give their love.

Finally, Nalcissa became pregnant and birthed a son. Yet, after a few short days the child died. This snapped the last of her sanity. Selling her soul to devils for the power of sorcery, she secretly brought her child back to life. In exchange, the devils wanted a pure heart.

Thus, Nalcissa sent her step-daughter out to the woods with one of the servants, with orders to kill the girl and bring back her heart. But the servant couldn’t do it. He told Yvaine to flee, and flee she did. She found refuge in a mountain mine with a small village of dwarves. The servant tried to pass off a pig’s heart as Yvaine’s, but the Devils could not be fooled.

As Nalcissa sought for the girl, Yvaine had become acquainted with a Prince. Wilhem – now king – had a son of his own, Marcus. The boy was enchanted with the Girl of the Wood. Three times Nalcissa tried to destroy Yvaine and three times she was thwarted by the new Prince. In her final attempt, she went to kill her in person, and in turn was killed herself.

Yvaine and Young Prince Marcus were wed and married. Later having a child of their own and becoming the new King and Queen. They never knew that Nalcissa’s dead child had been brought back to life by sorcery. That all of those years he had been raised by Nalcissa’s servants. Groomed by the very Devils that possessed his soul to go out and seek the soul that they were promised and reek vengeance on the ones that killed his mother.

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