Christy handed this nice little plot gem to me for development! >:3

“Underland” is a place where all the dark parts of our imaginations and dreams go.

Alice went there, became a little twisted and saw it as her “Wonderland”. She hooked up with a creature/person there and made a babeh she then dubbed Dinah. The creatures of Underland do not like having something in their world that’s not OF it and wanted to destroy Alice, and especially the strange two-worlded baby.

Alice left Underland back to her own world where she had the baby and left it with a weirdo family that believes Alice was a god of Underland. Alice disappeared and it’s unknown where she went.

Dinah grows up always having this “other self” especially when she has darker thoughts or gets angry. As an adult she meets someone that brings light and love in to her life, but when she hits 25 she is unable to control that darker side from coming out. She wants to push her love away because she is dangerous, and he refuses. She takes him to Underland to prove that she was born of evil-stuff.

From there it is a story of love and madness.

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