The Seven

Genre: SciFi Fantasy
Location: Vykendria


The Seven are an elite secret Imperial Guard for the current Vykendria royal bloodline. They have existed since the very first Oelamir King and are loyal only to blood heirs. The original Seven were chosen from the most skilled & talented warriors of the age by it’s founder, a man part of the Previous King’s bloodline. As years went on if one was lost, they were quickly replaced by another. Someone that was chosen as their successor, or chosen by the Head. Only Seven, Always Seven. Never more, never less.

Present era Vykendria is an exciting developing time. Strange new technologies mixed with old world traditions. Imperial King Stephane Oelamir has been the most loved monarch in the past century along with his gentle Queen Genevieve. When blessed with their first child, it was a mixed emotion as Queen Genevieve died in childbirth. Saddened, the King did not remarry until nearly ten years later to an infamous Beauty, The Lady Amethyst. A lady whose face was so lovely, she enchanted all that saw her.

Shortly after, the King’s health started to decline drastically until one night he passed away, leaving behind his Queen as acting monarch until his blood heir daughter came of age. The new Queen was never able to bare a child, leaving the Princess Gwendolyn as the last living blood heir to the throne. The True Heir.

In coming years, there were a few suspicious accidents, but the Princess was reaching age 20 and soon there would be the official coronation. The Queen Amythyst, not wanting to loose her ruling place set a plot in motion, framing the Princess for a diplomatic murder and sending her off to the prison to await a death sentence.

With a kingdom enchanted by a beautiful Queen, none would defy her rule… except The Seven whose loyalties are pledged to only one life! The True Heir must be saved and the Queen’s plots unfurled if Vykendria is to survive a coming war. As The Queen has no desire to stop with just ruling Vykendria. She wants the world.

[color=dodgerblue][b]THE LAND OF VYKENDRIA[/b][/color]
In it’s current era, Vykendria still holds on to old world traditions even as advanced technology has become and every day thing. Castles, quaint villages, horse carriages, fashion and other traditions are blended in with high tech weapons, machines, and power structures. Though magic has been a part of the world since the dawn of time, it has become old fashioned in favor for the less draining machines of today. Imagine a world like King Arther’s, but throw in sci-fi tech in the mix. King Stephane has been dead for nearly 10 years, and the state of the country has started to decline under Queen Amethyst’s rule. Everyone had hope that the mysterious Princess Gwendolyn would take the throne on her 20th birthday and continue the fair rule of her father. ….Until now! The news that Gwendolyn is responsible for murder and soon to be put to death has spread through the country like wild-fire. Everyone is in a state of unease about the future.

[color=dodgerblue][b]ABOUT CHARACTERS & JOINING[/b][/color]
We are casting characters slowly, and a few at the time introducing them to the story to avoid a giant clusterfuck of confusion. This is why the IC is already started, but we aren’t posting an official OOC thread yet. [color=yellowgreen][b]Anyone that has been invited already can PM their bio to ME ooor post it here as a reply if they want![/b][/color] Once the story gets going a bit, we’re going to open the official OOC and let anyone who wants to join finally hop in. :D

[color=lime][U][B]NOTICE:[/B][/U] Even though we are not officially taking in new characters outside of the pre-cast ones yet, if you’re interested in working on a character before hand, you can ask any questions you like or send a bio over to Diana![/color]

“The Seven” have all been cast or reserved. If during the rp one of the players for a Seven vanishes for too long(I’ll give you a month, unless there’s a problem), their absence will be a death and another character in play will become one of the Seven. So if you missed out on getting to be a Seven, just make a cool character, they might be chosen later as someone’s successor. XD

Remember that the Seven are SECRET. No one has ever known of their existence except blood heirs. Until now, where Gwendolyn never had the chance to be told about them… and recently the Queen has managed to discover them. Each of the Seven have a number they “inherited” from their predecessor, this number they use to identify themselves to other Seven members. Usually they will have a Tattoo or an Special Item that has the number in code. Because Vykendria has been at peace for so long, many of the former Seven have retired or died, thus explaining why many members of this generation’s Seven are younger in age. (Younger being mid 20s to later 30s) Most of the Seven have never met each other. They keep in contact through their current Leader.

If you don’t want to play one of the Seven, you also have the option to play anything else you want! It just needs to make sense! Fantasy races are allowed, so are sci-fi alien races, but alien races must be native to the planet. There are other countries in the world, so you don’t need to be from Vykendria. Our three basic plots will be:
— The Castle where couple members of the Seven will be trying to catch the Queen in the act of doing something wicked so they can clear Gwendolyn’s name.
— Out and about where members of the Seven are trying to keep Gwendolyn hidden and safe until they can return her to the castle.
— Citizens of Vykendria trying to decide if they are with the Queen and believe she can do no wrong, who is already starting plans to invade another country, or if they side with Gwendolyn and believe the True Heir is getting shafted and planning to revolt.

You ARE allowed to have magic, just remember that it’s “old fashioned” and not as common as high tech sci-fi weaponry. Again, imagine a world that looks a lot like the time of King Arther, with the castles, the knights, the forests and villages… but there’s a lot of new tech mixed in. Laser guns, light sabers, machines. Vykendria’s old world traditions are blending with new school tech.


The sound of swift heels echoed off ancient stone walls and mingled with the distant, panicked screams of a young girl. Still, the steps didn’t falter. Not until pristine white marble began to melt in to faded grey granite, and the electric torches bolted in to pillars became empty sconces where oil lamps used to hang. Here in the abandoned wings of the castle, remnants of an old world where magic and science hadn’t yet combined still remained untouched. This was a place few roamed outside of the guard that patrolled their nightly rounds.
Except for tonight.
When the woman heard the faint breathing of her waiting messenger, she flared up a lantern. The sudden light startled the child enough to send him jumping a foot in the air.
“S-sorry, madam!”
“Nevermind that. Take this.” she handed him a scroll tied with a red ribbon. Sealing the two edges were wax caps branded with symbols. On one side was the letter I made up of the trunk and branches of a willow tree. On the other, two seven pointed stars. When he shook the scroll he could hear something moving around inside.
“Do you remember what to say when you find him?” she asked urgently.
“Yes, madam. S-so comes the strength of the Seven.”
He scurried away quickly, down the dark halls, through secret doors. Out of the castle he dashed before the break of dawn to scour the city until he found the one he sought. To his hands and his hands alone the boy passed the scroll.
The note surrounded a key.
Our cat has captured a dove.
There will be blood and feathers at this rate.
Get it out of the house before there is a mess.
Gwendolyn bolted awake the second she felt something skitter over her arm. She scooted across the damp floor until her back hit cold stone and squinted in to the dark. A rat, most likely. She’d seen plenty of them and they weren’t particularly bashful. Before the last rays of sunlight vanished from the slats of her tiny prison window Gwendolyn had even charmed one close enough for her to touch. The intent had been to eat it, but when she found herself face to face with the whiskered beast she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Two days without food and water was apparently not enough. Gwen supposed if she made it to day four of five she wouldn’t be so reluctant.
But rumor had it that the Princess of Vykendria was no longer scheduled to be crowned Queen. She was slated for execution. Without investigation, without trail. Just executed. She probably wouldn’t make it to eating rats and licking questionable water off the slime covered cell walls.
Three chimes from the massive bell that hung on the north tower. The dungeons were eerily quiet at three in the morning. And it was definitely a dungeon. Gwendolyn hadn’t known they even still existed within the castle. Criminals went to modern facilities with humane conditions and good security. That’s what she thought. But here she was in the dark, desperately wishing a little more moonlight would make it between the steel window bars and a lot less of the frigid night air. The pale thin fabric of her dress — now covered in dirt, blood, and sticky grime — was no longer keeping the cold from penetrating deep in to her bones. Gwendolyn counted her blessings that at least she wasn’t chained up to the wall. Other prisoners down there had been. Though she couldn’t see them, she could hear them shaking their chains during the active hours of the day. Screaming and moaning. Closer ones would shout things across the hall, saying things she didn’t want to hear. Prison personnel would stroll by making promises she hoped were just meant to scare her. She’d stayed awake for as long as she could just out of pure terror before exhaustion finally took her.
Yet, despite it all, Gwendolyn wasn’t crying in the corner bawling her eyes out and praying for a quick death or a savior. Whatever misunderstanding that had led to her being accused of murder was not being sorted out, and after a day of languishing away she realized there may not be a rescue. Giving in to despair wasn’t going to get her out. Gwendolyn refused to just accept that this was her fate.
Sighing, she wearily dragged herself up to feet and shambled her way to wall just under the window. It was high, but she found a few grooves worn away in the stone deep enough for her to get a footing. Once she reached the bars, she gave each one a good tug. A couple felt loose. If she chipped away at the rock she might get enough of them free so she could squeeze through.
She just had to do it before they decided to fetch her for execution.

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