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008 Mekrit (TBC)

[Rori and Ric are in Mekrit, where they are supposed to be on their way to hunt down mercenaries for help…] -01:03 Apr 25
Rori: *Usually by now Rori was complaining at Ric for something insulting, or asking questions. Or arguing with him about how she knows about these cities just as well as he does. But today… today she was actually quiet! Tagging two paces behind him, with her arms crossed and barely watching where she was going.* -01:05 Apr 25
Heinrich: *Ric was musing to himself as they walked. Most of the truly good sellswords would be well on their way to drunk, late as it was, so they might as well find a room. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t hurt to hole up here for awhile and try to gather some information. He turned to let Rori know what he was thinking, but the absent look on her face stopped him. He stepped off to the side of the road, gently pulling her along with him." Rori, what’s wrong? You haven’t made a sarcastic comment since sundown. -01:11 Apr 25
Rori: *Rori couldn’t even seem to dig up the energy to look cross with him. She just kind of frowned and shrugged her shoulders.* Did you think I wake up everyday plotting ways to spend every waking moment jabbing at you? You’ve got an ego, Necromancer… -01:16 Apr 25
Heinrich: Well, there’s the sarcasm, but your heart obviously isn’t in it. I’d rather assumed it came naturally. Seriously, what’s wrong? -01:20 Apr 25
Rori: I’ve always hated that question. "What’s wrong." Everyone always feels the need to ask me when there’s no provocation for it. *Truth be told she was tired. Moreso than usual! The rest of the way to Mekrit had been hard, with little to know Inns in between. Which left them sleeping outside where she never felt warm enough. She had gotten silent again, with her inner monologue. Forgetting to fuss at him like she usually would.* -01:24 Apr 25
Heinrich: You’re not acting like your usual self, I’d say that’s provocation enough. Right, there’s a good Inn about a block and a half from here. Let’s get a room and a meal and then have a talk. -01:26 Apr 25
Rori: Well, that doesn’t sound pleasant. *She muttered about his idea of talking. They were crossing the street, which was busy enough to have plenty of people crossing back and forth, as well as wagons, carriages, and horses. One moment she was scowling at his back and then the next she was falling face first to the dirt, wearily baffled and unsure of how she got there!* -01:31 Apr 25
Heinrich: I mean actually have a… *he stopped talking as he heard a THUD behind him, and he turned to see her on the ground looking stupefied.* Right, we’ll get a room, and then you’ll sleep. THEN we can have a conversation. *reaching down, he helped her to her feet, then grabbed her legs and started carrying her bridal-style down the street toward the inn. Damn the odd looks he’d get for carrying a slave. -01:38 Apr 25
Rori: *She hated this feeling! Being so tired and weary, yet not really being sleepy. …She still wasn’t sure how she ended up on the ground, which meant she probably half fainted. Now she was pressing a hand to her forehead and trying to regain some dignity!* …You’re making a really big damned deal out of nothing. -01:41 Apr 25
Heinrich: Better to make a big deal of nothing than to ignore warning signs. Learned that the hard way. *They arrived at the inn, and he set her on her feet, keeping an eye on her as they walked over to the Innkeeper.* A room for two. Preferably one with a lock. -01:43 Apr 25

Being in Mekrit, the Keeper didn’t ask any questions or care to examine them too much. They stated the price and took payment, passing a key with a room number across the counter. -Rori

Rori: *Learned the hard way. THAT made Rori finally smirk, the first normal sign all day. She was still swaying on her feet, but it seemed this time she noticed herself do it and was trying to hide it. …At least until she suddenly sneezed and felt like the entire room was spinning in circles because of it. Ugh…!* -01:46 Apr 25
Heinrich: *Ric nodded to the man and led Rori upstairs to their room, taking care to steady her every time she started to tip. Once they were inside and the door was locked, he shucked his cloak and motioned for her to lie down.* -01:47 Apr 25
Rori: *In her head she was saying "Yes master" to goad him, and perhaps the look was on her face too. But she dropped on to the bed, leaving her feet dangling sideways off the edge, and sighing in relief at having the world be stationary again.* Happy Now? -01:50 Apr 25
Heinrich: Not really. I just figured that you’d want some sleep, seeing as you’re practically falling over every few steps. -01:53 Apr 25
Rori: I tripped. *…which didn’t really make her sound any more graceful. Rori started coughing this time and grimaced. Uuggh, what if she was catching a cold? They didn’t exactly have cold meds here! People DIED from that sort of thing!* -01:56 Apr 25
Heinrich: You nearly fell over standing still. -01:58 Apr 25
Rori: You didn’t feel the earthquake? I thought you were observant. *Grr. She wasn’t going to get sick and have him making a scene about it. He already thought she did nothing but complain. Rori sat up, running her hands through her hair to straighten it up again.* What was the agenda for today? Going against proper storylines and asking for mercenary help? -02:03 Apr 25
Heinrich: *Ric chuckled.* Heroes are hiring mercenaries all the time, Rori. "Raise an army" just sounds nicer. It’s too late to catch any of the good mercenaries sober, though, so that’s for tomorrow. All right, then, if you aren’t tired, are you hungry? -02:06 Apr 25
Rori: *There was a twitch of her nose as she gave it a thought. No, she really wasn’t. No appetite at all! With the way the room was spinning, she’d probably barf it all back up anyway. Once again she got lost in her thinking about her answer, and never remembered to reply!* -02:09 Apr 25
Heinrich: Rori? Did you fall asleep on me? -02:11 Apr 25
Rori: *She blinked, confused for a moment, then finally scowled and shook her head. Yeah, pretending to be right as rain wasn’t going to work if she was blanking out like a dumbass. She finally sighed, falling back over the bed again.* I’m tired… I can’t keep up today, so go on huff and puff and blow me down. -02:15 Apr 25
Heinrich: It’s all right, Princess. *he lifted her feet onto the bed and covered her with his cloak like a blanket* Sleep. We can talk when you wake up. -02:17 Apr 25
Rori: You’re being unusually nice. *She muttered, even moving to eye him with suspicion!* -02:24 Apr 25
Heinrich: I’ve no real reason not to be. You haven’t gone and done anything daft lately. Would you rather I wasn’t nice? -02:28 Apr 25
Rori: It’s just weird. *Another mumbled phrase. And now that she wasn’t fighting it and bed was oh so comfortable, it was getting really hard to keep her eyes open.* -02:30 Apr 25
Heinrich: *He snickered once and propped himself upright on the other bed. He was generally a light sleeper, thankfully, and he’d wake up as soon as she moved.* -02:32 Apr 25
Rori: *Rori was out fast and slept deep! So deep that she didn’t even roll or shift positions, just occasionally coughed and grumbled unintelligible words. When she did wake, it was before sunrise and it was only because her stomach was demanding something in it! When she moved it was with stiff motions, and she was debating sneaking out…* -02:35 Apr 25
Ric: *Ric was woken by Rori’s rumbling stomach, and he waited a few moments before standing up himself. Stretching – difficult, but necissary, having fallen asleep in his armor – he turned to Rori* Feeling better? The Innkeeper will hopefully have started breakfast by now… -02:42 Apr 25
Rori: Not particularly. *In fact, if she didn’t have to eat, she would be rolling back in to bed and staying there until she died. He always woke ready for the day no matter what time it was.* -02:44 Apr 25
Ric: Ah. Well, maybe you’ll feel better once you get some food in you? -02:47 Apr 25
Rori: Not much of a choice now… *Rori stood, body aching and no energy to even complain about it! She was still swaying on her feet as she headed towards the door, forgetting it was locked and getting frustrated with trying to open it.* -02:48 Apr 25
Ric: *he reached past her and unlocked the door, letting her lead the way downstairs and to a table, where he ordered two bowls of stew from the innkeeper.* -02:52 Apr 25
Rori: *Rori sat, resting her head on the table while she waited. She was about ready to fall asleep again right there!* -02:54 Apr 25
Moonlight Shadow

007 Slave of Thess

[Heinrich is STILL pissed at Rori for the fairy thing, despite being in sight of the gates at Thess…] -11:52 Nov 29
[Rori and her necromancer \”friend\” were finally getting to town. This won\’t be a totally off-track disaster at ALL!] -11:52 Nov 29
Rori: *Rori was wisely being silent… for once! And not because she was giving him the silent treatment, but because he was still damned pissy and she really -really- shouldn’t have blabbered out plot points like that so soon. For the time being she was warily looking around and keeping at his heels, despite the fact her feet was dying and they were probably going to get attacked by assassins.* -11:54 Nov 29
Heinrich: "Right. Thess. Can I trust you to keep your godsbedamned mouth closed and let me do the talking for a change, or do you plan on dragging a razor across our throats again?" -11:56 Nov 29
Rori: I said I was sorry. Did you want me to throw myself on the ground and beg for your forgiveness too, oh infallible one? *She WAS sorry, but she was only going to admit it for so long! She was still so very tempted to seperate and let them both go their own ways! …She clamped her mouth shut before she said anything else!* -11:58 Nov 29
Heinrich: "I would settle for you not trying to get us killed, frankly." -12:01 Nov 30
Rori: Yes, because -I- clearly -want- us to walk straight in to certain death. *Rori glared at him. Temptation to flip him the finger… or throw some more rocks at him. She was never going to say she was sorry again! * -12:02 Nov 30
Heinrich: "You tempt Fate often enough. Now shut up, I have some guards to bribe." He made a shushing motion just as they came into earshot of the town – small city, really – gate. -12:04 Nov 30

The guards in question are quite clearly disreputable, looking as disheveled as they do. And that long, oddly colored dagger that one of them is cleaning his fingernails with can NOT be regulation….. -Heinrich

Rori: *She shushed, but not without making a kicking motion at his rear end when he stepped ahead. Oh yes, she was -definitely- cutting ties with the Bloodfox! There were other heroes in this world. Ones with much more congenial personalities and wouldn’t piss her off so much.* -12:06 Nov 30
Heinrich: "Hello the gate, gentlemen! What’s today’s toll?" The Bloodfox cut right to the chase, without waiting for the standard threat. -12:08 Nov 30

The fellow cleaning his nails looked up, somewhat surprised that whoever this was knew the routine as well as he apparently did. “‘alf a noble for you, an’ one fer the wench. ‘Alf that if’n we c’n ‘ave a time wit’ ‘er, an’ no charge if yer sellin’.” -Heinrich

Rori: *Rori gave a wicked sort of grin. One that suggested she really -really- wanted to say something! But she was being a good girl and keeping it to herself. Crossing her arms and tapping her fingers at her elbows with impatience. …crap, she couldn’t resist.* Like I’d screw around with some toothless halfwit gate keeper… -12:13 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich sighed and put a hand to his face.* "Sadly, I’m not allowed to sell her, and it’s generally considered bad form to kill one’s travelling companions. I’ll pay full price." *He handed over two silver nobles.* -12:16 Nov 30

Dagger chuckled and took the money, waving them through. “I was you, I’d get her a nice strong collar an’ leash. She’ll be a fun one to break.” -Heinrich

Rori: *Oooh, she had a million one liners, so perfect! But could only seem to motion her hands like she was about to strangle the man! Break her… she’ll break HIM in a minute!* -12:19 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich hooked a finger through Rori’s collar and dragged her through the gate before she said – or did – something that would end badly for her, the guards laughing the whole time. When they were safely away from the gate, he let her go.* "Rori, you have no idea how lucky you are that A, I know him, and B, he has a sense of humor." -12:22 Nov 30
Rori: Excuse me if I’m not exactly keen on standing around silent and well behaved while being called someone’s wench! *She at least got the satisfaction of swatting his arm away when he let go, then was trying to straighten out her clothes again.* Now that we’re IN town… You’re fired! Not that you were hired in the first place, but fired anyway! You’re not my babysitter. -12:25 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich stared at Rori incredulously for a moment before shrugging.* "Hokay then. I can buy you off the auction block day after tomorrow." *He turned, whistling, and started off for his favorite inn.* -12:27 Nov 30
Rori: Riiiight, because I’m just THAT stupid! *Rori shouted after him, but didn’t follow. She just rest her hands on her hips and scowled at him as he walked off. Seriously, she wrote this damned world. She should know how to get around it without ending up with a bunch of slavers! …she was totally calling his bluff! Rori glanced around. …First an Inn to stay the night in. There were several and she just had to avoid the bad ones.* -12:29 Nov 30
Heinrich: *She thought he was bluffing, didn’t she? Dammit, untrained mages were EXPENSIVE. Maybe he’d be able to get a deal out of Jekkis? In any case, he walked into the Black Stag, simultaneously the best and most questionable inn in the city, and got himself a room.* -12:32 Nov 30
Rori: *She couldn’t go with somewhere too expensive. She only had a little bit of money in her pockets. But go with somewhere too cheap and then there was that assassin problem. That was going to happen soon whether mister Necromantic Bloodfox wanted to believe her or not. Let him get himself killed! Rori strolled down the street until she found a place in a nice mid range. And a good distance away from his so she wouldn’t run in to him later. She grinned wide at the Innkeeper.* A room please just for me. Upstairs and with no windows if possible…? -12:36 Nov 30

“Ye got gold, missy?” -Heinrich

Rori: I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be charging gold for a room here. I’m not looking for the ritzy treatment. *She gave her best charming smile.. the one she used at coffeeshops when she was trying to get extra whipped cream in her latte.* I’ve got some silver though, that should be about right, yeah? -12:41 Nov 30
Heinrich: The innkeper snorted. "Ten silver nobles’ll get a room on the second floor with a window. Five, just for you, will get you a stretch of floor on the common room. You don’t got either, get the fuck out of my building." -12:43 Nov 30
Heinrich: ((er….that should have been /nar.)) -12:44 Nov 30

The innkeper snorted. “Ten silver nobles’ll get a room on the second floor with a window. Five, just for you, will get you a stretch of floor on the common room. You don’t got either, get the fuck out of my building.” -Rori

Heinrich: ((That works)) -12:47 Nov 30
Rori: Aren’t you a pleasant negotiator! *She responded dryly… Rori thought about it. Affordable yes, but what about later? She’ll have to do something to MAKE money, not to mention having to hire herself a more amiable travel companion. …but sleeping in the common room is a one way ticket to getting herself kidnapped!* Okay, ten for the room with the window. Can I have room service or are ya gonna growl at me some more? *Grumbling under her breath, she pulled out the coins to set on the front table.* -12:47 Nov 30

“It’s yer charming personality.” The inkeeper obviously wasn’t particularly impressed. “You want food, you can eat down in the common room like everyone else. Your room’s upstairs, third on the left.” -Heinrich

Rori: *Casting him an exagerated grin, she left up the stairs! This is what she gets for writing a world filled with difficult characters. Couldn’t make it easy for her heroes could she? Rori found the room easy enough, carefully looking around to make sure she wasn’t walking in to some sort of crazily planned ambush. Once she had the door closed behind her, she was grinning again.* Ha. See, Aurora Borae can get a damned room and handle herself just fine. -12:52 Nov 30

Rori has obviously overlooked the fact that she just paid ten silver for a room with a window and no lock in a city where you can buy literally anything. -Heinrich

Rori: *Now food sounded nice, but damned if she weren’t tired of being on her feet! She could always get a meal in the morning! So Rori dropped her bag on the floor, fell face first in to bed and sighed deep! Sleep was going to be bliss, and this time she wasn’t going to have that pain in the ass waking her up at the crack of dawn!* -12:56 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Meanwhile, just down the hall, a certain pain in the ass was figuring out how he was going to find out which auction block she’d be most likely to be on in the next few days!* -12:58 Nov 30
Rori: *With an entire day of crazyass nonsense, it wasn’t hard for Rori to fall asleep right in the middle of her plotting! She hadn’t even bothered to get undressed, she was too tired to bother getting back up from the bed!* -01:14 Nov 30

Surprise, ‘Dagger’ the guard has a night job! When Rori finally wakes up, she’s naked and collared in a windowless room! -Heinrich

Rori: *Thus when Rori wakes up… she’s startled, surprised… and more than a little pissed off! And naked!* SONOFABITCH. -01:23 Nov 30

‘Dagger’ opens the door and leans against the frame. “Awake, are you? You’re lucky Bloodfox likes you. I could get a good thousand nobles for you even without breaking you first.” -Heinrich

Rori: Well thank you. Always glad to know I’m worth a pretty penny.* She growled through her teeth. It would have been nice to jump up and strangle him to death but she was too busy trying to cover up her naughty bits!* …can I get some clothes, or am I going to be paraded around in the nude like a freshly plucked chicken?! -01:28 Nov 30

Dagger laughed. “You’ve got spirit. I like that. The spirited ones are always the most fun to break. But no. Either Bloodfox is going to buy you off me, in which case I don’t give a damn what he does with you, or I’m going to break you and put you up for sale. Probably on the pleasure block. You’re the right quality for it.” -Heinrich

Rori: Pleasure block? Oh great! Just what mother always wanted! Her little girl all grown up as a sex mistress! *Rori was trying not to glare. Why make it worse? Would be so easy to throw back some witty retorts about how she’s not gonna be tamed or someone’s pet and all that crap. …Goddamnit that man is going to be so freaking smug when he shows up!* …Seriously, can I get some clothes? -01:38 Nov 30
Heinrich: "Nope. I like the view. Besides, it’ll make for a quicker start if Bloodfox doesn’t decide to buy you." -01:41 Nov 30

“Nope. I like the view. Besides, it’ll make for a quicker start if Bloodfox doesn’t decide to buy you.” -Heinrich

Rori: Fabulous. I’ll just sit here and look pretty, then. *…now would be a really good moment to actually know how to cast magic. She had done it before, hadn’t she? Now if she could be less self concious of being stared at and try to think of a good escape plan!* … how about getting me some breakfast? I skipped dinner last night! -01:45 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich chose that moment to step up behind Dagger.* "And you slept in an unlocked room in a city known for slavers. You’re just full of bad ideas today, Rori. I’ll take her off your hands, Razorleaf. Three hundred nobles?" -01:48 Nov 30

“And twelve copper bits for the collar.” -Heinrich

Rori: Yet I had a great night’s sleep. Imagine that. *She so wasn’t going to huddle around like some mouse! Rori stood, naked or not, as proud as any goddess could be to rest her hands on her hips.* No pet names for me today, master? -01:50 Nov 30
Heinrich: "I’m in the middle of buying you, Princess." *He handed over the three hundred nobles and chance to Razorleaf* "I thought it would be in bad taste. However, since you brought it up…." -01:53 Nov 30

Razorleaf chuckled, counting out his money. “Her clothes an’ a leash are in the chest behind you, Bloodfox. Have fun!” He mock saluted and left the room. -Heinrich

Rori: Jackass… *She muttered under her breath. Still, her hands were on her hips and she was going to continue looking as superior as possible, despite the whole mess. Like fucking hell she was going to apologize for this. He never accepted her last damn apology!* I suppose you’re going to leash me and drag me across the continent now. -01:57 Nov 30
Heinrich: "Nope. Not much point to that. I’d free you and be done with it, actually, if it weren’t for the fact that Razor’s collars don’t come off." -02:00 Nov 30
Rori: *A small hiss through her teeth. Doesn’t come off. Great.* …Okay. I can live with that. A fun new accessory. …Can I get my clothes, master? Or do you prefer your new little slave just like this? -02:02 Nov 30
Heinrich: "No need to be so sarcastic, Princess. It’s a good thing I came to talk to Razor, otherwise you’d be naked and chained in some merchant’s bedchamber this time tommorow." *He retrieved her clothes from the chest.* -02:10 Nov 30
Heinrich: "I found a job that’ll take us to Makrit -and- pay us a decent amount, incidentally. How do you feel about escorting slaves?" -02:11 Nov 30
Rori: You’re right, obviously. *Rori was going to go on with her little speech… Admitting how right he was, how wrong she was, and how she might as well just be the quintessential damsel of this stupid story. …but then he changed the subject and she gladly jumped on it!* Not keen on escorting people after being collared myself, but we might as well make the money back you spent on your new little pet, right? *Refraining from snatching her clothes back, she did at least get dressed as quickly as possible! Who knew clothes could feel so good!* -02:14 Nov 30
Heinrich: *He sighed. He was never going to hear the end of this.* "You’re going to needle me about this for a long time, aren’t you? Anyways, we’ll actually come out about three thousand ahead, believe it or not, which is enough to hire us some decent sellswords." -02:19 Nov 30
Heinrich: ((And it’s about time for me to head off to bed….)) -02:19 Nov 30
Rori: (me too! until the next time then! >:D ) -02:20 Nov 30
[Heinrich logged out of the chat.] -((02:20 Nov 30))
[Rori logged out of the chat.] -((02:21 Nov 30))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -02:21 Nov 30
[Heinrich enters.] -12:41 Dec 01
[Rori is a pleasant little slave girl! Really!] -12:42 Dec 01

Later in the afternoon, they were well on their way to Makrit. There we at least three other people as part of the “escort” group, most of them looking like ginormous brutes that could crush a person’s head between two fingers. And, of course, the owner of the batch of slaves. An older woman, but attractive… and obviously making a fortune on human trade. -Rori

Rori: *Rori thought this was a real shitty way to make a buck. It was inciting her need to smite down evil, right wrongs and rescue helpless civilians. But no. There was a collar around her neck, and frankly her moral was at an all time low. On the bright side, it seemed to be tweaking the Necromancer real good every time she was sugarsweet, perky, and calling him master. It made it a little better.* Oh, master, isn’t this a delightful day? Do you suppose when we stop for the night you can see me loose so I can frolick? -12:48 Dec 01
Heinrich: *Heinrich snorted.* At this point, I’m considering it. Just to see if you’ll actually do it. -12:50 Dec 01
Rori: I’ll frolick naked and covered in butter if you ask master. Aaaanything for you, master. *Alright, maybe she wouldn’t make good on that promise. Anything was a lot of things.* -12:52 Dec 01
Heinrich: Naked and covered in butter. Really. I’ll have to remember that. In the mean time, have you figured out how to locate other magic users yet? -12:53 Dec 01
Rori: Hmm? *That paused her temporary torment of him. Rori thought it over before giving a light shrug of her shoulders.* It’s not like I can flip a switch an realize how to do everything. I know how it’s done I just don’t know how it’s done. *It was impossible to explain. ..but it wasn’t like he ever listened to what she had to say.* You could try being helpful and actually teach me things instead of being a pain in the ass. -12:57 Dec 01
Heinrich: It’s the first trick that most mages figure out on thier own, Rori, which is why I asked, and it’s different for everyone. I feel their life-force, I know a woman who smells other mages…..hell, I know a warlock who swears he can use his dick as a dowsing rod for mages. -01:02 Dec 01
Rori: Well, that gave me a lovely mental image, thank you. *Her dry response was followed by her crossing her arms and scowling.* I’m not exactly like everyone else in the world, have we forgot? I’m not even from this world! -01:07 Dec 01
Heinrich: You could just try, Rori. No need to be stubborn about it. Hell, it might even work. -01:10 Dec 01
Heinrich: Do whatever makes the most sense to you. -01:10 Dec 01
Rori: You don’t want to know what makes the most sense to me. *…it doesn’t even make sense to herself! It was like gaydar!* …fine! Whatever you say, master. I will make the effort to use my magedar. -01:11 Dec 01
Heinrich: I have no idea what you mean by that, but by all means. -01:14 Dec 01
Rori: Any other instructions for your dutiful slave? Carry your cloak? Make faces at the jerk over there poking innocent people with a stick? *If ever she wanted to do something wild, it was right now! Have the necromancer steal everyone’s souls and run away with the goods. It’d be a perfect scene! ….if she weren’t likely to end up chain in a box somewhere. Rori was brooding again.* -01:17 Dec 01

Speaker of the man poking at slaves with a stick, the older woman trotted by and swatted him with a horsewhip. “Enough of that. We will stop for a brief break. Then we continue to Makrit. Let my dears out of their cage to stretch their legs, Brutus.” -Rori

Heinrich: I’m certain Valeia can keep Brutus in line, Princess. Stop being so damned melodramatic. -01:20 Dec 01
Rori: Of course, master! I will immediately stop being so melodramatic! *And her "stopping" involved casting him a huge forced smile.* -01:23 Dec 01
Heinrich: That’s more melodramatic, Princess, not less. -01:23 Dec 01
Rori: Forgive me, it’s so hard for us poor slaves to meet such magnificent expectations of the mastering class. *Instead of a forced smile, now it was much more cheeky. He was probably about four more ‘masters’ away from snapping.* -01:25 Dec 01

A pair of hefty hands clamped down on Rori’s shoulders and squeezed. One of the other escorts, Gilhel, the guy missing an eye, was now scowling down and looking unapproving. “Pidgen has a nasty little mouth… A good beating might temper those words…” -Rori

Rori: Sure, I could use a good beating! It’s not like life is getting any better at this rate. *There was no wisdom in sassing a big giant slave bodyguard, but maybe SHE was about to crack with any more of this master business too!* -01:30 Dec 01
Heinrich: *Heinrich raised an eyebrow.* Princess, shut up. Gilhel, thank you for the offer, but I’m perfectly capable of tortures far more effective than you can manage, if I find it necessary. No offense. -01:31 Dec 01

“Sure, are you? The little pidgen seems to be begging for it..” Although now, that single eye was looking down and wondering if this might have been some sort of master-slave game. He wasn not above playing games himself, and was still squeezing Rori’s shoulders as a warning! -Rori

Rori: Ow, ow… seriously, ow. *In a second she was going to be on her knees, but for now she was trying to pry those fingers off before she ended up with broken bones!* …I take it back! I’m perfect find NOT being beaten! -01:36 Dec 01
Heinrich: She does, doesn’t she? That, however, is because she has a rather annoying habit of actively ignoring her common sense. I’ll break her of it eventually. -01:37 Dec 01

Gilhel finally release. Giving a shrug as he walked back to the cage to mind the other slaves as they got their exercise. Valeia seemed to be watching the entire altercation, but hadn’t deemed it worthy to walk over. …yet! -Rori

Rori: *Rori flexed her shoulders and tried to rub the feeling back with her hands. ..Damn that guy was strong. Of course, there her dear new master had to talk about breaking her too. Those previous eggagerated expressions vanish and now she was trying not to look upset as she turned around to head for one of the trees and have a seat.* I am the world’s to be molded, yes, wonderful. -01:42 Dec 01
Heinrich: You know, if you didn’t try so hard at being inflexible, you’d have far fewer problems. -01:47 Dec 01
Rori: You have NO idea what I’m thinking right now, so don’t even try to give me your wise old magicy guy hero advice! I’m done. I’m going to sit here under this tree until it’s time to move again. *Thus, she plopped on the ground, crossed her legs and sat. She was almost wishing he had bought her back in the morning, which was pretty stupid. She knew it was. …but she couldn’t keep a grasp of herself!* -01:51 Dec 01
Heinrich: I’m not pretending to be ‘old and wise.’ I’m an individual who’s been around the block a few times. I’m trying to teach you lessons I had to learn the hard way. -01:53 Dec 01
Rori: Maybe I don’t want to learn lessons! I might just want to go home or be nice and safe somewhere without being worried that every thing I do is going to land me dead or kidnapped and then not have some asshole say I told you so and made me feel stupid every ten minutes! *Argh! There went keeping her comments to herself! Rori fell backwards on the ground. She was making a scene with an asshat and a bunch of slavers. Day couldn’t get worse!* -01:56 Dec 01
Heinrich: Well, at least you’re less likely to get kidnapped now. Seriously, who’s stupid enough to steal an assassin’s slave? -01:57 Dec 01

Suddenly, there was a scream! Slaves were starting to scatter as Brutus and Gihel were charging towards Valeia, who seemed to be now laying bleeding on the ground. The third guard that was supposed to be working with them was holding a bloody sword. …a betrayal! -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich spun on his heel, swearing softly. He summoned his favored mist, which reached up and appropriated the third guard’s sword.* Rori, disable Gihel. I don’t care how you do it. -02:02 Dec 01
Rori: *Rori sat up fast and was on her feet.* You want me to do what with HIM? *He was already off to save the day, and now Rori was cursing her stupid wishing that they could have killed people and freed the slaves. …it wasn’t happening because she thought it, was it?* Crap damnit… Heeeey Gilhel! Yoohoo! I’ve decided I want that beating, after all! -02:04 Dec 01
Heinrich: *A twist of magic, aaaand….guard number three was trying to breathe out of a rather large hole in his throat.* You’re a MAGE, Rori! Think like one! -02:06 Dec 01

The third guard dropped to the ground like a sack of potatos. Brutus himself also had one hella big axe. Which he didn’t hesitate to start swinging when Ric came within distance! Meanwhile Gilhel was more than happy to come charging at Rori. He’d been looking forward to shutting up that dirty mouth all day! -Rori

Heinrich: *Ric pulled his knives in response, contorting himself around Brutus’ swings to dart in for shallow, painful cuts. Yes, he was playing with the man. He was hoping to Rori would use her common sense for a change and do something that made sense.* -02:09 Dec 01
Rori: You’re telling a writer who is the avatar of a goddess to think like a damn mage!? *Oh hell, she was going to get ran over! Rori dashed behind the tree, wait… tree! Without even thinking about what she was doing she motioned her hands at the tree like she was making it bend. Low and behold the thing really did! Bending low and then crashing in to Gilhel, sending him flying a good hundred feet off in to the forest. Rori, though, wasn’t seeing a thing as she was covering her head and waiting to get her bones broken!* -02:10 Dec 01

Brutus was one tough man, cuts or not, it didn’t seem to phase him! He just kept swinging, side stepping, and trying to lop off the necromancer’s head! Gilhel was far off in the distance, stuggling to get back up! -Rori

Heinrich: Think like an author, then! What would you write a mage doing? *He darted in again and severed one of Brutus’ achilles tendons and stepped back out of range, sparing a glance at Rori.* Never mind. That seems to have been fairly effective. -02:13 Dec 01
Rori: I don’t like being dizzy! *Of course the phrase didn’t make sense, considering she hadn’t announced she was feeling pretty light headed now… Between adrenaline and whatever the hell she just did, it wasn’t agreeing with her. She opened one eye to take a peek.* … He’s getting back up. -02:17 Dec 01

Brutus was on the ground, struggling to reach out for the necromancer. Gilhel on the otherhand was smarter than that. He pulled out a crossbow, aimed, and shot several bolts of towards the woman and Ric! -Rori

Heinrich: Well, then restrain him. Or kill him, if you’re particularly irritated and not in the mood to ask questions. -02:19 Dec 01
Heinrich: *Ric, not eager to repeat that particular experience, gestured and used the mist to pull Brutus up as a human shield for both of them!* -02:20 Dec 01
Rori: I don’t want to KILL anyone! *Rori was now behind the try again, trying to catch her breath and avoid panicking any worse than she was already doing. Sure it was easy for HIM to say so, he was used to dead things!* Just…ugh! *Rori peeked out from around the tree. Gilhel was trying to reload. She reached out a hand, and like she was grabbing on to his closed, she jerked her hand up. His shirt pulled up, and with another movement, she was yanking it over is head!* You do it! -02:22 Dec 01
Heinrich: Fine. But you’re going to need to work on it eventually, and I really do need to see to Valeia. *He gestured, and the mist grabbed Gilhel’s arms and painfully twisted them behind his back with a splintering CRACK!* -02:25 Dec 01
Rori: *Rori cringed as Gilhel screamed in the distance. It was an eerie sound to hear such a huge man screaming in pain like that. It seemed to be enough, though, the man wasn’t making any other movements to come at them.* Not everyone was meant to kill people, you know. *She muttered almost too soft for him to hear.* See to Valeia, then. -02:30 Dec 01
Heinrich: You’ve known for some time that I’m not a nice person, Rori. *He released the mist’s hold on Gilhel and moved to kneel over Valeia, quietly assessing her wounds and muttering a necromantic healing spell.* -02:33 Dec 01

Valeia had been lucky, her wounds were bad but with a little healing they weren’t deadly. As she tried to sit up, she was waving the necromancer aside. Valeia was a tough old broad! “Your Princess was not speaking of your own habits, Bloodfox. …though aren’t we glad you are so good at what you do? Instead of dead traitors, we would have the bodies of my helpful little friends.” Speaking of her friends, those slaves that ran off previously had returned. None of which looked so slave-like now that the three men were dead or as good as dead. -Rori

Heinrich: *Ric raised an eyebrow at the "slaves’" sudden change of demeanor.* Somehow I get the feeling I should have looked into this job just a little more carefully. Retirement must have gotten to me. -02:41 Dec 01
Rori: Friends? *Rori leaned to watch… more than a little curious to see why ANY slave would bother coming back.* What’s this, the never-wrong ever observant Bloodfox didn’t know the whole story? -02:42 Dec 01
Heinrich: Like I said, I must be slipping. -02:45 Dec 01

With the help of one of the others Valeia shakily rose to her feet. Her amusement smile could almost be considered beautiful if it weren’t marred with the occasional wince. “Aye. Did you believe everyone in Thess sold slaves? Some of us are in the rescue business. Those three men were cheating and killing all they could. You will of course forgive us for the deception? With the full agreed upon payment for your aid…? -Rori

Rori: *…suddenly she felt much less bitter and brooding about the world! Knowing that there were secret undercover slave rescuers made it all seem so much less dire. Rori even smiled, though she wasn’t stepping out from the safty of the tree.* I couldn’t have planned such a story better myself. -02:49 Dec 01
Heinrich: Given that I received word of your job through one of my less reputable sources in that particular town, I feel perfectly justified in thinking I had the pertinent information. *He made a flicking gesture, and Gilhel’s arm bones were driven through his skull as the mist began to dissipate.* -02:50 Dec 01

Valeia gestured for her people to handle the bodies and the cage. While she leaned on one for support, she pulled a pretty hefty bag from her cloak and offered it to Ric. “Your payment, all that was promised. Might I offer a piece of advice for you and your Princess?” -Rori

Heinrich: *Ric took the bag without checking it.* Certainly. -02:55 Dec 01

“A woman called princess should be treated as such. A man called master should be respected as such. You may find life much more agreeable.” Valeia snapped her fingers and beckoned for her people to head back to Thess with their traitor’s bodies in tow. “Until we meet again, Bloodfox!” -Rori

Moonlight Shadow

006 Pixie Vexed

[Rori is still a little awkward about what happened in Hevrai! Luckily, long travel hours make a person forget real quick!] -12:47 Jan 30
Rori: *On the bright side, she was now wearing boots with good ankle support instead of sneakers. That still doesn’t stop her feet from hurting, or the desire to complain about it. Only, she refused to give one single complaint. Not after falling in to the damned damsel trap in Hevrai. Oh no, if she was going to be part of this story, she was going to be a damned Amazon Warrior or something.* And where exactly are we headed oh wise Necromancer? Cause I have a few suggestions. -12:57 Jan 30
Heinrich: "I’m sure you do. I have a line on a good reputable mercenary company in Kaliisei and a pair of decent sellswords who’ve been hanging around Makrit. We have enough provisions to get to Thess, and from there we can either go to Makrit or find work, because I don’t have enough on hand for a whole damn company." -01:00 Jan 30
Rori: Kaliisei I get. Kaliisei is good. But Thess and Makrit? That’s completely out of the way of everything that’s happening in the world! You’re supposed to be taking out bad necromancers and saving the Darlandon clan, not taking a visual tour around Ordhagan. -01:03 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Thess is a market town, Rori. You name it, you can buy it there. We can get more supplies and a couple of sleeve-aces there, and I can meet some less-than-legal contacts there, assuming they’re still alive. It’s also on the way to Makrit, and two skilled sellswords can sometimes be worth far more than a whole company. Especially if you hope to be subtle." -01:07 Jan 30
Rori: *She let out a slow huff, taking a second consideration of the towns since he was going to be insistant.* I suppose. It takes so much time though, which means trouble. Usually of the getting stabbed sort by our own guys. *A really great plot point. Being betrayed by someone they trusted. …but that was when you were writing the story, not IN it. She sure as hell didn’t want to get stabbed.* -01:10 Jan 30
Heinrich: Heinrich snorted. "Hardly. Rushing into a job with some fuckwit you met an hour ago is what gets you stabbed. Remind me why I’m working with you, again? A properly enacted plan requires planning and preparation. The longer the better, unless you have a deadline. You don’t seriously think the sagas mention every mind-numbing little detail do you?" -01:15 Jan 30
Rori: You’re working with me, cause my awesome plan of storming away blew up in my face. You keep forgetting I’m the author… avatar… whatever. I know how these things work! They always follow certain formulas and patterns. Everything does. *besides, it wouldn’t be an epic betrayal if it were with a stranger. Uuurgh! She just wanted to reach out and strangle him!* -01:18 Jan 30
Heinrich: "You may be the avatar, but I’m the accomplished thief and assassin. I think I have a little more experience in the area of ‘things going wrong’ than you." He wasn’t going to acknowledge the patterns point. He wasn’t. Because then she’d be smug and think she’d won. Argh, he wanted to knock some sense into the girl with her own damn staff sometimes. -01:20 Jan 30
Rori: Seriously, you don’t need to actually have to do things to have knowledgable experience with it. Just give me a piece of paper, I bet I could predict your life from now to the next six months! *Now she was just being a pain in the ass. Better than to sulk about her feet. Christ, wasn’t there a pit stop place somewhere around here? A weird cottage, a lake, dragon cave with cool spring. As long as they took off before the typical "unexpected" thing happened, they’d be good!* Do you think we could take a break? -01:25 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Why," Heinrich growled, "do your feet hurt? Oh, I’m sorry. You’re a wirter. You know how to avoid all the pitfalls of travel. Except you almost got yourself raped and killed from the get-go. How about you don’t tell me how to do my fucking job? And no. We’re going until -I- get tired or we come across a decent tavern." -01:27 Jan 30
Rori: *Sonofa..!* Rori stopped, resting her hands on her hips. …If only so she didn’t pull that staff off her back and start swinging at him!* You know what, no! Mister Pain in the Ass Anti Hero Necromancer can freaking take a ten minute break for the writer or he can march on without me! -01:33 Jan 30
Heinrich: "See you in Vestan. That’s the next town, by the way. Two hour walk." Heinrich wasn’t about to be bullied about. In fact, he was looking forward to his two hours of silence. -01:35 Jan 30
Rori: Good! It’ll be blessed peace without you! *She was still thinking about hitting him! Just because he was the damned know-it-all with the knives and local knowledge! Didn’t have to talk to her like she was a twit! Grrr. Rori glanced around until she found a sizable rock and had herself a seat.* -01:38 Jan 30
Heinrich: He did have to talk to her like she was a twit! Because she was one! If she didn’t grow up and start operating in the real world, he was just going to leave her ass to the wolves. He just kept on walking and waited for either the inevitable ‘oh gods he’s serious’ moment or the blessed silence of a two-hour walk the rest of the way to Vestan. -01:44 Jan 30
Rori: *Rori resisted shouting GOOD RIDDENCE at his back when he marched off. And waited with baited breath for him to turn around, stomp back and resume his lecturing! But, was mildly surprised when he disappeared from her view. Oh ho? He thought she’d chase after him like a lost damned puppy didn’t he. Forget it! The first time blew up in her face, but this time she was going to sit here for a minute, rest, and make a plan!* God, what a pain in the ass! -01:48 Jan 30
Heinrich: Well, he was out of view. And almost out of earshot. Looked like it would be the silence. Thank the gods. -01:53 Jan 30
Rori: *Trying to wiggle her toes back to feeling again, Rori plotted. Two hours to Vestan. She sure wasn’t spending the night in the woods. Of course, was that two hours with Asshat speed walking, or two hours normal human being walking time? And then if she should even bother meeting him there… This is why she wrote charming heroes! Those guys knew how to talk to a woman!* -02:03 Jan 30

With two hours to Vestan, one sitting on a rock should get moving soon before the sun started setting. Even now the sky was getting hazy and the woods around the road were starting to dim. ….and rustle with strange noises! -Giggling- noises! -Rori

Rori: *Rori paused the flexing of her feet to tilt her head at the giggling sound. ….then sighed heavy!* …Okay. If you’re going to come out and do something weird, go ahead and do it. I’m too tired to get up and pretend to be scared. -02:09 Jan 30

The response of the lady on the rock provoked more giggling! Amongst the trees there was a sparkling, but nothing jumped out in to view just yet. There was a spoken voice though! “You are not a princess. We only like those for dolls!” -Rori

Rori: Oh, yes, my bad. Just a measly goddess here. *She didn’t mean to be so sarcastic. Luckily they hadn’t caught Heinrich calling her ‘princess’ again, or they would have been all a twitter. ….That is when Rori smirked!* What about sort-of princes? Do you like those? -02:12 Jan 30
Heinrich: Heinrich paused in his trek for the smallish town. He felt his skin tingling, which was never a good sign. It meant there was magic about. Then there was a rustling sound just starting in the woods…. -02:14 Jan 30

“Oooooh! Yes we like princes! They are always so fun and handsome!” A few of the glittery little bits popped out of the tree. Tiny little forms, pixies with delicate wings! Several with hopeful expressions at the sound of a prince! -Rori

Rori: Really? I know for a fact that a ridiculously handsome prince is just right down that road. *She pointed the direction Heinrich headed.* I don’t think he’s gotton very far. I bet you could catch up to him. -02:16 Jan 30

A very loud squeal, and the pixies rushed off to follow the road. They were going to catch a prince! Yet, a few strays lagged behind to poke at Rori with tiny little wands. “Thank you ever so much for giving us a Prince! We haven’t had a good meal in weeks!” They giggled before flittering off with the others! -Rori

Heinrich: Another tingling waver sent Heinrich into paranoia mode…fey magic. Fey magic was never good news. He muttered a short phrase in the Nether Tongue and black flame rippled up his hand, which he cocked back, ready to throw. Now, the Tongue of the Lower Planes carries further than by rights it ought… -02:21 Jan 30
Heinrich: He turned to the sound of wings and his eyes widened and he threw the ball of spellfire, letting it burst in the midst of the fey! "Gods damnit, Rori, this is somehow your fault!" -02:23 Jan 30
Rori: You’re welco-…what?! *…God damnit, since when did the little buggers get canabalistic?! Wait, this was a blessing! Let the man get eaten by pixies. It would serve him right! ….Of course, she told them to do it, so she’d just end up feeling guilty about it later… With a growl, Rori hopped to her feet to stomp down the road!* -02:23 Jan 30

The trouble with pixies was that one or two, or even a few weren’t much of a threat. But the more that gathered, the stronger their magic! And boy did news of a handsome prince travel fast! The pixies all ploofed and flittered to dodge the spell, but it was so easy for them to recollect and try to swarm around Heinrich! -Rori

Heinrich: Another phrase in Nether – shouted this time – wreathed him in infernal flame and called up his favored miasma from the ground. He started lashing out at individual fey with pain and corruption curses, all the while lambasting the absent Rori! "I am going to CRUSH you little shits!" -02:29 Jan 30

Those poor little pixies! They made a big show about being dramatic when they got hit with spells, pixies did love their drama, but got the hint to fly up good and high to get out of range! There’s where they were trying to sprinkle down their sleeping dust and get their cutie little prince all tuckered out! -Rori

Rori: *Still scowling, this was what Rori came upon. Heinrich cursing HER (how could he even know for sure it was her fault?! They could have found him themselves!) and faeries trying to…. glitter him to death.* Hey. HEY. STOP THAT. He’s not even worth eating! He’ll probably be all bitter and rotton! -02:33 Jan 30
Heinrich: Oh, so that’s how it was going to be? Heinrich was good and pissed now, he wasn’t going to let them off like that! He sent columns of spellfire into the air after them, and then chanted something as black, leathery wings grew out his back! "Oh, don’t you think you’re going to escape me! You’ve just got me right properly pissed!" He did not, alas, seem to notice Rori… -02:36 Jan 30

All the pixies paused to pout at Rori, but all squealed and darted out of the way of another spell! They all seemed to be very perplexed by his wings and now darting for the trees! -Rori

Rori: Jesus, what sort of cheesyass line …is… that. *Okay, bad one liners aside sprouting wings was new. Weird. But instead of running for the trees like the faeries, she was resting her hands on her hips again and looking mighty confused!* ….What the fuck! -02:39 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Oh, so now that I can meet you in the air, you scatter. Typical. Not that I’m going to let you run." A gesture, and the miasma reached up and grabbed any fairy below treetop level, and started dragging them to Heinrich! "Rori, I blame you for this." -02:43 Jan 30

Oh, how the little pixies screamed! “Yes! Yes! The lady told us to do it! It was all her! Set us free, we won’t do it again, we promise!” -Rori

Rori: *Rori was still trying to get over the wings! ….just… weird!* Wait a minute! Don’t you little glitterfreaks throw me under the bus! I’m not the one that eats people! *…NOW Rori was thinking about running for the trees!* -02:46 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Why. Don’t. I. Believe you?" Heinrich ground out. "Rori’s in trouble any ways, but you…I think I’m going to make an example out of you," he said as he sucked the life-force out of the nearest pixie. -02:48 Jan 30

There was a terrible squeal as the pixie seemed to wither up to a dried husk. Much like a shedded skin of an insect! It floated down to the ground, while the other pixies got the hint real quick! Glowing balls were fading off and escaping in to the woods! -Rori

Rori: Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t..! *Oooh, too late! Rori covered her eyes! That was pretty much pixie murder. …granted they were evil little things, but… harsh!* -02:53 Jan 30
Heinrich: All the pixies still free fled, and he waited a moment, the pixies he’d caught straining against the miasma, before he let the miasma – and his wings – dissipate. "No. Rori. Would you care to explain to me why I had to do that?" -02:56 Jan 30
Heinrich: ((*now, not ‘no)) -02:56 Jan 30
Rori: I… guess you looked delicious…? *Yep, running sounded like a great idea! She moved her hands from her eyes and took a step or two backwards.* So, uh… two hours huh? -02:58 Jan 30
Heinrich: "They only eat royalty, Rori. I am not royalty. Someone." He pointed at Rori. "Told them I was. Start talkin’." -03:02 Jan 30
Rori: So maybe I let it slip that there was a Prince down the road. I didn’t think they ate them. *Where was those trees. Ah ha! Rori inches herself closer to the side of the road. Just a bit further!* -03:05 Jan 30
Heinrich: "And that’s why you are going to get one of us killed, Rori. Because you think you know everything, and you DON’T. I’ll see you in Vestan." With that, he turned and started stalking down the road! -03:10 Jan 30
Rori: Oh right, blame Rori! Because obviously my lack of knowing everything is helping me control the universe and start all this trouble in the first place! *She stooped over long enough to pick up a small rock and chuck it at him!* Hypocrite! -03:16 Jan 30
Heinrich: The rock hit him in the shoulder and he turned. "No, Rori. I’m not. Because unlike you, I don’t ACT like I know everything. There are hidden dangers everywhere, and I don’t go tempting them out of hiding." -03:17 Jan 30
Rori: Yes, because sitting on a rock or walking down a street is just asking for stuff to happen! *She picked up another rock to throw at him!* Do you think I want to be following some jackass around while people are trying to kill me?! -03:22 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Did you, or did you not, tell the pixies I was a prince? Oh, and since you DO have a guide, you could have the common sense to listen to him every once in awhile! For the Gods’ sakes, I assassinated Vol Kira! I think I have some idea how to go about something like this!" -03:24 Jan 30
Rori: Yeah, I did! And here’s the real kicker, it’s true too! Bet your smartass didn’t know that. But hey, I’m just the moron you got stuck with cause you won’t admit you have a hero complex! *Oooh! Aaah! She let that sink in for a minute before she threw another rock at him!* -03:28 Jan 30
Heinrich: "You want me to leave you to get killed? Fine! I will!" Heinrich stormed off down the road for a good ten paces before the first half of her argument percolated. Then he stopped dead in his tracks. "FUCK!" -03:31 Jan 30
Rori: *Ha. That’d show him. Leave her to get killed… She could survive summercamp, she could find a way around all this. And he stopped. …Rori turned around quick to go marching the other way. She went and blabbered something she wasn’t supposed to! Crap!* -03:33 Jan 30
Heinrich: Heinrich sighed. "Tell you what, Rori. You stop tempting fate at every opportunity and I’ll stop telling you what an idiot you are. Gods, I need a drink." Without saying anything else, he started for town again. -03:36 Jan 30
Rori: *Rori paused. Then sighed before turning back around to trail after him.* How about saying you’re sorry, don’t call me an idiot… and I’ll attempt to stop telling you how to do your job except when irresistably necessary? -03:40 Jan 30
Heinrich: "I try to avoid lying, Rori." -03:41 Jan 30
Rori: Well then, I’M sorry at least. Mostly. At least for being a pain in the ass… when I did it on purpose. -03:44 Jan 30
Moonlight Shadow

005 Taking an Avatar

Heinrich: *he couldn’t resist. He spoke up as soon as Alina had cleared the doorway and was visible from his perch on the roof.* I really do hope you aren’t going to try and kill me. It would be rather difficult for me to hire you then, wouldn’t it? -03:07 May 13
Alina: :;She didn’t jump, she’d half expected this:: Heinrich Bloodfox. Consider yourself to have a pending death sentence on your head that shall be met out as soon as I see fit. -03:09 May 13

A street peddler stopped Rori right before she reached the closest Inn. “Would you like to try a bit of today’s special? Free sample before every purchase! Try it, try it!” says the peddler offering a cup. “Every bottle bought comes with a free apple! Delicious treat!” The peddler winked! -Rori

Alina: Which direction did she go in? :;The man was seriously lucky the OTHER glove hadn’t come off. That could have been problemsome!:: -03:13 May 13
Rori: *Rori took the cup, lookng bemused if not still a little annoyed.* I’ve learned to avoid apples. *She took a sip of the drink and refrained from making a face. Apple flavored beer is what it tasted like, and not in the good way. She handed the cup back quickly!* That was… Well, darn my luck, I just don’t have enough coin on me at the moment. Maybe next time! *As good excuse as any!* -03:13 May 13
Heinrich: Alina, I worship the God of Death. Dying painfully is rather a given. Although I could wish you wouldn’t threaten me for tweaking you. *He hopped down, landing soundlessly next to her* So! Signing on with this mad endeavour of ours, are you? *he flicked a finger down the left side of the road* She went that way. -03:14 May 13

“Too bad, too bad.” Grinned the peddler wide, showing a perfect row of teeth! He scuddled off down the street! -Rori

Alina: ::Scowls at him:: Who says I’m threatening and not promising? ::Starts to head in the direction but not before reaching out to cuff him:: You’re brain started to rot in your retirement. -03:17 May 13
Heinrich: Threatening, promising a firey painful death…potaytoes, potahtoes. *he ducked the cuff* Okay, so maybe I was going a little nuts. Probably would’ve come out of retirement in a few years anyways if she hadn’t come along and basically forced me. -03:19 May 13
Rori: O..kay. *Crossing her arms, she stalked for the inn. She was a lot more tired than she thought she was… She was practically falling asleep on her feet!* -03:20 May 13
Alina: ::Gives him a look:: You honestly didn’t remember who I was? Like it wasn’t blatantly obvious. ::sighs and shakes her head:: So what’s the deal? -03:21 May 13
Heinrich: All signs point to "yes." She IS in fact the Avatar of the Goddes Urora, but she flat-out refuses to believe it. Took her two days to admit I -might- be real. You’ve heard about Talin Darlandon going missing by now, right? -03:24 May 13
Alina: I don’t believe in gods. :;Was all she had to say about the first bit:: And yes.. -03:25 May 13
Heinrich: I know, I know, athiest, yadda, yadda. We can debate that later. Any rate, the same fellow who probably made him dissappear is after her. Wants ‘a word’ with her, apparently. Also happens to lead a cult of insanity-worshipping Necromancers. Not exactly your village sewing circle. -03:27 May 13
Rori: *Rori stepped in to the Inn and stopped at the counter.* I need a room. For Urora… Aurora. *She shook her head quickly!* Rori. And someone else. *She rubbed her head.. she was so tired, it was knocking the sense out of her!* Two rooms, I mean. -03:30 May 13
Alina: ::ROlls her eyes, she wasn’t an athiest, she believed in the Twelve.. they just weren’t gods:: Pleasant… how… ::makes a gesture trying to think of the right word to use:: -03:31 May 13
Heinrich: Interesting? Hey! What do you know, we’re almost at the Lodging district! -03:33 May 13

The Innkeeper gave the woman a lookover. Seeing as how she was wearing something that looked like a nightgown, some armor from Crazy Mumsie Redd’s and clearly looked dazed and confused… she must be some nut off the street! “Sure. Two rooms. Why don’t you follow me this way out the back and I’ll show you where they are.” -Rori

Alina: No.. how absent minded is your charge? -03:34 May 13
Heinrich: It’s not so much absent minded, is the thing…more like she’s a country girl her first day in the city. Only with EVERYTHING. -03:36 May 13
Heinrich: Why do you mention it? -03:36 May 13
Alina: Just curious as to how much help and looking after the girl really needs… ::purses her lips slightly:: -03:37 May 13
Rori: You’re going to push me out the back door. *Damned Snooty Innkeeper, she should have chosen the one across the street. Now she was seeing spots something awful, and feeling a tad bit too warm. She braced herself on the counter.* …What was I doing, again? -03:38 May 13
Heinrich: Absent minded or not, she’s way out of her league. Talk to her tonight, you’ll see what I mean. Let’s see….*he waved a finger back and forth between the first two inns he saw* I’ll check left, you check right? -03:40 May 13
Alina: :;Nods and makes her way toward the inn to the right, wondering what she’d gotten herself into this time:: -03:41 May 13

“There you are! Now why are you in here bothering this nice Innkeeper.” A nicely dressed individual takes Rori by the arm and flashes an apologetic smile at the Innkeeper! “I’m so sorry, she’s just not all together in the head, my little niece. Come on now, Aurora, let’s leave the nice man alone.” -Rori

Rori: *Rori blinked at the grinning man.* I saw those teeth not five minutes ago… *She mumbled, vaguely pointing towards the front door, which seemed to be in the opposite direction of where she was being led now. Something was right, but it was so hard to remember what that was at the moment…* -03:44 May 13
Heinrich: *he heads off to the Inn at a trot, arriving at the door about the time Alina arrives at hers.* -03:44 May 13
Alina: :;Opens the inn door and peeks her head inn:: Rori, are you here? We really should have decided on an inn together before hand… -03:46 May 13

Of course you saw them, we’ve been traveling together.” Quickly, he tugged her out the side door just as the front one swung open! “Here, you’re thirsty. Have another drink.” He pressed a cup in hands as he guided her along. -Rori

Alina: ::Looks to the innkeeper:: Have you seen a girl about yay tall? ::holds up a hand:: Wideyed little thing? -03:49 May 13
Heinrich: *He pushes the door and looked in…then turned around Something felt VERY wrong, but it wasn’t the inn…. -03:49 May 13
Rori: Was I traveling with you? *She slowly took a sip of the drink… scowling down at the cup. She hated the taste of applebeer.* -03:50 May 13
[Alina jad just asked the inkeeper if they\’d seen Rori!] -11:47 May 13
[Rori should have seen this coming.] -11:48 May 13
[Heinrich Really shouldn\’t have let Rori wander off on her own.] -11:50 May 13
Alina: ::Ric was right, he shouldn’t have been trying to pull Alina’s leg! Silly man! Anyway, she was stepping further inside the door to get a better look at the inkeeper and get her answer!:: -11:52 May 13

The Innkeeper snorts! Yes, he did see a fool about that description come in here. Luckily her uncle found her. -Rori

Alina: You idiot. She isn’t traveling with an uncle. ::She looked back out the door:: Ric! Get your ass over here! ::back to the inkeep:: Which way did they go!? -11:54 May 13

The man wth Rori ushers her down the side alley towards a waiting wagon behind the Inn. “Of course you’re traveling with me. We’ve been together for weeks, and we’re in danger from a pair of strangers. We need to get moving, Aurora.” -Rori

The Innkeeper is thuroughly insulted! It’s not HIS job to keep track of mentally deranged citizens! Hmmph! -Rori

Heinrich: *he hauled about, sprinting towards Alina as soon as she yelled. * You find her? -11:57 May 13
Rori: That’s right… someone has been chasing me. But I don’t remember having a wagon. *She was certain of that, her feet were complaining from nonstop walking!* -11:58 May 13
Alina: ::She carefully held up her gloves, they were often all people needed for a warning:: Which. Way. Did. They. Go. -11:58 May 13

The man was ever patient, making sure to help Rori up in to the wagon with haste! “We didn’t. I just got it for us today. Have another drink.” Clickclick! He wasted no time in getting that wagon moving! -Rori

Heinrich: I’ll take that as a ‘no.’ *he pushed his way way through the door to come face-to-face with the Innkeeper.* Look, we don’t have time for this. Where’s your back exit? -12:01 May 14

The Innkeeper rolled his eyes and vaguely pointed towards the side door. “They left through there.” -Rori

Alina: I -12:03 May 14
Alina: *I’ll try and head them off around the side if you flush them from the back? -12:03 May 14
Heinrich: Thank YOU! Back it is! *He took off out the side door, barely pausing to open it before running through full-tilt.* -12:04 May 14
Rori: *Obediently she took another drink, but it clearly wasn’t enjoyable! It was making her feel sick!* I think I need to lay down… -12:04 May 14
Alina: ::Pulling a dagger from each boot she bolted out the front door and made her way to the nearest alley exit:: I can’t believe she’s all ready causing trouble. -12:08 May 14

The stranger didn’t reply this time, seeming to be busy with keeping a wary eye over his shoulder. He had an idea! “Aurora, we should practice magic. How about casting someone to stone?” -Rori

Rori: Three fingers and a straight arm, drawing from the ground u-… But that takes too long. People in danger need speedier spells. *Clearly her travel companion had no idea what he was doing.* Did you know you can rain fire on a whole town faster than turning a few people to stone? -12:12 May 14
Heinrich: *He made it out to the street in time to see a wagon clattering away! Hopefully that was the right one, because he didn’t see Rori anywhere nearby. He made a throwing gesture, raising an eerie black mist ahead of the cart that -should- frighten the horses into backing and rearing. Should. Hopefully.* -12:12 May 14
Heinrich: *He made it out to the street in time to see a wagon clattering away! Hopefully that was the right one, because he didn’t see Rori anywhere nearby. He made a throwing gesture, raising an eerie black mist ahead of the cart that -should- frighten the horses into backing and rearing. Should. Hopefully.* -12:12 May 14

Raining fire on the town sounded like a great idea to the stranger! But then his horses reared and spooked, forcing him to halt the wagon with a jerk! “That’s a genius idea, Aurora. Rain the fire right now.” -Rori

Alina: ::Sliding around the corner and almost splatting herself into the wall, she began to scream:: Aurora!!! Get your demented ass over here! -12:16 May 14
Rori: *The sudden stopping motion of the wagon nearly had her toppling backwards, and choking up that horrible stuff he had her drinking. Rori stood up in the wagon and pushed up her sleeves to raise her hands, only to pause to Alina screaming!* …Is she one of the bad people? -12:17 May 14

“Yes, she and her partner are dangerous. We need to destroy them!” replied the stranger, who had drawn out two short scimitars, black as night.. with a very familiar red symbol engraved on each! -Rori

Heinrich: *He shoulted to Rori as he ran towards the now-stalled wagon, pulling a glowing red dagger – the one he’d used to kill the thug.* Rori! Get down! -12:19 May 14
Alina: Rori, what are you doing!? I am never letting you get lodging on your own unaccompanied ever again! :;She prepped the daggers to throw, she’d take off her damn gloves if she needed to:: Now get over here and away from that wagon! -12:21 May 14
Rori: *Rori stepped herself to the otherside of the wagon, closer to the stranger!* I’m not getting down, I have to cast a spell to kill you. *She rose her hands in the air again, before pausing to glance questioningly at the stranger.* …But a raining fire on the whole town is a bit overkill, don’t you think? Should I turn them to stone after all? -12:22 May 14
Alina: Rori, killing innocents is a -bad- idea. And while I may have threatened to set my mother’s shop on fire a time or two I would prefer if you didn’t. I’m not a stranger, Rori, not much of one. Look at your armor.. you just bought that from my mother, remember? -12:24 May 14

“Just KILL them, Aurora!” shouted the stranger! He darted around the wagon, his first target the Bloodfox! He’d be the most dangerous! -Rori

Rori: I’m not killing innocents, or I’d be raining fire right about now. *She lowered her hands again, clearly trying to think about it.* He said I needed armor or I’d get myself killed. *But which he was it that said it?* -12:29 May 14
Alina: And he was right, but it wasn’t the stranger you’re with who said that. It was Ric. ::She eyed the girl a moment:: You also need good breechs.. and a shirt.. and sturdy boots. But that’s beside the point at the moment. :;Why was she discussing that at a time like this?:: -12:31 May 14
Heinrich: Shit! *Rori’s reaction brought his eyes to the stranger’s scimitars* Alina, he’s a follower of Ethrin! Be careful! *he muttered a short string of Nether Tongue and a shield formed out of dark mist on his forearm* -12:31 May 14

“Aurora, they are trying to gain your trust. You know they are Necromancer and Mercenary. Kill them before they attack!” That stranger was subtly pulling together a spell of his own, but it was hard to tell what he was up to! -Rori

Alina: ::Her jaw set at the news, the daggers got sheathed and the gloves got thrown down, one perfect hand all ready had flames licking at the fingertips like before, the mutilated hand was a blaze of fire. She half hoped she wouldn’t ruin another set of clothes:: Rori, if I had wanted you for any reason you would all ready be in my possession. Now get out of the way. -12:36 May 14
Heinrich: *He flipped his dagger into a throwing grip, flinging it squarely at the stranger. It might not spear him, but it should hopefully at least distract him…* Rori, don’t listen to him! Remember the last inn! -12:37 May 14
Rori: That’s right… You ARE a necromancer and a mercenary! *She knew that much! And she clearly remembered she wanted his head knocked off. That meant something! So Aurora held out her arms, a spell postion!* I have to cast the stone spell, so if you’ll just stand there a minute. -12:37 May 14
Alina: ::Wasn’t going to stand just anywhere! ::moving to the side a bit to get a claer shot at the stranger she sent what looked like a flaming dart at him:: Rori… don’t do this. We’re on your side! You can’t honestly tell my you’ve seen this man before now! -12:39 May 14

CLACK! The stranger was distracted from his building of a spell to deflect the dagger with one of his scimitars! And then he had to deflect the flaming dart! “They’re going to kill us, Aurora! Do something quickly!” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich said something in the Nether tongue again, this time shouting it and jerking his hand down towards the ground. In response, the mist that had startled the horses reached tentacles out and grabbed at the stranger, trying to pull him off his feet!* -12:42 May 14
Alina: ::Annoyed that the dart had been deflected, she brought up the mutilated hand, moving again to distract Rori from spell casting, this time she blew against her hand like she was blowing several kisses. Each breath sent what now looked like several arrows at the man:: He can’t keep blocking both of us…. ::she was muttering to herself as she watched the darts to make sure they wouldn’t hit the weird tentacles:: -12:46 May 14
Rori: *This was far beyond confusing and giving her a good headache. But Rori jumped down from the wagon to try and rescue the stranger!* I’ve seen his bright shiny teeth before, and that you won’t stop until someone is dead when you take off your gloves! -12:46 May 14

It was the perfect opportunity mister stranger needed, as if he was going to get attacked… now Rori would too! He made sure to grab a hold of her once she was close enough to use as a shield! -Rori

Alina: Shit! ::She made a gesture with her hand to make the fire arrows fizzle, afraid they’d hit Rori:: Damnit woman, I don’t want you dead. Get out of the way! :;Obviously flames from afare weren’t going to work, she made a run for the stranger. If she could jsut get her hands on him she could set him on fire:: -12:49 May 14
Heinrich: *He muttered an oath…several, in fact, gesturing for the tentacles to pull the stranger around to shield Rori from Alina’s darts!* -12:49 May 14
Rori: Then stop attacking us! *her head was pouding, and the whole thing was starting to piss her off. She pulled a spell right out of the air to copy the tentacles… Vines to keep Alina from getting any closer! And she knew she could do it because she… How did she know how to do that? Oh well!* -12:52 May 14
Alina: ::Made a very annoyed sound when the vines started to wrap around her, but she only set them on fire and waited for them to burn away, damnit, she wasn’t going to get out of ruining her clothes either:: -12:53 May 14

“Now get the Necromancer, Aurora. He’s the most dangerous!” said the stranger, making sure he kept a good tight hold on Rori, less those two thought they could get rid of him easy! -Rori

Heinrich: *With the hand he wasn’t using to control the tentacles, he gestured off to the side as he spoke a Nether word that translated roughly to ‘come,’ summoning his knife handle-first towards him.* Rori, he’s not what he says! He’s working for Demerick! -12:55 May 14
Rori: *Rori was cupping her hands, obediently summing a nice spell for dealing with necromancers before she paused.* …Demerick is the main villain of the story. *She blinked and cast a glance at mister stranger’s scimitar.* …and that’s his favorite. …But he said you’re both the bad guys! *Ooo, now she was dizzy! Who was the bad guys again? That’s right, she was traveling with the Necromancer…* -01:00 May 14
Alina: We aren’t the bad guys! ::Now that she was half naked and throwing the singed vines away from her she started her approach again, she really wanted to set the man ablaze!:: Can you get them seperated, Ric? -01:02 May 14

Seeing that his potion was starting to wear off, this put the stranger in a pickle! He dragged one of his scimitars up to Rori’s throat! They wouldn’t want her injured. “I wouldn’t try. Demerick wishes to speak with her, and if it means killing her first – it will be done.” -Rori

Heinrich: Not while he’s got ahold of her like that, I can’t! *The scimitar brought him up short. He didn’t think he could act quickly enough to keep him from slitting her throat. Sure, he could probably – probably – undo the damage before anything permanent happened, but….* -01:05 May 14
Alina: If she is who she may be, killing her first will do you no good. The portion of her you want will be long gone by the time you try to get any information. Necromancy or no necromancy, the goddess wouldn’t let you get it. ::She was close now, it’d be difficult to deflect anything she "fired" (hahaha "fired") at him now:: -01:08 May 14
Rori: …So I pretty much walked in to an obvious plot trap didn’t I. *She was still severely confused. But clearly this man was the bad guy and the others weren’t, which meant she apparently did something stupid. …And that pissed her off more.* You’ve got three seconds to get the hell off me. -01:09 May 14

The stranger ignored Rori! “Demerick pulled the strings in the Goddess’ own realm, he can reach her from anywhere! Dead or alive!” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich didn’t like where this was going…so he decided to try something risky. He muttered a short spell in Nether Tongue that pulled at the other man’s connection to the Netherworld. The spell was an old one, and would end with one of them either controlled or dead…* -01:14 May 14
Heinrich: *if it worked at all* -01:15 May 14
Rori: *Now if she were thinking clearly, she might have wanted to know what the stranger meant when he said that… but for the moment she was busy concentrating on his scimitar. And making it flexible… like plastic! Let’s see him try to kill her with a plastic sword! She rammed her elbow back against his chest!* -01:16 May 14

Unknowing his scimitar was plastic, he did indeed try to use it on the fussy little goddess! But that was interupted by a pull from the Netherworld. He spun around to give an angry glare at Heinrich! Two could play that game! And he would crush the other man’s soul! -Rori

Alina: :;Confident that Rori would get away from the man before the flames spread too far, she made a jump for it, grabbing the man with her flaming hands to set him on fire!:: -01:19 May 14
Heinrich: *He concentrated on overpowering the other mage even as the man went on the counteroffensive. Reaching a hand down to the handle of his still-sheathed dagger, he pulled at the power contained by the soul trapped in it, using it to augment and buffer his own. He hadn’t expected it to be easy!* -01:20 May 14

Being attacked by flames when you’re in the middle of a Netherworld duel has to be the worst of luck! To his credit, he tried really hard to keep his grip when he went up in flames, but eventually the flames consumed him and he lost his control to the Netherworld connection! There was a howling cry! -Rori

Rori: *Rori wasn’t going to watch anyone be set on fire, and she sure as hell did stay out of the way. And tried not to listen. And tried to remember exactly what was going on and who she was with. Everything was all fuzzy and in pieces!* -01:24 May 14
Alina: ::She didn’t let go until the man stopped screaming, admitedly the rest of her clothes went up with the act, and her pack, which fizzled except for the fireproof gloves that dropped to the ground along with her daggers and sword, luckily the boots were made of the same stuff her gloves were.. she imagined she looked quite silly in nothing but boots and flaming hands that were starting to die down:: -01:27 May 14
Heinrich: *As soon as he felt the stranger die and his soul unravel, he let go of all the active magical effects he had going. It didn’t matter, though – he was already exhausted. He dropped like a rock.* -01:28 May 14
Alina: I think I need to start wearing fireproof clothing… I’m getting tired of having to pay for new ones. ::picks up a pair of gloves and slides them on:: That or a fireproof pack! ::smacks her forhead:: I should have thought of that by now! Damnit! ::With a grummble she went over to Ric and nudged him with her booted foot:: Are you dead? -01:31 May 14
Rori: I know I’m pissed at you, but I can’t remember why. *She moved towards Heinrich, not really sure if he was concious enough to hear her.. but he looked the same way she felt and thought she better make sure he’s not dead. Then she blinked over at the practically naked Alina while she knealt down.* Now I remember why. -01:32 May 14
Heinrich: *he grunted and rolled over at the boot to the ribs.* Why’r there…four of you? And weren’ you wearing looser clothes? -01:34 May 14
Alina: Two of us, not four, and I was wearing clothes until I burned them off. ::She seemed fairly comfortable naked, not at all embarassed to be baring it all to the world:: -01:35 May 14
Heinrich: Oh. Why’d you go an’ do that? Not that I’m complaining. Or would, if you weren’t all blurry. Both of you. -01:37 May 14
Alina: ::Squats down to get a better look at him:: You bump your head or something? Do you not remember we just killed someone to save Rori? -01:39 May 14
Rori: *Rori scowled. That’s what she thought. She was definitely mad.* I think we should get elsewhere before something else happens. -01:42 May 14
Heinrich: Nope, got that part of it. Just a little fuzzy on the details, is all. Cobblestones aren’t good for the head. Oh, good, I only see one of you now. And might I say you look fabulous? *Well, at least he was getting some of his jocular attitude back. That was a good sign – mostly.* -01:43 May 14
Alina: :;Narrows her eyes and leans in close:: Consider every phrase you spout something like that a day closer to your death. Now give me your cloak. -01:45 May 14
Heinrich: Ngh. *He rolled over, pushing himself unsteadily to his feet, and unclasped his cloak and handed it to Alina* -01:48 May 14
Rori: *She stood, crossing her arms and trying to explain to herself that she wasn’t annoyed, she was just tired and confused after falling in to a plot trap.* This always happens in Hevrai. I’d like a room so I don’t have to watch. *She muttered to herself.* -01:49 May 14
Moonlight Shadow

004 City of Hevrai

[Rori could beat someone with a stick if she had to, she\’s pretty sure.] -07:09 Mar 30
[Heinrich is sure she could too, but wants to see to it that she can do it WELL.] -07:13 Mar 30

Well, here it is. Hevrai. Heinrich and Rori are at a road junction just outside the main city gates. -Heinrich

Heinrich: Well, we’re here. Hevrai. Hopefully we won’t have to bribe the guards or anything. That’s always annoying. -07:19 Mar 30
Rori: *And so… Hevrai! A perfectly innocent little port town, aside from the ever looming danger that is likely going to face the main character, or dare she admit main characters plural. She leans on that handy little staff he had practically forced upon her.* Unless someone is crazy enough to have posters out for us, I don’t think it’ll be necessary… -07:20 Mar 30
Heinrich: Here’s hoping. Anyways, Ladies first. *he gestured ahead of himself* Anything in particular you’re thinking of getting while we’re here? -07:22 Mar 30
Rori: *Rori gave a dreadfully forboding grin as she lead the way!* That’s a dangerous question to ask a woman, in even a fantasy land. But, besides uncovering useful information, I think I’ll spare you. -07:24 Mar 30
Heinrich: I meant in the way of equipment. You do realise that my being back in the Business means that you are, too, effectively? I’ve been retired awhile, so I’ll need to pick up some new equipment. Like a new cloak, and such. Oh, that reminds me. We need to get you to a mage who does testing. -07:26 Mar 30
Rori: Is that so? *She considered carefully… At least she was useful. There couldn’t be anyone that knew the world and history as well as her, but him having her mage tested is just beyond weird.* I suppose maps would be useful. Or if I could get my hands on a flashlight… -07:28 Mar 30
Heinrich: What’s a flashlight? Some kind of torch? -07:29 Mar 30
Rori: Light at the press of a button! Never thought I’d need a night light, but I’m really missing them now. *She gives a nice big grin at the guards at the gate, fully intending to walk right past them! As long as they don’t look guilty, or up to no good, there shouldn’t be an issue! …she hopes!* -07:33 Mar 30

The personnel gate is closed! The guards look at her funny, but don’t bother stopping her as she walks right past! She’ll be back anyways. -Heinrich

Heinrich: *He stops just short of the guards and watches as Rori just walks blithely on. This should prove interesting.* Uh, Rori? Where are you going? -07:35 Mar 30
Rori: *Rori stops to state the obvious- only… the obvious turns out the gate is closed, and thus she is the one looking stupid. There is that brief moment she looks as if she was about to hit all of them with that stick of hers, before put on a nonchalant expression.* Waiting for you to speak to the guards. -07:37 Mar 30
Heinrich: Well, come back here. Honestly, you’d think you’d never gone through a city gate before. -07:38 Mar 30
Rori: *Casting him a scowl as she returned, she once again resisted clobbering him with the staff. It was a very bad idea to give her one.* Next thing I know, you’re going to start calling me princess and snickering at the way I use my fork! -07:41 Mar 30
Heinrich: Only if you want me to, princess. *he turned to the guards.* We’re here on business. She’s new to adventuring, and I need to get her kitted out. -07:46 Mar 30
Rori: *Christ, he makes her sound like one of the wee fledging kids on their first adventure… She prods him with that staff while he’s talking!* -07:52 Mar 30

One guard lifts an eyebrow. “You sure you want to get your girl into the business? You look like a vet, you know it’s dangerous. Meh, whatever. You’re good. HEY, PHIL! OPEN THE GATE, TWO COMING THROUGH!” -Heinrich

Heinrich: oof! *he snorted* Whole thing’s her idea, not mine. I was retired. *he started for the gate, motioning to Rori to come with him, and leaned over and whispered in her ear* I’ll get you for that one, princess. -07:55 Mar 30
Rori: If you’re going to start taking my sarcastic suggestions seriously, next time I’ll come up with something more interesting. *She hiiiissed. Rori followed him through the gates, but was taking a good look down the streets to decide on the safest risk-free place they needed to go… * -07:58 Mar 30
Heinrich: *he chuckled* But tweaking you is fun! What say we get you tested first? -08:00 Mar 30
Rori: Fine. But I hope you don’t come out too sorely disappointed. *Rori stopped and sighed!* …and where do we find a tester person? -08:02 Mar 30
Heinrich: Well, if I remember correctly, the Magic district is just down that street on the right…and the mages that do testing tend to be near the outskirts. Come on, follow me. *he started off down a side road!* -08:04 Mar 30
Rori: *Twitching her nose, she followed… much with the thought that she was probably walking straight in to her doom. The whole thing was going to be nothing but trouble!* -08:06 Mar 30

“Mi bella! Zee goddess of my dreams in the very flesh!” come a screechy voice from a wirey and bizarre looking old man that pops out of a building in front of them! “You must stop for me!” -Rori

Heinrich: *He muttered to himself as he read the signs along the road, which got progressively odder as they reached the Magic quarter. He stopped long enough to take note of the old man before putting an arm around Rori’s shoulders and starting on again.* Moving on…I think I remember a REPUTABLE fellow on the next block. -08:09 Mar 30

“Wait! Wait!” says the strange little old man, who hops back out in front of them again! “She iz perfect! You must let her come inside! I have much gold!” He even digs around in his funny looking robes and pulls out a handfull of coin! -Rori

Rori: *This was interesting, as she cast a curious look between the odd old man and Heinrich* …I don’t think I want to consider what a woman gets paid for in Hevrai. -08:13 Mar 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich kept on walking, cuing Rori to do the same with his arm* Mate, I’ve been in Hevrai before. I don’t make it a habit of selling off my friends. Or selling them out for that matter. -08:15 Mar 30

The poor old man looks totally heart broken! “You don understand! I am a painter…!! I only want a model for my masterpiece…!” He even drops to the ground to grasp on to Heinrich’s clothes! “Please! There iz none other with the goddess’ grace!” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich stops to look down at the man.* Wait a minute…I’ve seen you before….Name me a painting I’d recognize. Or a subject. -08:18 Mar 30

Seeing that he had finally been understood, the little old man stood up and puffed out his chest with all the pride in the world! “I, Marco Dovente, the famed painter of the brilliant masterpieces ‘White Wolf of Moon’ and ‘Crystal Imperial Queen’, am seeking the model of perfection for my soon to be greatest work of all time!” -Rori

Rori: …seriously? *Rori just laughed…! Of all the craziest things to fall in to, they run in to the Painter of Hevrai!* -08:24 Mar 30
[Rori logged out of the chat.] -((08:31 Mar 30))
[Heinrich has timed out.] -06:18 Mar 31
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -06:18 Mar 31
[Rori was laughing much too loudly at the tiny old man.] -06:18 Mar 31
[Heinrich , while amused, is not laughing.] -06:19 Mar 31
Heinrich: So, Don Dovente…you wish to paint the lovely Rori, I gather? -06:21 Mar 31

“Of course, of course!” He nods vigorously! I have been searching ages for zee proper model! Just one evening, I give you anything you desire!” -Rori

Heinrich: Well, I’m afraid you’re going to have to ask her…Mind if I ask what you’re painting? -06:26 Mar 31

Looking quite proud he responded! “Zee very goddess of zee sun, moon and sky… Urora herself! Mi belle, promise you will pose!” If an oldman could pout like a little puppy, he was doing it now! -Rori

Rori: Ahem… *Containing that laughter, still she couldn’t help but be very amused. At least she kept that superior look to herself.* It’s perfectly fine with me, iiif you’re paying well. -06:28 Mar 31
Heinrich: *He surpressed a laugh* I think you’ll find that you’ve chosen the perfect model, Don. Though she might be a bit…cagey. -06:29 Mar 31
Rori: Oh clever you. *She flicked her fingers at the necromancer and then pointed down the street!* How about you stop looking so smug and find me that tester-person while I make this old man’s day. -06:32 Mar 31
Heinrich: I already did. Three shops down. *he pointed to an abnorally…wierd…sign hanging above a doorway.* I think I could sit and watch instead… -06:33 Mar 31

“Let us get started right away!” says the now gleeful Marco Dovente, whom gently takes Rori’s elbow to lead her in to the studio! Inside, he quickly shouts! “MARGE! I HAVE THE MODEL! FIX HER UP!” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich follows Dovente and Rori at a slightly more sedate, definitely amused pace.* -06:37 Mar 31

A little old lady who is barely even as tall as the little old man, pops out from a doorway around the corner wearing big shiny glasses! “Ooooh! A fine one, too! But I thought Urora was a woman?” She examines Heinrich carefully! -Rori

Heinrich: *He blinked a few times in surprise!* Ah…not me, ma’am. I believe he is referring to my companion. *he points toward Rori.* -06:40 Mar 31

….Marco stares. “Not that one, you crazy old loon, this one!” He shoos her away from Heinrich and passes Rori over. “Get her ready in zee dress, and don’t forget the glitter!” -Rori

Rori: ..wait, glitter? What do we need glitter for? *She’s got a blind woman now tugging her down the hall. Could posing for a painting be dangerous?* -06:41 Mar 31
Heinrich: Well, that was….interesting. -06:42 Mar 31

“Marge can’t see a mountain if it’s in front of her face. …but she’s a great cook!” Says the little old man who is practically hopping towards his studio room, waving an arm for Heinrich to follow! “Zere is a seat in zee corner for you! Do not get fingerprints on anything!” -Rori

Heinrich: *He followed as told, removing his cloak as he did so and revealing his armor* OUt of curiosity, about how long do your paintings usually take? -06:46 Mar 31

Marge is blind, but at least she knows how to get a girl dressed! And thankfully it doesn’t involve any make up, cause she clearly was grabbing all the wrong things. In fact it took three tries before she even found the right costume. …The bunny one was on purpose. She thought it was cute. -Rori

“One could take minutes… one could take years… This shall take an evening!” He checked his watch and tapped his foot on the floor. “MARGE! THE BLUE ONE!” He bellowed. Just in case. -Rori

Heinrich: *He nodded to himself for a moment* I would love to watch…unfortunately, I doubt I could sit still that long. I probably aught to go, and check in later….. -06:53 Mar 31
Rori: … *She’s not going to comment on the bunny suit, nope. Rori finally decides it’s a better idea if she "helps" and makes sure poor Marge gets the correct dress… She’s practically trying to escape the woman when she enters the studio, wearing something she knows damn well is just a silky overpriced nightgown and no shoes! Lace and ribbons! If they gave her wings too, she might as well be a fairy!* That woman tried to dress me up as a rabbit! -06:55 Mar 31
Heinrich: *Well, that certainly turned his head!* I…um…yes, I should probably leave….I’ll…check back in a bit, shall I? -06:56 Mar 31

Marco claps, “Excellente! Come here, miss model and sit up on this pillar! You, sir, may return whenever you are ready!” He is much too preoccupied with ushering Rori to sit on top of a precarious looking pillar. -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich does a quick about-face and he’s out the door! Hopefully before Rori notices he’s starting to blush!* -07:00 Mar 31
Rori: *That thing didn’t look safe, but a quick hop and sitting pretty, adjusting this skirt and casting Heinrich’s back a wicked look.* You might bring back that mage so we can get two things done at once! -07:00 Mar 31
Heinrich: *he paused for a moment* I don’t think the Don would appreciate that! *with that, he headed out of the building and into the street, slinging his cloack back over his armor as he went.* -07:05 Mar 31

“Turn to zee side, miss model!” Marco Dovente was plopping his rear on to a stool after setting up his canvas and preparing his paints! He is a quick painter, but it still takes a bit of time for getting everything absolutely perfect! “Mi bella… I believe it is finished!” -Rori

Rori: *It would have been nice to say that it only felt like a few minutes, but… it’s didn’t! Trying to sit still in the same spot, for who knows how long, she was tired and stiff… And where did that step stool go?!* Hey, how am I getting down from her? -07:09 Mar 31
Heinrich: *He knocked on the door to the Don’s studio about the time he expected the man would be done painting Rori. He was wearing his new cloak, which meant he finally fit the image of the Bloodfox again.* -07:11 Mar 31

“Now for a bit of drying, and zee goddess will be ready! Ah! Zee door!” Neglecting to be helpful Marco Dovente when fetching the door! “Male friend of zee model! I am all finished! Let me go fetch zee payment!” With the door left wide open, he shuffles off to find that coin he promised! -Rori

Heinrich: *He raised an eyebrow* Right then…. Rori! Don’t you look something special! And slightly stiff, for that matter…. -07:15 Mar 31
Rori: You try precariously balancing on a pillar for hours not moving a muscle. *She leaned to eye the floor. She supposed she could jump down, right after she wiggled some feeling back in to her toes!* -07:16 Mar 31
Heinrich: I have, actually. You forget my proffession. *he moved foreward and reached up to help her down* -07:17 Mar 31
Rori: Bah. *She about swatted his hands away, but thought better of it. He might as well be useful! She used him to balance as she slid off the pillar.* But did you have an old guy fussing at you to fix your skirt every fifteen minutes? -07:20 Mar 31
Heinrich: Well, seeing as I don’t wear skirts, princess, that would have been exceptionally wierd. -07:20 Mar 31
Rori: *Rori cast him a sly look…* Putting you in a dress would make an interesting piece to this story though… Undercover at a harem? -07:23 Mar 31
Heinrich: I really doubt it. I don’t have the right face for it, and my voice is too deep for a Eunuch these days. -07:24 Mar 31
Rori: Which makes it all the more amusing! *Rori grinned as she moved to take a peek at that painting she so dutifully sat still forever for. It was… well it was really pretty!* This doesn’t look anything like me! *Rori frowned! He could have had Heinrich sitting up there all day and made something beautiful!* -07:27 Mar 31
Heinrich: *he craned his neck* I rather think it does. Well, he took a bit of artistic license to play up the whole ‘divine’ thing. But altogether very, very good. -07:28 Mar 31
[Rori has timed out.] -07:57 Apr 06
[Heinrich has timed out.] -07:57 Apr 06
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -07:57 Apr 06
[Rori won\’t admit she likes the dress.] -08:03 Apr 06
[Heinrich will doubtless find a way to tweak Rori about this.] -08:04 Apr 06

Marco Dovente then pops in to the room with a nice tiny chest! “Ah ha! Here we are! The payment as promised!” -Rori

Rori: *Rori was in the middle of casting the necromancer a suspicious look as she crossed her arms and grinned at the painter!* Does that mean I can get my clothes back now? -08:09 Apr 06
[Heinrich just had his computer reboot on him!] -08:17 Apr 06

“Zee dress is yours to keep, there will not be another goddess!” The old man grins so wide, you can see his missing back teeth! He opens up the chest which contains all sorts of goodies, like gold, silver, jewelry, and chocolate candies from the shop down the street. “What do you think is suitable? A few hundred or chocolate?” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich raised an eyebrow. He knew which HE would choose. The chocolates were damn good, but they didn’t cost THAT much! He didn’t say anything, though. It is Rori’s payment, after all!* -08:22 Apr 06
Rori: *Well Heinrich was no help whatsoever, and she knew well that the chocolate was more than likly packing a magical touch… That would be an accident waiting to happen.* Just a little money is perfectly fine with me. You can give it to him! *She points a finger at the necromancer!* -08:25 Apr 06
Heinrich: What, I’m the purser now? It’s your money, princess, not mine. -08:31 Apr 06
Rori: Do I look like I have any pockets? -08:33 Apr 06
Heinrich: You…have a point. -08:33 Apr 06

The wee old lady with her crazy glasses appears, bringing along Rori’s things and a nice pretty coat in which she doesn’t even mention.. she only fusses Rori in to it without uttering a word and hands her a bag! -Rori

/nar “Excellente, Excellente! Hold out your hands!” Marco Dovente grabs a handful of coins, dropping them in to any open hands he can find! “Pockets, pockets… I can stuff zee pockets too!” -Rori

[Heinrich has timed out.] -08:37 Apr 06
Heinrich: Whoop! *Heinrich hurriedly grabbed a decent-sized bag off his belt – his old loot bag, as it happened* Here, just put it in here… -08:37 Apr 06

Dovente makes sure to give a more than generous payment, he is after all, going to be the greatest and most famous painter of all time thanks to his newest brilliant master piece! “Thank you, thank you! If you ever have need of me, please ask! Marco Dovente never forgets!” -Rori

Rori: *Rori opened her mouth to protest! That was way more money than they needed – but then again, she didn’t HAVE any money, so it might be a bit useful after all!* It was a pleasure… Maybe next time you can paint a demon and have him sit still for hours. *A most wicked of grins!* -08:42 Apr 06
Heinrich: *He shot Rori a glare* Thank you, very much, Don. You are very generous. -08:45 Apr 06

Marco Dovente gives a good laugh as he escorts the two out of his home and shop. He and his Margie wave cheerfully! “Come back soon Bloodfox and Goddess!” -Rori

Heinrich: *He hadn’t thought he was THAT famous….He shook his head to clear it, and waved to Dovente and Margie!* Thank you, sir. I would not be surprised if our paths cross again soon. -08:52 Apr 06
Rori: *Besides smirking, she waved goodbye! Rori waited until they were good and out of earshot before speaking again.* You realize you’ve just doomed them with helping us later in this story, right? -08:53 Apr 06
Heinrich: I blame you for that. But on to more important matters…ready to get mage tested? -09:00 Apr 06
Rori: *Rori makes a face, which makes it quite obvious her feelings on the subject!* I suppose we can get it over with. -09:03 Apr 06
Heinrich: *he waved a hand down the street* After you, Princess! Third door on the right, the one that looks like it was painted by a demented three-year-old. -09:05 Apr 06
Rori: *This was a bad idea… A horrible idea! Especially when she stops in front of that door. Who wants to walk through a demented door? Huffing to herself, she did anyway… carefully… For all she knew, they were going to terrorize her with some equally as demented test.* -09:08 Apr 06

An individual in a light tunic and pants looks up from a desk near the back of an extremely cluttered shop. “Ah, Mr. Sarienson. This is the woman you mentioned, I assume?” Without waiting for a response, he turned to Rori. “Ah….’Rori,’ was it? Named to honor the Goddess, I expect…” -Heinrich

Rori: Yes… sort of correct. *It would be stupid to turn around and run out the door, but that didn’t stop her from imagining it.* What exactly do you… do… in here? -09:16 Apr 06

“Ah, never been in a mage’s shop before, I assume? In short, I provide services. These services vary from person to person, but the one I preform most often is mage-testing individuals. Children, mostly, or hopeless romantics. The odd hopeful whose parents didn’t drag them to be tested when they were a child. Which is the reason for my doorway, incidentally. It’s picked up some unusual magical properties after years of exposure to undirected magic. -Heinrich

Rori: A magic door? *Oh, that gave her all sorts of interesting ideas… ones she better just keep to herself!* I hope it’s an easy simle little test, at least? -09:24 Apr 06

“Well, there’s dozens of possible tests, as it happens, each of them better at detecting different talents under different conditions. Mr. Sarienson, for example, would not register as magical on a simple scroll test. Read this, please, before we get started.” He handed Rori a sheet of paper with something written on it – it looks like a notice or a form. -Heinrich

Rori: That’s because he’s a main character… *Rori blinked at the piece of paper… and then blinked a second time.* "If you can read this, I commend you for your ability to decifer nonsense." …are you kidding me? -09:32 Apr 06

“Not at all! Here, catch!” He tossed a roughly-cut gemstone the size of her fist at her! -Heinrich

Rori: *Ack..! Rori caught the thing, but quickly at held it out at arm’s length.* Could we not throw these at me, half the time they have demons in them. -09:37 Apr 06

The crystal lights up with a faint yellow-white glow! “Hmm, interesting. Honestly, do you think I would have something just lying around that had a demon bound to it? Give me a little credit, at least. There’s a book on the shelf over there,” He says, pointing to a bookshelf crammed with everything BUT books. “Read the title off to me, please?” -Heinrich

Rori: I wouldn’t be surprised at all. *Glancing at the bookshelf of everything but books, she sighed… Finding a book in that me- Oh wait, wel that was a clever spot wasn’t it.* Windaria’s Book of Lusty Travels. …and I’m starting to think all wizards and mages have a collection of dirty books lying around. -09:44 Apr 06

“Well, that’s an unusual title…hand it to me, if you would? And then set the crystal down somewhere and grab me that statuette next to the door.” -Heinrich

Rori: *This seemed to her more like a wild goose chase, but still she reluctantly handed him the book, sat down the crystal somewhere she wouldn’t have to see it, cast Heinrich a scowl and fetched the statuette by the door… of which she also scowled at.* -09:51 Apr 06

The mage opens the book and begins flipping through it, motioning for her to hand him the statuette. -Heinrich

Rori: *What a perfectly appropriate time to leaf through a naughty book. She handed him the statuette and tried to take a peek… Maybe it was a false cover title.* -09:54 Apr 06

He closes the book just before she manages to get a good look at it, although from the chapter heading she gets a glimpse of, it’s probably a novel. He takes the statuette, stares at it for a second, then hands her another crystal. “Hang on to that for a minute…” With that, he begins rummaging around on the surface of his desk! -Heinrich

Rori: *And another crystal! She held it in her palm for a moment and scowled at it too. At least this one was more pleasant.* How long does all this take, exactly? -10:00 Apr 06

“That really depends on the individual, actually…Ah, here it is. Here, swap you.” He holds out a scroll for Rori to take and an empty hand for the crystal. -Heinrich

Rori: How long it takes for the individual to beg for mercy…? *Rori swapped the crystal for the scroll, debating on whether or not she should continue with subtle hinting or start hissing.* -10:03 Apr 06

“Well, go on, read the damn thing already.” -Heinrich

Rori: *Rori huffed, openning up the scroll quickly, and very tempted to kick the mage.* Ritum domini arum brak, ret torium morti octava. -10:07 Apr 06

The room becomes hazy and the candlelight transforms into moonlight! Rori herself glows faintly! “Well, that was….certainly unexpected.” -Heinrich

Rori: … damnit. *Definitely a bad idea.* I suppose you’re going to tell me everything I don’t want to hear, aren’t you. -10:12 Apr 06

“Well, that depends on what you want to hear.” He waves a hand and the room returns to the way it was. The doorway keeps glowing, though. -Heinrich

Rori: Nothing about mage talent, that’s for sure. -10:17 Apr 06

“Well then…yes, I suppose, I am. You have a mage talent, but it isn’t a traditional arcanist talent. It appears to be divine in nature, but completely separate from the granted magic of your average clergy.” -Heinrich

Rori: That hardly makes any sense. *And it sounded a lot worse than she thought it would…* -10:21 Apr 06

“How familiar are you with magic, Miss….er…Rori?” -Heinrich

Rori: I know everything there possibly is to know, but there’s no way I can do[/i] it. And I’d really rather not try, reguardless [i]he *She points at the necromancer!* thinks. -10:24 Apr 06
Heinrich: "Everything there possibly is to know? Then how is it you didn’t recognize your own talent?" -10:25 Apr 06

“What he said.” -Heinrich

Rori: Because I don’t do magic and that’s all there is to it! I’m an author, not a mage! -10:27 Apr 06

“Well, that’s a first. Denial. No, wait, there was that one fellow….ah, nevermind, I digress. Would you like me to explain your talent, or are you comfortable in your ignorance?” -Heinrich

Rori: *Rori slowly crossed her arms.* Explain it. -10:31 Apr 06
Heinrich: "First off, how familiar with Mr. Sarienson’s brand of magic are you? The mechanics of it, I mean?" -10:33 Apr 06

“First off, how familiar with Mr. Sarienson’s brand of magic are you? The mechanics of it, I mean?” -Heinrich

Rori: It’s not really on the top of my list of most written… I don’t know. -10:35 Apr 06

“See? You don’t know everything. He channels power directly from the Netherworld and shapes it to his will. Gestures, spells, and incantations are merely means to help him focus his ability. Your talent is similar, but rather than Nether energies, it draws on the Divine realms.” -Heinrich

Rori: It just means I haven’t thought about it before. *She tapped her fingers on her arms. Rori didn’t want to think about it now either, though tempted to see if she could make the mage disappear.* -10:39 Apr 06

The mage sighs. “Is she always this difficult?” -Heinrich

Heinrich: Pretty much. -10:40 Apr 06
Rori: I can be difficult, or I can get giddy with power and test what I can do on you both. I’ll let you decide. -10:42 Apr 06

“You know, most people go the middle route. At any rate, I doubt you can do much at all until you’ve practiced some. Or gotten some teaching.” -Heinrich

Rori: *rori suddenly grinned! A dreadfully mischevious, no doubt meaning troule, sort of grin!* But there’s no time for any teaching, unless my dear friend necromancer wants to give it a whirl. -10:45 Apr 06
Heinrich: Trial and error it is, then? -10:47 Apr 06
Rori: Trial and error, indeed. *Yes, she was thinking very very wicked by now. All sorts of interesting ways to revenge, er… practice magic.* -10:49 Apr 06

“Hold up. Before you go, I have something you might find useful. Damn thing’s been sitting around for years now, not like it’s any use to me….” The mage starts muttering about academics and arcane texts as he gets up and starts to rummage through his bookcases! -Heinrich

Rori: It’s not a magic wand, is it…? *Her devious look was replaced with curiosity.* -10:53 Apr 06

“Well, if you really want a wand of some sort, there’s a shop down the street that sells them…no, I have a….here it is! Wait, no, that’s not it…” -Heinrich

Rori: *A wand might be sorta- No, that’s just going too far! She was tapping her fingers on her arm again, impatiently!* -10:56 Apr 06

“Ah, here it is!” He pulls a leather-bound volume out of the clutter. “This is supposedly a copy of the jounal of Buerae the Chronicler, the only individual in the last few milennia to display your type of abilities. Hopefully it’s of some help.” He holds the book out to Rori. -Heinrich

Rori: *Keeping the sarcastic remark to herself, she took the book and merely muttered a thank you.* -11:00 Apr 06

“Mr. Sarienson’s already paid, so feel free to browse, ask me a question, or get the hell out. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Sarienson? The shop down the street that specialises in, ah, specialty supplies is, in fact, still open.” -Heinrich

Rori: *She was more than happy to get the hell out!* …Specialty supplies…? -11:06 Apr 06
Heinrich: I’m a necromancer. That tends to require odd items and things with few other uses. *he followed Rori out of the shop* So….ready to get kitted out? -11:08 Apr 06
Rori: *Soul sealing knives came to mind, but she supposed he could make those himself!* Are you going to dress me up like you, with your Bloodfox boots and cloak? -11:11 Apr 06
Heinrich: Why, do you want to look like me? I was just going to get you some half-decent armor and a better staff. -11:12 Apr 06
Rori: I like my dress better, unless you want to swap. I’d wear your clothes for a day to see you in a dress! *A smile followed by a devious expression… * You might end up in a dress at least once. -11:17 Apr 06
Heinrich: I don’t think so, princess. But we are getting you armor. Remember the crossbow incident? -11:18 Apr 06
Rori: … do we really need to bring that up? I don’t know how I’m supposed to move with armor, anyway. It’s hard enough getting around without a car. -11:20 Apr 06
Heinrich: Armor doesn’t have to be heavy. It’s not like we’d get you plate mail or anything. -11:21 Apr 06
Rori: I’ll have to be able to climb trees or kick people in the face. *And she was perfectly serious. She was having a hard time figuring out how she was going to do that with armor.* -11:26 Apr 06
Heinrich: I’m wearing armor, and I can do backflips across a rooftop. Well, I used to be able to. I imagine I’m a bit rusty. -11:27 Apr 06
Rori: Hmm. We’ll see about that. *She moved to walk backwards in front of him, all for the sake of examining that armor of his… poking and all!* …I don’t think you can do backflips at all. Armor or not. -11:32 Apr 06
Heinrich: You really don’t think much of me, do you? *he hopped once, then jumped and grabbed an eave, flipping himself up onto the roof and landing with a soft "thump."* Believe me now? -11:37 Apr 06
Rori: *Rori stopped, placing her hands on her hips. …She refused to look impressed!* …now how do I know you’re not using trickery to do that? -11:40 Apr 06
Heinrich: And what kind of trickery would I be using, princess? *he walked along the edge of the roof, right on down the street!* -11:45 Apr 06
Rori: Any sort of illusions, I’d imagine. *Following, she considering poking him with the staff and toppling him off the roof.* …in anycase you’re bound to look suspicious up there! -11:48 Apr 06
Heinrich: This is hevrai. *he jerked a thumb at someone skulking across the roofs across the street* I’m a lot less suspicious than him. -11:51 Apr 06
Rori: But he’s not the main character, though, is he. *That’s all right… she pulls out that staff anyway to prod at him with!* -11:53 Apr 06
Heinrich: Fine, fine, I’ll get down. *he hopped down off the roof less gracefully than he’d hopped on* Should be an armor shop nearby… -11:54 Apr 06
Rori: *She prodded him with the staff again for good measure!* After that, it’s a romantic interlude with a crazy harpy! -11:57 Apr 06
Heinrich: Aww, I knew you liked me, princess. -11:59 Apr 06
Rori: *Rori stopped suddenly…! And took a swing at him with staff!* -12:03 Apr 06
Heinrich: Whup! *he ducked the staff easily, grinning* Touchy, touchy! -12:03 Apr 06
Rori: You might choose better on whom you call a harpy, necromancer! *She thought she might aim for his head again, but swung for his knees instead!* -12:05 Apr 06
Heinrich: *He did a backflip over the staff! He’s just showing off now!* Oh, come on. You know I’m only messing with you. -12:06 Apr 06
Rori: *A blinking stare followed by careful consideration… A swing for the head again!* And yet, you still deserve to get thwacked! -12:10 Apr 06
Heinrich: *and he does the limbo under the staff followed by a backflip!* Hey, now! An eye for an eye here! You tease me about romantic interludes in Hevrai, I tease you about whatever’s handy! -12:12 Apr 06
Rori: *He’s making it all too amusing. How many other tricks can she get him to do? A jab for his gut!* Who said I was teasing? You’re going to meet a devil of a woman! -12:14 Apr 06
Heinrich: *A jab to the gut? How mundane! He simply twisted out of the way.* Rori, what makes you think I would be stupid enough to associate with a woman who’s more of a pain than you? -12:16 Apr 06
Rori: She’ll blind you with… bright shiny teeth, doe eyes, and silly giggles! You won’t know what hit you! *…and a sweep for his feet! Then she cheats and grabs his cloak to knock him over!* -12:20 Apr 06
Heinrich: *He does another backflip, this time with a spin! The cloak’s breakaway clasp does its job and she’s left holding a cloak!* Right, like I’d go for the brainless type. -12:21 Apr 06
Rori: Of course you would. You’d be enchanted. *She stopped long enough to fold his cloak neatly over her arm.* -12:24 Apr 06
Heinrich: I think I may know myself a little bit better than you do, Rori. -12:25 Apr 06
Rori: I meant enchantment as in magical evil wicked sorceress, not madly in love. *…She took the staff again and attempted to pin his nose with the end!* -12:28 Apr 06
Heinrich: M-hmm, right. *he weaved around the staff* Oh, look, and armor shop. -12:29 Apr 06
Rori: Really? *Pausing mid-swing, she blinked up at the sign.* Did you decide what to dress me up as? -12:31 Apr 06
Heinrich: What do you mean, ‘dress you up as?’ I was going to get you some light leather like mine. Unless you’re into the whole "chain-mail bikini" thing like that one barbarian tribe… -12:34 Apr 06
Rori: …. *Rori laughed! Chain-mail bikini was a very amusing idea!* As wonderful as I would look, I think I’d rather be fully dressed, thank you. *Grinning, she entered the shop!* -12:36 Apr 06
[Heinrich has timed out.] -01:08 Apr 06
[Heinrich is back!] -01:08 Apr 06
[Rori has timed out.] -01:09 Apr 06
Heinrich: *Heinrich chuckled and followed Rori into the shop.* -01:09 Apr 06
[Rori has no idea how she timed out!] -01:11 Apr 06

In the shop, there is quite the plump lady covered head to toe in golden armor that must be more show than practical. She is more than pleased to have customers! “Oh my! Bestill my heart, a handsome prince and a little lady has entered my shop!” -Rori

Rori: *Rori was a bit startled by the shiny woman at first… but then a slow, much too knowing smile graced her lips.* Hello Madame! -01:14 Apr 06
Heinrich: *He raised his eyebrow and started to respond before the comment fully processed.* My thanks for the compliment, but I’m hardly a….*he trailed off as his thought process finished and he got lost in the logistics of trying to figure out if he was, in fact, a ‘prince.’* -01:14 Apr 06

“My, my, my…! I do love finding just the right pieces for fine male specimens!” so says the plump lady who even jingle jangles as she moves from behind her counter. She’s not shy about taking a hold of the man to ‘measure’ arms, legs, and rear end! -Rori

Heinrich: *That snapped him out of it, and he twisted aside* Ah, I already have armor, ma’am. We need armor for her. -01:20 Apr 06
Rori: *She was doing well not to snicker out loud.* -01:20 Apr 06
[Rori was busy trying not to laugh at the golden armored lady pawing at Heinrich.] -12:42 May 13
[Heinrich is wondering why this is happening to him. He has armor. He doesn\’t need more…] -12:43 May 13
Heinrich: Ah…madam….I am not the one that needs armor. She does. *he pokes a finger towards Rori* -12:45 May 13

“Oh, my, my, my! How disappointing!” And yes, she looked disappointed to! Of course that didn’t stop her from pawing at the man! “What size will do, Oh, blessed me, I know! Chainmaile thongs are all the rage these days!” -Rori

[Alina happened to be taking a sip from her canteen as she was walking by when she heard \”chainmail thongs\” and merely managed to sputter water everywhere.] -12:48 May 13
Rori: *It took a great deal of self control for her to not bark with hysterical laughter.* I think something more subtle will be juuust fine. *A smirk!* -12:49 May 13
Heinrich: *he rolled his eyes* You were going to try and put me in a loincloth, weren’t you? -12:49 May 13
Alina: ::Wipes her face and stares:; That would have to chaffe horribly.. -12:51 May 13

“Well sweetie, what women wouldn’t want to show off those manly muscles of yours!” She made sure to feel every one of them before bustling her plump behind away to point out some items. “This is light weight elven silver, beautiful for any lady and perfectly affordable! Or perhaps you want something in this soft leather, made by those northen vi- Alina shush your mouth! Chainmaile thongs are perfectly comfortable!” -Rori

Alina: As comfortable as garrote up your ass. ::ducks behind the canteen waiting for something to be chucked at her as always:: -12:54 May 13
Rori: *Well that only resulted in her grinning wider. Rori clasped her hands behind her back, mischief on her mind!* Yes, indeed. Wouldn’t he make a fine model to set outside your front door for advertisement. -12:56 May 13
Heinrich: *he sighed* I’m not getting out of this, am I? You’re going to dress me up like a doll wether I like it or not. I can just see it now. *he shook his head, a resigned tone to his voice.* No good will come of this, I tell you, no good. -12:58 May 13
Alina: ::quirks a brow at Rori before examining Heinrich:: As… amusing as the image would be…. I couldn’t see putting him to unnessicary comfort..? He’d look good in one of our new pieces though. -12:58 May 13
Alina: (*discomfort) -12:59 May 13

“He’s a trained one! Oooh, might I keep him, you think?” He tone suggested she was joking, but her expression meant otherwise! Alas, she DID need to get down to business or she’d never make a sale. (My it was so hard to keep her paws off!) “Well, well, nevermind that for now! What are we looking to spend today? A pretty penny for something nice?” -Rori

Heinrich: I already have armor…I have something of a trademark based around it, thank you very much. We’re looking for something in light leather for Rori. We’ve…a fair budget, but we’re just now getting her kitted out. -01:03 May 13

The plump lady in shining golden armor clapped her hands! “Alina, find the pieces please!” She circled the smirking Rori with examining eyes! “The sixteen and the forty seven!” -Rori

Alina: Jus’ a moment mum! ::Set her canteen down and wiggled her gloved fingers a moment before diving behind the counter to seek the items, a few moments later she popped back up with them:: -01:06 May 13

Mumsie snatched Rori’s things from her to shove them in to Heinrich’s hand before she twisted, yanked, and squeezed Rori in to armor or various sizes! -Rori

Rori: Hey-! Wait-! Watch it, woman!! *Jesus Christ, it’s like she’s four years old again and her mom is trying to get her dressed!* -01:10 May 13
Heinrich: *He blinked and caught Rori’s stuff with an amused look on his face.* -01:10 May 13
Alina: Gee… don’t be so rough, mum. ::gives Rori an apologetic look:: I think she’s taking out her aggression of not having a pretty in pink daughter who would play dress up. -01:12 May 13
[Heinrich has timed out.] -01:16 May 13

“Tut tut tut, it is more fun dressing men, anyway!” replies the plump Mum as she steps back to tap her chin and eye her handy work! Of course she laced things up a bit tight, but it looks just right! “There we are! What do you think? Of course the color is last season and looks ridiculous with that dress – is that one of Marco’s? – but it’s sturdy and could take a few punches!” -Rori

Rori: *She thinks she’ll find a few ribs crushed after all that nonsense, but it seems fine enough.* … I think I’m glad you’re not my enemy… -01:18 May 13
Alina: How’s your range of movement in it? That’s what’s important, and breathability. No sense getting stuck with a limitede range and then passing out from lack of air. -01:18 May 13
Rori: *Rori made a motion, pretending to have that stick in her hand to clobber Heinrich over the head with!* … This works! -01:23 May 13
Alina: ::Grins and eyes Heinrich a bit, her brow furrowing for a moment and an adjustment made to her gloves, something she did often like a nervous tick:: Well good, ignore her about it being last season’s fashion. It does you justice. -01:25 May 13
Heinrich: It looks good on you, Rori. And it looks pretty sturdy, too. -01:27 May 13

“Wonderful! Now about my payment. A think 200 would suffice about right, considering it’s out of date. Of course, if you’re lacking in change, I would certainly enjoy a private dinner with just the two of us, yeeeees?” The plump mum slides up closer to Heinrich and pats him on the rear! -Rori

Alina: Really, mother, stop, he’s half your age if not more. You’re just embarassing yourself. -01:32 May 13
Heinrich: *He stared at the woman for a moment, partly out of surprise, partly out of annoyance, then reaches into his cloak.* Would you prefer Sovreigns, Royals, or Ducats? -01:33 May 13
Rori: *Rori crossed her arms, wondering if she was more curious about the compliment, or the wide array of currency he had just stashed in his cloak. …then again he WAS the Bloodfox.* -01:34 May 13

“Ducats, of course!” She clearly ignored Alina with ease, as she always did when there was a handsome man around. With all those kinds of currency she looked very pleased until… there was a moment of questioning, and then realization! “Oh fudderbuddies! It’s YOU! You dirty wicked scoundrel!” -Rori

Alina: Mother, have you lost your bats again? The only wicked scoundrel you know it da, and this most certainly is not him. -01:37 May 13
Heinrich: Rori, I think you have most of the ….I’m sorry? Dirty wicked scoundrel? What did I do this time? -01:38 May 13

“He is the rotton minx that snuck in to Lord Hattlebury’s estate and stole the Ruby Tapestry of Hatal!” Miss Mumsie gathered up her favorite weapon, her big purse full of change. It was a fearsome weapon! -Rori

Rori: Why would he- Oooh. *Rori blinked, there was that guilty look. Well, it was his own fault being a character in her book and all. Even if just mentioned in passing.* -01:42 May 13
Heinrich: *he pulled both of his hands out where they were visible and began slowly backing away!* Ah…to be fair, he DID steal it first, and I WAS paid to retrieve it by the original owners… -01:42 May 13
Alina: I am quite sure you are misatken… ::she faltered on the last word, well heavens if she ever tried to cover anyone’s ass again:: Now… really mother. You can’t go killing the patrons… we don’t make money that way! -01:43 May 13

“We can take his money when he’s good and clobber! You wicked brute! Dirty thief! Scadalous rogue!!” She was deleriously serious, swinging that change-mace over her head! “You just stand back, ladies while I handle this criminal!” -Rori

Heinrich: That was ten years ago! *he dodged off to the side, ducking a change-mace swing!* I retired! -01:46 May 13
Heinrich: ((Correction, call it seven,)) -01:46 May 13
Alina: Mother. Do not make me take off my gloves. ::she picked up the canteen and threw it at her mother as a warning:: Stop trying to cause trouble! -01:47 May 13
Rori: *Rori tapped her fingers on her arms, and though it was hilarious to say the least, it wasn’t going to do her any good if his brains were knocked in by the crazy Armorer of Hevrai.* I hope the goddess Urora won’t be too upset when you murder her… uh… knight! -01:49 May 13
Heinrich: I think the word you’re looking for is..*he ducked another swing*…Champion, Rori. -01:50 May 13

“Urora’s Champion?” That made miss Mumsie pause in mid swing to look quite curious! “Why in Sky’s name would the blessed goddess make such a beast her champion, and dare I say… You’ll have to prove it!” -Rori

Alina: ::A groan and a smack to the forhead. Really, why had she come back home now? She could be out getting jobs with Mercy if not for this crazy woman. Around the counter she came, coming quickly up beside her mother:; Will you stop this nonsense? -01:56 May 13
Rori: *She cast a look at Heinrich.* Champion, then. Urora has always chosen… unique… people to do her bidding, why not a crazy adventuring necromancer? -01:58 May 13

The plump Mum scowled at her daughter, and didn’t look all that convinced about this story of Urora’s Champion! “Well, that is all fine and right, but it must be proven. Or I will crack his skull open for his deeds!” -Rori

Rori: Well he, um… He has… There’s a- *Christ, what could she make up on the spot that wasn’t plain ridiculous?* Because… he is The One of Many Scars, obviously! -02:06 May 13
Heinrich: *He was starting to feel backed into a corner…and now Rori is spouting nonsense.* Rori, will you just admit you’re a bloody avatar already! You’re going to get my skull caved in! -02:08 May 13
Alina: ::She put a gloved hand on her mother’s shoulder, though whether it was to calm her or restrain her was up for question:: -02:11 May 13

And thus… it dawns on the Mumsie! The woman’s looks, the pretty clothes, the odd way of speaking! “Blessed be! Our goddess in flesh!” Mumsie drops to her knees for a highly overdone and very dramatic bow, yanking Alina down with her! “Bow to your goddess, silly girl! Oh, Blessed Urora we did not recognize you in flesh! Forgive us!” -Rori

Rori: …for the love of… *Rori smacked her hand over her eyes, for if she didn’t she might have glared Heinrich to his death.* Did you really have to shout that out! -02:12 May 13
Heinrich: Yes! I did! Because you were busily buying me a one-way ticked to the Netherworld! -02:13 May 13
Alina: ::Flings off her mothers grabs to pull her down, she didn’t believe in gods for crying out loud:: -Your- goddess. We’ve discussed this. -02:15 May 13

“She is standing right in front of you, Alina and you deny our goddesses existance! Oh, oh! Forgive me, benevolent Urora, for I would never EVER want to harm your champion! Of course not! Please do accept my wares as a humble display of my love and gratitude!” She was ever so flowery as she rose to her feet, even accenting her words with hand movements as if she were in one of the temples praying! -Rori

Alina: ::Tilts her head to the side, looking Rori over:: Looks like a normal woman in our armor to me. -02:19 May 13
Rori: Please don’t say all that… *Of all the embarassing and alarming things! She eased her way behind Heinrich!* You know, he’s a madmad, and there’s no possible way for me to be goddess. That would just be ridiculous. -02:19 May 13
Heinrich: *he edged over to the counter, and, reaching into his pocket, pulled out three hundred gold Sovreigns in twenty-sovreign coins, and let them clatter onto the counter top, whispering over his shoulder to Rori.* Shut UP, Rori! *in a more normal, slightly conspiratorial voice…* Madam…frankly, we’ve got an image to worry about. Specifically, we don’t want one. If word gets out that the Bloodfox is out of retirement, well, then so be it. What’s one retired thief more or less? But if word gets out about Rori, it’ll be that much harder for me to protect her. -02:24 May 13
Alina: ::Gives a small shrug. She wasn’t going to say anything and its not like she believed in gods. Money however she did believe in and she was starting to wonder if this woman needed an extra hand with bodyguarding:: -02:28 May 13

Mumsie was suspicious for a brief moment, but the explination was perfectly suitable for her. Afterall, she would much rather believe she personaly made a sale to a goddess! “Of course! I am a woman of discretion! There will not be a single word spoken from me, and certain not from my upstart daughter either.” She nudged Alina in the ribs! -Rori

Rori: If you didn’t want it out, you didn’t have to blabber it! *Rori hissed quietly, snatching her staff and very seriously considering finishing what that lady had started.* -02:30 May 13
Alina: :;She none too gentley "nudged" her mother back.:: I didn’t have to come home to help you know. I have plenty of work I could be doing with Mercy.\ -02:31 May 13
Heinrich: She was going to whack me over the head with that purse of hers. *he hissed back to Rori.* And you already decided to claim me as your – excuse me, Urora’s – Champion. -02:34 May 13

“Hrrmph!” Said the plump lady to her daughter! “Why can’t you make your mother proud, and do something in the name of our glorious gather, rather than scuttling around the world all willy nilly! Here is your opportunity, Alina, dear! Blessed Urora, and Champion Bloofox, please do accept my daughter’s aid in your most holy of quests!” -Rori

Rori: Just because I say it, doesn’t make it tru-… your daughter’s what? *Rori blinked! Thankfully she didn’t offer her daughter’s virginity, that was about what Rori was expecting from the crazy woman!* -02:38 May 13
Alina: All willy nilly? I do a respectable business, mother. One that has me in high demand. This time off is going to cost me my name at this rate. -02:39 May 13
Alina: ::She was far from a virgin and rethinking her wording… aurgh.. she probably just made it sound like she whored for a living. The leather of her gloves creaked slightly as she balled her hands into fists:: -02:40 May 13
Heinrich: First rule of Improv. Go with what works. *He gave Alina an appraising look and, reaching into his cloak again, flipped her a silver Drachen coin* -02:41 May 13
Alina: ::She snatched the coin and threw it back at Heinrich, hard. With any luck it would hit him in the eye:: I am not a whore! ::She held up one of her red gloves and started to tug at the fingers:: -You-, Bloodfox, should know who I am, of all people! -02:43 May 13
Rori: I didn’t think you could make it worse, but now she’s taking off her gloves. *And she wasn’t being sarcastic. In fact, she was quickly making her way to the door, as it was likly going to be a bloody mess… SHE remembered who Alina was, even if it was a few minutes too late!* -02:46 May 13

Mumsie seemed to have the same idea. “I do appreciate your business, please come again!” And scurried for the backroom faster than a plump lady should be able to! -Rori

Heinrich: *he swatted the coin out of the air* I’m out of the loop. I’ve been retired, remember? I just thought you’d appreciate a retainer. *he turned and ambled out the door* If you’re not going to follow us, meet me at the Mariner’s Gate third candlemark tommorow, mkay? -02:48 May 13
Alina: Out of the loop!? ::she took off the one glove and flung it at his retreating form:: You good for nothing sonnovabitch! -02:51 May 13
Heinrich: *he paused in the doorway.* Okay. You’re right. You got me. *he turned around and shrugged, grinning.* I just like being an ass. *with that, he flipped himself up onto the roof and settled to wait* -02:53 May 13
Alina: Aurggghhh!!!! ::She stomped a foot in frustration and clenched her ungloved hand to quench the flames licking at her finger tips, no sense burning down her mother’s shop:: Mother! Where are my extra sets of gloves? I’ll need them. ::begrudgingly she fetched the glove she threw, she’d get him later damnit.:: -02:55 May 13
Rori: *Rori waltz several paces away from the door outside before she turned around and stopped with hands on her hips. He was about to get himself murdered.. or in a romantic Hevrai interlude. She suddenly decided she’d rather see him get killed!* Since you’ll be busy, I’ll find an Inn! -02:56 May 13

Mumsie poked her head out of the back room, blinking ever so innocently. “Right where you left them, dear. Will you be going out?” -Rori

Heinrich: You do that, Rori. I’ll be along in a bit, hmm? -02:57 May 13
Alina: :;Tugging the glove back on:: I’ll be leaving indefinately. ::she made her way toward her room:: I’ve left you plenty of provisions incase the shop doesn’t do well. If you need more I’ll send Mercy with them. ::she started to gather her things, most everything else was at Mercy’s stable with her horse:: -02:59 May 13
Rori: I hope she knocks your head off. *Rori turned on a heel and stalked down the street. Yes, Alina Redd could knock his head off, and he’d rightly deserve it! She’s going to find an Inn with a decent bed, and not bother with his nonsense!* -03:01 May 13
Alina: :;Daggers in boots, check, saber, check. Extra sets of gloves, oil, blah blah blah… the usuals.. it was all there. She really hadn’t unpacked since she’d gotten here. Lifting the pack onto her shoulder she did a quick scan of her room:: Hrmph.. -03:04 May 13

“Alina, sweetums, I do hope you aren’t going to murder Urora’s champion. That would really be a dreadful thing to do and certainly bring misfortune and badluck upon our family!” -Rori

Alina: I will kill who I feel needs killing. Don’t you get started with me. Be good mother. I’ll try to write. ::With that she headed out the door!::\ -03:05 May 13
Moonlight Shadow

003 Who Is the Character and Who is the Writer

By sheer luck, or perhaps a good choice of Inns the night was attack-free! Unless you count biting floor beetles. The sounds of local roosters chime in the morning, followed by someone in a neighboring room screaming at the birds to shut up. -Rori

Heinrich: *As soon as the rooster crowed, Heinrich was awake and rolling up his bedroll* -05:06 Mar 22
Rori: *That guy screaming at the roosters had the right idea. …Crap. So she wasn’t at home or in a hospital, she was still in a book with a passing character she nearly killed, and has now become the main character in a book she’ll never finish because she’s going to be trapt in it forever…! …She might as well get it over with. Rori sat up slooowly. How early was it…?* -05:10 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he was belting his bedroll to his pack already when Rori finally got up.* Hey, you’re awake, Rori. Welcome to the land of the living. -05:14 Mar 22
Rori: That’s a strange thing for a necromancer to say. *She muttered… and promptly fell back in to bed! Forget it! No one should be awake this early! * -05:16 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he reached up, grabbed Rori’s leg, and yanked! The sun was up, she should be too! Okay, so, the sun wasn’t -quite- up, but there was light!* Come on, we have to get a move on. -05:17 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori spared herself from a painful flop in to the floor by digging her fingers in to the matress! Growling at him, she flung blankets out of her way and stood out of bed.* I’m up! Though, who in their right mind wants to rush off to Hevrai is beyond me! -05:21 Mar 22
Heinrich: I don’t know..people who want to go somewhere? People who need to get more information? People who want to sell things there? People who want to avoid patrols in the local area trying to kill and or capture them? -05:27 Mar 22
Rori: Those are awful reasons to go to Hevrai. *So Rori was not a morning person.. At least she grabbed her things and was ready to go quick.* What do you think about dropping the whole saving the clan business and run off to another country? -05:31 Mar 22
Heinrich: Change your mind, did you? Or just trying to get away? You do realise that would involve going to Hevrai, right? -05:34 Mar 22
Rori: Hevrai isn’t the only port town, you know. *She started towards the door.* But if you’re dead set on Hevrai, just stay away from strange woman. You don’t have your love interest for a romantic interlude, so that means you’re going to get seduced by some crazy harpy. -05:39 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he sighed.* Look, Hevrai isn’t the only port city, but it’s the biggest one inside of a month’s travel. Which presents opportunities. -05:42 Mar 22
Heinrich: And why are you so damn hung up on love intrests? Are you jealous, or something? -05:42 Mar 22
Rori: Jealous, ha ha. Could it occur to you that I write these stories, so I know what happens in towns like Hevrai. *Rori lead the way out the door, looking not at all amused!* -05:48 Mar 22
Heinrich: Could it occur to you that I have LIVED and OPERATED in Hevrai, and therefore know plenty about it? -05:49 Mar 22
Rori: Then you should have seen plenty of that happening in Hevrai to clueless heros near the end up their visiting, at those last moments when everyone thinks it’s going to be a dull weekend, right? -05:53 Mar 22
Heinrich: If you’ve mean I’ve seen plenty of adventurers robbed blind by whores – then yes. I have. -06:00 Mar 22
Rori: See. And you’ll be next. Maybe not robbed. Instead it will be a *She paused, seeming to be disturbed at her own thoughts! * You’re right… Nothing bad will happen in Hevrai! In fact, I think it will be a nice vacation! Maybe visit a museum? Nothing can happen in a museum. -06:02 Mar 22
Heinrich: Please, give me some credit. I’m smarter than that. Come on, let’s get moving. Breakfast will be downstairs. *with that, he heaved his pack on and left the room, headed for the common room!* -06:09 Mar 22
Rori: I am simply trying to spare you a gruesome death at the hands of harpies. *She followed, and with great effort kept that imagitation of hers under control. Heaven forbid if she accidentally gets him murdered.* -06:14 Mar 22
Heinrich: You know, I do know more-or-less what I am doing, right? He plunked himself down in a corner booth, over in the far corner, where he could see the door, and raised an arm to flag down the wench who was serving that morning* -06:18 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori slid in to a seat looking none too convinced.* I know you do, but things have a way of happening anyway… -06:21 Mar 22
Heinrich: Yes, things have a way of happening. But I have ways of dealing with them. *he pulled his dagger out, the one he’d killed the second bandit with. It was still glowing dull red and seemed almost to be silently screaming.* -06:29 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori pointed at the thing.* I suppose you make a habit of mummifying people, or are you stealing souls with that thing? -06:34 Mar 22
Heinrich: One soul. One lowlife thug who was going to rape and murder you, and I’m suddenly a villain. *he re-sheathed the dagger* -06:39 Mar 22
Rori: I’m pretty sure I didn’t call you a villain. *He had such a talent for making her feel bad, and she hadn’t even done anything yet!* I was just wondering how it worked. -06:43 Mar 22
Heinrich: Oh…well. You need to work on your phrasing then. Yes, I drained his soul into the knife. -06:45 Mar 22
Rori: What are you going to do with it now that you have it? *What’s wrong with her phrasing? …He’s just touchy!* -06:48 Mar 22
Heinrich: The soul, you mean? It’s bound to the knife. I don’t have the proper…ah…equipment for storing souls for other uses. -06:49 Mar 22
Heinrich: It isn’t something that I’d been planning to do, you understand. -06:49 Mar 22
Rori: *Her fingers were tapping on table… it was a rather uncomfortable conversation! A change of subject, something less awkward…* …Treasure! I mean… had you ever found any treasure while questing…? -06:53 Mar 22
Heinrich: Well, that sort of depends on your definitions of "treasure" and "Questing." I was…something of a specialist, you know. -06:54 Mar 22
Rori: Grabbing goodies from the rich, and giving to the poor empty pockets? -07:05 Mar 22

An Elf walks into the tavern, the hood of his traveling cloak thrown back and his white, mid-back length hair hanging loose. He taps a cane idly on the ground as he looks almost amusedly around the tavern. -Heinrich

Heinrich: Yeah. Mine. And adventuring parties hired me for unusually difficult circumstances. Which usually meant I got a fee, but I DID always get a cut of anything they found as a direct result of my involvement. -07:07 Mar 22
Rori: *Of course she didn’t expect anything different out of him, he WAS the Bloodfox after all. It was the elf with the cane that had her blinking curiosly. He looked like.. well, no.. That’d just be silly.* I see… -07:11 Mar 22

The Elf smiles and makes his way over to Heinrich and Rori’s table, using his cane more to subtly nudge people out of his way than to actually walk. “Well hello, there, Heinrich. I had heard you had hung up your daggers. What is it you call yourself….bloodfox, wasn’t it? Or something to that effect? Oh, I am sorry, Miss Borae. I hadn’t meant to neglect you. I trust you are well? -Heinrich

Heinrich: Merioc. Why am I not surprised to see you here? I like the cane, by the way. Much more stylish than your old staff. -07:18 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori blinked! First because she was addressed directly by a stranger and then because that necromancer called him Merioc! Nooo… that’s just, not possible. The Bloodfox had just been mentioned in passing, but Merioc was a major plot character and and…! Rori rest her head on the table. This was a disaster!* -07:20 Mar 22

“Miss Borae? Are you all right? Hung over, perhaps? I am certain I have a remedy for that somewhere on my person.” -Heinrich

Heinrich: Rori? You all right? -07:22 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori lifted a finger to point, but didn’t raise her head.* You know me.. I wrote you. This does not bode well… -07:26 Mar 22

Well, of course you wrote me. You are, of course, the Historian. Well, technically I suppose you are the avatar. But that, frankly, is more a matter of terminology best left in arcane texts.” -Heinrich

Heinrich: *Heinrich wisely shut up. In order to let Merioc and Rori have their conversation, of course. It had nothing to do with avoiding Merioc’s attention. Nope, nothing at all.* -07:31 Mar 22
Rori: *That is not helping at all!* I killed your wife and got him *she pointed her finger at Heinrich* near killed with a crossbow, and now I’m in a coma and saving the world! -07:31 Mar 22

“Ah, I see why you might be upset. And why you might think I would be upset. The fact of the matter is that for better or worse, the Historian does not decide the course of history. They merely decide the major players. Take Heinrich, here. He was nearly a member of Talin Darlandon’s party, years ago, at the beginning of his career as the Bloodfox. Unfortunately, he had a rather regrettable attack of common sense at the last moment.” -Heinrich

“That was not because you decided he would – but because you decided against including him in your story and instead filed him away for later use as ‘color,’ as I believe you would put it.” -Heinrich

Rori: Like right now. The world is my puppet stage and you my puppets…! *Rori sat up suddenly!* Why are you here right now? That always means something dangerous for the party leader… -07:41 Mar 22

“Yes, I am well aware that…Interesting…things happen to people after I speak with them. You’ll notice I’m talking mostly to you, Miss Borae, not Heinrich. Heinrich, you may stop hiding now. Anyways. I gather that it has to do with being descended from one of the early Avatars. Personally, it is my theory that I am attracted to people to whom things will happen, making me the effect rather than the cause.” -Heinrich

Rori: Oh… *…damnit! Double damnit! Triple cursing damnit! It was too early to drink away ones sorrows, wasn’t it?* … But HE makes such a brilliant main character! Totured history and reluctant present! -07:53 Mar 22

“You aren’t such a bad main character yourself.” Merioc coughs. “I would consider what OTHER roles might warrant such an individual as Heinrich, if I were you.” -Heinrich

Heinrich: The man’s got a point. You’re even more reluctant than I am, for all of your enthusias….waitaminute. -07:56 Mar 22
Rori: Antagonist, Bodyguard, last minute sacrifice… I’d say comic relief but he is hardly comical. Broody ever stoic mysterious guy…? *She was considering a few other things, but she was still fairly certain he was main character material!* -07:59 Mar 22

“Most good stories have multiple main characters. I should point out, incidentally, that your stories tend to have certain kinds of main characters…” He grins at their mutual discomfort, seeing that Heinrich has already made the connection and is starting to turn beet red. -Heinrich

Heinrich: *He dropped his head onto the table with a loud -thud!-* Rori? Remember what you said about Hevrai? -08:03 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori crossed her arms and leaned back in her seat.. Why did she have to write Merioc as such a pain in the rear! She ignores Heinrich!* Certain main characters that are usually men, thank you very much. The Darlandon men to be specific, and neither of us fall in to that category! -08:05 Mar 22

“Some authors choose to develop side characters more through their books…in any case, rember that neither of you know quite as much about Heinrich as you might think. Who his father was, for instance.” While his statement sinks in, Merioc pulls something that looks oddly like an old-fashioned pocket watch out of a pocket somewhere and checks it, then puts it away. “Family heirloom. I rather like it. I would love to continue our conversation, but, regrettably, I have somewhere else I need to be. Farewell, and good luck on your journey. Doubtless we’ll meet again. Oh, and Heinrich? Do try and do the family proud.” And with that, he taps his cane on the ground and dissappears! -Heinrich

Heinrich: *Heinrich raised his head off the table and stared in shock at the space where Merioc had been.* -08:12 Mar 22
Rori: Pain in the ass. Why would it even matter who your father wa-… Ooooh… -08:14 Mar 22
Heinrich: Now, hold on. I’ve never even so much lived in the same town as a Darlandon. -08:15 Mar 22
Rori: You wouldn’t have to, considering most all of the Darlandon men were travelling adventurers. *Drats… she needs some paper to draw up a family tree…!* -08:18 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he groaned* Great. So I’m somebody’s bastard son. -08:19 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori cast him a rather wicked grin!* You realize this makes you the main character and you’re perfectly doomed. -08:24 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he sighed* You heard what the man said, you’re a ‘main character’ too. If I’m doomed, I’m dragging you with me. -08:25 Mar 22
Rori: I don’t seem to have much of a choice… But I’m not going to be the damsel. You can be the one to get kidnapped and I’ll do the rescuing. -08:29 Mar 22
Heinrich: Ah, well. We’ll see. In the mean time, where the hells is breakfast? -08:30 Mar 22

Weird, where IS breakfast? It should have been there ages ago! Infact, where was everyone else? During that whole conversation it seemed the Inn had died down to just the two of them and no one else was in sight! -Rori

Heinrich: This does not bode well. -08:33 Mar 22
Rori: every time he shows up randomly… every time. *She mutters, sliding herself out of her seat, and very determinedly heading towards the door. No one in their right mind just sits and waits for the badness to happen.* -08:35 Mar 22

SLAM! The Inn door slams right in her face before she can walk through it, and it seems to be good and locked! -Rori

Heinrich: *he shrugged and slid out of the booth, drawing his daggers as he did so, but keeping them concealed under his cloak* That bodes even less well. -08:36 Mar 22

There at the bar there “suddenly” seemed to be a black cloaked n hooded figure drying out a glass. It was even wearing black gloves. He might’ve even been death himself with how eerie he seemed, and for added atmosphere (which must have been well planned!) there was a good concealing mist forming around the room. -Rori

Heinrich: *A Necromancer. How lovely. A muttered phrase in the Nether tongue, and Heinrich was cloaked in his own eerie mist bank, in full Bloodfox persona* -08:40 Mar 22
Rori: …This is new… *Definitely not a typical scene… what is with glass? Rori inched herself towards on of the windows.* -08:41 Mar 22

Ever so casually drying the glass… Of course, the window is locked tight as well. Certainly not a normal Necromancer to be able to do those sort of things. “I am not here to harm anyone… But someone wishes to speak with Urora. If you’ll make this easy on all of us and come with me…” -Rori

Heinrich: Perhaps you’d like to elaborate? Far be it from me to question a colleague’s sincerity, but, you know, paranoia is, after all, a survival trait. -08:47 Mar 22
Rori: He’s talking about Demerick, I’m fairly sure. *Rori grabs a knife off one of the tables to try preying the window loose.* And we don’t want to see Dererick, that’s just going to get you killed and me doing something really weird. -08:49 Mar 22
Heinrich: I’d supposed as much. *he changed his grip on the dagger without the bonded soul to a throwing grip, without pulling it out from under his cloak* -08:51 Mar 22

“The goddess is wise. Demerick has been waiting to meet you, Urora. He’s been waiting long enough.” The cloaked figure continued to dry the glass, but something in the mist shifted… like a spell being put in place! “If I have to force the issue, it won’t be pleasant.” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich hauled and flung his unbonded dagger at the necromancer! He wasn’t about to let that spell go off!* Not a chance. *he began quick-chanting in the Nether Tongue, and the walls, floor, and even ceiling of the tavern began to emit a black-red…glow. Sort-of glow.* -08:55 Mar 22

Seeming to have forseen a move like that, the cloaked figured moved to avoid the flung dagger! If a faceless cloaked figure could seem calm, he did! “So be it.” he said simply, throwing the glass over the bar to have it shatter across the floor. It was… summoned glass beasties! Like little crystal demons! -Rori

Rori: *Rori had stepped away from the sorta glowy walls, but with weird shiny demons she scoted right up against the wall again and grabbed the nearest chair as a weapon!* Creative! Really creative. -09:00 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Heinrich growled and ripped off the cloak and tossed it to the side.* We don’t have TIME for this shit! *he flourished his hand, gripping the nearest glass beastie in a tendril of pure Nether energy and pulled, sending spiderwebs of cracks through its substance.* -09:03 Mar 22

One little glass beastie down, and more than a dozen to go! They are focused on slicing Heinrich to bits, giving the perfect distraction for the cloaked figured to sneak out from behind the bar and get what he really came for! -Rori

Rori: *No way, she is not getting kidnapped! Rori weilds that chair like a lion tamer!* Back off! I’ll stake you through the heart if I have to! -09:07 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Rori’s protests wrenched his attention off towards her, and he changes focus! He uses the same trick he did back in Atzan on the Necromancer! He’ll be able to fight it, of course, but tentacles of Nether binding ones limbs and gagging one tend to slow spell casting!* You aren’t going anywhere. Hang out a bit while I deal with your little pets. -09:15 Mar 22

The cloaked figure is a skilled one indeed, and though temporarily detained, he is fighting through those tentacles quickly! The glass beasties use that momentary distraction to pounce on Heinrich!* -Rori

Rori: Oh no you don’t. *Rori moves quickly, slamming the chair over the cloaked ffigures head… and just to be sure… she snatches up a second one and does it again!* -09:18 Mar 22
Heinrich: *He shakes one off and skewers it with his dagger – which goes through it like melted butter! A few kicks and flails, and another half-dozen beasties are crushed or melting against the glowing walls! With a single word and a gesture, his un-bonded knife is yanked towards him by a Nether tendril, and as he catches it, he chants the same spell he used on the thug, cutting a shallow slice in his arm as he does so!* -09:23 Mar 22

Two chair smashes and that cloaked figure is still not down? And he’s not feeling friendly either, he lashes out with a big bad spell of burning goodness! -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich kicks one of Mr. Cloak’s beasties into the blast with a flick of his foot, then charges towards him, throwing himself into a well-practiced skid at the last moment and popping up behind him! Then he shoves his dagger into the man’s back!* -09:28 Mar 22

There’s a flailing twitch out of the cloaked man as he gets stabbed! The remaining glass beasties all shatter in to a million pieces as the figure in the cloak seems to shrink. -Rori

Heinrich: Gotcha, frogfucker. *he waits until the cloaked Necromancer stops shrinking and twitching, then pulls his dagger out.* -09:34 Mar 22
Rori: *She’s still waiting for the beasts to come back together or that guy to not actually be dead… but… it all seems to be okay now.* …That’s the worse closing line I’ve ever heard. -09:34 Mar 22
Heinrich: Well, ecxuse me for being the type that tries to stay OUT of the bards’ tales. -09:36 Mar 22
Heinrich: *his dagger glows the same dull red, but with flashes like black lightning across the surface. It emits a low howl when he flips it.* Oooh, nice. Very nice. I think I nave a new favorite knife. -09:37 Mar 22
Rori: That’s good. Now let’s us and Mr. Knife get out of here and off to Hevrai before we meet out doom. -09:38 Mar 22
Heinrich: That sounds like a good plan to me. If you’d care to try the door? -10:03 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori moves to the door and with a little force shoves it open! No more locked doors with a dead Necromancer!* -10:05 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Heinrich snaps off a word in the Nether Tongue that sounds like he’s trying to cough up his spleen, and the walls return to normal and his mist fades* Tell me, Rori – do you have any idea how to defend yourself? -10:11 Mar 22
Rori: Did you not see me weild that chair with deadly precision? *She stepped out in to the morning sun.. Bleh… it IS too early for all of this nonsense.* -10:13 Mar 22
Heinrich: *He chuckled* No, I mean really defend yourself. If I came at you with a knife, would you even be able to hold me off? -10:14 Mar 22
Rori: I would figure something out quick enough. What are you getting at? -10:16 Mar 22
Heinrich: I think you need to learn, is what I’m getting at. We should get you some knives or a staff or something. -10:19 Mar 22
Rori: Fine. Knives or a staff. I suppose that’d be useful when we run in to trolls. -10:24 Mar 22
Heinrich: Or perhaps you have a mage talent? That would be handy. -10:27 Mar 22
Rori: I thought we already discussed and figured I don’t have any magic talents? But if you like I can practice hitting you with a stick until you feel better. -10:28 Mar 22
Heinrich: And how do you figure that you don’t have any magic talents? Have you -tried- to find out? -10:29 Mar 22
Rori: Like trying to bend spoons or set people on fire? No… that’s kind of crazy! -10:32 Mar 22
Heinrich: Rori, you’re talking to a man who can command the dead. -10:33 Mar 22
Rori: Yes, and you’re kind of crazy aren’t you. -10:34 Mar 22
Heinrich: And you’re any saner? -10:35 Mar 22
Heinrich: Regardless, magic that isn’t necromancy is considerably more normal. -10:35 Mar 22
Rori: *Maybe not… she did dream up this whole place. That makes her goddess of the insane!* And how exactly does one figure out if they have talent? People are usually born knowing that sort of thing. -10:37 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Heinrich snorted* Born knowing? Hardly. Oh, sometimes there are signs, children with exceptionally strong talent doing magic without realising it and the like. But usually not. -10:39 Mar 22
Heinrich: Typically children are tested by a mage just before they would begin their apprenticeship. And sometimes people just kind of find out on accident or by reading the wrong scroll. -10:40 Mar 22
Rori: Uh huh. So then how do we figure it out… Like this? *She flicks her fingers at him! Oooo.* We don’t have anything else handy. -10:42 Mar 22
Heinrich: We can figure it out in Hevrai. There will be plenty of mages there. -10:43 Mar 22
Rori: Mage Testing in Hevrai. Might as well. I hope you won’t be too disappointed in finding me a perfectly normal writer that can beat people with furniture. -10:45 Mar 22
Heinrich: Well, in that case, I’ll just have to teach you how to EFFECTIVELY beat people with furniture. -10:45 Mar 22
Rori: That Necromancer had a shield or something, two chairs should have done him in just fine! -10:47 Mar 22
Heinrich: Or maybe he just had a hard head. -10:48 Mar 22
Moonlight Shadow

002 Trouble for Rori

Heinrich: *When Rori wakes up in the morning, Heinrich is slumped in a chair near the bed. A dagger is stuck into the floor beneath one of his hands, a whetstone under the other. He is snoring faintly.* [m | 11:41 Nov 13]
Rori: …what the shit…? *Slowly, she sat up, rubbing her head and blinking wearily at teh necromancer who had either set himself up to keep guard, or..guard himself from her, which might have been more amusing. She took a moment to decide whether or not she should tip his chair backwards to see how fast he’d react…* Hmm… *Instead she moved and slid her legs off the side of the bed.* …just dropped it in his sleep, no doubt. [f | 11:45 Nov 13]
Heinrich: *He twitched once, then shot bolt upright, sending the chair tipping backward with a loud crash.* Whowhatwhen….shit. I hate that. Did you, at least sleep well? *he quite obviously hadn’t* [m | 11:50 Nov 13]

Rori: Thus, every quest begins with seeking out someone extraordinarily old as they provide we, the heroic party, vital information on the state of the world. Maybe if we went to a small village outside of Frankin… -04:51 Jan 20
Heinrich: *Heinrich looked up from his packing long enough to roll his eyes at Rori* You and your over-developed sense of drama. We need to get to Hevrai, and that’s three weeks away, we can’t afford randomass side-trips. -04:53 Jan 20
Heinrich: Besides, we have someone extraordinarily old. She’s off sulking. -04:53 Jan 20
Rori: That isn’t the sort of old I’m talking about. Besides, Hevrai is the last place you want to go, nothing ever happens in Hevrai and it always ends in some romantic interlude. Which I remind you, is impossible until there’s an actual love interest involved. *At least she took packing realistically. Story world or not, she wasn’t going to get stuck somewhere without being well prepared..* -04:56 Jan 20
Heinrich: What do you mean “Nothing ever happens in Hevrai?” it’s a port city! And what the hell are you babbling about? Romantic interludes? Love intrests? *he growled as he stuffed his old black-and-bloodred clothes into his pack, given that he was now wearing a deep green tunic and dark brown pants, and had a grey traveling cloak at hand. Yeah, it was still dark. But it still made him feel visible. Besides, he LIKED his black and red.* -05:01 Jan 20
Rori: You have to have a lo-… Nevermind… *She said slowly. She had almost forgotton just how irritated he’d get when she tried to plot a story around him. It seems she was going to have to take a completely different approach to the whole thing. Subtly play god? Ha!* All right. We go to Hevrai! I suppose there could be someone useful there. -05:03 Jan 20
Heinrich: Of course there’ll be “someone useful” there. If nothing else, I should be able to make enough coin there to hire a mercenary or something. Besides, if you’re dead-set on going to some backwater little town, I’m sure there’ll be one or two on the way. -05:06 Jan 20
Rori: What are we going to do with a mercenary? *That was genuinly curious for her. She was finished packing at least and pulled the bag over her head.* -05:09 Jan 20
Heinrich: You want to go up against a cabal of necromancers with one necromancer, yourself, and an undead? Are you insane? -05:11 Jan 20
Rori: It’s not like I thought we’d strap up with weapons and spells then go charging in to their citadel. There’s plenty of subtle ways to pull down an organization… *Of course now she was trying to think of some. …Generally there was epic battles between clans, hundreds and thousands of people to do all the fighting. This was a much more personal story so far… * We could infiltrate their order? -05:13 Jan 20
Heinrich: By pledging to the God of Decay? I don’t think so. Eh, we’ll have to play it by ear for now. -05:14 Jan 20
Rori: Pretend to. I could think of a way to sneak in.. If anything you could always drag me around as a fake prisoner until we were inside. Hmm, but you’re right of course… too soon to think about that. To Hevrai, then? -05:16 Jan 20
Heinrich: *he sighed, and wondered idly if there were actually heroes that incredibly stupid.* Yes. Hevrai. *he cinched the top of his pack closed over a bedroll and hefted it onto his shoulders, folding the cloak and stuffing it in a side pouch* -05:21 Jan 20
Rori: In the meantime, which unforseeable danger would you prefer facing first? A pack of wild ogres or freelance bounty hunters? *She was kidding, of course. Considering how difficult he was, they were going to end up somewhere strange… with faeries that like dressup.* -05:25 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He gave her a flat look, then rolled his eyes and headed out the door, leaving it open behind him.* -05:28 Jan 20
Rori: *Rori laughed, following after him and closing the door neatly behind her!* Or maybe elephants. There should be a circus. -05:30 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He just shook his head and sighed.* What the hells are you talking about, woman? Anyways. *He motioned to the game trail that DIDN’T lead back toward the city.* Let’s get moving, hey? -05:33 Jan 20
Rori: You’re the leader. *Down the game trail away from the city. Now, what to do with this man. Learn back history…?* Where did you grow up…? -05:36 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He sighed, picking his way through the underbrush.* Here and there. My father was a con artist, so it was spend a few months in town A, let him run the con, run like hell before they figured it out, arrive in town B, repeat ad nauseum. -05:38 Jan 20
Rori: And how did you get involved in necromancy? *For saying he’s not a character, he’s sure sounding like one so far…* -05:45 Jan 20
Heinrich: Started out in pocket-picking, moved up to looting and then forced entry and reallocation of valuables. Sometimes you get more than you bargain for. -05:48 Jan 20
Rori: *Finds that hard to piece together, but she wasn’t the one growing up like that… Hmm..* You aren’t the typical “evil” necromancer though. What sets you apart from all of the others? -05:50 Jan 20
Heinrich: Uh, I don’t know. I’m not a psychotic fuck who gets off on razing villages? -05:52 Jan 20
Rori: I was thinking more along the lines of your own personal reasons for going the more virtous route in life… *Was she amused? Yes, yes she was! At least she was being curteous enough to bite back a smile.* -05:56 Jan 20
Heinrich: Mostly because there’s a pretty high demand on the black market, and I needed to eat. -05:58 Jan 20
Rori: *Hmm, she might have called him on question evading but didn’t she understand the importance of gradually learning the details? Bah! Sometimes her own rules were a pain in the ass.* I’ll talk about me, then. I grew up in a small town with nice loving parents. Which didn’t stop me from getting arrested a dozen times for a few less than legal, but brilliant ideas while I was a teenager… -06:02 Jan 20
Heinrich: If they were so damned brilliant, how’d you get arrested? -06:03 Jan 20
Rori: Because it seems putting bubbles solution in a public water fountain was not appreciated as much as it should have been. But they did look so pretty! -06:04 Jan 20
Heinrich: You call that ‘brilliant?’ -06:05 Jan 20
Rori: Yes! Well… now that I’m older it seems a bit stupid. But at the time it was fun. At least it didn’t turn out as bad as the holiday lights disaster. -06:08 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He didn’t say anything for a few moments. Then…* You’re babbling again. -06:09 Jan 20
Rori: *Rori scoffs and shuts her mouth! Babbling, indeed. She then follows up with crossing her arms and attempting to remain silent. …If they’re going to spend this whole three weeks not discussing anything…* -06:11 Jan 20
Heinrich: *a few silent minutes later, they were at the road* Finally, we’re here. Hevrai is northwest, so….we need to go that way. *he pointed down the road in the general direction of ‘north.’ * Gods, I wish I had a map. -06:16 Jan 20
Rori: *Silence… This was ridiculous.* A map really doesn’t show the danger though. Following the sun and trees is just fine. -06:18 Jan 20
Heinrich: *he stopped walking and turned to stare at her* You really are cracked, aren’t you? -06:21 Jan 20
Rori: *She paused to blink, and answered perfectly seriously!* It’s an age old rule that all artisans are slightly batty. -06:22 Jan 20
Heinrich: Are they all stupid, as well? Nevermind, don’t answer that. That would explain why the damn book was laying around to be stolen. -06:26 Jan 20
Rori: You know, think you’re inexplicable cranky today. I could always leave you on your journey alone! -06:30 Jan 20
Heinrich: Would it leave me free from your suicidal urges? “Follow the sun” indeed. -06:31 Jan 20
Rori: The sun rises and sets in the same place everyday! It’s not that stupid! *Scowling, she stalked past him down the road!* I’d love to ask what book you’re talking about, but you’re probably going to call me stupid for not knowing! -06:34 Jan 20
Heinrich: Has it occurred to you that you can’t see the sun through heavy forest canopy? And we’d have to walk until we hit the coast, which could take months. And the book… *he sighed* Look, you asked how I got in to necromancy, right? -06:36 Jan 20
Rori: It’s called climbing a tree. *She muttered, stopping long enough to turn around and stare at him.* Yes, I did. -06:38 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He just kept walking down the road, not stopping for her* Some idiot painter had the damn thing laying around. It looked valuable so I stole it. I look inside to find out what it is later, and I’m suddenly marked. -06:40 Jan 20
Rori: That is the running danger of stealing anything you see… *It explained a bit in anycase. He was an interesting character… Rori quickened her pace to catch up!* But instead of choosing the darker side of life, you’re one of the good guys. -06:44 Jan 20
Heinrich: I make dead bodies give people information, fence stolen goods, and provide ‘no questions asked’ healing. I’m hardly a paragon of virtue. -06:46 Jan 20
Rori: But you don’t murder people, do you? That’s usually a deal breaker right there. You’re also helpful to strangers. -06:50 Jan 20
Heinrich: Why would I randomly kill people? That would be stupid. And if you’re talking about yourself, well, I’m still wondering why I haven’t given you a day’s worth of rations and directions to the nearest village. -06:53 Jan 20
Rori: We can scratch off love at first sight. *She smirks!* It’s because, despite a most difficult past, you have overcome any personal struggles with evil and have chosen to lead a life of viture. -06:55 Jan 20
Heinrich: Sweet hells, you are such a hopeless little romantic, aren’t you? -06:57 Jan 20
Rori: That happens to be a compliment. Only weirdos like tragic stories. -07:01 Jan 20
Heinrich: *he rolled his eyes* That wasn’t what I meant, and you know it. -07:05 Jan 20
Rori: Pray, do explain what you mean by hopeless, then! -07:08 Jan 20
Heinrich: I mean that you haven’t got it through your skull that the bards are full of shit, the only people who “chose to live a life of virture” either are hermits or dead within months. -07:09 Jan 20
Rori: You’re taking a very dark perception of life, aren’t you? Even the most normal everyday things could be incredible if you thought about it. -07:12 Jan 20
Heinrich: I associate with the underworld on a daily basis. *he said dryly* I’ve run from priests more times than I can count. I think I’ve maybe gained a little perspective on life. -07:16 Jan 20
Rori: Maybe your perception is what has you doomed, hmm? What if you thought of this as a brilliant adventure? -07:17 Jan 20
[Rori so did not kill her window.] -07:19 Jan 20
Heinrich: And what am I going to get out of it? Dead, that’s what. -07:21 Jan 20
Rori: Oh please. Here I thought you were so much more clever than that. Are you actually going to get yourself killed? -07:22 Jan 20
Heinrich: I’m taking on a cabal of experienced necromancers, and, knowing the way things work, probably a warlord or two. You do the math. -07:26 Jan 20
Rori: *A slow catlike grin, followed by clasping her hands behind her back and trying to seem as innocent as possible.* So you are going on a quest to help save the Darlandon Clan. -07:28 Jan 20
Heinrich: Yes! I will participate in this suicidal venture! I’m going to try to save the damned world! Are you happy now!? *he subsided a bit, muttering to himself.* I’d better get made a noble or something if we pull this off. This is lunacy. -07:31 Jan 20
Rori: *Only making her grin wider!* You’ll get one better. To show the world that being a necromancer does not make you evil, and paving the way for others like you. But I suppose could make you a Lord… *Ohoho.. There’s an idea!* -07:33 Jan 20
Heinrich: *he groaned and trudged on down the road, hunching into himself* -07:37 Jan 20
Rori: *So it’s several days of hard travel on to the first village they come across. And though Rori was very skilled at skipping through those scenes in stories, having to LIVE it was an entirely different matter. So much for thinking she was well exercised… she was tired and might be willing to do great evil to get her hands on a real bed and a bath.* Hmm… town seems familiar… -07:41 Jan 20
Rori: *And Rori is… wondering why she didn’t write stories in a more modern setting as she pokes at the bed with her foot!* -01:40 Mar 22

So it’s not the best and most classy inn in town. But it was affordable and no one would ask any questions! -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich dumped his pack on the ground next to the bed* Not bad, especially for a cheap room. An actual decent matress, for once. -01:44 Mar 22
Rori: *She refrained from commenting on his idea of decent, and briefly imagined that maybe if she had her laptop she could just write this scene in to something much more pleasant. Wishful thinking!* Oh well… I suppose we better have a bite to eat and some sleep before the inevitable first attack happens. -01:46 Mar 22
Heinrich: You are surprisingly paranoid, you know that? Meh, anyways. If you want a meal, go ahead and go downstairs and get one from the innkeeper. Meantime, I think I’m going to get clean. *he jerked a thumb at a tub of water in the corner* -01:50 Mar 22
Rori: You’re going to be glad I-.. You know, nevermind. I’m not the main character, so I don’t have to worry about. *She flashed him a big sarcastic smile!* Enjoy your bath, Necromancer. I’ll be downstairs. -01:54 Mar 22
Heinrich: What? Bah, whatever. *he sighs and starts shrugging out of his clothing once she’s out the door! That bath’s going to be a bit cold, but it will SO be worth it!* -01:57 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori takes herself downstairs to have herself dinner, and at least try not to be too determined that "something" is bound to happen. But.. if it did? She had lots of good… and bad ideas! Damn, she always had the best ones when she couldn’t right them down! Patiently giving the necromancer time to bathe, she ate slowly!* -02:03 Mar 22
Heinrich: *He took his time, getting himself actually clean, instead of just less dirty. It was better than he’d managed in quite a while. Eventually, he shook the water off himself, then grabbed a towel and dried himself off before going for his clothes* -02:09 Mar 22

It seemed that there was a bunch of nothing going to happen. Except.. maybe that short conversation somewhere in the corner about a man named Demerick who seems to be looking for someone in particular! -Rori

Rori: *Rori nearly choked on her drink, which she promptly set down and as inconspicuosly as possible snuck herself back upstairs! She nearly stumbled through the room door as she slammed and locked it behind her!* I think I’m going to just stop being right! -02:16 Mar 22
Heinrich: *The door slammed open just as Heinrich finished buckling his pants up! He spun around to face Rori, looking very surprised. His chest was covered in one big tattoo that looked exactly like the pattern on his shirt, and it was criscrossed with scars! Including one that looked like a puncture wound through the lung!* What?! -02:20 Mar 22
Rori: *She was leaning against the door and cast him a strange look as she raised up a hand and pointed a finger at him. before seeming to think twice about it and look him in the face instead.* Demerick is looking for a goddess which means a whole lot of bad things. *She was pointing again.* ….what is all that? -02:25 Mar 22
Heinrich: That isn’t good. *he looked down at his chest and swallowed a curse.* Scars. Or do you mean the tattoo? Or maybe where did I get the scars? Ask what you mean. -02:28 Mar 22
Rori: Both if you don’t mind. *Wisely she refrained from saying she didn’t create him, so he might as well spill the whole story…* -02:31 Mar 22
Heinrich: Fine. I told you about the grimoire, right? Yeah, after I stole it I tried to read it. And when I tried to read it, there was this flash of darkness and suddenly I’ve got the tattoos. That was sort of when I started doing the whole necromancer thing. As for the scars…well, let’s just say I’ve been in some tight situations. *he pulled his shirt on and grabbed a cloak out of his pack* Where did you hear about Demerick? -02:34 Mar 22
Rori: *Oh, like that explained anything at all!* I created Demerick, so I know all about him! Unless you’re talking about what I heard downstairs. There’s no way he could have heard about me in two days, so him knowing about a goddess running around is byond bizarre. -02:40 Mar 22
Heinrich: Okay, so you heard it downstairs. Don’t downplay the Urorans’ communications network. Rumor says they can send messages between cathedrals pretty damn quickly…. -02:42 Mar 22
Rori: I know how quickly they can send messages, and I’m telling you it’s way too soon for him to know. He shouldn’t even be in this part of the world… -02:45 Mar 22
Heinrich: Why? Maybe he decided to make a business trip. People do that, you know. -02:47 Mar 22
Rori: *Repressing a twitch she turned around to unlock and open the door.* Seeing as you already have all the answers, and can certainly handle this story on your own, there’s really no reason for me to be here, Hmm? *Rori walked out! Which she knew was pulling the drama-queen card, and she’d kick herself for it later, but she wasn’t crazy, and she was sure there’s something peculiar going on!* -02:53 Mar 22
Heinrich: What? I…gaaaah. *he threw on his cloak, then sighed and grabbed a pair of matched daggers out of his pack and belted them onto his thighs. With that, he started after her.* I swear, she’s going to get one of us killed. -03:04 Mar 22
Rori: *…and she’s not supposed to even BE here in the first place! So why was she off trying to prod someone in to the plot, anyway? What she SHOULD be concerned with is trying to wake herself up, or finding out if she’s dead so she can see if her whole damned house was burned to the ground! …At least seeing those men discussing Demerick were gone, Rori stalked out of the Inn! * -03:08 Mar 22

As soon as Rori is a little bit away from the inn, two shady-looking characters pop out of the shadows, boxing her in! She doesn’t look like she can defend herself – she’ll be an easy mark! -Heinrich

Rori: You have got to be kidding me. *There’s always those scenarios that play out in her head.. like the "Oh dear! Someone save me!" damsel approach or the "Kung fu champion" scene… But, the simple things were easier.* Hey look! A dragon! *She pointed in the opposite direction and tried to run for it!* -03:14 Mar 22

The thugs aren’t distracted, and one of them grabs hold of Rori! “Oh, no ya don’t, girlie. Heh. We gonna have fun tonight, ain’t we, Devin?” -Heinrich

Rori: Like hell… *She mutters, swatting to poke him right in the eyes!* -03:18 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Heinrich followed Rori out of the inn – as soon as the thugs popped out, he reached down and drew one of his daggers. The moment Rori tried to get away, he slung one into the back of the head of the nearest thug, dropping him like a sack of potatoes! A hand motion later, the area was covered in unnatural mist, and his hood was up, his grey cloak obscuring his face, but letting the front of his shirt – and the red-and-black-design on it – show. He slowly stepped though the mist into view, casually stepping over the dead thug’s body* -03:20 Mar 22

Oh, no. The thug is too good to get poked in the eye. Seeing his partner keel over, though – that gave him pause. And when a grey figure stepped out of the sudden mist with red symbols on his chest, he froze, clapping one hand over Rori’s mouth and holding her like his life depended on it! -Heinrich

Rori: mmrrrph! *Argh! Not the damsel thing! Boy, if she had a gun.. BLAM! That just left Rori with struggling like a wild cat and biting that hand!* -03:26 Mar 22

The thug winces, then throws Rori off to the side and tries to do a runner! -Heinrich

Heinrich: *He drew the point of his dagger across the palm of his hand, saying something in the Nether Tongue, then flicked the knife at the fleeing thug!* -03:30 Mar 22

When the knife hits the thug, he falls to the ground and withers like something sucked all the liquid out of him, and falls to the ground, looking like he’s been mummified! -Heinrich

Rori: *A little stumble, but at least she remained on her feet! Rori ever so primly righted her clothing and dusted herself off… With the mist and a mummified thug, well.. She was doing good not to make faces and just to seem mildly annoyed!* -03:34 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Heinrich made another motion and the mist receded. He pulled his dagger out of the thug at his feet, then threw his hood back and went to go retrieve the other dagger.* Are you all right, Rori? -03:36 Mar 22
Rori: I’m just fine, thank you. *Ragh! What’s he doing stalking after her anyway! She could have made some clever escape! Most likely… Well, that wasn’t the point, she was still annoyed and this makes it worse. She clamps her mouth shut and picks a direction to start walking!* -03:40 Mar 22
Heinrich: *He pulled the dagger out of the ‘mummefied’ thug, and spun it expertly, flicking the blood off it. It glowed a dull red, and it gave off a sensation of…pain before he sheathed it.* I wouldn’t go too far from the Inn, Rori. These two were part of a local gang. *he straightened up and kicked at the mummefied thug’s headband.* Funny, I’d thought they got taken out by the Mudbacks almost six years ago. -03:43 Mar 22
Rori: *She stopped long enough to turn around and cross her arms.* You can go back to the Inn. I’m going to go back home where I belong. -03:46 Mar 22
Heinrich: If I let you leave on your own now, you won’t make it to the end of the street. You want to know about my past? Fine. Just go back to the damn Inn. -03:49 Mar 22
Rori: Forget it. This isn’t some crazy female attempt to get you to tell me your illustrious past. If I had wanted to live an adventure, I would have joined the circus! -03:52 Mar 22
Heinrich: I… *he sighed then walked over and grabbed Rori by the shoulder* You should have thought of that sooner. Like it of not, we’re stuck with it. Especially you. Damn it to the Hells, I thought I was done with this shit. Come on. -03:57 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he let go of Rori’s shoulder and headed back for the Inn.* -03:58 Mar 22
Rori: I didn’t ask to be here…! I was just writing a book! *…With a hiss she followed him. Not because she wanted to, but because, yes walking out on her own was probably a bad idea. It could have been worse.* …but since you did offer me a history lesson… -04:00 Mar 22
Heinrich: You didn’t ask to be here, and I didn’t ask to be an adventurer again. Welcome to the club. *he shut up until they made it back into the Inn and the door was closed* All right. What do you want to know? -04:04 Mar 22
Rori: How you were a necromancer.. what you did.. Why you chose to stop.. What you did then! Or perhaps just telling me a life history would be acceptable. *Reluctantly she moved to a chair and plopped in to the seat.* -04:08 Mar 22
Heinrich: All right. Let’s see…I’ve already told you how I became a Necromancer, I think, and what I did for a living before that. Well, I decided to start moving on to bigger things. More respectable. You know, the whole ‘adventuring for fun and profit’ thing. I was pretty good at it, too. But that’s the thing about being an adventurer. Especially the, ah, wealth redistribution portion of it. You tend to get hurt a lot. You saw my chest. Remember the small round scar off on the right? That came from a crossbow bolt. That was about the time I decided to find a less inherently deadly way to make a living. -04:19 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms again.* Just a random adventurer then..? What exactly does a retired adventurer do? -04:21 Mar 22
Heinrich: I made a bit of a name for myself. The Bloodfox. I tended to target nobles and other folks who could afford to loose a large chunk of cash and put it down as an accounting error. Although I did a bit of questing, too, if whoever was on said quest was willing to pay. And a retired necromancer-slash-adventurer becomes a full time necromancer. -04:24 Mar 22
Rori: The Bloodfox…? *Oh no.. That meant that he.. and she wrote… Rori slid lower in her chair. It was only a subtle mention, one of those little things that gives depth to a world. ..How was she supposed to know it was all sort of real!* Oh… It’s, ah.. A good thing you lived through that then. -04:31 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he gave her a ‘you’re not telling me something’ look.* Something I should know? -04:33 Mar 22
Rori: You already know everything important, don’t you? *Rori slid out of her chair with a fake yawn!* It’s pretty late, I think I’ll go to bed. -04:34 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he blinked* apparently I don’t….Ah, well. I’ll be on the floor, then. -04:35 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori climbed in to bed, complete with pulling the covers over head head… Bloodfox indeed! That arrow was aimed for his head! It’s not like she developed that whole part beyond brief mentionings, so of course she didn’t know there was a whole life behind him… She didn’t actually specify whether or not he had died… lucky him? Rori pulled that pillow over her head too!* -04:42 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Heinrich rolled out his bedroll next to the bed and climbed in* Well..g’night, Rori. We’d best get a move on in the morning. -04:49 Mar 22
Rori: *A muffled goodnight from under the pillow… Sleep was good, maybe if they were lucky she’d wake up! She might not write a story again!* -04:52 Mar 22
Moonlight Shadow

001 Inside the World of an Author

Rori has no idea what the @$#%^ is going on. She must be dreaming. [06:50 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *Heinrich is searching for a secluded place to work. People tend to frown on the whole ‘Power of the Netherworld’ thing, even if he isn’t raising the dead at this particular moment….* [m | 06:51 Nov 08]
Rori: *Now that she is sopping wet, despite having stole some robes from those kooky old monks back at that temple… Now she’s trying to figure out what one does when you’re in a foreign town. A familiar foreign town. ..She needs a police officer and a western union!* [f | 06:54 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *He turned a corner, into an alleyway…and there was a monk at the other end….he froze.* Easy, Heinrich. Maybe she won’t see you. That is why you wear dark clothes, after all…. he thought, as he broke out into a slight sweat. [m | 06:58 Nov 08]
Rori: *She presses a hand against the wall to hold herself balanced as she pulls off one of her shoes and dumps out the excess water. That was driving her ma-… Who the hell is that and what is he wearing? She spies at the man at the corner. …She glanced at the shoe in her hand for a moment. Well, it was as good as a weapon as any.* Don’t get any ideas, buddy. I’m loaded down with weapons under these robes. [f | 07:01 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Shit, I’ve been seen…wait…she isn’t attacking me! Maybe she thought I was a thief? I’m not gonna stick around and find out! *He raised a hand, palm up, and curled his fingers apart in a motion that called a dark mist up from the ground, hiding him from view. As soon as the mist began to rise, he turned and ran down the street like a cutpurse!* [m | 07:03 Nov 08]
Rori: Well, what the shit?! *Staring she.. well what was she supposed to do, he pulled one of those ninja smoke moves and took off! First monks and now armored ninja! Rori slid her shoe back on. This is where an insane person chased the guy down and demanded answers. SHE was going to do the smart thing and look for a telephone!* Bloody Christ, what is with this place. [f | 07:06 Nov 08]
At this point in any story, is where things really get out of hand. It seems those monks back at the temple have sent out guarded and armed search party looking for “a woman in strange clothes!” and they need her back at the temple immediately! (07:09 Nov 08)
Rori: *Had almost stepped out in to the street again when she heard the discussion! That’s… not a good thing. Time to make like the stranger and book it! She moves right back in to the alley. Better to take the back way through town.* [f | 07:11 Nov 08]
Roaxil is one of the monk who get asigned to take the woman back. [07:11 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *a pair of monks appeared around a bend in the street, heading towards Heinrich!* Shit, not good! Tonight, really isn’t my night! *Heinrich spun around and began running the other way, back where he’d come, almost falling as he completely reverses his momentum. Rounding another bend, he skidded to a stop, nearly running headlong into Rori* SHIT! [m | 07:16 Nov 08]
Rori: *Rori froze! There was that smoke ninja again! Christ Damn! He seemed about as startled to see her though, she raised a finger to her mouth to shush him, and darted in to an open doorway!* [f | 07:18 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *she just..shushed him and hid in a doorway? He blinked, startled, and then followed suit.* What did you do, *he whispered,* beat up a monk and steal his robes? [m | 07:20 Nov 08]
Somebody must have heard something, there comes armored footsteps down the alley! (07:21 Nov 08)
Rori: I didn’t have to beat anybody, they were just lying there. You- *She clamped her mouth shut at the sound of footsteps. They were going to get cornered. Maybe he’d make a good shield and distraction while she ran?* [f | 07:23 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Shit. They’re coming, *he whispered.* Do you know how to get to the south gate from here? *he held his hand clenched in a fist, palm-up, and waited for her to respond* [m | 07:29 Nov 08]
Rori: I don’t even know where here is! *She hissed! He looked like he was going to do that smoke trick again, and she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity, she prepared to run!* [f | 07:30 Nov 08]
Step. Step. Step! The footsteps were right there…! (07:31 Nov 08)
Heinrich: Dammit, I’m screwed. Well, then, *he said as he opened his fist as he had before, but then jerked his fingers inward as though he were grabbing at something. The mist rose as before, but this time it grabbed at the monks outside in the street! Heinrich bolted, leaving the doorway at full tilt, headed down the street!* STAY CLOSE TO ME! [m | 07:34 Nov 08]
Rori: ..!! *There would be time for questions later, but now she darted after him, not bothering to spare a look back!* [f | 07:35 Nov 08]
They’ve been attacked! Worse, by a necromancer! And it seems he has the woman they’re seeking under some sort of spell, and he’s making off with her! There’s shouts to the others as they’ve located their target, and a chase is issued! (07:36 Nov 08)
Heinrich: *He kept on running full-tilt, as it was never a good idea for a necromancer to slow down when being chased. He dodged down an alley, then into a market square, where he barreled through the square, dodging around some people, simply running over others. At the far end of the square, he paused for a half-second to raise that dark mist in the eastbound alley, then took off again down the west!* [m | 07:40 Nov 08]
Heinrich enters. [07:41 Nov 08]
Rori: *He was running way too damned fast, and she was so lcuky that she had chosen sneakers today instead of those god awful heels! It still didn’t stop her from near skidding in to walls, almost tripping over the street or having to do a very crazy looking spin to avoid an old lady with a cane! She almost wanted scream “Are we there yet!” but needed all the air she could get!* [f | 07:45 Nov 08]
Monks with armed guards, despite mostly being a bunch of old geezers, really know how to hoof it through a city! Now with the added threat of a necromancer, they are armed with weapons and are calling for the gates to be closed! Every single one of them! (07:46 Nov 08)
Heinrich: *he skidded to a stop at the end of an alley that dead-ended into the city walls, and began panting, out of breath* A’right…well…we aren’t….going….to be able to…..use the gates now. So…..we’ll have….to go over. [m | 07:48 Nov 08]
Rori: *She stopped so suddenly, she about hit the wall hard enough to knocked herself back over. She leaned her back against it, barely even able to hiss out a few words.* Are you.. kidding me?! *She glanced up t the top of the wall… There was no way anyone could climb that! Not even if they weren’t half dead out of breath!* [f | 07:51 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *he waited a moment to catch his breath before he spoke* No, I’m not. *he granned a crate from the wall of the alley and dragged it over against the wall* Would you rather try your luck at the gate? [m | 07:53 Nov 08]
Rori: *She growled something akin to smartass, as she looked up again. There was no way.* We’re going to break something. All right, but that crate is too short. [f | 07:57 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Smartass. *he grabbed a barrel and set it on top of the crate.* I know, *he said, and climbed up on to the barrel* Come on, climb up. I’ll boost you over. [m | 07:58 Nov 08]
Rori: This is not going to end well. *She grumbled, climbing on to the precariously placed crate and barrel and praying jumping off a wall is no different than leaping off a set of monkey bars!* [f | 08:01 Nov 08]
“Hey you!” It seems the armed monks finally came across the dead end alley! “Don’t you dare go over that wall! We need that woman!” (08:03 Nov 08)
Heinrich: *he crouched down and grabbed her by the calves, hoisting her up so that she could grab the top of the wall with a grunt* Once you grab hold, pull yourself up, *he said between grunts,* and when you jump off, remember to roll. [m | 08:03 Nov 08]
Rori: *Oh sure, it was easy to suggest it, but not as easy to DO it! But at those monks shouts, she didn’t linger, she dragged herelf up on top of the wall as quickly as possibly. Those days at the gym were good for something! She slung both legs over the edge of the wall… Here goes nothing! She jumps, taking the landing with more spring than she expected, but coming out in one peice!* [f | 08:06 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *as soon as his hands were free, he made a gesture, and the gap between him and the monks darkened and gave a sense that it was hungry…part Netherworldly effect, part illusion. He turned and jumped as soon as the woman was clear, grabbing the top of the wall, scrabbling over and landing awkwardly on the other side.* [m | 08:15 Nov 08]
There’s many shouts and screams on the other side of the wall! One of which is sending people to open the gates! (08:16 Nov 08)
Rori: *She’s scrambling to her feet and dusting herself off… There’s a forest out here! Like a real green pushy and ungroomed forest!* Don’t tell me we’re going through there! *She pointed an arm at the trees.* There’s not a car, or a better place to hide? [f | 08:18 Nov 08]
Heinrich: *he didn’t bother dusting himself off as he clambered to his feet* What in the Nether Worlds is a car? *he grabbed the front of her robe and plunged into the woods.* We’re going to hide out at the old tower… [m | 08:23 Nov 08]
Rori: *Rori ended up more concerned where her feet were going to complain about getting dragged, but the sound of an old tower and the lack of knowing what a car was didn’t leave much room for comfort!* I knew it. I’m in a coma. I bang my head in that fire, and now I’m near brain dead in a hospital somewhere dreaming my youth away! [f | 08:25 Nov 08]
Heinrich: What the hell are you babbling about, woman? *he stopped, looked around for a moment, then let go of her robe* Good, I think we lost them. [m | 08:29 Nov 08]
The forest is silent save for the scurrying of animals and the wind through the trees! A good sign! …for now! (08:29 Nov 08)
Rori: You and this entire place is a figment of my imagination. It’s-… oh… Ha ha! Actually it really is! I just realized what town we just barreled through! Now I know I’m in a coma! …. well, shit. *What brief moment of relief she had disappeared just as quickly. For a coma, this sure was real feeling.* I suppose a coma isn’t like a dream, it would seem more realistic. [f | 08:32 Nov 08]
Heinrich: She’s cracked. *Heinrich raised an eyebrow at the woman* Are you sure you’re all right? Because you’re babbling a lot of nonsense at me. [m | 08:35 Nov 08]
Rori: Oh, like you’re a basket of sanity yourself with your smokey mist and escaping from monks. *She accused, casting him a narrow glance.* Are you a criminal? Thief? Bandit? Serial killer? [f | 08:38 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Very funny, *he said, his tone icy.* Yes, joke all you want, it’s not like I haven’t heard them before. But let me set you straight. Just because I am a necromancer, does NOT make me a grave robber, nor does it mean I kill people just so I can raise them as some kind of undead servants. Even for a seasoned necromancer, raising fucking corpses and grabbing their decidedly unwilling souls, stuffing them into back into the body, and bending them to your will isn’t easy. And it’s not much point doing it without the soul bit, because then you might as well have a golem that falls apart at the first stiff breeze! So NO. I DON’T kill people for shits and giggles, NO, I DON’T rob graves, and NO, I DON’T GO AROUND RAISING FUCKING ZOMBIES! NO SANE NECROMANCER DOES! [m | 08:46 Nov 08]
Rori: *If Rori was startled atbeing shouted at, she didn’t show it. Instead she was staring at him with an examining gaze, trying to figure him out.* At least I know why you’re so antsy around those old kooks. You’re not one of my characters, so you must not know about the secret necromancy cult that plans to ruin the Darlandon family. Hmm. *tearing her gaze away from him she glanced arouns the forest and starting walking in a direction that she hoped made sense.* I wonder if that part of the story happened yet. Or is this supposed to be the 7th book? I didn’t plan on having a necromancer… [f | 08:51 Nov 08]
Heinrich: A….wait, what? A cult? Some bonehead started a ….gaaaah! *he grabbed his hair and started to pull* Dammit! The Darlandons never did anything to us! What would a bunch of ‘mancers be going after them for? I… *he stopped mid-rant* Wait. Characters? Book? What are you talking about, woman!? [m | 08:54 Nov 08]
Rori: *She just waved a hand as if to excuse his ranting, at least a little pleased that she had discovered a path, if not a faint one rigt there in the woods. Maybe it was to the tower he mentioned? She didn’t write anything about a tower yet either.* It has something to do with Talin’s disappearing, I had only gotton past the first few chapters before the fire. …I wonder if I have brain damage, or if my heart is being pumped by machines. hmm. [f | 08:57 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, woman. I would have heard about it if Talin Darlandon had gone missing. That’s not the kind of thing that escapes peoples’ notice! *he walked after her. Yes, she was, in fact, on the path to the Tower* What are you on about? Brain damage? Fire? Your heart being pumped by machines? [m | 09:01 Nov 08]
Rori: You aren’t a character IN the story, of course you wouldn’t know he vanished. His son Ronan has taken over the Clan now, and his other son Ryven is questing to find him. *She sighed with that annoyed air, stopping to turn and stare at him again.* I’m a writer. I write the Moonlight Shadows series.. it’s about… well.. Talin Darlandon and his family. I was working on the seventh boo, there was this fire, and I wound up in the Temple fountain. So Obviously, I am in a coma, probably dying and dreaming this whole thing up before I die. [f | 09:07 Nov 08]
Heinrich: I wouldn’t….OF COURSE I would know, he’s incredibly visible! The whole country would know, unless it just happened yesterday! *he sighed* Look, I can tell you this much. You aren’t dying. I would be able to tell. It’s one of the fringe benefits of being a necromancer. [m | 09:13 Nov 08]
Rori: You’re a figment of my imagination, of course you would say that. *She couldn’t hide that expression that he thought he was completely daft. She started walking again.* I suppose techinically it did all happen yesterday. I don’t know why I’m dreaming the whole thing like this… Urora was supposed to be me, and she’s never an active character. [f | 09:17 Nov 08]
Heinrich: I…I AM NOT A FIGMENT OF ANYONE’S IMAGINATION! Gaaaaah. Look, the tower’s just ahead. Can you please refrain from insulting me at least until we get there? [m | 09:20 Nov 08]
Rori: Believe me, if I were insulting you, you’d know it! … What is this tower all about, anyone? I don’t have any towers in the story either. *She leans to try and get a good view of it from around all the trees. Maybe like a Rapunzel type thing? Or a mad old world scientist…* [f | 09:22 Nov 08]
Heinrich: Maybe the reason you don’t have a tower in this story of yours is because YOU. ARE. NOT. THE. CREATOR. You’re cracked. Anyways. It’s an old enchanter’s tower. He liked to be left alone when he was alive. Now he’s dead, he likes company, so he’s always pretty chatty when I come around. [m | 09:25 Nov 08]
Rori: It’s not like I have to proove myself to you, you’re not even part of the story! *The enchanter in the tower sounded interesting though. Maybe she’s dreaming ideas for the book? Maybe the original idea wasn’t the right direction..* Oooh… You know. Maybe you will be a part of the story after all. What better conflict than a necromancer that wants to clear away the prejudice? Hmm. Would make a good twist. [f | 09:29 Nov 08]
Heinrich: I…fine. Screw it, I’m not going to fight anymore. Suppose I am a character rattling around in that thick skull of yours. Well, you’re here now. Not out…wherever. So you’d best stick to what IS, and not what MAY BE. [m | 09:31 Nov 08]
Rori: *She laughs!* Are you actually offended? What if I told you I were a goddess, and I control the strings of fate? Would that be more reasonable? [f | 09:36 Nov 08]
Heinrich: I would find it marginally more believable, I suppose. If you’d said that from the beginning. [m | 09:39 Nov 08]
Rori: Then do that, it’s what those old kooks think, anyway. [f | 09:41 Nov 08]
Heinrich: If that’s what the clergy thinks, then why are they chasing you? *they’d made it to the overgrown tower, and Heinrich shoved open the door with a grunt of effort, then walked inside* [m | 09:43 Nov 08]
Rori: *Walking inside she glanced around, taking in the description of the place… It was definitely old! There were vines growing on the walls inside, and probably years worth of dust on the floor. If he hung around here, he never cleaned…* If you were a religious priest, and you met a goddess… would you let her walk about before performing some miracles? [f | 09:48 Nov 08]
Heinrich: A goddess? Like, In the flesh? Don’t care who I was, I’d be groveling. Do you think I’d honestly be stupid enough to risk pissing off a freaking deity? [m | 09:50 Nov 08]
Rori: Well they did grovel. That’s about when I decide it was a good idea to leave. *She picked up a book after brushing away a few layers of dust. The Busty Enchantress. Well, someone had naughty taste…* [f | 09:52 Nov 08]
Heinrich: ((The wife is stealing me! Shall we continue later?)) [m | 09:58 Nov 08]
Rori: (okies! XD) [f | 09:59 Nov 08]
Rori has left. [[10:05 Nov 08]]
Heinrich is retrieving the emergency supplies he’d stashed in the tower. [07:06 Nov 13]
Heinrich: ((Color check)) [m | 07:06 Nov 13]
Rori is snooping over books, because books is what she does! [07:08 Nov 13]
Rori: 101 Ways to Ignite Rocks…. how does this even make sense? *She picks out another book! There’s dozen of them here, and all of them are ridiculous!* [f | 07:11 Nov 13]
A misty, half-visible form coalesced on the spiral stairs to the next level of the tower. “Well, then, who’s this, Heinrich? It isn’t like you to bring guests.” (07:13 Nov 13)
Heinrich: Well, he was a bit….oh, hello, Vellin. She’s not a guest, er, per se….. [m | 07:14 Nov 13]
Rori: *Rori jumped, before she cursed herself for getting surprised at something in her own dreams. She cast a sidelong glance at the misty form…* I am a fugitive, really. [f | 07:16 Nov 13]
“Hardly surprising, if you’re here with Heinrich. I’m afraid Necromancers have rather become undesirables since my day. Tell me, are you yourself a practitioner of the magical arts?”
(07:17 Nov 13)

Rori: No. I write stories and create worlds… *Well, this was just too intriuging to pass up! Rori had slowly set aside the book she was snooping through to move curiously toward the misty figure… She planned on poking at it!* [f | 07:19 Nov 13]
Heinrich: *he pulled some food and a cookset out of the pack, and moved over to the (noticeably less dusty) stove and began preparing a meal, content to let Rori and Vellin bandy words on their own* [m | 07:23 Nov 13]
The Enchanter’s ghost floated down the stairs, bobbing as if he were in fact walking. “I’m quite intangible, I assure you. Hm…write stories and create worlds? That seems to reminisce of the old gods…I can’t quite remember the name….get that book for me, will you? The one labelled ‘The Busty Enchantress.'” (07:26 Nov 13)
Rori: *She didn’t resist passing a hand through one of his shoulders, before obligingly (yet not without the rolling eyes) picking up the Busty Enchantress… and wondering if intangible ghosts can actually hold physical objects. The thought was clear across her face.* You’re not going to tell me that this old book is anything more than a wizard’s smut novel, are you? Cause I’m just going to laugh. *If she tossed the book to him, would he catch it or would it fly through his head?* [f | 07:31 Nov 13]
“If I were still alive, that might offend me, you know. That book is, in fact, [i]The Compendium of the Gods[/i], quite old, and deemed heretical by the Urorian church. Hence the fact that it is mislabelled. Although I was slightly dissappointed to have to burn my copy of that particular novel. Anyways, do me a favor and turn to page four hundred and seventy-three? I believe that is where the section detailing historian gods begins.” (07:34 Nov 13)
Rori: Clever Enchanter. *She cast him an amused look, before flipping through the pages to the correct spot, with a bit of an over exagerated flourish. For a coma-dream, this was playing out much like one of her novels… But she wasn’t so sure about having herself as one of the character cast. It was a little bizarre.* I hope you’re not going to tell me, there’s been others like me before… Because I am not so sure I believe a dream-ghost. [f | 07:37 Nov 13]
“Well, historian gods have been rather a staple of the world for millenia, if that’s what you mean. And there have been tales of their avatars manifesting….Hmm, turn the page, would you?” (07:41 Nov 13)
Rori: *She turns the page as instructed, hardly taking the time to read, but rather watching the ghost.* I thought I might have been a fantasy novel genius, but now I think I must be crazy. Why on earth would I want to be a goddess in my own stories. Gods are damned and blamed for everything. And.. that’s so amatuer. Fanfic writers do that! [f | 07:43 Nov 13]
“Well, it is commonly assumed that gods do not assume their duties out of a desire to do so, but because those duties are their entire reason for being….ah, here we are. Page five hundred and ten, if you please. Buerae the Chronicler.” (07:47 Nov 13)
Rori: *That caught her attention. She created Urora, the moonlight goddess… not anyone named Buerae! She flipped quickly to the correct page and read!* What is all of this! I didn’t-… wait… Ha, don’t panic Rori, you’re in a coma-dream. You don’t control dreams, they just happen and don’t make sense! And this, doesn’t make any sense… *She skims over the pages, chewing on her bottom lip…* [f | 07:51 Nov 13]
“Buerae was the Historian to the Queen of the Gods, Rennith, approximately two thousand years ago. Near the end of the Nether Empire, around the time of the seventh Dragonsmeet, she sent an avatar down from the heavens. A mortal who was her, but was not. This mortal severely altered the flow of history, and brought about the fall of the Empire and the binding of Rennith into a mortal shell, though she perished in the binding. In the years of chaos that followed Rennith’s binding, Buenae fell silent, as did many gods, and new deities arose, foremost among them being the Moonlit Goddes, Urora, having taken up the mantle of Night, and, unbeknownst to most, the duties of the fallen Goddess of History.” (08:04 Nov 13)
Rori: What?! That’s… That doesn’t even… Wow. *The range of emotions across her face was shocked, annoyance, and then a very apparent sort of appreciative curiosity! She was now studying through the book with much more interest!* Imagine the depth to the entire series if that were to come in to the plot… The origins of the gods and how they-… Oh damn, but what about the Necromancer! He’s really out of place as it is… I wonder his connection.. *Those wheels in her head were turning… she was plotting!* [f | 08:09 Nov 13]
Heinrich: You did hear the whole “Nether Empire” bit, right? They’re the ones that gave Necromancers a bad name. Imagine if some random country started whacking people just because they were followers of Urora. That was what the Nether Empire did. They were all dedicated to Ethrin, the God of Decay. He’s one of the few that didn’t fade away during the time of chaos, but most necromancers steer clear of him because, I am given to understand, he tends to cause our sanity to decay. That’s the bargain he extracts from every follower. Great power at a great price. Anyways, I worship Mirel myself. [m | 08:16 Nov 13]
Rori: Ethrin… that is the one Demerick worships, and he is the yet to be discovered son of Aonghus Aerleas, the one Talin Darlandon killed and-… Oooh… He must be a Necromancer himself, and possibly did something to Talin… *There she was mumbling parts of the story again, trying to piece it together in her head.* He’s going to destroy the whole Darlandon clan and take over the Lordship for himself… Ha! And what better way to stop a Necromancer than with a Necromancer! [f | 08:23 Nov 13]
“I’m afraid that’s all the detail that the Compendium has on Buerae….I’d thought I had more information…Hm. You’ll have to look. At any rate, I find it likely that, unless you’re as deluded as Heinrich seems to think, you are the avatar of Urora.” (08:25 Nov 13)
Rori: *She cast an amused side glance at the ghost.* Avatar, creator, goddess, or writer.. It doesn’t really matter, it’s the story that’s important, and if I ever wake up… this will be brilliant! Ronan is busy being Lord of Ordhagen, and Ryven is looking for Talin… It’s the perfect time for someone to sneak in with something dreadfully evil, and Heinrich is the one to do something about it! *What a smile! She expects im to in on the quest without question!* [f | 08:31 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Hey, now! I’m having enough problems just keeping my hide in one piece! I don’t want to decorate some Uroran crusader’s mantle! [m | 08:32 Nov 13]
Rori: You need a partner. I would have made sure it was a man, maybe a holy priest for conflict, or a humble villager with a Hero complex.. But I am here instead. A woman, then? I hate modeling characters after myself… What do you think? Should I be a warrior amazonian from the North, or maybe some daft teenager that starts trouble for you? [f | 08:35 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Uh…I’m going to go with the old coot, no offensse, Vellin, and say that you’re the slightly barmy Avatar of the goddess Urora. [m | 08:36 Nov 13]
“No offense is taken, Heinrich. I am an old coot, or rather, I was. At any rate, why don’t you settle in for the night? There is a bedchamber on the second floor that, thanks to preservational magicks, is relatively intact. I’ll poke around in the mean time and see what I’ve forgotten about the various…things…I’ve accumulated over the years.” (08:39 Nov 13)
Rori: *Rori blinked, obviously not appreciating the statement.* I am not a part of the story, I am a filler for a real person to take my place… *She blinked at the ghost’s suggestion… She was tired. Odd that you needed sleep in a dream…* [f | 08:41 Nov 13]
Heinrich: You keep claiming that you’re the only ‘real’ person here. [m | 08:46 Nov 13]
“Well, I’ll leave you two to it.” With that, Vellin fades from view, and the sound of him muttering to himself retreats up the stairs. (08:49 Nov 13)
Rori: You are a smartass, aren’t you. Going to be a pain to work with.. *She mumbled, turning away to start up the steps and explore that upstairs chamber.* I always write characters so much more charming… [f | 08:52 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Yah, well, how charming would you be if you’d just been run out of town because of a crazy woman who first claims to be the avatar of a Goddess, then claims not to be. Hey, I just cooked dinner, you want any? [m | 08:54 Nov 13]
Rori: *Rori stopped halfway on the stairs to turn and cast him the most high and mighty look she could dig up!* I am not even from this world, and as far as I’m concerned all of this could be a figment of my imagination. I am expected to be confused. *She seemed to be considering whether or not she was actually hungry. Did you have to eat in dreams? Her stomach seemed to think so… Rori started back down the steps.* [f | 08:57 Nov 13]
Heinrich: I’ll grant you that much, but you don’t have to take it out on me, dammit! Anyways. Beans and jerked beef for dinner. It’s not great, but it’ll stick to your ribs. [m | 09:01 Nov 13]
Rori: Who am I supposed to take it out on? I could go mad with the delerium otherwise. *Rori slid in to a chair at a table, not seeming to mind a humble diner. She was a writer, after all. Not some screenplay actress or director.* ..Are you going to go on a mission to save the world, or will you be one of the difficult characters that refuses any part of it, even though it’s all happening anyway? [f | 09:08 Nov 13]
Heinrich: I’m not going on any “great quests!” Are you crazy? I’d get killed! Or banished to the Netherworld, which, despite the fact that I work with its energies, is not a pleasant place! Look, I’m a mediocre necromancer on the outs with the Uroran church. I’m not even in a position to save myself. [m | 09:11 Nov 13]
Rori: But that’s the way it should be! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! You could protect Ordhagen from an evil Necromancer cult, make a better name for Necromancers, prove your worth, and be immortilized in myth! Do you want me to protect you? I might be able to find you a body guard if I’m clever enough… [f | 09:13 Nov 13]
Heinrich: *He sighed and dug into his bowl of beans-and-meat. After a moment, he looked up again.* Look…how about we focus on not getting caught by the Urorans for now? Do a little research, see what Vellin digs up before we do anything. Just table the whole discussion until tomorrow morning. [m | 09:16 Nov 13]
Rori: *She didn’t seem to like the idea, but conceeded. She ate slowly, chewing more on what she thought would be more appropriate conversation than plotting their fates!* All right. Then what do we discuss, if not the world… Idle chit chat? Personal lives? [f | 09:19 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Well…why don’t we talk about you? You know about me, i think maybe it’s my turn for a bit of information. [m | 09:22 Nov 13]
Rori: *She blinked.* I write books. There’s really not much else to me. I like hot drinks while I write, and my editor likes sending me to crazy places to inspire more interesting novels. [f | 09:25 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Uh…okay. So….how’d you wind up here? If you don’t mind me asking. [m | 09:28 Nov 13]
Rori: Hmm… I was having problems recently… A lot of rotton luck. My editor thought the stress was getting to me and said I needed a vacation. So I was just at home writing out the outline for this new book and I fell asleep. Next thing I knew the whole damned house was on fire, I fell through the floor in to this huge pool of water and when I popped back up I was in the Temple with those old crazy monks staring at me like I was sent from heaven. I really think I must be in the hospital somewhere dreaming this whole thing. [f | 09:31 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Well…what if you’re not in…hospital, whatever that is, somewhere? What if you actually are here? [m | 09:35 Nov 13]
Rori: That wouldn’t make sense, cause it would mean I’m either in another dimension, or inside the book itself. And considering there’s more here than what is apparent in the series, I’m not in the book… *Rori chewed on her spoon thoughtfully…* I don’t know if I want to know, it’ll shake my whole idea of the universe and I might go mad with panic… [f | 09:38 Nov 13]
Heinrich: If it were me, honestly, I’d rather believe that I were alive in some other world, than that I were dying and trapped in my mind. But, then, that’s me. [m | 09:49 Nov 13]
Rori: *Rori considering the suggestion, but the look across her face didn’t show she was convinced.* Hrm… But if I am actually, really here… Everything I thought I knew is crazy upside. And i have either created an entire universe just by writing stories… or… somehow I write stories about a real place and not realize it? It’s… It’s crazy. [f | 09:52 Nov 13]
Heinrich: Maybe it has something to do with the nature of Historian gods? I dunno. *he set his bowl down next to the stove.* Tell you what, I’ll clean up here. Why don’t you find that bedchamber Vellin was talking about? I don’t know how ready-to-use it is, or how many beds there are, or what have you. Meantime, i’ll clean up from dinner. [m | 09:58 Nov 13]
Rori: *Eyech! She’s given herself the willies just trying to think about it! She pushes her bowl away and stands slowly.* It would be the worse thing to realize that all this time I wasn’t just writing stories, but actually meddling with people’s lives. *Rori muttered… That was more than she wanted to think about. She moved across the room to start up the steps again.* It just has to be a dream. [f | 10:00 Nov 13]
Heinrich: *Heinrich didn’t reply. He just shrugged and began cleaning the detritus from their meal.* [m | 10:02 Nov 13]
Rori: *Brushing her hand against her forehead, she acsended the stairs, to find the bedchamber… And that ghost. Christ, that would make ghosts, enchanters and necromancers real too. That was a lot of unknown factors of all sorts of dangerous possibilities!* Vellin…? Helloooo… don’t pop out suddenly and scare me… [f | 10:05 Nov 13]
Vellin’s voice sounded from up the stairs, near up on the third floor of the tower. “Yes? You need me for something? Oh, I don’t believe I ever did learn your name.” (10:11 Nov 13)
Rori: I’m Rori. *She followed the voice upstairs, stopping here and there to peek inside open doors…* I am supposed to sleep until things are clear, and all I want to do is know more about this place. Maybe you can give me a ghost equivelent of a sleeping pill… [f | 10:16 Nov 13]
“Well, Rori, I’m afraid I can’t give you a ‘sleeping pill,’ by which I assume you mean a draught. I was an enchanter, not a healer, and I’m afraid that those types of effects fall under their province. That’s my laboratory you’re peeking into, by the way. I’m afraid some of my projects were half-finished when I died, and are still rather unstable, so I’d reccommend against going in there.” (10:21 Nov 13)
Rori: Why is it that when someone says “don’t go in there”, you immediately want to take a look? *She hovered at the doorway to the laboratory. If she were dreaming, it’s not like she would actualy get hurt… Maybe just.. cause a big mess. If she were the creator, she’d know what did what… right?* Hmm… It wouldn’t hurt if I took a look… [f | 10:23 Nov 13]
“Actually, it’s rather likely that it will. Unless you’ve a mage talent, unfinished enchantments can have rather nasty effects.” (10:29 Nov 13)
Rori: Well, I’m not going to touch anything. *Curiosity killed the cat, but she’s no kitty. Rori passed through the doorway in to the laboratory, mindful of her step and careful not to accidentally bump in to anything.* [f | 10:32 Nov 13]
“That’s your risk to take, then. It’s not like I can stop you.”
(10:35 Nov 13)

Rori: Consider it a test of my mortality. *She leaned new a table to get an eye level view of all the instruments. How does one tell what’s enchanted or not? A magical type could see the magic itself, or feel it… She wasn’t one of those, it all looked like a big science project to her.* [f | 10:38 Nov 13]
“I feel I should point out that an avatar is, in fact, a mortal that can be harmed by normal means. We’ll soon find out if you’ve a mage talent though.” (10:39 Nov 13)
Rori: You mean when I touch something and it doesn’t explode in my face? *Rori grinned, finding amusement in his seriousness and her own desire to see what exactly did happen when you poked an unfinished Enchanter’s project. She hovered a finger just out of touching reach of a glass container.* won’t summon any hell beasts, will it? [f | 10:42 Nov 13]
“Well, it isn’t supposed to. But then, that is the definition of ‘unstable’.”
(10:46 Nov 13)

Rori: As long as it doesn’t involved hell beasts. *She touched the glass carefully, looking up and around the room in case something sudden and booming decided to rain down on her.* [f | 10:48 Nov 13]
Nothing happens. The glass container falls over. (10:51 Nov 13)
Rori: Ack..! *At least attempts to right the glass container back where it was so there’s no danger of breaking!* That was anti climatic! I half wonder if you’re just messing with me to watch me fuss at stuff like an idiot! [f | 10:53 Nov 13]
“No, actually. that particular glass was undergoing enchantment to become unbreakable, I think. It’s been a long time. At any rate, that’s what the enchantment actually did.” (10:55 Nov 13)
Rori: Very creative, Enchanter… very creative. *It’s always the books that catch her eye, and now she deems the room more likely to be safe than not. She pulls the book in to her hands and flips open the pages.* [f | 10:57 Nov 13]
“Those should be mostly project notes, if I remember correctly.” (11:03 Nov 13)
Rori: The Possibilities of Turning a Frog in to a Prince. Why Gold Plates are Mandatory at Magical Dinners… You’ve very odd project notes. *She flipped past a few more pages, then glanced around the room for something that look familiar to the sketches in the book.* Summoning stone… where is that. That one I’ll avoid. [f | 11:06 Nov 13]
“What can I say, when I was alive, I was noted for being eccentric.” (11:08 Nov 13)
Rori: *Rori placed the book back down, and rest her hands on her hips.* Okay. I think I have satiated my curiosity, and I have all of my body parts to show for it. I am indestructable and possibly even willing to go to sleep. You did have a place to sleep? [f | 11:11 Nov 13]
“I did say there was a bedchamber on the second floor, didn’t I?”
(11:13 Nov 13)

Rori: Right, right. *She moved past the tables, casting them one last glance at the doorway.* Apparently, being in a story makes a person immediately want to seek out any and all trouble. *Rori twitched her mouth as she headed down the stairs again.* [f | 11:17 Nov 13]
Vellin’s voice followed her. “Or it could be that you have an overdeveloped sense of adventure.” (11:18 Nov 13)
Rori: If I wanted adventure, I wouldn’t be a story writer… But I suppose being somewhere so different is a little infectious. *The second floor bedroom was simple to find, and didn’t look nearly as awful as she thought it might… Enchanter’s enchantments?* The Necromancer on the other hand, is an adventure waiting to happen. [f | 11:21 Nov 13]
“He is continually running from adventure, I fear, though it always seems to find him in th end. He doesn’t think he’s ready to take on the world, but if he isn’t careful, then the world will try to take on him.” (11:24 Nov 13)
Rori: *Rori hoped on to the bed, testing to see if it was even going to be sleepable. Hmm.. it would do!* Typical hero, really. Even if I weren’t here to give a push, he was going to end up at odds with something nasty in the near future… …Christ, I hope I don’t make these things happen. Do you think it’s too late to make everything Utopian? [f | 11:26 Nov 13]
“Well, if you’re bound and determined to end the world, then i suppose you could throw in your lot with the God of Decay….” (11:27 Nov 13)
Rori: What? No, I meant-.. nevermind. It was a book. I was thinking along the lines of everything happy and problem free. Then again, maybe ending a whole world is the only way to accomplish that. [f | 11:31 Nov 13]
“Everything isn’t ever going to be happy and problem free. The world simply doesn’t work that way. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go to sleep, and when you and Heinrich get up in the morning, we’ll discuss it more.” (11:36 Nov 13)
Rori: Dash a girl’s ideas, why don’t you. *There was no room to argue, the ghost was right after all! Mumbling about him, the necromancer and the entire place, she slipped herself under the covers and did well to fall asleep quickly!* [f | 11:38 Nov 13]