Tag: supernatural

  • Charlotte


    Has grown up with people around her always having horrified accidents and dying. People think she is cursed and/or a crazy murderer.

  • Autumn Riktophen

    Autumn Riktophen

    Autumn Riktophen / Autumn Kristof from Brooding Darkness & Shadows Beneath.

  • Angela Reese

    Angela Reese

    Gros Bon Ange plotline. Bitter woman gone vigilante. Older sister to Sidney Reese.

  • Andrea MacGregor

    Andrea MacGregor

    A girl that realizes her life is going nowhere and is seeking some meaning. Little sister to Aidan MacGregor. Adaptable for any modern settings.

  • Alexandra Duval

    Alexandra Duval

    Life turned upside down when this normal lady got turned in to a vampire. Bitterly roams the world kicking people’s asses. Fantasy world setting.

  • Evangeline Winifred Clark

    Evangeline Winifred Clark

    Super cute, super sweet blind psychic. Part of the Oracle universe.

  • Skylar Lynn Connelly

    Skylar Lynn Connelly

    Girl finds a strange meteor and gets infected with special powers. Is assigned an under cover body guard.

  • Aidan Paul MacGregor

    Aidan Paul MacGregor

    Radio DJ at ELSWN Radio. Totally normal guy next door kind of dude, and doesn’t seem to notice (or at least doesn’t comment) on all the weird stuff that happens around him. Older brother to Andrea MacGregor. Part of the Elswen universe.

  • Autumn and Lorant

    Autumn and Lorant

                Spring had crept back over the mountains, slowly melting away snow and gradually rising the strength of water courses. Lorant clasped the pommel of his walking cane, elegant in his dark suit. His heavy coat shielded him from the cold and the breeze from the Danube, the air loaded with scents of water and green……

  • Never Fall In Love (Unfinished)

    Never Fall In Love (Unfinished)

    Never Fall In Love Samael’s Fall From Grace It was a cold night as shadowed clouds blocked the illuminant shine of the moon overhead. Small frosted white flakes of snow had just begun to drift down from the sky, lightly dusting the streets and buildings with a soft blanket of the winter’s first storm. Muttering…