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  • The Angel Devil War

    The Angel Devil War

    Location: Human, Angel and Devil Worlds. Timeline: Present Date Aamon VS Ecanus Many Millenia ago, the Angel, Devil, and Human worlds were once one entity called Gaia. Gaia was a world perfection, like the legendary Eden, held stable by the wills and minds of the people. Wishes born from people’s hearts would collect in the…

  • Tavia’s Ambitions

    Tavia’s Ambitions

    [b]Game Masters:[/b] Diana & Rory [b]Accepting New Characters:[/b] [color=lime][b]YES![/b][/color] [b]Posting Expectations:[/b] Try to post more than once a week. We won’t wait too long on people for posts, BUT it’s very easy to jump back in. :D [b]Rating:[/b] PG (No graphic smuttiness or gore!) [b]Genre:[/b] Magical Modern Fantasy with a little Comedy Romance! [b]Atmosphere/Mood:[/b] We’re…

  • The Hex of Sunset City

    The Hex of Sunset City

    Genre: Supernatural Western Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn! Mood: Location: Sunset City – Out West Somewheres! Plot: Sunset City, a dusty little town way out west that can barely be considered hospitable. For years it’s been slowly growing, but small set backs always seem rattle the locals and nasty gossip…

  • The Summoners

    The Summoners

    Genre: Modern Horror Supernatural Location: Belfast, Maine Timeline: Present STORY: The Montgomery family has been a long standing and “old money” family in Belfast since the town’s creation. Of course… there’s something decidedly weird about them. Since their property was built, there has been all sorts of strange things happening in Belfast – most centering…

  • Star Children

    Star Children

    Genre: Present Date Sci-fi Rating: PG13/R Location: Boles, New Mexico Falling Stars It was nearly 18 years ago during the late summer when the night sky of the Western United States saw shooting stars. Though the occurrence itself isn’t uncommon, when they began to strike the ground, the government and citizens took notice. What was…

  • Soul Society

    Soul Society

    Genre: Alternate Reality Modern Earth Location: Timeline: Since the beginning of time they have been amongst us. Angels and Demons. Not biblical or mythical creatures. Real tangible – and dangerous beings. This is their world. They rule it, they war on it. We are nothing more but the pawns and source of their powers. Nothing…

  • Something Diabolical

    Something Diabolical

    Genre: Modern Occult Supernatural Rating: R – Violence, Cursing, Naughty, Etc. Mood/Style: A dark atmosphere filled with evil and creepyness! Location: New York City IC Located: Accepting Characters: YES Special Playing Systems?: “Hookup”. I will be pairing up players personally in their own threads. Posting Expectations: Ideally players will be paired with other players that…

  • Shakai Aki

    Shakai Aki

    Shakai Aki Staff, Parents, and especially Students… Welcome to Shakai Aki and the Tri Schools. Everyone here at the Tri Schools are looking forward to the wonderful new year that awaits us. We welcome you, whether you are a returning or new student, parent or staff member. You are all privileged for being able to…

  • Shadow Legacy

    Shadow Legacy

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Timeline: ____ Is woken up by family and told they need to take a trip. The “whys” are very confusing. Family saying “they don’t have a right to do this.” “It belongs to you.” “Uncle __ chose you.” “We’re gonna sue.” But __ has no idea what they keep rambling about.…

  • In The Name of School Spirit

    In The Name of School Spirit

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Japan Timeline: Present Chikushi Highschool is all about school spirit when it comes to beating rival schools at everything from sports to club activities. But the one thing Chikushi students never counted on was the real School Spirits making things a little more exciting than they bargained for! Between studying for…

  • Redbrook


    The Redbrook Bed and Breakfast was once a mansion owned by an eccentric millionaire. It’s nestled in a beautiful thick-wood forest with it’s own private lake, gardens, cemetery, and in the near distance you can see the beginning rise of a mountain. It is picturesque and wonderful in every way. But when you check in…

  • Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    Genre: Otherworld Fantasy Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older. Location: ??? Timeline: STORY: Gandirk is an asshole. And he ENJOYS it. He likes to do ridiculously mean things just for his own entertainment. Waving a hand over his magic mirror – he spots the perfect opportunity…

  • Oracle


    [et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ fullwidth=”off” specialty=”off” _builder_version=”3.0.89″ background_color=”#000000″ background_image=”https://www.space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/oracle_background.png”][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”1_3″][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_3″][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_3″][et_pb_blurb _builder_version=”3.0.89″ title=”Oracle” url_new_window=”off” use_icon=”off” use_circle=”off” use_circle_border=”off” icon_placement=”top” use_icon_font_size=”off” background_layout=”light” background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0.7)” header_level=”h1″ custom_padding=”5px|5px|5px|5px”] Supernatural universe. [/et_pb_blurb][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”1_3″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Oracle Organization” _builder_version=”3.0.89″ background_layout=”light” background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0.7)” custom_padding=”10px|10px|10px|10px”] HISTORY OF ORACLE The Oracle Organization was founded over 100 years ago in the late 1800s after a young wealthy gentleman suffered a…

  • Occult Craft

    Occult Craft

    Supernatural Private Investigator is approached by someone concerned over an incident at the local college. Demons have been summoned.

  • New Amsterdam

    New Amsterdam

    Genre: Steam Punk/Alternative Universe Rating: PG-13? Location: New Amsterdam in the Kingdom of Nova Belgica It’s just another dreary commute for the many strangers on the train in New York City. Another gray filled day, be it the buildings, the skies or the hearts of the riders. All that changes though as the train goes…

  • Moon, Blood and Wolf’s Bane

    Moon, Blood and Wolf’s Bane

    [i]”Do you know why we howl at the moon, pup? To mourn those the Light took from us…”[/i] [b]Genre:[/b] Modern Fantasy [b]Location:[/b] Montana [b]Timeline:[/b] Present Date [b]Werewolves[/b] Legend of old states that Darkness blessed a tribe of humans. Ones that welcomed the night and it’s creatures, ran with the wolves, and lived their life by…

  • Manic Mondays

    Manic Mondays

    Genre: Social Modern with Optional Supernatural Twist Location: Kawagoe, Japan Timeline: Present The Kanesue Corporation looks like a simple 9 to 5 temp service. The building is one of the tallest in Kawagoe, made of steel and glass. Their slogan; What ever your problem – We have someone that can help! Stepping in to the…

  • Manga Dreams

    Manga Dreams

    A girl transferred to the university of Tokyo. She makes friends and when she realizes that she’s running out of money for school, she decides to draw hentai manga for a living and makes hella money. Her friends have NO idea that she’s the creator of such a huge manga. She had boy and friend…

  • Last Projection

    Last Projection

    Genre: “Any” Genre Supernatural Location: Timeline: _____ is a witch/wizard/etc, having control of many magical powers. But when they have something another seeks, they found themselves the object of assassination. The “body” was tossed somewhere, but.. surprise! They aren’t quite dead yet! Using the last of their strength, the person astral projects their spirit elsewhere…

  • Inheritance


    Genre: Modern Soap Opera Supernatural Location: Bathurst, England Timeline: Present Date Old Man Bartholomew Westerveldt finally died, leaving behind a huge fortune and no designated heir. His will stated; “I lived alone my entire life, yet once I am gone I will suddenly have all the family in the world. We will judge who deserves…

  • Hunted


    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: It’s the wedding of ___ and ___. A beautiful affair with all of the invited friends and family. But before the ceremony, the dressing rooms are crashed by a small gang of vampires. They slaughter the bride, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and even a few random people in the church. They’ve…

  • Gros Bon Ange

    Gros Bon Ange

    Voo Doo style zombies and folklore in the New Orleans area. Papa Divion sends his zombie-dudes out on little good Samaritan missions to make up for their less than nice former lives. Yet, not all of the guy’s dealings are “good”.

  • Everybody Dies at the End

    Everybody Dies at the End

    Family fun or just trying to scare yourself, this HUGE haunted house used to be a large hotel. Newly opened just this year, it's the first time anyone has seen the insides. They tell you when you walk in that everyone dies by the end. Do you believe it…?

  • City of Elswen

    City of Elswen

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Elswen Island, Washington USA. Timeline: Present BASIC PLOT Area Basics: Elswen is an island town just odd the Washington state coast. It’s home of “The Chronicle” newspaper (a supernatural tabloid like Weekly World News), a great little book shop called The Page Turner, the coffee shop Freedom of Expresso, and many…

  • Dragon Triangle

    Dragon Triangle

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Mystery Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older. Location: Cruise Ship off the shores of Japan Timeline: Present Date BREAKDOWN: You are aboard a pleasure cruise off the isle of Japan heading towards a place called “Dragon Triangle”. The Dragon Triangle is a little…

  • Divinitus


    Genre: Modern Fantasy Location: Ireland Timeline: Present Date Plot Breakdown: Divinitus is a highly esteemed private school that teaches all ages in advanced classes. All students must live on grounds, because it’s so secluded from the “outside world”, and are kept an eye on by their dorm leaders. The setting is based in a modern…

  • Days of Victoria

    Days of Victoria

    Genre: Historical Mystery Drama Timeline: 1882 Rating: PG-13 thru R – All the fun stuff without the porn! Location: Victoria, England (Just Outside London.) Introductions Victoria is a charming high class town just outside of London known for it’s gorgeous landscapes and being host to the fabulous parties by Sir and Lady Wellington. Several families…

  • Dawn


    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Timeline: ____ has to move to the small town of ___ to live with an Uncle after a wild ride in child services. What she is unaware of is that the family has an old secret. So does the town. Most of the town has supernatural citizens and there is something…

  • Love Like Winter

    Love Like Winter

    [solid][SIZE=5] “Hello there! I am Katrinka Carrel, owner of Katrinka’s Dating Service. Has your romantic life dried up? Are you missing the joy of another’s company? Would you like an opportunity to find true love? Never fear, for the Angel of Love is on our side! We are currently opening our doors to do special…

  • Bloodletters


    There is a place between the human world and the paranormal worlds. Filled with endless halls and doorways, a person could walk through this purgatory space to gain insight, knowledge, or even travel to other places. But going through here is dangerous. Demons and spirits have claimed these spaces and will kill anyone not protected.…

  • Arseidis: Ghost Town

    Arseidis: Ghost Town

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Horror Location: Timeline: A ghost town has been discovered in near perfect condition, inspiring a team of archeologists to explore and see if ancient legend about curses are true. They are seeking a book, something containing history about the town, but they are not the only ones there. The town is haunted…

  • Simone Ida Torhild

    Simone Ida Torhild

    The Norse Goddess Skadi’s human avatar.

  • Sidney Reese

    Sidney Reese

    Was nearly murder by her crazy mom. Went a bit nuts herself and spent time in an Asylum. Sister to Angela Reese.

  • Saraliya Stonelake

    Saraliya Stonelake

    Alpha werewolf.

  • Ryan Nemichk

    Ryan Nemichk

    Freelance on call pilot for adventurers

  • Robin Fuller

    Robin Fuller

    Generic charrie for horror story plots.

  • Reyna Bordeaux

    Reyna Bordeaux

    A fashion design student that is kind of a bitch. She has a power to open portals to other worlds that she is unaware of. Keeps opening them and thinking it’s crazy electronics, so she calls a repair guy to come and fix it for her.

  • Phoebe MacAllister

    Phoebe MacAllister

    Anonymous Writer of a Hentai Manga that finds out the world she has been drawing is REAL.

  • Miranda Edmund

    Miranda Edmund

    College student that accidentally summons DEMONS and has to put them all back.

  • Lady Marion Courtland

    Lady Marion Courtland

    Had a “too fast” marriage to her sweetheart Thomas Courtland, who later died from falling off the top floor balcony. She’s suspected of murder. The reality is that someone else murdered her husband, and she saw something so very important that now she is the target of many supernatural beastie attacks. She can’t seem to…

  • Lucky Mariana Bennett

    Lucky Mariana Bennett

    A girl named Lucky that is very NOT LUCKY and thinks she must be cursed.

  • Kendal Novellino-Davidson

    Kendal Novellino-Davidson

    A WITCH and Editor of the Chronicle universe. Is the secret cause of a zombie outbreak many years back when she tried to raise her husband from the dead. Part of the Elswen universe.

  • Jessica “Jez” Ermano

    Jessica “Jez” Ermano

    Cranky high school student with a former-criminal dad.

  • Holly Merideth Roberts

    Holly Merideth Roberts

    Sad lady that needs a little Holiday Cheer!

  • Grace Colton

    Grace Colton

    Grumpy woman running a ranch. Gets mixed up in werewolf shenanigans.

  • Felicia Caldwell

    Felicia sees dead people all the time and has no idea she does. Finds out she is the bastard heir to a family home, where everyone has died by a curse except for her very young little half sister.

  • Faith Jemma Olander

    Faith Jemma Olander

    Author of the popular teen vampire romance series With Blood and Grace. Suddenly discovers that, OH SHIT THEY ARE REAL when her blind date tries to eat her.

  • Delilah Red

    Delilah Red

    Lady turned Pirate. Part of the Descendants universe.

  • Claudia Jane Cambridge

    Claudia Jane Cambridge

    Author that is sent to a creepyass fucking Inn for inspiration and lands in weird weird trouble.

  • Ciara Yvonne Grey

    Ciara Yvonne Grey

    Owner of a five star Hotel. Rich heiress. Part of the Oracle universe.