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  • Moonlight Shadow

    Moonlight Shadow

    Genre: High Fantasy Rating: PG13 Location: Otherworld Aurora Borae is the writer of a famous fantasy series called Moonlight Shadow but recently is seems her luck as taken a turn for the worse. She seems to be having all sorts of accidents, but even her own friends don’t believe her! Her Editor finally convinces Rori…

  • Moon, Blood and Wolf’s Bane

    Moon, Blood and Wolf’s Bane

    [i]”Do you know why we howl at the moon, pup? To mourn those the Light took from us…”[/i] [b]Genre:[/b] Modern Fantasy [b]Location:[/b] Montana [b]Timeline:[/b] Present Date [b]Werewolves[/b] Legend of old states that Darkness blessed a tribe of humans. Ones that welcomed the night and it’s creatures, ran with the wolves, and lived their life by…

  • Metanoia


    Since the beginning of time singular people have been “Catalysts of Change”. Simply by existing, their lives can change the course of fate. History books are filled with these stories… where one single action created a butterfly effect, setting the world on a whole new path. ___ has discovered a way to peek in to…

  • Marsyas


    WORLD – Marsyas (mar-sai-us) A world ranging from the most primitive of life to the most advanced of technologies. Marsyas is a large round planet covered mostly by oceans with several continents – much like earth. Two moons, Pamuya (the water moon) and Cres (the desert moon) orbit Marsyas during it’s trek around it’s sun.…

  • Manic Mondays

    Manic Mondays

    Genre: Social Modern with Optional Supernatural Twist Location: Kawagoe, Japan Timeline: Present The Kanesue Corporation looks like a simple 9 to 5 temp service. The building is one of the tallest in Kawagoe, made of steel and glass. Their slogan; What ever your problem – We have someone that can help! Stepping in to the…

  • Manga Dreams

    Manga Dreams

    A girl transferred to the university of Tokyo. She makes friends and when she realizes that she’s running out of money for school, she decides to draw hentai manga for a living and makes hella money. Her friends have NO idea that she’s the creator of such a huge manga. She had boy and friend…

  • Magnus


    Genre: Modern Super Hero Location: Timeline: Present Date Basic Setup: A modern world where Super Heroes and Super Villains exist, are well known, and may even be common. Whether they are born with special gifts, gain these gifts later, have an accident, or just decide one day to be a hero… A Super Hero’s creed…

  • Maginati Universe

    Maginati Universe

    Genre: Scifi Fantasy Location: Spasag Galaxy Timeline: Once upon a time there was a farmer. She was living this perfectly average life, mind her own business and tending her farm. Ever so often someone would stop by for a visit, or she’d have to pull a fledgling wizard out of her chimney… but life was…

  • Lucky In Love

    Lucky In Love

    Genre: Social Comedy Location: Elswen, Washington Timeline: Present Date Lucky & her roommates/friends are living life and just trying to get by in this strange world. Every character has their own objective and aspirations. Finding themselves in really weird and often crazy situations that most normal people would never dream of.

  • Lockdown


    Genre: Post Apocalyptic Otherworld Scifi Location: Timeline: Basic Plot Creatures have invaded and the world has been nearly destroyed in the conquest. Now, the human race are nothing more than cattle being harvested each time the Creatures return. Humans that still have a sense of civilized society have built up protected enclaves and mini towns…

  • Lineage


    Genre: Modern Gothic Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn! Location: ??? Timeline: Present Date Plot: In the late 1300s A.D. Vampires were once nearly as common as humans… feared by all those that believed and hunted by no one. Pure blooded vampires were the royal lines, commanding respect from all. Pillars…

  • Legacy


    Ratings: PG-13 Genre: Borderline Sci-Fi. Time: 2052 Location: Old New York THE PLOT It is the key to immortality. It holds the secret to life itself. It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the universe. For untold generations, mankind has spread across the planet. Mighty empires rose and fell, and wars ravaged the…

  • Last Rights

    Last Rights

    Genre: Space Saga Location: ____ Prison Space Station Timeline: Prisoners and Guards must work together to survive an invasion to the prison by really nasty and vicious aliens/monsters.

  • Sin With A Grin

    Sin With A Grin

    Genre: Modern Location: Town in the middle of nowhere. BASIC PLOT: ____ and a bus full of people have entered ____ when the bus breaks down and needs to stop for parts. But they quickly realized they’ve stumbled across a town filled with serial killers who are competing for the most and best kills!

  • Glowing Tree

    Glowing Tree

    Genre: Post Apocalypse Fantasy World Location: Feldagard Timeline: Plant it here, your soul, my dear, at the roots of Yggdrasil Seek it out, with your hands, and shout! at the base of Yggdrasil Eternal life, no pain, no strife, climbing the trunk of Yggdrasil Reach the top, but beware, of the drop, you stand in…

  • Chosen


    Rating: R Genre: Space Saga SciFi Atmosphere/Mood: Dramatic Space Adventure with lots of Action! Basic Plot: A group of people chosen to be passengers on a fugitive ship, stuck in between a corrupt government and an explosive activist rebellion! SEEKING CREW. Wanted: Small Crew. Several positions needed. No background checks, or references needed. But subject…

  • Calladyr Class of 692 E.E.

    Calladyr Class of 692 E.E.

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Calladyr University Timeline: 692 Eradol Era Dearest Graduate, We are writing to inform you that your 10 year Wizarding School Reunion will be hosted in the Calladyr University Main Ballroom at Autumn Fest Eve. The Administration is thrilled to welcome back the Class of 692 Eradol Era (Long Live Eradol) for a…