Tag: fantasy

  • Ebony


    Was cursed to be a swan like many other princesses but her “true love” never came. Her curse was finally broken when a guy came to rescue his girl and saved all of them. On returning back home, she finds out her true love married her sister instead. Now she sits on the cusp of…

  • Discordia Kieren DeWiess

    Discordia Kieren DeWiess

    A talented wizard/sorceress with a huge ego is forced to be a teacher at a magical academy to pay off all the damages she caused as a student.

  • Delilah Red

    Delilah Red

    Lady turned Pirate. Part of the Descendants universe.

  • Corona Flare

    Corona Flare

    Sorceress in a post-magic-apocalypse world.

  • Collete Craven

    Collete Craven

    Asshole pirate lady.

  • Glowing Tree

    Glowing Tree

    Genre: Post Apocalypse Fantasy World Location: Feldagard Timeline: Plant it here, your soul, my dear, at the roots of Yggdrasil Seek it out, with your hands, and shout! at the base of Yggdrasil Eternal life, no pain, no strife, climbing the trunk of Yggdrasil Reach the top, but beware, of the drop, you stand in…

  • Calladyr Class of 692 E.E.

    Calladyr Class of 692 E.E.

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Calladyr University Timeline: 692 Eradol Era Dearest Graduate, We are writing to inform you that your 10 year Wizarding School Reunion will be hosted in the Calladyr University Main Ballroom at Autumn Fest Eve. The Administration is thrilled to welcome back the Class of 692 Eradol Era (Long Live Eradol) for a…

  • Chloe Zeroun

    Chloe Zeroun

    Preggo barmaid who is trying to run away from a murderous asshole baby-daddy.

  • Cheyanne Elaine Fowler

    Cheyanne Elaine Fowler

    Awkward nobody working a dead end job. Intended for an otherworld plot or adaptable for any modern setting.

  • Celia Vera

    Celia Vera

    Goddess of Justice that is being punished for acting like a brat and sent to earth to live for a time without her powers.

  • Catherine Juliana Forest-Cowen

    Catherine Juliana Forest-Cowen

    Language Specialist. Teaching at a military base. Had an accident that causes temporary unexpected memory loss.

  • Bianca Kayle

    Bianca Kayle

    A warrior turned queen. The world believes she betrayed them. Made for the Myridian plot.

  • Lady Aubrielle Cordata Cantova

    Lady Aubrielle Cordata Cantova

    Bria is seeking a family heirloom sword that was lost during a recent war. Disguises herself as a nobody.

  • Athena


    A tiny girl who wants to fill her father’s shoes and become a great warrior. Adaptable for any Fantasy setting.

  • Alexandra Duval

    Alexandra Duval

    Life turned upside down when this normal lady got turned in to a vampire. Bitterly roams the world kicking people’s asses. Fantasy world setting.

  • Evangeline Winifred Clark

    Evangeline Winifred Clark

    Super cute, super sweet blind psychic. Part of the Oracle universe.

  • Lady Angelica Dowrick

    Lady Angelica Dowrick

    A Lady who wishes to help the current King find a suitable wife to help him rule the country.

  • Imperial Queen Aiyanna

    Imperial Queen Aiyanna

    A Queen who gets frozen in a giant crystal pillar while casting a spell to ward off a great evil. The pillar shatters many many centuries later releasing her and the evil.

  • Caroline Andraste

    Caroline Andraste

    A demon turned monster hunter. Part of the Oracle universe.