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Shadowstar Plot Bunnies


  • Drinking contest with the Shadowstars!
  • Cassius ends up in Ma Hessing’s cellar by “accident” while escaping Betty. Ma Hessing asks MacBeth and Bronwen to go fetch him! MacBeth and Cassius have to decide what is more important… hating each other or saving Bronwen!
  • Banquo strikes a near fatal blow to Bronwen and with a ship under self-destruct, is there time to get out?
  • Men have to deal with Bronwen actually being seriously injured! Much freaking out!
    Betty stows away on the ship as a nice surprise to Cassius… who also gets a surprise from several women having his childrens!

  • Brennen presents everyone with condoms and birth control!
  • Bronwen and MacBeth and an angry fight! Cassius tries to goad it on and helps by accident!


    1 – Erikson Shadowstar (18y) a well known flirt gets his own ship and starts his own shipping business.
    2 –
    3 – Erikson Shadowstar (21y) meets Octavia (17y) while he’s flirting with her customers at a bar. She calls him a manwhore and he says she’s an uptight prude.
    4 –
    5 –
    6 – Erikson Shadowstar (24y) makes a famous name for himself with his “Can handle anything” shipping business. Not space pirates, not smugglers, not anyone prevents him from delivering the goods.
    7 – Erikson Shadowstar (25y) is sleeping around with Morgan (??y) along with several other women. He chases after a Toru princess and gets rejected!
    9 – After a few years throwing insults back and forth, Erikson Shadowstar (26y) and Octavia (23y) finally hookup after a big dangerous adventure. Erikson is no longer interested in other women!
    10 –
    11 – Erikson Shadowstar (28y) and Octavia (25y) get married! Morgan (??y) attends the wedding and makes a HUGE scene. Octavia makes it clear that no one is taking her husband.
    12 – Aaron is born. Erikson Shadowstar (29y) Octavia (26y).
    13 –
    14 –
    15 –
    16 –
    17 –
    18 –
    19 – Brennen is born. Erikson Shadowstar (36y) Octavia (33y). Aaron (7y)
    21 –
    22 –
    23 – Cassius is born. Erikson Shadowstar (39y) Octavia (37y). Aaron (10y). Brennen (3y)

    24 –
    25 –
    26 –
    27 – Dion is born. Erikson Shadowstar (42y) Octavia (40y). Aaron (14y). Brennen (7y). Cassius (4y)

    28 –
    29 – Bronwen is born. Erikson Shadowstar (44y) Octavia (42y). Aaron (16y) Brennen (9y). Cassius (6y). Dion (2y)
    30 –
    31 –
    32 –
    33 –
    34 –
    35 –
    36 –
    37 – Morgan gets herself pregnant by Ian Gordan. He is delighted to have a child and happy to get married!

    38 – MacBeth is born. Bronwen (9y)
    39 –
    40 –
    41 –
    42 –
    43 –
    44 – Shatriste Veraux is born?
    45 – Bronwen (16y) gets traumatized by “the talk” with her brothers.
    46 – MacBeth’s father is murdered by Morgan. His last job was the completion of Avalaon. MacBeth (8y) is whisked away by a caring Nanny.
    47 –
    48 –
    49 – Bronwen’s 20th birthday! Morgan crashes the party, killing Erikson and Octavia. Bronwen is put in the cryosleep chamber. MacBeth (11y) ends up with Aaron (36y) months later. Brennen (29y), Cassius (25y), Dion (22y).
    50 –
    51 – MacBeth (13y) is passed to Brennen (31y).
    52 – MacBeth (14y) is passed to Cassius (28y).
    53 – MacBeth (15y) is passed to Dion (26y).
    54 – MacBeth (16y) runs away for teenager freedom, meeting a few interesting people.
    55 –
    56 –
    57 –
    58 –
    59 – MacBeth (21y) returns to Shadowstar employ, barely. He still moved from brother to brother.
    60 – MacBeth (22y) and Arasia meet?
    61 – Duff McRaven’s son and Arasia’s brother, Nate dies asking McRaven to not work for Morgan anymore.
    62 – Arasia dies after being discovered as a traitor and spy. – Killed by Banquo.
    63 – Morgan has taken control of most of the galaxy. The Shadowstar clan can no longer work on things seperately and choose to pool together to deal with her directly.
    64 –
    65 – Talk of rescuing Bronwen is brought up by MacBeth (27y). At first they all thought it would be a good idea, but after their attempts, Morgan starts threatening to harm her trophy. They decided to leave that be and try something else.
    66 – The Shadowstar brothers are finally captured and subdued, especially when Morgan makes more direct threats to her frozen trophy. (Making sure they see the cryochamber and the things she can do to the one inside!) With the Shadowstars all captured and now being Morgan’s “Knights”, MacBeth decides to find Bronwen on his own.
    67 –
    68 – Squidpirates attack one of Morgan’s cargo ships. This ship contained Bronwen’s cryochamber in the cargo. It along with the rest of the cargo was lost when the ship was raided and destroyed.
    69 – The Crimson Nyx finds the cryochamber with Bronwen (20y/40y) and opens it. MacBeth (31y) meets Bronwen. Morgan (??) now knows Bronwen is released.

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    Diala Bunnies

    Oracle: Scene Wishlist & Plot Bunnies


    “Any Time” Scenes?

    • Lily’s birthday/halloween.
    • Christmas party! Leon harasses Ciara with mistletoe. Karaoke!
    • Anthony has a captured Gabriel for some time and tries to force him to feed from (and in the process kill) Evangeline.
    • An evil sealed under a seemingly normal suburban home begins to leak out, spreading and corrupting the neighboring homes like a plague, affecting people and the laws of time and nature itself. We could also tweak it so it’s a force of light sealed and it’s doing the opposite to make it so it’s Dark’s problem.
    • This plot bunny could take place anywhere and it’s the basic plot for Once Upon a Time, a series that’s coming out soon. Where everyone in a town is a storybook character that an evil queen put a spell on and now they’re trapped. Hell, even a woman who just moved to Storybrooke (the town) is a character. It was trippy when, in the preview trailer, the boy (I’m assuming is her son) turns to her and says, “Even you’re a character. But you just don’t know it.”

    Pre-Gate Scenes

    • Leon’s wolfy self is “triggered” by outside means, having him nearly kill Ciara!
    • To help ease Leon’s worries, Evangeline tells him about a spell that could force a wolf to his human form. She accidentally turns Brutus in to a boy!
    • Lily & Conrad & Co are invited to Eugene Jr’s for whatever. Lily mentions Evangeline, prompting Eugene Sr to finally get a “meeting” with the psychic. His revenge is foiled by Stephen Hawthorne!
    • Stephan Hawthorne gets a date with Evangeline! It’s going just fine until Evangeline accidentally does the frog spell and Hawthorne steals a kiss!
    • Cranky hunters make Evangeline cry, and she says “I’m just in the way here.” Ciara ‘lectures’ about why you don’t say mean things to Evangeline while Gabriel ‘punishes’.
    • Ciara’s parents come for a visit and make things awkward for everyone.
    • Vacation to France where Ciara has inherited a home that belonged to Monique and Sebastian. Gabriel’s secret connection to the Grey family!
    • Gabriel and Evangeline find Alicia.
    • BIG BAD GATE OF HELL! Anthony is gone and Gabriel is presumed dead!

    Post-Gate Scenes

    • Evangeline gives everyone a good fright with weird behavior!
    • Vincent comes to town and makes nicey-nice with Ciara. The government is trying to retrieve Leon, and being more bold/forceful about it.
    • Lily’s real father shows up insisting he wants to “get to know his daughter”. He’s actually trying to extort money to pay off the mob. Mob kidnapping Lily to hold for ransom!

    Mother Saga Scenes

    • The discovery of “Mother”.
    • Evangeline convinces Ciara in to letting her try and save Gabriel. It works but Gabriel disappears.
    • Evangeline’s search for Gabriel. She finds him without memory… then Michael nearly kills him. “Too Late”

    Post-Mother/ Great King Saga Scenes

    • Leon and Ciara’s Wedding & Reception at the Lakehouse!
    • Leon and Ciara’s honeymoon of doom!
    • Lily and Conrad go on a roadtrip they may never come back from!
    Diala Bunnies

    Oracle: Character Listings


  • Gabriel Carnatelli: The created son of Anthony Carnatelli and sworn enemy of every Carnatelli alive. Yet it is discovered he is actually The Great King and the true First Vampire.
  • Evangeline Clark: A psychic with a “bright soul”. Her visions led her to Gabriel where she never left!
  • Ciara Grey: Rich Heiress with ‘magical sight’ who lost her daughter to a vampire and spent several years tracking down masters and killing them in her own special way. She took over the New York branch of Oracle after Gabriel returned her daughter and she realized Oracle’s state of affairs was shitty at best.
  • Leon Santos: Childhood friend to Ciara, he disappeared when taken captive by a Government organization funded by Anthony Carnatelli because he had a wolf gene. He returned to Ciara after one of his many escapes and his been there since!
  • Lily Grey: Kidnapped by Michael Carnatelli when she was only a young teen, she spent several years as a captive doll. After being returned home, she is trying to live a “normal” life when her family is less-than-normal!
  • Conrad Wolfe: Driven to be a hunter for Oracle because a vampire drove his family to insanity and death. He is now the personal bodyguard to Lily Grey.
  • Caroline Andraste: A human turned demon after a bad deal with Malsuada, Caroline has a weakness for picking up stays. She made a deal with Gabriel to be responsible for Dark and later for Evangeline also.
  • Dark (Carnatelli): A direct clone of Gabriel, Dark had nearly been killed once and his memories wiped when Caroline found him. Evangeline convinced Gabriel to let him live, and now he studies under Caroline’s teaching.
  • Vlamerias: A little devil that enjoys meddling, she offered her help to Gabriel in exchange for becoming his new familiar! She is the sister of Valravn and the daughter to the Devil King.
  • Brutus: Super cute Werepup stolen away from a Romanian pack and adopted under the care of Evangeline! He spends a great deal of his time as Lily’s puppy-guard, or getting Wolfy training with Leon or other weres.
  • Anthony Carnatelli: Known as The Father of All Vampires, his ultimate objective is always unclear. What IS known is that he needs Gabriel under his thumb or dead. He enjoys playing games with his prey, going as far as to spend a lot of time and effort in to setting up plans.
  • Michael Carnatelli: A twisted creation of Anthony Carnatelli and considered as Gabriel’s Twin. All Michael has ever cared about was the suffering of his dear brother, and getting to play with his vast collection of pretty young Dolls. He has developed an obssession for taking back Lily, one of his favorites stolen by Gabriel!
  • Malsuada: An old, old devil that bounded Caroline by contract. She took a fancy to Evangeline’s bright soul and made an enemy of Gabriel. She seeks to get rid of him by helping Anthony Carnatelli so she can get her shiny soul back.
  • Elizabeth Bathory (Carmilla): A Master Vampire obsessed with youth and beauty. She steals the bodies of strong humans so that she can live on forever. She has stalked Conrad’s family for ages because he has a strong bloodline, and now he has lead her to Lily, someone with an ‘unbreakable soul’.


  • Valravn: Gabriel’s first familiar. A devil that preferred the form of a white raven. Evangeline always called him Fluffy!
  • Nicholas Wulfric: Leon’s father. Nicholas is the Alpha Were to the Pack of the Living Grave.
  • The White Queen (Octavia): A Romanian Alpha Female Wolf that wishes to take Leon or his Father as her mate and strengthen her pack.
  • Lucretia: A devil sealed in a painting. The familiar of The Great King who betrayed him!
  • Stephan Hawthorne: A professor at Lily’s College who is a wizard of some sort!
  • Hannah: A cheerful, bubbly redhead. Michael mistook her for Lily when he came to the college. Lily and Conrad saved her. Since then she has been Lily’s best friend and has had a brief crush on Conrad!
  • Eugene The Great: A terrible wizard with grand schemes. His plots are always foiled by Gabriel and Evangeline by pure accident. He seeks eventual revenge.
  • Eugene Jr.: Strangely enough, the son of Eugene Sr. Jr runs the Paranormal Club at Lily’s college and is always trying to talk her and Conrad in to joining.
  • Jay: One of the original hunter newbies! He is now a Lead Hunter! Jay’s team came with Evangeline when she was searching for Gabriel.
  • Frank: One of the original hunter newbies! He had a habit of passing out and was the scrollmaster. Was part of Jay’s team!
  • Clara: Evangeline’s childhood friend! She likes and makes Pony Toys.
  • Victor: Ciara and Leon’s childhood “friend”. He was always jealous of Leon and made a habit to make his life miserable. He dated Ciara for a short time in highschool. He now returns trying to recapture Leon for the Government and to take Leon’s place with Ciara.
  • Peter Macintyre: Lily’s real father.
  • Bradly: A hunter that went too far in complaining at Evangeline, and spent a few days being tortured by Gabriel!
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    Desire of the Deep

    005 Desire of the Deep (TBC)

    [Phoebe doesn\’t know why Dante wants to go shopping, but she\’s pretty sure it\’s because Crystal STOLE her apartment. How is a person supposed to draw with a slavegirl gushing over her demon prince!] -06:08 Jan 24
    [Dante isn\’t feeling too well but the day will be over soon!] -06:13 Jan 24
    Dante: *Dante reached up to pet Giri perched on his head again!* You have so many shops in one place. *He tilted his head at the giant map of the mall they were standing in front of!* -06:14 Jan 24
    Phoebe: *Trying not to yaaaaawn… damn did it anyway! She had been up really early to get some panels done. Her editor said Desire of the Deep was hitting it big, with a fanbase way larger than all her other series combined. Now she had to draw twice as much AND handle chasing demon princes around the town! On the brightside, it meant they could buy anything today!* Shopping for the lazy! Everything all clustered together so you don’t have to drive all over town. Are we getting you new clothes? -06:15 Jan 24
    Dante: *He looked down at the clothes he wore now. Thanks to all the fighting he did and running around, these were his last decent pair of pants and shirt!* At this rate, I’ll have to go back to wearing the clothes I first arrived in. -06:18 Jan 24

    Oh no, yawning! Giri made a huge YYYAAAWWWNN! … Then he blinked once and then blinked again in cute puppy astonishment!

    Phoebe: I’m about ready to just let you run around in undwear and save the cash! *Hey, it wouldn’t be a bad sight…! Ahem. Phoebe grabbed his arm to tug him down the big open hall.* On the bright side, you can try on a lot of things and I can do some sketches for the manga panels. The editor is extending how many books I can do. -06:22 Jan 24
    Dante: *He found himself being pulled along!* Congratulations. Now you can run the stories you want to. *He slid a bit to the side and pulled Phoebe along with him to avoid an oncoming stroller!* -06:28 Jan 24
    Phoebe: *And Dante saves a baby! …there’s an idea for a chapter!* Uh huh. Which is pretty much going to be everything you’re actually doing. Since the story spilled in to the real world, I might as well have that happen in the series too. -06:29 Jan 24
    Dante: You can write Thanatos back to the Deep and see if that works to send him back. -06:33 Jan 24
    Phoebe: *Phoebe grinned.* If that worked, you’d both be back where you belong already. *She pointed up at a store and led him inside. This store was with all those fancysmancy rich boy clothes. Like the ones that drive ferrari and have their own yatchtts! She was definitely going to have fun!* -06:35 Jan 24
    Dante: *Dante was looking at the clothes he passed by!* … Phoebe, I don’t think these clothes will stand up to the abuse. -06:55 Jan 24
    Phoebe: I don’t think ANYthing can stand up to the abuse you put it through! I don’t enough jump in swinging swords around, and you’ve got half of my clothes a mess too! *No, there weren’t Dante-style at all… but it made for very attractive sketches when you had the real deal!* -06:57 Jan 24
    Dante: I apologized for that. I didn’t know the snake woman was going to regurgitate her food and spit it at us. -07:02 Jan 24
    Phoebe: I’m going to have to change my name from Guardian Spirit to Guardian Shield. *Phoebe stopped near a rack, tapping her chin when she spotted some leather! Leather pants on Dante? That might actually look really nice! She snatched up a pair to hold against him and check the sizing.* -07:05 Jan 24
    Dante: *He noticed her sizing him up for something but he glanced over his shoulder to try and get a better look.* What are you looking at? -07:10 Jan 24
    Phoebe: I am trying to decide if leather pants are both functional and good looking. We’ll have to get a dressing room! -07:12 Jan 24

    Meanwhile nearby there was another couple shopping! ..Well, the male was shopping. His girlfriend was currently gapping over in Dante’s direction with a surprised (and all too interested!) expression!

    Giri made another yawn and stretched, parting Dante’s hair with his large paws! Nothing interesting here to see or be aware of! He showed his tiny white canines and curled up in Dante’s hair!

    CLICK! That girl now had a cellphone up and was taking a picture! That guy looked EXACTLY like the big poster over at the bookstore!

    Phoebe: You’re making this feel so exciting, Giri. *She muttered at the yawning pup. Phoebe picked up a few things and… blink! Hey, she didn’t like the look of that lady staring over here. Worse, her boyfriend just noticed and was looking mad!* …okay, Phoebe-sense tingling! To the dressing room! *She grabbed Dante’s hand to pull him off towards the doors in the back!* -07:22 Jan 24

    The only reply was Giri’s snores!

    Too bad! But that’s okay, the girl was already forwarding the few pics she got to all of her friends. They SO had to see! Her boyfriend was getting huffy, though! What was so great about THAT guy, he didn’t see nothin’ special!

    [Phoebe was ushering Dante in to a fitting room before picture-snapping girls got any ideas!] -01:10 Jan 26
    [Dante is being pushed into the dressing room!] -01:21 Jan 26
    Dante: *He blinked and quickly found himself behind the dressing room door!* Is everything okay, Phoebe? -01:25 Jan 26
    Phoebe: *Safe! …Not that there was any danger, but Phoebe was begining to get a little paranoid, when Dante was concerned. Wait! Forgot Giri! Phoebe slipped herself in the fitting room to take the pup off Dante’s head.* It’s fine. I just forget how much attention you attract sometime. -01:28 Jan 26
    [Phoebe is in Dante\’s fitting room! ….but only to get Giri!] -02:18 Jan 29
    [Dante isn\’t too happy about the leather pants!] -02:18 Jan 29
    Dante: *Dante stretched the fabric.* It’s awfully tight. *And it looked a lot like the type of thing the Psycho Queen enjoyed wearing!* -02:19 Jan 29

    Dante: testing

    Giri yawned and lifted his head to look at Phoebe with a drowsy look on his face!

    Phoebe: We’re not actually going to buy them, just have you try them on. *With Giri siezed, Phoebe was turning to peek out the fitting room door and make sure no one was lurking out there. Like that chick with the cellphone!* -02:22 Jan 29

    The puppy didn’t put up a fight when Phoebe grabbed him. Now he was yawning one last time and looking around!

    Dante: Maybe I should save this … leather … for later and try the others on first. What do you like to say, save the best for last? -02:23 Jan 29
    Phoebe: *She cast a look over her shoulder, and smirked!* Scared of pants? Never thought I’d see that. Try them whatever order you like, I’m still going to get the sketches. -02:25 Jan 29
    Dante: *More like he preferred clothes that let him breathe. Tight clothes only got in your way when you were in a fight. But she’d said she just needed the sketches so as long as something didn’t attack in the next five or ten minutes, he’d survive. He began to strip and donned the leather pants! … Eck, they really were tight …* -02:27 Jan 29
    Phoebe: *Phoebe made sure to keep her eyes peeking outside the fitting room while he was changing. No reason to watch, no matter how tempting! …Course he sounded like he was being murdered by something with all the fussing he made. When she turned to peek she… couldn’t help but start snickering!* -02:29 Jan 29
    Dante: *That laugh did not help his ego. He turned and began peeling the leather off of him.* -02:38 Jan 29
    Phoebe: *Snickercough!* …Sorry! …just! Sorry. *Ahem! That had to be the wrong size or cut, but there was no way he’d try another. Not after she had to go snickering and not with that look on his face!* …okay, to make it up to you, you can pick out some clothes for me to try on too. -02:43 Jan 29
    [Dante is never going to wear leather pants again!] -11:36 Jan 30
    [Phoebe was attempting to apologise for snickering, by offering to let Dante dress her up! Totally opposite from her usual thoughts!] -11:37 Jan 30
    Dante: *Dante thought it was an interesting idea!* Don’t you need me to model the rest of these for your sketches? *He was moving back into the dressing room to try and pry these pants off!* -11:39 Jan 30
    Phoebe: I don’t need you to… but I think for the evening I’ll spare you anymore torment. It could be Dress-Up-Phoebe day instead. *Which, she has to admit, is a lot safer with Dante than with Crystal. Crystal’s dressup days were way more dangerous than leather pants!* -11:42 Jan 30
    Dante: *He grinned as he stepped out, back in his normal clothes! And able to breathe!* You’re so very kind, Lady Phoebe. Let’s go then. -11:45 Jan 30
    Phoebe: *With Giri in her hands, and giving him a good pat, she was leading the way to exit the men’s clothing store. That chick with the phone nowhere to be seen! Good!* Pick a story, any store, and my there’s a lot to choose from. -11:50 Jan 30
    Dante: *He stopped and looked around. There really were a lot of shops to choose from and it was easy to tell which one sold men’s clothes and which one sold women’s clothes. He started walking in one direction and stopped right in front … of a sexy adult clothing store!* How about this? *The store was called "Sensually Yours" and in the window were a few female mannequins wearing outfits parents probably shielded their children’s eyes from when they passed.* -11:53 Jan 30
    Phoebe: *There was a slight twitch at the corner of her mouth. Maybe he would be as bad as Crystal! …but she did tell him anywhere, and he did squeeze in to those impossibly tiny leather pants!* Uuuhm, if this is the one you want! There might be something wearable in there somewhere. I think. -11:56 Jan 30
    Dante: *He did love to tease and he didn’t bother to hide the look on his face either! A smug, playful grin!* That’s the spirit! Let’s go! *He took her by one hand and led her inside!* Things are a lot more mild here than I first thought. *He said, looking at all the clothing on the racks and browsing through even the matching shoes they had up against the wall.* -12:04 Jan 30
    Phoebe: *That look on his face, if that’s the way he wanted to play, she was totally going to model the hell out of whatever he picked out! She hoisted Giri on her shoulder with her free hand.* I don’t think they can have a really dirty store right in the mall. There’s one a few blocks down the street though. *…of which she didn’t need to share her knowledge of! * -12:07 Jan 30
    Dante: *He laughed softly at the mention of the ‘other store’ and grinned wickedly.* Is there now? *He plucked out a few outfits for her.* Hm. -12:20 Jan 30
    Phoebe: No, what were we talking about again? *A quick subject change! Phoebe pretended like she wasn’t trying to inspect what he was picking up, while examining a pair of shoes. That was the one cool thing in here, there was great shoes!* -12:24 Jan 30
    Dante: *He was still wearing that grin. He’d let her off easy now and not press her. He held up the bright red teddy, one of the pieces he’d picked up.* What do you know. It looks like a perfect fit. *How he said that with a straight face would be anyone’s guess.* -12:29 Jan 30
    Phoebe: For someone that doesn’t know a lot about clothing sizes, you’re sure good at sizing someone up! *Red! That thing was screaming sexy bed vixen! She was trying to match that straight face.* Gonna add any shoes with that? -12:32 Jan 30

    Some casual shoppers passing by the shop happen to glance their way and do a double-take when they spot Dante!

    Dante: *Dante smiled at the comment of being able to size someone up. Then he was looking around for some matching shoes.* You mean shoes you can actually walk in. *Some of these looked like they could snag and then trip someone on just about anything!* -12:54 Jan 30
    Phoebe: Hey, those shoes aren’t made for walking. They’re made for looking all hot and sexy and not being able to run away. *At least that’s what she figured for the really weird platforms with crazy heels! She caught a glance of people peeking, and just in case looked around the store for any possible escape routes.* -12:58 Jan 30

    The store’s lighting was kept dim, probably to keep up with the mood. One could only imagine what they kept in the back of the store!

    Dante: Ah, point taken. *He picked up two boxes and showed them to Phoebe! One was a pair of red stilleto heels with straps over the ankles! The other was a pair of thigh-high red leather boots with wicked heels!* -01:08 Jan 30
    Phoebe: *She loved the strappy heels! …maybe not the boots though! It was with a wry grin that she replaced Giri on Dante’s head, then took the teddy and shoes from him.* Okay, you just stay right there and if anything weird happens, you just start screaming. -01:13 Jan 30
    Dante: *He looked up at Giri perched on his head now.* Weird as in what you think is weird or weird as in weirder than I’m used to? -01:14 Jan 30
    Phoebe: *She actually had to stop and think about it!* …Uh… My kind of weird! I think… *And it was with a thoughtful look she disappeared in to one of the fitting rooms. What WAS her weird versus Dante’s weird?! Screaming half naked fangirls, or screaming blood thirsty monsters…?* -01:16 Jan 30

    Giri yawned and curled up on Dante’s head. It was much more comfortable this way!

    Phoebe: *Taking off her clothes and switching in to that red teddy was quick work. She chose the strappy heels first over the boots. They were just cooler! Course, it took her several moments of scowling at her reflection in the mirror, fluffing up her hair and trying a few practice poses before she gave up trying to make a serious sexy face. Sexy Face was just not her look! Phoebe settled for bouncing out of the dressing room, with one of the over-exagerated Crystal poses!* Ta-dah! -01:28 Jan 30

    As she posed Giri went flying head over heels past her and landed in a pile of her clothes!

    Dante: *Dante was standing in front of the dressing room stall with his back to her and glanced over his shoulder. He smiled.* Hmm … Very nice. *He looked her up and down and summoned his sword in time to slice up a gelatin tentacle-thing!* -02:07 Jan 30
    Phoebe: … *Phoebe dropped her arms, her face blank as could be.* …. I thought I said scream if something weird happens. -02:07 Jan 30

    A mass of purple transparent gelatin about the size of a man hissed in pain and drew back! There was already a few objects floating inside of it, like one half of a pair of boots, an iron pole, and a mannequin!

    Dante: You said if it was something you considered weird. This is something I would consider weird. *He flung a lightning ball at the gelatin but it had already moved and disappeared toward the back of the store!* -02:11 Jan 30

    Giri came scurrying out of the dressing room … with Phoebe’s bra on his head! “Arf arf!”

    Phoebe: Next time we’ll go with just weird in general! You can’t get in to these sort of things at the ma- FREEZE DOG! *She interupted her own sentence to point at Giri! There was no way she was gonna chase him while wearing this nonsense, but she’ll be damned if her bra got lost at the mall!* -02:14 Jan 30

    Giri stopped! But only because the bra had fallen over his eyes and now he was trying to get it off by snagging it with his teeth and pulling at it! “Warf! Wahrrff!”

    Phoebe: Don’t chew it…! *Argh! Trying to walk gracefully, and not look like a mad half naked woman wasn’t easy! Not when you had to stay out of the way of a geletin-thing and trying to snatch up a bra-chewing dog! But that didn’t stop her from trying to snatch it back from the pup!* -02:18 Jan 30
    Dante: *It was hard not to at least smile at the scene of Phoebe heading to Giri and reclaiming her bra. But he had to turn away to look for the gelatin monster.* I guess it’s gone for now. *But he still had his sword!* -02:19 Jan 30
    Phoebe: *Phoebe held her bra behind her back after giving Giri a good glare. …but a more concerned look about that monster just getting away!* It just ran off? …that’s not exactly good! -02:26 Jan 30
    Dante: *He gave her a small grin.* Welcome to my life. Giri, time to sniff out the gelatin monster. -02:32 Jan 30

    Giri, now bra-free, shook himself and was floating back to Dante. He began sniffing at the large purple gelatin spot where the monster had been standing just minutes ago. Then he was following that thick trail that led away from the spot and to the back of the store.

    Phoebe: I don’t know if I should go change my clothes, or if that’ll just be asking for a dirty hentai scene. *She at least leaned down to pull off those shoes. If she was going to help kick something’s ass, she needed to be able to run!* -02:35 Jan 30

    It just might have been a dirty hentai scene! The back of the store was where they kept their sex toys, like the blow up dolls and the vibrators! … And boy where there a lot of toys! The trail led around the aisles as if the gelatin monster had been looking for something. An object in particular or just a way out?

    Phoebe: *There was that Hulk200 that Crystal was talking about… man, for that price, she was better off trying to pounce Thanatos! With a cough and trying to pretend they weren’t in the Psycho Queen’s version of heaven, Phoebe snooped to see if there was a hidden storage room or bent back there!* Of all the stores to have a squishie monster! -02:49 Jan 30
    Dante: *Dante was glancing around to look out for that monster and for anyone else in the store! Phoebe would never let him hear the end of it if there were other people around!* -02:52 Jan 30

    There were sections of the wall and shelves where things were missing, smeared with goo! Giri stopped in front of a store marked EMPLOYEES ONLY and began to bark! This is where the trail disappeared to!

    Phoebe: *Phoebe poked at some of the goo and made a face! But she turned at Giri’s bark and frowned at the door.* If you run in quick, Giri and I can block the door so it doesn’t try to get out. -02:56 Jan 30
    Days of Victoria


    [Marion had one of Lady Wellington\’s books and was surely not up to anything, nope.] -02:49 Jun 25
    [Faulkner Grant had noticed the library door slightly ajar. ] -02:51 Jun 25
    Faulkner Grant: *Unfortunately for Marion, Faulker is a naturally quiet walker. He doesn’t make a peep until he’s right behind her!* Ah, Miss Marion. -02:52 Jun 25
    Marion: *She jumped and even squeeked! Clutching the book to her chest, she swatted him softly with her other hand.* Why must you walk so quietly! You might have scared me to death. -02:53 Jun 25
    Faulkner Grant: *Takes the soft swat like a man!* I apologize, Miss Marion. I saw the door ajar and thought it was one of the Wellingtons. You know how Sir Wellington feels about being distracted. -02:56 Jun 25
    Marion: They are both having a private lunch in the garden. Ginger was teasing him about their first kiss anniversary. *She smiled as she cracked open the book in her hands and went back to what she was doing!* -02:59 Jun 25
    Faulkner Grant: *His mouth curved at one corner. However, it was hard to tell if he did this because he agreed with something, disagreed with it, or was just plain baffled by it. He tilted his head slightly at the book.* What are you reading? -03:04 Jun 25
    Marion: *She tilted out of the way so he couldn’t spy.* Poems by Analisse. A little light reading for the afternoon. *Of course, it was one of Ginger’s crazy sorcery books, but he wouldn’t like that if she told him!* -03:06 Jun 25
    Faulkner Grant: I do enjoy her work. I have some time. How about you read me a poem? -03:08 Jun 25
    Marion: *She blinked! Oh bother, she thought that was a random enough author!* Well, I’m afraid I’m not exactly the best vocal reader so maybe when I’m through I’ll let you borrow it? -03:13 Jun 25
    Faulkner Grant: *Chuckled softly.* Nonsense. I’ve heard you sing plenty of times. Remember those lessons your parents arranged for you when you were younger? I think if I survived those, I can survive you reading to me. -03:15 Jun 25
    Marion: Faulkner Grant, that sounded very much like a vieled insult and I think you hurt my feelings! -03:19 Jun 25
    Faulkner Grant: *His face showed how genuinely sorry he was!* My pardons, Miss Marion. But you said so yourself that you were terrible and you would never sing again. -03:20 Jun 25
    Marion: *That poor man’s face! Marion laughed!* I’m not upset, but do you really have to remind me how dreadful that was? I’ll forever be remembered as the little girl who gave Lord Jameson a heart attack with her screeching. -03:24 Jun 25
    Faulkner Grant: *Smiled.* In your defense, Lord Jameson was 78 years old at the time. And had a habit of working hard when he was supposed to be in bed. -03:35 Jun 25
    Marion: I think for your punishment, you won’t be getting any book readings from me, however. *Turned her back to him, casting him a grin over her shoulder. She didn’t even have to lie about that one!* -03:39 Jun 25
    Faulkner Grant: I deserve that. *He began to walk away but before he turned a corner and disappeared from sight.* … Sorcery was never my cup of tea anyways. *Then he was gone!* -03:42 Jun 25
    Marion: Ooo! That blasted man! *Caught red handed. Well, she was a grown women and could read any books she liked. She wasn’t actually planning on trying anything In it, she was just looking for information. Marion flipped through the pages!* -03:45 Jun 25

    Only too soon after Faulkner’s retreat came a knock on the library door. One of the maids poked her head in. Lunch is served and Miss Marion has a visitor waiting for her out in the hall!

    Marion: A visitor? *That’s strange. She really wasn’t expecting anyone… Marion set down the book on Sir Wellington’s desk and left for the hall to greet them!* -03:51 Jun 25

    Marion! Sweet Marion! Why, you haven’t changed a bit since she’s last seen you! A round woman wearing nothing but ruffles wasted no time in covering Marion’s face with wet kisses and hugging her tightly. What? Don’t you remember your distant cousin, Ursula? She’s visiting from France!

    Marion: Ursula…? of course I remember! *Oh no, she really didn’t!! Was it one was Thomas’ family? Or related to her wicked Auntie? Marion put on a smile anyway!* I was just about to sit for lunch, would you like to join me? -04:00 Jun 25

    Oh! She could never impose! But she was awfully quick to get the attention of a maid passing by and started ordering a ton of food for herself! If Marion didn’t know better, she could have sworn Ursula was going to pack all that food for an army!

    Marion: *It wasn’t polite to think the things she was thinking! Still smiling, Marion took Cousin Ursula by the arm to escort her to the dining room!* I’m pleased to have your company today Cousin Ursula. Did you want to talk about anything in particular? -04:14 Jun 25
    Faulkner Grant: Whatever Marion wanted to! She was just here to enjoy some time with her! Oh, did she know that Ursula had the most godawful journey from France? It was absolutely terrible! First, her attendant had lost her precious baggage! And then her favorite necklace had broken and it was so hard to find someone to fix for free nowadays! Oh, and she got seasick and stained her favorite gown! … And the list goes on and on! -04:20 Jun 25

    Whatever Marion wanted to! She was just here to enjoy some time with her! Oh, did she know that Ursula had the most godawful journey from France? It was absolutely terrible! First, her attendant had lost her precious baggage! And then her favorite necklace had broken and it was so hard to find someone to fix for free nowadays! Oh, and she got seasick and stained her favorite gown! … And the list goes on and on!

    Marion: *Marion nodded and smiled! Interjecting with a comment or question here and there and making sure she sounded as interested as possible! Not that Cousin Ursula wasn’t interesting, but she did talk an awful lot about really ridiculous things… Marion had made sure to offer her the best chair and poor her a cup of tea to make up for her awful trip!* -04:23 Jun 25

    Oh yes, tea! Thank you, Cousin Marion! It is so refreshing to find a friendly face here. This country has the most bleak weather! Why, her hair has suffered so badly in this cold and damp climate! Fortunately, France is such a beautiful and breathtaking country!

    Marion: I’ve onyl seen France once, and it was very pleasant. *Pouring the woman a cup, she offered it before pouring herself some tea. If she had to smile any more she swore her face would fall off! The thought of that nearly made her giggle out loud!* -04:35 Jun 25

    Indeed! Why, the English could learn a few things from the French! Why, the French are the picture of civilized and evolved people. They know how to treat others. Not like this horrid England. Why, everything she has had to buy was overpriced and with the most horrid customer service ever! Imagine how the world would be if that type of treatment just went on and on … Why, the world would be out of business, that’s what! Oh! Wait a moment, she must fan herself! She gets so heated up about such things. But really, it makes so much more sense if you think about it the way she does.

    Marion: *Smiling and nodding while Cousin Ursula was talking, she wasn’t even really listening any more. What if the English were really more like the French? Would they have to eat snails at parties? And did the French call it French Kissing or was it just plain kissing? But then what would they call normal kissing…? * Of course, Cousin Ursula. -04:44 Jun 25
    [Marion was being tormented by a very reletive? Maybe if she escaped…] -03:59 Jun 28
    [Faulkner Grant is doing butler things.] -04:00 Jun 28

    Ursula was chatting a mile a minute! Marion has grown so much since she’d last seen her! Of course she was so small back then! She’s filled out a bit but she could definitely fill out a lot more. Is she eating well? Are the Wellingtons taking good care of her?

    Marion: *Oh good grief!* I… you know, Cousin, I do feel a little ill. You wouldn’t be too upset if I said goodbye early. We could always have lunch another day, maybe next month..! -04:02 Jun 28
    Faulkner Grant: Ursula looked astonished! Feeling ill? She quickly checked Marion’s temperature. First with the back of her hand against her forehead. Second by actually opening Marion’s mouth before telling her to go "Aah!" After several moments of studying Marion’s teeth, she let the poor girl go. Oh dear! Her mouth was looking awfully swollen. Was she allergic to anything? Did a bug bite her before her visit? -04:11 Jun 28

    Ursula looked astonished! Feeling ill? She quickly checked Marion’s temperature. First with the back of her hand against her forehead. Second by actually opening Marion’s mouth before telling her to go “Aah!” After several moments of studying Marion’s teeth, she let the poor girl go. Oh dear! Her mouth was looking awfully swollen. Was she allergic to anything? Did a bug bite her before her visit?

    Marion: I’m sure it’s just a mild cold and nothing to be worried about, whatsoever. Just in case though, I think I better get straight to bed. *She was already rising from her seat and easing her way towards teh door.* I’m so sorry Cousin Ursula, but you’re welcome to stay for lunch and leave when you’re ready! -04:13 Jun 28

    Ursula looked like she was about to rise from her seat and help Marion to bed. But she slowly nodded. Very well. It was such a pleasant visit. Perhaps she would pay a call later tomorrow? Run along, Marion, and get well soon!

    Marion: Goodbye Cousin! *It took all her willpower not to run out the door! But once it was closed behind her, she picked up her skirts and fled to her room before the women decided she needed a nursemaid! Who knew someone could talk so much!* -04:15 Jun 28

    Marion’s bed looked like it had just been made and it was spotless, as usual. The perfect place to get away from noisey, pesky relatives!

    Marion: *Marion fell face first in to bed and sighed with relief. She didn’t even get to finish looking at that book. Though after Ursula, a nap wasn’t sounding so bad after all. Maybe just an hour or so until she was gone…* -04:18 Jun 28

    There were the sounds of Ursula possibly leaving but so hard to tell for sure. Meanwhile, Marion picks up a subtle scent in the air. It was very nice … Was that lavender?

    Marion: *It did smell like lavender, and had her thinking about Sir and Lady Wellington having their special lunch. If Ursula was gone, then it should be safe to go back down stairs! She sat up slowly, not being able to help herself from yawning. Then again a nap wouldn’t hurt. She leaned down to slip off her shoes.* -04:25 Jun 28

    It was now or never! It was the perfect time to strike! The wench had her back turned and was bending over! He sprung out of the closet and pressed his knfe against her throat. He made sure not to break the skin but he could feel her pulse. “Marion … My sweet Marion.” He pulled her close.

    Marion: *She quit nearly screamed! It was that voice again but Thomas wouldn’t pull a knife on her.. would he?* w…what do you want? I swear to go I’m going to scream…! -04:33 Jun 28

    A soft chuckle. A stroke of her hair before his fingers slipped through her locks, curled in them and yanked her head back. “Scream all you want, my love. The pain I inflict on you will be nothing compared to the pain of betrayal by someone very close to you.” He paused. “And you know who I’m talking about, don’t you? You already have doubts of your own. This man who pretends to be your protector and yet appears at the wrong places at the wrong times.”

    Marion: He wouldn’t ever…! You’re the one hurting me! *She wouldn’t listen! A man with pretty words and knife was surely more dangerous no matter how… strange Faulkner Grant could be! She grasped the hand with the knife to push it away and tried to elbow herself free!* -04:41 Jun 28

    The man had been expecting a struggle! He yanked on her head and sent her falling back onto the bed! He straddled her and covered her mouth with one hand while showing off the knife in the other. “Would he? Perhaps you do not know him as well as you think you do. He and the Wellingtons are connected to Thomas. And to his death as well.”

    Faulkner Grant: Miss Marion …? *A knock on the door.* Are you in there? -04:44 Jun 28

    At the knock, the man’s grip on Marion loosened ever so slightly!

    Marion: *A muffled cry as she froze! What did he mean connected to Thomas’ death? But they hadn’t even… at the loosened grip Marion struggled to break free again and scream!* -04:47 Jun 28

    The man turned his attention back to Marion but it was too late!

    Faulkner Grant: *At the scream, all Faulkner had to do was open the door and he ran inside!* -04:49 Jun 28

    By now the man was retreating! And quickly jumped out the window?! When Faulkner went to investigate the ground below, he saw the man running away!

    Faulkner Grant: *Swore under his breath before turning and moving to Miss Marion’s side.* Miss Marion, are you alright? -04:49 Jun 28
    Marion: *She nodded quickly!* I’m alright… he just. … Scared me. *He did always show up just when she needed him… but that was a good thing wasn’t it? She brushed tears from her face quickly!* -04:52 Jun 28
    Faulkner Grant: *He offered her a handkerchief.* What happened? -04:53 Jun 28

    One of the maids came by. She’d heard the commotion. Was everyone safe?

    Marion: *Marion just shook her head, taking the kerchief to dry her eyes.* Oh.. same old, same old? *She gave a half hearted, nervous laugh. What else was there to say..?* But you’ve rescued me again, so it’s alright? -04:56 Jun 28
    Faulkner Grant: … We’ll be fine. Thank you. *He told the maid. He turned back to Miss Marion.* We need to tell the Wellingtons. It’s not safe for you here anymore. *He sounded very sad about that.* -04:58 Jun 28
    Marion: I don’t think there is a place safer than here. *And thought was scary all by itself! He knew that didn’t he? Or did he want her to… Oh, now she was getting suspicious because of a maniac’s warnings?! Marion shook her head again!* No. We better not. I’ll just… change my room! Somewhere without a window. -05:02 Jun 28
    Faulkner Grant: *Smiled at the suggestion.* I will sleep right outside your door if you want. -05:05 Jun 28
    Marion: Sleep in my room. I.. think that would be better? Then I could see you and… know you’re right there. -05:07 Jun 28
    Faulkner Grant: *Blinked!* Um … Are you sure? That’s … very … er … inappropriate. I doubt the Wellingtons would agree to that. -05:09 Jun 28
    Marion: *Despite any suspicion and fright of the moment, that made her smile.* I think by now what is appropriate and what’s not has been tossed out the window, don’t you? -05:11 Jun 28
    Faulkner Grant: *Chuckled softly* I see your point. I suppose I can sleep on the floor. -05:13 Jun 28
    Marion: Then if that crazy Cousin Ursula is gone, I would really, really like to find another room and just… stay there forever. -05:20 Jun 28
    Faulkner Grant: … That would explain all the talking I heard. And I was outside at the time. *He studied her for a moment.* How about you get some rest? -05:25 Jun 28
    Marion: *She stood slowly, almost as if testing her own legs!* I am almost sorely tempted to just sleep in your room. -05:28 Jun 28
    Faulkner Grant: I don’t know if you’d enjoy my room. It doesn’t have a window, remember? -05:31 Jun 28
    Marion: Then it’s perfect! No one would ever expect me to be in your bed, what better place would there be? -05:33 Jun 28
    [Marion with her feminine wiles had convinced Faulker Grant to let her stay in his room and she SHOULD be fast asleep!] -02:38 Sep 12
    [Faulkner kept Miss Courtland company until he was certain she was sound asleep!] -02:52 Sep 12
    Marion: *Marion fell asleep, but sound sleeping was en entirely different matter. It’s not easy sleeping, knowing you could die at any moment!* -02:53 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *He brushed his hair back with his fingers, suddenly feeling very old and very much his age. She appeared to be asleep … and by the tone of the clock, it was getting late. He couldn’t wait any longer or else he’d never make it back in time. He drew the blankets over her and brushed a strand out of her face. Then he was out of the room and he quietly shut the door behind him! Then he glanced around and headed for the back door!* -02:56 Sep 12
    Marion: *The soft click of the closing door roused her, and she blinked weary eyed at the empty room. Had he gone to fetch something? Marion waited a few moments, sure she was going to drift back to sleep and that he’d return any second. But when he didn’t she slid out of bed. It was the middle of the night. What if he WAS up to something? She should know! Marion snatched up one of the smaller blankets to wrap around her shoulders as she snuck out the door to follow!* -03:01 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *No one was around this time of night. The staff went to bed early, mainly because the Wellingtons were early risers. He fetched a lantern from the closet in the kitchen next to the back door and then headed through the garden and to the side gate, the same gate Marion had wandered out through before drowning. But instead of heading down to the river, he went straight through some wild brush. Not too long ago, it had been a well-kept lawn but nature had swiftly taken it over.* -03:05 Sep 12

    The full moon rose high above the brush. There were tall bushes, once well-trimmed, but now growing in every direction and then tall weeds and vines. -Faulkner

    Marion: *House slippers made following silent, but hardly aided in avoiding getting snagged by vines and weeds. Marion disentangled herself quickly, finding it more and more curious that he was sneaking out the side gates like this. Was he trying not to be seen?* -03:11 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *Nearly two-thirds of the way there, he found himself short of breath and had to lean against what looked like a broken pillar of some kind. He shut his eyes. It would be so easy to just fall asleep and leave everything to the Wellingtons … He snapped himself out of his daze and stood up, shaking his head. No. He had to get back. He couldn’t help like this. He continued on, this time on a narrow path free of vines and weeds that led to a large, dark manor.* -03:16 Sep 12
    Marion: *Marion was perplexed! When he stopped, she was tempted to jump out and demand to know where he was going, but instead remained out of sight. As the manor came in to view, she was more curious. The Wellingtons didn’t say anything about neighbors or extra properties. On the clear path, she stayed at a good distance… Maybe he wasn’t going there specifically.* -03:21 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *He stopped in front of the steps that led up to the front door of the manor and held the lantern up high. He started remembering when this place was a lot different, back before it had become a memory hidden away from all. He remembered all the windows being lit, and the laughter and … many more things that no longer existed here. He suddenly turned around and looked back the way he’d come. Why did he feel like someone was watching him, following him?* -03:25 Sep 12
    Marion: *Ack! Marion dashed behind the nearest tree. He was going to that house! It was obviously vacant, so why would a man sneak off to a place like this in the middle of the night! She waited a few moments.* -03:28 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *He finally turned back around. But instead of going into the house, he moved around the corner to the side. There, he stepped up to the wall of the manor covered in vines and, by doing something Marion couldn’t see, a hidden door opened and he disappeared inside. After he was gone, the door stayed open, giving Marion a way in if she decided to follow.* -03:31 Sep 12
    Marion: *That sinking feeling in her gut… She tried to ignore it. This was mischief. Suspicious mischief. If she went home now, she wouldn’t know for sure… Marion dashed down the path, and slipped through the previously hidden doorway.* -03:35 Sep 12

    The door closed up right behind Marion! What followed was a winding narrow flight of stone steps that finally led down to a small chamber that split off into several tunnels. It was easy to spot and keep up with Faulkner though, as he had the lantern and he wasn’t moving very quickly. When he finally stopped, he was in a large chamber filled with books and tables and bubbling liquids. There were candles all around. -Faulkner

    Faulkner: *He put the lantern down on one of the few spaces free of clutter and began flipping through a large book left open on the table nearby.* -03:42 Sep 12
    Marion: *Marion locked her teeth together to keep herself from screaming. Pulling the blanket tighter around her shoulders, she stayed close to the wall as she followed. This place was disturbing, there was surely not right about it. She stopped at the start of the chamber… What sort of madness was all this? It was like a laboratory!* -03:46 Sep 12

    SQUEAK! SQUEAK! Oh, heavens, was that a rat?! And the bold little bugger ran over Marion’s feet! -Faulkner

    Marion: *She wouldn’t scream, she wouldn’t scream…!* Aiiie..~!! *She screamed! Kicking the furry beast away from her feet, she stood up in the nearest chair… and all too late realized she had given herself away! She quickly tried to paint an expression of decorum on her face, but with being caught spying and standing on a chair… she choose a direct attack instead!* What, exactly, do you think you’re doing here! -03:50 Sep 12
    Faulkner: MARION?! *She was, by far, the last person he had ever expected to see here! Not to mention there was no telling what would happen now!* I mean, Miss Courtland, what are you doing here? How did you … And why are you … And … *He ran his fingers through his hair. There was no way he could undo this.* You have to leave. Now. *He started for the lantern to show her the way out.* -03:54 Sep 12
    Marion: *Marion stepped down from the chair, but clearly wasn’t going to budge! His reaction didn’t bode well either. He sounded dreadfully guilty!* I am not leaving without answers! What is this place? What are you doing here? How are all of these things just laying around ready and waiting? You’re… You’re up to something! -03:57 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *He stopped at the doorway to the tunnel, in mid-reach for the lantern. He didn’t turn to look at her. He only took a deep breath.* This is … this is my family’s home. Or … it was. -04:00 Sep 12
    Marion: *Marion was trying to think if she had ever even heard him speak about his family… She had never met them! …And those thoughts weren’t going to distract from the problem at hand.* With secret doors and laboratories included. That you sneak off to in the middle of the night. -04:06 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *He finally turned around.* I … don’t come here often. Unless it’s necessary. I needed to see what I could do about this. *He glanced up at the silver streak in his hair.* -04:08 Sep 12
    Faulkner: It’s more than just a streak of white. And I know you’ve noticed it when it suddenly appeared. But it is a rather long story. I’d prefer if you were somewhere warm and comfortable when I told it. -04:11 Sep 12
    Marion: Warm, comfortable and out of your way, I assume. *She didn’t mean to sound so suspicious… but under the circumstances… Marion glanced over the room again.* I want to know what all of this is. -04:14 Sep 12
    Faulkner: Alchemy tools. *He looked over the books and the liquid and the other countless things scattered around.* Do you remember what alchemy is? -04:15 Sep 12
    Marion: You’re certainly not trying to turn silver to gold…*Marion muttered, softly.* What has it to do with your hair…? -04:18 Sep 12
    Faulkner: No, alchemy has to do with more than turning things to gold. *He said.* One of alchemy’s … beliefs … is that to achieve something, you must give up something of equal value in return. For using alchemy, I give up a portion of my life force. And as I do that, I get older. The streak of hair is a visible sign of my aging. -04:21 Sep 12
    Marion: *Marion blinked slowly… His answers were only giving her more questions to ask!* Why would you do something like that? It sounds dangerous. Impossible. -04:27 Sep 12
    Faulkner: It … was a last resort, I assure you. But it was necessary. I believe Thomas’ favorite words were "Nothing is impossible." -04:32 Sep 12
    Marion: *Crossing hr arms, she chewed on her bottom lip. How could she trust him if he kept things like this from her… Something so dangerous and scary. That stranger could be right…* But why. What could be so important that you’d waste away your own life for something that couldn’t possibly be sane! -04:35 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *He shut his eyes as if reliving a painful memory. He had known this question was coming, in some form or another. But it didn’t make talking about it any less painful.* About a year ago, Thomas contacted me. He was involved in a struggle against someone very close to him and he needed help. I did what I could and … we had thought that someone had died. Then Thomas passed away. Using alchemy became necessary when all signs pointed to that someone still being alive. And coming back to finish what he started. -04:47 Sep 12
    Marion: Thomas was doing something that night. The night he died. I just… I just can’t remember what it was… *Marion turned away, trying to think. Thomas had his books and was up late. She was going to bring him some coffee…* Why is it, that everyone remembers what happened but me. The Wellingtons and now even you were involved… -04:54 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *He gave her sometime to think before he spoke again.* Please, Miss Courtland, allow me to escort you back to the house so you can get some rest? *He’d have some explaining to do to the Wellingtons about this.* -05:01 Sep 12
    Marion: …and then what? Will you come back here once I am out of sight and mind? *She turned back around with arms still crossed as she frowned at him.* I have always done what I was told, but now all of you are passing me back and forth in the name of keeping me safe. But it’s.. it’s not really making a difference, is it. I think… that I should be allowed to see what everyone is doing. -05:05 Sep 12
    Faulkner: *She meant every word of it, too! He sighed softly. The thought of throwing her over his shoulder and marching all the way back occurred to him but … he was in no shape to be doing that type of carrying.* I am only doing research here. If I find what I’m looking for, I might come up with something that will help restore some of my youth. And regardless of anything else, you’ll need something warmer for a place like this. -05:14 Sep 12
    Marion: *Marion shrugged her shoulders.* I brought a blanket. *Looking back at the tables, shew was chewing on her lip against.* Isn’t it a paradox to sacrifice bits of your life to try and get more of it back? -05:16 Sep 12
    Days of Victoria


    [Illiana Rosewood A week later, almost all her wounds had healed; and any discomforts were gone, thanks to the advice and the teas from Dr.St. James! She feels 99.9% better! ] -12:38 Mar 29
    [Marion is having a very pleasant morning in the gardens.] -12:41 Mar 29
    [Faulkner Grant seems to have recuperated quite nicely!] -12:46 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Has come at the Wellingtons’ wishes to check up on his three patients. It’s a terrific day and just the type of climate to make one healthy and strong!*

    Illiana Rosewood: *Notices even the doctor seems to have been looking a lot better since their previous meeting… now she really needed to get in contact with that lawyer, and decides to ask the Wellingtons first chance she gets!* -12:52 Mar 29
    Marion: *Marion is snipping flowers, because that is a nice and safe thing for her to be doing. After all, it would be silly to go running around town looking for…well, not even knowing what she’d be looking for! It does provide ample time for thinking…* -12:55 Mar 29

    Lady Wellington: Hello Miss Illiana! Why can I do for you today?

    Illiana Rosewood: Lady Wellington, good morning. Sorry to bother you, but I really would like to write to my father’s lawyer and get certain things straightened out. Do you happen to have his address by chance? *She asks, looking a little worried about everything. And determined to figure these rumors out.* -01:00 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: *Is keeping a watch over Miss Courtland. All of his duties except this one are done for the day and, per the doctor’s orders, he is "taking it easy." He stands next to the gate that separates the gardens from the outside world. The gate is secure and locked but it is best not to take any chances.* -01:00 Mar 29

    Lady Wellington: Oh! Youknow, it’s the strangest thing! I letter came for you today from that lawyer of yours! I think it must be what you’re looking for! *Lady Wellington provides Illiana with a very official looking letter.* The Sir and I actually have been sent for reguarding some urget business, so I do hope everything you need is in that letter, we should be away all day!

    Illiana Rosewood: *She takes the letter a little surprised! How had that lawyer figured out she wanted to hear from him? She wondered in the back of her mind.* Thank you Lady Wellington. I will look after the place while you’re away. *She curtsied, still shocked at how easy that had fallen into place!* -01:04 Mar 29

    Sir Wellington: Faulker. *So says Stern Sir Wellington like an angry old father.* Ginger and I will be away on some business. We’ll be sure to send word if we’ll be away any longer.

    Dr St James: *He pops into the garden and sees Sir Wellington and Faulkner and Miss Courtland there.* Sir Wellington! Faulkner! Greetings! I came by to check on everyone.

    Faulkner Grant: *Nods.* Yes, Sir. I’ll be sure to take care of things while you are gone. *He says before the doctor comes by. He bows.* Doctor. -01:08 Mar 29

    When Illiana reads the letter it’s a simple request by the Lawyer to meet him (or one of his associates if perchance he can’t make it personally) at 2876 Mulberry Lane. He knows that she needs to speak with him.

    Illiana Rosewood: I really ought to do this right away, Lady Wellington. Would it be alright if I spent a few hours taking care of this? I hope I won’t be gone too long. -01:10 Mar 29
    Marion: *Marion is of course out of ear shot but certainly with in sight. Well, until she walks around one of the bushes to trim the other side! * -01:11 Mar 29

    Lady Wellington: Certainly, darling! I know how much you wanted to find out about those dreadful rumors. Faulker will be here to care for Marion. You go on ahead!

    Illiana Rosewood: Thank you kindly, Lady Wellington. I’ll hurry home as soon as I’m finished. *She curtsies again before she’s off to the stables! Her horse Stormy was there, looking quite pissed from his owner’s crazy antics! But she manages to soothe him, and get him ready for a long trip!* -01:16 Mar 29

    Sir Wellington: St James! *He exlaims, slapping the Doctor on the back with nearly enough force to knock him over!* I’m afraid I would love to chat, but my lady is waiting and we have somewhere to be!

    Dr St James: *Blinks and does nearly fall over! He coughs as the breath is literally knocked out of him!* … Of course! Please, do not allow me to keep you. I can already see that Faulkner and Miss Courtland are in excellent condition. I believe I saw Miss Rosewood on my way in. I really should get going myself. If any problems should arise, please let me know. Good day. *He bows and is gone!*

    Sir Wellington: That man disappears like a ghost, I say! Hmph. *He wags a finger at Faulker.* Take care of my girl. Good day Faulker. GOOD DAY MARION! *He bellows!*

    Marion: …? *She peeks around the bush and waves!* Goodbye! -01:21 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: Good day, sir. *He bows and watches Sir Wellington leave. He looks back at where he saw Marion peek around the bush and smiles slightly. But before his mind gets lost in daydreaming he remembers why he must be on guard and stays focused …* -01:24 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *She rides away from the mansion headed for Mulberry Lane… knowing it was a few miles away, she wants to get there as swift as possible and urges Stormy into a full-speed run. It certainly doesn’t take long to get to the address! And she’s amazed at how close by the place actually was as she dismounts Stormy, tying him carefully to a tree surrounded by plenty of grass. Then, she walks up to the place that says 2876 and knocks politely on the door.* -01:24 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Believe it or not has somewhere to be! He has been summoned to attend a new patient who is very ill and “in need of his expertise” as the letter states. He quickly takes his horse and is gone!*

    A maid quickly answers the door! “Yes, ma’am?” she asks, timid as a mouse. She even has mousebrown eyes and hair in a tight bun. She doesn’t even look up to meet Illy’s eyes, much less open the door more than a crack.

    Illiana Rosewood: "Hello, miss. I’m looking for a Mr. Markus Fowler? I was told to meet with him this afternoon. *She says, noticing the maid wouldn’t meet her eyes either.* -01:31 Mar 29

    DING DONG! There is a bell ring at the Wellington’s home!

    The maid still doesn’t meet Illy’s eyes! “Mr. Markus Fowler …? I am sorry, ma’am but … there is no Mr. Markus Fowler here. I–I am afraid you have t–the wrong … house.” She starts to close the door …

    Faulkner Grant: *Ignores the bell ringing. One of the maids will get it, he tells himself and runs his fingers through his gray-streaked hair. Had he been one of those poetic types he might even say the new look was "distinguished."* -01:33 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *Unfortunately for the maid, she doesn’t exactly have time nor does she want to play these games. She sticks her foot inside the door.* No, miss, I have the correct address. *She pulls the letter out of her pocket to show the maid.* Now please, the sooner I see this man, the sooner I can be on my way. -01:33 Mar 29

    The poor maid panics! “Ma’am! Puh–Please! This is the wrong house! You … you want the house next door! This–this is not the house!” With an amazing amount of strength, she forces Illy’s foot out and slams the door shut. “You have the wrong house!” she shouts through the closed door!

    DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DO- Yep. One of the maids answered the door. There was several silent moments before one of the maids appeared with a letter in hand. “Mr. Grant, sir. There’s an urget letter here for you, sent from Sir Wellington.”

    Marion: *By now Marion had a basket of flowers and had returned to hear and see the maid with a curious letter from Sir Wellington.* What is that all about, Faulker? -01:37 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *Blinks! Wrong house her kicked foot! She grumbles to herself and decides to do this the hard way! She checks the address one more time, and gets annoyed enough to climb up a window, stealthilly using a drainpipe! Stupid, panicky maids…Grrr…this was not how she wanted to make an entrance! But there she was, having to sneak her way up the house to see which window would show her Fowler’s office!* -01:38 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: *Turns to the maid as she approaches and takes the letter. That was quick.* A letter? Already? *He looks up at Miss Courtland.* I have no idea, Miss Courtland. *He opens it and reads. Sir Wellington had left something important in the study? That didn’t sound like him at all.* I will only be a moment. It seems Sir Wellington forgot something in the study and he wishes me to put it away safely. Julie, if you could keep Miss Courtland company until I return. Please excuse me, Miss Courtland. *He bows and walks away. He quickly strides into the house and walks into the study and begins looking for this "book" of Sir Wellington’s.* -01:40 Mar 29

    Unfortunately for Illy, the only thing she gets for her trouble are–heavy curtains drawn across the windows! It seems that if she wants to get a real good look, she’ll have to find a way inside!

    Marion: Hmm. I suppose I’ll take these to the kitchen for some water.. Oh! I forgot Ginger’s apron! Can you take these to the kitchen for me? I’ll be right there in a moment! *Marion hands the maid the basket of flowers before moving off to find that apron!* -01:42 Mar 29

    The maid did as instructed, taking the flowers away to the kitchen! Of course, in Sir Wellington’s study, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of a “book”. Perhaps it was a mistake!

    Illiana Rosewood: *She grumbles a lot as she goes back to find an unlocked window! Oh lovely. At this point, she was never going to get anything accomplished. She couldn’t very well just smash open a window because a maid was being stupid. She keeps searching for the unlocked window that would let her at least sneak inside without using any violence…* -01:44 Mar 29

    It takes some searching but Illy finally does it! She finds an unlocked window! However it is awfully small and it might take some effort to get through but there are no heavy curtains. It seems to lead to a small room of sorts with nothing more than a bed and a table. Best of all, no one is in there.

    Faulkner Grant: *Finally has to give up the search.* Odd. *He checks the letter but there are no clues to what this "book" looks like. At all. Sir Wellington only states that he forgot the book in the study and asks that he put it away for him. Hm. An odd mistake, if indeed it was a mistake. He turns and exits the study. He should really check on Miss Courtland.* -01:47 Mar 29

    Speaking of Miss Courtland, there she is in the hall.. well going down the hall towards her room! Just missed her!

    Illiana Rosewood: *Fortunately for Illie, she’s good at fitting through tight spaces! Being small and thin did have its advantages. She goes through that window, after pushing it open, and silently, trying to make no noise at all; she goes in search of Markus Fowler.* -01:48 Mar 29

    Strange … The house, although just as large and as furnished as any well-to-do, respectable lawyer would, is silent and seems empty. Not a single whisper, not a single footstep to tell Illy that someone actually lives here.

    Faulkner Grant: *Stops and blinks.* Miss Courtland? *What could she possibly be doing inside and where was Julie? Perhaps she had come inside and dismissed the maid. He heads down the hall and to her room. He knocks.* Miss Courtland? -01:52 Mar 29

    The door opens and Marion blinks at Faulker, opening her mouth to speak when all of a sudden… There is a big BANG and flashing from the inside of her room! There’s a big dog beast!

    Marion: There it is. *Marion is out in the gardens and snatches up that apron she left hanging on a bush. She shakes off the leaves and dust attached to it!* -01:55 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: …*There goes that uneasy sort of feeling she was prone to getting when something creepy was going on. She was half tempted to decide to wait another day on this; now that she knew the address…perhaps she could go back and write the lawyer a letter, or ask if he could possibly meet with her at the Wellington’s place! She certainly is reluctant as she looks in every room for the lawyer. . .why was it so hard to get a few answers these days?!* -01:56 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: *Not again! He grabs for Miss Courtland’s hand to pull her out of the room before the dog beast attacks!* -01:58 Mar 29

    Oh no! It’s too late for attacking! That dog beast is pouncing after Marion and Faulker like it has hell’s fury!

    Oh wait–there goes the timid maid scurrying toward Illy as fast as well–a mouse!

    There is an old old man right outside the garden gates of the Wellingtons. And he looks so very lost and confused!

    Illiana Rosewood: *Yikes! Illie does not want to get thrown out again, she hides quickly in a random room, leaning against that door to ensure the maid couldn’t open it in case she was seen…* -02:02 Mar 29
    Marion: *Marion was just on her way back to the house.. but… Sighing, she draped the apron back on the bush and headed towards the gate.* Sir, are you all right? You seem a little lost. -02:02 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: *Manages to grab Miss Courtland anyways but in getting her out of danger, he turns his back on the dog beast! It turns out to be a big mistake as the dog beast’s claws rake his back as he dashes out of the room! The pain messes him up enough that the dash ends in a tumble across the hall!* -02:04 Mar 29

    The old man scratches his head. “I was a lookin’ for me grandson… I he ran down that way, but I got all side-winded. Do you think you can point me in the right direction? I was sure there was a small stream through here…”

    The maid scurries right past the room Illy is in! And just as Illy hears her scurrying fade, she hears something quite unexpected! A familiar voice!

    Dr St James: *Pauses in the hall right outside of the room Illy is hiding in.* Hm. I wonder where she went off to. Perhaps I have the wrong house after all …

    Illiana Rosewood: *Blinks! That was Dr.St. James! She opens that door quick enough!* St. James? What is going on? -02:07 Mar 29
    Marion: Oh! That can’t be good at all! Let me see… *Flicking open the gate lock, she stepped outside of the garden to the rescue of the old man!* There’s actually a stream right near here. It even runs through the property. I’ll show you. Children always love playing in the water, so the Wellingtons just let them be so long as they stay out of trouble. *Smiling at the old man, she led him away from the gates and down a path towards the stream!* -02:07 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Blinks!* Miss Rosewood? Whatever are you doing here? I uh … *He pats his pockets and reaches into his jacket to show her a letter.* A letter was sent to me. A patient. Very ill. The maid showed me in but … she disappeared on me. You have business here as well?

    Faulker’s tumble ends with a dog beast landing practically on top of him and Ma-… Marion has vanished! Completely vanished! Leaving only Faulkner there with a very hungry dog beastie clawing at his every limb!

    Illiana Rosewood: *She nods.* I’m here to see Mr. Markus Fowler; but that maid of his tried to kick me out of the house. So naturally I’m resorting to good old fashioned sneaking. It makes me suspicious of it all. -02:11 Mar 29

    CLICK! CLICK! SSSSHHHHHH … The sound of locks being opened and … gates opening?! And they’re coming from nearby! In fact … on either end of the hall Illy and St. James are in, the walls rise to about the height of Illy’s waist, revealing secret spaces of some sort. And three pairs of red eyes appear in the darkness at both ends of the hall … followed by growling. Two large three-headed dogs slowly step out! It looks like Illy and St. James were summoned for a purpose after all–to become the dogs’ dinner!

    The old man mumbled that children were very pesky that way. As they reached the stream, before Marion can turn around the old man has vanished! Poofed! Something suddenly grabs her from behind, covering her mouth and nose! Making sure she can’t take in a single breath of air!

    Faulkner Grant: *Blinks and winces!* Miss Courtland! *Realization finally dawns! It was a trap! "Yes, how very insightful of you." Deciding to ignore the voice until later, he grabs the leg of a small table nearby and smashes it over the dog beast’s head. The table splinters and he pushes the leg into the dog’s mouth, forcing it open!* -02:16 Mar 29
    Marion: Where did yo-MMRPH! *Tricked like a three year old child…! She should have known not to talk to strangers, and now all she could do was struggle to get away or the very least to breathe!* -02:18 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Gulps and turns, only to see the dog closest to him and back away! He stops when he bumps into Illy!* Well … This is … unexpected. I … I assume my overactive imagination is at it again … *He shuts his eyes!*

    Illiana Rosewood: If that’s your imagination St. James, I’m afraid to ask what you see in your dreams. *She says, deciding now was not a good time at all to fight 2 three headed dogs with one sword! And she had fully expected James’ denial. But all that mattered at this point was running for their lives! She pulls on his hand to dash out of that room hoping to make it to the front doors and dash outside before they were eaten alive!* -02:21 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Is quite certain th at if he thinks hard enough the dogs will disappear and they will end up being just fluffy little kittens looking for some petting! Yes, that is all it is! His imagination! He runs after Illy but only because if he doesn’t, she’ll end up dragging him!* Therearenodogs! Therearenodogs! Nodogs! Nodogs!

    The beastie dog chomps down on the wood that Faulker stuffed in it’s mouth, splintering it in to a million pieces! It snaps at a leg!

    The running sets the dogs off! They dash forward with supernatural speed! They bark and howl and throw saliva everywhere!

    Marion is held firm, squirming or not! A voice, a very familiar voice murmuring in her ear! “Please don’t move, Marion. I need you to be still…”

    Illiana Rosewood: Ew! I wish this was your imagination! I really do! *Illie yells over her shoulder, running faster towards the front door! She keeps urging James to run a lot faster; even as she’s shoving him in front of her to get to the door faster and less chance of him getting eaten.* -02:27 Mar 29
    Marion: *Marion freezes! That voice was… but he was… She didn’t dare to move, but.. still couldn’t breathe!* -02:27 Mar 29

    “Marion, about that night. There’s something I need you to tell me. But if you can’t remember…” With a hand still over her mouth and nose, something painfully sharp was inched up to her neck! A forboding threat! “Can you tell me…?”

    Faulkner Grant: *Scrambles out of the way and finds his back up against the wall! He thrusts his hand out, palm toward the dog beast, fingers spread.* Absentis ut unde vos venit! *In a flash of light, the dog beast is gone!* -02:31 Mar 29

    James trips and Illy helps him up! But just as they get to the door, a trapdoor opens up right under them and they go falling into darkness! And suddenly hit the ground!

    Marion: *She wants to tell him, she really does! But she just can’t remember! And she’s trying so hard to think of what it is, but there’s no air and everything is getting a bit dim… She shakes her head! Marion just can’t!* -02:34 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *Woah..! Hits the ground hard with a crash from unknown height! Where had they landed and what was going on? She attempts to look around at their surroundings….* -02:34 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: Miss Courtland! *He gets to his feet and dashes back out to the garden! On his way, Julie stops him and tells him that Miss Courtland sent her in because she had to fetch Lady Wellington’s apron! He leaves Julie standing in the hall and finds the garden empty! The apron is … draped over the bush. And the gate is … open?! He steps outside and fortunately finds footsteps leading toward the river children usually play in. He wonders what she could possibly be doing there as he runs!* -02:36 Mar 29

    Dr St James: OOoff! *He hits the ground with a thud! and is so stunned, he can’t even move!* Wha … what just happened?

    The only source of light is the light from above. Judging from their little fall and how far up the light is, it is safe to assume they fell about fifteen feet! It’s a miracle they haven’t broken every bone in their bodies! There is no way to get back up, only a narrow, smooth shaft. There is also no way to tell where they are–because the trap door is closing and soon they are in complete darkness …

    “That’s not the correct answer, Marion.” Said voice doesn’t release the pressure until Marion has gone limp! That figure… the same cloaked figure from the mausuleum!… lifts her up and starts heading in to the stream. It’s deep enough to lower Miss Courtland with the intent on drowning her! It will look like a dreadful accident!

    Illiana Rosewood: *She moves closer to where St.James is!* I’m not sure. Are you badly hurt? *So much for seeing anything….* -02:42 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Stays right where he is! He shuts his eyes so he can pretend that the darkness is really just caused by him closing his eyes. Instead of the fact that it really is pitch black.* I … I … am fine. *He swallows. His voice somewhat hoarse.* And … you, Miss Rosewood? *He asks, his voice a bit firmer now.*

    Suddenly a light appears–and another–and another until Illy and St. James are surrounded by torches held on the walls around them. They are in a room of stone, a circular room where the torches are an equal distant apart from another. The ceiling is low except where the hole they fell from is, forcing Illy and St. James to either get on their hands and knees to move around or bend forward at waist level. There doesn’t seem to be anyway in or out except through that hole.

    Illiana Rosewood: I- *She’s about to say something when those torches are all lit!* It looks like this is the only way out…and hope for the best St. James. *She says blinking at the situation a few times.* -02:48 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Something else catches his eye! He isn’t even looking at Illy now. He points somewhere at one wall of the room.* Th … that … that … is a rat … right …?

    Marion: *Marion is… NOT unconcious! In fact, she played it quite clever this time! She faked passing out so the figure would have released her and as soon as she felt the cold water of the stream, she poked the devil in the eyes! Well… at least she hoped she aimed for the eyes!* -02:52 Mar 29

    RAAGH! That WAS his eyes, and that did not make the cloaked figure any more pleasant. Awake or not, Marion was going to drown herself in the stream! The figured grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her down under the water!

    Illiana Rosewood: *She gives St. James the strangest look! As if he were the one going crazy. She shakes her head. They’d just run from two three headed monster-dogs, fallen almost to their deaths, and he was worried about a rat? She shook her head, then started her way towards the hole, on hands and knees.* I’m pretty sure once we’re through this hole there’s goign to be lots worse than a rat to worry about St. James. -02:53 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: *Is going a lot slower than he should! He actually has to stop and catch a breath! His lungs are burning and his sides are aching! Damn … His age is beginning to catch up with him! He forces himself to continue on!* Miss Courtland! *He yells as he approaches the stream!* -02:54 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Pushes away from the “rat” and shuts his eyes!* Tell that to the rat! *He cries!*

    Illiana Rosewood: You are NOT freaking out on me. *Turns around and grabs St.James to make him follow! She’d drag him through that hole if she had to!* -02:56 Mar 29

    The figure hesitates for a split second at the sound of Faulkner’s voice! He continues to push Marion down under the water until he’s sure she won’t come back up again… and then escapes!

    Illy should have taken a look at that “rat” St. James claimed to see sooner … because it certainly is not a normal rat. In fact, the rat appears to be growing larger and larger with bumps appearing on its back and its claws becoming even bigger claws!

    Faulkner Grant: *Gets to the stream but doesn’t see anyone!* Miss Courtland! Miss Courtland! *He walks up to the stream and starts looking up and down. He can only hope he is not too late and she is still close by. There are no clues he can see that say she left here.* -02:59 Mar 29

    There is no villain to be seen, nor the poor Miss Courtland! Only the bubbles that disturb the flowing stream!

    Illiana Rosewood: *Crap. She needs something to distract that monsterous beast that wasn’t a rat at all. She grabs both shoes to throw at the beast for distractions, moving even faster towards that hole, dragging St. James in a hurry! She hoped that hole was the exit. She reallly did!* -03:02 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Of course is little to no help at all! He is in denial again and convinced this is all a bad dream, a bad, very vivid dream but a dream nonetheless. He still gets dragged however!*

    The shoes don’t serve as much a distraction! All they do is piss the rat off! It starts growling and begins to shuffle toward them. It’s quick but not as quick as the dogs were, thanks to this size!

    Illiana Rosewood: *Goody! Slow things were better! She yanks St. James even faster to that hole! She hopes they can get there fast enough and tells St. James to hurry. A lot.* -03:07 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: *Bubbles? This is only a hunch but for the sake of what little remains of his sanity, he has to be certain those are fish and not Miss Courtland for himself! He strides into the water where the bubbles are and dives! He feels around for anything, grabs what could be reeds or cloth and pulls it up with him as he rises!* -03:07 Mar 29
    Marion: *Faulker captures… a dead body! Well, she’s not quite dead, but she’s surely on her way there! At least gasping for breath as soon as she breaks the surface!* -03:08 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Does as he’s ordered to! Although he is still quite certain this is all a dream! But he’s not too fond of rats so–dream or not, he hightails it! That is … until he runs out of space and drops–into icy water!*

    St. James and Illy have reached the end of the hole which opens up into a sewer of some sort but one they probably have never seen before. Water is pouring out from a hole on the wall to their left above their heads. There is a ledge against the wall opposite them that leads down to the right as far as the eye can see. The walls are made of black stone covered in green moss. The trench the water is in is waist-deep.

    Faulkner Grant: *Surprised, relieved, and terrified, all at the same time, he picks up Miss Courtland and lies her down on dry ground. He turns her over so she’s bending forward and he starts trying to pound that water out of her lungs.* -03:15 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *Illie coughs up the wretched water as she struggles back to her feet from the shocking fall! She pulls up St. James and is now forced to miserably trudge through the sewer to try to find a way out of this damn place!* -03:15 Mar 29
    Marion: *Coughing and gasping…! All of which is quite painful when you’ve sucked in a lung full of water! As soon as she’s sure she can breathe, she moves and throws her arms around Faulkner’s neck! -03:17 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: Miss Courtland! *So relieved she’s still alive, he wraps his arms around her–moist clothes and appropriateness be damned–and holds her tightly.* Miss Courtland … *He buries his face in her hair.* Marion … God, I thought I lost you. -03:19 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Agh! Cold! He’s up and shivering and wrapping his arms about himself! What type of place was this?! He follows after Illy, teeth chattering!*

    Illiana Rosewood: *She was determinedly trying to find a ladder that would lead them out of this place! She was freezing, but if she moved that much faster; she wouldn’t have time to notice!* -03:23 Mar 29

    Suddenly a light is pushed into Illy’s face and a gruff voice growls out! “Eh? Who goes there?”

    Marion: I think I… walked right in to that one. *How stupid could she be? That was much too close for comfort, and that man sounded exactly like… but he would never…* Every time you’re here, I just… I shouldn’t have left the garden… -03:25 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *She blinks, startled, holding a hand in front of her face.* Just two very tired, wet people trying to get out of this place! *She calls back, deciding if this character said no; she was going to hit him over the head.* -03:28 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: I shouldn’t have left you alone. *He says as he leans back, shaking his head and brushing her hair out of her eyes.* I should have known the letter was a ruse. Then I thought you had gone to your room but–it was just another diversion to keep me away from you. Marion, what happened? *The sun is out and warm and beginning to dry her.* -03:29 Mar 29

    The light retreats enough that it’s no longer in Illy’s face and Illy and St. James can see the man. He is old and wide with a long beard, wearing tattered clothes and carrying a club in his other hand. “Eh? You of Adams’ stock, girl?”

    Marion: Just a stupid woman falling for an obvious trick. *A she felt like a world of stupid, and it was written across her face.* He sounded just like Thomas… -03:35 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: …Thats actually what I was here to find out today, sir. *She says honestly,but is a little wary.* -03:35 Mar 29

    The man grins, showing yellow teeth. “Eh. You look like him. You sound like him, too. The name’s Patrick O’Reilly. I keep these sewers. Come on, I’ll show ya out.” He turns and starts shuffling down a tunnel of sorts.

    Faulkner Grant: *Blinks and he actually goes pale!* Thomas … He sounded like Thomas? Did he … did he say anything? -03:37 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Looks from Illy to the man and back again. He shivers and waits to see if she wants to follow the man or not, although the way out seems like a splendid idea right about now.*

    Illiana Rosewood: *She blinks! Well that was certainly a lot more helpful than anything she’d dealt with so far… And she continues to drag St. James, not letting go of his arm once as she followed Patrick!* Thank you sir. The names Illiana Rosewood. -03:38 Mar 29
    Marion: *Oh that look on his face.. that doesn’t bode at all! She looks very very worried!* He wanted me to remember… something. -03:40 Mar 29

    “Eh? Rosewood?” He asks over his shoulder, although he doesn’t stop or pause. “I remember a Rosewood. Mayhap you be the daughter then.” He makes a sound that might have been a chuckle. “Adams was never one fo’ ‘class’. Guess that’s why he always found himself here. Never cared what those rich folk said. Just wanted to live and let live, ya know?”

    Faulkner Grant: *Realize he’s not helping things at all. He wants to know, he really does but … this is neither the time or the place. He smiles slightly.* Let’s get you nice and warm. I’ll send a letter to the Wellingtons right away. Are you able to walk? -03:42 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *She blushes a deep ruby red…! So those rumors were true?* Understandable… Say… would you happen to know anything about a certain man named Markus Fowler? I know he was the family lawyer for Bernard Adams.. and he’s the one I’ve been trying to meet… -03:42 Mar 29
    Marion: *Marion nodded slowly, but now wasn’t the time to think of warmness! There’s was mysterious life threatening plots!* But it couldn’t have been Thomas… correct? Perhaps it was just a trick to keep me from fighting… -03:44 Mar 29

    “Eh … Markus Fowler. There are few who don’t know ‘im. Dun know what you be wantin’ with a scumbag like him.”

    Faulkner Grant: Marion … *He looks away from her and then looks back at her face, meets her eyes.* You know I could never lie to you. The man who attacked you. He isn’t Thomas. -03:46 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Teeth chattering. He swallows.* Pa–Pardon me s–sir but … if you could may–maybe have a fire we could sit beside fo–for awhile …?

    Marion: *Marion chewed on her bottom lip while she examined his face.. No, no he wasn’t lying. At least for that she was relief.* All right… But maybe we should search the stream for that assailant. Or evidence, or… anything! -03:49 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *This was startling indeed! She’d no idea the man even had such a reputation.. but if he wasn’t the only one who knew about Bernard Adams, so much the better!* We’re nearly there…St. James….*Tries to assure the doctor as they keep moving.* But Mr. Patrick? Who else would know Bernard Adams as much as Markus Fowler? -03:49 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Sighs loudly but rubs his arms and tries to think of something other than cold! The sun! Yes, he’d think of the sun!*

    Faulkner Grant: *Studies Marion. He knows that stubborn look in her eyes. He finally nods.* Alright. *He’d much rather she come back to the house with him and get warm and dry but … that would have to wait.* But let’s stay together. Where were you standing when you were attacked? -03:52 Mar 29
    Marion: *He was giving in to what she wanted without question like he always did… That made her smile!* Over there… *She pointed to the spot near the stream.* -03:54 Mar 29

    The man scratches his head with the back of the hand holding the club. “Eh … That’d be Christopher … As boys those two were inseparable. Brothers, just not bound by blood. Mayhap he still lives here.” He finally comes to the end of the tunnel to where a ladder against the wall leads up to a trap door. “This leads up to the street. Here, hold this.” He hands Illy his club and his light. “I better get the cover. It’s mighty tough.”

    Illiana Rosewood: *Illie gladly takes the torch from Patrick.* Thanks very much sir. You’ve been very helpful. *She says, letting him climb up the ladder first.* -03:58 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: That looks like as good a place as any. *He walks with her over to the spot she pointed to and starts searching the ground for anything that could be a clue.* Footprints … How about you? -03:59 Mar 29
    Marion: There’s not really anything out of teh ordina- *Marion suddenly stopped and blinked as she turned to see him. She slowly crossed her arms and gave him a stern look.* When were you going to mention you are covered head to toe in scratches and claw marks, Faulkner Grant. -04:01 Mar 29

    “Eh. Least I can do,” he says as he climbs up. He spits on his hands, rubs his palms together, and grunts as he works on the wheel that keeps the cover closed. There is finally the sound of metal giving way and the wheel turns. He squints as he opens the cover and comes back down. He takes his things back and puts the lantern and club down on the ground. He would have to close the cover once they were gone. “Eh. Remember. Christopher Williams is the one you want. And a word of advice. Be wary of Markus Fowler. The trouble with him is … you don’t know where the truth ends and the lies begin.”

    Faulkner Grant: *Blinks and looks up at her.* I … might have been saving that for … later … -04:04 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Is more than happy to climb up that ladder!* My thanks, Mr. O’Reilly!

    Illiana Rosewood: *She nodded, keeping in mind what Patrick told her.* I will sir. Thanks again. Take care! *She calls as she follows St. James up the ladder.* -04:05 Mar 29

    The man follows after them and closes the cover, leaving Illy and St. James in the middle of a not so busy street! That means they have time to get out, adjust their eyes to the light, and find their way to the sidewalk!

    Marion: When you passed out from bloodloss or earned yourself an infection. I see. *Marion started back towards the house, even snapping her fingers and pointing for the house for him to follow. Yes, she was very angry indeed!* Have you any idea how mad I’ll be if you get yourself killed? -04:08 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *She does just that when she’s out of that place, and soon enough she’s going back to where she’d tied up her horse…hoping he would still be there!* -04:09 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: *Sighs. He knows better to protest as he follows her back.* I was hoping you’d be more sad than mad. *He wasn’t too keen on the image of her strangling his poor corpse and demanding to know why he had to get himself killed.* -04:10 Mar 29
    Marion: I would be so furious I would open up one of Ginger’s book and bring you back from the dead, I believe! *And she might have been serious as she enters through the garden gates! She was mad enough for tears, of which she tried to brush away quickly before being caught!* -04:13 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Is oh so glad to be out! Now he can start to dry up so he won’t catch a cold or worst! At least, that’s what he thinks until–!* AAAhh … Aaahh … CCHOO!!

    Illiana Rosewood: *She was definitely more than numb from head to toe… and her teeth were chattering. Suddenly as she got to Stormy and began untying his leash, she says bless-you, but ends up in a coughing fit!* Damnit…we can’t both be sick! *She grumbles, helping St.James onto the Saddle, before climbing up herself and heads back to the mansion! She wasn’t going to go through that nonsense again!* -04:15 Mar 29

    Dr St James: We can be if–if–ACHOO! *He sneezes just as she’s putting him in the saddle which causes him to collapse forward so now he’s lying sideways in front of her.* Oh dear …

    Faulkner Grant: *Oh, that wouldn’t be good.* Miss Courtland, please … I can explain. I fell for a doppleganger and was attacked by a dog beast. It wasn’t until I sent it back to where it came from that I could come and find you. -04:18 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *She sighs, now this was just awkward! She just carefully helps him to sit up, and takes control of the reigns, then urges Stormy to hurry for home at a fast run!* -04:19 Mar 29
    Marion: *…That certainly made it worse! Marion stopped in mid step at the back door of the manor to turn and glare teary eyed at him!* You’re going to be killed protecting me, Faulkner Grant! And I don’t like it! I.. I order you not to protect me any more! I refuse to be the reason you die! -04:21 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: Marion … *He looks at her sadly.* Marion … You know I can’t stop doing that. *How could he start explaing to her just how much danger she was in without making everything worst. More than ever, he wished the Wellingtons were there! He needed advice. Desperately!* -04:22 Mar 29
    Marion: Balderdash! You’re thinking some nonsense that I am unaware of the dangers, well… I am not! One doesn’t get drowned outside of their own backyard and not realize the dangers! But if you die I don’t think I can… I… Just don’t die! -04:24 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: I know but … *Damn, he should just tell her everything but that would only make her run. And he didn’t want her to run. He couldn’t quite face up to it but he was very much in love with her. He just couldn’t let her know about it or let it come in the way of his duty to protect her. Things had been much simpler when Thomas was alive! He walks up to her and … slips the fingers of both hands between the fingers of her hands, clasping them together. He can’t say anything, he doesn’t know what to say. All he can do is just stand there, holding her hands.* -04:29 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *Finally, she gets to the mansion; exauhsted, soaking wet, freezing to the bones, and not even bothering to hold back those coughing spasms or the occasional sneeze. She makes sure Stormy goes back to the barn, then she’s literally half dragging, half-carrying St. James inside the house!* -04:30 Mar 29

    Dr St James: *Is quite certain he’s going to be very sore and awkward riding like this but then Illy sets him aright! He grins sheepishly up until he sneezes again! And he keeps sneezing even when the horse has stopped and he’s being half-dragged, half-carried!*

    One of the maids meets Illy as she arrives! “Miss Rosewood! Doctor St. James? Oh my, you are soaked!” She quickly follows after her. “I will have a bath prepared right away and some hot food and dry clothing!”

    Illiana Rosewood: *She’s almost coughing too bad to answer.* Th-that sounds fine… thanks. *She agrees, her teeth chattering almost as bad as St. James! She keeps holding him up, even though he was sneezing everywhere! Good thing the maid said clean clothes…and hot bath….she didn’t know if she was all that hungry though. Mostly she wanted to pass out right then and there!* -04:34 Mar 29
    Marion: *He was so stubborn…! But he was kind, and gentl and so sweet… It was impossible to stay upset!* You are my knight, Faulkner Grant… but I still wish for you to be safe. *She leaned up on her tippy toes and kissed him softly on the cheek.* -04:35 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: *Grins sheepishly.* I’ll take better care of myself. I promise. *He brings her hands up, adjusting his fingers so he can do so without his hands getting awkward and kisses the knuckles. He looks at her for a few long moments before he finally realizes … * We … better get inside. *He says, although he doesn’t move at all!* -04:39 Mar 29

    “Oh dear!” The maid exclaims as Miss Rosewood coughs everywhere. And don’t get her started on the doctor! “To your room, Miss Rosewood!” Once they get there, she gestures to the doctor. “We have a guest room for you, Dr. St. James. If you could follow me.” She looks back the way they’d come. “Fiona, some dry clothes and draw up the bath for Miss Rosewood! Also, have Henrietta get some soup! Come along, Doctor! I will get you all nice and dry myself!”

    Marion: *Marion nodded, keeping one of his hands captive as she led him through the back door.* -04:47 Mar 29

    Sir Wellington: *There is Sir Wellington standing in the back kitchen.* GRANT! That entire thing was tr- Marion! Are you all right? Damnation, man! What happened! -Marion

    Faulkner Grant: Sir Wellington … there is no excuse. *He lowers his head.* I … nearly failed Miss Courtland. -04:49 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *Illie coughs again. This time there was a nasty rattle in her chest! She didn’t feel like arguing anymore as her teeth were chattering hard enough to make her head rattle…..she goes upstairs to soak in hot water in the bathroom connected to her own room. She plans on staying in there a long time!* -04:50 Mar 29

    Fiona quickly dashes off to do as she’s told and the sneezing Dr. St. James is nudged farther down the hall! Miss Rosewood’s wet clothes are taken away for some washing and new dry clothes are given. Not exactly hers but they are about her size and Lady Wellington said that should she need dry clothes to use these. The soup is prepared.

    Dr St James: *Blinks and blushes as the maid just won’t leave him alone! She is mighty pushy and will not take no for an answer as she gets him out of his clothes and into the bath! He attempts to hold on to what little dignity he has left!*

    Marion: He did no such thing. I talked to a stranger and walked myself in a mess, and he saved my life! … And getting yourself beaten to death by Oscar is not keeping yourself safe, Faulkner Grant! -04:55 Mar 29
    Illiana Rosewood: *She thanks the maid and takes her bath. Shocking how hot water was when you were so cold it hurt..! The feeling in her nerves started working soon enough and that made Illie even more miserable as all the aches and gigantic headache she’d almost forgotten about suddenly seemed to increase…..what an awful, crappy day. She takes her time with soaking.. she felt she’d never be clean after walking through sewer water though! Gross!* -04:57 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: *Keeps his head lowered and doesn’t say a thing. He should get her to let go of his hand somehow. It’s not right for her to be seen holding his hand. She’s a refined lady and he was only the help.* -04:59 Mar 29

    The maid will hear none of it! Someone needs to take care of him and she’s just the woman to do it! It will only be quick. The sooner he gives in, the better!

    Sir Wellington: *Yes. Sir Wellington does indeed look like he might beat a man senseless!* Keeping yourself safe, Hmmmm? And what about my little Marion who could not hurt a fly, let alone an assaiilant…? -Marion

    Marion: Oh, Oscar.. *Marion gave a deep sigh, brushing past Sir Wellington, dragging along Faulkner by the hand!* We’ll just have to teach me something more useful than embroidery, won’t we Mr. Grant! -05:01 Mar 29
    Faulkner Grant: Ack! Miss! Please! *His protests go unheard so … he does the only thing any decent man would do under the circumstances–he wraps a towel around his waist and dashes out of the room!* -05:02 Mar 29

    Dr St James: Ack! Miss! Please! *His protests go unheard so … he does the only thing any decent man would do under the circumstances–he wraps a towel around his waist and dashes out of the room!*

    “But sir–! Your clothes!” the maid shouts after him, left at the door! She sighs and shakes her head. The cute ones always run away …

    Faulkner Grant: *Doesn’t dare meet Sir Wellington’s eyes. Teach Miss Courtland self-defense … He couldn’t possibly and yet … as he’s dragged away, he begins to see how much sense that makes …* -05:04 Mar 29

    Sir Wellington: Now see here, woman…! *Blustering like a locomotive…! He’s practically turning red!* You’ve been getting crazy ideas from that wife of mine! I demand that you see reason! -Marion

    Illiana Rosewood: *She was starting to feel a whole lot better now! The hot water had warmed her so it didn’t hurt so much; but she was still coughing, even as she gets herself thoroughly clean, and takes a while longer to rinse herself off.* -05:05 Mar 29

    What was she thinking?! The cute ones always run away but weren’t they the ones worth running after?! She soon dashes off after him! “Doctor St. James! Come back here!”

    Marion: I am being reasonable. If I, a woman in mortal danger, plans on staying alive and not allowing her knight to get himself killed in the process… should learn useful skills in the event of monsters, creatures, and strangers. *To Faulkner’s own room she drags him, and right through the door even! She stops at the door to smile graciously at Sir Wellington!* You have said yourself, "One can not know enough!" -05:09 Mar 29

    Sir Wellington: Marion, you-! I will not-! Woman, I’m going to-… GINGER! *He finally bellows at the top of his lungs before stomping away to find his wife! That woman is in trouble!* -Marion

    Faulkner Grant: *Appropriateness behind, he blinks. Yes, that was one of Sir Wellington’s golden remarks. But why his room of all rooms …* -05:12 Mar 29
    Days of Victoria


    Marion is sleep walking to her doom! [03:01 Sep 16]

    Illiana Rosewood: *Is comfortably in the kitchen, having eaten finally, and talking with Doctor St. James about something that may be truely shocking!* [f | 03:02 Sep 16]

    Faulkner Grant is tailing Miss Courtland armed with the crossbow loaded with a single bolt. [03:20 Sep 16]

    Doctor St James is drinking some tea. [03:21 Sep 16]

    Illiana Rosewood : I believe the reason has to do with squelching a few rumors, doctor… ones that were made at the party. [f | 03:23 Sep 16]

    Marion: *GAt the gate of the cemetary, she doesn’t stop! She steps easily through the wide bars, and past the spooky looking gravestones!* [f | 03:26 Sep 16]

    Doctor St James: Hm. Oh, that’s right. The Wellingtons had a party earlier. I had promised to attend but … circumstances forced me to do otherwise. So tell me, who was responsible for these rumors? [m | 03:28 Sep 16]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She sighs a bit!* A young lady by the name of Gertrude… she said my mother was a whore, I was an illigetimate child, and that my father, Bernard Adams, had left everything to me. Downright rubbish, all of it. But I guess confirming it isn’t a bad idea. [f | 03:30 Sep 16]

    Faulkner Grant: *Keeps at a distance. He should be waking her up but … he has an insatiable curiousity to know where she’s headed. And who is responsible.* [m | 03:31 Sep 16]

    Marion: *Walks past the graves, deeper in to the cemetary, and straight in to the open door of one of the mosuliums where there seems to be the flickering light of several candles! The door slams shut behind her!* [f | 03:36 Sep 16]

    Doctor St James: Ah yes. Miss Vanderholt. She has quite a mouth on her, forgive the expression. *Is thoughtful for a moment.* As for Lord Adams … [m | 03:42 Sep 16]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Winces slightly!* Yes… his last name should be mine…but I kept my mother’s. [f | 03:43 Sep 16]

    Faulkner Grant: *Runs up to the door just as it closes but gets there too late. He tries to pry the heavy door open but it doesn’t budge.* Curses it! Miss Courtland! Miss Courtland! "I told you your curiousity would get you into trouble someday … " *Circles the mosulium to find an opening of some kind.* Quiet. I never asked for your opinion. [m | 03:51 Sep 16]
    The mosulium feels like an impenetrable fortress! There sounds like odd chanting inside of the building! (03:53 Sep 16)

    Illiana Rosewood : *She stands to her feet, taking her dishes to the sink…perhaps she ought to go patrol soon?* [f | 04:00 Sep 16]

    Doctor St James: *Notices Miss Rosewood wincing slightly.* Mr. Fowler and Lord Adams were good friends. Some years back, Lord Adams broke off a betrothal to Miss Vanderholt’s mother. [m | 04:02 Sep 16]

    Illiana Rosewood : Ah,…that would explain Gertrudes bitterness if the other rumors were true. [f | 04:03 Sep 16]

    Faulkner Grant: *Chanting? He runs his hand down the side of the door. Strange energy … somewhat stronger than the strange energy surrounding the monsters that appeared.* Hm. [m | 04:06 Sep 16]
    The chanting suddenly stops! There’s a PLOOMF sound and smoke seeps out from cracks in the door and building! (04:15 Sep 16)

    Illiana Rosewood : *She sighs again.* Well I think I’d best start patrolling.. Thank you again doctor, I hope our next meeting will be a little less chaotic. [f | 04:17 Sep 16]

    Faulkner Grant: *Props the crossbow against the wall and rolls up his sleeves, quickly slips off his gloves, rolls them up, and pushes them into his jacket. He closes his eyes and presses his palms against the door.* … What are you doing …? *Blue glowing symbols in a circle appear under his hands and over the door.* Reus per cruor … [m | 04:51 Sep 16]
    CRACKCRUMBLE! At the symbols the stone of the door shatters in to pieces, revealing the open mosulium room. Candles are lit all over the place, but there is no sign of anything living! (04:55 Sep 16)

    Doctor St James: *Nods and stands.* I understand and you are quite welcome. Good evening then. *He stands and puts everything away.* [m | 04:56 Sep 16]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Gives him a slight wave, then hurries upstairs to get her sword, and start her patrolling out on the grounds!* [f | 04:58 Sep 16]

    Doctor St James: *Leaves after Miss Rosewood. Hopefully one of the servants is awake to help him out. He can only imagine what lies in wait at home for him.* [m | 05:13 Sep 16]

    Illiana Rosewood  (Her wrong buttons fail at life!) She goes more towards the cemetary as she patrols..!* [05:15 Sep 16]
    On his way home, the good Doctor is clubbed over the head! (05:20 Sep 16)

    Faulkner Grant: *Picks up the crossbow although as he steps through the doorway, the candlelight catches the glint of a silver streak behind his ear.* You fool! *Glances around and begins to look for signs of where Miss Courtland could have gone or been taken.* [m | 05:21 Sep 16]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She s now inside the cemetary; unable to detect what is going on with the doctor so far away! But she keeps patrolling, easilly within eyesight!* [f | 05:23 Sep 16]
    The mosulium is oddly empty… But what’s this? A trail of dirt leading out of the back of the building, and drops of blood?! (05:27 Sep 16)

    Illiana Rosewood : *Hm… she gets a funny feeling, and retraces out of the cemetary, heading for the same direction the doctor had used to get here. Call it a haunch…but she thought he might need her help again. If only she could find him.* [f | 05:31 Sep 16]

    [Illiana Rosewood *Was searching for Dr St. James! Where would he be? She wanted to at least make sure he got home safely before she even thought of going on her own personal quest— which she\’s told no one else about…* ] -01:51 Mar 18

    Doctor. St. James was clubbed over the head and dragged away by something mysteeeerious.

    [Faulkner Grant is still searching for Miss Courtland!] -01:53 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Tries trusting her instincts and continues searching for James! Suddenly….she spots him being dragged away- and in a hurry, she takes a running leap towards whatever it was that was dragging him off!* -01:54 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Groans softly and stirs! But he doesn’t realize the danger he’s in just yet! He thinks it’s all a dream! Yes, a dream!*

    Inside the mausoleum there is the trail of disturbed dirt and drops of blood, leading down a staircase!

    That which has Dr St James is actually… a really big burly man with a mustache and smells awfully like booze! He’s got a big club and as expected he’s trying to club Illiana too!

    Faulkner Grant: "You are a fool, Faulkner." *Is silent as he grabs a torch that happens to be lit and starts walking down the staircase! He follows the drops of glood and the trail of dirt.* -02:01 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Ew. A common drunkard?! She tsks, and continues flying at the man, not caring a whit that he was twice her size, and attempts to disarm and send him flying backwards at the same time!* -02:02 Mar 18

    The steps lead downwards to a sort of stone catacombs. It’s dark and silent, only the sound of water flowing down the shallow underground spring the catacombs were built around. The drops of blood lead straight in to the spring.

    Being attacked full on by a little woman has no effect on the big brute, who simply uses his massive belly to ram in to her and send her flying backwards! He swings down that club with the force of a maniac!

    Illiana Rosewood: *…Yikes! She catches that club with both hands, and tugs hard enough to pull the man down so she can kick him in the face!* -02:07 Mar 18

    Pulling him down and trying to kick him has a backwards effect, as he grabs a hold of her foot and lifts her right off the ground and upside! He gives a big burly laugh at seeing her underthings!

    Faulkner Grant: *Stops where the spring begins and curses. The trail ends here but … he places the torch in one of the empty torch-holders nearby. Without a moment of hesitation, he moves through the spring, following it.* -02:09 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Hey! That was not polite! The ground is suddenly upside down, and she’s remembering she has a sword! She draws it quickly, and attempts to slash the man in the throat!* -02:10 Mar 18

    The spring seems to lead under the wall, where one only has to duck a little bit to cross under. One the other side it’s just as dark, moldy smelling with a hint of rotting flesh. Dead rats are all over the place, there doesn’t seem to be a live one there! The spring goes on even further…

    GURRGH! He’s slashed across the throat! He drops her on the ground before he falls over bleeding and gushing all over the place! “Hey! What’s going on over there?! *GASP!* Someone has just been murdered…!!”

    Faulkner Grant: *Dead rats are never a good sign. He goes out to grab the torch again. The cold water soaks his pants and chill his body as he ducks low enough to make it under the wall. The torch is a dead-giveaway to his position but if he doesn’t take it, he may end up God only knew where.* -02:15 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Damnit…! She hated when she had to kill people. She lands hard on one side, but she only cares about getting Dr St. James somewhere safe! Without a word, she sheathes her sword, and carries the doctor back to the house! She had to think quickly because this was a very baaaad situation for her to be in! She sets the doctor on a couch and attempts to wake him up…soon enough she’d have to flee anyway…but he could give the Wellingtons a message at least!* -02:16 Mar 18

    Mysterious the authories were alerted really fast! They are out searching for a killer! It’s not safe outside any more!

    Dr St James: *Groans softly and stirs. He wakes up and blinks, sitting up in his seat.* Miss Rosewood …? Huh …? *He looks around after rubbing his eyes.* The Wellington place? What am I doing back here?

    The spring finally ends in a large empty room, where it is just as dark and just as silent… But there is someone sitting quietly on a stone slab not saying a word…

    Illiana Rosewood: *She hears the authorities hunting for her! She hasn’t a moment to lose; and knowing how disbeleiving James could be, she tries to explain everything in simple terms of what had happened to him; what she just did to save him, and now could he please relay a message to the Wellingtons why she had to leave? She was going to have to get her horse and get out of here within the next 20 minutes.* -02:22 Mar 18

    It’s too late! There’s a banging on the front door! “Open up…! We know the murderer is in there!!”

    Dr St James: *Blinks and listens! But it seems like some tall tale one hears at a dinner party! Nevertheless, he promises to give the Wellingtons the message and wishes her best.* Go out the back! I will cover you!

    Faulkner Grant: *Looks around. No one and nothing here … except … He slowly moves forward, circling around so he can see the face of the person on the stone slab.* -02:23 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *She nods her thanks, and takes the backway out of the place! She’s hurrying to the barn…she has to get to that lawyer! She runs with full speed and all her stealth towards the stables, where her horse is kept!* -02:24 Mar 18
    Marion: *It is shockingly Marion, soaked to the bone and with a gash across the palm of her hand. She doesn’t seem to see him, but is rather staring out in to space with a slight frown.* -02:25 Mar 18

    BANG BANG BANG! The knocking on the front door is persistent! “Open up or we’ll break down the door!”

    Illiana Rosewood: *She throws open those barn doors, and finds her horse, Stormy, a solid black Arabian Stallion, already saddled, and reigned. She hurriedly climbs onto the saddle, and she’s galloping fullspeed away from that mansion and putting as much distance between her and the authorities as she can!* -02:28 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Scurries to the door! Oh dear, it wouldn’t do to have them break down the Wellingtons’ door. He could only hope Miss Rosewood had enough time to escape. He opens the door cautiously.* Yes …?

    Faulkner Grant: *Quickly moves to her side.* Miss Courtland? Miss Courtland! *He looks down at the gash in her palm. No one ever did that to someone unless … But it did really mean what he thinks it means? He cups her face.* Miss Courtland. It’s me, Faulkner. -02:30 Mar 18

    “There you are…!” They exclaim! Hands from all angles reach out and roughly grab the doctor, dragging him outside, and shoving him to the ground, before giving him a good kick and dragging him off again! “We knew you and your new fangled ‘medecenes’ were nothing but witches work..! Now you’re out murdering folk!” They’re dragging St. James away!

    Dr St James: *Is so startled he doesn’t even protest when they shove him to the ground! He winces and makes a good “OOoff!” as they kick him! That hurts!*

    Marion: I was sure I heard his voice… and I saw him here… *She murmured softly, still not seeming to see him or realize he was even there.* Just a little bit farther… -02:35 Mar 18

    All of the local towns people are riled up! The villagers as well as some of the higher born.. They’re dragging St James down the street where someone has already prepared a pile of wood and a stake! “BURN THE WICTH!” “YEAH BURN HIM!” “KILL THE MURDERER FOR HIS SINS!”

    Dr St James: *Seriously has no idea what everyone is talking about! Had he not been speechless he would’ve implored the mob to have some reason! Surely, if they were so intent on exacting justice, they would allow him a fair trial! As it is, he can’t even talk, much less plead for his life!*

    Illiana Rosewood: *Waait…. they weren’t even following her? She’d run for at least a good solid mile before she slowed the horse to a halt…. something wasn’t making any sense! She curses herself for panicking and leaving poor James to those police..! She decides if its her they were after, she’d make it difficult; but she wouldn’t run away! At full speed she urges Stormy to go right back where she’d run from, and the horse happens to be the fastest runner! She can’t be too late!* -02:38 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Wonders who she’s talking about. He looks around. No one is here … He picks her up and slings her over his shoulder, then he holds the torch in one hand, back into the spring, under the wall, and into the mausoleum.* -02:39 Mar 18

    As Faulkner enters the mausoleum.. There is a tall cloaked figure standing in the spring before him! Motionless and eerie, like it could very well be Death himself! An arm rises up with a pointed glove finger at Faulkner… or more specifically, Marion!

    Doctor St. James is tied up to the stake! The villagers chanting for the murderer to be burned! KILLED! They begin setting the fire!

    Faulkner Grant: *Eyes narrow slightly.* No. *He says simply, taking a step back. He would take no chances. He made a fatal mistake once. He refuses to let it happen again …* -02:42 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *The hell…….?! She sees that fire and doesn’t stop for a moment! She urges Stormy to run right for it, heedless of the mob and the authorities, she slows only when she sees James tied to a stake! Instantly, she slices the ropes away and hauls him up to the saddle in front of her!* Listen up! All of you! If you’re seriously accusing this good doctor of witchcraft and murder– you’re way out of line! ….. She knew she was probably doing the stupidest thing in her entire hunting career– but all that mattered to her, for reasons she wouldn’t be able to explain herself; was that James was kept safe! She wasn’t any helpt to Marion anymore and would be even less of a help once they learned she was the criminal…. but that’s how things worked, wasnt it?* -02:45 Mar 18

    The figure continues to point for a long moment… but when it is evident that what it seeks will not be given, it holds out it’s gloved palm. There’s a summoning circle in silver glowing on the glove… There is a beastlie groooooowwwl from behind Faulkner!

    Dr St James: *Gulps and wets his lips as it finally begins to register that … this isn’t a dream! He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. So, this is how it’s all going to end … Odd how he can be so calm and collected when there are still so many things he wanted to do with his life. Which is about to end … In a few minutes.*

    There is a collective gasp from the people! “But he’s a MUERDER! We saw the body! There’s blood all over the man!” “And he’s a WITCH! Using strange potions and cures to heal! It’s not natural!”

    Illiana Rosewood: No! He makes people get better! If you all weren’t so terribly superstitious, you’d realize his science and logic are the only things that keep medicine around that help you all stay alive! Now listen up! If you want a murderer– that would be me! I killed that man back there because he was about to kill the doctor! So guess what, I’m your Suspect! Do your worst but let the innocent man go! *Oh boy….dumb move Illiana……your mother would even call you stupid at this point!* -02:48 Mar 18

    More gasping! All of the towns people are in shock! Someone in the back laughs! “No WOMAN could slice a man’s throat like that!” “GO AHEAD AND BURN HER! BURN THEM BOTH!” someone else screams! The crowd are arguing amongst themselves! Who is the real murderer, what do they do…!

    Illiana Rosewood: No? *She draws her sword and shows them the recent blood stains!* I’m telling you morons the doctor is innocent! Let him go already! Or do I have to kill one of you to prove my point?! *She turns to James and whispers for him to get out of here when they drag her off the horse!* -02:53 Mar 18

    That’s proof enough for the angry unreasonable mob! “KILL THEM!” “YEAH!!” People start picking up stones… big ones, little ones… and throw them! There’s now a mob of people throwing rocks and stones at Illiana and St James!

    Dr St James: *Blinks and tries to dodge the rocks! Ow! Oh, that hurt! OOff! Ack, his leg! Now his arm?! He tugs on Miss Rosewood’s arm and drags her away!*

    Illiana Rosewood: *Ack! She was being dragged! She can only follow as the mob keeps throwing heavier and bigger rocks! ow! That one hit her in the back of her head! Stormy is long gone by this time, and probably back at the stables! She and James definitely needed to get out of there! So she grumbles curses under her breath and attempts to run for a good hiding spot somewhere with James!* -02:59 Mar 18

    Stones and a chasing mob! At least big mobs of people can’t run very fast when they have to stop and pick up more rocks!

    Faulkner Grant: Damn! *He mutters when he sees the summoning circle. He takes a step to the side to keep the creature and the figure in his sights. Two can play at this game … Even if he ran for it, there is no telling how fast this creature can run.* Suscipio corpus vultus quod ago! *A red glowing circle appears on the ground in front of him and a figure with one white feathered wing, one black bat wing on its back, horns, and white scales, armed with a sword hovers above the circle which promptly disappears! He clenches his teeth and winces as he feels an old wound opening up on his chest. The one he summoned points the sword at the beast which emits a blast of light!* -03:01 Mar 18

    This was an unexpected occurance for the summoned beast! For it was not summoned to battle another creature but to eat a simple human…! The blast of light burns it’s flesh away until there is nothing left but ash, and once the light dies down… The cloaked figure had vanished!

    Dr St James: This way! *Ducks with Miss Rosewood into a building and shuts the door just as the mob runs past! When he thinks the coast is clear, he motions for her to follow him and they make their way through the empty store, into a backroom, and out into a side street. He then leads her to a vine-covered wall where there is a secret entrance! When they emerge from it, they’re in a large courtyard.* It is safe here. This is my place.

    Out in the distance there is the sound of the angry mob. It seems they’re safe for now.

    Faulkner Grant: *Shuts his eyes and leans against the wall. He swallows. The streak of white behind his ear is more obvious now, as the streak now goes straight down his hairline and to the back of his neck. There are wrinkles around his eyes. The creature he summoned turns to him with a look that might have been a "Foolish human" before it disappears in a flash of light. Foolish, yes … because he might not be so lucky next time. He gathers enough strength and starts for the entrance.* -03:06 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Safe. That was a word she had stopped believing in a long time ago. When she first learned that there were scarier things to deal with than even that crazy psychotic mob full of morons they’d just fled from……* Sorry, doctor. I guess I wasn’t the most brilliant right then– but I won’t let someone else take blame for something I did. *She says knowing that had been a very bad move indeed.* -03:06 Mar 18
    Marion: *As if a light switch were turned on in her head… Marion slowly comes to her senses, only to find herself upside down over someone’s shoulder, cold and wet, and in a dark creepy place that smells of death! She immediately starts screaming and fighting!* -03:06 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: Ow! *He winces! The woman on his shoulder is kicking a very fragile place. Like the chest that had just stopped aching–until now. He quickly puts her down, but gently on the ground.* Miss Courtland! Please … *He drops to his knees just as he lets her go.* -03:07 Mar 18
    Marion: F..faulkner…? *Back on her feet, she’s feeling light headed and more than a little frightened. She’s confused… and suspicious!* Why are we here…? -03:10 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Swallows and puts a hand to his chest. He looks up at her and smiles slightly.* I wish … I knew … I … followed you here and … *He has to take another breath and pauses.* We should … get you back … *He puts a hand against the wall and slowly gets to his feet.* -03:11 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Runs his fingers through his hair and paces.* “Sorry” does not cut it, Miss Rosewood. That was a very reckless thing to do. First, you kill someone. I thank you for saving my life but … killing someone?! Then, you do not think before you act and decide to take on a full mob crying for blood! We are past “sorry”, Miss Rosewood!

    Marion: *Marion takes a step backwards… her hand was bleeding. She’s not sure if she believes him or not. She doesn’t even remember coming here. She was asleep and then… * I.. I don’t know… -03:14 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: We cannot linger here. *He starts for the door but then stops and turns to her.* I know … it is difficult to believe. But we need to leave quickly. You need to care for your wound and I need … to rest. -03:17 Mar 18
    Marion: *It was difficult to make the decision… But knowing the truth of needing to leave, Marion finally nodded, following him with wary steps!* -03:20 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: …. ….. *He still didn’t realize that killing that man was the only possible way of keeping him from being killed himself? … for that mob. Ok, there was no excusing that. Perhaps she’d better forget about James. Forget that he was a complete man of logic; would believe in nothing but what he saw, and even half of what he had seen wasn’t possible to him. She decides that leaving is best. She would go to this "Markus Fowler" alone. He didn’t need her help. She just made a bigger mess of everything…. and it was certainly time for her to leave. She begins to do just that! Heading right for the door without another word… She should never have tried to deal with people. It just didn’t work.* -03:21 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Takes a deep breath and shakes his head. There are some people you just cannot talk to. As for him, he would try and get his matters in order and leave for awhile.*

    Sir Wellington: *Before Illiana can even exit the place, there is Sir Wellington standing in the doorway!* Well, my dear! WE certainly had a thrilling night! Are you leaving so soon? St. James! Glad to see you raw!

    Illiana Rosewood: *Oh ….darn….this was a surprise!* Good Evening, Sir Wellington… but I’m afraid I must. There are things I need to take care of, and well….it would simply be for the best at this time. *Her voice is scarilly monotone; her face unreadable as ever.* I hope Marion will be alright while I’m gone. -03:28 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Takes Miss Courtland back to the Wellington place. He would love to do nothing more than to make sure is alright but the energy of travelling and summoning has taken its toll. He barely makes it through the door without having to gather every ounce of willpower.* -03:30 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *(make sure) she (is alright) -03:30 Mar 18

    Sir Wellington: Oh, no, no, no. This simply won’t do! If you are worried about the villagers, never fear. My dearest creampuff is out there this minute…ah.. Cleaning up, as we like to call it in our business. I am afraid, Marion needs the assistance now more than ever.

    Dr St James: *Blinks!* Sir Wellington! *Is all he can exclaim! He cannot believe he just lectured someone!*

    No need to worry, a maid passes by! “Miss Courtland! My word! Here, please, let us patch you up!” She takes her by the hand and disappears into the kitchen!

    Marion: *Her wariness of Faulkner faded in the walk home, and she had reached out her hand to help Faulkner who seemed he might be ready to pass out him self, but the maid took her by the hand and pulled her off! She cast a worried look over her shoulder as she was led away.* But Mr. Grant… -03:33 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Well…… alright….she was certainly a scattered mess at that moment anyway. It had been a hell of a day; going from a monster-hunter to a downright murderer, she feels quite like she shouldn’t be facing anyone at the moment! Maybe she’d wait one more day at least, then make actual arrangements to meet the lawyer before dashing into another round of trouble…..She silently called herself a moron for losing her head.* Thank you Sir Wellington… In that case, I suppose the matter I was going to tend to can wait…I’ll be in my room should anyone need me. *She excuses herself calmly as possible, heading right for the room right across from Marion’s….. and falls face first on her bed, trying not to give into the urge to scream right into the pillows!* -03:35 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: ((e.e; She left to return to the Mansion– e.e; *Kicks self lots.*)) -03:36 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Thanks Miss Courtland for her aid back when she gave him a hand.* I … I will be fine … *He watches her disappear with the maid and closes his eyes for a moment, gathering more strength to make it to his own room. Thankfully, it is on the ground floor.* -03:36 Mar 18

    See? Mr. Grant was fine! Now, about Miss Courtland … The maid takes her into the kitchen and sits her down. She fixes up her hand but not before exclaiming what a nasty cut that was! She should have Dr. St. James look at it right away!

    Marion: *Blast and damn this always being so confused and not remember what’s happened! Is she going to spend the rest of her life like this?* I think Mr. Grant might need the attention more. -03:41 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Approaches Wellington.* Excuse me, sir, but … thank you. For you and Lady Wellington’s help in the matter of the uh … mob.

    The maid will hear nothing of it! Miss Courtland needs tending first! She makes her some tea and inspects the bandage she placed around her hand.

    Sir Wellington: Never you mind that, my boy. These things happen. My, oh my, they happen all the time! However, I believe we will be needing your services back at the manor once again. I am afraid that– Well. If Mr. Grant is doing his own job, Marion and he may need your assistance.

    Illiana Rosewood: *It didn’t take long at all for Illiana to return to the mansion. She was bruised up and battered, but she has her door to her room locked, and would be quite happy if she never had to face another human being again- unless Marion was attacked by a monster, Dr St.James was most definitely the top priority of persons to avoid!* -03:44 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Blinks! Oh dear!* Right away! Just let me … just let me … *He scurries one way only to stop and scurry the other way! It takes some words of encouragement by Sir Wellington to get him focused enough to grab his bag.* Off we go then!

    Marion: *Marion was frowning glancing down at her own bandaged hand… No, no it wouldn’t have been Mr. Grant. She can almost remember… a familiar voice. …Mr. Grant did look awful… was it her kicking that got him, or had he injured himself trying to fetch her? …Bother this! She’s not going to just sit and let people tend to her! Marion takes a long sip of her tea before escaping from the chair with a muttered excuse to that poor maid. She’ll check on Mr. Grant herself and apologise!* -03:47 Mar 18

    Sir Wellington: *And thus, Sir Wellington and the good Doctor arrive back at the manor in record time! There are injuries to tend to, and Sir Wellington is never wrong about these sorts of things!*

    Faulkner Grant: *Has somehow made it to his room and closed the door, not bothering to lock it. He shuffles to his bed and falls onto it, lying on his back with his hands clasped over his middle. He closes his eyes and tries to rest but–all he sees are phantoms and creatures who do but shouldn’t exist.* -03:49 Mar 18

    Lady Wellington: My sweet! Doctor St. James! Poor St. James, I do apologise for this entire mess. We shall make it up to you by paying twice the bill!

    Dr St James: *A sheepish smile.* Lady Wellington, I couldn’t possibly–not after the service you and your husband have done by clearing me of that murder charge. You are close friends of mine and were close to my family, besides.

    Lady Wellington: Dear, it is our pleasure. These villagers get all in a rut when something strange happens, they pay no attention to the fact of the matter and just look for the nearest one to burn! It’s no wonder they haven’t set the whole town on fire!

    Illiana Rosewood: *She couldn’t remember a day being more difficult in all her life. Hunting and traveling was so much easier…this whole business of staying in one place was already getting her into so much trouble! And how dare she even think for one moment that she could even…. "Like" someone and have that feeling returned. Stupid Illie. Just Stupid. She spends most of her time cleaning off her sword; and brooding darkly.* -03:52 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Chuckles softly.* Indeed. Now, about Miss Courtland and Mr. Grant. I will see to them as soon as possible, I assure you.

    Marion: *Marion was wise to where the staff slept, and knocked once on Mr. Grant’s door. Having no answer she cracked it open slowly. As expected he seemed to have fallen right in to bed without even tending to himself first. This was enough to give her something to get huffy about, as she drew herself up to her full height and that determined to DO something attitude.* Mr. Grant, I am not pleased to see that your are a liar. *She says loudly, as she brisquely moves in to the room to pause by the bed. She leans over to check his chest, aware that was where he was clutching in pain earlier!* -03:55 Mar 18

    Lady Wellington: Marion was taken to the kitchen, I believe and knowing Faulkner he has gone straight to his room. Oh, my sweet, Illiana has already arrive and is upstairs in her room, and I pray sleeping. I think we should have the Doctor check her head, there was a bit of blood, I dare say!

    Sir Wellington: *Sir Wellington was stroking his chin in thought.* My, and who will Doctor up St. James? He looks about as rough as a poodle in a pit bull fight!

    Faulkner Grant: *Opens his eyes and narrows it slightly as if not believing his eyes.* … Miss Courtland? *He slowly sits up.* Whatever are you doing here? -03:59 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Coughs politely.* I … must agree, my Lady. I fear Miss Rosewood and I did not part on the most … pleasant of terms.

    Marion: I took your word on good faith when you said you were fine, and obviously you aren’t. I would have never taken you for a liar, Mr. Grant. *She pressed a hand to his chest, checking for bleeding, bruising, or any broken bones.* -04:02 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Was not sleeping at all; but rather pacing the room. Her head had been hurting for quite sometime. But once that blasted headache went away, she’d consult the lawyer here from this mansion first, then get an appointment set up, properly… for now all she could really do was stay awake, and keep alert.* -04:03 Mar 18

    Lady Wellington: St. James, you brute! A woman is a delicate flower, she must be treated with care! I must insist that you apologise to Miss Illiana before it gets too late! A wounded woman does foolish things when scorned!

    Sir Wellington: Ginger, darling… You’re meddling in to a man’s affairs again. I am sure St. James didn’t do or say anything that I myself would not have said if a woman did something foolish!

    Faulkner Grant: *Winces, although there are no broken bones, no blood soaking up his shirt.* I fear my recklessness caused me to be in this state. I cannot have you worrying about me. You know you’re my first priority. -04:05 Mar 18

    Lady Wellington: Sweetheart, if you knew anything about women, we’d have a dozen children by now! St James, don’t listen to this man! You go apologise!

    Sir Wellington: *He gruffs! But apparently he was skillfully silenced by his wife!*

    Dr St James: *His cheeks turn a bit red.* I … I must confess, Lady. I don’t know anything about women! *Oh dear! He picks up his bag.* If you will … excuse me. *He gets to the stairs and starts up those steps! He eventually gets to Miss Rosewood’s door. He knocks!* Miss Rosewood?

    Marion: *Though flushing, she did well in keeping her expression stern and chiding! Marion sat down on the edge of the bed, turning to him to check face and arms. Her fingers brushed past the silver streak in his hair… That was peculiar…* I appreciate what do you for me. I really do… But I won’t let you be reckless or risk your life any more. This is getting out of hand. -04:09 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: ……*Oh blast and damnation!….. Here he was, the very man to make her feel not only ten inches tall; but very much like a raving lunatic! She sighs, knowing it wouldn’t do any good to not answer and be impossible– though that was tempting! She reluctantly opens the door. * Yes? *She tries to appear as neutral as possible!* -04:10 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Soft sigh. Yes, it is getting out of hand. He would have to see the Wellingtons about this as soon as possible. Things might have been simpler if …* I know you do. This will sound silly but … there is nothing I would rather do with my life than protect you. -04:13 Mar 18
    Marion: *He was making it very hard to look angry! She paused her checking to examine his face.. Why does one say..* …why? -04:15 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Will not let his nose bleed, will not let his nose bleed–* Hello! *He says a bit too strongly! He clears his throat.* I mean … hello. I … I came to check on your injuries. And before you say you are alright. Let me share with you the fact that the Wellingtons are downstairs and they will not take that as a good excuse.

    Faulkner Grant: *Gives her a smile that makes him look a lot younger!* Let’s just say … a long time ago, I dreamed of being a knight in shining armor. My life has not exactly been the stuff of songs but … you come very close to being the princess I swear my life to. -04:17 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *She tries to hide that smiiile! She can already tell James is injured just as badly. She tsks at him– why must he be so infuriatingly confusing? She grabs a box of tissue and tends to his nosebleed herself!* I’m not bleeding through my nose– that much I do know, doctor. And this headache will be gone eventually. Otherwise- everything else is the same. *Yeah, like that really says anything!* -04:19 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Sheepish grin.* Oh … Heh heh. Thank you. *He leans forward, trying not to get blood on her or his clothes.* Um … I … look pretty bad, don’t I? -04:21 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Sheepish grin.* Oh … Heh heh. Thank you. *He leans forward, trying not to get blood on her or his clothes.* Um … I … look pretty bad, don’t I?

    Marion: Oh… don’t say that… *There went her forceful voice, to something more of a breathless whisper! She couldn’t meet his eyes, having to turn to the side and close her own, praying that she had lost plenty enough blood to not be blushing as she surely thought she was.* I am no princess, Mr. Grant. But you’re very sweet… -04:22 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *She ends up smiling anyway….! She just keeps him still and has him propped against a chair by the wall. He wasn’t going to move anywhere till that nose stopped bleeding!* A bit banged up to be sure……*She didn’t have to add that it was her fault in the first place!* -04:25 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Smiles.* You’ll be surprised how sweet the truth sounds. *He looks down at her hand.* Are you … alright? I wasn’t sure if the wound on your palm was your only injury. I didn’t trust myself to … check … elsewhere. Besides your head and hands and … feet. -04:27 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Sits! After a moment or two of silence, he decides to break it.* You know … this is the first time I’ve been with a woman where I wasn’t the one cutting someone open. *He realizes what he just said!* Um … I’m sorry, I didn’t mean, you know–

    Marion: *Could she get angry about blushing? probably not! Marion raised her hand to look at her palm.* I’m.. I’m not really sure. I think I’m all right. At this rate I’m going to be covered in cuts by next weekend. -04:30 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *She blinks…! Hey….. St. James just made a joke! She snickered a bit.* Its alright, you got me there. Now hold still before your nose does get worse. *She’s applying fresh tissue! So far she was doing a great job, keeping the blood from running all over the place.And it was definitely a relief to know the doctor had a sense of humor at least!* -04:39 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Tilts his head slightly.* You should see the Wellingtons about this. If anyone knows what to do, they do. -04:40 Mar 18

    Dr St James: Oh dear! *He wiggles his nose and tries to breathe through his mouth.* Some doctor I’m turning out to be. I’m supposed to be the one bandaging you up … yet it’s the other way around. Miss Rosewood … Thank you. I never got to say that before.

    Illiana Rosewood: *Blush!* Oh I don’t need much bandaging… and, your welcome…. I’m merely just doing my job too. *Oh boy…..that was flustering! She’d never been thanked like that before…. she just hopes she didn’t turn too embarrassingly red!* -04:44 Mar 18
    Marion: *Marion gives a weak smile…* That’s just the problem… They thought it would be best for me to stay here, and that I am not aware… I can’t remember why, but I know those beasties come here for me. And now everyone else is suffering the consequences… -04:45 Mar 18

    Dr St James: I … apologize for snapping back there. I said some harsh things and they were out of hand. And … I am very, very sorry. I will make it up to you in any way I can.

    Illiana Rosewood: *She blinks! ……. A thank you and an apology in one day? Oh boy….just the thing to make those walls crumble! Her violet eyes can’t hide the surprise.* It’s alright…… I was reckless and probably should have thought things out better before I pulled that stunt back there… you had every reason to lecture. *Wow. Her admitting she was wrong too was an amazing phenomenon in itself…! Scary what this man could do when they were just talking….She busies herself by checking the progress on his nose-bleed!* -04:56 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Takes her hands and looks down at her palms and then up at Miss Courtland’s face.* Things were simpler when we were children, weren’t they? -04:59 Mar 18
    Marion: *She still can’t meet his only, only with that small smile and a slight shrug of her shoulders.* Back then it was just spiders and bullies. -05:03 Mar 18

    Dr St James: Well … I do need to learn some tact. *He chuckles softly.* I think I can breathe through my nose now. *He wiggles it to make sure it isn’t bleeding still.*

    Faulkner Grant: Running wild and playing pranks. You put that toad into the teapot and instead of tea, eggs came out of the spout. -05:08 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *She waits a moment before removing the hand full of tissue from his nose! Then, she’s assured that it’s stopped bleeding altogether, and manages to throw all the tissues in the wastebasket in her room.* Well, I think you’ve stopped bleeding. But just in case, try to avoid touching or bumping your nose for now… are you hurt anywhere else? -05:12 Mar 18
    Marion: Mother might have taken the switch to me for that if it weren’t for you. *Marion glances up to examine his face again. He was clever, speaking of trivial things to distract her! But this was why she always appreciated him!* -05:12 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: You were very clever. I have to admit, I didn’t think you would actually grab a toad from the pond in your garden. I lost a few marbles because I bet you wouldn’t. I don’t suppose you still have them. -05:17 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Grins sheepishly!* I suppose it doesn’t help matters that I can’t defend myself to save my life. Father often said it was a miracle I was any good with a scalpel.

    Marion: I keep them in my jewelry box. They were so much trouble to get, they have to be kept somewhere special. *She nibbled on her bottom lip for a moment..* You can’t keep me distracted forever, Faulkner. I have to do more than sit and wait for something to happen to me… -05:20 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Smiles a bit sadly.* I know. But a man can try, can’t he? *He places her hands back on her lap and pats it gently.* Just remember … whatever happens, you aren’t alone. You always have people who love and cherish you, no matter what. *He slowly gets off the bed.* Now, how about you humor me and we get something to eat. I can practically hear your stomach growling. -05:24 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *She smiles at James assuringly.* Not all people have to fight all the time. I’m just unlucky enough to be one that does. It helps a lot more having your kind of talents though. *Er……awkward…! Her head hurts badly enough that she sits down on the window-ledge seat…but she’s still trying to appear alright.* -05:26 Mar 18
    Marion: *marion gave an exasperated sigh, moreso than she had meant to… But she rose from the bed and nodded.* Something to eat then. You are quite lucky I am not the foolish female that runs away and right in to trouble. *She quips!* -05:27 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *He watches her sit down and slowly stands.* Hm. May I see your head, Miss Rosewood?

    Faulkner Grant: *Walks with her to the kitchen. He is feeling a tad bit better now. The kitchen is empty.* So, what will you be having, Miss Courtland? -05:34 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Uh oh…she knew there was trouble in that area…hadn’t she gotten smacked with a particularly heavy stone right in the back of her scalp?* I’m alright….but….sure. *She stands back up again so the doctor can get a better look..* -05:34 Mar 18
    Marion: *Marion slid in to a chair in the kitchen, resting her arms on the table and laying down her head, but still making sure she had a good view of what he was doing.* Soup and buttered bread? -05:37 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Examines her head for awhile.* You have a bump and possibly a concussion. You will need to take it easy. I believe I have something that will help. Do you feel dizzy or light-headed?

    Illiana Rosewood: *Unfortunately, she knows she can’t lie her way out of this…* I suppose I have felt both for quite a while now. Those stones just happened to make it more noticeable. -05:46 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: Of course. *He smiles and gives her a small bow.* Soup and bread with butter it is. *He focuses on making her some food which enables him to ignore the ache in his chest.* -05:49 Mar 18
    Marion: *Marion watches him closely… He didn’t outwardly appear wounded, but his movements said otherwise. She would have to speak with St. James about it… or tell Sir and Lady Wellington. For the moment she remained silent and rest her eyes a bit!* -05:52 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Moves away from her to start digging through his bag.* Hm. And what about your legs and arms? Any problem with those? Aside from the bruises from those rocks.

    Faulkner Grant: *Puts the soup on and adds a few things to it. Chicken and vegetables, of course. And some spices to give it some flavor. He lets the soup get hot and gets to slicing the bread and buttering it.* -05:57 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Blinks again at St. James* Not really…..those seem to be fine…I figured I would just sleep off this headache anyway, ‘ -05:57 Mar 18
    Marion: *He was always so kind, but he really should consider himself more often… Marion was doing miserably at keeping herself awake and her eyes on him. Asleep at the table, but only until the soup was done!* -06:01 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *He nods.* Oh, alright. I wanted to check to be sure. Now, if you keep feeling light-headed and dizzy let me know. I want you to take this just in case. *He hands her a tea bag.* Some herbal remedy. Add to hot water, let this soak in it until the water turns green, and it will be done. My mother knew quite a bit about herbs. It’s proven to help headaches.

    Faulkner Grant: *Finishes buttering up the bread and checks the soup. It is almost ready. He looks over at Miss Courtland and smiles a bit sadly.* -06:08 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *She nods, taking the bag from him.* Thanks…. I’ll make sure to use it tomorrow morning when I wake up. -06:08 Mar 18
    Marion: *No, she’s not asleep! Marion catches herself dozing and forces herself to sit up, rubbing her eyes gently. The kitchen was no place to fall asleep!* -06:11 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Turns just as Miss Courtland wakes up to find the soup is ready and fills a bowl for her. He places a spoon in the bowl and sets it in front of her, along with the plate of buttered bread.* Rise and shine, sleepyhead. -06:12 Mar 18

    Dr St James: You’re quite welcome! *Realizing his nose is going to start bleeding again, he grabs his bag and scurries to the door.* Have a good day–uh, evening–um, Miss Rosewood!

    Marion: I’m sorry… I don’t think I’ve slept at all in days. *She takes the spoon and stirs her soup!* -06:14 Mar 18
    Illiana Rosewood: *Poor James! She hopes he isn’t having another one of those dreadful nosebleeds— and she is unable to help as he rushes out the door! She herself is awfully exauhsted, and for once takes the doctor’s advice about taking it easy! In moments she’s asleep on her own bed…unconscious.* -06:15 Mar 18
    Faulkner Grant: *Picks up and eats a slice of buttered bread as he sits down across from her.* I hope you enjoy the soup. -06:22 Mar 18

    Dr St James: *Takes a moment to gather himself once he is out of Miss Rosewood’s room and down the hall. He puts a hand on his chest and breathes. Dear, that was a close one! But at least Miss Rosewood is well and she forgave him. He walks down the stairs to see if the Wellingtons are still there. If not, perhaps he should start looking for Miss Courtland or Faulkner.*

    Days of Victoria


    Sir and Lady Wellington are hosting a grand party! It’s a masquerade and all the people are dressed in fine and glorious costumes! There is much gossip going around…! very good gossip! (10:51 Sep 05)

    Marion is drinking punch, and feeling much out of place. [10:53 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood *She arrives by carriage! Drawn by four white horses, with a personal driver; she arrives at the party in style! She’s at least 5’5 average height, slim,curvy figured, and stepping through the front doors, wearing a silk-green strapless ballgown that sets off her waist-length blonde hair and violet eyes a little too perfectly !* [10:55 Sep 05]

    Marion: *Dressed in a black gown, with a little sparkle and black feathers in her hair… She’s supposed to "The Raven", as she wouldn’t dare wear anything other than black. She sips her punch, tiredly watching the party… There’s so much gossip this evening, and it gets so uncomfortable when she’s part of it!* [f | 10:55 Sep 05]

    Lady Wellington: Oh, Marion darling, don’t look so sad! It’s a party! Why don’t you kidnap some nice gentleman to dance? *The older woman was dressed up like the Queen of Hearts in a big frilly red dress with lace, and incredibly large guady jewelry! [f|10:57 Sep 05]
    There is much whispering about the latest person to arrive to the party! Something juicy is definitely going around tonight! (10:58 Sep 05)

    Marion: Forgive me, Ginger. I am just not too fond of parties. [f | 11:01 Sep 05]

    Faulkner Grant is the butler currently doing … butler things. Like serving Lord Windstaff another glass of wine. [11:03 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *The gossip is mostly things she already knew! Her mother had died when she was just 15… and she’d never known her father. It seemed as if she’d never escape the title of "Orphan,". She narrows her eyes at the gossip! And gets a glass of punch. Already questioning the sanity of her attendance!* [f | 11:04 Sep 05]

    Sir Wellington: Illiana, darling! I am so blessed that you could attend our gala! *Says the lord, who is dressed like the King of Hearts to match his wonderful wife! He is very old and looks like a kindly plump grandfather! He takes Illiana’s hand and kisses it!* [m|11:05 Sep 05]

    Faulkner Grant: *Wonders if he should tell Windstaff that’s his third glass of wine tonight but … sees little use. He’ll let Lord Wellington know should the master inquire about it. However, Windstaff’s love of wine is well-known to all …* [m | 11:06 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *She smiles, curtsies politely to the lord Wellington of the mansion!* Thank you kindly, Lord Wellington. Its a pleasure to be here. *She keeps her face as smooth and unreadable as marble!* [f | 11:06 Sep 05]

    Lady Wellington: Sweetie, really. It’s almost been a year. You really must try to move on. You are too young to squander yourself away in corners when there’s a world to live! [f|11:07 Sep 05]

    Sir Wellington: Here, Gerald! *He snags a handsome young man’s shoulder as he was walking by.* Why don’t you take the lovely Lady Illiana for a dance? [m|11:09 Sep 05]
    The man Gerald nodded, offering his arm to the young lady! (11:09 Sep 05)

    Faulkner Grant: *While balancing the tray of empty wine glasses in one hand and straightening his coat with the other, he weaves in and out of the crowd to offer drink to the guests. The punch is nearly gone. He’ll have to take care of that in a bit.* [m | 11:10 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *Smiles politely! Er…why not! At least her mother’s years of dancing lessons wouldnt go to waste! She took the man’s arm, and decided she would be social! Its quite amazing how gracefully she moves! Her dress doesn’t even rustle across the floor!* [f | 11:10 Sep 05]

    Marion: I think, I might just retire for the night. I’m really sorry, Ginger, but I’m exhausted. *She kisses the older woman’s cheek quickly.* I’m going to step outside for some air, then head for bed… [f | 11:12 Sep 05]
    The man compliments Illiana on her wonderful dancing as he smiles! Did her father teach her to dance like this? (11:13 Sep 05)

    Faulkner Grant: *Soon returns to the kitchens to refill on the wine and punch. The maids and the cooks are gossiping in between work. He decides to take a breather with them and has a seat at the large table in the kitchen.* [m | 11:15 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *Tries not to turn beet red at the mention of her father…! She had assumed everyone in society had known she’d never met the man! But she manages to remain polite and even a small smile while she corrects him!* No, sir Gerald. My mother did. *And leaves it at that!* [f | 11:15 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: But thank you. You dance quite well yourself [f | 11:16 Sep 05]
    Oh that’s too bad, he mentions. He knew sir Bernard Adams was a wonderful dancer back in the day. Was Illiana away so often that she could never see him? (11:16 Sep 05)

    Marion: *Weaves in and out of the crowd until she could step outside in to the courtyard. The sky was dark with clouds covering up the stars and moon. It looked like it was going to rain any moment.* [f | 11:17 Sep 05]

    Faulkner Grant: *The cook leaves some potatoes to peel while he sits and he listens to the gossip about haunted houses, bad luck, and unfaithful spouses.* [m | 11:19 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: No…. I never met the man… I only knew his last name. *What else could she do?! Give an outright lie? But this was becoming suspicious…..Was someone possibly spreading uncalled for rumors? It was well-known she had a temper! Did someone here feel so bored, they itched for a fight?!* Please, excuse me Sir Gerald……I had a wonderful time dancing with you. [f | 11:23 Sep 05]
    Elsewhere Lady Wellington was invited to a seance with a rather fun little crystal ball someone brought in to the party. Lady Wellington looooves this sorts of things so they are soon sitting around in another closed in room trying to see if they can talk to the spirit world! (11:23 Sep 05)
    Oh, did he upset her? He apologises! It’s just at Gertrude Vanderholt told him that Illiana’s father was really Bearnard Adams, and everyone was talking about it. She shouldn’t have to feel ashamed for being an illegitimate child, it happens all the time! (11:25 Sep 05)

    Faulkner Grant: *So Lady Wellington’s holed herself up in a room again? And this time she expected to succeed … Like no one heard that one before. He finishes peeling his seventh potato and then excuses himself to check on the guests.* [m | 11:26 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *She assures him it wasnt him he was upset with. But thank you for telling her who started up the rumor-mill! Now she was threading her way through the crowd….hunting for this Gertrude Vanderholt wretch! She did not just get back from studying in Germany….for this obnoxiousness!* [f | 11:27 Sep 05]
    There is a sudden roll of thunder, so loud that it shook the glassware! The skies opened up and it started pouring rain outside! (11:27 Sep 05)

    Illiana Rosewood: (She!^) [f | 11:28 Sep 05]

    Marion: *Ack…! She gets caught outside in the sudden rain! Marion picks up her skirt with one hand and runs back for the door!* [f | 11:29 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *And she misses completely…. what the man says about illigetimate child! She’d walked away just too soon to catch that last part!* [f | 11:30 Sep 05]
    Gertrude was in a circle of people talking way too loudly, even mentioning Illiana’s name loud enough for her to hear! (11:31 Sep 05)

    Illiana Rosewood: *Growls under her breath! There the little gossipwhore stood in all her glory! Her eyes darken from almost blue-violet; to dark lavendar suiting her mood! She practically shoves through that circle without concern; and is suddenly placing herself directly in front of Gertrude!* Excuse me. If you are really so bored as to be spreading rumors about non-entertaining little old me…… perhaps you’d find better entertainment elsewhere. [f | 11:34 Sep 05]
    “Oh, Illiana? You’re here?” Gertrude said, unconcerned! “I am surprised… since the whole world just found out your mother was a whore…!” (11:35 Sep 05)

    Faulkner Grant: *Spies Vanderholt and the newcomer, Rosewood, together. It’s easy to see this isn’t going to end well. Particularly not for the master. <.<* [m | 11:36 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *She hides her surprise!…. A whore?! Her mother was labeled as a whore? When she had been with no man since….her own father! And had died, guiltless!* You take that back! or We’ll take this outside… and you won’t like me much in the next 10 minutes! *Her eyes are narrowed into slits of rage! Say what they like about her father! She was defenseless without knowledge to say anything back! But not her mother! >.>* [f | 11:38 Sep 05]
    “Oh please. Like I’m going to lower myself to your kind of trash. If you don’t believe me, go talk to Markus Fowler. He’s the lawyer that handle Bernard Adams’ will. And apparently he named his eldest daughter, YOU, his sole heir.” (11:40 Sep 05)

    Marion: *Stumbles in to the back door, sopping wet… Drat this fabric soaking up water like a sponge! She can see a bunch of the staff gathered around the ballroom’s entrance and apparently there’s some yelling going on in there. She wouldn’t be at all surprised if that Gertrude Vanderholt just started another fight…* [f | 11:42 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *……… Speechless! But her fists are tightly clenched! If she wasn’t pulled away…or taken to this…Markus Fowler, there would be a major party-crashing disaster, which she had not intended! But she admits, she’s quite the fighter! No one ever dared crossed her path such as Gertude was pulling!* [f | 11:43 Sep 05]
    BOOOOMRUMMBLERUMMBLE! A sudden crack of thunder, and there’s a scream in one of the back rooms! Suddenly, all of the lights in the entire manner go out and the whole place is cast in to darkness! There’s much murmering and confusion! (11:44 Sep 05)

    Illiana Rosewood: *Damn! She swears, gives Gertude a very hard shove in the middle of the confusion so she can fall over backwards!… then she’s right on her way to see what she could do to help! Wasting no more time on Gertude’s lies! Heiress….her? her mother a whore? Total rubbish!* [f | 11:45 Sep 05]

    Faulkner Grant: *Glances around and moves around the edges of the party. He has to get some candles. He manages to get to the kitchens where someone is already lighting the candles. He helps light more candles and sends a few of the maids with them into the main room. Then he takes one candle and moves to the back room where the scream came from.* [m | 11:46 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *Is also going towards that scream! She hoped no one was hurt!……well…..Gertrude she wouldn’t care so much!* [f | 11:47 Sep 05]

    Marion: ..? *That sounded like Lady Wellington, she was heading towards the source of the scream as quickly as she could!* [f | 11:48 Sep 05]

    Sir Wellington: I regret to say our evening must end early! If everyone would please exit calmly, we would appreciate it! *Comes his deep voice in the dark! He and a few of the staff are helping to usher people out!* [m|11:49 Sep 05]
    In the Seance room, there are several disturbed looking guests! One woman even looks like she had seen a ghost! Meanwhile Lady Wellington is fanning herself, and looking to be very regretful! Nothing else seems too out of sorts! (11:50 Sep 05)

    Illiana Rosewood: *She blinks! But she hears Sir Wellington calling for the party to end! She checks on the Lady Wellington first…. then asks what happened!* [f | 11:53 Sep 05]

    Marion: Ginger, are you all right? *It seems she’s not the first one to arrive and ask..! Good lord, the woman looks a mess!* [f | 11:54 Sep 05]

    Faulkner Grant: *Sends a couple of the staff-members hanging around to get the guests some water and something to eat to calm the nerves. Then he sends a couple of other maids to make sure there are enough candles to last the night and that they’re utilizing every lit candle they have.* [m | 11:55 Sep 05]

    Lady Wellington: Oh my.. oh my..! *She was wringing her wrists!* I.. I am all right, but we really must send all the guests home! I am so sorry for the inconvenience… Marion, sweetie, please help my love send the guests off safely! [f|11:57 Sep 05]

    Illiana Rosewood: *She politely leaves…but not before thanking Lady Wellington for the party, and apologizing to Sir Wellington as well as Lady Wellington for any inconviniences she may have raised! Then she is gone! Headed for her carriage and a long ride home!* [f | 11:58 Sep 05]
    But it seems it might be too late, there’s sudden screaming amongst the guests! Someone is saying something about a monster! (12:00 Sep 06)

    Illiana Rosewood: (Damned IE! *Copies and Pastes Link to her other engine! Brb!) [f | 12:02 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood has left. [[12:02 Sep 06]]

    Faulkner Grant: *Leaves Lady Wellington and her guests to supervise the cleaning. He doesn’t have time for this monster business. There are dishes to be washed, food to be taken care of, guests to clean up after.* [m | 12:02 Sep 06]

    Marion: *Back in the ballroom, trying to see what the entire commotion is about, and was fairly certain it was just someone mistaking another’s costume… when she sees it…!* …good god…! [f | 12:02 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood *She was on her way out….when she hears the words monster! Damnit! This sounded much too like what she dealt with on a nightly/sometimes daily basis! But a lot easier than dealing with people….that was for sure!* [12:04 Sep 06]
    ROOOAAAR! It can barely be seen by the light of the few candles that were lit, but it’s towering serveral feet higher than everyone’s head! It looks like some sort of snake-wolf beast… and it’s decided Marion is it’s first meal! ..she’s freshly washed, after all! (12:04 Sep 06)

    Illiana Rosewood: *In a split second’s hesitation, she was moving past the crowds, directly towards the direction of that roar! Now this was her kind of party! She pulls out a wicked looking dagger!* [f | 12:05 Sep 06]

    Marion: *Takes a step back…! It’s… it’s terrorfying! Wait, it’s staring right at her..?! She turns and runs!* [f | 12:06 Sep 06]
    *And in another moment, shes right where Marion stood!* How did the woman move so fast?! Automatically, she’s slicing at the monster’s throat! Aiming to decapitate it!* (12:07 Sep 06)
    ROOOAAR! The beastie slaps Illiana out of the way, the dagger barely making a scratch on it’s harden skin! It’s makes a huge leap across the ballroom, landing directly on top of Marion and pinning her to the ground with a claw right through the shoulder! (12:08 Sep 06)

    Marion: *One moment she’s running, and the next she’s lying on the ground! She can’t even find the breath to scream!* [f | 12:10 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood: *Ow! That hurt! But probably not as bad as the other girl was right now…..she runs and leaps onto that beasts back!! Fine! She’ll slice the damn thing’s head off the hard way! She wraps both arms around it and immediately shes sawing at its throat….though she;s about to go for its eyes in a minute!* [f | 12:10 Sep 06]
    The monster claws at his back to grab Illiana and throw her across the room again! (12:14 Sep 06)

    Lady Wellington: *She’s in the room, armed with a pistol and a sword!* Faulkner, Miss Courtland! *She is carefully aiming her pistol to shoot at the beast!* [f|12:16 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood: *While its reaching for her, she plunges the dagger in each eye! One right after the other! Surely it wasn’t invincible to that! And she’s clinging for dear life!* [f | 12:17 Sep 06]

    Sir Wellington: *Sir Wellington is there to aid the lady… he’s got a massive spear and stabs the beast right through the heart!* [m|12:19 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood: (Brb…! In maybe 10 mins!) [f | 12:22 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood: (Back! waits on Alaricers!<3) [f | 12:37 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood  *Still stabbing at the monster! And holding onto its back!* [01:25 Sep 06]
    Suddenly, there is a big WHOOOOOSSSHHH of air! All the places the beastie was punctured gush out air and monster starts shrinking! (01:27 Sep 06)

    Illiana Rosewood : *Leaps off the creatures back before she falls altogether!* [f | 01:27 Sep 06]
    PLOP! The monster disappears and all that is left behind is… a tooth! (01:29 Sep 06)

    Illiana Rosewood : *Looks at the tooth, then carefully picks it up! She then helps Marion to her feet!* Are you badly hurt? *Taking her back to the Wellingtons, and eyeing where the monster had sliced the girl!* [f | 01:31 Sep 06]

    Marion: I.. *She clearly doesn’t look like she should even be on her feet, with a gaping wound in her shoulder and her face pale from bloodloss!* [f | 01:35 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She quickly assists the girl to lie down on the nearest couch! Then tells Lord Wellington the wound is a serious one indeed and she needs a doctor right away!* [f | 01:36 Sep 06]

    Sir Wellington: Aye, that she does! You! *He points to one of the staff, and sends them off to fetch a doctor!* [m|01:38 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: Sir, if I may. *Bows to the master and moves to Miss Courtland’s side to bind the wound to prevent it from bleeding anymore.* [m | 01:41 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Watches the man tend to Marion! She’s not certain if she should stay or leave this family in peace! It certainly has been a terrible night for this family! But she’ll stay and help at least until the doctor arrives!* [f | 01:45 Sep 06]

    Marion: *Is really sure she’s about to faint, but that’s going to be very inconveniant for them!* Tell me you weren’t fooling with those occult people again, Ginger…? *She does manage a weak smile at Faulkner!* [f | 01:46 Sep 06]

    Lady Wellington: Sweetie, I’m sorry! I just… well, we got a little carried away trying to talk to Magdeline’s dead sister, but the strangest thing happened and the entire thing when insane! I knew something was wrong the moment I saw those eyes in the crystal ball! [f|01:47 Sep 06]
    Sir Wellington: Madam Illiana… You’ve done us a great service! If there’s anything at all we can do for you, all you need do is but ask! [m|01:48 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Makes sure the bandage is nice and secure. He gives her a small smile.* Here, Miss Courtland. Put pressure on the wound until the doctor arrives. I am certain he will be here shortly. *He stands and bows to both Wellingtons.* Is there anything else I may help you with, my lord, my lady. [m | 01:50 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : Thank-you kindly Sir Wellington, but there’s no need. I only hope the girl recovers soon. For now, I must return to my manor. *Her violet eyes lower for a second, as she gives a polite curtsy, then makes her exit for her carriage!* [f | 01:51 Sep 06]

    Lady Wellington: Oh my, oh my… I made a mess of tonight! *She gives a deep dramatic sigh!* Faulkner, darling, can you escort my sweetie up to her room? My love and I will have to clean up this mess! [f|02:00 Sep 06]
    *She’s almost talked herself into just going home for the night to rest and relax! When that stupid nagging feeling creeeps up her spine; indicating she should at least pick a better weapon first; then return to investigate the whole place!* (02:00 Sep 06)

    Marion: I think I’m all right, now. Really… Just a little startled. *She rose slowly to her feet, which inveditably was a bad idea. The room was spinning.* …than again, I think the help might be appreciated… [f | 02:02 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Bows.* Of course, Lady Wellington. I shall send two of the maids up to help in any way desired. *He rushes to Miss Courtland’s side but doesn’t take any liberties.* Miss Courtland? *He offers her his hand to show his respect.* [m | 02:04 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She takes his hand meekly and bids goodnight to Sir and Lady Wellington… Those poor dears, it’s such a mess to deal with!* [f | 02:06 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *As soon as the long ride is over; she’s assisted out of her carriage by the driver! She nods to him,then is gratefully inside her comfortable, spacious,4 storied red-bricked cozy-looking manor. But as usual; its only for business! She takes time to change into a much more casual dress; then go into her enormous library to pull out a very unique map of England! And there….just as she unfolds the paper; she finds that the Wellington Mansion is a glowing red dot! She knew this meant it was a hot-spot for the supernatural, and certainly nothing good!* [f | 02:09 Sep 06]
    The Wellingtons are busy with their staff trying to clean up the mess made by the monster and return their home to it’s normal glory! Everything SEEMS all right! (02:16 Sep 06)

    Faulkner Grant: Would you like me to tell you when the doctor arrives, Miss Courtland? *The house is quiet once more. The staff will be too busy cleaning up to do anything noisy.* [m | 02:16 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *But a bad feeling in her stomach says otherwise! She goes down to her basement; retrieves a long sword, placing the now clean dagger in its proper case… then returns to the Mansion to investigate!* [f | 02:17 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James runs up to the door of the Wellington place and knocks! [02:18 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She brushes a hand to her forehead. ooh.. Blast and Drats! All that getting drenched and getting skewered… she feels a fever coming on. Her mind was still reeling from the sight of that beast!* I… yes, please. Thank you. [f | 02:19 Sep 06]
    A maid answers the door! Doctor St James! It’s about time! Quickly, inside! (02:19 Sep 06)

    Doctor St James: *Stumbles in, soaked and clutching his doctor’s bag.* For … Forgive … me. *Takes a deep breath.* I … I had an … I came right away. *He gives the maid his coat.* [m | 02:20 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Well! Was almost knocked over by the doctor! She brushes it off as he’s obviously here to tend the injured girl! She sneaks inside just as the maid is about to close the door….and instantly she’s trying to be casual….but is cautious! Doesn’t want to be caught investigating the place!* [f | 02:21 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: Of course, my lady. It is the least I can do. *He stops at her room and opens the door for her.* I will also have some warm milk and … perhaps something to settle your stomach. Some bread perhaps? [m | 02:22 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *brought to you [m | 02:23 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She smiles gently.* Thank you, Faulkner. I really appreciate it… [f | 02:24 Sep 06]
    The maid hangs the doctor’s coat and then asks for him to wait in the library. She must ask the Wellingtons about who the doctor was for. (02:25 Sep 06)

    Doctor St James: *Nods, although his teeth are chattering. Oh dear, let’s hope he doesn’t catch a cold. That would be dreadful!* O … of course. Th … thank you. [m | 02:27 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Waits until all of them are in the library….feeling utterly foolish for having to do this! But…she plans on starting on the ground floors, then wooork her way up! And poking into every room she finds unoccupied! Not much of a plan……. * [f | 02:27 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Smiles back.* You are quite welcome, Miss Courtland. *He bows.* Should you require anything before my return, please do not hesitate to summon me. If you will excuse me. *Then he’s gone to get some warm milk and some fresh bread. On the way down, he passes by the library and spots the doctor waiting. He knows him well because Dr. St. James is the Wellington’s physician.* Good evening, Doctor St. James. [m | 02:30 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *A litany of curses is certainly stringing through her mind! But she does as much investigating as she possibly can! Knowing that while it seems safe at the moment; something else horrible could return!* [f | 02:31 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She moves to get out of those wet clothes, it being slightly difficult with the pain in her shoulder. With them off she pulls on a nice warm robe, and curls up on the bed… she’s fallen asleep before she even realized!* [f | 02:31 Sep 06]
    Marion’s room grows dark and unnaturally cooooold! Ice crystals even form on the window panes. But there’s not a single sound. (02:38 Sep 06)

    Marion: *it’s so cold her lungs ache when she breathes! She blinks a weary eye open to find the room pitch dark, her eyes can barely adjust… she scoots quickly to the center of the bed! Something feels so weird here!* …hello…? [f | 02:42 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Stops from looking at some books and whirls around!* Oh … Faulkner! *He catches his breath.* I … I’m … so sorry … I … [m | 02:43 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Her investigations draw her closer to Marion’s room….! Though she’s not even aware of who Marion is, or who the room belongs to! She pauses right by that door …..seemingly as if,……waiting, or feeling for something!*’ [f | 02:44 Sep 06]
    Something brushes against Marion’s cheek. It feels ice cold.. and sort of slimey! Still, there’s not a sound! (02:44 Sep 06)

    Faulkner Grant: It is quite alright. Doctors have things to tend to. Tending to things take time. You were called here to tend to Miss Courtland. I will notify her at once that you have arrived. Would you like anything to drink or to eat? [m | 02:45 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She’s frozen with fear! She can’t bring herself to move, nor scream… a strangled cry barely whispers between her lips!* [f | 02:46 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Coughs into his fist.* Uh well … perhaps some hot tea while I wait for Miss Courtland? I am … awfully cold. [m | 02:47 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Suddenly, that bad feeling just keeps getting stronger right outside this door!….. Always the impulsive one, she opens it! And notices right away that its cold! But not that anyone is in here!* [f | 02:48 Sep 06]
    Illiana can only see pitch black darkness! It’s like the entire room was shrouded in some sort of impenetrable shadow! And… it’s deathly silent! Like it swallows up the sounds! (02:50 Sep 06)

    Faulkner Grant: *Nods.* Most certainly. I will send one of the maids with some hot tea at once. If you will excuse me. *He bows and goes into the kitchen where he has hot tea made for the doctor and warm milk for Miss Courtland. He finds some bread still fresh from earlier.* [m | 02:51 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Seconds later, her sword flashes out! She calls out into the darkness;……hello?? Is anyone here? *Moves further inside the room!* [f | 02:51 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: Th … thank you. *He manages a sheepish grin to Faulkner before he disappears, then turns back to the books. Whenever he comes by, the Wellingtons’ collection has always fascinated him. There are just so many!* [m | 02:52 Sep 06]
    Nothing! No sound penetrates! Marion can not hear Illiana, nor can Illiana hear what is in the room! There is only that eerie darkness that isn’t even pierced by the light in the hallway! Something sliiiimey wraps itself around Marion’s neck! (02:53 Sep 06)

    Illiana Rosewood : *She’s moving closer to that bed! Though its’ so dark she cant even see her own hand in front of her face! She knows something’s there!* COme on beastie! Whatever trouble youre up to; drop it…..and fight like you actually have something to live for! Though I just cant imagine what…. [f | 02:55 Sep 06]
    A slimey thing wraps around Illiana’s leg and jerks her up to the ceiling! (02:57 Sep 06)

    Illiana Rosewood : *Gah! Smacks against that ceiling pretty damn hard! Enough to where she’ll feel that bruise in the morning! Angry now, she slices at the thing holding her!* What’s the matter? Did I insult you?? I could always insult your family while I’m here! [f | 02:59 Sep 06]
    The slimey limbs wrap around both ladies tightly… and suddenly… they drop!! They find themselves downstairs in the library, the shroud of darkness is gone, revealing… a horrifying tentacle beast! (03:02 Sep 06)

    Faulkner Grant: *The hot tea is soon ready! He sends Sarah with the hot tea to Dr. St. James, along with two slices of lemons. The doctor has been to the Wellington home so many times, Faulkner knows exactly how he prefers his tea. Then he takes the warm milk and the bread up to Miss Courtland’s room.* [m | 03:03 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Thaaat had to be a long drop!! But she’s already moving to stand somewhat unsteadilly to her feet! She shakes it off, and goes charging right for it! Soon she’s hacking at the tentacles! Trying to get to its head….or heart….or whatever teh hell vulnerable spot it might have!* [f | 03:04 Sep 06]
    The maid takes the tea to the Library, where she promptly SCREAMS bloody murder and drops the tray!! There’s a monster in there! (03:04 Sep 06)

    Doctor St James: O.O! *One moment he’s relaxing and the next … He drops, frozen against the bookshelf!* There is a logical explanation to this … This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening! *Is clutching his bag to him!* [m | 03:05 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She can’t look…! She has her eyes squeezed shut and she’s aware of being on her knees with that thing wrapped around her neck, and the scream of the maid…!! She doesn’t whimper a sound!* [f | 03:06 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Grumbles under her breath! Too many possible casualties… then she sees Marion being choked, and goes right after that tentacle as a priority to hack off!* [f | 03:07 Sep 06]
    The tentacle is hacked off and Marion is released… but a new set of tentacles grow and they… wrap themselves around Dr. St James! (03:08 Sep 06)

    Faulkner Grant: *Has just gotten to Miss Courtland’s room! He drops the milk and the bread when he sees the giant hole in the floor, racing over to it!* Miss Courtland! Lady Rosewood! *He jumps and lands beside Marion.* Miss Courtland! *He grabs her and races out of the library!* [m | 03:09 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She sees the poor doctor getting attacked next…..and with one bold-as-you-please move….she’s raising two eyebrows, and divebombing the pile of growing tentacles, trying to hack them all away from the doctor! Her sword is faster than a blur!* [f | 03:10 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: Logical explanation. Logical explanation. Logical explanation! *He cries as if doing so will make the tentacles and the monster disappear! He’s still clutching the doctor’s bag!* [m | 03:10 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : Hahaa…. you’re kidding right? Logical explanations are like fairytales! *Still chopping the tentacles like weeds to free the man!* [f | 03:11 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She doesn’t utter a peep! Her eyes are squeezed shut so tight, and she’s hoping desperatly it’s just a bad dream!* [f | 03:12 Sep 06]
    Hack! Splotch! Thud! Every tentacle that gets hacked off, more grow in their place! (03:13 Sep 06)

    Doctor St James: Not when you’re being attacked by a figment of your imagination! *Mutters! If it wasn’t for the fact he’s scared out of his mind, a part of him would probably have found it amusing that he had enough sanity to argue with someone!* [m | 03:13 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Doesn’t stop until he’s far away from that thing and in the hallway outside of the ballroom! [m | 03:14 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Modesty forgotten, he’s still holding Miss Courtland and keeping an eye out for that thing. Or any other thing that decides to pop up!* [m | 03:15 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *But at least now she’s able to manuver herself in front of the doctor! Now she can at least prevent him from being strangled better! Continues hacking them….searching for a weakpoint….tempted to lunge at the head!* If you’re attacked by figments of your imagination….I cant wait to go home and see scary pink bunnies all over my room… [f | 03:15 Sep 06]
    Never fear! Sir and Lady Wellington appear! This time, they have an axe and a cross bow! While Illiana hacks away at the tentacles, Lady Wellington fires the crossbow. finally, Sir Wellington chops the axe in to the beast’s head! (03:18 Sep 06)

    Doctor St James: Pink bunnies?! *He’s horrified of bunnies, too! They’re second only to women … and big, scary figments of his imagination!* [m | 03:19 Sep 06]
    The monster gurgles as it shrinks… tiny and smaller… until finally, nothing is left but a tooth! (03:20 Sep 06)

    Illiana Rosewood : *……Impeccable timing…..! Juust as she was about to tease the terrified doctor yet more! The Wellingtons manage to destroy another monster…..this time she declines to pick up the tooth!* ….. You’re both far better hunters than I am. Thank you for intervening……. and sorry for investigating without permission, [f | 03:21 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Didn’t realize his eyes were shut until now! He opens one eye … and then another. Has his imagination stopped now?* [m | 03:22 Sep 06]

    Marion: *Modesty forgotten indeed, she’s only in that robe and showing a looong set of legs! But she has no thoughts of modesty, only fear! She at least tries to stillher shuddering!* is it.. is it all right now? [f | 03:23 Sep 06]

    Lady Wellington: Oh sweetheart, you ARE good aren’t you! *She exclaims to Illiana!* I really should apologize myself, we tend to have all sorts of things happen… Thought tonight… this was just unexpected! [f|03:24 Sep 06]

    Sir Wellington: Here, here… We’ve never had beasts get loose on us like this. I fathom there might be a plot afoot! [m|03:24 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She blinks!* Well, not really M’lady. But its alright.. Ijust had this feeling I needed to come back… And Sir Wellington; you may very well be right about a plot…. but why would so many things be after one girl? [f | 03:25 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: I believe so, Miss Courtland. *Is far too busy making certain the coast is clear to look at Miss Courtland’s exposed … parts.* Shall I take you into the kitchen for something to drink and settle your stomach now? [m | 03:26 Sep 06]

    Marion: I… don’t know.? *Her head was spinning! But… she pushed it back. She couldn’t think about those beasts! She’ll think of anything else!* Yes? [f | 03:28 Sep 06]

    Sir Wellington: *He looks at his wife, before looking a bit embarrassed!* Well… Though we appreciate your help, I am not sure if we can explain about Miss Courtland… [m|03:29 Sep 06]

    Lady Wellington: Hmm. Maybe we should, love. It’s starting to get rather dangerous, and Marion might have been hurt again if Lady Illiana didn’t arrive. We hadn’t thought of a second beast… [f|03:30 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : I understand… but perhaps just any clue that could help me possibly figure out how to stop these attacks? Oh and your doctor is probably scared witless….perhaps he should be escorted home? [f | 03:31 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: Hm. The staff will understand … with the state you are in. Most of them have already retired for the night. *He takes her into the kitchens which is indeed empty. It has been a long night and with the monsters … all the more reason not to be hanging around the house. He lets her down on one of the seats and starts boiling up the water again.* Would my lady prefer something else to drink? [m | 03:32 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Deep breath.* I … I … will be … fine. *Another deep breath.* And I cannot leave in good conscience until my patient is seen to. [m | 03:33 Sep 06]

    Sir Wellington: Good, man, St James. Good man. My sweet… if you wish to explain about Miss Courtland, I shall take the doctor to see about her. [m|03:33 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She looks at the doctor again! Hmm…..perhaps stronger than he first seemed? She doesn’t argue; certainly this wasnt her house and she was just wanting to get to the bottom of this!* [f | 03:35 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Is standing up and dusting himself off. He seems to get himself together.* [m | 03:37 Sep 06]

    Lady Wellington: Of course, love. *Reaches out a hand to lead Illiana to another not so destroyed room!* I am sure you have heard the gossip mill and their stories of Marion and her sweetheart Thomas… they had such a quick romance before they were married and were only wedded for a few months before he died. That was a year ago and it wasn’t quite what it seemed… [f|03:38 Sep 06]
    Illiana Rosewood : *she takes the offered hand and follows lady Wellington! the doctor seemed alright!* Of course…..I’m so sorry about his death…but what really happened? [f | 03:39 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She nodded slowly… Focusing her attention on him and what he was doing in the kitchen.* Something warm would be lovely. [f | 03:39 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Smiles gently as he turns to her, setting up two tea cups and two smaller plates to set them on.* Pardon the inconvenience but all we have at the moment is bread and fruit. Would you like sliced apples or pears? The master also had some grapes delivered especially for the party. [m | 03:42 Sep 06]

    Lady Wellington: Thomas was our dearest and favorite cousin, and the dear boy took after our family’s hobbies. The occult is such an interesting topic… I’m afraid that night something rather big happened, and he was killed. Marion must have seen something that someone didn’t want her to see… Only she can’t remember a bit of that evening, and we really do wish to keep it that way… This is really my fault, I should have resisted that silly seance! [f|03:43 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She nods! Listening attentively, completely nonjudgemental..showing she knew a little too well about the supernatural world herself, and just lets her continue.* [f | 03:44 Sep 06]

    Marion: I do like pears… *Wraps her arms around herself, ignoring that sting in her shoulder and the swimming of her head. She couldn’t help but return his smile!* [f | 03:45 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Keeps talking because he knows Miss Courtland needs to get her mind off of things.* All through the party, the maids were sharing the latest gossip with each other. Apparently Master Covington is trying to push his youngest son into the family business of shipping. His last four sons–I believe you [m | 03:46 Sep 06]

    Lady Wellington: We’ve done so well in keeping her safe and there hadn’t been an incident so bad as tonight… I’m afraid I must have dragged them right to her. *She sighs heavily…* You have been a great help, however. Perhaps you would do me the greatest of favors and allowing me to hire you? [f|03:47 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Keeps talking because he knows Miss Courtland needs to get her mind off of things.* All through the party, the maids were sharing the latest gossip with each other. Apparently Master Covington is trying to push his youngest son into the family business of shipping. His last four sons–I believe you’ve met all of them–refused, opting to do other things. *He starts to slice up pears for her.* [m | 03:47 Sep 06]

    Sir Wellington: *He’s a clever man, and knows his staff are instructed well for…"emergencies". Considering Miss Courtland’s room now has a gaping hole, he opts for leading St. James straight to the kitchen!* [m|03:49 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She blinks!* As your daughter’s protector? Please ma’am…. I… I don’t do such things for money. They are free of charge. But thank-you for such an offer. *Her violet eyes are full of dark secrets herself! She couldn’t resist such a plea for help….not when it seemed to be her duty….* [f | 03:49 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *He places several pieces of pear onto a plate and then puts it in front of Miss Courtland. The water is boiling now so he makes hot tea for the two of them.* I believe the youngest has his sights set on travelling abroad. He often speaks of it. [m | 03:51 Sep 06]

    Lady Wellington: *She laughed half heartedly!* As we love her like a daughter, she is but our dear cousin by marriage… Oh, but my lady, thank you! We will have rooms prepared for you at once. Anything that you need, we will provide it! [f|03:51 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Follows. Strange things happen at the Wellington place, indeed. But there is always a logical explanation!* [m | 03:52 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She plucks up a piece and nibbles slowly…* I feel for Mr. Covington… He did so well to raise his sons with their own thoughts, none of them want to follow in his footsteps… [f | 03:53 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Wow…slightly overwhelmed! This was unexpected to say the least!* I will periodically need to return to my manor; to see its still in top shape; grab my weapons, and a few other things…. but I think I’ll be alright with any spare room,really, Lady Wellington. [f | 03:53 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: That is the way of youth. Perhaps time and the opportunity to travel off the wanderlust should do some good. Would you like anything in your tea, Miss Courtland? [m | 03:55 Sep 06]

    Marion: Sugar and cream, please. I do think it’s true, though… Time away for them to live life before coming home to work would be good for them… [f | 03:59 Sep 06]

    Sir Wellington: Ah! There you are! Marion, the doctor is here to see you. *He says as he enters the kitchen!* [m|04:00 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Is soo going to doom the doctor’s perspective of Logical explanation someday! oO* [f | 04:01 Sep 06]

    Lady Wellington: Please do hurry back, and your room will be ready, my dear! [f|04:01 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Pauses in the middle of adding some cream and sugar to Miss Courtland’s tea. He finishes up, then bows to the master.* My lord. Would you or the doctor care for some tea? [m | 04:02 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She thanks the Lady Wellington once more….and is off! She’s got so much to do! this could take a while!* [f | 04:03 Sep 06]
    *Ugh! This back and forth thing…! Sighs! But it would be her last one perhaps…at least for a little while! She quickly takes care of things at her manor; ensuring that the maids and servants are well paid enough to be quite helpful in her absence! Then she’s packed, including her weapons; and returning to the Wellingtons once more! Rather exauhsted to be honest!* (04:06 Sep 06)

    Sir Wellington: No, no… continue what you’re doing and care for Miss Courtland, man. *He smacks the Doctor on the back!* And you, take care of my girl! [m|04:07 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Coughs politely.* At once! *He puts the bag onto the table and opens it. Then he moves to Miss Courtland’s side, having seen the bandage Faulkner had made. He slowly takes it off and is forced to cut away the part of the nightgown surrounding the wound.* [m | 04:09 Sep 06]

    Marion: *Trying desperatly not to blush and to seem unconcerned. It’s really all this attention that’s overwhelming!* [f | 04:10 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: Of course. *As the doctor gets started, he pours the leftover hot water into a bowl with a clean cloth and places it beside the doctor.* Doctor. *He turns to Miss Courtland.* Now where were we … [m | 04:11 Sep 06]

    Sir Wellington: She looks pale, St. James! Check her temperature. I think she has a fever… Got caught in that rain… work faster man! *He’s like an over protective papa. Had he a cane in his hand, he’d have likely been jabbing the Doctor in the side the whole time!* [m|04:12 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She gives Sir Wellington an exasperated look! Possible the first genuine, non-frightened or weary look for hours! She switches her gaze to Faulkner, almost pleading for help!* [f | 04:14 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Looks up when the bowl and cloth is put beside him and grins sheepishly.* Thank you. *He works a bit faster now and gets Miss Courtland’s wound cleaned and dressed properly. Then he wipes his hands and checks Miss Courtland.* A fever indeed, Sir Wellington. But nothing a good rest–without interruptions–and plenty of hot drinks won’t cure. Make sure she eats plenty of fruits and gets chicken broth. And keep her dry. None of this ‘getting caught in the rain’. *He sounds quite serious now as he arches an eyebrow at the older man.* [m | 04:14 Sep 06]
    Illiana is greeted by a maid, who promptly escorts her to her own special rooms! The place is lovely and huge! (04:15 Sep 06)

    Illiana Rosewood : *She smiles back at the maid! And helps carry her heavy bags and awkward weapons case! She examines the place as she follows the maid to her own room….already having known it had always been so much more beautiful than her and her late-mother’s old manor!* [f | 04:16 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Clears his throat and bows.* Forgive my impudence, my lord. But I believe the doctor is doing all he can at the moment. I can only imagine what he’s been through tonight alone. And Miss Courtland is doing wonderfully … given the circumstances. [m | 04:17 Sep 06]
    *Sir Wellington raises an eyebrow!* Who’s the boss around here? *He grumps, looking properly chastised!* Well, then. Keep care of her, Faulkner. …St. James, we’ll be sure Miss Rosewood is all right. Come, then! (04:19 Sep 06)

    Illiana Rosewood : *She seems to be alright indeed………x_X! Just sore…..and something was stinging, but she didn’t have time to stop and look! She just had to set her stuff up in her new room…which would probably be quite nice!* [f | 04:21 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Gets his things together in record time and nods.* Yes, sir. *He quickly bows to Miss Courtland.* Have a very good evening, Miss Courtland, Faulkner. [m | 04:24 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Then he follows Sir Wellington!* [m | 04:25 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She gives a relieved sigh as they leave… Not that she isn’t appreciative, but all that attention… She was just so tired!* Thank you, Faulkner… [f | 04:28 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She looks closely at her surroundings…..but her stomach is complaining because she hasn’t fed it in…..well she cant really remember how long its been since she’s had time for a nice meal! But she was just mostly tired….so incredibly tired! A Good rest…..then she’d be fine…!* [f | 04:29 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Chuckles softly and smiles.* You are quite welcome, Miss Courtland. I find myself appreciating the butler life more and more. *He notices how tired she is.* Hm. Now about your sleeping arrangements. I believe Lady Rosewood is staying here at the manor. I overheard the maids as they were getting the guest room ready. Perhaps the room next to hers would be best? [m | 04:30 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She has no clue that the doctor or Sir Wellington are on their way to check on her! Never would have even suggested she’d need it!* [f | 04:34 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Is taken to Miss Rosewood’s room. He knocks on the door.* Miss Rosewood? [m | 04:35 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Was at that half-way point between total oblivion and partial consciousness! ow…..waking up hurt! She bliiinks awake,and goes to answer the door!* Doctor? Is there something wrong with Marion? [f | 04:37 Sep 06]

    Marion: I might rather run out and hide in the barn if people make too much of a fuss. *She really wasn’t serious, but the thought was there..* [f | 04:38 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: Actually Miss Courtland will be just fine. I was sent to check on you rather. Lord Wellington was … worried about you. He asked me to make sure you were alright before I left for the night. [m | 04:39 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Eek..awkward moment! Considering shes been battered around muuch worse than this before! Oh well…perhaps it was policy!* I guess mostly just bruises that’ll show up tomorrow, and a sting somwhere I didn’t have time to look at…..Its mostly numbed however; so I should be alright. [f | 04:41 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: I believe running and hiding in the barn will make it much worst. The Wellingtons would not rest until you were found and brought back within these walls. Depressing thought, perhaps. But they do love and care for you. [m | 04:43 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Studies Miss Rosewood.* My apologies, my lady, but your word will not suffice. I will not be able to rest until I know for certain all is well. [m | 04:44 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She looks guilty, and tired!* I know, I know… I just don’t want to be so much of a burden. [f | 04:45 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *grumbles something about sicing her pink bunnies after him! But she steps back further inside the room to let him in!* …..Fine…. I’ll try to stay awake for this…checkup. *Raises an eyebrow!* [f | 04:46 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Smile.* Believe me, Miss Courtland. You are no burden. *He walks around the table and offers her his hand.* Now, let’s get you settled in for the night, shall we? [m | 04:47 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: I assure you, Miss Rosewood. I keep things strictly professional. *He follows her into her room.* So tell me where it hurts. [m | 04:53 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Blinks!* Mostly bruisish sore on my back, a few small ones here and there….but the stinging was on the back of my leg, and I dont remember injuring it at all. [f | 04:54 Sep 06]

    Marion: *She takes his hand, and smiles..* I think you’re just flattering me to keep me distracted… [f | 05:00 Sep 06]
    *To the doctor’s surprise.. there is a long scrape on the back of her leg, almost like a strip of skin torn; just below the kneecap…going straight down almost to her ankle! And it’s quite deep;already turning green even!* (05:04 Sep 06)

    Doctor St James: Bruises are simple enough. If they should get worst for any reason, let Lord or Lady Wellington know and they can fetch me right away. *He checks on the scrape and raises an eyebrow.* How odd. How long have you had this? *He opens his bag.* [m | 05:04 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Shrugs!* I haven’t honestly had time to count the hours which I felt the sting. It stopped sometime ago. So I forgot about it… [f | 05:06 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: *Bows.* I would never dream of it, Miss Courtland. *He smiles back.* I prefer to use stories and gossip to distract people. *Then he escorts her out of the kitchen and to the guest room.* It hasn’t been prepared yet but I can do that in a matter of minutes. Speaking of the barn, one of the maids told me she found a mother cat and a litter of kittens there just the other day. [m | 05:09 Sep 06]

    Marion: The barn is a good place for kitties. *Marion slides in to a chair, not having much energy to remain standing.. and watches him bustle around the room! * …I wonder if moving my room would even make a difference… *she frowned…* [f | 05:14 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She looks tired enough to pass out while the doctor’s talking to her and examining! She keeps trying to not just nod off right there on her feet!* [f | 05:21 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: It is never wise to forget any pain your body feels for any unnatural reason. [m | 05:22 Sep 06]

    Doctor St James: *Goes rummaging in his bag.* Let me see if I have anything in here that will help. If not, I will have to see about having some sent here. [m | 05:23 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Gives him a funny look!* I usually have no choice but to just move on,doctor. But thanks… Probably good advice. [f | 05:24 Sep 06]

    Faulkner Grant: We will never know until we try, my lady. *He wonders if he should talk to Lord and Lady Wellington about moving Miss Courtland out of here … but then he realizes the Wellingtons and even Lady Rosewood are better equipped to handle this than the Queen herself.* Would you like me to ask someone to sit beside your bed? [m | 05:26 Sep 06]

    Marion: I really don’t want to have to bother anyone with babysitting me. *But she’s considering asking him to stay… he always tells her such nice stories…* [f | 05:33 Sep 06]

    Illiana Rosewood  *Was being treated for her wounds by Dr. St James!* [06:17 Sep 13]

    Marion is dreadfully tired, and seeming to be falling asleep where she sits! [06:18 Sep 13]

    Doctor St James is hard at work! [06:19 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant is going to get Miss Courtland to a new room! [06:21 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant: *Takes Miss Courtland to a room beside Miss Rosewood’s.* It’s no burden at all, Miss Courtland. Besides, there’s nothing else I would rather do than spend time with you. [m | 06:22 Sep 13]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Was very tired and worn out herself…. it had been weeks since she’d last slept decently, and days since she’d had anything much to eat.* Well I suppose this time I won’t be too terrible of a patient… [f | 06:22 Sep 13]

    Doctor St James: Wise decision. You should do fine as long as you take it easy … Eat well. *He raises an eyebrow and gives her a serious look.* But I have a feeling telling you to take it easy is asking for the moon to fall. [m | 06:24 Sep 13]

    Marion: You really don’t have to flatter me, I appreciate you enough as it is. *Trying so hard not to yaaaaawn.* [f | 06:25 Sep 13]

    Illiana Rosewood : *She grins sheepishly at that!* Taking it easy hasn’t been in my book in years. But since you’re a man of logic; I won’t bother to say why. And I’ll get something from the kitchen as soon as I take a nice long nap. [f | 06:26 Sep 13]

    Doctor St James: *Starts putting everything back into his bag.* I can fetch something from the kitchen if you want. I’m going there myself. Perhaps a cup of tea before I head back home. [m | 06:28 Sep 13]

    Illiana Rosewood : Hm.. Actually I think I’ll join you. Stretch my legs a bit.. I don’t want to go into too heavy of a sleep… [f | 06:29 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant: *Chuckles softly.* "Flattery can be both honest and cruel" or so my father used to say. *He opens the door to Miss Courtland’s room.* Not to worry, Miss Courtland. I will alert the Wellingtons to where your temporary room is. [m | 06:30 Sep 13]

    Marion: *Examines the room without trying to look like she’s examining it… She’s much too old to be afraid of the dark or sleeping alone, but that nagging fear is still there.* Can you stay here for a little while? Just until I fall asleep? [f | 06:34 Sep 13]
    Doctor St James: Good idea. I’m telling you to take it easy because when you put too much strain on your body, your body cannot perform its normal function. And everything suffers as a result. [m | 06:34 Sep 13]

    Illiana Rosewood : I found out the hardway on that note several times. Unfortunately, what I do doesn’t much allow me time to take it easy as I’ve said. *Walks with him out towards the kitchens! A sandwich with maybe a glass of milk sounded perfect.* [f | 06:36 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant: Hm? Certainly, Miss Courtland. It would be a privilege. [m | 06:39 Sep 13]

    Marion: *With her relief she gave a genuine smile!* Thank you… *It only took a few moments for her to crawl in to bed and make herself comfortable.* [f | 06:41 Sep 13]

    Doctor St James: *Walks out to the kitchens with her.* With any luck, there’ll be enough to make some food. But we’re talking about Faulkner so … chances are we’ll find what we’re looking for. [m | 06:43 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant: *Finds a chair and sits down beside the bed.* You are quite welcome, Miss Courtland. *He smiles.* At times, I have a tendency to forget how foreboding these rooms can be. [m | 06:45 Sep 13]

    Illiana Rosewood : *smiles a bit! She’d seen that man only on a few occasions; and each time he sure seemed efficient.* You’d probably know the kitchen area much better than I do. I’ll just have to look for everything else. *Doesn’t seem to mind much!* [f | 06:46 Sep 13]

    Marion: It’s only so frightening at night… *She mumbles and yawns again… it doesn’t take longer than a few moments after her head hits the pillow for her to fall asleep!* [f | 06:46 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant: *Watches her sleep and sighs softly.* Especially for you, Miss Courtland. *He says softly.* Especially for you. *He glances around.* [m | 06:48 Sep 13]

    Doctor St James: *Escorts Miss Rosewood to the kitchens. The kitchens are large, to be sure. But he finds some bread and some slices of meat and cheese. He gets a kettle of water going.* [m | 06:50 Sep 13]

    Illiana Rosewood : Thank-you. *She makes herself a sandwich, then takes it over to a table.* [f | 06:51 Sep 13]

    Marion: *Seems to sleep deeply for a good hour or so until… Marion slowly sits up in bed, lookng half awake, half asleep! Brushing the hair from her face, she moves from the edge of the bed and stands slowly without a word!* [f | 06:53 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant: *Has started to doze of by now, his hands folded across his stomach and his chin on his chest.* [m | 06:55 Sep 13]

    Marion: *Marion walks with her arms loose at her sides, but with definite purpose..! She seems to know where she’s headed!* [f | 06:59 Sep 13]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Eats her sandwich, looking around the kitchen thoughtfully. She looks like she’s making plans already…* So how long are you staying, Doctor? *Asks curiously as she finishes her sandwich.* [f | 07:01 Sep 13]

    Doctor St James: Just as soon as I’m done with my tea and the rain has stopped. Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to get some rest before someone calls for me. [m | 07:02 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant: *Is snoring soundly …* [m | 07:04 Sep 13]

    Illiana Rosewood : *Smiles a bit. The man certainly understood what being "On Call" all the time was like.* I hope you have a safe trip home…. May I ask something? Where could I find Markus Fowler? [f | 07:06 Sep 13]

    Marion: *She leaves the bedroom and down the stairs with a silent grace… and even out the front door, soundlessy walking out in to the rain! The wetness and cold seem to have no effect on her dreamy face!* [f | 07:06 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant: *Starts awake!* Miss Courtland! *He sits straight up and looks around … bu the bed is empty! He jumps out of his seat and out of the room!* [m | 07:08 Sep 13]

    Doctor St James: *Silent and thoughtful for a moment.* He doesn’t live too far from here. Just four homes North of the Wellingtons’ place. He’s out of town for a couple of days, though. *He makes his tea and sips some of it.* [m | 07:11 Sep 13]

    Illiana Rosewood : Alright, I’ll just have to see him next week then. *Gets herself a cup of milk, then sits back down.* [f | 07:12 Sep 13]

    Marion: *Walking down the sidewalk… seeming to easily step over or around obstacles, and yet being unaware of everything around her! She’s headed straight for the cemetary!* [f | 07:16 Sep 13]

    Doctor St James: *Sips more tea.* So you need to see Markus Fowler. May I ask why the urgency? [m | 07:21 Sep 13]

    Faulkner Grant: *Can’t seem to find Miss Courtland anywhere in the house! Where could she be?! Suddenly stops!* … She’s … not in the manor anymore. *He realizes to himself. He sees the crossbow Lady Wellington used earlier. It has one shot left. He grabs it but he can’t find the crossbow bolts to reload.* [m | 07:23 Sep 13]


    [Collete spent a long night barking orders and organizing a new crew. But it was well worth it, and now they were out to sea where they belonged! ] -12:01 Jul 21

    Frederick: *Freddie was laying out on the deck, sprawled against some ropes and snoring like a whale. Ever so often he’d shout “Not my captain!” or “Good god, those are my balls!” and flop back to sleep again!*

    [Elizabeth kicked another crew member out of her cabin!] -12:05 Jul 21
    Collete: *With that giant beast of a man she’s calling Rock because his name was obnoxiously complicated at the wheel, Collete was working with a map and making some plans. Give a woman some money and a working ship, what does she do? Plan revenge! Sweet glorious, hunt-em-down and butcher them, revenge! She sipped from a mug of coffee!* -12:08 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: Next time you come to see me you’d better have a real good reason, you manner-forsaken lout! *She growled!* ‘Cause if you don’t, I sure as hell will give you a reason to need a doctor! -12:09 Jul 21

    That crew member was trying his hardest not look good and sorry before he took off running back to work! He tripped over Freddie on the way out!

    [Kessing was enjoying the spray of the sea and the rocking of the ship!] -12:10 Jul 21

    Frederick: GOFF!! *His poor manhandled body! He shoved the body aside, kicked at him when he ran off and…. quickly pulled up his pants! How did those fall down!? Aw, look at that! He’s got a splinter! How can he function with a splinter?!*

    Kessing: *He couldn’t remember a great deal of what had happened that night. He remembered someone saying they couldn’t do anything for Captain Maria … and then that trip down to the supply yard but that was about it! He’d gotten some sleep when they took out to sea!* -12:11 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Dusted her gown off and straightened her hair! Or tried to in this blasted sea-spraying wind! Add the fact she hadn’t been able to trap Samson to the fact that every male on this ship was faking an illness or medical condition to get some "tender loving care" and you have one pissed off doctor!* -12:13 Jul 21
    Collete: *Collete circled a place on her map. Whether Godric was going to hunt them down, or just needed to resupply that was their best bet. …And it’d be somewhere she could use this ship to her advantage. Imagine her surprise to discover that Deathrunner was Godric’s boat before the asshole took Kessing’s. This was going to be a nice little comeuppance for him! She dropped her pencil to go informing her clueless first mate of those plans!* -12:17 Jul 21

    Frederick: *Freddie, unaware that his life would be in danger for it, marched on down to the Doctor’s cabin, holding up his poor injured finger!* Woman! I need assistance! A man can’t work like this!

    Kessing: *Nice … simple … seaspray. He put his chin down on the railing. Yeah, he could get used to this. Although there was something nagging at the back of his mind but he pushed it away. He didn’t know why but he didn’t want to know what was so insistent.* -12:23 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow!* This from the man who is supposed to be hunting down Samson! You said you were going to find him–not take a nap on deck, you big oaf! -12:24 Jul 21

    Frederick: To find a demon, you gotta think like a demon, and the little buggars spend half their days sleepin’, so I was testing out some places! You gon’ pull this splinter or start spittin’ at me?!

    Collete: *Collete leaned against the railing necxt to Kessing, her arms crossed.* Tell me, Kessing. If you were captain and had an enormous amount of treasure… what would you do first? -12:27 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Didn’t look like she was taking his bull! But she finally dropped her arms!* Fine. Follow me. *She led the way back to her room.* Tell me … you wouldn’t happen to know who blabbed about my … how did it go … "pair of nice fluffy ones" … would you? -12:29 Jul 21
    Kessing: *Still had his eyes closed and didn’t seem to be paying attention at first.* Mm …? If I was a captain with a large amount of treasure … first, you go hiding it somewhere real good. Then you start adding to the pile of treasure you already got. Even if it means stealing some tasty morsel right out from under the governor of the port’s nose. -12:32 Jul 21

    Frederick: Uh… Not a damned clue. Man’s got a be a real moron to say somethin’ like that! *…That little shit Gilbert! He knew that guy was a snitch! Freddie plopped down in a chair once inside her room, not very subtly checking the place out!*

    Collete: Ah… thr trouble is finding a good place to stash it. I had some places in mind, but some backstabbing traitors already know all about them. I don’t suppose you have a nice little canibal free island in that head of yours? -12:35 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Her room was real neat, not a speck of dust to be seen! Whatever was in her bag, it certainly wasn’t furniture or anything to give the place a "woman’s touch." There was that hammock in the corner and that large chest that had always just sat there! But not much else! She made a cute little pout and brushed up against him.* What a shame … I was going to thank the man who said such a fine compliment about me. -12:47 Jul 21
    Kessing: *Still had his eyes closed.* Mm … There’s always Île de Sirène … -12:49 Jul 21

    Frederick: *Gurk! …swallow! There was those danger signs flashing in his head! On the one hand he’d be more than happy to take credit for a compliment… on the other.. it could be a trap!* He uh.. probably meant something more classy.. like…er… You’ve got breasts made for suckling! ..For children! Breasts for children! *Somehow that didn’t come out right.*

    Collete: Île de Sirène… *Normal Captain Kessing was in there somewhere. Seeing Godric had him seething with rage and being himself again, so what had him forgetting again? …and more importantly why! Collete had the urge to drag him down to her cabin and kick him until she found out! She grinned to herself.* We’ll sail to Île de Sirène. After that we’ll take a little stop in Jamestown. I’ve got business there, but there’s no reason why we can’t do a little robbing too. -12:58 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Damn. She wasn’t getting any closer to him revealing who it was … or even admitting it as the case may be. She considered herself a fair woman. She wouldn’t cause any unnecessary pain to anyone without first knowing the facts. No matter how tempting it may be. She’d have to try another tactic then. She moved away to retrieve some tweezers fashioned from bone–whale or human, it didn’t matter–and moved toward him again.* Splinter. -12:59 Jul 21
    Kessing: *Now he opened his eyes and grinned. It was a boyish-kid grin but it was the boyish-kid grin of the clueless Kessing. Not the captain of the Harbinger.* That sounds like fun. *He blinked.* Wait … Île de Sirène isn’t on any map. -01:01 Jul 21

    Frederick: *Freddie eyed them tweezers but he held up his finger! It was a big horrible deadly splinter, and if she broke his finger he would never forgive her, no matter how pretty she was!*

    Collete: I’ve got the sky. I don’t need a map. Unless you plan on giving me a hand and doing the sailing for me? By all means, take over the ship. -01:05 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Eyed the splinter with the same wariness Frederick was eying her tweezers.* … You call that a splinter? It’s not even a chip of wood! -01:06 Jul 21
    Kessing: Heh heh. No thank you. *He propped his elbows on the railing and put his chin on his hands.* You’re doing a fine job of being the captain. Maria would be envious. -01:08 Jul 21

    Frederick: It’s festering with disease and could kill me by morning! …and it burns! Just get it out, woman!

    Elizabeth: *Ohohohoh! It looked like she was onto something! A fine way to find out who she was going to kill first.* Sure, I will … Just as soon as you tell me who spread those comments. -01:11 Jul 21
    Collete: *Collete frowned.* Maria was… something else. I wouldn’t have bothered staying if you hadn’t- *She caught herself quick enough!* The ship looks hella better now. -01:12 Jul 21

    Frederick: *His jaw dropped!* That’s blackmail, and I ain’t gotta take it! You pull this thing out or.. or… Now!

    Kessing: *Turned around to get a good look at the ship! He nodded.* Yeah … Yeah, it does. *He looked over at her.* Hey, Collete. What happened last night? I just remember gambling with some old guys … and then Maria … and the supply yard. I don’t remember anything … solid. -01:14 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: You say "blackmail", I say "a win-win situation." For example, you give me the name of the person responsible, I pull out the splinter. I’ll even give you a nice, sweet kiss to help heal your finger. -01:15 Jul 21
    Collete: Let’s see… I got good and drunk, nearly kidnapped and rescued by you of all people. Freddie found a wad of treasure, Maria was shot and killed in the process, and now we’ve a nice new crew of vagabonds. …I can’t imagine how anyone would forget all that. -01:23 Jul 21

    Frederick: *Don’t do it man! No kiss is worth it! None! ..Not at all. but.. so… pretty…* It was… uh…. me.

    Kessing: *Sheepish grin.* This is me we’re talking about. Large patches of missing memory appears to be a condition of mine. -01:24 Jul 21
    Collete: I could take you down to my cabin and refresh your memory, but chances are I’d just make you cry. *Whether she meant it in a nice way or a bad way, it was impossible to tell!* -01:26 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Gotcha! She only smiled sweetly, though, as she gently took his hand, pulled that splinter out. True to her word, she kissed that finger, she even patched it up.* Good boy. *She waited until he was at the door to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss his lips, nice and hard!* -01:27 Jul 21

    Frederick: *grmph! That sure ain’t what Freddie expected, and he was more than happy to give her a good kissin’ back and perhaps rest his hands down on her rear where they weren’t supposed to be! Oh ho, that was nice and fluffy too!*

    Kessing: *Kessing being Kessing, he was going to take that as a bad way–but with good intentions!* Uh … Maybe I’ll just wait until my memory comes back to me. -01:29 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *She broke the kiss–CLICK!–and Frederick found a pistol shoved up against his jaw!* Let’s see if your head is thick enough to stop a bullet before it reaches your brain, shall we? *She could still feel his hands on her ass.* Get your hands off my ass. -01:31 Jul 21
    Collete: Probably better off that way. *A sad look across her face, but it was gone in a flash. Collete pushed away from the railing, to go tell Rock where to switch his course. They had some treasure to hide.* -01:32 Jul 21

    The man up in the crow’s nest yells down to the others! “Ship ahead!” -Elizabeth

    Frederick: *Damnit, he dun fell for a trap! Freddie held his hands up quick!* There’s uh… there’s a ship coming, I’m needed up on deck!

    Elizabeth: Forget the ship. You have more pressing matters. Right here. Right now. *She growled!* Some men coming aboard to slit you from ear to ear is the least of your worries. -01:34 Jul 21
    Collete: *Collete paused on the steps up to the bridge shielding her hers from the sun to see!* Better look for a flag and a name on that ship… We don’t want to be running in to pirates, now do we gentlemen. -01:34 Jul 21

    Frederick: *He danced from foot to foot! Hell and damn and shit!* But uh, the cap’n gonna need every man she can get! You can shoot me later?

    Elizabeth: *She was thinking about it. On one hand, she didn’t want to have to explain how a man could’ve accidentally gotten shot in her room. On the other hand, maybe, just maybe he wasn’t that bad a kisser.* If I hear even a single word about me or my body from anyone, I will come after you and show you just what a sadistic bitch I can be, understand? And you had better find Samson for me. *She pulled the gun away.* -01:39 Jul 21

    “It’s a merchant ship!” the man from the crow’s nest calls down!

    Collete: Is that so! My, I bet that poor thing is just over loaded with more than it can carry. Why don’t we go and help them out a little? *Collete clasped her hands behind her back as she reached the bridge.* Take us on over to greet them, Rock. Get your toys, gentlemen! We’re going to have some fun! -01:42 Jul 21

    Frederick: *Freddie stumbled backwards as quick as his legs would move him, before he took off for the top deck! That crazyass woman was a maniac! A soft fluffy maniac! He had to warn the captain about her!… Later!*

    Kessing: *Managed not to get run over by the stampede of men getting everything together! There were guns to get, swords and cutlasses to pull out! Just another day in the life of a pirate!* -01:44 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Heard the chaos taking place on deck! She studied the gun in her hands, tapped the gun against her palm! She might as well get up there. She thrust the gun back to wherever she put it, somewhere in that skirt she wore, and retrieved her heavy bag.* -01:47 Jul 21

    Mr. Rock silent as..well, a rock, did just as he was told, And even when the merchant ship tried to out run them, that pirate vessel was much too quick! As soon as it was close enough in range, men were flinging ropes across and preparing to board! Them merchants were a fiesty bunch and already firing guns! Too bad they didn’t have any cannons!

    Collete: *Che had to admit… being the one in charge had it’s perks.* Board ’em and take prisoners! After all, if we massecre them, they can’t go back home and bring us another pretty ship to pillage! *Collete smiled her ever best smile!* -01:54 Jul 21
    Kessing: *Never one to hang back, armed with a singl pistol, and a cutlass and knife, he flung that rope long and true and boarded! With cutlass in his teeth, he climbed onto the merchant ship and did more than his fair share of fighting! Of course, there were times when he had to shoot and hack someone but in this case, it was self-defense!* -01:58 Jul 21

    Frederick: *This was the best part of being a pirate! Plus, there was that maniac on board and even if she DID plan shooting him once their raid was over, he surely would have won her heart by his totally awesome and manly fighting! Using bare hands he’d knock men out, throw them across the deck, sling them around and crash them in to their own crew mates! Occasionally he’d flex his muscles!*

    Even when boarded, those merchants and sailors put up a fight! They had some passengers onboard who were quickly moved down below for safety! -Elizabeth


    Elizabeth: *Heaved that bag onto deck and was working on the nearest pirate who had been taken down early on after getting shot in the leg! She quickly bound his leg and continued on! Those with fatal injuries or more than one serious injury had to be taken care of first!* -02:06 Jul 21

    Arr, those pirates were mindful not to murder needlessly, but quick to knock out and and put and end to any squabblers, uprisers, or sailors trying to kill ’em off! It didn’t take too long at all to round up all the live and conscious ones and keep them timid with a bunch of guns aimed at their heads!

    Kessing: *Checked in with Collete!* Alright, Captain! Everyone is good and rounded up. They have some nice cargo, too. Nothing like gold but a lot of spice and silk. -02:09 Jul 21
    Collete: *As much as she would have loved shooting people. Collete held herself back. Lighting a ciggy and crossing a plank to the other ship once Kessing announced all was "settled".* That was very brave of you merchant boys. Not smart, but brave. Aren’t we lucky this vessel didn’t fall in to the wrong sort of hands? …We ought to make sure that cargo gets somewhere safe, Kessing. -02:11 Jul 21
    Kessing: Maybe in the hands of some customers who’d pay a nice price or at least trade something equally worthy? *He suggested.* -02:13 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Meanwhile she was finishing up her duties as doctor! She’d bandaged everyone up and done what she could to lessen the serious extent of injuries, particularly from something as easy to die from as bleeding to death. Fortunately for them, she wasn’t so heartless as to let them lie there in pain. She gave them some rum!* -02:15 Jul 21
    Collete: A brilliant idea! We’ll just take it and sell it for you! Now you have nothing to worry about! *Collete snapped her fingers, sending her nice strong gentleman to start raiding out the cargo!* Meanwhile, let’s not get any bright ideas about escape plans and whatnot. I would hate to see such fine sailors get thrown overboard. -02:17 Jul 21

    Frederick: *Dutiful Freddie was already helping to get to work on that cargo. Of course he’d flash his best grin at Madam Maniac doctor woman everytime he passed, making sure she could see him lifting those big heavy crates and barrels!*

    Kessing: *Was reading over something he’d found in the captain’s quarters.* Looks like we could get rich some other way, too. -02:21 Jul 21
    Collete: *She glanced at him, pulling that ciggy out of her mouth.* Do tell, Kessing. -02:22 Jul 21
    Kessing: Looks like we’re graced with the presence of the wife and daughter of the governor of Port Royal. Madame Hawkins and her daughter, Madeline. *He looked up from the passenger log to Collete and to the group of prisoners where–in the back–huddled a brunette and her young daughter.* -02:24 Jul 21
    Elizabeth: *Of course, she couldn’t help but be aware of everytime that overgrown lout passed! And that stupid grin of his! Must not shoot. Must not shoot. She ended up taking a couple of swigs of the rum she offered one of her patients just so she wouldn’t go for her gun.* -02:26 Jul 21
    Collete: Ah, more precous cargo. They really are lucky we found ’em before someone like Godric Scarblade did. I’m sure Hawkins would pay very well for safe passage for his family. *Oh the wicked grin she had!* -02:28 Jul 21
    Kessing: In that case, perhaps we should see to the accomodations of our temporary guests, Captain? -02:32 Jul 21
    Collete: Give them your room, Kessing. Make sure they’re comfortable and unharassed. -02:37 Jul 21
    Kessing: Right. Madame Hawkins, if you’d be so kind. *He gestured for her and her daughter and bowed.* -02:40 Jul 21

    Madame Hawkins looked reluctant to go anywhere with these pirates! But if they didn’t do as they were told, they were sure to end up as fish food! So she gathered her daughter up in her arms and put on a brave face as she followed Kessing below deck!

    Frederick: *Dusting off his hands he stopped beside the cap’n!* So we got her all loaded up, whachu want us to do now?

    Collete: Send the rest back to their boat and cut ’em loose. They won’t try anything dangerous less something happens to those girls. *She made sure to say it nice and loud so everyone got the point!* -02:43 Jul 21
    Kessing: *Gestured the mother and daughter into his room.* It isn’t much but … it’s cozy. I’ll be right outside so if there’s anything you need feel free to ask. You should get some rest. -02:47 Jul 21
    [Collete and her motely crew sucessfully raided a merchant ship and now have hostages- er, passengers aboard! Not a bad day!] -03:13 Jul 29
    [Kessing had just shown their two guests to where they\’d be staying at for the remainder of their voyage!] -03:14 Jul 29
    Kessing: *Of course, he wasn’t too keen on trusting any of the crew with the welfare of their passengers so … he decided to stand guard right outside the door!* -03:16 Jul 29

    Frederick: *Frederick was steering clear or the mad woman with the nice knockers! He was leaning against Kessing’s door and on guard duty. Because that’s what big muscle men like him are for. Flexflex.*

    [Elizabeth was still overseeing the wounded on deck–fortunately for Frederic!] -03:18 Jul 29

    Frederick: *Flexflex… slow scowl! Of course, he can’t be getting all the glory if Kessing was going to lurk around too!* So Kessing… Look over there! A flying cat demon!

    Kessing: Very funny. *Mutters under his breath.* Oh, look, the new doctor! -03:20 Jul 29
    Elizabeth: *Finally dusted her hands on her skirt! She was going to need a lot of new supplies! She found the captain overseeing the others!* Captain, if I may have a word. -03:21 Jul 29

    Frederick: Where?! *Freddie jumped away from the door, fists raised to deflect flying bullets!* ..>Wait a damned second… *He pointed an accusing finger at Kessing.* Dirty liar!

    Collete: *They’re gonna store that cargo properly or she’ll throw every last one of them ove-* Something important, doctor? -03:22 Jul 29
    Kessing: *Couldn’t resist smirking! But he finally got a straight face.* Come on, Freddie. She’s just a woman. -03:23 Jul 29
    Elizabeth: I am in need of more supplies. I nearly exhausted all I brought with me onboard. I can have a list ready in a manner of moments if you would like to take a look. -03:25 Jul 29

    Frederick: Obviously, you have no idea about women, Kessing! Cause they’re crazy! …Gorgeous but flippin’ nuts! …She threatened my jewels, man! My little soldiers!

    Kessing: *A raised eyebrow.* Are you sure that wasn’t her way of flirting? -03:26 Jul 29
    Collete: *Collete brushed her hair out of her face as she rubbed her head.* We’ll have to stock up when we land at port to ‘drop off’ our passengers. There won’t be any lollygagging though. We’re going to have to be in and out quick. -03:27 Jul 29

    Frederick: ..Naw, naw. Women don’t flirt like that! Otherwise, Collete would be aaaall over me! *Freddie suddenly grinned wide!* Yeah, that’d be nice. Rollin’ on the front deck with Capn’ Collete…

    Kessing: …. *Smacks Freddie upside the head by pure reflex!* -03:33 Jul 29
    Elizabeth: *A single nod.* I understand. I will prepare a list then. *And she went below deck!* -03:35 Jul 29

    Frederick: OW! What the devil, man?! *Freddie rubbed his head, lookng sour!* Ain’t a body on the ship that hasn’t thought about it! She’s got- *He motioned his hands in front of his chest!* -man! That doc’s got bigger, but a man’s gotta appreciate a good lookn’ Capn’!

    Elizabeth: It is such a honor to know I sail with such high-born gentlemen of fortune. *She said dryly as she came within earshot of Freddie and Kessing’s conversation.* You. *She pointed at Freddie.* Come with me. -03:37 Jul 29

    Frederick: *Freddie froze, his hands in the most inoportune of locations… and dropped them quickly as he cleared his throat!* I, uh… am on guard duty! Kessing is free!

    Collete: *On the plus side, she had a doctor on board that actually knew what supplies were. Collete finished up her supervising, planning to have a chat with her guests once she was through!* -03:40 Jul 29
    Kessing: *Cleared his throat.* Actually, madam, Frederick here was just telling me how sorry he was and how eager he was to make things up to you. Didn’t you, Frederick? -03:41 Jul 29

    Frederick: *Motioning a thumb slowly at Kessing, Freddie still looked like he was staring at a firing squad.* Y-yeah. Really sorry.

    Kessing: Of course, he knows how empty and meaningless words are so he told me he’d do whatever it took to make things up to you. Or you can slice his testicles off and use them as shark bait. -03:45 Jul 29

    Frederick: *Freddie shot Kessing the most impressive glare he could muster. THAT was NOT helping, you quick-tongue bastard!*

    Elizabeth: *Arms crossed and fixing both men an even stare.* Shark bait, hm? What a wonderful idea. Now hurry up or I’ll make good on that promise. *She beckons to Frederick with a finger.* -03:48 Jul 29

    Frederick: Yes Ma’am! *He showed a fist to Kessing before he followed after the doc!*

    Kessing: *Whistled innocently as he watched Frederick disappear with the doctor! He glanced around. Now maybe he could get some peace.* -03:51 Jul 29
    Elizabeth: If you do a good job, maybe just maybe … I will not be so prone as to throw you overboard, slit your throat, emasculate you … *She waved her hand.* Et cetera, et cetera … You get the point. *She reached her quarters.* Now … I need someone’s help in making a list of supplies. Are you up to it? -03:54 Jul 29

    Frederick: Why do you gotta threaten a man’s precious jewels, woman? That ain’t right. *Freddie made sure to stand a safe distance away before he finally nodded.* Aye, I can do that just fine!

    Collete: *An unlit ciggy in her mouth and cargo stored away neatly, Collete found Kessing guarding the door for her guests.* …You look like you did something naughty, Kessing. -03:57 Jul 29
    Kessing: *Flashed a grin.* Depends on your definition. I say I did something nice. Frederick would say quite the opposite. I fixed him volunteer duty for the good doctor. What can I do for you, Cap’n? -03:58 Jul 29
    Collete: I’m going to have a little chat with our guests. Would you like to stand around looking miserably evil? -04:02 Jul 29
    Elizabeth: *Turned and put her hands on her hips.* Believe me, there are a lot more things in the world that ‘ain’t right’. Now, if you are done complaining and nagging like some old fishwife, I can get down to business. *She searched here and there and finally pulled out a paper and a feather with a bottle of ink.* I need to make a list of supplies and I need someone to help me sort all the things out. *She gave him a cute pout as she sat down, crossed one leg over the other.* I’d be oh so grateful. -04:03 Jul 29
    Kessing: Well … I can try. Let’s see. *He bent his head and ruffled his hair and then gave her a wicked grin.* Not miserably evil but evil could never be miserable, the way I see it. -04:07 Jul 29

    Frederick: *Aw… no man could resist such a cute little lady pouting! He mouth turned up in to a lopsided grin!* Alright, alright! Start your list makin’.

    Collete: Is that so? *That small smirk she had disappeared as she unlocked the door and stepped imperiously in to the room!* Forgive me for intruding, ladies. I am your benevolent Captain Collete Craven. It would be a great deal of help to me, if you’d tell me a little bit about your husband. -04:20 Jul 29
    Elizabeth: Good. You can start digging into that chest over there. *She pointed to the one farthest from her, in the corner.* Just take everything out and separate them into piles. I don’t care what kind of piles. Just make them piles and make sure they don’t get mixed up with each other. That’s the chest from the last doctor and I need to see what I can keep and what I have to throw away. -04:31 Jul 29

    The mother was holding her child close. She looked like she was about to lie but she realized it was useless to play coy. These pirates already knew who she was. “My husband is expecting us in a day or two.”

    Frederick: *Freddie dropped next to one of the crates and started digging stuff out. A saw. Another saw. A screw driver. Some bandages. A bottle of whiskey. A mallet. ….Freddie went back to the bottle of whiskey, popped it open and took a swing! Ah! …Another saw. Some syringes with needles that made him a little woozy just thinking about them. Couple of books…*

    Collete: We’ll make sure he will be seeing you on time. However, I am not fond of surprises. Your husband isn’t going to refuse you, is he? Or plot a lovely little trap for us? *Collete eyed the little girl and frowned. She wasn’t much older than her so-!* We don’t want anything to happen to your daughter, after all. -04:40 Jul 29

    The woman looked absolutely horrified when the captain mentioned her husband not refusing them. “How dare you! My husband loves us!”

    Her daughter peeks out at Collete but quickly buries her head into her mommy’s chest!

    Collete: I’m sure he does. *Collete was going to say quite the opposite but there was this inexplicable need to terrorize that kid. When the hell did she start giving a shit?!* I’m hoping he’ll reward us generously for making sure the two of you didn’t fall in to the hands of notorious pirates. -04:49 Jul 29

    The woman strokes her daughter’s hair. “Please. Do what you want with me but please … spare my daughter.”

    Elizabeth: *Looked over at Frederick.* Is that all there is? *She stopped scribbling down on the paper and raised an eyebrow at him.* -04:53 Jul 29

    Frederick: Yep. And uh… this. *Freddie then pulled out a very lacy and interesting pair of ladies under things! Which was… pretty darn weird considering their last doctor was a huge old fat guy! Freddie shuddered at the thought!*

    Elizabeth: *Blink!* … Please tell me your last doctor was a woman … -04:57 Jul 29
    Collete: *Her expression softened… if only for a split second before she angrily find something interesting on the ceiling to stare at.* No one is going to hurt your damned daughter. In fact I’d be happy to send her off to her father surrounded by armed escort and wrapped in pillows, if you so pleased. -04:57 Jul 29

    Frederick: I fear… that’s impossible madam. *Another shudder from Freddie as held it up hire. …And then against his own chest. Well, it WAS pretty fancy. Would it suck in his gut and make him look more buff?*



    [Elizabeth swore under her breath as she walked down the docks, long skirt in hand!] -02:57 Jul 17

    The Bloody Hen! A notorious pirate’s tavern filled to the brim with cutthroats, bandits, rogues, whores, and thieves! There was wheeling and dealing, trading, gambling, deals under the table, black market sales, and people hunting for jobs! What a great place!

    Elizabeth: Blast that Samson … When I get my hands on him, I will tear his fur off of his spoiled body. *She muttered darkly, glancing this way and that. She had better things to do than hunt after his blasted hide!* -02:59 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: (testing!) -02:59 Jul 17

    Frederick: *HuffpuffHEAVEdragthunkthunkthunkOWFUCK!OW!dragdragKLUNK! Freddie dusted off his hands when he stored the chest up in the cap’ns quarters and put a dozen different locks on it. He was back up on the deck when he saw.. he.. saw… A GHOST! Freddie near fainted dead away!!* m…m…GHOST!

    Kessing: *He stepped up to the heavy wooden gate of the wall that separated the supply yard from the rest of the town. Yep, this was the place. He glanced around and knocked as loudly as he could.* Hello? -03:01 Jul 17
    Kessing: *Paused to brush back a strand of blonde hair! Oh bother! Her feet were beginning to hurt and she was getting awfully thirsty!* Samson! *She growled.* If you do not get your cursed tail back here, I swear I will stuff you and use you as a paperweight! -03:02 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: *Paused to brush back a strand of blonde hair! Oh bother! Her feet were beginning to hurt and she was getting awfully thirsty!* Samson! *She growled.* If you do not get your cursed tail back here, I swear I will stuff you and use you as a paperweight! -03:03 Jul 17

    Wait … and wait … No reply and no sign of Samson either! It was safe to assume he wasn’t here!

    Collete: *Collete stepped in the doors grinning as wickedly as could be! She had a seat up at the bar.* So, how many good men we have in stock today, Amos? -03:04 Jul 17
    Kessing: *Samson would just have to wait then! And if he was waiting in a ditch with his tail trapped under a large rock, well–it would serve him right! She turned around and stalked back toward town and a nice drink.* -03:05 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: *Samson would just have to wait then! And if he was waiting in a ditch with his tail trapped under a large rock, well–it would serve him right! She turned around and stalked back toward town and a nice drink.* -03:05 Jul 17

    “Go away! We’re closed!” a voice finally snarled from the other side of the gate!

    Amos couldn’t open his mouth to reply before someone else shouted out. “Hey ho, it’s Collete! What’s that new name she’s got goin’ on? Was it Raven Crone or naw, naw… It was Frosted Tits!” Much bellowing and chortling amongst the crowd!

    Kessing: Uh … Sir? Please, I really need supplies to repair a ship! It’s really important my crew and I sail out as soon as possible! -03:08 Jul 17
    Collete: … *Collete paused. She slowly pulled out her gun and shot him dead.* …. As I was saying…! *This time she made sure to say it loud so the whole lot of them could hear!* I’ve come in to a ship of my own, and I’m needing a crew. A good loyal crew. …And my dears, you will be paid in pretty shinies. *Oooh, she held up one of those gold coins she filtched out of the chest!* -03:09 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: *Straightened her dress and dusted the hem of the skirt! This was her favorite dress and thanks to Samson, she was going to spend the next two days trying to get the dirt stains off of it! She walked into the Bloodhen Tavern and brushed past some woman with a gun and gold to sit at the bar.* The strongest drink you have, Amos. -03:11 Jul 17

    “You and a thousand other fools, you idiot!” the voice growled. “Now get away and leave me in peace! If I open this gate and you’re still there, I’ll shoot you dead with this cannon!”

    Amos served up a drink to Elizabeth, as several very interesting men suddenly found Collete to be the woman of their dreams! “Aye, Collete! Have I ever told you your eyes are like stars? You uh… How much are you payin those hard workin’ volunteers, eh?”

    Kessing: Thank you. *She sipped her drink and didn’t bat an eye as it went down as strong and thick as hot oil. She paid a bit of attention to what was going on but only because it was only thing going on here–other than the usual gambling, drinking, and roughhousing.* -03:17 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: Thank you. *She sipped her drink and didn’t bat an eye as it went down as strong and thick as hot oil. She paid a bit of attention to what was going on but only because it was only thing going on here–other than the usual gambling, drinking, and roughhousing.* -03:18 Jul 17
    Collete: *That’s right monkies, jump! The coin disappeared as she closed her hand.* Plenty enough for some that don’t smell like swine, all the rum you can drink, and the skirts you can chase. All I require is a loyal promise, and men that work. I need a full crew. Deckhands down to doctor. -03:19 Jul 17
    Kessing: Please, sir! Just hear me out! *He was beginning to get desperate! There had to be some way to get this man to see reason!* I um … I can pay you! -03:20 Jul 17

    “Listen, you, you can keep your tainted coins because I won’t be having any of this. Do you hear me, any of–No, I will *not* open the gate! … Goddamn it, woman! What–what in the blazes do you think you’re–!” There was the sound of something heavy being moved and then the gate opened a crack! “Please forgive me overeager husband. He does enjoy his job … a bit too much,” a gentle voice said from the other side.

    Elizabeth: *The word "doctor" piqued her interest! She turned slightly. She was in need of a job …* Doctor, did you say? *She asked the woman above the din of the greedy males.* I am a doctor and I am worth more than any of these fools put together. -03:23 Jul 17

    Well, if the pay was good, there was quite a few men more than willing to pledge even their souls, no questions asked! If they could just… see that coin one more time?

    Kessing: *Blinked when he heard what was going on. He stepped close to the crack but all he could see was a short figure, the speaker.* Quite alright, ma’am. I am guilty of that myself. How about those supplies … I can pay you and I would love to wait until morning–except it is very urgent. -03:25 Jul 17
    Collete: *Collete held up in the coin in her fingers to show off as she leaned on the bar with an elbow towards the woman.* Can you do surgery? Pull out bullets? Sew up wounds, diagnose illness, provide good knowledge of medication and painkillers, and most importantly do all of this under cannon and gunfire while the entire ship is under siege in the middle of a storm? -03:26 Jul 17

    The woman was silent for a moment. She opened the gate a little more. “Why don’t you come in and we can discuss it? It is cold out here. You could use a warm drink.” She gestured him inside.

    Elizabeth: *Wicked grin!* All that and more. I once served on a crew but suffice it to say, things did not work out quite as I had hoped. I would give you references but they are no doubt, across the seas by now. -03:27 Jul 17
    Kessing: *Wow. This was a pleasant change!* Thank you, madam. *He stepped inside and turned slightly as she closed the gate behind him.* I am most grateful for the hospitality. -03:30 Jul 17
    Collete: No need for that. *The coin disappeared again as Collete slid out of her chair to rest her hands on her hips.* All right, my dears. If you or a friend think you are man enough for my crew, I expect to see an orderly line waiting on the docks infront of the Deathrunner within twenty minutes. IF you meet my inspection you’ll be a part of the best crew to sail the seas since… well. A longass time. -03:30 Jul 17

    A light was shone in Kessing’s face, blinding him until the woman brushed past him and pushed the light away! “Where are your manners! Put that light away!” she scolded.

    Kessing: *Could only blink and rub his eyes! He waited until the stars disappeared before opening his eyes again!* Erm … Quite alright, madam. I did intrude on your evening. -03:36 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: *Finished her drink. My, she’d been more thirsty than she had first thought! She remembered to pay Amos for the drink and for her tab as well. She didn’t like debts.* -03:36 Jul 17

    Sveral men were already making their leave- hey a good job was hard to come by and if they had to be inspected, better to make a good impression! And there weren’t any more jokes about Collete’s tits either!

    Collete: *Collete left that coin for Amos, flashing him a grin as she exited the Bloodhen Tavern. Now to get back to the ship and see why the hell Frederick hadn’t come to find her! -03:39 Jul 17
    Collete: * -03:39 Jul 17

    Frederick: *Freddie was going to go find Collete, honest! But he was busy cowering up on the deck behind the rail, occasionally peeking out to see if the Ghost of Captain Maria was out there! Was she going to steal their souls? He spotted Collete returning!* COLLETE! SHE’S BACK FROM THE DEAD!

    Elizabeth: *Had one more drink before she left, this one a bit milder than the last. She still had to find Samson. The thought of chasing him down again made her rub her temple. She downed that drink, paid Amos, and, skirt in hand, disappeared to get her few belongings from the room she’d been staying at.* -03:42 Jul 17
    Collete: *Collete paused on the dock… then shook her head before walking again. If Freddie wasn’t a useful strongarm, she might have had him thrown overboard. Walking up the plank she stopped at the barrel he was hiding behind.* Let me guess. Ghost of Maria. And you know what? She’s going to hack you to pieces if you don’t get off your ass and grab me the crew clipboard before men start showing up. -03:44 Jul 17

    Frederick: She.. she is?! *He knew it! He knew he saw a ghost! Freddie charged to the captain’s cabin to grab the crewlogger!*

    “Oh nonsense!” the woman protested. The light went a safe distance away. The woman was a head shorter than Kessing and looked in her middle ages with gray in her dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. The man beside her was a few inches shorter than Kessing with a bald head and a scowl on his face.

    Something long and furry ran across Frederick’s feet! -Elizabeth

    Kessing: *A drink was thrust into Kessing’s hands and when he sipped it, he found it to be hot tea!* My deepest thanks, madam. Sir. *He nodded to the man.* -03:52 Jul 17

    Frederick: AIIIEEE! *It was the most pitifully girly scream for a man his size! He practically tripped over his own feet as he grabbed the clipboard and charged back on deck!* The ghost…! She’s in the cap’n quarters!!

    Collete: *Collete managed to find herself a cigarette and a match to ligh it. When Freddie returned, in record time even, she snatched the clipboard out of his hands.* Tell me when she’s swinging from the sails, Frederick. Then we should worry. *Collete tore off the papers for the old crew log and started the new one.* -03:53 Jul 17

    “My name is Abigail and this is my husband, Jonah. Now, what can we do for you, young man?” she asked. “And be quick about it,” Jonah growled–until he got an elbow in his ribs! -Elizabeth

    Elizabeth: *Pulled her heavy bag along after her as she trudged back to the docks! Samson had until the ship set sail to be found or she would leave his tail here and not care a wink! She found the Deathrunner, the worst ship on the docks in need of desperate repairs!* -03:55 Jul 17

    Frederick: But Cap’n, I felt it run around my foot! It was long and furry, and I’m pretty sure it was out for bl-blo-…THE GHOST! THERE SHE IS! *Frederick stuttered pointing at the coming right for their ship!* MAN THE CANNONS!

    Kessing: *Sheepish grin!* Just the supplies, madam. *He said, not liking to repeat himself but he’d do it if it meant getting supplies.* This is a lovely supply yard you keep. -04:00 Jul 17
    Collete: *Collete actually had to look up and see this! Blinking as she turned around, she didn’t see a damned thing! Just a few men lining up on the dock and that wo- Collete started laughing!* Well, well! I hadn’t even noticed..! *She stepped down the plank to start inspecting volunteers and taking names!* -04:01 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: *Set the bag down and wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her arm. She glanced around the dock to see if she could spy that furry little cad.* -04:01 Jul 17

    That long and furry body ran across Frederick’s feet again! And this time it was chasing a rat!

    Frederick: Wait, wait…! She’ll eat your fa-WAARGGH!! *It happened again! He chased after Collete, but she was heading straight for that Ghost!* She’s summon DEMONS on the ship! Don’t go near her!

    Abigail smiled. “Why thank you. I do try my best. Jonah gets the supplies but he can never organize anything.” She sighed and shook her head as Jonah grunted.

    Collete: *Skillfully she ignored Freddie.* All right Doctor. Sign your name to the log. This is Frederick and he’s a moron. Even before today’s shot in the head. *She handed the clipboard over to Elizabeth.* -04:06 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: *Turned when she saw the woman from earlier coming down the plank–followed closely by a large man spouting nonsense about something or other. She looked down at the clipboard and took it.* Shot in the head, did you say? Perhaps I should get a cork and pound it into the hole to stop the hot air from getting out. *She signed the log.* Elizabeth de Brinvilliers. Doctor. *She said for the sake of the man behind the captain.* By chance, would you have seen something long and furry? It might have been chasing a rat or two. -04:09 Jul 17
    Collete: Hmm. Ask the moron, I believe he already has. Welcome to the crew Doctor. *Collete was already on her way to the line for inspection!* -04:11 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: *Crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at the moron.* Well …? Have you or have you not seen a long and furry something that might have been chasing a rat or two. -04:12 Jul 17

    Frederick: *Frederick inspected HER. Doctor huh? A female doctor too! Well, he guessed now that he got a good closeup look at her, she didn’t look all that much like Maria or a ghost.* Oh aye. Little demon done ran me down twice! *He pointed back up the ramp!*

    Kessing: *A smile or two and a well-placed compliment here and there and Kessing not only got supplies … he was able to borrow a wagon and a horse to move said supplies! And it only cost him a few coins! It seemed Abigail had a habit of helping out handsome, down-on-his-luck sailors. Lucky him!* -04:13 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: Thank you. *She started up the plank only to stop and walk back to him. She smiled sweetly and cupped his cheek.* By the way … Would you be so kind as to help me with my bag? It is so heavy and I may have hurt my poor body carrying it all this way … *She pouted a bit, ran a hand down his arm.* You being such a strong, large man … It would be child’s play to move something so small and insignificant, wouldn’t it? *She used her softest, sexiest voice, too!* -04:15 Jul 17
    Collete: *Collete was quick. She’d ask for age and qualifications first. The more useful skills a man had the better. He brought his own weapons, twice as good. If she didn’t like them, she sent them away. If they pissed her off she kicked them off the dock in to the sea. One guy she shot first, then kicked and the bastard had it coming, so several of the men agreed!* -04:16 Jul 17

    Frederick: I uh.. uh… yeeaaah… *He practically sighed, batting his eyes and smiling a stupid grin! He was still wearing that grin as he trudged over to the bag, hefted it over his shoulders and started up the ramp. She sure was purdy for a doctor with a demon.*

    Kessing: Bonding with the men already, Cap’n? *He asked as he stopped the horse beside Collete. He’d arrived just in time to see her shoot and kick the poor guy.* -04:19 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: *Was already heading up that plank. What a coincidence to end up on the ship Samson had decided to go rat-hunting on. Well, at least he was getting some exercise. She stepped onto the deck and started looking around for him.* -04:20 Jul 17
    Collete: We never tolorate disrespect, Kessing. Especially when it comes out of the mouth of a gossiping traitor. *She moved to the next guy, ignoring when a couple of men decided it was wiser to sneak off before she go to them!* -04:21 Jul 17
    Kessing: *Could only grin as he hopped off of the wagon and he started unloading the supplies and tools!* -04:22 Jul 17

    SNEAK! SNEAK! That Samson was a furry streak of lightning! He was a blur of energy and chaos!

    Frederick: *Frederick was toting that bag down the steps to the crew’s quarters, specifically the doctor’s room when that furry demon tripped him down the stairs! THUDTHUNKSPLATCRASH!*

    Collete: *Collete snapped her fingers and pointed at the ones she already logged, ordered them to start loading up the supplies and get their asses to work on them repairs! She wanted to be ready to sale by morning! Just a few more boys and she’d have herself a full crew!* -04:25 Jul 17
    Elizabeth: SAMSON! *She growled when she got to the top of the steps and found Frederick at the bottom! She rushed down and spied for the furry little bastard but he’d disappeared again! She huffed and turned to pull her bag off of Frederick. She dusted him off and helped him up.* Are you hurt? -04:26 Jul 17
    Kessing: *The work would have to be divided up so … he split the men into teams of two or more and gave them a certain area to work on! He supervised from time to time but mostly worked on the hull of the ship.* -04:28 Jul 17

    Frederick: *Groooaaan. He was seeing demons circling his head like flies! Frederick gave her a toothy grin before toppled over face first! Right in to her breasts!*

    Elizabeth: *Growled! She pushed him right off and slapped his face real hard! Fortunately, she was smart enough not to use her hand to do that! She took her shoe off and smacked him with it instead!* Do that again and I will cut your testicles off with my knife and stuff them down your throat. *Then she marched off to continue the search for Samson.* -04:30 Jul 17
    Collete: *Last man standing was some guy with a parrot. She about sent him away on sheer principle, but turns out he was some fancy french chef that couldn’t get enough of the sea. Muttering under her breath, she had him sign the log. Done! She admired the crew list. Very nice, very nice indeed! Collete headed up the ramp! …Freddie was already getting his balls threatened. Yep, good crew!* -04:31 Jul 17

    Frederick: Ow woman!! *He tried gallantly to defend himself from her shoe beating, to no avail! He finally grunted, hefting up her bag again and carting it off to her room. Man, those were some nice fluffy ones! He hoped he could pass out again!*

    Elizabeth: *By the time Frederick had caught up to her, she was on her hands and knees, looking under the bed and everything else a furry little bastard could hide under.* -04:37 Jul 17


    [Collete , a good week later after they escaped that island and managed to get their ship back to land.] -03:37 Jun 14
    [Mariaa *Has been busy as ever making repairs on the ship that got nearly blown to peices in that storm; but finally she was able to get the supplies she needed to get the ship completely fixed! But she wasn\’t a happy captain at all. She was steering as far from that damned island as possible and scowling as they went to dock!* ] -03:40 Jun 14
    Collete: *Collete was thinking mutiny. And that was saying a lot, considering Collete normally intended to pledge her undying loyalty to her captain. And for this, she blamed Kessing. Because if it weren’t for him, she’d have still been on HIS ship and maybe he’d not have LOST his ship along with his damned mind!* Frederick! Get that stupid look off your face and get back to work! -03:43 Jun 14
    [Kessing is hard at work!] -03:43 Jun 14
    Kessing: *Was wondering what was up with Collette. She seemed awfully mad about something but he couldn’t figure out what. He steered clear of her, though!* -03:44 Jun 14
    Maria: *Actually, she was blaming Frederick for all her woes! Why? Just because he was there to blame! And he made such a great punching bag…* Freeeedriiiiiiiiiiiiick! I’m going to stuff you in a water barrell for a few days unless you get up here and start helpiiiing! *Scowls over the steering wheel of the ship.* -03:45 Jun 14

    Frederick: Aye, Collete!!! Aye, aye, Captain, my love! *Frederick nearly tripped over the ropes he had been tying up as he scampered up to the bridge to aid the captain – unaware that Collete was staring him down with that damned death glare of hers!*

    Collete: *A narrowed eyed glare. Frederick would burst in the flames if she had her way with it, and then he and his beloved Captain could have their wildfire of passion in hell! ….She was pretty pissed off after that mess back at the island. Losing an entire crew and having to rescue everyone twice, nearly getting herself killed in the process, and not a damned thing had gotten done on this ship no matter how many times people told her they were working!* -03:50 Jun 14
    Maria: *Collete could be mad at her all she wanted! She was just as pissed about losing half the crew she’d grown up with so-to-speak, then suddenly lost them all in one day! Of course neither Collete nor Kessing new the entire history behind their captain; so it didn’t matter one whit if Collete was angry! She was twice as angry, and working ten times as hard as anyone, without rest or breaks to get that ship repaired! And still she also managed to do all these repairs while steering the ship, so there Collete!* -03:54 Jun 14
    Kessing: *He was uh–Wait, what had he been doing before he’d gotten distracted? Oh right. Trying to repair the mast before it broke off and pounded someone into the deck.* -03:55 Jun 14

    And the Deathrunner made port in the town of Habernal, the perfect place for pirates and non pirates to get supplies, fix stuff, find a hooker, and get drunk!

    Collete: *Helping dock a ship was not her damned job, but she did it anyway. As soon as it was in port and tied down, Collete was off. Whether or not she was going to do something drastic, that she might regret later was undecided, as for now she needed a good cold drink! -04:02 Jun 14
    Maria: *She follows Collete right into the same pub! Intending to brood in a corner, a nice dark corner. Alone. With a good mug of ale, and a bowl of soup for dinner. Then she’d be back out on her ship, repairing it for the rest of the night after getting a few more supplies.* -04:09 Jun 14

    Frederick: *Frederick of course will go where ever his captain goes, unless he’s ordered otherwise, and this time she forgot to tell him to get bent and die – so there he was plopped in to a seat across from her!* Wowee, cap’n! This place is damned sweet! The refills are free if you order dinner and I ain’t never seen so many good lookin’ hookers!

    Maria: *Twiiiitch! She kicks Frederick right in the shins!* If you need to go pick yourself up one Frederick. Jeez. You know you don’t have to share details. *She rolled her eyes, but hailed a passing waitress for ale and their soup of the day!* -04:13 Jun 14

    Frederick: *Freddie paused looking confused!* Is than an order cap’n? Cause I’ll get me ahooker if ya like. Hell we could have one hot as hell threesome!

    Maria: *Oi vey….She forgot for a moment just how dumb Freddie could be!* You really are hopeless sometimes, you know that right? *She asks him, hurrying with her meal as well as her ale. She wanted to be fixing her ship as soon as possible! And this time she’d even send Freddie away so she could work in peace for a bit!* -04:18 Jun 14
    Collete: *Collete ignored the fact the Captain and Frederick had followed her in, while she sat at the bar. If it were Kessing’s ship he’d have- But it wasn’t was it. Kessing was apparently as fit to be captain Frederick. She ordered a good strong rum! A drink or to and she’d see about hiring a new crew…* -04:21 Jun 14
    Kessing: *Was outside, throwing dice with some old men. They’d invited Kessing over and he’d decided to kill time. To show for it, he now had a few coins and fortunately, the men were not sore losers. They even hooted and joked as they threw dice.* -04:27 Jun 14

    “Heh heh,” cackled one of the men. “Was a time, I sailed the seas, I did. Had a grand old time. Used to serve under the most notorious captain of them all, bless his soul.”

    Kessing: Don’t tell me. *He passed the dice over to the next man.* His name was Davey Jones. And the ship you served on was the Flying Dutchman. -04:30 Jun 14
    Maria: *She was finished with her meal in good time, and went ahead and paid for hers, giving Freddie his allowance of a few coins for the night before telling him to be a good lad and enjoy his night. She was going to work on the ship again. So, without further ado, she went ahead and left the Pub, heading for the nearest shop where she could get supplies!* -04:39 Jun 14

    “Yer a laugh, boy,” another man cried and pounded him on the back.

    Just as she stepped out the door, Maria is grabbed from behind. A hand holding a thick piece of leather clamped over her mouth. Another arm went around her waist and lifted her up, pulling her into the darkness!

    Maria: Craap! She hadn’t expected this! She doesn’t go down without a fight thoguh! Maria curses through the leather, and fights with all her might to inflict damage on whoever it was that was carrying her off!* -04:43 Jun 14
    Collete: *So maybe it wasn’t just one glass of rum. One few too many. What did it matter anyway? It wasn’t HER ship to take care of, and frankly maybe she didn’t want to be some woman’s crew anyway! Maybe she should get her own ship and – Damnit, she knew she was drunk when she started thinking about her own ship!* -04:43 Jun 14
    Collete: *Frederick had full permission from the Captain to enjoy his night! He did so by drinking lots of beer, hitting on pretty women, and once Collete punched him in the nose and called him a sonofabitch when he accidentally hit on her! What a great night!* -04:44 Jun 14

    Frederick: *Frederick had full permission from the Captain to enjoy his night! He did so by drinking lots of beer, hitting on pretty women, and once Collete punched him in the nose and called him a sonofabitch when he accidentally hit on her! What a great night!*

    Maria: She manages to break free from the hand holding the leather long enough to give out her familiar call that danger was a foot! Only her crew would recognize it of course– but she didn’t know if they could hear her or not!* -04:47 Jun 14

    Poor Maria, because she can’t get any leverage and the leather is stuffed into her mouth and held there before she can squek! She can’t bite through the leather and for all her kicking, she’s just tiring herself out! She’s suddenly thrown to the ground, rolled over so she’s on her stomach and sat on! Her hands are bound behind her back and her legs are bound together at the ankles! “Why hello there, Maria. It’s been awhile, has it not?” That high, effeminate voice with the condescending tone and the accent!


    Frederick: *Inside the pub, no one hears a thing! Frederick is busy dancing with a couple of hot babes and sloshing his beer around!*

    Maria: Damnit…..She knew that voice alright. She knew him very well. That was the voice of her old captain, the one who’d tortured her so cruelly throughout her lifetime. She hopes her crew can take the ship and sail away soon, she didn’t want them to meet a character like this! She feels the pressure against her back from him sitting on her and winces. Oh this was not a good night at all….* -04:50 Jun 14
    [Maria *Was just saved from drowning by Freddie! But her former captain had vanished!* ] -03:36 Jul 15
    [Kessing was still throwing dice with those old guys outside! ] -03:38 Jul 15
    [Collete was drunk as hell and headed to the docks to get a new crew.] -03:40 Jul 15
    Maria: *Decides she’s not waiting around for anyone and cuts through the ropes around her wrists using the nearest rock.* Freddie! Go tell everyone we’re leaving…and hurry! -03:40 Jul 15

    Frederick: *COUGH!HACK!* I GOTCHA CAP’N!

    Frederick: No way, cap’n! We gotta get you checked over by a doctor or somethin’!

    Maria: I’m perfectly fine, just drenched! But we’re not staying here any longer than we have to! -03:42 Jul 15
    Kessing: *While he was collecting his winnings–despite groans from the old men–he happened to look up and caught what appeared to be a drunk Collete heading to the docks! Where in the world … He got to his feet and tailed her!* -03:42 Jul 15
    Collete: *Collete needed a fucking cigarette. She stopped on the dock, fumbling in her pocket for one. A full fucking crew, not to mention repairs… Who is she going to have to kill to afford that?* -03:43 Jul 15

    Frederick: But the ship isn’t even sailing worthy yet! What happened? How’d you end up in the ocea n like that? A bad gamble? *He was scratching his head… having to pull off a starfish and throw it in to the sea!*

    Maria: No Freddy…. I was tossed in by my former captain… the one I’ve warned you about. *She said, trying to make him understand.* -03:45 Jul 15

    As Collete fumbled in her pocket, someone handed her a cigarette!

    Kessing: *He didn’t like it when Collete was drunk. She did things she wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. Or so his gut feeling said. He tried to keep the coins in his shirt silent by holding it tighter against him.* -03:46 Jul 15
    Collete: *Collete snatched the ciggy, not even bothering to looksee who it was. She pulled some matches out of her shirt and lit it up!* -03:46 Jul 15

    Frederick: But isn’t that guy dead? ….Oh shit! He’s a zombie coming back for revenge! We’ve got to get out of here! *Freddie grabbed her wrist and started dragging her down the street!*

    “You’re looking lovely as always, Collete. It’s been so long …” said the all too familiar voice.

    Maria: No Freddie! It’s not a zombie….he’s still alive! Damnit! *Winces as she’s hauled down the street!* But we need to find Collete at any rate! -03:49 Jul 15

    Frederick: Aw man! We’re screwed! Shit always hits the fan when zombies get involved! *He kept on dragging!* I left Collete back at the bar, man is she smashed as hell! She’s going to be pissed!

    Maria: Ow ow ow ow! Freeeddieee! Let go of my arm! *Tries tugging it free so she can run faster!* We have to get to that bar Fast! -03:51 Jul 15
    Collete: If it isn’t the sonofabitch that killed Kessing and stole his ship. You’ve got some balls showing up here. *Collete, ciggy still in her mouth, pulled her gun quickly to shoot and fire!* -03:51 Jul 15

    Frederick: You’re right! *Freddie suddenly stopped, picking up Maria and hauling her over his shoulder before he start running again!*

    A soft chuckle as he just stood there and two of his thugs came out from behind to snatch the gun from Collete and hold her! He reached under his jacket and pulled out a piece of metal in which was embedded the bullet Collete had shot. “Oh, so predictable. But I’ve grown tired of Kessing’s ship. I’ll give it to you if you help me with something.”

    Maria: Ack! *Well she couldn’t fault him for trying! She sighed in defeat as Freddie carried her all the way there! It was a good thing he ran as fast as she did!* -03:54 Jul 15
    Collete: Help you to your grave? I’d be delighted! *Collete growled! Drunk or not she fought. Stomping on feet, elbowing in to noses, and pulling a knife out of her shirt!* -03:55 Jul 15

    A cat streaked past Kessing, causing him to lose his balance!

    There were groans and curses from the thugs. He suddenly had a gun and held it at Collete’s forehead. And he wasn’t the type to miss. “I could certainly help you to yours, if you feel that strongly, Collete, my dear.”

    Frederick: *Freddie crashed right in to the bar!* COLLETE! CAP’N SAYS-.. Hey, where’s Collete?!

    Maria: *Owwwwieeeeeeeee…! she was practically rammed into those bar doors thank you so much!* We’ll have to keep looking! But it would help if you put me down and we split up! -04:00 Jul 15
    Collete: *Collete stopped. But only because she knew exactly how easy it was for him to kill a former crewmate.* Why don’t you just go ahead and shoot me. -04:00 Jul 15

    Frederick: No way! If that zombie is out there, I don’t want him eatin’ up my captain’s brains! *Freddie ran out the door, Maria still on his shoulder… He was heading for the next bar!*

    Kessing: *Closer … closer … Ack! Cat!* OOoffff! *THUD! THUD! The ground rose up to him and suddenly he was rolling … rolling! He rolled right past Collete and the man she was talking to and ended up in a pile of crates with his coins scattered everywhere.* Oohh … *He groaned!* -04:01 Jul 15
    Maria: *Whacks Freddie upside the head…!* That man is no zombie! It all just means I didn’t stab him in the right place when I was younger…. oof! *She braces herself to be rammed into another set of doors!* -04:02 Jul 15

    He smirked. “Because, like I said before, I need your help with something, Collete.” He didn’t even turn when someone rolled past them. “Grab him.” One thug went to retrieve Kessing. The other pulled the knife away from Collete and bound her hands behind her back.

    Frederick: *Freddie was a fast runner! At least this time he kicked open the bar doors instead of ramming in to them!* COLLETE! ..Fuck, cap’n! What if the zombie already got ’em?!

    Kessing: *Groaned again as someone picked him up. He was pulled to his feet and nearly dragged over to Collete and the stranger. His head was throbbing and he was sure he was going to have a collection of bruises by morning.* -04:06 Jul 15
    Maria: Then we’re going to save them, of course! But if you don’t put me down…I’m going to kick you! -04:07 Jul 15
    Collete: I can’t imagine what bullshit you’ll want help with, Godric. *GOD DAMNED FUCKING KESSING. Can’t he just for once stay somewhere else! Screw it! If he died for real this time, it was his own damned fault! ….Collete tried kicking the gun right out of his hands!* -04:07 Jul 15

    “You’re a navigator, aren’t you? You’ll figure it out. Ah, Kessing, what an unpleasant surprise–! *He turned slightly to see his old captain as Collete kicked the gun out of his hands! The gun went flying!

    Kessing: *Shook his head to clear his mind! That voice … that face … It triggered something in Kessing’s head. When that gun went flying, he took his chance and elbowed the thug in the face! Then he caught the gun and fired at Godric! -04:10 Jul 15

    Godric was already retreating! And the thug that had bound Collete’s hands behind her back ended up taking the bullet meant for his boss!

    Frederick: *He sure didn’t want to, but Freddie set her down.* But Cap’n, if something happens I’ll have to pick you up and run all over again!

    Maria: No, you won’t Freddie.I told you and the crew ages ago: If anything happens to me, hightail it out of here and get somewhere safe. *She continues hunting for Collete and Kessing!* -04:13 Jul 15
    Collete: Godric, you sonofbitch….! Get back here and fight like a man! Damnit, Kessing! Shoot him! -04:14 Jul 15
    Kessing: *Was already running after Godric! He couldn’t get a clear shot yet but by hell and high water, he was going to!* -04:16 Jul 15

    Unfortunately for Kessing, Godric was a fast runner and he kept turning corners and zigzagging around people and pulling things down behind him to block Kessing!

    Frederick: *His Freddie senses were tingling, so there was no way he was letting the captain out of his sights! He was tagging along behind her like a lost puppy.* But there’s no crew without a cap’n, cap’n! Collete says all the time once the captain’s dead, there ain’t nothing worse staying for! But… then again I ain’t sure she was talking about us. …But it sounded good to me!

    Maria: If I die, Freddie– then Collete gets to be captain. So be assured you won’t be without one… *She’s running full speed, searching everywhere for Collete without a trace or sign of her to be found! This was bad indeed!* -04:19 Jul 15
    Collete: *Shit, someone could have bloody untied her first! Collete stumbled after Kessing, muttering half a dozen different cursewords under her breath!* -04:20 Jul 15

    Frederick: Aw, c’mon cap’n! You won’t die! I’ll save you even if I have to fight a whole army of zombies! *Freddie gave his very best grin!*

    Maria: *She can’t help but snicker at Freddie– but she doesn’t let her attention from finding Collete and Kessing waver much longer than that!* Collete!! Kessing! You two had better answer! Where are you? *She doesn’t even care about being discreet at this point!* -04:26 Jul 15
    Kessing: *BANG!* Damnit! *He growled as he missed and lost Godric! After a bit more cursing, he stalked back! He had to find his ship and get this crap sorted out. He pushed the gun into his pants and walked up to Collete, struggling with bound hands. He stopped to untie her.* -04:28 Jul 15
    Collete: I’m not drunk enough for this shit! *She stared at Kessing. There was something different… wait, it wasn’t so much different as it was familiar!* It’s been a long time… Kessing? -04:32 Jul 15
    Kessing: *A soft chuckle followed by a wicked grin.* There was a time you weren’t sober for anything. *He finished untying her and looked in the direction Godric had disappeared.* So, it’s true. Your past does come back to bite you in the ass. -04:34 Jul 15

    Frederick: *He was right behind her, ready to scream for Collete and Kessing too! When suddenly WHAM! Where the hell did this huge ditch come from?! He was spitting out mud and… coins?!* Treasure!

    Maria: Oh for the love of–! She goes right to that ditch….!* Wait a minute…..? Freddie are you serious?! *She stares hard at the ground and the "Treasure" Freddie found!* -04:36 Jul 15
    Collete: I remember that being mostly your fault. *Rubbing her wrists, she was very seriously considering going after the bastard.* We should make sure Maria and Frederick aren’t dead. -04:37 Jul 15

    Frederick: *Freddie was already stuffing coins in to his pants!* Yeah! There’s a whole assload of them just sitting down here! Someone musta been burrying them!

    Kessing: Frederick I couldn’t care less for. *He said rather bluntly.* And I’d much rather go get my ship back. *He ran his fingers through his hair and then ruffled it.* But I see your point. Godric will have to wait. -04:39 Jul 15
    Maria: *She blinks a few times! With this many coins… hello to a brand new ship! She’d keep her crew of course; they’d been through too much for her to even consider once replacing any of them! But she’s quite content for the time being to stuff her own pockets with coins too!* Good find, Freddy! I say you should take half just because you tripped at the right time. -04:41 Jul 15
    Collete: I’m sure you and I can take on Godrics whole crew, I don’t see us doing it without a hella lot more weapons. *Damn you, Kessing. Drag up things she wanted to forget. Collete found her gun and her knife, putting them away before leading the way down the docks.* -04:43 Jul 15

    Suddenly, there were people standing around the ditch that Maria and Frederick were in! “Eh, eh?! We go for a beer and someone’s stealing our treasure!”

    Kessing: *Looked off in the direction Godric had disappeared in for a few moments before turning to follow Collete. It was strange though. It felt like he was just waking up from a dream!* -04:50 Jul 15
    Maria: *Whoops! These were someone elses. Damnit!* Sorry about that! Honest mistake..really…. should hide your treasure better next time though! *She’s emptying her pockets as well as Freddie’s in a hurry, before yanking on his arm to haul the two of them out of that ditch to flee!* -04:54 Jul 15

    No one tries stealing their treasure and fleeing! They whipped out their guns and started shooting as they gave chase!

    Collete: I missed you. *It slipped out before she knew what she was saying!* …as my captain. Maria has good intentions, but she’s no Captain Kessing. -05:00 Jul 15
    Maria: *Ow! That was her ribcage! She said sorry! Jeeeez! She hauls her feet a bit faster after a few more bullets land here and there on her body. She’s shoving Freddie to his fastest run ever!* Back to the ship! I’ll bet Kessing and Collete are already there! -05:02 Jul 15
    Kessing: Hm? *He blinked and turned to her when she admitted to missing him. He chuckled softly.* Things weren’t the same without you, Collete. *He looked up and pulled the gun out at the sound of gunshots!* -05:02 Jul 15

    Frederick: *Dodge, stumble, run! URK! Freddie didn’t know what hit him! He didn’t even know when he hit the ground! All he knew was that there was a whole lot of pain in his head as he crashed to the ground… out cold!*

    Collete: *Collete wouldn’t have been surprised if Freddie groped some poor woman and now her whole family was out to kill ’em. She pulled her gun too, and as soon as Maria and Freddie… and their persurers were in sight, she opened fire!* -05:07 Jul 15
    Maria: Freddie! *Thud….! Maria ends up right next to him seconds later, not unconscious, but definitely in trouble! Stupid Freddie! If he had kept going….. they’d have made it to the ship possibly alive! This is all his fault!* -05:07 Jul 15
    Kessing: *Aimed and fired! So Frederick and Maria had gotten themselves in trouble … again. He reached Maria and Frederick first and checked Frederick to see if he was still alive as he pushed the gun into his pants again. He was out cold but still alive.* Captain. -05:09 Jul 15
    Collete: *BANGBANG…BANG! And ~that~ was how you shot and killed a couple of drunk morons chasing down and shooting at your crew.* I would LOVE to know what the fuck is going on, and if it was worth getting shot for. -05:11 Jul 15
    Kessing: *He examined Maria and found that she’d gotten shot. In the ribs no less. He picked her up.* We need to get you to the doctor. *He glanced around and then moved back toward the town. He remembered seeing a doctor’s office not too far from here.* -05:13 Jul 15
    Maria: Ugh. *She hated bullet wounds….. they were hard as hell to heal from smoothly.* You two are a sight for sore eyes. I’d say yes, gold treasure is worth getting shot at sometimes. Depending on how you find it. But for now, let’s just get out of here. *She’s already on her feet, and helping the crew get back on board the ship! They’d finish repairing it somewhere else!* -05:13 Jul 15
    Kessing: (Ignore post <_<;;) -05:14 Jul 15
    Maria: ((Waah that came in laaate…..e.e; is my compy lagging?)) -05:15 Jul 15
    Collete: *Collete knealt by Freddie, tilting his head. Lucky bastard, it barely grazed him and he was on the ground like a baby.* How about you let Kessing take you and Frederick to the damned doctor, while I see about that treasure you’re yammering on about. If we sail out on that ship, we’re going to die in the next storm. -05:16 Jul 15
    Maria: Sounds great Collete. There’s enough treasure in that ditch Freddie tripped into that’d get us a brand new ship. *She replied, hating the thought of doctors but knowing there was no way out of it.* -05:19 Jul 15
    Kessing: You shouldn’t be walking, Maria. That bullet might still be in you. -05:22 Jul 15
    Collete: Aye. Go on… Kessing can come back for Freddie if the moron hasn’t woken up by then. *Collete put away her gun, already walking back in the direction them idiots were running from. It better be a damned good treasure!* -05:24 Jul 15
    Kessing: *Chuckled softly.* I can’t argue with that logic. *He picked Maria up and headed for the doctor’s office. Of course, it was closed when he got there but he banged on the door as loud as possible!* -05:25 Jul 15

    Finally a light came on, followed by muttering and cursing that grew louder and louder! “This had better be an emergency!” someone grumbled from inside!

    Maria: *She raises an eyebrow at Kessing. Oh this was promising to be a friendly, "Gentle" doctor! She made a face as the doctor came to the door..* -05:27 Jul 15
    Collete: *Meanwhile Collete came across a huge ditch that really was filled with coins! Not bad… There had to be a chest or barrel around here somewhere. She snooped around until she found the camp them bozos had set up. Bottles of rum everywhere, a couple shovels… Ah, there it is. A nice big chest. Why the fuck did they dump it out like that?! Morons!* -05:28 Jul 15
    Kessing: *One arm supporting most of Maria’s weight, although he still held her in both hands, he suddenly had a gun out.* Good evening, doctor. -05:29 Jul 15

    The doctor was suddenly wide awake and started to slam the door shut!

    Maria: That’s one way to not get good service, Kessing. *She pointed out with a stare.* -05:30 Jul 15
    Kessing: *Smirked and kicked out, sending the door flying back and the doctor stumbling backwards. He stepped inside and shut the door with his foot. Oh, it had been too long since he’d gotten to do something like that.* Tsk, tsk … Shutting the door on a patient? Bad form, doctor. -05:30 Jul 15

    The doctor slowly stood and eyed Kessing and Maria. “Who are you? What do you want?”

    Maria: *Innocent blink!!* I would just like these bullets removed? Sorry about the entrance… Kessing doesn’t have a whole lot of patience. *She added, trying not to provoke the doctor into making things worse- or denying her altogether.* -05:33 Jul 15

    The doctor was still wary. He was dressed in his nightshirt and not much else.

    Kessing: You heard her. Clear the table. Either she gets fixed … Or you do. -05:34 Jul 15

    The doctor did just that! He got his tools!

    Collete: *Having dragged the chest over to the ditch, Collete returned to Freddie and gave him a good sharp kick to the ribs.* Get up, you lazy ass. You’ve got work to do. -05:36 Jul 15
    Kessing: *Placed her down on the table and flashed Maria a wicked grin.* I promise I’ll behave … for awhile. *He stepped back and kept his eye–and his gun–on the doctor!* -05:36 Jul 15

    Frederick: *Freddie moaaaaaaned as he rolled over and was trying to sit up. When Collete told you to do something, you better damned get up!* I’ve been shot, woman..! Have a heart…!

    Maria: *Snickers at the thought of Kessing being good.* Just remember,I could have waited till morning; so don’t scare the man Too badly… *Then, she was out cold as the shock wore off.* -05:38 Jul 15
    Collete: And I’ll shoot you again if you don’t go help me shovel that treasure. *Collete turned on a heel, not waiting for him to get up.* -05:38 Jul 15

    Frederick: …! *Freddie scrambled to his feet and followed after Collete! Once back at the ditcg, he flexed his manly muscles after he had a shovel thrown at him (hey! watch his head!) and shoveled coins in to the chest!*

    The doctor was used to working under pressure so he was able to get to work on Maria without paying much mind to the gun–except when Kessing started singing an old pirate diddy about what a pirate did to a doctor just for looking at him the wrong way!

    Maria: *Oh it’s not so bad! …..just a row of bullet wounds in her ribcage. Nothing worse than that! She sure picked just the right time to be out though…she hated stitches!* -05:43 Jul 15
    Collete: *Collete kept watch. A couple goons usually belong to a boss somewhere. Whomever it was – they’d be pissed to find out their treasure was filched. Once Frederick finished shoveling the last of the coins in to the chest, she slammed it shut and latched it up.* Pick it up and follow me. -05:45 Jul 15

    Frederick: *As ordered, Freddie hefted up the chest… It was a tiny bit heavy, but Freddie was built for heavy lifting! He only strained… a lot… but he wouldn’t ever admit it! He trudged after Collete, on their way to the doctor’s!*

    [Collete headed straight to the doctor\’s with Freddie carrying a chest behind her!] -02:15 Jul 17

    The doctor did his very best to operate on Captain Maria, but the row of bullets had struck a number of vital organs! It was beyond his repair as she lay bleeding to death on his table!

    [Kessing was going to shoot the doctor anyways–but …] -02:17 Jul 17
    Kessing: I understand, doctor. Thanks anyway. *So he stayed by Maria’s side and held her hand.* -02:18 Jul 17
    Collete: *Collete didn’t bother knocking or waiting to be invited in, and wasn’t at all surprised to find a very grim scene. Shit happens in this business, and frankly, she was surprised the woman had lasted THIS long. Collete sighed!* We can’t linger. -02:22 Jul 17

    Frederick: *Freddie set the chest down behind Collete, stretching his back and…* Cap’n?! She.. she’s not gonna make it?! …WHYYYY! *He quite dramatically fell to his knees and out stretched his hands!* Why! Why do all the women I love die, leave me, or slap me in the face! What a cruel world!

    Kessing: *As soon as Frederick started talking, something happened to Kessing! He dropped into the chair and held his head.* -02:27 Jul 17

    The doctor was clearly uncomfortable! But Alas! To the sounds of Fredericks woeful cries, Captain Maria died! “She’s gone…” Said the Doctor carefully, who still wasn’t all too sure whether or not these pirates were going to shoot him!

    Kessing: *Lifted his head. Why was it throbbing? And why was he suddenly tired? He stood and walked out of the doctor’s office without a backwards glance.* -02:31 Jul 17
    Collete: *She eyed Kessing, and blinked when he walked out the door!* …shit. *Collete slamed a few coins down on the table.* Bury her or burn her. I’ll be in this town again, I don’t take well to gossip. *She snagged Freddie by the collar and pushed him back towards the chest.* Pick it up and come on. *She was out the door to chase down Kessing!* -02:34 Jul 17
    Kessing: *Was already heading back for the docks! But all he did when he got there was find a barrel to sit on and stare out at the ocean! Well … sit, stare, and occassionally stare at the gun he held in his hands!* -02:39 Jul 17

    Frederick: But the cap’n..! *Maria said Collete was in charge if something happened to her, and the worst happened. Freddie gave one last manly sniffle as he hauled the chest up in to his arms and stumbled behind Collete! The poor cap’n! It should have been him! He’s the worst lover in the universe!*

    Collete: *This was good at least she found him somewhere useful. Collete rest a hand on Kessing’s shoulder.* What are we staring at, and why is it so important? -02:41 Jul 17
    Kessing: *It was several moments before he spoke.* The ocean … and the gun. You always hated his guts … You would have hated them more if you’d stayed. *He glanced at her.* But you would have been killed like the rest if you had. *He suddenly grinned and stood.* Well, looks like we got work ahead of us, Cap’n. Let’s take care of the ship and a new crew. -02:43 Jul 17
    Collete: You’re a right mess, Kessing. *She muttered. But there wasn’t time to work on him now. Without a sailworthy ship and a crew, they’d be fucked! …And that’s when she realized she was the one in charge and had a chest full of money. Ohoho, a pirate’s dream. Collete grinned quite wickedly!* Frederick, stash that gold on the ship and lock it up tight. Kessing is going to get supplies and start on the repair work. I’ll be getting us a crew. -02:50 Jul 17
    Kessing: *One of his trademark clueless grins!* Aye, aye, Cap’n. *He saluted and was instantly gone to get some supplies. He knew just the place, too!* -02:51 Jul 17

    Frederick: *Freddie wanted to scratch his head but his hands were full!* What do I do when I lock it up, Cap’n?

    Collete: March your ass back down here so I can tell you. …Stop standing there and move! *Collete turned on a heel and headed for the Bloodhen Tavern. No better place to pickup men ready and willing to do dirty n’ dangerous jobs!* -02:54 Jul 17

    001 The Deathrunner

    [Collete is the navigator for the ship, Death Runner and she didn\’t predict this storm! What is she, a weather seer?] -08:16 Mar 16

    The wind blows with might as if Poseidon himself wants to seek his vengeance upon the ship! Waves upon waves of salt water!

    Collete: Tie them ropes down! Take off them damned high heeled shoes and walk like a man! *Collete doth shouts over the howling of the storm to bark orders at crew mates!* -08:20 Mar 16
    [Maria *Is Captain of her ship, the DeathRunner for a damn good reason! She keeps her focus entirely on sailing through this rather sudden storm, having sailed ships since before she could walk, this should prove no problem!* ] -08:22 Mar 16
    [Kessing ties ropes, steadies masts, and tries not to get washed out to sea!] -08:26 Mar 16

    This storm is an amazing disaster! The ship rocks and reels! Water sweeps people off the bow! There’s the sound of splintering wood…!

    Frederick: Hey cap’n! I think you’re steering us off in to disaster! *Good old Frederick likes to state the simple and obvious! Oh yeah, he should be batted down the hatches!*

    Collete: Quit your yapping and get back to doing your job, peon! -08:31 Mar 16
    Maria: *Shit… that’s going to cost a pretty penny or two to fix! She winces as she hears that horrible splitting sound; this might take a while to repair her poor ship! Then she hears Frederick’s comment and scowls right at him!* Thanks so much Mr-State-the-Obvious! Now if you don’t mind navigating me to the nearest town? That’d be great. -08:31 Mar 16

    Frederick: But I ain’t the navigator, cap’n! Collete’s the one that charted the damn course! *Mutter, mutter.. Like HE’S the peon… that’s old whorin’ Kessing over there…*

    There’s not time for chatting! There’s a big omnious SMASH! Something BIG and something BAD just cracked a HUGE hole in the ship! And them waves are about to wash them away in to those big rocks ahead!

    Maria: *She was about to come up with a reeeally snooty remark to Frederick like she usually did, when a whole offensively appear in her ship! She growls in irritation, that was another thing she has to repair! As she checks to see that her crewmates were alright, she herself was smashed by a huge wave of ice-cold water hits her full in the face, nearly knocking her away from the steering wheel, but she hangs on tight, and yells for Collete to get them to the nearest town before they all got washed away.* -08:38 Mar 16
    Collete: We’re completely blown off course! Take her three degrees south east! -08:39 Mar 16
    Maria: *She spins that wheel hard and heads for the south east, trying to stay upright while the storm seemed to be trying to drown her!* -08:40 Mar 16

    SPLASH! Another monster wave crashes over the ship… ALL GOES DARK… An undetermined amount of time later… There’s the Deathrunner washed up on the shore of a deserted island beach… and no one to be found…

    Frederick: *Except Freddie. He’s staggering across the beach looking for survivors!* Heeeee eeeeeey!! Don’t leave me out here alone! Ain’t one of you wimmonz around here so we can repopulate the earth…?!

    Maria: *Amazingly all at the same time– she feels consciousness slip away altogether, her ship washed to shore somewhere…and she has no idea where everyone else is! This was a baaaaad day for Maria…..* -08:46 Mar 16

    Frederick: ANYBODY…? Cap’n? *There laying broken and looking wetter than a drowned cat was the deal old cap’n. Alone with Cap’n on a deserted island? That can’t be all bad! Freddie drops to his knees next to her body, and kicks up the drama!* CAP’N! Oh god, not the cap’n! Poseidon, King of the Seas… TAKE ME! TAKE ME INSTEAD!

    Collete: *Luckily for Collete, she’s washed up a good halfway across the island, and doesn’t have to listen to Fred’s stupid acting. …but now she’s gonna have to do some exploring and looking for other crewmates. Damned typhoons.* -08:50 Mar 16
    [Collete needs a machette.] -03:08 Mar 17
    [Maria *Was getting woken up by Frederick\’s awful yelling–and realizing she had a small concussion…* Ugh….Chill out already Frederick….and where is everyone else?? *She wants to know, trying to get to her feet!* ] -03:10 Mar 17

    Frederick: *He’s obviously not listening, having thrown out his hands that conveniantly have landed on her boobs to press her back down!* You’re alive! Praise Poseidon you’re alive! It’s a glorious day!

    Maria: ………. *She swats Frederick away like a pest! And hisses at him as she climbs back to her feet.* Tard, I told you to quit with the yelling. *Swats at him again!* And that was so not appropriate! *Unfortunately for Maria; she barely comes up to Frederick’s shoulder, and as luck would have it; she lost her swords, and her guns while being washed off the DeathRunner..Oh this was going to be fun….She rolls her eyes again and marches towards her ship, trying to survey how bad the damage was and if she could repair it in just a few days or if it would take a lot longer…* -03:16 Mar 17

    Frederick: I never appreciated all the beatings until now! *Frederick says as she shuffles after le petite capitan.* I ain’t found anybody else yet, just a few bodies an you n’ me. She ship’s got a big whole in her, but shouldn’t be too hard to repair with a few days of hard work.

    Maria: *Wait…..* Bodies? Where? Are they bodies of the crew? I’ll repair the ship only once we’ve got everyone else together. Not before. -03:19 Mar 17

    Frederick: *Freddie rubbed his head lookin’ sorta sheepish and none too pleased with the topic. After all, he really liked being one of the only men on the ship surrounded by all them ladies, when Kessing wasn’t getting his paws on them… And he sure wasn’t in to dead bodies.* Uh.. there’s a few ate by sharks… and a couple on the beach…

    Maria: *Wince…great…what a lovely captain she was proving to be! Suddenly oddly silent, Maria changes direction from the ship, and heads toards the beach…looking for any survivors. She was good at doctoring people up as well if not better than a legal doctor. If there were any crewmates of hers still alive; she’d be damned if she let them die off if they had a chance.* -03:24 Mar 17
    Collete: *Meanwhile, Collete would kill for a machette. Was it fate to send her on the leafy and forest filled side of the island, or did she piss someone off? Wait.. does she hear something in the bushes? Collete ducks and listens!* -03:26 Mar 17

    Frederick: *Freddie was used to this sort of thing, so of course he wasn’t silent.* So ya think there’s any good food on this island? Man, I bet this is one of them uncharted treasure islands Collete is always yammering about being an idea. If she ain’t ate up by them sharks or drowned out in the deep blue sea, I say we dig through them maps on the boat and find us some treasure!

    Maria: *Feeling horribly incompetent; not to mention utterly responsible for sailing these crewmates into a death-trap typhoon…she almost wanted to quit being captain right then and there. Hadn’t she once been reputed for over 10 years the best captain since the old tyrant was overthrown? ….And this was what she had to show for it. All her crewmates; especially those she’d grown up with. Now killed. She didn’t see a single survivor except herself and Frederick. And no sign at all of Collete or Kessing….. She keeps trying to find any signs of life; but it’s too much like a battlefield.* -03:32 Mar 17

    Frederick: *This was a side of the cap’n he doesn’t like! After all they all nearly died, and should be greatful they’re still alive.. even i the whole crew is dead and they’re the only ones left on the island. Oh. Now he feels like an asshole! Somehow, this was Kessing’s fault. Good old dead Kessing…* Hey Cap’n, how about we gather up the dead and have a bonfire funeral before we go looking for food and supplies?

    Lurking in the trees near Collete is a strange looking form in stranger grass clothing. He’s carrying a spear with a dried up head tied to it!

    Collete: *Collete waits until the person is within reach… the pounces! Silent as a predator she grabs him by the head and TWIST! Snaps his neck… Cannibals. They just had to crash on an island with cannibals…* -03:42 Mar 17
    Maria: *She sighs a bit…..knowing there wasn’t anyone here she could save, and nods. She tries to keep the shock out of her mind from making her freeze and break down altogether by keeping busy. The crew did deserve a decent funeral at the very least. And she did her best to give them one…..she doesn’t say a word as the dead bodies burn to ashes. Remaining silent the entire time. It’s as if the captain were still there physically, but at the same time; somewhere else….* -03:43 Mar 17

    The fire is spotted by “them” on the other side of the island…

    Collete: *When the smell of smoke drifts towards her, she groans out loud! That was bound to be the Deathrunner and now they’re going to draw the cannibals right to them.. She heads quickly through the trees!* -03:45 Mar 17

    Frederick: *It’s hard for Frederick to stay silent, but out of respect for the crew, he did so! Until something in the trees caught his eyes… Lots of somethings in the trees!* Uh…. uh cap’n…

    Maria: *She looks up at the trees and finally snaps out of it long enough to curse.* I hope the natives are friendly, because I have no weapons. *She’d still pummel the daylights out of whoever tried to spear her thogugh! For someone so short—she was vicious!* -03:47 Mar 17

    The people in the trees come out with spears. “UKA LUKA UGH FAHAFA!” Says the one that looks like the ring leader. It seems the want to lead these pale-faced strangers away in to the forest and aren’t taking no for an answer!

    Maria: *Stares at the maniacs and grabs one of the spears! She attempts to yank it out of the nearest cannibal’s hand and spear him in the neck! She wasn’t tolerating bad welcoming parties right now…and even knees him in the stomach for good measure!* -03:51 Mar 17

    ell that was a bad idea! Those people should have come quietly, as now they all pounce and attack with their spears, stone sharp weapons and hands of fury! Even the massively huge Frederick can’t fight them all off, and they’re both inevitably tied to sticks and carried off in to the forest!

    Frederick: *Freddie is beaten and battered, but… always in good humor!* y’think they gonna eat us or sacrifice us to their god…?

    Maria: *Crap! She goes down all too quickly…! And earns herself a lot of cuts and bruises. She eyes Frederick, good old reliable Frederick. This was probably the last time they’d be able to joke together!* Either that or just eat us raw. Depending on how fast we can provoke them. -03:54 Mar 17

    The cannibals take their catch all the way back to their village where the meal service is already being prepared. Complete with a couple of already dead crewmates roasting over a fire and Kessing hanging upside down over a stew pot!

    Maria: *Kessing! He was still alive… But apparently none of them were going to be for much longer…she sees the dead crewmates and winces again, mentally calling herself the worst captain in history.* Kessing! *She tries to wave to get his attention!* -03:58 Mar 17
    [Kessing groans softly and tries to touch his aching head but–his arms are tied?!] -03:58 Mar 17

    Frederick: Thank Poseidon… I hope they cook Kessing first! After a bite of him they’ll be too sick to eat us too!

    Kessing: *He hears someone calling for him …!* Quit your yapping, Frederick! *He growls. Like he really needed Frederick "the Headache" to add to his misery.* How are you doing, Captain? -04:00 Mar 17

    The cannibals prop the wood polls they’ve tied up Frederick and Maria too over a nice little fire.. They start throwing on some more kindling!

    Maria: *That earns Frederick a good kick!* I’m ok Kessing! Just wishing I could have not sailed us all into this death trap…. you alright? -04:01 Mar 17
    Maria: *Is tied up soon after that kick….and it was getting a little too warm for her liking.* -04:02 Mar 17
    Collete: *Collete is a little late… She had to see if she could find the ship.. Only to discover the bonfire and footsteps all around it. Then she had to stalk after them to find herself outside of the cannibal village. … Lucky her, did the whole remaining live ones have to get themselves captured? She prowls around the area to sneak to a better location!* -04:02 Mar 17

    Frederick: *Hot! Hot! Hot! He’s trying to blow out the fire as futile as it is!* I guess we’re the last ones to die! It’s been a good run Cap’n! Can’t say the same for you, Kessing, hope I see you in the lost land, but hey… How many can claim they were cooked and eaten?

    Collete: *…That man was a moron. She had to surpress a groan. However, Collete managed to sneak inside one of the cannibal village huts… There had to be something in here that was useful.. Aha!* -04:05 Mar 17
    Kessing: *If he only his arms were tied so damn tight … He tries to avoid swinging too much because that only makes him dizzy. He sees Frederick trying to blow the fire out and sighs inwardly. Really, if he was going to die why did this idiot have to be the last person he saw?* -04:05 Mar 17
    Maria: *Ugh……she was coughing on the smoke now. The flames just got higher…and she was starting to feel a little more than singed!* You guys were great…..I hope I see you both on the other side. Maybe Collete was lucky and got herself somehere safe at least. -04:07 Mar 17
    Collete: *Suddenly… a tall feathered hat clad form appears in ritualistic make up and the presence of a god!* CATAHUK! *… this better be the correct tribe…* GYU HITA KOKOMAKU INATEP! -04:10 Mar 17

    GASP! It’s a collective sound from all of the cannibals! They look in utter awe and amazement before they all start bowing down in reverence! “INATEP! INATEP!” They chant!

    Maria: *She tries to see through the smoke at what these cannibals were suddenly so enthralled with…but the smoke has clouded her eyes completely at this point; and now she felt burn makrs appearing on her back and legs! What was going on??* -04:13 Mar 17
    Kessing: *Head throbbing, blood rushing to head, head beginning to feel light … He suddenly feels very tired. He can hardly keep his eyes open.* -04:14 Mar 17
    Collete: HETA GATUPAY FORGI! *She motioned a hand at the captives in a quick forceful movement, and made a motion with her fist!* TAPUPAY GARU TANKU WEI! -04:15 Mar 17

    The cannibals are suddenly on their feet! They splash water over the fires quickly, looking like the fear of god was slapped in to them! They free the tied up captives!

    Frederick: *He was doing better, but he had thick skin and a hard head. Hey wait a second… is that Collete? He opened his mouth ready to call her name when the cannibals set him free – naw. Better idea. He grabbed Maria, threw her over his shoulder and suddenly started running in to the forest!

    Maria: *She’s already lost consciousness; and can’t even protest when she’s thrown over Frederick’s shoulder—-but wait,… what about Collete and Kessing?! She would definitely want to make sure those two were with them if she were conscious!* -04:18 Mar 17
    Kessing: *THUD! He’s suddenly free and shaking himself awake! He figures that for once Frederick has a right idea and makes himself disappear! Of course, he’s not too keen on following Frederick though, so he opts for taking a different turn instead!* -04:19 Mar 17
    Collete: *God damned Frederick! He WOULD bail like a coward and leave her here to clean up the mess! Kessing looked about as useful as a sack of potatos, right now! … And there goes Kessing running off! She’s going to KILL them! But first-* Jirapu hakka o ti mei. GANTU. *She shouts, pointing a finger to the other side of the village!* -04:20 Mar 17

    The cannibals seemingly frightened out of their wits, run in the direction Collete pointed.. likely towards the big mountain at the edge of the island!

    Collete: … *Having her opportunity… Collete threw off the feathered headress and fancy cannibal clothes and took off after Kessing!* Kessing…! You’re going the wrong way…! -04:22 Mar 17

    Frederick: *Frederick moved his ass like it was on fire! Crap! It WAS still on fire!! He was trying to swat it out with Maria over his shoulder as he ducked and turned in the forest trees!*

    Kessing: *Skids to a stop and turns!* I was afraid of that … Thanks for the help by the way. I think I’m still a bit woozy in the head. So, which way is it? -04:24 Mar 17
    Maria: *Tired……dizzy…Maria’s head only spun as Frederick continued to run faster! She unconsciously smacks him upside the head! Even when not conscious…..she was trying to smack some sense into that man! It seemed like a 24/7 job for that matter….not to mention impossible!* -04:24 Mar 17
    Collete: *Collete didn’t stop moving, but simply grabbed Kessing by the collar of his shirt and dragged him off in the proper direction!* Got yourself in a damned fine mess, didn’t you! If it isn’t hard enough saving Freddie from himself! -04:26 Mar 17

    Frederick: *Freddie finds… A waterfall with a big pool of water! Where he promptly runs in the water to put his ass out, and accidenly discovers a cave behind the falls! Perfect hiding spot, he deducts, and carts Maria on behind it!* Here we go Cap’n! Safe n sound!

    Kessing: *Is dragged!* I didn’t plan on getting captured. I got washed ashore, wandered around a bit, and went to sleep. When I woke up, the cannibals knocked me out again and tied me over the pot. Speaking of sleep, I had the strangest dream … -04:29 Mar 17
    Maria: *Winces……her head was not liking her at all right now…. but she wakes up quick enough to cough up the smoke in her lungs! She hurt pretty much everywhere, but she gets to her feet anyway.* ….Where is Kessing ? And what just happened? …. -04:30 Mar 17
    Collete: Unless you were dreaming up a way to fix that ship without us get eating, I’m not sure I want to know. *Collete stops at the wall of a steep looking cliff. There’s a cave opening just above in the rocks. She sets Kessing free long enough to start climbing up!* -04:31 Mar 17

    Frederick: Collete done pulled one o her miracles and saved our asses. Course, i was about to be knight in shining arm, break the ropes and get us out of there before she showed up… But I was gonna ditch Kessing and that’s some bad karma. Hey lemme check you out. *Rambles on Freddie, who doesn’t bother for a confirmation before he puts his hands all over the cap’n looking for mortal wounds.*

    Maria: *Swats Freddie away again! She hurt a lot– that’s all she knew! Bah to mortal wounds; she wasn’t letting Frederick look; no matter how many years she’d known him! Besides– there were other personal scars she’d have to explain and she just didn’t want to.* I’ll live Frederick. How bout you? Did you get badly hurt at all? *Sneakilly avoiding the topic of her injuries– she’d patch herself up later.* -04:35 Mar 17

    Frederick: *No one says no to Freddie, even when they beat him up! She’s got burns and he’s at least using the rags of his shirt to wrap them up good and tight! He almost cast a grin before he suddenly URKED and fell over!* yes…! Yes cap’n I think I’m powerful wounded…!

    Maria: *Oi—stubborn arse! She protests the entire time, and isn’t too gentle in return when she patches him up– they’d have to find a first aid kit soon that much was certain. Right now there was barely the basics to use in emergeancies! But she did the best she could anyways.* I think you’ll survive too Frederick…. we’d better see about finding Collete and Kessing though…. No telling how far those two are off. -04:38 Mar 17
    [Collete was telling Kessing she didn\’t care much about that dream… Unless it was useful.] -03:13 Mar 26
    [Maria *Was in a cave with Frederick!* ] -03:13 Mar 26
    [Kessing is pretty sure that dream is useful … Isn\’t it?] -03:14 Mar 26

    Frederick: *Freddie was milking his injuries for all they were worth by rolling on the ground moaning in pain!* I can’t cap’n…. can’t move..!

    Kessing: *Runs his fingers through his hair.* Hm. Wait. I guess they’re not very useful … You believe everything has a purpose though, don’t you, Collete? -03:15 Mar 26
    Maria: *She pokes Frederick quite often! Nudging him in the ribs with her foot even!* Oh don’t even try that. If I can move around with as many wounds as you you can get up too. *Grumbles, nudging him again.* -03:16 Mar 26
    Collete: *She peers down at Kessing casting him a cool look.* I suppose. I believe, if you don’t start climbing this cliff to get up in that cave that you’ll get eaten, and deserve it. -03:16 Mar 26
    Kessing: Aye aye, ma’am. *He mutters as he starts climbing! It looks like this wasn’t the best time to be debating stuff.* -03:18 Mar 26

    Frederick: Ow! Wummon! There’s some broken bones in there somewhere! Besides, them cannibals are still out there!

    Maria: Bah….. We need to go find Kessing and Collete. Besides, those cannibals got a pretty bad scare from Collete….I don’t think they’d want to try again anytime soon. Plus I want to fix my ship, and will not be able to start unless everyone’s together. -03:22 Mar 26
    Collete: *At the top of the cliff… yes! A cave! Collete pulled herself over the edge, dusted herself off and slowly entered… well… it wasn’t quaint. Or nice looking. But if was out of sight and a good place to hide until the coast was clear.* ma’am… *She snorts! ..and offers her hand to Kessing to help him up!* -03:23 Mar 26

    Alas, but Frederick is right! There’s the sounds of drums and chanting! There’s a search party out there!

    Frederick: …see… *He whispers as quietly as he can, which still ends up echoing… Good thing they’re behind a waterfall to drown out the noise!*

    Maria: *Scowling! She saw that Frederick was right…* So now what? We just wait until they go away? Or are we stuck up here pretty much until we rot? -03:29 Mar 26

    Frederick: *Freddie glanced around and.. uh… Doesn’t mention the skeleton he spots over in the far corner.* Uh… They’ll be gone soon, I’m sure! ….wanna play cards?

    Kessing: *Sheepish grin. He hadn’t been thinking when he’d said that. He accepts her hand.* Thanks. *He looks into the cave and looks around at the surrounding landscape.* … Does this … place … look familiar …? -03:33 Mar 26
    Maria: Do you even have a deck of cards, Frederick? *She really was bored to even consider humoring Frederick’s ideas…..or really dellirious from pain and exauhstion.* -03:34 Mar 26

    Frederick: *He starts digging down the front of his pants, and not being subtle about it!* I got something down here, I’m sure…!

    Collete: I’ve not been here myself. *She blew a bit of hair out of her eyes… This might be a long wait… Hungry cannibals are persistant on small islands… Collete found a dark place and plopped herself a seat.* Stop standing in the open! -03:37 Mar 26
    Kessing: Hm … *He looks like he might just stand there all day but he finally turns and joins her. He drops down against the wall opposite her, one leg stretched out, the other with its knee up.* -03:38 Mar 26
    Maria: *Men! Yucky creatures to say the least! Maria rolls her eyes, and takes off her cape to use as a pillow. Well, since they were probably going to be all out of anything interesting to do for a while….might as well get some sleep! She certainly wasn’t one to initiate conversations.* It’s going to be a looong night…..*Attempts to get comfortable on the solid ground.* -03:39 Mar 26

    Frederick: Found it! *Frederick sat down next to Maria as he pulled out the deck of cards and started shuffling!* I figure we’ll get that boat fixed up in no time, and I supposed the four of us can sail it just fine. Collete can doa good bit more than navigating and Kessing ain’t too bad. Course, I don’t know who will do the cooking…

    Collete: *It was dark in the cave, which gave her ample opportunity to eye him carefully. Damned Kessing.* If we manage to live long enough to take care of that ship, and find a good bit of treasure to make up for the damages… what do you think we’ll do next? -03:43 Mar 26
    Maria: *Before she can even think about lying down, there’s Frederick with his cards! She decided sleeping would most likely be impossible in this place anyway. Considering the fact she slept best when she was onboard her own ship; something about being onland always bugged her. She decides to play a few cardgames to kill time.* You’re lucky I was taught how to cook really young. *Smirks a bit as he shuffles the cards.* -03:45 Mar 26
    Kessing: *Blinks when she asks him that. But he thinks carefully about it.* Hm. Dunno, to tell you the truth. I never thought about "what next" before. What about you …? -03:45 Mar 26
    Collete: In to the savings and then back to the sea. *Hrmph. Was she missing lady’s man Kessing? No! That would be stupid! In fact, she’ll remind herself why Kessing is a real pain in the ass, with a simple question!* What do you think about kids? -03:47 Mar 26

    Frederick: *Freddie deals out the cards and continues his talking!* Thas good, cause I burn everything I try to cook. Man, momma always told me to marry a woman that can cook, and i guess your captain is like your wife, huh? Unless your captain is a man. Then he’s more like… uh.. your husband. And… I don’t want no husbands. …Go fish?

    Kessing: Kids? *He grins in the dark and chuckles softly.* I never thought you the type to think of little ones, Collete. But since you mentioned it … I don’t think I could ever handle kids. I’m not up to the responsibility of teaching them and what not. I wouldn’t know how to be a role model if someone offered to teach me. -03:49 Mar 26
    Maria: *Takes her hand ofcards and blinks.* Well I never figured it’d be like that Frederick. Then again, I’m really not the person to ask anything about captains. Haven’t been one long enough myself. And sure, Go fish I beat you in all the time. *Finds a few matches to set down before the game even starts.* -03:50 Mar 26
    Collete: That’s what I thought. *Collete gave a grim smile. Of course he couldn’t handle kids, and neither could she! Pirates shouldn’t have kids! Ever! Damn man whoring son of a-* -03:52 Mar 26
    Kessing: *Closes his eyes.* Collete … What brought you to the sea? I mean, were your parents sailors too? -03:53 Mar 26

    Frederick: *And Freddie doesn’t have any matches, he’s really screwed!* Aww man… I know you ain’t prolly had no captains, but I gotta say you’re a whole lot better than some!

    Collete: Hrrm. My mother was a whore, and my father could have been anyone. *Collete examined her nails. He history was no big deal to her. She only had one secret, anyway.* I joined someone’s crew and I enjoyed it, so I stayed. -03:55 Mar 26
    Maria: Have any 2’s? And well, I did have a captain before, but I prefer not to talk about him. I’m just glad he’s dead. And if I’m that much better Frederick, we wouldn’t have landed in this mess with a whole crew dead and the four of us that are alive all split up. -03:56 Mar 26
    Kessing: Someone’s crew? *He lowers his head to look at her, although he couldn’t really see her …* So, Maria and the Death Runner weren’t your first captain and ship? -03:56 Mar 26

    Frederick: That ain’t no big thing, there be plenty o people I want to see dead too. * He makes an awful frownie face as he hands over his 2!* Us blowing in to a storm ain’t your fault anyway. More like Collete’s fault, but don’t tell her I said that or you’ll be another man down…

    Collete: Nope. I spent most of my time on another ship. It’s got a new captain now, and I wouldn’t be caught dead on it again anyway. -03:59 Mar 26
    Maria: *Snickers slightly, and takes the card from him, laying down another match to her ever growing stack! Soon she’d have 5 matches! Poor Freddie indeed.* I suppose it’s just another one of those freak accidents. As for people you’re wanting dead– I hope that doesn’t imply Kessing does it? -04:00 Mar 26

    Frederick: *For a moment Freddie looked guilty, but at least he didn’t look blood thirsty!* Naw.. well yeah, but not really. Kessings a right prick with all them girls hanging all over him like he’s a prized bale of diamonds, and then he goes showin’ me up while I’m workin’ and flexing those muscles! One of these days I’m gonna break that nose of his!

    Kessing: New captain, huh? *He leans the back of his head against the wall and looks up at the ceiling.* It must be weird. Being the old captain and realizing you’re not the captain of the ship anymore. Whatever happened to the old captain? Did he die? -04:03 Mar 26
    Collete: Yep. Looks like he’s pretty dead. *Collete scowled. Might’ve been better if he was dead, rather than getting dragged out of the sea and ending up on the Death Runner. And she should have let him get eaten by those cannibals too. My, she must be getting old and softie… * -04:05 Mar 26

    Within sight of Collete and Kessing in the cave, the bow of a ship approaches. Even from this distance, the flag can be seen. Black with a white bird with a skull in its talons. A pirate ship and an infamous one. The Harbinger.

    Kessing: *Doesn’t know what makes him look outside. Maybe he was just bored … or maybe he needed something to take his mind off of things, weird dreams and familiar islands. He gets up and moves to the opening, stopping when he gets to the edge of darkness, still out of sight. That ship …* -04:11 Mar 26
    Collete: *She’s watching him like a hawk… and suddenly starts coughing! Of all the ill omen, bad luck, rotton karma things to happen..! Not Kessing’s damn ship! …Cough! Coughcough!* -04:12 Mar 26
    Maria: *Grins. Jealous guys always amused Maria..* You know Frederick, if you used more braincells now and then, you might actually get a few more girlfriends. *She reminds him its his turn to ask for a card.* -04:12 Mar 26

    Frederick: Any sevens? *He grumble grumbles!* Ain’t wanting no girlfriends… girls ain’t nothing but trouble! they take your clothes, and spend your money, and then they leave you for Kessing!

    Kessing: *Collete’s coughing yanks his attention away from the ship. Enough so that he completely forgets about his odd fascination with the mystery ship! He walks back to her, guided by the sounds she’s making.* Collete? Are you alright? Maybe we should find another place to hide … *Although their options were pretty slim at this point.* -04:14 Mar 26
    Collete: *Cough!Hack! …Idiot, where the hell else are they supposed to hide? Christ…She was only going to be able to fake cough for so long before she hacked up a lung for real.* I… I..ah… can’t breath! *…shit, even Freddie could come up with better lines!* -04:17 Mar 26
    Maria: *Maria laughs outright at this.* Not all women are cheaters, Frederick. Just as I suppose not all men are evil and heartless. *Her eyes darken a bit at that statement; as if she herself wasn’t quite so sure on that statement…yep she looked pretty doubtful indeed for some reason she wasn’t telling.* -04:17 Mar 26
    Maria: Oh and Go-fish. -04:17 Mar 26

    Frederick: *Freddies goes a-fishin’!* Aw man… I know I ain’t no heartless bastard. Who got your panties all in a twist and man hatin’? You almost sound as bad as Collete, but at least you ain’t shoving us menfolk off board every time you get frustrated…

    Kessing: *He sighs and scratches the back of his head. The sooner they found the captain and Frederick the better … * Collete, what’s going on here? *Sheesh, even he could see she was faking it. But why the hell was she acting like this?* -04:20 Mar 26
    Maria: *She smirks again and asks for any Queens.* Man hating? No, can’t say I man-hate. Just doubt them a lot is all. Spose that’s why I’m never going to settle down with a family. But that’s my own fault and I don’t regret it. -04:21 Mar 26
    Collete: *Cough! Co-… He’s not buying it. Collete stps her hacking, picks up a pebble and chucks it at his head.* Trying to lure your fool behind away from that opening before you draw every man-eater here with that flashy shirt of yours! -04:21 Mar 26
    Kessing: *Mutters under his breath, although the pebble does miss his head. Not by much though, as it hits his ear.* I’m right here. In the dark. Beside you. *He moves back to where he’d been sitting before he’d stood, across from her.* Cannibal or not, you’re acting strange. -04:24 Mar 26

    Frederick: *Mooooaaan! She’s taking all of his cards! There goes his sassy queen!* What you need is a man to show you a night on the town! Some dancin’ and eatin’ and sex that doesn’t make ya cry! Cause I’m tellin’ ya, I had some wimmon that made me cry, and I ain’t doin’ that again!

    Collete: Watch your mouth, Kessing. Cause I’m damn well happy to cut your tongue out and make you the ship’s mute. *Collete moves to the other side to sit next to him, and make sure she’s blocking his view of the outside. As long as the Harbinger doesn’t decide to come on land, they won’t be totally screwed.* -04:26 Mar 26
    Maria: *Takes the Queen card and sets it down with the other Queens.* Let’s not talk about my experiences in that department. It’s not a safe subject at all. And I don’t know what a night on the town would be like,but I definitely already know about the rest– it isn’t fun at all. -04:27 Mar 26
    Kessing: *Is silent for a moment … And then he reaches out and touches the back of his hand to Collete’s forehead.* Hm. Not hot so no fever. *He cups her cheeks. Then, he sits back as if he’s studying her in the dark.* … *He goes back to being silent. And, of course, Kessing being Kessing, him being silent never means well. For anyone involved.* -04:29 Mar 26

    Frederick: Was pretty bad huh? I remember my first time in the sack with a woman. It was with this old hag whose boobs sagged to the floor, but i was gettin pretty damned old to not of had any yet so I though, what the hell?

    Collete: *She wrapped her fingers around his wrists and was about ready to yank his hands away, snap at him, and maybe break his fingers but…* Kessing… Don’t go silent on me… -04:32 Mar 26
    Maria: *Eeew! That was just horrible! She kicks Frederick in the shins for bringing that up! And then promptly informs him he’s lost the game as they both run out of cards, and she apparently has 10 matches to his 4!* I’m only going to say my first time wasn’t willing. The rest weren’t either; but the bastard is dead, so it doesn’t matter. The end. *Yawns slightly. She was getting tired… But she probably wouldn’t sleep until Kessing and Collete were found.* -04:35 Mar 26

    Frederick: *Frederick snorts!* if that how it was… A good damn thing the blighter’s dead! I’d go track ‘im down myself and gut him up like a sunday feast! Ain’t nobody can get away with messing with my captain, especially now that I got one that’s not beatin’ me with switches and looks purdy!

    Kessing: *Feels her fingers around his wrists but it’s still several moments before he says anything.* There’s … something about that ship … But curiousity killed the cat. *He murmurs under his breath, so his words are barely audible even in the cave.* -04:38 Mar 26
    Collete: Don’t go opening Pandora’s Box, Kessing. *She wasn’t supposed to feel bad for him…* We should find the captain. -04:42 Mar 26
    Maria: *Eyebrows raise again! Well considering Frederick was a fairly new crewmate..* Don’t worry. It’s just the captain I killed when I was 15… so there’s no reason to bother even looking. He’s not coming back. And hopefully your old captain got whats coming to him too. *She was also trying to hide the fact her cheeks were bright red!*Who was your old captain though…..if you don’t mind me asking…? -04:43 Mar 26
    Kessing: … Yes. *Was all he says, although whether he means her warning or about finding the captain is anyone’s guess.* -04:43 Mar 26

    Frederick: If you don’t mind, Capn’ I feel better not mentioning his name. It’s like talking about someone you hate. You say their name once and they just pop around the corner out ta get ya.

    Collete: *Collete sighed. She pulled his hands from her face, but leaned forward close enough to mumble in his ear.* You’re a hopeless man, Kessing. Let’s get going. -04:46 Mar 26
    Maria: *He had a point there… she decided not to risk it.* Good point… Do you think those cannibals have gone yet? We really should find Collete…….*She grins now* And yes, you’re favorite person, Kessing. *Attempting to bring some humor into this dark conversation like any good captain would!* -04:46 Mar 26

    Frederick: …I hope she left Kessing for dead. Skewered on a roasting pole, or dangling off the edge of a cliff with spears all in ‘im!

    Kessing: *His mouth quirks at one corner in the dark as he gets up. He casts one last look to the ocean, as if trying to get one last look at the ship.* Yeah. Hopefully the cannibals have found someone else to roast by now. What are our chances of patching up the ship enough to make it out of here? -04:49 Mar 26
    Collete: I say.. we’re probably going to make it, but we’ll be half dead and maybe missing a limb or two. *She snaps her fingers in front of his face to catch his attention back, before pointing her finger at the edge for him to climb down!* -04:50 Mar 26
    Maria: Bad Frederick, you do not! And I’ve lost enough crewmembers today so I’m going to go see if those cannibals are still out and lurking. *She goes to the cave entrance to look for the mob!* -04:50 Mar 26

    Frederick: But Capn…! No one will miss him! *Frederick follows after the captain like a wounded puppy! Stupid Kessing.. The captain is prolly in love with him too!*

    Kessing: *Snapping her fingers in front of him does the trick as he shakes his head and starts climbing down. He checks to make sure the coast is clear first! Time to get his head out of the clouds and get back to the business of staying alive!* -04:53 Mar 26
    Collete: *Collete scans the sea to find that ship… If Kessing weren’t along, she might have Maria got attack the sonsofbitches and sink them to the ocean floor. But for now, she waits until Kessing is a good ways down before following after him!* -04:54 Mar 26
    Maria: *Grumbles at Frederick to hush and stop being jealous! Kessing wasn’t her type! But he was a good crewmate, and Collete was navigator for a reason…. she didn’t do the whole love thing! So there! She starts climbing down to the bottom!* -04:55 Mar 26
    Kessing: *He takes his time but he hurries. He checks his footing and his holding as he goes and as soon as he knows both are firm, he moves. He finally gets to the bottom and keeps a look out for cannibals. So far, so good … He waits for Collete to get down, spotting some nearby brush they can dive behind for quick cover.* -04:56 Mar 26

    Frederick: *Fredie was grumbling again, but he was at least obedient as he trudged after Maria! *

    Collete: *As soon as she close enough to the ground, Collete jumps down next to Kessing… The coast is clear so far… She leads the way in to the trees!* -05:01 Mar 26
    Maria: *When they’re both safely at the bottom, she immediately began looking for Collete and Kessing! They could be anywhere though!* -05:02 Mar 26

    Back out at sea, the mysterious ship lets down anchor and two boats are sent out! They are filled with men who are armed to the teeth!

    Kessing: *He quickly follows after her. He keeps a sharp eye for cannibals, wild animals, or anything else that might be running wild here. Speaking of animal, he’s sure to spot Frederick–who sticks out like a thumb anywhere!* -05:04 Mar 26

    Frederick: *Frederick is a good crew member, but his directions stink! Plus.. he sort of got distracted by a monkey, so he got a tiny bit lost from Maria! Uh ohs!*

    PFFFT! A big spear goes flying past Kessing’s head! They’ve been spotted by the cannibals!

    Kessing: *Blinks as the spear THUDS! into the tree in front of him! So much for being invisible!* We got company! *He yells and hightails it after Collete!* -05:07 Mar 26
    Maria: *………Damnit! She turns around just once and sees that Frederick is nowhere in sight! She goes off to look for him and Kessing and Collete! Double Damn! Why was Frederick so bad at staying focused?!* -05:07 Mar 26

    The monkey goes leaping from tree to tree and just as Frederick goes breaking through some brush–he finds himself with a faceful of guns and swords!* “Well, look wha’ we have here, boys!” a strange pirate roars.

    Frederick: *Freddie blinks.. And… uh… heh heh. He looks pretty nervous!* Hey there boys… I’m justa strollin’ around this nice pretty island. I’ll let you get back to your own walk! *He inches back for the trees!*

    “Oh no ye don’t!” the pirate shouts. “Boys!” The pirates are quick to surround Frederick. He’s not going anywhere. “Now … what be ye doin’ here on our island?” That gun presses right up against Frederick’s nose!

    PFFFT! PFFFT! Lots of spears flying! THOCK! With a bit of luck and precision one nails Collete to a tree via the arm! The cannibals are circling fast and close!

    Collete: *A pirate woman doesn’t scream! Besides, it was only a little bit of a nick, she struggles to pull the spear out of the tree without ripping a good gash in her flesh!* Sonofabitch! -05:11 Mar 26

    Frederick: *He casually…well as casually as he can, pushes the gun away from his nose!* Afraid I’m tonight’s meal for them local cannibals. You wouldn’t have any pepper, would ya…?

    Maria: *Is unaware of the danger Fredie is in, but she suddenly stumbles upon a gang of armed men– and they were definitely picking on her right-hand man! That was not nice….! She finds a brick— yes an actual brick! Right near her foot. She picks it up, winds her arm back, and hurls it right for the goon pointing his gun at Frederick’s nose! And she had a great aim too…hopefully this throw would prove that!* -05:15 Mar 26

    The men are only too happy to have some female company! They hoot and holler and find amusement in Maria’s little antics! Frederick is already being wrestled to the ground by a few other men while others grab Maria!

    Kessing: *Struggles to hold Collete until he realizes just how much of her flesh the spear got! So he turns to buy her some time and take down some cannibals. He yanks a spear out of the ground at his feet and uses that to fight them off!* -05:19 Mar 26

    Frederick: Hey! HEY! Watch the family jewels! HEYO! Get ya paws off my capn’! I’ma gut ya! I’ma gut ya all like fishes…!

    Maria: *Ooo shit…! That’s not good! Too bad there weren’t anymore conviniently heavy objects lying around to knock these creeps out with! But she’s pissed about being grabbed and headbutts the closest goon, while kicking another in the balls!* Hands off! Or I’ll feed them to the sharks! *She’s reeaallly getting annoyed! Damn the sea for taking her guns and her swords!* -05:20 Mar 26
    Kessing: *help -05:20 Mar 26
    Collete: Kessing..! Cut that shit out and get to the captain! *She’s tugging hard… She knew one of them was going to lose a limb!* I can handle them myself! Get lost! -05:21 Mar 26
    Kessing: How the hell can I possibly leave you behind! I don’t even know where to start looking for the captain! -05:21 Mar 26

    Ha Ha Ha! Puny little white people! You can not escape the cannibal tribe, for you are nearly surrounded! So much for escape as the circle around Kessing with their spears aimed!

    “Perhaps we should bring ye along as additional gifts to the chief! Cap’n is always saying we should give ’em a special treat! Ain’t that right, boys?” The leader of the band yells. The others laugh and holler.

    Frederick: I ain’t swinging the capn’s way! I got enough meat o my own! *Frederick of course assumes they’re talking about him. He’s a huuuuge man, and he ain’t going down without a big blood fist busting, nose breaking, rib cracking fight!*

    Kessing: *Outnumbered and outspeared … He drops the spear and lifts his hands. Well, now he can say he was captured by cannibals twice in one day!* -05:24 Mar 26
    Maria: *She looks at Frederick like he was a total dork! But she can agree about going down fighting, and she’s launching an uppercut towards the leader’s nose! She wasn’t tolerating any of this nonsense!* -05:25 Mar 26
    Collete: What is it about GO do you not understand, Kessing?! *Got it! She yanked out the spear with enough force to send her crashing to the ground, and quickly jumps up on her feet again! She’s — …surrounded.* Damnit, Kessing! You never listen to me! -05:25 Mar 26

    The leader of the band is no idiot. While the others move to oblige Frederick, he takes his gun and aims it at Maria. “Keep fightin’ and she dies, matey! Want that on yer conscience, do ye?”

    Frederick: *Frederick freezes!* …aw now, damnit, Now you got my balls in between a rock and a hard place…

    Kessing: *Is thoughtful for a moment.* Actually that’s not true. There was that one time, you told me to go jump off a cliff and I didn’t–Bad example. Well, there was that one time–No, I didn’t listen to you then, either. You know, I’m starting to see your point. -05:27 Mar 26

    Cannibals hoot and hollar in victory! Wait… what’s this? They’re pointing at Collete and sounding much flabberghasted and… angery! They can see some of that left over makeup on her face… They impersonated their chief and god?! …These meals will suffer the ultimate pain!

    The leader turns to the man closest to him. “Karl, tie her up nice and tight. Methinks we brought some of the ship’s rope onshore. Then sling her over yer back. You lubber-boy are goin’ to go nice ‘n easy. Or I’ll put a bullet in her head or a knife to her throat quick than you can swing those fists of yers.” Then the pirates start marching–to the cannibal village for their annual tribute!

    Kessing: *Glances over at Collete to see what they’re gawking about. He sees the makeup …* We are screwed. So. Very. Screwed. -05:30 Mar 26
    Collete: *….They’re screwed. She even tries to reason with them in that native language, but… Uh, once you pissed off the tribe you’re pretty much fucked.* This is great… If you had RAN like I TOLD you to, there’d be somebody alive to do a rescue! -05:30 Mar 26
    Maria: *… Well so much for the punching! All that got her was a gun pointed at her head… and she couldn’t really do much about that! She keeps silent, but she’s plotting on how they could possibly escape!* -05:31 Mar 26

    Frederick: *Frederick had no choice but to move along so his poor capn doesn’t get shot and gutted! Man they’re screwed!*

    Kessing: Me? A rescue? I can’t even tie boot laces together! *He mutters.* -05:32 Mar 26

    Stab! Jab! Shove! Push! The cannibals practically abuse them back to the cannibal village, where they announce quite loudly about the imposter and the escape! And the punishment for this horrible deed… Being impaled on the cliff and used and target practice!

    The small pirate band makes great timing and they’re at the cannibal village in no time. They’ve brought their annual tribute treasures and such in return for safe passage for the entire year. Their little agreement with the tribe has been going on for quite awhile. The tribal leader comes of his hut to greet them and he and the leader of the pirate band head into the hut to discuss things. Meanwhile, Frederick and Maria are tied to stakes in the center of the village!

    Collete: *Collete pales! What a great way to die… she… she won’t mention the details to Kessing, he can just be surprised about it! ….And there’s Freddie and Maria tied to a stake!* ….godammit! -05:35 Mar 26
    Kessing: … On the bright side, at least we won’t be alone when we die. *He remarks. He doesn’t understand what they’re saying but by the look of Collete’s face … he’s better off not knowing.* -05:36 Mar 26

    The cannibals are pleased to have a couple for a meal and a couple for target practice! Their evening is saved! They make sure to drag Collete and Kessing over to the cliff wall to be prepared for impaling!

    Maria: *Maria is tied up and watching poor Collete and Kessing suffering. And she couldn’t come up with ONE single brilliant plan at all to save them….. man,she sucked so bad at being a good captain that even Frederick would have been a better one!* -05:40 Mar 26
    Collete: *Shit! Damnit! Screwed! Wait… is that… old crew mates? From Harbinger? …. Shit! That’s just what they need! A trip down memory lane! Wait… idea!* JIMMY DEAN! Jimmy Dean, it’s Collete! Tell these heathens to let us loose! -05:41 Mar 26

    One of the men waiting outside blinks when someone calls his name. He squints … Then he hurries over! “Collete! What in Neptune’s name–!” he whispers.

    Frederick: *At least Freddie is in good humor!* I hope they don’t dry me out so my meat is all tough…

    Collete: Let’s not waste time yammering, Jimmy. Just tell them to let us all loose and I’ll forget you owe me three gold pieces and a new gun. *Please Jimmy Dean, don’t be a complete ass like the rest of those jerks!* -05:45 Mar 26
    Maria: *Good ol Fredie! He always had the best humor…* I guess if you’re dry, they can always just add more seasoning. You’ll probably make great leftovers. -05:46 Mar 26

    Jimmy glances from side to side. He can get into a lot of trouble for this! It was one of the captain’s rules Once a member of the crew left, he–or she–cut all ties to the crew. But … this was Collete … He quickly turns to the nearest native and starts talking to him in his tongue. He tells him there was a mistake and this one is marked for the captain. He tells the native to be quick about it or else his captain will get angry and then the chief will become angry and a mad chief is a bad thing. The native falls for it and cuts Collete loose. \”Quick, Collete, you must flee. Now!\” he whispers as loud as he dares.

    Collete: Jimmy Dean, you know I’m not leaving without the rest of them. *She hisses through her teeth… but just as quick she puts on a smile!* You know that kiss you always wanted? I’ll give you that and a little extra if I get the rest of them too. -05:49 Mar 26

    Jimmy blinks and scowls. “Collete, you will get me killed for sure! If not these natives then by the Cap’n!” Then he happens to look up at the man tied up beside her … “Is that …?” It changes his mind and he turns to the native and orders them to be cut down as well. He sneaks over to Maria and Frederick and orders them cut down as well by another native while the other pirates are throwing dice and getting a look at the cannibal females.

    Kessing: *Maybe those natives beat him up more than he’d first figured … because now he was certain he was seeing and hearing things … Collete knew this pirate guy and the pirate guy was getting them loose. And there he went, setting Maria and Frederick free … This was turning out to be one very LONG day … He lands neatly once he’s cut down.* -05:54 Mar 26
    Collete: I’ll make it easier on ya, Jimmy. *She waits until everyone is cut loose before snagging Jimmy and giving him a classy Collete knock-em-out kiss! Complete with stealing Jimmy’s gun and clobbering him in the head with it!* Okay, everybody needs to move their feet fast and get out of this village before hell breaks loose! *She’s got the gun ready to shoot anybody that protests.. Cannibal or otherwise!* -05:56 Mar 26
    Maria: *She’s cut loose and lands not quite as steady on her feet as Kessing! But she’s just glad to live long enough to actually see herself following Collete out of their bad situation! Being eaten was not on the captain’s list of daily activities! She just wanted to get the hell out of there and back to her ship!* -05:58 Mar 26
    Kessing: *Pauses beside the guy Collete just knocked out … Jimmy Dean … But before he gets lost in his daydreaming, he quickly follows after everyone!* -05:58 Mar 26

    Frederick: Uh… Yes ma’am! Lets getting going capn! *Replies Freddie who’s out of there like a fleeing mongoose!*

    Collete: Forget the repairs! If she can float, we’re setting sail! -06:01 Mar 26
    Kessing: *Could not agree more! He hightails it with them back to the ship, hoping beyond hope that The Death Runner is still able to keep above water.* -06:04 Mar 26

    005 (Unfinished!)

    [Felicia was awake before the sun even rose, and making herself a pot of coffee. Who can sleep in this drafty old place?] -02:19 Jun 19

    “Where’s my coffee?” complained old man Mr. Peters who had just appeared in a stool at the counter. “You quit work and no one serves me my damned coffee anymore, Caldwell. I ought to complain to your manager.”

    [Bernhard arrived in the kitchen not long after the Peters fellow, on his own two feet, through the door, instead of teleporting.] -02:23 Jun 19
    Felicia: *Felicia nearly sent sugar flying all over the kitchen from the sudden start. Not Mr. Peters too! Were all of her regulars dead people?!* …Mr. Peters… don’t you think it’s strange that I’m standing here in my pajamas and you’re in my kitchen at 4:30 in the morning asking for coffee…? -02:24 Jun 19
    Bernhard: *Smirking as he sat down some distance away from Mr. Peters.* My, you have been doing this for awhile haven’t you? And just never knew it. *He looked as smug as the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.* -02:26 Jun 19

    “I know that if I don’t get any coffee, I’m going to have a fit, and don’t you dare serve this young upstart before me!” said Mr. Peters, who clearly wasn’t going anywhere without his morning coffee.

    Felicia: *Felicia, like any good employee would, poured Mr. Peters his cup of coffee, two spoonfuls of sugar and a drop of cream, just the way he liked it.. and set it in front of him.* It’s not all that funny. You’d think I’d realize I’ve been talking to dead people. …or that my coworkers would have said something! -02:29 Jun 19
    Bernhard: *Leaned forward on the counter with his elbow on the table and his chin on his hand. He was slightly amused at the thought of being served by anyone, much more a Montgomery.* … How do you know your coworkers weren’t dead, too? -02:29 Jun 19

    Mr. Peters drank his coffee. Ghosts can drink coffee if they damn well please. It helps when it’s served by a Summoner, at least!

    Felicia: *She looked horrified at the thought!* … That couldn’t actually be possible… could it? I mean, I did get paychecks and tips… Someone alive was running the place. -02:31 Jun 19
    Bernhard: Anything is possible, especially in your line of … business. The fact you got paid confirms that at the very least your manager was alive. -02:32 Jun 19

    “Are you gonna keep yapping or am I going to get my breakfast muffin?” exclaimed Mr. Peters.

    Felicia: Well, damn. Next thing I know, I’ll find out all my exboyfriends were dead people too. *Felicia poured Bernhard a cup of coffee as she rolled her eyes at Mr. Peters.* You know, there’s not any muffins, I’d have to bake them myself, and that’ll cost extra considering you’re in my spooky house and not a coffee shop. -02:34 Jun 19
    Bernhard: Would it explain a lot if they were? *Smirked and accepted the coffee.* Ah, my thanks. -02:35 Jun 19

    Mr. Peters made sure it was known that he didn’t care what it cost so long as he got his damned breakfast muffin.

    Felicia: *A grimace!* Ugh, no. I think that’s wishful thinking on my part. *Mr. Peters wanted his breakfast and who was she to deny him? She snooped around until she fetched what she needed and pulled out some goodies from the fridge.* At least I hope I could tell the difference between a dead guy and a live one. -02:40 Jun 19
    Bernhard: *Chuckled softly.* I’m quite sure you could. *He sipped his coffee.* After you serve your customer here, what did you have planned for today? -02:45 Jun 19

    Mr. Peters had an empty coffee cup and he wanted a refill! “Those dead people give me the creeps. Always walking in an out of places and hovering around like a bunch of wraiths!”

    Bernhard: Yes. Well … they were very much like that when they were alive … without the disappearing and reappearing trick. -02:48 Jun 19
    Felicia: *Demanding old man. She poured him another cup of coffee and returned to her mixing.* I’m either going to explore, so when I’m running for my life I know where I’m going or I’ll see about some sort of self defense class. Do you suppose teachers make house calls? -02:49 Jun 19
    Bernhard: They probably would … provided your house wasn’t the Montgomery estate. You could try summoning a self defense teacher but that can prove risky. -02:50 Jun 19

    Mr. Peters snorted. “Got a wise cracker over here. You want me to dispose of him, Caldwell? Then we can have a quiet breakfast without some idiot butting in!” He really was a crotchety old man.

    Bernhard: *Smirked.* Take a number, Grandfather. -02:51 Jun 19
    Felicia: *Pouring batter in to a muffin tin she cast a side look at Mr. Peters.* Mr. Peters, did you want something besides breakfast? Or do you just want to be ornery and sour all morning? -02:53 Jun 19

    The ghost snorted, drinking his coffee with that superior air that old people usually got when they admitting something that they thought was embarassing. “I wanted my damned cup of coffee, and you’re the only wench that’ll serve me any. You got a problem with that?”

    Felicia: *She sighed! Why she felt sorry for a mean old dead man, she didn’t know! Felicia slid the pan in to the oven, and finally poured herself a cup!* Then stop being so wretched. I’m trying to have an important conversation with Bernhard. -02:59 Jun 19

    Mr. Peters snorted again. But he shut up, not forgetting to give Bernhard a glare.

    Bernhard: *Innocently sipped his coffee.* -03:04 Jun 19
    Felicia: I guess you’re going to be teaching me more than useful Montgomery things, if I can’t get anyone to come here. If I have to scream for help everytime something is trying to get me, I think eventually you’re gonna feed me to the wolves. -03:04 Jun 19
    Bernhard: *Smirked.* Not to worry … we don’t have wolves. *He chuckled softly.* But I see your point. I suppose we could ask a few of your relatives but the only ones to know useful self-defense techniques lived back in the 1700’s and earlier. -03:06 Jun 19
    Felicia: Great… This must be life’s way of punishing me for not staying in college. *She was muttering to herself as the timer on the stove dinged. A handy pot holder and she pulled out the pan, plucking out muffins to set on plates. One for Mr. Peters, one for Bernhard, one for herself and some extra for Kylie when she woke up.* -03:09 Jun 19
    Bernhard: You’ll do fine. I’ll teach you what I can. *He sipped his coffee again.* -03:13 Jun 19
    Felicia: Born to do it and all of that destiny stuff, right? *Giving them each their breakfast, she also set out a dish of butter. Mr. Peters liked his with butter.* Would either of you like a glass of milk too? -03:15 Jun 19
    Bernhard: *Smirked.* Destiny has nothing to do with it. No, thank you. *He started to eat his muffin.* -03:16 Jun 19

    “Milk is for babies.” grumped Mr. Peters, who was already buttering and devouring his breakfast muffin as if he hadn’t eaten in decades. …It might have been true!

    Felicia: *Shaking her head at the old man, she ate slowly, debating on the best thing to do for the day. She really wanted to avoid any summoning. Another accident like that last one would be a disaster. Were there sticks you could hit aggressive ghosts with?* -03:20 Jun 19

    Good old Uncle Larry appeared, looking as wonderful as ever! “Well, well. Montgomery serving a demon and a ghost breakfast. This IS a sight to see.”

    Bernhard: *Sipped his coffee and ate his muffin.* -03:26 Jun 19
    Felicia: Would you like breakfast, Uncle Larry? *She was done with hers anyway, she picked up her cup for a sip.* -03:27 Jun 19

    Uncle Larry pointed a finger at her mug making the thingy boil! “No, no. Looks much too hot. I thought today was a grand day to teach my eldest niece something useful.”

    Bernhard: … Like how to be a complete jackass? *Asked casually.* -03:29 Jun 19

    “Oh ho! Dear, remind our servant that he’s not to speak unless spoken to.” sneered Uncle Larry. “You should come out to the graveyard with me, Felicia. I will teach you how to summon properly.”

    Felicia: *Blink…! She frowned at her cup and sat it back down on the counter.* I already have plans today. -03:31 Jun 19

    Mr. Peters muttered. “Who let the asshole in?” …With that he promptly and wisely poofed!

    Bernhard: *Raised an eyebrow and chuckled softly. He was beginning to like Old Peters.* -03:32 Jun 19

    “It’s really not a request, little niece. After all, it’s vital to learn the tools of your heritage and who else better to learned from than your dear highly skilled old uncle?”

    Felicia: You know, I think I’m going to get dressed so I don’t start my day running in terror while still in my pajamas! *She announced quickly, heading for the door!* -03:36 Jun 19

    Uncle Larry let her leave, choosing to sit in the stool next to Bernhard. “I don’t intend to let you teach her any of your filthy demon habits.”

    Bernhard: *Sipped his coffee.* It is her choice, after all. At least I’m not tossing her out of windows and leaving her in the cold. -03:43 Jun 19

    “The girl thinks you’re harmless, but we know better don’t we.” Uncle Larry smirked. “I won’t sit idly by while you give lessons…”

    Bernhard: *Sideways glance at Larry.* You would know better than anyone, wouldn’t you? Now, now, what’s this? Afraid I might actually teach her something you possibly can’t? -03:49 Jun 19
    Felicia: *Felicia escaped to her room, getting dressed faster than she normally would so early in the morning. Some jeans a long sweater, socks and shoes. Uncle Larry said ‘not a request’ and that seemed to mean she was going to get shoved off a building or dropped in the snow somewhere. …She still thought there might be wolves.* -03:49 Jun 19

    “My niece seems to be able to do things that Kylie cannot… More than some demon could teach her, I am sure. There is no reason to allow you to leech such knowledge from a stupid clueless girl.”

    Bernhard: *Smirked.* Of course. No reason. Because you intend to do exactly that. -03:53 Jun 19

    “Yes. I do.” The look on Uncle Larry’s face suggested he planned on doing exactly that, as he suddenly ploofed away!

    And that was when a wolf jumped out of Felicia’s closet! A big furry, drooling, and very hungry looking wolf! Greeoowl!

    Bernhard: Of course. *Sipped his coffee and ate his muffin. His shadow suddenly broke away and disappeared under the door. -03:57 Jun 19
    Felicia: *Felicia paused mid fixing her hair… and quickly climbed on to the dresser! She knew there were wolves! How do wolves get in to closets, anyway?!* Get back in the closet! -03:58 Jun 19

    Uncle Larry appeared, floating above Felicia and clucking his tongue! “Didn’t he say there were any wolves here? That demon is a rather bad liar. I could teach you how to deal with summoned wolves, Felicia.” The wolf didn’t think the dresser was that high of a jump and it lunged!

    Felicia: *Felicia jumped off the dresser to scramble on top of a much higher wardrobe! She might as well figure out how to deal with a wolf and not call Bernhard for every little thing. This was bound to happen a lot.* I’m sure I can handle a wolf, Uncle Larry. -04:01 Jun 19

    “I don’t know. He’s rather not a normal wolf is he. Do you even know how to vanquish or summon?” Uncle Larry asked, hovering still as the wolf had climbed on to the dresser to leap up on the wardrobe!

    Felicia: *Sliding off the wardrobe to fall right in to bed, Felicia grabbed up one of the blankets.* If you’re just going to hover and comment, maybe you should dissappear or something! -04:08 Jun 19

    The wolf bounced on to the wardrobe and then lept in to the bed after Felicia! “Is that a request for help, dear niece? Uncle Larry would be more than happy to assist if you wished.”

    Felicia: *Got it…! She tossed the blanket over the wolf, and with all it’s thrashing it ended up with itself tangled in the sheets!* I’d rather get help from another wolf! -04:10 Jun 19

    “I will take that as a ‘Yes, Uncle Larry, save me!'” he said with a smirk! Hovering over her again he snagged her by the shoulders and… PLOOF! Right in to the graveyard! “Oh, whoops! I brought the wolf too!”

    Felicia: *Now balacing precarious on a headstone, she toppled off and landed right on someone’s grave! There was the wolf now ripping it’s way out of her sheets, and all she could do was groan.* Thanks a lot, Uncle Larry. *She thought quickly for something that sounded like vanquishing!* -04:15 Jun 19

    Riiiiip! The wolf shredded it’s way free, drooling and foaming, catching it’s prey in it’s sights! It ran full steam ahead before it pounced!

    Felicia: *Crap…! Thinkfastthinkfast!! Felicia rolled out of the way!* Discostare! Remove! Vanquish! Scram! -04:27 Jun 19

    The wolf landed where Felicia had been sitting seconds before, and jumped to lunge again! As it pounced it dissapeared nose first down to his tail like he had jumped down a rabbit hole in mid air! The wolf had poofed!

    Felicia: … Oh thank god. *Felicia plopped over on the cold ground. She was really digging for these spells, and thought she might’ve summoned up a mutant or something.* -04:30 Jun 19
    [Felicia ended up in the graveyard anyway. Thanks Uncle Larry.] -02:32 Jul 08
    [Bernhard figured Larry was up to something … so he decided to track Ms. Felicia down!] -02:33 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *One can never be too careful when dealing with Larry Montgomery so … he decided to go the incognito route. My, this should be interesting …* -02:34 Jul 08

    Uncle Larry chuckled. “That was mighty impressive, little girl. How ~do~ you open those portals?” Uncle Larry was sitting on top of one of the gravestones.

    Felicia: *Felicia stood up and dust herself off.* If I knew, I don’t think I’d tell you anyway. *She held out her hands!* Any more wolves, Uncle Larry? -02:35 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *And they said demons were terrible. Humans were more so. He moved closer to keep Felicia in his sights. It was a good thing he’d thought to use a little magic and a tracking spell.* -02:36 Jul 08

    Uncle Larry seemed to think about it for a moment or two. “No, no more wolves. But aah… You’re so clever maybe you can open another portal for me, if I tell you the right words.”

    Felicia: Yeah, I’m really going to fall for that. *At least she could see the house from here, she started walking!* -02:39 Jul 08

    Uncle Larry poofed right in front of her. “Now Felicia, how am I supposed to give you lessons if you won’t try things out. It’s only a few simple little words and a small finger prick. You’ll be serving the dead their coffee in no time.”

    Bernhard: *Followed after Felicia. He wanted to know more about what Larry was up to and … yes, he was a tad bit curious about how Felicia would react. She was spirited but Larry could be … persuasive. He stayed within earshot.* -02:41 Jul 08
    Bernhard: (testing.) -02:41 Jul 08
    Felicia: See, I might have tried but then blood had to be involve, and nothing with blood involved is ever good. *She stepped around Uncle Larry!* -02:44 Jul 08

    Uncle Larry though being a ghost had grabbed her wrist! Whoopsie! He was wearing one of his jagged little rings and now she had a little bleeding knick. “Ah! See there, spell half ready, might as well give it a try. What were those words… Distrugga il demone?”

    Felicia: Ow..! What the hell! *She had snatched her arm away to examine her wrist, trying to rub the itchy pain away. At least it wasn’t like.. a suicide slice!* …That’s not words for opening a portal, that’s destroying a demon! -02:49 Jul 08

    “Of course! You can’t safely open a portal when there is a demon lurking in the shadows ready to attack. You have to clear the area first.”

    Bernhard: *Eyes narrowed into slits. He had a pretty good idea which demon Larry had in mind, too! But he’d never been considered a threat before …* What’s the matter, Larry? Can’t I tag along? *He appeared to one side of Felicia.* -02:53 Jul 08
    Felicia: *Felicia jumped! Eyeing Bernhard carefully… sneaking around invisible like that, he was lucky she didn’ well.. scream or something!* -02:55 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *Turned to Felicia and grinned.* I felt lonely. *He clasped his hands behind his back.* And I figured I come on a field trip of my own. -02:57 Jul 08

    “Yes, she’s so lucky to have you around. Oh but… It’s strange how he said there wasn’t wolves but there is… And how his shadow detaches and ‘rescues’ just in the nick of time. And yet there’s a shadow always trying to devour my little Kylie…” Uncle Larry looked dreadfully concerned!

    Bernhard: Indeed. No normal wolves. But of course, you are such an expert at these things, aren’t you, Uncle Larry? However, even you know I cannot harm a Montgomery, in any shape or form. That includes my shadow. It says so in the Everto Pactum. The Demon Contract. -03:02 Jul 08
    Felicia: It’s strange how you showed me off the roof of the house, but I haven’t vanquished you…. yet. *Felicia muttered sarcastically. Always a joy with Uncle Larry.* -03:02 Jul 08

    “Oh yes! The contract! Has your little demon friend told you what he ~did~ to a Montgomery, that he had to have a contract placed on him?”

    Bernhard: I believe the punishment fit the crime, has it not? But I guess if Miss Felicia wants to, we could even take a trip down there sometime. -03:04 Jul 08
    Felicia: Okay! *Felicia held up a finger!* I love playing cat and mouse, really, but it’s kind of cold out here so maybe we can take a trip to the wonderful history of the Montgomeries inside the house. -03:07 Jul 08

    Uncle Larry scowled flicking a hand off in the direction of the house. “Your lesson isn’t over with yet. But yes. DO go back to the house. Please.” That scowl of his suddenly turned in to a wicked smile!

    Bernhard: … I guess the stories were true and your mother was a goat, Larry. You look just like her. *Said off handedly.* -03:10 Jul 08

    Uncle Larry hissed through his teeth before he PLOOFED and disappeared! But, for Bernhard’s enjoyment, he left a present… or three! A few pretty wolves!

    Bernhard: He never did take jokes well. *His shadow moved and morphed into a large shadow cat again and clawed at a wolf who came too close.* -03:14 Jul 08
    Felicia: *At least it’s just wolves and not like… wel, she couldn’t think of anything worse at the moment! She stepped behind Bernhard! What was that portal spell again?!* You’ve really got a way with Uncle Larry! -03:15 Jul 08

    The first wolf tangoed with the shadowcat while the other two circled around their prey! Big shining teeth and drooling jaws! Both pounced, snapping for legs!

    Bernhard: *The shadowcat hissed and batted, then jumped out of the way of a pounce! Meanwhile, Bernhard wrapped one arm around Felicia’s waist and jumped onto a thick branch of a nearby tree. He made a sweeping motion with his hand!* Matris terra voro lemma! *The earth shook and gave way right under the wolves as if the earth was trying to swallow them up!* -03:19 Jul 08

    The wolves yelped as they tried clawing and leaping on falling rocks to get back to solid ground but they found themselves eaten up by the earth! Only a few pitiful wolfie yelps remained!

    Felicia: *Tree!! Okay this was kind of weird. She was pretty sure this sort of thing happened in anime. Maybe she shouldn’t be thinking about anime when they were in a tree.* So, just to make sure, you’re not gonna get tired of dagging me out of trouble and eventually say ‘You’re on your own, Felicia!’? -03:24 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *The earth stopped shaking and closed up as if nothing had ever happened. The shadowcat went back to being a shadow. He seemed to be murmuring something under his breath but he opened his eyes and glanced over at her. He grinned.* If it is any consolation, I haven’t had this much fun in years. But … I digress. We were headed back to the manor. *He glanced down at the ground at least twelve feet down.* I assume you want to go the human way and walk? -03:26 Jul 08
    Felicia: *She glanced down. …and quickly back up again!* Not if we have to take the human way out of this tree too. -03:29 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *Soft chuckle.* You humans are a blast. If you’re going to walk the human way, you might as well get out of a tree the human way. *He grinned.* So it’s either the human way or we do it the demon way and teleport. -03:33 Jul 08
    Felicia: I’d swat at you if I weren’t afraid of falling out of this tree! *She looked down again… and groaned!* The demon way! -03:34 Jul 08
    Bernhard: Right away, Miss Felicia. *He reached out and took her hand and the two of them disappeared! And reappeared in the all-too-familiar study!* -03:39 Jul 08
    Felicia: *One or two misteps, trying to keep her balance from the sudden shifting… and ignoring that strange feeling that came along with it.* I hate that part, I really do. *She glanced around wearily… everything looked normal…. as normal as the Montgomery house could be anyway.* -03:41 Jul 08
    Bernhard: You get used to it after awhile. Do you need something warm to drink? -03:45 Jul 08
    Felicia: Yeah… That’d be really nice, actually. *She grinned at him. He went from bodyguard to butler in three seconds, it was kind of funny!* -03:46 Jul 08
    Bernhard: Right away then. *He started for the door only to pause and turn back to her.* Perhaps … you’d like to accompany me? Considering … *He gestured.* Everything. -03:48 Jul 08
    Felicia: *She pointed towards the books.* Actually, I was going t- *She blinked, seeming to think twice about that!* Yeah, I’ll just stay with you. -03:50 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *Chuckled softly as they walked to the kitchen.* I won’t be long. Why don’t you tell me something about yourself while we past the time? *They got to the kitchen and he whipped out the tea kettle.* Like the coffee shop you worked at. -03:57 Jul 08
    Felicia: *Felicia slid in to a chair, tapping her fingers on the counter.* Freedom of Espresso… Just a typical coffee shop. I’ve worked there since I quit college… -03:59 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *Filled the tea kettle with water and put it on the stove to boil.* Sandwich? *Grin.* Fighting wolves works up an appetite, doesn’t it? -04:01 Jul 08
    Felicia: *She nodded!* …not that I was fighting the wolves. Well, those wolves. …I didn’t really fight that wolf in my room either, I was busy climbing the furniture and avoiding it’s teeth. You know, it’s really no wonder there aren’t any Montgomeries left at this rate. -04:03 Jul 08
    Bernhard: Yes, I see your point. *He reached into the fridge.* Turkey or ham? -04:05 Jul 08
    Felicia: Turkey. I was wondering… seeing as how most of the Montgomeries seem to be a bunch of crazy jackasses… We’re you…uh… trying to save any of them. Besides Kylie… -04:08 Jul 08
    Bernhard: Besides Kylie. Just one. *He pulled out the turkey and a few things besides such as the tomatoes and the mayo.* -04:16 Jul 08
    Felicia: I don’t count considering I asked you to. But I guess that answers my question. *She rest her chin in her hand.* If I hadn’t offered to break your contract, would you let me die too? -04:19 Jul 08
    Bernhard: No. The one I tried to save was your father. *Appeared to think about that for a moment.* But no, I would not let you die, truth be told. Mayo? -04:22 Jul 08
    Felicia: Oh! *She blinked, sitting up straight again.* Yes, please. …Was he different from everyone else? My father. -04:24 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *Added mayo to the sandwich, followed by lettuce and the turkey.* The others were more concerned with their power than he was. He wanted to keep to the old ways, to guide the dead and vanquish the evil. He didn’t like the road the Montgomery bloodline had gone down, nothing but corruption and greed. -04:34 Jul 08
    Felicia: Strange words for a man that cheated on his wife. *She frowned, slumping in her chair again to rest on her arms.* I didn’t think I was annoyed by it, but it came with a few extra surprises.. -04:36 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *Small shrug.* He was human. Things become complicated when love and lust are involved. *The tea kettle began to whistle so he took it off and poured the hot water into a cup.* Few extra surprises, hm? -04:38 Jul 08
    Felicia: Finding out about your real father doesn’t usually come along with haunted houses, demons, and family legacies… -04:39 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *Nod.* Point taken. But for someone who just learned all of this and is still learning, you are doing very well. -04:50 Jul 08
    Felicia: *She gave a small halfhearted grin.* Which means sometime in the near future somethings gonna happen and I’m either going to flip out, or be just totally screwed… -04:52 Jul 08
    Bernhard: Well, until that time, what will you do? Tea? -05:01 Jul 08
    Felicia: With lots and lots of sugar. I thought I would look for a cure to your contract, stumble over the solution to the Montgomery murders, and… not die. Think that’s too much? -05:03 Jul 08
    Bernhard: *Chuckled softly.* Seeing as how there is little else to do here, I do not see how that would be too much. *He placed her tea in front of her.* -05:18 Jul 08



    [Felicia was nursed by a dead family member… which was creepy, but comforting? She\’s sleeping soundly on the sofa, perfectly medicated!] -04:48 May 13
    [Bernhard decides to stick around a bit. It\’s not like he has anywhere else to go …] -04:49 May 13

    Uncle Larry had made sure Kylie was tucked away in bed with her guard dog… and now he was lurking around Felicia’s sofa to “check” on her. Now where did Ellen leave that bag, Felicia looks like she’s in pain!

    Bernhard: *Sitting in the arm-chair not too far away, watching Larry.* Looking for something? *He looks very smug. Sitting in the chair with his legs crossed and his arms on the arm rests.* -04:51 May 13

    Uncle Larry looks unspooked as well as unconcerned about being spied upon. “My poor niece is in pain, and you just sit there as assinine as can be. Where is that painkiller so that I might ease her torment?”

    Felicia: *Felicia was plenty medicated, she wasn’t even disturbed by the voices. She was sleeping soundly, occasionally mumbling a word here or a phrase there. Silly things in Italian.* -04:54 May 13
    Bernhard: Weren’t you the one who said she had to "bear it"? Such concern is touching. But you have "ease her torment" confused with "wanting to OD her". -04:55 May 13

    “Clearly you put your own wicked thoughts upon me as if they were my own.” Uncle Larry floated himself to the sofa, sitting on the edge of the cushion to stare down at Felicia with his most concerned expression. “The poor little dear has no idea that you’ll betray her in the end. It’s your demonic habit, after all.”

    Bernhard: I find it amusing that you Montgomeries worry about betrayal so. I might be a demon but I keep my contracts. It is a shame the same cannot be said about you or yours. -05:01 May 13

    “Alas, speaking of contracts… I think I will let you clean up the mess the little amatuer has created.” With his mysterious closing comment… Uncle Larry disappeared with a ploof!

    Bernhard: *Raises an eyebrow. Hm. Well, this should be interesting.* -05:06 May 13
    Felicia: *Felicia remained asleep, though had tried to roll over, only resulting in angry mumblings with more Italian mixed inbetween!* -05:07 May 13

    The room seemed perfectly quiet, and nothing particularly strange.. But there was a humming from the fireplace like there was a TV turned on! Out of thin air a head poked through… a dead half rotten head withhalf it’s teeth missing… soon followed by the rest of it’s body!

    Bernhard: *This is what he got for making contracts with mortals. A large fire ignites in the fireplace and his shadow moves. It becomes solid and takes the form of a large cat that swipes at the body and attempts to push it back into the fire.* -05:14 May 13

    The zombie body shuffles backwards… only to find itself bumping in to another one climbing out of the thin air just above the fire! Moooan! ..Was there a third one trying to poke through?!

    Bernhard: *These were no shadow-creatures so whatever evil had been plaguing this place was out of the question. And then he recalled what Larry had said. A "mess" casued by a "little amatuer." He would never call Kylie that. So that left … And he’d thought he’d seen it all. Well, time to "book it." He gets up and shakes Felicia. HARD. Meanwhile, his shadow is being kept busy, batting at zombies.* -05:20 May 13
    Felicia: *Felicia growled what sounded like a rather nasty insult! She very nearly started swinging punches as she groggily blinked her eyes open.* What’s the matter with you…? -05:22 May 13
    Bernhard: Perhaps you could ask them. *He calmly stops shaking her hard and points to the zombies.* -05:24 May 13
    Felicia: *Felicia blinked. Twice! She opened her mouth possibly to start shouting with fright, but found herself too weary to bother.* …tell them to go home, I’m too tired to run away. -05:27 May 13

    There were now four zombies out of the fireplace, and one of them was sitting in the fire roasting nicely for lack of room to shamble! They really didn’t look like they wanted to go home!

    Bernhard: Certainly. Had it not been for the fact that I have no idea how they got here. Although I suspect you had something to do with it. *He sees the look she gives him.* You were speaking Italian in your sleep. -05:30 May 13
    Felicia: …I sleep talk?! *She’s not sure what she’s more horrified by.. talking in her sleeping, or apparently summoning ZOMBIES while she sleeps!* What am I supposed to do about it?! I don’t know how I did it! -05:32 May 13
    Bernhard: On the bright side, they’re only coming out of the fireplace. *His shadow becomes intangible and returns to him.* So you might have opened a portal. *Which was interesting. No Montgomery had ever opened a portal before … He picks up the firepoker.* I guess we could try closing whatever hole they came out of. *He swings his way to the fireplace, flinging the zombies back and then swings at the head beginning to climb out.* -05:38 May 13
    Felicia: A portal to the dead?! *Now she was just stating the obviously needlessly… and rolling off the couch to crawl behind it to saftey!* I should have never taken that language class. Uh.. chiuda il portello dei morti! Close the door of the dead? Vanno gli zombies domestici! Go home zombies! …. What’s Italian for closing portals?! -05:44 May 13
    Bernhard: Vicino il portone? *Shrugs a bit.* My Italian is rusty. -05:47 May 13

    A zombie head goes rolling across the floor after being knocked clear off it’s shoulders. The body seems to be stuck now, half way in and half way out… And it can’t wiggle though!

    Felicia: *Felicia peeked over the back of the sofa.* … I think that worked…? *And ducked when one of te stray zombies takes a swipe at her head!* Shove them back the other way! -05:51 May 13
    Bernhard: *Ghosts. Shadow-creatures. Zombies were the logical next step. Fortunately, he’d cleaned enough messes to know dwelling on it wouldn’t get it cleaned up any sooner. He starts "herding" the stray zombies back to the fireplace. If they couldn’t go back through the portal, maybe he could fry them instead.* -05:54 May 13
    Felicia: *If she can summon up zombies just by sleep talking, surely she can get rid of them with a simple phrase too… but what would she-* I have an idea! *Felicia climbed up to her feet, and with all the hope she could muster she tried her made-up spell!* Che cosa è stato fatto, ora undo! -05:57 May 13

    There was a whoooosh and the air felt so heavy it was almost dizzying. All the zombies disappeared and the portal was nowhere in sight! But, the room looks so much cleaner and newer than it had before…

    Bernhard: *Looks around and rests the fire poker over his shoulder.* Hm. Not bad. But what, pray tell, did you say in this spell of yours? -06:00 May 13
    Felicia: I… can’t believe that… worked. *Felicia glanced around… Well, it worked, but it worked so well it cleaned out the whole place! It looked a good hundred years younger!* I said "What was done, now reverse." -06:01 May 13
    Bernhard: *Glances around a bit more. He walks to the window and glances out just to be on the safe side.* -06:03 May 13

    There’s a car out front, but it’s a nice looking antique! Right about then Uncle Larry walks through the door, only.. It’s not Uncle Larry just a man that looks a lot like him! “What the hell are you doing here!”

    Bernhard: *Something flickers on his face but quickly disappears.* Not a clue. -06:11 May 13

    The man snorts! “Bloody demons getting cheeky these days. What is this, your meal?!” He motions an angry finger at Felicia before he blinks, taking a second look at her. “Wait a minute. You look like…” He crossed the room towards her quickly!

    Felicia: *Felicia backed up a few steps before dashing behind Bernhard and shamelessly using him as a shield! The man looked a lot like Larry, and she was pretty wary about Larrys for the time being!* I have a feeling I screwed up that spell. -06:16 May 13
    Bernhard: Indeed. This is Albert Montgomery. Larry’s father. *He tells her, eyes trained on the man.* -06:18 May 13

    “You are supposed to be in Paris with the rest of the clan. Are you shirking you duties for a tryst? …Step aside and let me see that woman!” Bellows Albert who gives uo to waltz around him!

    Bernhard: *Quick. Story.* Alexia sent me back. I packed the wrong gown for her. You know how particular she is. Then she said the seamstress had done it wrong and ordered me to fetch her. I brought her here to mend the gown. -06:27 May 13

    Yet I heard her mutter something about a spell… Ah ha!” Albert managed to catch Felicia’s arm while she was trying to evade him, and dragged her good and close. “Those are my wife’s eyes. Patricia. Why is there a seamstress with my wife’s eyes and the smell of summoning on her finger tips, Bernhard.” Albert had the sudden look of a man who had stumbled over something very juicy!

    Felicia: *To her credit she didn’t squeek, despite her wide eyed look. How did she open that portal again?! That would be handy now!* I’m a distant cousin…? -06:33 May 13
    Bernhard: *Raises an eyebrow.* Knocked back a few bottles of vodka again, have you? -06:34 May 13

    That look on his face died as he shoved Felicia back at the demon. “Playing a demons tricks on me, are you! I’ll not be played a fool by the likes of you. I will be in my study. Don’t to damn dare to disturb me.” He stalked away in the blackest of moods!

    Bernhard: *Catches Felicia and watches him march out. He chuckles softly and smirks a bit.* That went rather well. -06:39 May 13
    Felicia: *She waited until he was gone before she finally breathed!* I don’t know how you keep a straight face. I think he could see right through me. -06:40 May 13
    Bernhard: Albert was considered one of the stronger Montgomeries in his time. Fortunately, he has a past drinking problem that cost him his wife and many’s respect. *He heads for the door and locks it.* Ready to try that spell to send us back? -06:43 May 13
    Felicia: *There was a cold wave of panic that was starting to make her lightheaded.* I don’t think that’s such a good idea. What if I.. What if we end up in… hell or somewhere worse! -06:45 May 13
    Bernhard: *Thoughtful expression.* Good point. But tell me … how eager are you to live here at this time with these people? -06:47 May 13
    Felicia: *That sounded just as bad. So despite the sinking feeling in her stomach, she grabbed on to his arm so she could make double sure it was both of them that went and where ever they ended up she wouldn’t get stuck there alone.* …. I don’t know any spells… that last one I made up went all wrong. -06:50 May 13
    Bernhard: I’m not much of a teacher but spells are literal. You said to reverse what was done and it did that and time along with it. If anything you could call this, "hands on" learning. -06:56 May 13
    Felicia: I was afraid you would say that. *Which basically meant "try it and find out!" …Felicia thought about it, and the only logical thing was to do the same thing only backwards! So she took a deep breath!* Che cosa è stato fatto, ora digiuni in avanti! -06:59 May 13

    A whoooooosh in the opposite direction pressed down on the air, and when it disappated everything seemed back to normal. Older. Dusty. A zombie head on the floor, but back to normal.

    Felicia: *That whooshing was more thanher head could bare and Felicia found herself sinking to the floor. Hopefully present dated floor!* -07:03 May 13
    Bernhard: *Lets Felicia sink to the floor. Albeit carefully. Then he walks around a bit just to make sure they’re back at the right time, right place.* -07:04 May 13

    Uncle Larry ploofs right behind the Felicia in the floor, looking… flabberghasted and annoyed. “Where did you go? How did you do that? Did Berhand do it?”

    Bernhard: *Turns to look at Larry.* What do you know … we are back. -07:07 May 13
    Felicia: Ugh.. Larry. *She remained seated on the floor, not bothering to turn and look at good old Uncle Larry. Her head was swimming, and if she moved she might end up clonking her head on the floor and summoning up a hellcat!* -07:08 May 13

    “Did YOU do it, demon!” Uncle Larry demands to know! It’s apparently really important!

    Bernhard: Calm down. Felicia is not feeling well, remember? Perhaps she needs some tea. -07:13 May 13

    Uncle Larry narrows his eyes, but he slowly starts fading out. “Yes. Tea is a good idea.” He ploofs quietly.

    Felicia: So apparently time reversing isn’t a normal thing to do around here…? *She was trying to sound nonchalant, but it came across more jittery than she wanted.* -07:17 May 13
    Bernhard: *Looks at the spot Larry disappeared from even after he’s gone.* I’ve never seen him so worked up before … *Murmurs to himself. He turns to Felicia.* First of all, let’s get you back on the couch. But yes, manipulating time and space is not the norm. -07:19 May 13
    [Felicia and time travel seems totally out of hand!] -05:47 Jun 01
    [Bernhard ] -05:47 Jun 01
    Felicia: Prolly because I’m not an inbred crazy Montgomery freak…? *She might have been joking… but probably not! Felicia crawled her way to the sofa.* -05:49 Jun 01
    Bernhard: Hm … So, when do we start your next lesson? *Asks casually as he half-sits, half-leans on the sofa arm-rest.* -05:50 Jun 01
    Felicia: Oh jeeze.. *She grabs the nearest sofa cushion and pulls it over her head. Muffled grumbling!* wrap me up in bubble wrap and get me a helmet first..! -05:53 Jun 01
    Bernhard: *Leans forward to peer under the cushion.* Life is full of risks. Why not take the chance of not being wrapped up in bubble wrap and a helmet? -05:55 Jun 01
    Felicia: That’s perfectly easy for you to say, you don’t serve coffee for a living. *She sat up and blinked for a moment.* …you don’t ONLY serve coffee for a living. -05:58 Jun 01
    Bernhard: Just one of my many talents. *Smirks a bit.* I guess you do deserve to rest a bit. I find it curious that you, of all the Montgomery bloodline, has such a gift. -06:06 Jun 01
    Felicia: I need a vacation and I just got here. *A frown as she sat back on the sofa and tightly crossed her arms. Except, there’s no leaving the house! Well, aside from time traveling.. and what a trip that was!* Do you think if I get powermad and uppity about it, that it’ll all poof away to spite me? -06:10 Jun 01
    Bernhard: If you want to get rid of it so much, it is possible. But until then, you either learn to control it or let it control you. *It had been quite a surprise to see Albert again. And Paris … Ah, he hadn’t been there since.* -06:15 Jun 01
    Felicia: Bah… If I get rid of it, I have to deal with a complicated idenity crisis… I’ve always talked to dead people, why stop now just because they are slightly more.. hm… Aggressive. *Aggressive clearly wasn’t the word she was thinking. Maybe scary. Horrifying. Uncle Larryish. Felicia sighed, blowing a bit of hair out of her face.* I don’t want to let Kylie down, anyway. So… it’s Summoning 101 with Professor Bernhard? -06:20 Jun 01
    Bernhard: Excellent. *That smirk again. But best not to let her know that the last time he had been entrusted with pupils, well … Let’s just say that Granny had good reason to be upset like she’d been. But a contract was a contract.* Before we begin though, want a bite to eat? -06:24 Jun 01
    Felicia: As long as it’s not Uncle Larry’s special tea. *Felicia was suspicious and rightly so. That tea was probably laced with arsenic!* -06:26 Jun 01
    Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* If it is any consolation, I am not one for poison. Perhaps if you focus on a particular place and time when you use your gift might prevent something as drastic as a return to the Dark Ages. -06:31 Jun 01
    Felicia: I’ll try to remind myself of that next time I’m rambling foreign languages in my sleep! *She didn’t think it was so funny! Well… maybe it was kind of amusing. In a queer sort of way. Felicia half smile as she rose wobbly to her feet.* I think I can eat and discuss travel basics at the same time. -06:35 Jun 01
    Bernhard: If you insist … *He stands and gives her a half-bow.* So tell me, did the dead tip you for the coffee? -06:37 Jun 01
    Felicia: *Felicia blinked at his bowing… then smacked her forehead!* …they didn’t! Those cheap ghosts! It’s no wonder I never made enough to pay my bills! *She shuffles for the kitchen mumbling about that wicked old lady that always asked for more sugar and never left her so much as a quarter!* -06:40 Jun 01
    Bernhard: *Once they had gotten into the kitchen, he started to make her some food.* American ghosts are different from ghosts like Egyptians and Greek. Now they had something to leave to graverobbers. -06:47 Jun 01
    Felicia: *Felicia slid in to a chair and watched, tapping her fingers on the counter and considering her ghostly customers.* But’s it’s different for the rest of the Montgomery family, apparently. Kind’ve like the Ghostbusters in finding them and zapping them away. ….did they get paid for that, or are they just beyond filthy rich that it doesn’t matter anymore? -06:49 Jun 01
    Bernhard: Both. It started out as duty, obligation. They did the things they did because they realized someone had to. Then the grateful people whose loved ones were laid to rest began to give them something in return. They lost sight of their true purpose, became the way they are now. *He says in a tone as casual as if he’s discussing the weather, not the decline of an entire family.* -06:53 Jun 01
    Felicia: A bunch of murdering crazies? *She can’t believing she’s talking so casual about it either. She should be screaming her head off and calling her Mom to come drive her to the funny farm or something.* Hmm.. What if we all get wiped out? What happens then without any Montgomeries left? -06:56 Jun 01
    Bernhard: The last weight will fall. The scale will be broken completely. It already began to fall apart with the extinction of the Kavanagh bloodline. -06:58 Jun 01
    Felicia: *…She didn’t like the sound of that…* The scale of good and evil or the scale of live and dead? *Felicia blinked!* ….what is a kuhvahnogg? -07:00 Jun 01
    Bernhard: Both. Good and evil. Life and death. Yin and yang. The Kavanagh bloodline was the yin to the Montgomery bloodline’s yang. The Kavanagh the dark. The Montgomery the light. A family. Like the Montgomery. To keep them in check. -07:05 Jun 01
    Felicia: So the whole universe is being held together by a little girl and a college drop out? …I think we’re in a lot of trouble. *That was the cherry on the cake! She’s really in it now!* Are there not any Kavanagh left? -07:08 Jun 01
    Bernhard: Left in this plane of existence? One. But … let’s just say, he’s out of reach. The tea is ready. *He starts to pour her a cup.* Some honey? -07:10 Jun 01
    Felicia: I like honey. …I’ll pretend to be optomistic and say nothing’s out of reach. Espcially if I can open time portals. I think it’s safe to say if anything can happen, it’s bound to happen to me. But I guess I can’t go searching the world for anyone if I can’t even leave the house. -07:13 Jun 01
    Bernhard: *Adds some honey for her tea.* It is not a matter of space for you to find this last Kavanagh. It is a matter of time, of how far back you go into the past. -07:16 Jun 01
    Felicia: I guess that makes it more complicated. More reason to be a good schoolgirl. Yay me! *Trying to be optimistic was getting ridiculous, but she gratefully took the cup of tea, sipped, and grimaced… She still didn’t like tea. But the honey made it much more consumable. And it was warm, that was a plus!* -07:19 Jun 01



    [Kylie *Was asleep, with Dominoe curled up happily next to her….. but she\’d wake up soon enough!* ] -02:29 Mar 24
    [Felicia had gone to sleep as well.] -02:31 Mar 24
    [Bernhard is in Kylie\’s room.] -02:31 Mar 24
    Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* No wonder you Montgomeries are nearly extinct. *He smirks at Larry before he disappears.* -02:32 Mar 24

    Dead uncle Larry only matched a smirk before he disappeared. He’s a naughty dead man indeed.

    And the night passes on to morning without incident…so it seems.

    The black housecat with the copper eyes yawns and stretches from its perch on the window sill at the top of the stairs. It jumps off, then struts down the hall. -Bernhard

    Felicia: *Morning… well, it’s not actually morning, maybe more like 1pm. Felicia couldn’t sleep well at all! She spent the night shivvering. Bed covers were supposed to be warm, but the whole night her room was ice cold! She had pulled on a short robe and shuffled down the stairs towards the kitchen, looking much like a zombie…* -02:35 Mar 24

    The cat stops by Felicia’s room first and sees her gone. Then it scratches at Kylie’s door and when there’s no reply, pushes it open with a paw. -Bernhard

    Kylie: *She yawns and stretches sometime in the afternoon! She had slept through the morning, and the only thing that woke her that afternoon, was that cat scratching the door open! She blinks a few times…* -02:41 Mar 24
    Felicia: *Groooan… the kitchen. blessed kitched. Felicia grabs the coffee pot and finds… nothing in it. Coffee… where is the coffee.* -02:42 Mar 24

    “Rise and shine, Miss Kylie …” The cat says in an all too familiar voice. -Bernhard

    Bernhard: I see your last escapade cost you dear … *He finishes, reverting from cat to his human butler form.* -02:43 Mar 24

    “Make me a spot of coffee too if you would, please!” says a tiny little old woman standing just by the counter wearing a funny hat.

    Felicia: *Felicia yelped! Nearly dropping the pot!* M..Mrs. Applebee?! How did you… How in hell did you get in here!? -02:43 Mar 24

    “Well sweetie, I just walked in! You are the only one at that coffee shop that ever serves me coffee, I was starting to get parched!”

    Kylie: *Aack! Kylie nearly falls off the bed just as she sees Bernhard shifting back to his human form! Wow that trick never got old..* I was just tired, that’s all……and that was downright sneaky of you. She says with a grin! Apparently she feels alright.* -02:44 Mar 24
    Felicia: You just wal-… I’m the only o-… Good god, are you dead?! -02:45 Mar 24

    “Four years dead, and it’s been a real vacation! Of course, we at the shop have missed you terribly! Those other newbies don’t pay us a lick of attention!”

    Felicia: I haven’t..even been working there that long. *Felicia slowly set the pot down on the counter, gave Mrs. Applebee a wide birth as she moved to plop in to a chair at the kitchen table.* …. I’ve been serving coffee to dead people? -02:48 Mar 24
    Bernhard: That would probably have worked if not for the fact I know these things better than most. *He raises an eyebrow.* Come along then. We have to get you fed as well as get a bite for Mutt there. -02:48 Mar 24
    Kylie: *She nods, then hurries to her bathroom to change into a warm blue sweater and jeans. Then she hurries off with Bernhard, Dominoe was already awake, and trailing behind them.* So…..did anything happen last night after you two left? -02:50 Mar 24

    “Serving coffee, solving dying regrets.. Oh, you’re a wonderful counselor. Unlike some of THESE folks you talk to us before we cross over. Just because we’re dead doesn’t mean we aren’t people anymore!” Mrs. Applebee does like to chatter. She goes on about the others at the cafe, and the severe lack of attention.

    Felicia: ….? *She clonked her head on the table. So much for being a normal girl and having a normal life.. so apparently she’s been a freak this whole time and had no idea! …She clonked her head on the table again!* -02:52 Mar 24
    Bernhard: *Is tempted to tell her "Nothing much than Larry being a royal jack-ass" but again, she’s too far gone. Larry can do no wrong in her eyes …* Absolutely nothing. I trust you slept well. -02:53 Mar 24

    Dead Uncle Larry is now in the kitchen puffing his pipe and standing over Felicia. “Not a good morning? Here, have this cup of coffee.” He sets a mug down next to his neice!

    Mrs. Applebee clucks her tongue! “No deadman could make a decent cup of coffee.”

    Kylie: *Raises an eyebrow at Bernhard! Of course Larry was a jerk…he was a Montgomery!* I slept pretty good… I’m glad you woke me up though, I probably would have slept until tonight. *She enters the kitchen just in time to see Uncle Larry and Mrs. Applebee chatting with Felicia! Maybe teaching her wasn’t going to be so hard after all…* -02:57 Mar 24
    Felicia: Any cup of coffee is good right now. *Felicia picks up the mug and is about to drink when she has a nasty coughing fit! Cough cough! She has to set down the mug before it spills!* -02:58 Mar 24

    Dead Uncle Larry frowns… but quickly is smiling again at the sight of his little Kylie! “My sweetling! Top of the afternoon to you!”

    Kylie: *She hugs Uncle Larry!* Afternoon uncle. Were you up to no good all of last night? *Asks with that suspicious, knowing look of hers!* -03:00 Mar 24

    “Only a bit of teasing the demonboy, you know I can’t resist!” That dashing Uncle Larry grin followed by a smirk at Bernhard!

    Bernhard: *Grin.* Teasing is not the only thing you cannot resist, is it? *He remarks as he strides past him to make some breakfast for Kylie.* Would you care for some tea, Miss Felicia? -03:02 Mar 24
    Felicia: *Cough!* Ugh… hate tea. *She drops her head back on the table again!* -03:03 Mar 24

    “Felicia doesn’t need any tea, I made her a nice cup of coffee myself! But I bet Kylie would love something good, wouldn’t you, sweetling?

    Bernhard: Everyone underestimates tea. *He says, making himself a cup.* -03:04 Mar 24

    Mrs. Applebee who seems to feel no need to introduce herself to the room, tut tuts! “Oh dear, drinking that coffee would kill her! Do try the tea, Felicia! It’ll do you a world of good!”

    Kylie: *Snickers at Uncle Larry and smiles at his antics. That was his usual testing methods for new arrivals. Related or not….* Sure would, thanks. I think rose-petal tea with a little honey would be perfect. *She looks as innocent as any normal 7-year old kid as she plops down in a chair next to Felicia….who looked like she got hit by a semi-truck!* -03:06 Mar 24
    Bernhard: Lemon tea. *He places a cup in front of Felicia.* And rose-petal tea for Miss Kylie. A little honey included. *He makes another cup.* -03:08 Mar 24

    Uncle Larry practically scowls at the old lady ghost. “Begone out of my house, wench! You weren’t invited!”

    Felicia: *Felicia’s hand was moving towards the mug of coffee before the tea was set in front of her… She sat up slowly, taking the tea and giving it a small testing sip…* ..blech… *..And she promptly sneezes! Nearly sloshing tea all over the place!* -03:09 Mar 24

    Mrs. Applebee looks more than a little offended, and with a huff (along with a good insults aimed towards those stinkin’ montgomeries) she disappeared!

    Bernhard: Now, now, Larry, is that any way to treat a guest? *He tsks as he fishes a dish cloth out of thin air and begins to wipe up the mess.* -03:10 Mar 24
    Kylie: Thanks Bernhard. *She watches Uncle Larry and the new ghost having a spat.. Arguments with dead-people were even more fun than soap operas. Says Gazuntide to Felicia when she sneezes. Uh oh…..if her sister was getting sick; she’d end up catching that cold soon enough!* -03:10 Mar 24

    Dead Uncle Larry claims the cup of tea out of Felicia’s hands and replaces it with the mug of coffee. “Demonboy doesn’t understand that a real montgomery prefers something good and strong in the morning! Drink up, Felicia. You and I will have a private lesson today.”

    Felicia: *Felicia pauses before sipping the coffee.* …I thought Kylie was going to teach me things…? -03:13 Mar 24
    Kylie: I can only teach so much, Felicia. Besides… I was taught by Uncle Larry……. and everyone else. *Says rather mysteriously as she sips her own tea when its ready!* -03:14 Mar 24
    Bernhard: *Raises an eyebrow at that. A private lesson … It sounded suspicious, indeed. Particularly after the stunt he pulled last night.* -03:15 Mar 24

    “Now that I know Felicia has already been able to send the dead on their way to the otherside, of course she needs a master training and much more advanced lessons! Kylie can spend her day with Bernhard, perhaps build a nice snowman in the yard.”

    Felicia: *Taking a swallow of the coffee, she followed through with a most disgusted expression! Eeww! Mrs. Applebee was right! That tasted horrible! She set down the mug and pushed it aside.* I guess I’ll go get dressed and we’ll get this over with… -03:20 Mar 24
    Kylie: Yay! Snowmen! *But of course Kylie wanted to sneak out and find a way out of this house–if only for a few hours…..after all, it was just sad when you were just a kid and was already starting to forget what a real park/playground area….. or the movies….and when was the last time the kid had even seen a real mall?* -03:22 Mar 24

    “Better watch Kylie, demonboy. We don’t want another incident like last night.” Says Uncle Larry as he poofs away!

    Bernhard: Snowmen it is. *He says, turning to Kylie.* You sure you don’t want a bite to eat? Waffles? Pancakes? That gruel slop Larry calls oatmeal? -03:28 Mar 24
    Felicia: *Felicia is moving dreadfully slow… More coughing on her way upstairs, a little sneezing… All that mess yesterday she’s done caught herself the flu. And blech! She should have never tried that coffee, it’s making her feel all kinds of queesy! But alas, Felicia gets dressed as quickly as she can and leaves her room.* -03:29 Mar 24
    Kylie: *She smiles when Bernhard disses on Uncle Larry’s oatmeal.* Hm…I guess I’m not hungry….but I should have at least some eggs. If that’s alright? -03:30 Mar 24

    Dead Uncle Larry ploofs right in front of Felicia! “I have decided that our training should begin on the roof. If you will follow me, please.” he states, floating down the hall for the main stair case.

    Bernhard: Eggs should do just fine. Over easy or scrambled? -03:30 Mar 24
    Felicia: *her reaction time was so slow, she didn’t jump from surprise until Uncle Larry was already gliding down the hall. She dutifully followed after him.* …what sort of training do you do on the roof? -03:32 Mar 24
    Kylie: Scrambled please. *She takes another sip of tea–and glances outside to be sure there was plenty of snow to make a snowman with…and the gates.She seemed fascinated with those gates today for some reason….Her eyes wouldnt stay off them.* -03:33 Mar 24
    Bernhard: And how many today? *He gets out the frying pan and greases it up after moving the tea kettle off. Then he gets out the eggs and starts cracking some.* -03:34 Mar 24

    “Just a little bit of the basics, of course it’s a whole new lesson just for your case, but I’m sure you’ll do beautifully!” All the way up the stairs until Uncle Larry comes to a wide set of double doors. They lead on to a balcony of sorts set up right on the roof, a bit like a watchtower spot! “Here we are! It’s a lovely view, isn’t it?”

    Kylie: Just two is fine… Bernhard…. do you like Felicia? *She asks,quite randomly! The kid obviously had lots on her mind… and she was hiding it as best she could.* -03:35 Mar 24
    Felicia: *Felicia stepped out on to the balcony, half wondering if she should have worn much warmer clothes… Especially after what Uncle Larry did last night. …Well it WAS kinda of pretty up here.* I do like the snow. *Surpressing a cough, she moved to the railing to peer over the side. Wow! This house really is huge! Those icecicles go down a long way!* -03:38 Mar 24
    Bernhard: Particularly more than any other of your relatives, alive or dead. *He says as he slides one of the fried eggs onto the plate and pours the other egg into the pan.* -03:39 Mar 24
    Bernhard: Ketchup? *He asks as he finishes up the last egg and it joins the first. The plate is already in front of Kylie.* -03:39 Mar 24

    The railing suddenly shifts out of place sending Felicia tumbling right over the edge! “Dear me! I forgot to mention that rail needed some repairs!” calls Uncle Larry!

    Felicia: ..! *There’s no time to react much less scream! Felicia finds herself sliding down the roof, and by some sort of sheer luck she stops herself from slipping off the edge by planting her feet on the gutter!* …uncle larry…! This isn’t part of the training is it…!? -03:41 Mar 24
    Kylie: *Giggles at that remark….. she knew quite well the Montgomeries have lots of meanstreaks… just couldn’t be helped! She only tried to fight hers off a lot better than most.She takes the bottle of ketchup, and uses just a little on the side.* Thanks. *She eats her eggs! They were tasty as ever too!* -03:42 Mar 24
    Bernhard: *Cleans up.* As much as you enjoy the company of Ravencroft, it seems you will have to give him a call. We need some groceries. I do not intend on using canned meat that expired … back when the term "Flower Power" was a sign of encouragement. -03:44 Mar 24

    Uncle Larry is innocent smoking his pipe. “A Montgomery has to be prepared at all times, Felicia.” Meanwhile downstairs…. there’s a shadow lurking under the kitchen table

    Kylie: *She twitches…..Ravencroft was a creep and a goon no doubt about it….. but when they needed groceries, she couldn’t exactly go to the store herself…* Alright. I’ll go ahead and do that first thing before we go make snowmen…. *She agrees, helping Bernhard clean up, then she’s off to find the lawyer’s number and give him a call!* -03:46 Mar 24
    Bernhard: *The cleaning is done in no time and he follows Kylie to call Ravencroft and get her some warm clothes!* -03:48 Mar 24

    Uncle Larry ploofs himself to standing right next to Felicia! “A Montgomery should even be prepared to fly. Can you fly, Felicia?” Without another word Uncle Larry snags her by the collar and shoves her right off the edge of the roof!

    And the shadow from under the kitchen table follows after Bernard and Kylie.. choosing that exact same moment to attack the little girl!

    Kylie: *Kylie gives a cry of protest as she’s knocked off her feet to the hard kitchen floor!* Ow! *She tries to get to her feet and kick that stupid creature right in the face!* -03:50 Mar 24
    Bernhard: *Grabs Kylie and Mutt and teleports to her room!* Warm clothes. Quick. *He looks down at Mutt when he releases the dog.* I warned you not to binge on sausages. -03:51 Mar 24
    Felicia: Of course I can’t fl-AAAH! *Rotton son of a…! Felicia makes a very unpleasant landing on a tree branch, which then decides it wants to snap under her weight and have em both go splatting on the snow covered ground! CRACK! …it’s a dim dark world!* -03:54 Mar 24
    Kylie: *She’s grabbed, then there’s that horrible teleporting sensation!* Warm clothes…? *She hurries to pull on an extra warm sweater and a jacket….! Hopefully they’d be able to make it outside!* No more human food for you Dominoe. Least for a week. *She says as Dominoe whines.* -03:54 Mar 24

    Uncle Larry suddenly appears in Kylie’s bedroom! “What’s this, my Kylie in danger again? You’re slacking, Bernhard…”

    Bernhard: … Where is your latest pupil, Montgomery? -03:56 Mar 24
    Kylie: That creature was hiding under the table Uncle Larry…. neither of us had time to see anything before it pushed me… -03:56 Mar 24

    “Nevermind that, we must get Kylie to saftey!”

    [Felicia was shoved off the roof of the Montgomery mansion. Stupid Uncle Larry.] -02:29 Apr 15
    [Kylie *Was hiding in her room with Bernhard and Uncle Larry from that huge scary monster! Of course the only place safe was that mauseleum…* ] -02:29 Apr 15
    [Bernhard is apparently in Kylie\’s room … although he\’s more concerned about his other charge …] -02:30 Apr 15
    Kylie: Where is Felicia, Uncle Larry? *She decided now was a good time to ask that question!* -02:31 Apr 15
    Bernhard: Where. Is. She. *All his attention is on Larry, though! The scary monster is the least of his worries.* -02:31 Apr 15

    “Kylie is in danger, I demand you take her somewhere safe at once.” Says uncle Larry who doesn’t look as concerned as he sounds.

    Bernhard: Kylie. I am going to find your older sister. Would you like to come? *Keeps his eyes on Larry as he talks.*( -02:33 Apr 15
    Kylie: Ok Bernhard. Let’s go find Felicia! *Summons her faithful pet, Dominoe to leave with them. She’s headed for the door!* -02:33 Apr 15

    “You can’t take that child out in to danger while Felicia is under going her lessons! Kylie should be somewhere safer!” Shouts Uncle Larry! Damn that Bernhard!

    Meanwhile outside, the shadow beastie is closing in on the only Montgomery it can get closed to. The one out cold and pinned by a tree branch! It’s like a free shish-kabob!

    Bernhard: It might be faster if we know where to look, Kylie. *Says as he follows her to the door, then goes first to check the hallway.* -02:36 Apr 15

    Uncle Larry, though annoyed, speaks easily. “I think Kylie would be in much better care with me. Kylie, how about we take a short walk to the conservatory?”

    Kylie: But Uncle Larry.. I think I know where Felicia is! *She says, not wanting Bernhard and Larry to keep arguing; and really wanting to help find her half-sister before she got eaten by something.* -02:38 Apr 15
    Bernhard: Lead the way, Kylie. We do not have much time. -02:39 Apr 15
    Kylie: *She takes a running start knowing Bernhard can keep up! She’s running right outside that door, and out of the house! In fact, she seems to have a unique ability to track these monsters– because she heads right for the tree that is pinning Felicia!* There! Better hurry, or she’s lunchmeat! *Encouraging much?* -02:40 Apr 15
    Bernhard: *Follows after Kylie. For a small mortal, she is quite fast. He disappears and reappears beside Felicia. He launches a ball of shadow at the beast to trap it cold!* -02:41 Apr 15

    OM NOM NOM NOM. Well, it wasn’t chewing yet, but the shadow beastie was hovering over the fallen Montgomery getting ready to om nom when it spotted Kylie! It’s eyes glowed shiny red as it’s suddenly stuck frozen in place! Unable to move!

    Uncle Larry appeared next to Kylie, smoking his cigar. “Look at that. Nearly eaten. At my age I could fight off those monsters with my hands tied behind my back.”

    Bernhard: *Frees Felicia and picks her up in his arms. He jumps down and lands beside Kylie, the shadow beast still frozen in place. He sends the beast somewhere and then turns to Kylie.* We need to get her back into the house. *He starts inside.* -02:45 Apr 15
    Kylie: *Raises an eyebrow at Uncle Larry.* I hope Felicia’s ok……. pleeeease go easy on her uncle? *She looks so little and innocent; who could refuse??* -02:48 Apr 15

    “Leave that girl outside. She won’t grow any resistance if you’re always stepping in.” says Uncle Larry, whom clearly knows best. He blinks down at Kylie! “But, Kylie-sweetie! She has to learn and be as good as you, pumpkin!”

    Felicia: *Felicia might as well been dead! …Not really, but she was mumbling something about a homicidal dead bastard and not moving again!* -02:50 Apr 15
    Bernhard: She will be of no use to anyone if she is wounded and frozen to death. *He is still headed inside.* -02:50 Apr 15
    Kylie: *She just grins at that remark as she follows Bernhard inside! If only her uncle had an inkling of all the other people who helped her with this stuff so much!* -02:51 Apr 15
    Bernhard: *He takes her into the den and fetches plenty of blankets to cover her with. He makes sure she is comfortable before lighting a fire in the fireplace.* -02:52 Apr 15

    “Clearly she’s not dead and there’s nothing to be worried about.” puffpuffs Uncle Larry, who leans over Felicia when she’s set down so he can check the damages.

    Kylie: *Helps Bernhard take care of Felicia! She even hails a passing servant for hot tea and a few more pillows.* -02:53 Apr 15
    Bernhard: Yes. Perhaps you are getting rusty, Larry. *He says casually as he sits down on the edge of the seat and checks Felicia’s pulse.* -02:55 Apr 15
    Felicia: …let’s not finish me off… *Mutters Felicia rather crossly. And with good reason too! She hurts in every place imaginable! She sneezes, which produces the most dreadful groan outof her… crazy jerk made her crack her ribs on that tree!* -02:56 Apr 15

    It wasn’t a servant Kylie hailed but.. the dog Dominoe, who goes WOOF and drags in a couple pillows by his teeth!

    Kylie: *Good boy Dominoe! She smirks at herself for forgetting there were no servants; and gets Felicia the pillows. Then she goes to the kitchen by herself to make a cup of tea.* -02:59 Apr 15

    Of course Uncle Larry doesn’t look at all offended. “Mayhaps Felicia is ready for our next lesson, while Bernhard runs off and does Kylie’s chores.”

    Bernhard: *Two charges. One of him. Even his hands are full at this point. It seems some measures would have to be taken.* No. -03:01 Apr 15

    Uncle Larry shrugs. “I’ll keep my protoge company.” He poofs off to the kitchen with Kylie!

    Bernhard: Felicia is my charge as much as Kylie is. If there are chores to be done, I will take care of it. My way. -03:02 Apr 15

    Right after frowning at Bernhard and his “way”!

    Bernhard: It’s encouraging to know you’re still among the living. *Smirks a bit at Felicia while the fire does its job and makes the air nice and toasty.* -03:03 Apr 15
    Kylie: *She has no problems at all making the tea for Felicia, and pours her a cup to carry back to Bernhard.* Boy you and Bernhard sure don’t like eachother, Uncle Larry. *She remarks, carrying the tea back to where her half-sister was.* -03:03 Apr 15
    Felicia: … can I exorcise Uncle Larry? *She was half kidding. …No she wasn’t! She is going to KILL Uncle Larry! Again! Ow… right after she takes a whole bottle of aspirin… At least she’s warm!* -03:05 Apr 15

    “Bernhard isn’t part of our family, sweets. It should be you and I caring for our poor home!” says Uncle Larry as he floats besides Kylie.

    Bernhard: That is a very interesting question. In theory, it is possible. Difficult but possible. Are you still certain you want to get to the bottom of this? You can null and void the deal we have at any time. -03:07 Apr 15
    Kylie: *giggles at Uncle Larry. He was always like that; thinking it should be just the two of them. But she was only 7 years old after all. She heads back to her room, knowing Bernhard would take care of Felicia just fine!* -03:07 Apr 15
    Felicia: A deal is a deal. * she says sincerly, trying to sit up!* If I can live long enough! *Oh, she felt another sneeze coming.. she held her nose quickly!* -03:08 Apr 15
    Bernhard: Hm. I see. *A single drop of blood falls to the floor but quickly disappears when it’s "absorbed".* -03:10 Apr 15

    “Wouldn’t it be the grandest thing, you and I and remodeling this stuffy old house! And no more pesky meddling demons!” Uncle Larry suddenly sounded serious. “You know… I didn’t want to mention this but… I don’t think Bernhard likes having Felicia here…”

    Kylie: *She blinks a few times at Uncle Larry!* Well sure it would be nice to remodel and everything…..but what do you mean Bernhard doesn’t like Felicia? He seems to get along with her pretty well. *Now she looks puzzled as she sits on her bed.* -03:11 Apr 15

    A shadow moves across the floor of the den and disappears under the door before it’s noticed. Then it glides along the floor and disappears again … -Bernhard

    Felicia: Maybe we need an on call doc… Wait, none will show up here, will they? I.. I..*She sneezed, despite trying not to! Another pained groan from Felicia!* -03:14 Apr 15

    “Well.. Felicia has had an awful lot of accidents, and isn’t Bernhard supposed to protect you both…? It almost seems like he’s trying to get rid of her…” says Uncle Larry!

    Kylie: *This sure was startling to hear! Certainly things had been getting weird lately…..but..* Uncle Larry, why would Bernhard want to hurt her? He’s always seeming to save her in the nick of time. -03:16 Apr 15
    Bernhard: Unfortunately no. *Thoughtful for a moment.* There is always your cousin, though. Your deceased cousin, Dr. Montgomery. She might be able to help. -03:18 Apr 15

    “Always in the nick of time! Which is most fortunete for Miss Felicia, but sort of suspicious! Bernhard seems to center around a lot of bad Montgomery luck..”

    Felicia: *Felicia blinked dumbfounded at Bernhard.* …you want me to see a dead docter? …I’m not sure if that’s disturbing or brilliant… -03:20 Apr 15
    Kylie: *She thinks about what Uncle Larry is telling her.* Hmm… that might be possible; but I seem to attract a lot of bad things too, uncle. *She reminded him.* -03:20 Apr 15

    “Did I hear someone mention me?” a voice asks. A woman drifts up through the floor to float beside Felicia. She is tall and thin, wearing what looks like a wedding gown. “Yes, yes, that would be me. Doctor Ellen Montgomery. Your second cousin on your father’s side.” She counts her fingers. “Er … yes, that’s right. Second cousin. I can take a look at you. And I know my medicine is still in the house.”

    “But you aren’t the one doing them on purpose, are you pumpkin! But someone else is…”

    Felicia: *Felicia jumped at the sudden woman! Er.. ghost!…Cousin? And regretted the sudden movement! There’s much owing before she settles down to eye the ghost with suspicion.* Are you as bad as Uncle Larry…? -03:23 Apr 15
    Kylie: *Her eyes go slightly wider.* I hope it’s not Bernhard, Uncle. I like him too, even though you’re my favorite. I wouldn’t want it to be anyone I’m fond of. That would be sad. *She admitted as Dominoe curls up next to her.* -03:23 Apr 15

    “Larry? Oh, heavens no! I was the black sheep of the family. My love was for science, not for the occult. Unfortunately I died when I came to pay my respects to your father. It was … rather sudden. I hang around here because I have nowhere else to go. No one to help me on my way, you see.” She sounds quite sad about that.

    “You and I could get along just fine without him! After all, you are the Heir and will be able to do anything in the world once you’re older!”

    Felicia: You died just because you came here? *That wasn’t good at all. Felicia looked rather pale at the thought! A sudden horrible death and being a ghost for who knew how long cause no one was around to do anything about it!* -03:28 Apr 15
    Kylie: I still vote on keeping him…just because I can’t imagine the place without him. Besides uncle, you know he’s saved me a lot of times too. If something terrible does happen that he’s at fault for….well, we’ll deal with it then. As for being an heir and doing whatever I wanted, well.. I sure hope that involves breaking this curse that makes me unable to even leave the house. *She looked wistfull at that statement.* -03:30 Apr 15

    “Whatever is behind this will not stop until all Montgomeries are dead. That is why you need to find a way to get away from this place with Kylie. We cannot allow either of you to meet the same fates we did. Please, let me help you. And if you really must learn, do so from Kylie and Bernhard first. After all, one must learn to crawl before one can walk. Even if one has only a limited amount of time to do so.”

    Felicia: Believe me… No more ‘lessons’ from Uncle Larry. Felicia was wary, but Bernhard was RIGHT there so no one could hurt her, right?* I guess I am your patient? -03:33 Apr 15

    “This will be over soon, I promise!” Smiles Uncle Larry as he takes a seat in one of the play chairs. “How about a tea party!”

    Kylie: *She giggles because Uncle Larry was just too big for those chairs; even as a ghost!* Sure! *She plays the tea-party game with Uncle Larry, acting as the hostess!* -03:35 Apr 15

    Ellen smiles and nods. “And we shall begin. First, the basics. Where does it hurt?” She puts a hand up. “Now before you say ‘Everywhere’, I need a precise location. Such as … do your ribs hurt when you sneeze or cough? Are you able to move your fingers, wiggle your toes, etc.

    Felicia: Every time I breathe it’s like something stabbing me in the lung… *Felicia wiggles her fingers and toes, and deems she didn’t break her back or anything vital, at least!* -03:38 Apr 15

    Uncle Larry is a wonderful tea guest. Though he ‘forgets’ his manners and occasional has to be corrected, but that is part of the game! He makes small talk with stuffed animals!

    Kylie: *Aside from being so closely connected with death and horrible events, she sure was a normal kid! She loved playing imaginary games just as much as anyone else her own age!* -03:40 Apr 15

    “Hm … It must be a broken rib. You will need painkillers and avoid anything that might put pressure. In this case, any of Larry’s elitist training. I have just the right amount of medicine for you right here in the house. The guest room I stayed in. I hid my medicine bag under the bed.”

    Bernhard: *Disappears–and reappears almost immediately afterwards with a medicine bag in his arms. He sets it down on the table beside the chair and follows Ellen’s instructions on where to find the painkillers.* -03:45 Apr 15
    Felicia: *Felicia was moving to go fetch the bag herself but Bernhard had poofed there and back in the blink of an eye! She blinked at him again!* how do you move so fast? -03:46 Apr 15
    Bernhard: It helps when you know this house inside and out. *He replies as he searches.* -03:47 Apr 15

    “I will need your height and weight, Felicia. To figure out the right dosage. Are you allergic to anything?”



    in the middle of the night however; around 3 33 a.m. to be exact, a gathering of dead people– all of them evil spirits, gathered around that bed! Naturally, Dominoe started waking up and growling. But even if this didn\’t wake up Kylie– hands around her throat and ankles, and being drug under the bed sure would! And there\’s more of them flooding in the room– going for Felicia, with evil looks on their faces!

    [Felicia is having a really bad dream. Wait.. this isn\’t a dream?!] -02:26 Mar 16
    [Kylie *Was being drug under the bed by the evil dead people! She wasn\’t even awake– but she would be soon enough if she hit that hard floor!* ] -02:27 Mar 16
    [Bernhard tackles one of the things dragging Kylie.] -02:28 Mar 16
    Felicia: *She’s dreaming about zombies! Zombies trying to eat her brains! ..Blink blink! This isn’t a dream is it… With a shriek, Felicia grabs Kylie and attempts to roll off the other end of the bed with her!* -02:29 Mar 16
    Bernhard: Mutt … This would be a good time to be useful right about now. *He remarks loudly as he’s pulled off of the thing he tackled and throws the thing that grabbed him over his head.* -02:29 Mar 16
    Kylie: *Kylie hits the floor alright, and wakes up with huge eyes! What was going on?!* Bernhard! *Dominoe of course is soon awake and barking his head off; lunging at a particular group of dead creeps trying to surround Felicia and Kylie!* -02:31 Mar 16
    Felicia: *Felicia sends a foot to a dead head, without letting go of Kylie!* Guh huuh! Get back…! -02:33 Mar 16

    Raaaaghhh mooooaaaaan… Dead people on a mission, and there’s a lot of them! Priority is keeping Bernhard out of the way for open access to them girls!

    Bernhard: *Fights free of some of the creatures. He dashes forward and jumps up, knocking over a few of them enough to get an opening to the Montgomery’s. He grabs Dominoe’s collar with one hand and wraps one arm around Felicia’s waist with the other without stopping.* Hold on. *He races straight for a closed door but before anyone can scream, darkness engulfs them! There is a shock of cold like being dropped into ice-water before they emerge–in an old barn?!* -02:34 Mar 16
    PM From: Bernhard: To: Felicia Cffg! Ner lbh uvqvat ba NVZ? V arrq gb cybg nobhg Oreauneq. &yg;.&yg; -02:36 Mar 16
    PM From: Felicia: To: Bernhard V’z uvqvat sebz fbzr rivy crbcyr… &tg;&tg;;; yrzzr frg hc n grzc anzr! -02:36 Mar 16
    Kylie: *She gasps, surprised, she hated that teleporting feeling! She got a little dizzy, but clutched Felicia’s arm trying not to fall over.* The barn isn’t going to keep those things out Bernhard. You know that. -02:37 Mar 16
    Bernhard: I know. *He lets go of Dominoe’s collar and of Felicia.* But it will give us time to regroup. *He would have teleported them elsewhere–even Belfast but … Kylie couldn’t leave the grounds.* -02:38 Mar 16
    PM From: Felicia: To: Bernhard zrffntr Fcnprxvggrabet ! -02:39 Mar 16
    Felicia: *Felicia wasn’t letting go of Kylie… And Felica didn’t like that… er.. teleporting business?* So… dead people, huh? That’s… going to get old real fast. *She plopped on the ground!* -02:40 Mar 16
    Kylie: You and Felicia can at least get out of here for the night. I’ll just have to hide out here… I can climb up to the rafters; maybe they won’t get me from there. And I’ll have Dominoe with me too. -02:41 Mar 16
    Felicia: No. You stay here, and I’ll go out and see if I can make it to town and get us a taxi. We’re not going to stay in this crazy house! -02:45 Mar 16
    Bernhard: You will have a better chance of returning with a stolen car than a taxi. -02:47 Mar 16
    Kylie: *She looks at Felicia sadly. Everytime she tried to escape; there was always that painful feeling— and then she’d end up right back in her bedroom, the doors magically locked!* -02:48 Mar 16
    Felicia: *Well.. that didn’t sound promising…* I.. I have a pocket full of cash, someone will give me a car. *And she looks pretty damned determined to. Like hell she was going to feed her sister or herself to dead people and shadows! She set Kylie down and dusted off her hands.* So you wait here with Bernhard where it’s safe and warm. -02:49 Mar 16
    Kylie: I’ll go with you! …. If you can get out; maybe I can too this time… *How hopeful she looked; but she wasn’t dressed at all for this wintry weather, that much was certain.* -02:50 Mar 16
    Felicia: No. It’s snowing cats and dogs and it’s safer with Bernhard. -02:51 Mar 16
    Kylie: I’m going too! *And to prove her point; she marches right for the doors of that barn, not caring at all how cold it was…she wanted out of this damn house too!* -02:53 Mar 16
    Felicia: *Felicia snatches up the little girl under her arm.* I’m the one in charge here, and I say you stay here with the bodyguard until I come back with a car! -02:55 Mar 16
    Bernhard: *Is thoughtful as he watches Kylie and Felicia argue. The Montgomery blood … Such stubborn humans.* Actually … the safest place on the grounds is the family graveyard. -02:55 Mar 16
    Kylie: *The family graveyard….She thought for a moment. Sometimes when things got too scary in her room; she found herself the next day- waking up in that graveyard, usually close to her mother or father’s tomb-stone. As if she’d either slepwalked there, or had been carried there by someone who wasn’t Bernhard…and of course, she never told him that. But she’d agree to go there in anycase..* -02:57 Mar 16
    Felicia: See, Bernhard knows the safest place. *She shoves Kylie in to his arms!* You can take her, and I’d not be gone for too long. -02:59 Mar 16
    Bernhard: *Catches Kylie. He could take her to the mausoleum. All she would need was some light and warm clothing. The tomb wasn’t air tight and had been designed to allow air through.* -03:01 Mar 16
    Kylie: *Ack! Falls right into Bernhard’s arms, and stares at Felicia; who was obviously going to find out the hard way there was no leaving this place!* -03:01 Mar 16
    Felicia: *Hands on her hips, she gives Kylie THE LOOK, which was supposed to mimic her mom’s but eeriely loosk more like their scowling father!* I promise I’ll be back. I’ll run as fast as I can. Then we’ll jet out of here faster than you can say Ghostbusters. *With that in mind, and praying she wasn’t about to walk right in to a zombie feast, Felicia moved towards the barn door and sloooowly peeked out!* -03:04 Mar 16
    Bernhard: *Ah yes. She was Bernard’s offspring alright. That scowl certainly proved it.* Good luck. -03:07 Mar 16
    Kylie: *She looks at Bernhard sadly, knowing her half-sister might not come back at all!* -03:08 Mar 16
    Felicia: Right… *She casts them one quick look before running off in to the snow like a madwoman! She’s on a mission!* -03:09 Mar 16

    Suddenly… DEAD PEOPLE appear inside the barn! Raaagghh….

    Bernhard: *Looks back at Kylie and grabs her.* So much for a moment of peace. Let’s go, Mutt. *He grabs Dominoe’s collar again and they disappear into the shadows. When they reappear, Bernhard lights an old torch, revealing them to be in the family mausoleum.* -03:11 Mar 16

    Raaaggh? One of the dead people snaps their fingers! Missed again!

    Kylie: *She turns her head and her eyes widen when she sees the dead people inside the barn! They were really determined tonight for some reason! She blinks again and is suddenly in the moseuleum!* I hope they can’t get in here……we’re running out of places to teleport. -03:12 Mar 16
    Felicia: *Felicia ran! At least she was quick. It helped that snow on bare feet was frickin’ cold! Ack…! There was dead people trying to block her way! But there’s no stopping now… she runs right in to one and bounds off — then backsteps! YOINK! She stole the dead lady’s shoes before running off towards the front gates! The home stretch! Felicia tries squeezing herself through the bars!* -03:14 Mar 16
    Bernhard: … They shouldn’t. The entire gravesite is warded and protected. Generations upon generations of Montgomery power. Your father often mentioned that each generation of Montgomery added an extra line of defense against evil. -03:14 Mar 16

    The bars mooooaaan the way old metal usually does when it bends. And in a split second, Felicia finds one of the metal bars wrapped around her waist. There ain’t no getting through the gates now!

    Kylie: Great. We’ll just hide out here for the night…. except now I want to find Felicia. *She admitted, worried….she’d seen so many family members die in really horrible ways; she just didn’t want to have to see that again…. was that too much to ask?* -03:17 Mar 16
    Felicia: …?! *That did not just happen! Felicia twists, pulls, and… tries to duck backwards! Ack! She’s like some dumb cat stuck in a fence!* Damned gates..!! Let go of me! *She’s now trying to pry the bars off! C’mon! They have to be easy to bend!* -03:18 Mar 16
    Bernhard: I suppose I could. Given t he time, I doubt she’s gotten far if she is, indeed, still on the grounds. Think you’re up to keeping an eye on Kylie, Mutt? *He glances at Dominoe.* -03:22 Mar 16

    That gate ain’t moving and neither is a Montgomery, with a different last name or not! And those dead people have figured out they can’t get in the Mausoleum, so they’ll just go after the shish-kababob!

    Felicia: … I am not your dinner…!! *So what if she’s stuck in a gate! Felicia can still twist around enough so she can see who she’s kicking in the face! Take that decaying old man! Eat foot, lady she stole these shoes from!* -03:23 Mar 16
    Kylie: *Dominoe growls quietly in agreement and moves closer to Kylie in response to Bernhard’s question. But Kylie had a feeling he was going to need extra help that night; and tried not to reveal anything about what she was up to….* Alright….just be careful. -03:26 Mar 16

    They’re not going to EAT her claim the dead people. They’re just going to – well they weren’t sure what they were going to do to her, but it was going to involve something pretty bad! Especially now that she stole some shoes! So the deadman grabs her foot to pull her out of the gate, even if she gets pulled in half!

    Felicia: What?! That’s the lamest.. ragh!! Get off! *She kicks again to smash dead guy in the nose!* Go back to the deadside! Or the other side! Or where ever you came from! -03:37 Mar 16
    Bernhard: *Nods.* As always. *He disappears into a shadow and reappears outside. There is snow and ice and darkness but he’s grown used to the cold. His wings grow and he dashes forward before taking off! It doesn’t take long for him to find Felicia, especially since he had decided to check the front gate first.* -03:39 Mar 16

    These dead people were getting their faces kicked, and it could really bruise a dead person’s pride, considering the woman was stuck in a gate and should be easy pickings! There’s more of them than her, though! She can’t kick them all!

    Kylie: *She sits crosslegged on the floor as soon as Bernhard leaves! She’s gathering up all of her energy, and readying herself for a huge excorsizing spell! She’d been studying a lot more than math and english and boring old science when Bernhard wasn’t around- that was for sure! She closes her eyes and concentrates extremely hard on the evil dead people suddenly disappearing!* -03:42 Mar 16
    Felicia: *Watch her try, damnit! Now would be a really good time to know some of that family dead people skills!* Go back from whence you came! Hocus pocus! Ack… just lay off me! *Kickkick!* -03:43 Mar 16

    without warning, or any explainable reason at all… the dead people currently after her and Felicia just vanish! And are nowhere to be found! What could possibly have happened??

    Bernhard: *Drops down, next to Felicia, his wings disappearing. He raises an eyebrow as the things disappear and turn to Felicia.* I see you were entertaining company. -03:44 Mar 16
    Felicia: …Bernhard… that’s not funny. *Reguardless of being glad to see him, she didn’t appreciate the humor at all. Felicia is once again trying to squeeze her way out of the bars wrapped around her waist.* So.. funny thing happened. The gate really likes me… -03:46 Mar 16
    Kylie: *Just passes out unexpectedly! That had taken way too much energy out of the kid, and that could lead to trouble later. Now she was curled up in a little ball on the floor of the mosuleum.Dominoe can only perch in front of her to make sure nothing else happens.* -03:48 Mar 16
    Bernhard: *Studies the gate.* Hm. So, you can’t leave either … *He tugs on one of the bars.* -03:49 Mar 16
    Felicia: It was only the first try. There’s bound to be a way out somewhere. *She’s going to be a Felicia popcicle. On the place side, it’s not being murdered if you did it to yourself, right?* -03:50 Mar 16
    Felicia: *plus side.. yay dyslexia! -03:52 Mar 16
    Kylie: *Just doesn’t wake up for anything…not even once. She was too out of it to even try.* -03:55 Mar 16
    Bernhard: First things first. Getting you free. It seems the harder you try to free yourself, the stronger the gate holds you. Have you tried … oh, I don’t know … relaxing and fousing that Montgomery power of yours on getting free? -03:57 Mar 16
    Felicia: Oh gee. You make it sound like I knew anything about Montgomery power and how to use it. *She’s got that sheepish look on her face, and is rather tempted to kick him too… Felicia tries his suggestion and goes limp!* -03:58 Mar 16

    As if convinced Felicia understood she wasn’t to leave anywhere, the gate spits her back out at Bernhard’s feet! As if it decided she didn’t taste very nice!

    Felicia: *SPLAT right in the snow!* …. *Felicia angrily flips the gate her middle finger!* -03:59 Mar 16

    The gate merely makes an awful screeching sound– as if to cuss her out or just make unpleasant noises in response to that finger, and possibly promising to bite it right off if Felicia crossed its path again!

    Bernhard: *Crosses his arms and waits for Felicia and the gate to be done with it. Yes, giving the gate the finger is definitely going to help her chances of leaving the grounds.* Are you two done yet? -04:01 Mar 16

    The gate goes back to being quiet and innocent looking as possible.

    Felicia: *Blink!* !! *Felicia retrieves her finger and scoots backwards until her back hits Bernhard’s legs!* …is it going to be like this until something finally knocks me dead? -04:02 Mar 16
    Bernhard: If you’re lucky. I don’t suppose you’re up to teleporting again. -04:04 Mar 16
    Felicia: *She makes a blach face before glancing up at him.* Teleport us anyway.\ -04:05 Mar 16

    Great Uncle Larry, yes Dead Uncle Larry, was sitting in the mausoleum smoking a pipe and patting ole Dominoe on the head. “Wake up little cream puff. They’re coming back.”

    Bernhard: *Gives Felicia a half-bow.* Of course. *He reaches out and takes Felicia’s hand. The two of them disappear into a shadow and reappear … in the mausoleum where Bernhard left Kylie and Dominoe!* -04:08 Mar 16
    Kylie: *Wakes up juuuust before Bernhard and Felicia teleport inside the moseuleum; and hugs Uncle Larry! She misses talking with him! But he’s gone just as soon as the other two arrive, so she really doesn’t have much time to say anything.* Are they gone? *She asks instead, looking innocent as can be!* -04:09 Mar 16
    Felicia: *Felicia rubs her head… well at least teleporting that time was a little easier.* Are you trying to give that innocent kid "I didn’t do anything but this look says otherwise" face? -04:11 Mar 16

    Dead Uncle Larry is now behind Bernhard and Felicia, making faces at Kylie.

    Kylie: *She snickers at Uncle Larry! He was ruining her image of innocent…but she couldn’t help it. He was always too funny!* I didn’t do anything–honest! *Even Bernhard knows her better than that! And would definitely catch that tired look Kylie just happens to be unable to hide.* -04:14 Mar 16
    Bernhard: Your face says otherwise. Is there … anything you’d like to share with the rest of the class? Say, about who got rid of all those things quickly and cleanly? -04:16 Mar 16
    Felicia: Uh huh, cause I know I sure didn’t do it myself. *Felicia follows kylie’s grinning glance to peek over her shoulder. ACK! Another one! Felicia squeeks, hopping in front of Bernhard to use him as a shield!* -04:17 Mar 16

    Great Uncle Larry just chuckles! “Don’t be so hard on the little sugarcake, demonboy! Someone has to teach big sister the ropes!”

    Kylie: *Stares at Bernhard with her green eyes which are glowing silver somewhat; due to the fact she’s seen the dead-people almost all day, and just now, she was seeing Uncle Larry.* You don’t have to worry Bernhard; I don’t do that unless it was like tonight–and I had to make them leave somehow. And Felicia, this is Great Uncle Larry. He helps me lots in school. *She grins!* -04:19 Mar 16
    Bernhard: Keep talking, ash-breath. *He looks up.* If she wants to teach Felicia, she can do it without using up her energy. -04:20 Mar 16
    Felicia: *Felicia gives a weak wave to..uh.. Uncle Larry. Dead Uncle Larry.* Hi…? *Do ghosts even need to smoke? She’s just going to keep using Bernhard as a shield anyway.* about this Teaching Felicia business. …I’m thinking it might be a good idea… -04:22 Mar 16
    Kylie: Sure! I can teach should be easy. *Boy she was tired enough to drop right then and there….. but she wasn’t going to let them know!* -04:24 Mar 16

    Dead Uncle Larry puffs on his pipe with his old man grin. “Course Kylie needs a break, so there’s no reason why demonboy here can’t teach a few basic things. He’s got to be good for something.”

    Bernhard: Yes, says the old fart who died. *Growls softly.* -04:26 Mar 16
    Bernhard: (Minus the "Yes" x_x) -04:26 Mar 16
    Felicia: Why does he keep calling you demoboy? *She half whispers to Bernhard… Oh geeze.. Wait, she already knows the answer to this doesn’t she.* -04:28 Mar 16
    Kylie: *She blinks…looks at Felicia and just flat out says,* Duuuh. *Grins cause she knows how much big-half-sister looooves this kind of stuff!* -04:29 Mar 16
    Bernhard: Because he’s an inflated wind bag afraid of his own shadow. *Remarks without taking his eyes off of Larry. Dead or not, it certainly looks like he’s about to attack the older Montgomery.* -04:30 Mar 16

    Dead Uncle Larry has a seat. On an invisible chair. Puffing again, he crosses his ankles together. “Bernhard here is like the family pet. Course ain’t a one of us that wanted him, that’s just the way it goes. We better brush up on my neices suprnatural senses.”

    Felicia: Hey! *She points a frozen fingers at the old – dead – man!* Give me a break! I grew up with soccer games and girl scouts! Not ghosts and zombies. Besides, demon or not, Bernhard’s saved our lives at least three times tonight, and that’s good for something! -04:33 Mar 16
    [Felicia was just telling Dead Uncle Larry that Bernhard has been lots of useful!] -03:07 Mar 19
    [Bernhard doesn\’t expect the old air bag to relent. He\’s a stubborn old fool …] -03:08 Mar 19
    [Kylie *She was trying to keep herself awake; having just used an enormous amount of energy by excorsizing the bad people. She stiffles a yawn but perches next to Uncle Larry!* ] -03:09 Mar 19

    Dead Uncle Larry just laughs as he puffs his pipe. “Yep, useful one day and missing the next! But Ah! My little prodigy is practically asleep on her feet! Now that little Kylie removed the dead and saved your lives, I think it’s time to return to the house for some rest.”

    Kylie: *She yawns again, but she doesn’t want to go back to her room just yet…* Uncle Larry, should I teach Felicia by showing her the books you gave me? It might help if she read the basics first. -03:13 Mar 19
    Bernhard: *Doesn’t say a word. He just leans against the wall with his arms crossed. This would’ve been the last place he would’ve gone had it not been for the fact Kylie had needed to come here.* Felicia and I should check the house first. -03:14 Mar 19
    Felicia: Uncle Larry teaches a seven year old how to deal with dead people huh? *Felicia cats Uncle Larry a dirty look… Even the dead should have some sense of responsibility!* Yeah, Kylie will be safe here with Dominoe, right? We can check the house and then we’ll get some sleep. Teaching is better when we’re rested. -03:15 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry merely smiles! “It’s kept our little Kylie alive hasn’t it?” Uncle Larry puffpuffs! “I’ll watch my girl while demonboy gets his job done!”

    Kylie: *Grins sheepishly at Felicia….* Well… Uncle Larry isn’t the only one who teaches me stuff… At least they wait until I’m done with my homework.. *Her silver-green eyes are as innocent as can be!* -03:18 Mar 19
    Bernhard: *Eyes narrow and flash as he glares daggers at Larry.* Shall we, Miss Felicia? *He turns to her, his expression somewhat softer.* -03:19 Mar 19
    Felicia: Uh huh. *Boy, if she were a few years younger.. She’d be sticking her tongue out of Uncle Larry! Felicia leads the way back towards the house!* -03:21 Mar 19
    Kylie: *Kylie grins and waves to the couple! She’s already convinced her half-sister likes Bernhard more than just a little! But she turns back to Uncle Larry..* I guess I’ll just make sure I fall asleep….but what about the Shadow Creature…… is it really gone? I haven’t seen it in a while… -03:24 Mar 19
    Bernhard: *Follows after Felicia. He’s finally glad to be out of there. He would love nothing more than to be free of this servitude …* -03:24 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry continues to smoke his pipe, seeming unconcerned! “Of course not. But I am sure you yourself will take care of that mean old beast, won’t you, little genius?”

    Kylie: *She doesn’t know…! She looks a little uncertainly at Uncle Larry, but she manages a small smile anyway.* I sure hope so…I just wonder how I can do that before anymore family dies. -03:28 Mar 19
    Felicia: *Felicia tired and annoyed… and more than a little freaked out, but she can only deal with one emotion at a time! And for now, it’s prowling around a big creepy house monster-proofing it for her little sister.* I need a gun! Wait… would that even work? Maybe holy water. -03:30 Mar 19

    Dead Uncle Larry just shrugs. “Don’t get too attached to that one, little neice. She was not raised strong like us. Without you and the demon, she would be dead all ready.”

    Bernhard: Your father kept a gun locked in a case under his bed. It might still be there. It’s not holy water but the gun was blessed so whether the ammo is blessed as well or not should not be a problem. -03:32 Mar 19
    Kylie: *She sighed a bit, curling up next to Uncle Larry and Dominoe on her other side, just thinking about how she was starting to like Felicia too.* It’s not fair, Uncle Larry…. I hate to say it like that… but why is this creature so determined to make me lose everyone I like? Did I do something bad? -03:34 Mar 19
    Felicia: Really? Now that sounds just right. *She casts a quick look at Bernhard before she pushes in through the back door of the house. Warily she peeks around what must be the kitchen!* All clear, I think. …. Were all of the Montgomeries like Uncle Larry? -03:35 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry pats a ghostly hand on Kylie’s head. “We’ve had a good run, puppet. Of course… that shadow being wants something specific. Have you thought about what it might want?”

    Bernhard: That depends on what you mean. Full of himself. Irresponsible. Self-righteous. Ruthless and merciless enough to introduce a child into a world of ghosts and shadows? And a dumb ass to boot. -03:37 Mar 19
    Kylie: Hmm… not really, Uncle Larry….I just know it seems to be saving me for some odd reason; cause there were plenty of times it could have killed me too… but I have no idea why it just lets me live but kills everyone else. -03:39 Mar 19
    Felicia: So he’s a real dick. And the others? *Felicia moves across the kitchen… Where would dead things pop out? At least nothing was screaming out creepy vibes… She moved to the next room!* -03:42 Mar 19

    “Because children can see things that most others can not, wee Kylie. But we best not mention that to Bernhard ot Felicia.”

    Bernhard: More or less like him. Their entire focus is on "their calling." Their world revolves around the dead. There were a few exceptions, of course. Your dad was one of those exceptions. He kept everyone in line. Perhaps that is why he died first … -03:47 Mar 19
    Kylie: *She looks over at Uncle Larry and sits up, blinking. Rubbing tired eyes, she puts one hand on Dominoe’s head.* Ok, I won’t Uncle Larry.. I suppose that’s true though… it makes me more curious about what it is I’m suppossed to be seeing that it wants…? -03:47 Mar 19
    Felicia: Guess I was the lucky kid. *Felicia mutters a little too loudly. She’s found herself in a… um… what is this room, like an extra family room? There were sofas, a fireplace, jukebox. A bit normal looking.* Are you just Kylie’s babysitter, or were you everyone’s whipping boy? -03:50 Mar 19

    “We’ll find out in time, won’t we puppet?” Cheerfully says Uncle Larry! “In the meantime, why don’t we work on our exercises! The meditation ones!”

    Kylie: *She blinks a few times! Then nods at Uncle Larry, standing first to stretch her already-stiff muscles from lying on the concrete; then getting in the cross-legged position, ready for a few basics at least! Unless Uncle Larry had something bigger in mind. She quirks an eyebrow at him, but is ready to start!* -03:54 Mar 19
    Bernhard: The latter. I only became Kylie’s babysitter because everyone else had died. *He looks around.* Almost there. -03:57 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry counts numbers, and does his best trying to distract Kylie to mess up her meditation… it’s part of the exercises!

    Felicia: I guess if you didn’t have to stiick around here, you’d be gone in a heart beat? *Tough questions, but she felt a responsibility to ask him, If he WAS a demon and he WAS just there cause he HAD to be, who is to say he wasn’t going to try and screw them over the first chance he got… if he’s not already found a way to do it now! Felicia finds the stair case and starts up it.* -03:59 Mar 19
    Kylie: *Isn’t fooled by her uncle’s counting even for a second; and she blocks that out with ease, for a 7 year old, she had amazingly good concentration.* -03:59 Mar 19
    Bernhard: *Is thoughtful for a moment.* Interesting question. But quite possibly. I have been the Montgomery pet for far too long. *Small, nonchalant shrug.* Alas, my fate is a different one. -04:03 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry is persistant! He goes as far as tickling! Vicious tickling!

    Felicia: *Felicia stops in the middle of the hall, with her hands resting on her hips and gives Bernhard a good hard stare.* Well… I’ll make a deal with you. If you protect me and Kylie until this problem is solved, I will break your contract. If I can see dead people, there’s no reason why I can’t break your contract. Then you can do what you want. -04:05 Mar 19
    Kylie: *Eeep! Nope, not falling for that trick! She stops herself from wanting to squirm, and manages to keep her face straight and her mind completely blank at the same time! She was shutting out even the cold of the room at this point!* -04:06 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry plays hardball. He kicks Dominoe!

    Kylie: *Dominoe can take care of himself! In fact, the black lab lifts his head and snarls! Then goes right back to sleep!* -04:07 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry goes on undaunted. He’s making poor Dominoe float around in the air!

    Kylie: *The seven year old hears Dominoe whining as he’s lifted in the air; but its almost as if she can sort of ‘see’ what her uncle was doing with her eyes closed! She just keeps her mind as blank as ever! She’d make it up to Dominoe later….* -04:09 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry makes Dominoe tap dance on Kylie’s head!

    Bernhard: *Stops and raises an eyebrow at her. He studies her for several long moments with a blank look on his face.* I enjoy a challenge. Very well, Miss Felicia. You have a deal. *He grins.* My protection for the broken contract. -04:11 Mar 19
    Kylie: *Bad Uncle Larry! She resists the urge to scold! She had to keep concentrating…!* -04:11 Mar 19
    Felicia: Yep. A deal. *That was almost sort of a relief! She started down the hall again!* -04:13 Mar 19

    Felicia turns around and nearly runs in to an oooold woman. She’s so wrinklie and old she looks a century. “Making deals with demons, is it, girl?” She says.

    Bernhard: Now, now, Granny, desperate times call for desperate measures. -04:15 Mar 19
    Felicia: *Felicia backs up a step, trying not to make a blechy face at the old woman. This one was dead for sure. Gawd, she hoped the woman wasn’t alive looking like that…* Yeah.. what he said. -04:16 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry drops Dominoe right on top of Kylie!

    Granny sounds as cantankerous as she looks. “No Montgomery makes deals with demons… You don’t even deserve to be in this house!” Granny pulls up her cane to jab at Felicia!

    Kylie: *Ouch! Dominoe whiiines in protest as he lands right on her lap, knocking her over on the concrete–! Kylie’s concentration is definitely broken and she has to struggle to help Dominoe off.* Evil ol Cheater. *She remarks at her uncle.* -04:18 Mar 19
    Bernhard: Quiet, crone. *Steps between Felicia and Granny.* You are one to talk. Your children are dead and she and Kylie are the last of your bloodline. She possesses as much power as the rest of you fools. Now, out of our way. -04:18 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry looks right pleased with himself. “Stuff is going to get thrown at you, sweetums! You just gotta swat it out of your way!”

    Granny is not intimidated by no curse-bound demon, and she is fine with threatening him with that cane too! “Watch your mouth demon. You are the cause of this. YOU are the reason my babies are gone, and it’s only a matter of time before you are the cause of that one’s death too!” She hiiiiisses!

    Bernhard: Perhaps your children should have learned never to fight fire with fire. *He takes Felicia by the elbow and guides her around the woman–avoiding the cane–and down the hall.* -04:23 Mar 19
    Kylie: *Grins and has to comfort a terrified Dominoe!* You mean like that time that lamp was hurled at my head a few weeks ago? That wasn’t you was it? *Dominoe finally calms down again, and huddles at Kylie’s side, not going anywhere near her uncle!* -04:23 Mar 19
    Felicia: *Oh boy, more Montgomery back history. Of course, this wasn’t helping her trust issues with mister Demon Butler Bodygaurd Bernhard. But a deal is a deal.* I get the feeling they don’t like bastard children around here either. -04:24 Mar 19

    The old crone shakes her cane at them before she disappears!

    Uncle Larry is back to puffing on his pipe and looking as innocent as a newborn babe. “I’d never hurt you, sweetums. Just keep that in mind.”

    Bernhard: *Smirks a bit.* She thinks every Montgomery who isn’t inbred is a bastard child. -04:27 Mar 19
    Felicia: *There’s that icky face!* …ew! Please be joking… *Oh bleeeeccch! Family inbreeding? And she thought seeing dead people and being murdered was bad! Horrible mental images!* Okay…! Before my mind gets away with me, which one is my father’s room so I can get that gun. -04:29 Mar 19
    Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* That one. *He points to the end of the hall where a large oak door stands. The knob is brass and engraved with a leaf.* -04:31 Mar 19
    Kylie: *She nods, knowing he wouldn’t…. but it’s awfully strange how that lamp had gone flying at her that one night; just three weeks ago before Felicia arrived; it had been aimed right at her head with an amazing speed. If she hadn’t of ducked in time, she would have been definitely knocked out cold. And Uncle Larry most definitely has never allowed her to get even a small scratch when he taught her things… * I’ll remember that Uncle. I think I need a nap though….I haven’t slept so great lately. *She admits, feeling really tired….* -04:31 Mar 19

    “Go to sleep, puppet. It’s always safe here with the family.”

    Felicia: *Still making those dreadful faces, Felicia heads towards the doors and with only a slight moment of hesitation she pulled them open to step in to the Master’s Bedroom. She’s at the bed before she stops, considering whether or not she reeeaally wants to peek under there and see another one of those shadow beasts.* Uh.. could you…? *She wiggles her finger at the bed!* -04:33 Mar 19
    Kylie: *She decides to do just that and promptly passes out, using Dominoe partially as a pillow.* -04:33 Mar 19
    Bernhard: *Stands in the doorway and looks at the bed when she points at it.* Hm. Of course. *He steps up to the bed and checks underneath it.* -04:35 Mar 19

    As soon as Bernhard is leaning on the floor to check under the bed, there’s a soft PLOOF sound! There’s Dead Uncle Larry popping behind Felicia to grab her around the waist along with a hand over her mouth and PLOOFS away with her! There’s some laughter echoing in the room from Good Old Dead Uncle Larry! “Weren’t you supposed to be protecting my little prodigy? She’s lonely there in the mausoleum.”

    Bernhard: *Lifts his head to look at where Felicia had been!* Miss Felicia! *He growls. He knows that laughter anywhere! But first … he moves under the bed to grab a wooden box engraved with the Montgomery "coat of arms". Then he "sinks" into a shadow and disappears!* -04:40 Mar 19

    “Do make sure my little neice is tucked sweetly in to her bed after you give her a few cookies. Felicia will find her way back to the house, I’m sure!” Echos a laughing Uncle Larry!

    Felicia finds herself dropped suddenly in to a great big cold pile of snow quite a bit away from the house! At least one can barely.. sort of see it in the distance! Uncle Larry laughs some more!

    Felicia: *Another SPLAT! Felicia is so stunned that by the time she digs/stumbles/falls out of the snow drift, she’s cursing something nasty!* UNCLE LARRY YOU SLEEZY NO GOOD SON OF A FILTHY WHORE! YOU BETTER BE SCARED CAUSE ONCE I FIGURE THIS OUT I’M SENDING YOUR SOUL STRAIGHT TO HELL! *Hiiiisss! Spit! Hiss! Groooowl! …good god it’s Freezing out here! What a DICK!* -04:43 Mar 19
    Kylie: *And there was Kylie, curled up, pale from being out in the cold so long, but she’s definitely unconscious. Too tired to even notice anything going on…* -04:45 Mar 19
    Bernhard: *Appears on top of the Montgomery manor, overlooking the grounds with the box still tucked under his arm. He needs to find Felicia and fast. She is his first priority. He focuses his power.* Find the older Montgomery girl, Felicia. -04:45 Mar 19

    His shadow moves and then splits into eight smaller shadows that head off in eight different directions, moving along the ground as quickly and silently as mice. -Bernhard

    Uncle Larry grinning from ear to ear returns to the mausoleum and scoops up his little neice. He ploofs them to her room and tucks her neatly in bed. Let Bernhard figure it out. It’s not like Felicia will die out there in the snow. Well, unless she heads in the wrong direction and falls in the lake. Or if the wolves are out. Or if she freezes to death. Or if there’s more shadow beasts. At least Kylie is safe!

    Felicia: Crazy stupid family… should have told that lawyer to fuck off… *Felicia sheilds her eyes to try and get a good look at the house. …Holy crap, the estates for this house was huge… There’s a forest over there, and she thinks all that flat stuff might be the lake… And.. wait, did she hear wolves? And see a shadow…? …Best not to think about that, she heads for the shape that looks the most like a house, cursing Larry all the way!* -04:49 Mar 19
    Kylie: *Dominoe loyally follows Larry back to the house to plop himself nice and comfy on the big warm bed in Kylie’s room! And she was turning over on her side, much warmer now than she was earlier.* -04:50 Mar 19
    Bernhard: And to think, they called me a bastard. Before they roasted me alive. *He murmurs to no one in particular. The wind howls here and then all eight pieces of his shadow return, melding together to form an entire shadow. He sinks into the darkness again and reappears a few feet beside Felicia.* Ah, there you are. -04:52 Mar 19
    Felicia: Th-that man is a dick. *She was stating the obvious, but she was that damned mad. Uncle Larry was going to get it, and he was going to get it good. For the moment she was stuffing her hands under her arms cause she couldn’t feel her fingers!* -04:55 Mar 19
    Bernhard: Indeed. We should get you warm before you really do freeze. Are you up to teleporting? -04:57 Mar 19
    Felicia: I th-think in an emergecy… you d-dun have to ask. *Someone needs to teach this man some common sense…! later! after she gets revenge!* -04:58 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry has seated himself in a chair in Kylie’s room, just a smoking his pipe with his big old smile.

    Bernhard: I guess this would warrant an emergency. *He reaches out and takes her elbow. The two of them disappear and they find themselves back in Felicia’s room.* -05:00 Mar 19
    Kylie: *She knows Uncle Larry is in her room; how she knows this even while asleep is abnormal enough; but she does seem to rest more peacefully with him nearby; and those pesky nightmares don’t bug her at all.* -05:00 Mar 19
    Felicia: Muh-much obliged…! *Despite teleporting dizzie and being as stiff as a board, Felicia almost robotically turns Bernhard towards he door and gently pushes him out!* n-now get my sister to bed… I’mma sleep till ‘morrow. -05:02 Mar 19
    Bernhard: *Thanks to a sneaking suspicion, he heads for Kylie’s room first and steps out of a shadow in the corner, opposite of Larry.* Having fun? -05:04 Mar 19

    Uncle Larry puffs his pipe. “Now, that girl coulda found her way back to the house just fine. How is she supposed to get strong with you out fetching her from trouble?”

    Felicia: *No more wet clothes…! Not that it was easy getting undressed and digging her pajamas out of her suitcase, but she managed to fumbled through it and crawl in to her bed with a shivering sigh! Uncle Larry was going to learn a whole new meaning of dead tomorrow…* -05:07 Mar 19
    Kylie: *Inspite of the two men arguing, she was fast asleep, and Dominoe was dozing at the foot of her bed; but he opens both eyes to stare pointedly at both of them as if saying, ”Don’t you wake her up with that bickering!", then he closes his eyes again!* -05:09 Mar 19
    Bernhard: So says the man who nearly beat his son to death for not being able to calm the spirits of 30-odd institutionalized lunatics. -05:10 Mar 19

    “A clan is only as strong as it’s weakest link… You find the weak ones and to replace them.” Uncle Larry puffs away, not even seeming the slightest bit perturbed or ashamed of the conversation!

    Bernhard: Of course, you do. That is what you always do. Why you’re raising Kylie to follow in your footsteps without her even realizing the monster she will become. -05:14 Mar 19
    Felicia: "Kylie will grow up to be the greatest Montgomery there has ever been, and soon enough be sole heir. …even without my help." -05:16 Mar 19



    Felicia arrives at the Montgomery Estate to take over her inheritance and the half-sister she never knew existed.

    [Felicia is ready to face her new life! With a little half sister… in this… big…creepy… house. Arriving in a taxi, getting out with her bags… yeah this doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.] -03:47 Mar 15

    The Montgomery Estates are massive. A huge century plus old house with three floors, many windows, towers, twists, turns, gardens, family grave site, animals, land for a small farm… And it looks like there’s another big snow coming in to cover everything in a blissful white blanket!

    [Kylie *Sits ontop of the long winding stairwell, inside that big enormous mansion she lived in….all alone. So. A half sister was arriving. She hugs Dominoe, her faithful pet Dominoe at her side… She knew this unknown half-sister was going to leave her. Just as everyone else did. She wondered how long she\’d last…. ] -03:54 Mar 15
    Felicia: *Felicia drags her two bags out of the back of the taxi, while the driver gets the ones out of the trunk. She’s staring at the house for a minute before realizing the driver is ready for his money and seems to be itching to go. With a mumbled apology she handed over a few bills, and blinked in surprise as he jumped in to his vehicle and drove off like the devil was on his heels!* …Hey! Who is going to help me carry all this inside?! -03:54 Mar 15
    [Bernhard is standing behind and to the side of Kylie. So, Old Man Montgomery had another kid. The old coot …] -03:55 Mar 15
    Felicia: *She flicks a finger at the fleeing taxi…!!* …Well damnit. *Resigned to her fate, she halls one stra over her shoulder, tucks a bag under her arm, and grasps the other two by the handles to drag them towards the front door.* -03:57 Mar 15

    At least the snow is beautiful!

    Kylie: *She yawns a bit. Her silver-ringed green eyes were fixed on the door. She’d meet this half sister soon enough. But she wouldn’t let herself get close. Maybe then the older girl might have half a chance…..unlike the rest of her family. She nods to Berhnard, knowing the half-sister was here…she’d need help with the bags, and probably didn’t travel light either.* -03:59 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Decided to go with a "normal" human appearance in case this particular female could actually see him. Tall and lean, wearing a black suit with a long tail and looking every bit like a butler. Black hair and copper eyes. He figures he should act the part as well and walks down the stairs, opening the front door just as a woman lugging her bags gets there.* Miss Felicia, I presume. I see your taxi was in a hurry to leave. *He can’t help but smile slightly at that. It never ceased to amuse him how ordinary people avoided the place like the Black Plague.* Allow me to help with your luggage. *He steps forward and takes each and every one of her bags from her.* -04:03 Mar 15
    Felicia: Oh, thank god. I thought I was going to have to drag those all the way to me room. *Felicia blinked at the man and… He seemed kind of weird. Nah, she’s just spooked by this creepy house.* I guess you already know I’m Felicia… you’re a butler, right? *She steps inside the house, cautiously! So, where was this little half sister?* -04:05 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* You could say that. My name is Bernhard. *He follows her inside and closes the door behind him, going the extra mile by closing it with his foot.* Welcome to the Montgomery estate. -04:08 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Gets to her feet; looking smaller than her age; dressed in all black, her long brown hair was tied in a pony tail. Dominoe whined in the back of his throat, but otherwise was calm. She put a hand on his back, then walked down the stairs; scarilly quiet, for a kid.* "Hi…I’m Kylie." She says blinking up at the older girl. If she lasted more than a week– she’d be amazed!* -04:08 Mar 15
    Felicia: *Felicia blinked down at the little girl and her..uh… dog? with much the same expression.* I’m Felicia. *She said again. …Okay, what do you say to a little girl that’s your sister after her family died and you never met her, but now have to be her new… sister.* I’m your new sister! Um… I guess. Never been a sister before, so if I’m kind of lame, I’ll get better, I promise. *She gives a big genuine grin!* -04:10 Mar 15
    Kylie: *She blinks a few times at Felicia, then smiles a little.* It’s ok. I’m not that good either.. *Her eyes go to Bernhard at that comment; knowing it was actually only he who could ever stand up to that Shadow Creature and keep him from getting her. She was starting to worry she might actually like this half-sibling…and then…..he’d find out….* -04:14 Mar 15
    Felicia: *Felicia scratches the back of her head nervously. Yeah, this was going to be real awkward for awhile!* Okay, so.. I guess you guys can show me to my room and then we’ll just get to know each other for a bit? -04:19 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Catches Kylie looking at him. He was no angel but he was doing what he could with what he had. Deciding to break the silence, he says.* I believe your room was just across the hall from Miss Kylie’s. -04:19 Mar 15

    Suddenly, there is a knock at the door! “Hello? Miss Kylie? Miss Felicia, are you here? It’s Mr. Ravencroft, your father’s lawyer. We spoke on the phone.

    Felicia: I think I’m going to need a ma-… *At the doorknock, Felicia did the kind thing and moved to answer it herself considering poor Bernhard’s hands were full with her stuff.. Jeeze, why didn’t he put it down for a second? Felicia opens the door wide!* Mr. Ravencroft! I didn’t really expect to see you so soon. I just got in… -04:21 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Great. Ravencroft couldn’t see him which meant … Stepping into the shadows, he appears to "sink" into them, appearing in Felicia’s room and depositing the luggagge on her bed. Then he "sunk" into some shadows and reappeared behind Kylie.* -04:23 Mar 15

    Ravencroft, a thin man with eyeglasses and a briefcase, smiles. “Yes. Well, I was quite worried. What with Kylie alone and you having just arrived. I wanted to make sure the two of you were all settled down. And … I believe there are a few papers for you to look over and sign.”

    Kylie: *She looks up at the lawyer, and could tell Dominoe didn’t like him much at all, he was growling that quiet growl of his; which she hushed him for, then decided to go back to her room; which was surprisingly innocent and childlike enough. Unlike the rest of the house!* -04:26 Mar 15
    Felicia: She’s not alone, Bernhard is here. *Felicia had turned to point a finger at the butler, only to find him moved behind Kylie and her luggae missing. …Man, he was fast.* Oh yeah, those papers. I suppose we should get that out of the way. -04:26 Mar 15

    Ravencroft blinks at her. Butler? Why, there hadn’t been a butler here since, since … He is about to tell her about that when she reminds him of the papers. “Ah yes … Yes, indeed. It might take a bit of a while. How about the study? It is rather close by.”

    Felicia: Sure, it’s just-… Ah. You better lead the way. *She says sheepishly… Kylie already left to her room, and Felicia was wanting to do much of the same. Lawyers weren’t fun to deal with at all.* -04:30 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Follows after Kylie. You would think the man would get the hint after awhile. Out of sheer boredom, he had played a few … tricks … on the man which only made Ravencroft all the more nervous about this place.* -04:32 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Watches cartoons from her bed, knowing Berhnard would get rid of that pesky lawyer easilly enough. And then she could give Felicia a tour! Lawyers were annoying time-wasters!* -04:33 Mar 15

    Ravencroft smiles and nods. “Yes, yes … Uh …” He steps inside and looks around. “Right … this way!” He marches to the right and down a short hall, opening one of a pair of doors near the end. The study looks like a large office right out of a movie. Elegant wooden furniture, large windows with heavy curtains behind a huge desk. There was a giant globe in the corner and even a few paintings, the sort whose eyes appeared to follow you no matter where you are in the room.

    Bernhard: *Once Kylie is settled in and her mutt is there, he excuses himself and disappears into a shadow again. He reappears in the hall just as Ravencroft closes the door behind himself and Felicia. How to get rid of Ravencroft and not have Felicia see him doing it would be child’s play.* -04:36 Mar 15
    Felicia: *Yep, the place was exactly how she thought it would be. Straight out of those Stephen King novels. But hey, can’t let that get her distracted, time get get business done!* All so… Let’s just have a seat and look at those papers, shall we? Is there a whole lot I need to sign? -04:36 Mar 15

    Ravencroft sets his briefcase down on the desk and opens it. Then he starts digging through it, shuffling papers. “No … not at all … if only … Oh dear, I know I had them with me. There are uh … ownership papers you see, for the estate and guardian papers for your sister.”

    Felicia: Didn’t I already sign those with the papers you sent me last week? *Felicia stuffed her hands in her pockets, trying to remain patient… * -04:40 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Had a feeling…. something shifted suddenly, in her room. Right out from under her bed, she sees something huge and shadowy moving, and of course; she hears a faint hiss of laughter as that creature stalks towards Felicia’s room! Oh no! Her new half sister wasn’t going to even last a night?! She hates this shadow monster bastard…! It already got her whole family…and ruined her life! Why was it going for Felicia when she hadnt been there even a whole day? And of course only the poor girl knew that the creature was there…. in her half-sister’s room. Waiting, and silently laughing at them all.* -04:41 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Disappears into a shadow and reappears in the study a good distance behind of Felicia. He picks up the letter opener on a table nearby which then disappears …* -04:42 Mar 15

    Ravencroft suddenly stops and looks up at Felicia. “Oh dear … Did you …? I … I honestly can’t–Ow!” He cries out and jumps away from the desk. Something stabbed him in the foot!

    Felicia: Are you okay? *A raised eyebrow, watching the lawyer jump away from the desk… Jeeze, what sort of professional can’t remember when important documents are signed? This is going to take forever, so she turns away from Ravencroft as she pulls off her jacket and drapes it across a chair.* I’m pretty sure I did, since it was all marked as "Urgent". You said you’d bring me the copies of the papers for filing. -04:45 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Smirks a bit. But he didn’t have time to play today … He stabs Ravencroft with the letter opener a few more times, first in his other foot, then returns to the one he stabbed first. Before long the lawyer is hopping around like mad.* -04:47 Mar 15

    Oh dear, it was happening again! He gulps and as soon as the “attacks” pause for the briefest moment, he’s putting his papers back and closing his briefcase. “In … in that case, I will have my secretary fax them to you! Good day, Miss Felicia!” Then he’s hopping toward the door, out of the study, and out of the house.

    Kylie: *Good ol Bernhard! Kylie grins when she hears the front door slamming; and a car engine starting. That lawyer sure didn’t last long. Now she’d have to warn Felicia about that terrible monster lurking under her bed…..and hope she wasn’t considered crazy like everyone else thought she was!* -04:50 Mar 15
    Felicia: But you sa-…!! *Felicia could only stand there and blink for a moment, as the lawyer, much like the taxi driver, fled from the house like a bat out of hell.* …. So, the whole town is weird… *She mumbled rubbing her forhead.* -04:50 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Disappears again and reappears in Kylie’s room.* That was amusing … for a little while. *He takes a long look at Kylie.* What’s the matter? -04:52 Mar 15
    Kylie: That creature went from under my bed- to Felicia’s room… I think he plans on killing her tonight, and I really should warn her— but she’ll only think I’m crazy… -04:53 Mar 15
    Felicia: *At least now that the lawyer is gone, she can get to her room and spend some time with Kylie… If she can find her room. Felicia found her way to the stairs at least and started up them!* -04:54 Mar 15
    Bernhard: You may have to risk it, Kylie. Her safety for what she may or may not think of you. But no matter what, I am behind you. -04:55 Mar 15
    Felicia: *At the top of the stairs she had two choices… creepy hallway number one, or creepy hallway number 2. She pointed in each direction before choosing… number 2!* Kylie…? Bernhard..! …I am so going to need a map… -04:57 Mar 15
    Kylie: Thanks Bernhard…I guess I owe it to my last remaining family anyway…. I hate when these things happen. *She agrees, and goes out to the hallway to meet Felicia..and promptly tell her, there was a really bad monster under her bed. And it wasn’t even night time yet!* -04:57 Mar 15
    Felicia: There you are! *Felicia slid her hands in to he rpockets again, grinning at Kylie.* So the lawyer is gone. He must think I’m creepy… Hey, what’s the matter? -04:59 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Can’t seem to think of a subtle way to put this… and it was going to come out all weird! But she has to try.* You have a bad monster under your bed, Felicia. A really bad one….. *Her eyes lower; she seems to know what was going to happen and didn’t like it!* -05:00 Mar 15
    Felicia: A monster? *Felicia didn’t look at all surprised. After all, she’s talking to a seven year old and kids always thought there were monsters. And this house sure could rile up an active imagination.* Good thing I have a flashlight… *She dug in her pocket a second, pulling out a small keyring with a tiny weaklit flashlight.* How about we take a look and scare it out, then? -05:01 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Well, this was going … alright … so far. He stays hidden, though, just in case. He doesn’t like to take chances.* -05:03 Mar 15
    Kylie: *At this point, the kid looks a little pale at that thought. But of course; she had to reason with the adult-mind. Which couldn’t possibly comprehend the idea of monsters being real… And she was smart for her age; already ages ahead of other kids her own age in almost every subject. Even psychology. She rolls her eyes, and tugs on Felicia’s hand; leading her into a really nice room– except for one or two problems. The room was icy- cold and shadowy… And there- under the bed, were two evil red eyes, watching the both of them with a smirk. Daring them to get closer.* It’s under there. *She points underneath the matress of Felicia’s bed; assuring Bernhard she wasn’t going to provoke the monster.* -05:05 Mar 15
    Felicia: *Okay, so the room was cold, dark and shadowy… it’s an old house and has crappy air and lighting, right?* I’ll just take a quick look… *Felicia dropped to her knees by the bed, clicked on her flashlight and took a peek — she promptly clicked the light off and sat up.* ..Uh…. maybe I just… *Flashlight on… one more look.* …oh shit… what the hell…? -05:07 Mar 15

    Like a snake preparing to strike, the creature waits. When Felicia gets on her knees and turns the flashlight on, the light reveals it to be solid shadow, if that is even possible. It hisses when the light turns on and suddenly it moves forward, knocking the flashlight out of Felicia’s hand and reaching for her!

    Felicia: Run away…! *What the fuck…! Felicia scrambles backwards across the floor, promptly pointing an arm and finger towards the door!* Runa way, right now! *Okay… She’s a big sister now, when kids see monsters under the bed you do the grownup thing and get rid of them! Only… they’re not supposed to be freaking real! Felicia jumps up to her feet and grabs… a… a… candlestick! Choice weapon!* …Demon begon! uh.. I banish you! -05:13 Mar 15
    Kylie: *She blinks at Felicia a few times! then snickers.* Smooth move there er…… older-half sister. Now you’ve just gone and made him mad… *She takes off a shoe and hurls it under the bed; hoping to smack it in the forehead!* -05:15 Mar 15
    Felicia: Kylie, you don’t throw stuff at monsters! Run away, already! -05:18 Mar 15

    The creature makes a strange “AAHHRRRROWWW!” sound as it stands and knocks the bed over after being “candlesticked” and had a show thrown at it. The room gets colder and the creature appears to be getting bigger, starting to fill the room!

    Kylie: Felicia…… run! just get out of here! I’m going to make it at least leave your room! *She yells to Felicia, just as the room got a lot darker for this time of day…. and the curtains were wide open, but that certainly didnt make a difference!* -05:21 Mar 15
    Felicia: I’m the big sister here! *Crap! Crap damnit and hell fire and a whole bunch of other dirty words! Felicia darts across the room and scoops up Kylie under her arm before running for the door!* -05:22 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Protests as she’s picked up and ran away with!* I guess we’ll have to hide in my room now! *She yells, twisting to see if that creature was following……she really hopes not!* -05:24 Mar 15

    As the creature moves to go after them, the door slams shut!

    Bernhard: *Moves to stand between the door and the creature.* … My turn. -05:26 Mar 15
    Felicia: What the hell is that thing?! *Felicia shouts, with Kylie still under one arm, as she points her free one at the door!* -05:26 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Eep..! She twists and wriggles her way out from under Felicia’s arm to lead her back to her room.* Um.. That was the thing that killed off all our family. One by one. Siblings, parents—- nobody ever had a chance; and the only reason I’m still here is cause of Bernhard, and Dominoe. *She says quite calmly, indicating the huge black lab on her bed, who was now wide awake and growling at that door!* -05:29 Mar 15
    Felicia: Murdered by monsters?! We live with monsters?! *And the kid is just saying it like it is.. Like it’s no big thing! Felicia followed the little girl in to her room, and blinked again at the dog!* …. *blink.* ….. Are you series?! -05:32 Mar 15
    Felicia: *serious -05:32 Mar 15
    Kylie: Just one monster– that one. The other dead people who live here are mostly all family or friends. Never would hurt either of us. And I’m very serious. I kind of have to be since I saw all of them die… just hope Bernhard can tame it a little. -05:35 Mar 15
    Felicia: The other…dead… people..?! *Felicia blinked again! This was.. this was.. raagh!* OKAY! Okay… *A deep breath! She is the legal guardian here and has to be responsible and logical — no matter how freaking crazy it seems.* Monsters.. dead people. this has only been happening the past couple years, Layerman told me, so… it’s like an assasination! So.. so… *She was saying "so" way too much.* It’s a plot, and once you find out the plots, you stop it and.. there we go! Find out the plots and save our necks! *Felicia was pacing the floor now, and likely not making a lick of sense!* -05:38 Mar 15
    Kylie: Yeah…. hold that thought and calm down, sis. I’m going to check on Bernhard. *Before Felicia can even move to stop her, she’s telling Dominoe to guard her and darting out of the room to go see if Bernhard was alright across the hall! She tries opening the door…!* Bernhard?? Is it safe yet? -05:41 Mar 15
    Felicia: Hey, get back here you little shrimp…! *Felicia tries to grab her before she escapes, but her fingrs just miss! Felicia goes storming after her, pale faced and panic stricken… but not little kid is going to get eaten on her watch!* Don’t you open that door! -05:43 Mar 15

    The door is firmly locked! … But at the sound of Kylie’s voice, the knob turns and the door opens slowly …

    Kylie: *Snickers at being called a shrimp and makes a face at Felicia! Then she turns serious again when she walks through the door, looking for Bernhard and the monster!… What was going on?* -05:44 Mar 15

    The room is nice and tidy … making it impossible to believe a monster just wrecked the place. Except for that scorch mark right there on the floor, just as you come in!

    Felicia: *Felicia stumbles through the door right behind Kylie and on quick alert to grab her and run off again… Everything looks… sort of okay.* ….Is it gone? -05:46 Mar 15
    Bernhard: … You realize that if I really was a butler, this is my cue to ask for a raise. *He says from right behind Felicia and Kylie! Bernhard is still in human form and wearing the butler outfit.* And yes, it’s gone. For now. -05:47 Mar 15
    Kylie: *She turns to hug Bernhard! She’d been really worried after seeing that scorch mark!* I’m glad it left. . . I hope it never comes back. *She knows it would though.* -05:48 Mar 15
    Felicia: *Felicia jumped! And didn’t bother trying to play it off… she cast a cool look towards Bernhard…* … I knew you were weird. If you’re not a butler, what are you? Oh hell, I might as well ask what’s up with the place and the eventual question of monsters, and dead people, and why we’re probably going to get murdered while we’re sleeping…? -05:49 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Ruffles her hair a bit and hugs her back. He looks at Felicia.* An … indentured servant? -05:50 Mar 15
    Bernhard: Kylie is better at explaining things. -05:51 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Grins a bit at Felicia and Bernhard, then sneeeaks back to her own room! What a weird kid…* -05:51 Mar 15
    Felicia: So much for Kylie explaining things. *Felicia blinks at her escaping grinning sister!* … we can’t stay in this house. -05:52 Mar 15
    Bernhard: This is going to sound ludicrous but … you can’t. This is the safest place for both of you. You could leave but it will only follow. Until both of you are dead or the thing is destroyed. -05:54 Mar 15
    Felicia: You have to be kidding me. *Another blink. Sinking feeling of doom and despair…! Felicia was rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands.* It’s so safe here, there’s only Kylie… and me by sheer fluke! -05:56 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Even she knew leaving the house wasn’t possible… she’d tried; but every time she thought she’d make it right around the corner and to the city; she was strangely flung back to her own room! As if by an invisible force that wanted her to stay there forever– until even poor Felicia was dead; and that creature had gotten whatever it was that it wanted from her.She knows she was left alive for a reason, but could never figure out what…maybe she should go ahead and ask it…later tonight that is; when it came back.* -05:57 Mar 15
    Bernhard: The Montgomery family are Summoners. People who can see and talk to the dead, tasked with the responsibility to help the dead move on, stop evil spirits, exorcise, you get the picture. Kylie cannot leave this place. She has tried and failed. -05:59 Mar 15
    Felicia: *Talking to the dead.. well, that brought up some old creepy memories she doesn’t want to think about right now. So she focused on what was more important. Leaving!* Well I’m here now, and that’s going to change! No little kid should have to fear monsters under their bed! I’m going to take Kylie and find a better place to stay. -06:00 Mar 15
    Kylie: *She decides to take a nap! And curls up next to Dominoe; the sun was starting to set now, and that never meant anything good. Maybe she could sleep through the night for once without anything weird happening?* -06:04 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Is looking out the window at something. He turns to look at her.* Good luck. You will both need it. *Then he’s gone, leaving Felicia to her own thoughts and returning to Kylie’s room, to sit by her bed.* -06:05 Mar 15
    Felicia: *Alone! In a dark hallway… at sunset… twitching. Okay,… it IS sunset, so it’s a bad idea to go running out in the snow until morning, especially without a car. Felicia turns towards her bed… and stops. …Kylie must be scared with all these monsters, she shouldn’t have to sleep alone! Felicia crosses the hall to Kylie’s room and knocks on the door!* -06:07 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *He stands and answers the door because Kylie is fast asleep and he doesn’t want her to wake up. She needs all the rest she can get.* Yes, Miss Felicia? -06:08 Mar 15
    Felicia: I don’t want Kylie to sleep alone.. so I thought I would sleep with her. -06:09 Mar 15
    Kylie: *She hears the knocking, somewhat, but she knows Bernhard is there. And she curls up on one side. Dominoe looks up briefly at Felicia, blinking at her a few times, then he’s putting his head back on the foot of the bed and snoozing again.* -06:10 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Steps back and to the side so she can enter.* The more the merrier. *He looks over at Kylie and Dominoe.* Would you like anything to eat or drink? -06:10 Mar 15
    Felicia: i think I’m too twitchy to eat. *She replied honestly, slipping off her shoes as she moved for the bed. Lucky little girl getting such a big bed! Felicia isn’t going to bother about her clothes* Just…um.. stay within two feet? -06:12 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Yep. Lucky little girl had a super-cool room too. Hey, there had to be some compensation for never being allowed out of this place, right? She remains sleeping. Tired from having been awake for almost a week straight before Felicia arrived!* -06:14 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Smiles a bit and nods.* Of course. *He shuts the door once she’s in.* -06:15 Mar 15
    Felicia: *Silent as a cat… or at least, trying to be, Felicia slips in to bed and under the covers, trying not to disturb sister or big scary Dominoe… Now if she could will herself to sleep!* -06:16 Mar 15
    Kylie: *Amazingly, for once the kid-sister is actually able to sleep even through a tornadoe at this point! She was so tired…..she’d probably sleep well past noon– that is, if everything went well that night..* -06:19 Mar 15
    Bernhard: *Humans and animals needed sleep. Fortunately, Bernhard is neither so he sits back and enjoys his own company for awhile.* -06:20 Mar 15



    The RenFest! A nice fun break!

    [Bronwen loved Dion\’s date idea so much, she wanted to go too! But little sisters aren\’t welcomed on dates, so she\’s taking MacBeth and Duncan!] -04:07 Apr 08

    Cassius: *Cassius thought this was stupid. And he was going to boycott all this lovey dovey crap, but then Bronwen had to go and tell MacBeth she was going to be a princess and that’s just ASKING for trouble! So now Cassius was at a Rennaisance Festival eying some very sweet as hell black armor a big flowy cape…*

    [MacBeth was going to keep a close eye on Cassius!] -04:21 Apr 08
    Bronwen: *~Princess~ Bronwen was going to take this awesome opportunity to pretend to be a girl! She even wore a nice pretty dress and had ribbons in her hair. …It’s not like anyone could see the guns she had hidden under her skirt anyway! She was now adjusting a nice feather hat on Duncan!* There! Now you’re a ranger or something! -04:25 Apr 08

    Dion: *Dion thought a festival like this would be ideal for another date with Ceri. Give her the opportunity to really be a knight. …or his princess! Or both! Either way, Dion was smiling, pulling Ceri off and away from his siblings before they got in to a fight!*

    MacBeth: *He was dressed in trousers, boots, a shirt. Pretty much the same thing he always wore. Go figure!* -04:28 Apr 08

    Ceri: *She was still looking around, taking in the sights when Dion grabbed her hand and pulled her away! She smiled.* Stealing me away already? *She teased!*

    Dion: *He laughed a bit!* Cassius has that look on him, and he tends to take dressup very seriously… So we may very well be safer in the forest, My Lady.

    Cassius: *Yes… very serious indeed! Rubbing his hands together, Cassius had disappeared in to a shop and by the time he returned he was… THE BLACK KING! Laughly loud enough to turn heads, he placed a crown on his head! He’d knock anyone in the face if they tried to dispute him!*

    Betty: *She clapped her hands behind him!* Oh, Cassius, you look positively gorgeous! *If it was at all possible, she’d have swooned by now!*

    Duncan: *he blinked!* Wow, I do? *He looked up at the hat on his head.*

    Cassius: EEYAARGH! *Cassius jumped at least two feet in the air with a clatter of armor! He turned around slowly, his imperious kingly expression on his face as he gave her a scowl!* …Of course I look gorgeous, wench! I am the King!

    Betty: *She ran forward and threw her arms around his neck.* Hm … What a hunk of a King, too … *She traced patterns on his chest! He really did look gorgeous!*

    MacBeth: So … What should we do first? *He glanced around.* -04:41 Apr 08
    Bronwen: Yes. Now you are all set to rescue some damsels, eat dragons, and loot…. evil kings? *Bronwen ended up distracted by the end of that sentence, with Cassius making such a racket not too far away. Although, now he was getting mauled by Betty, so maybe he’ll not be trouble today!* …I think we should have an adventure that isn’t going to to accidentally set something on fire or get in Dion’s way. …Just this once. -04:43 Apr 08

    Cassius: *Growling under his breath, he was prying Betty off him and pushing her away at a good armlength’s distance. …and then he considered his options! An Evil King cannot spend all day running away from a woman when he has princesses to capture, princes to ruin, and knights to destroy.* …Woman, how am I supposed to conquer this kingdom without a Queen! I need a wench of firey passion if I’m going to lay waste to my enemies!

    Betty: *Her face lit up!* Oh! Oh! Please let me be your Queen! *She clapped her hands!* I’ll help you any way I can!

    Ceri: *She laughed softly.* It’s a good thing I have you to watch out for me. Are you going to be my prince then?

    Duncan: *He was thoughtful for a moment!* Um … Okay. An adventure sounds like fun!

    Dion: *Dion cleared his throat, hoping he wasn’t embarrassing himself by blushing.* I do believe I am your prince for the day. Now, what would my Lady Knight like to do first?

    Cassius: *HA! His lan was working better than he imagined! With an evil Queen at his side, every last one of them would be doomed!* Excellent! I demand you dress yourself in the finest of threads! Then we will wreck havoc on these pathetic weaklings!

    Brennen: *He was dressed in robes and already sampling the finer things in life! Like this apple pie! He hadn’t noticed everyone else had wandered away already!*

    Aaron: *He refused to dress up and a single glare at the man who had insisted he had to dress had silenced him. So he found a table to sit at in the food court so he could smoke his pipe!*

    Betty: *She was all smiles!* Of course, Your Majesty! *She clapped and squealed in delight as she went to do as told! This was going to be fun!*

    Bronwen: *Now she had to put some thought in to it… If she was going to be a princess, she couldn’t go beating up pirates, fighting duels and jumping on dragons. And all of those things sounded like a lot of fun… …Well, no one said she had to be a GOOD princess.* Lets find a dragon! -05:09 Apr 08

    Duncan: *Speaking of which … He looked around.* … Has anyone seen Tiny?

    Cassius: *Having acquired himself a sword, Cassius pulled it out to point at some people!* YOU. Lowly Peons! I demand that you spread word around the king about… The Black King’s Tournament! Let’s see if anyone dares to think they are as powerful or as amazing as I!

    Ceri: *She found herself blushing!* There are a lot of things to do. I’m just glad I get to do them with you. *She couldn’t help herself, she leaned toward him and kissed his cheek.*

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* You want a dragon. Look no further than Cassius. -05:14 Apr 08

    Dion: If that is the case, Lady Knight… *Dion replied softly, he was taking her by the arms and pulling her off to a nice secluded area behind the trees! Where he promptly snuck in one hell of a kiss!*

    The people blinked but one look at Cassius and they weren’t about to argue with him! They scattered and spread the news!

    Bronwen: *She was glancing around looking for Tiny when MacBeth mentioned Cassius. She grinned!* We could tackle him, but I think he’s playing with Betty. …Hey! There’s unicorns! *What was it it about unicorns that stole a girl’s attentions! She was skipping away to see if they were real!* -05:19 Apr 08

    Cassius: *With his announcement made, it was time for some EVIL DEEDS! Cassius gave a good look around.. Ah ha! He approached a large alien-fellow!* YOU THERE! TROLL! I, The Black King, am in need of your services! There is a Knight that must me crushed!

    The alien loved to roleplay so he was ready for this! … And in some ways, wishing for something like this! He bowed! “Yes, Your Majesty!”

    The “troll” looked offended at being called such, but he finally shrugged. It sounded like a good time! Trollem required payment for crushing of Knights, though!

    Cassius: For you, my dear Troll I will give a feast if you crush the one known as MacBeth and then grab that little redheaded Princess he escorts! Feel free to break his bones and eat his entrails!

    MacBeth: Tiny will turn up sooner or later. *He said, nudging Duncan.* Let’s go escort the princess, Flyboy. -05:27 Apr 08

    Duncan: *He blinked but reluctantly agreed!* Okay … *He kept looking around as he followed Mac and the Captain!*

    Betty: *She returned and twirled around for Cassius! She wore a form-fitting black dress with a low neckline and an even lower back! There was a long cape and a crown to match!* What do you think, Your Highness?

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was trying to climb on the fence and lean over to poke one of those unicorns without anyone catching her do it! They LOOKED real enough! They probably had real horns, but she bet they sprayed glitter all over them!* Here, horsey…! *…wait, these weren’t those virgin eating unicorns, were they?!* -05:30 Apr 08

    Cassius: Hrmph. *Cassius eyed his new Queen critically… Yes, yes she did look like a mighty fine evil queen!* Perfect! Now we will capture a castle whilst my Troll does his work. There is a tourney to prepare for! *Cassius offered his armored arm to his Dark Queen!*

    Betty: Oh, Cassius! *She stopped herself in time before she squealed in delight and composed herself! It wouldn’t do for an evil Queen to be giggling like this! She took his arm and gave him a wicked smile.* As you wish, o godly one.

    MacBeth: *He stopped to watch Shadowstar poke the unicorns!* Here’s something you don’t see everyday. -05:36 Apr 08

    Cassius: *That brought the hugest of smirks to his face!* Godly one. I like that. *He escorted his Queen to the big waiting castle, and drew out his sword again!* Where the thyne pathetic king, so I might cut his throat open and spill his blood!

    His Royal Highness, the King of the Festival stay up in the tower looking down at Cassius. “Hark! Yon Knight! This is mine castle! Go find your own!”

    Duncan: Oh, sweet. These are real, purebred Elysian mares! They look amazing! *He bent forward on his knees to examine them!*

    The troll had to do some searching! There were a lot of princesses and knights here! But that Black Knight had mentioned the princess being redheaded so he started asking around!

    Bronwen: What the hell, they actually glitter all by themselves! *That was really strange… but it was an awfully pretty unicorn!* How the devil did people ride these critters without getting thrown off? They look kind of wild! -05:43 Apr 08

    Cassius: You flaming coward! Come down from your tower and defend your honor before I piss on your castle and crushing the souls of your people! *Cassius shook his sword at the bastard! Pussy!*

    Duncan: Well … the mares are alright, once they’re in a closed space, if sensitive about people pulling their mane, tails, or messing with their horns. It’s the males you have to worry about. *He stood up and shielded his eyes, looking for a male to show the Captain!* Ah, there’s one now! *He pointed to one galloping from the far end of the corral! It was a huge horse! Solid black with red eyes and a spiralling white horn!*

    WHAT? Nobody pisses on the King’s castle! The reigning king stomped down the tower’s steps until he came out the door, armed with a sword and ten of his best knights! “CHARGE!” They all rushed forward to teach Cassius a lesson!

    Cassius: HA HA HA! Is this all the men you have?! My Queen and I will smash their skulls! *Yes, Cassius was very much enjoying himself! Swinging his sword wildly, throwing out arms and tossing men over moats!*

    Betty: *Now this was what she was talking about! She clotheslined the first man who came at her, then grabbed another man by the hair and threw him into the moat, too!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen sloooowly hopped off the fence and blinked! That thing was huuuuuge! A scary looking! Kind of like a demon! She leaned close to ask,* …do they really only eat the flesh of virgins? Or is that just a story to scare people? -05:53 Apr 08

    Duncan: Um … *A sheepish grin!* Actually it’s the males who are the flesh eaters. And … they do have a thing for virgin flesh. As long as that fence stays in one piece, we’ll be fine.

    Bronwen: Just like a man! *Bronwen responded with a smirk!* They’re really gorgeous, anyway. It kind of reminds me of your Fa! -05:55 Apr 08

    Gasp! All of the King’s knights had been defeated! He did the only thing he COULD do. He ran away, dubbing Cassius the King of the Festival!

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Mine? *He scratched his head!*

    Bronwen: Your Fa has all kinds of weird animals. ….Although most of them eat men and aren’t really virgin specific… *Still, it sounded like something he would have on the farm, anyway!* -05:57 Apr 08

    Cassius: Muaa HA HA HA HA! *Cassius posed victorious at the foot of his glorious new castle!* See, my Queen… we are the ultimate power is this grim little universe! Soon, my epic talents will be known thruough the land as I squash every knight and get my revenge on that MacBeth!

    Duncan: *He laughed and scratched the back of his head!* Heh heh. Oh yeah.

    The troll finally found the redhead by the Elysian mares! He tapped the man standing behind her on the shoulder! “You MacBeth?”

    MacBeth: *He turned and looked the troll over!* … Yeah. Why …? *He raised an eyebrow.* -06:06 Apr 08

    The troll curled up his fist and swung for Mac’s jaw!

    MacBeth: *When you get into so many fights, you more or less develop a reflex for when people try to hit you. In this case, Mac ducked as the fist went flying over his head, stood up just as it past, turned and grabbed the troll by his fist! Then he flung the troll over his shoulder–and straight into the corral!* -06:11 Apr 08

    CRASH! The troll broke through the corral’s fencing and looked like he was about to say something before he fell back!

    Duncan: *He blinked as the Elysian male stood there, staring at the open corral.* … Now we panic.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked as was smart enough to get out of the way of a flying Troll!* …People just like hitting you, don’t they..? *Panic? …Aw crap! Virgin eating unicorns were going to get loose! ….Bronwen hopped in to MacBeth’s arms… she may as well play the part!* Quick! Save the princess! -06:14 Apr 08
    MacBeth: … Guess it’s just part of my charm. *He muttered, trying to figure out why the hell the troll had done something like that. He’d never seen him before! He snapped out of it when Shadowstar jumped into his arms!* Whatever you say, Your Highness. Flyboy, let’s go! *He was holding onto her and dashing for the tents!* -06:15 Apr 08

    Duncan: *He didn’t need to be told twice! He was already dashing after Mac, even faster when he heard the Elysian male break down more of the corral!*

    Bronwen: …Luckily, none of my brothers are virgins! *There WAS humor in it! Despite the fact a very scary demon unicorn was now trying to escape and quite possibly devour THEM!* -06:18 Apr 08

    Betty: *She couldn’t stop staring at him! He was a living masterpiece!* You are magnificient, Your Highness. No one stands a chance against your might.

    People were in a panic as word got out that the Elysian horses were loose!

    People were in a panic as word got out that the Elysian horses were loose!’

    Cassius: *Meanwhile Cassius had found his thrown and was ordering around everyone in ordering distance!* Work FASTER! This will be an ultimate display of my winsome skills! I demand archery! Slaying! Fights! …..Someone find me a fool to ridicule and entertain my Queen! *Of course Betty’s compliments were only puffing him up more!* My dear, I will give you the entire world!

    Ceri: *Speaking of Bronwen’s brothers, she was still blushing and hadn’t quite recovered from the kiss Dion had given her.* Dion, you are … that was …

    Brennen: *He was munching on some ham! He turned to Aaron!* … What’s all the fuss about?

    Aaron: *He gave a small shrug and kept puffing on his pipe!*

    Dion: That was only the beginning… *He was whispering in her ear, but… now there was screaming and as he peeked around the tree, of course there was trouble.* But it might wait! *He was pulling Ceri off, away from the madness! There had to be somewhere quiet to hide!*

    MacBeth: It’s not your brothers I’m worried about. *He glanced over his shoulder to see the Elysian male coming! He glanced around … then ducked under a table at the last possible moment! The male went sailing over the table!* -06:24 Apr 08
    Bronwen: Holy hell, that guy could eat a least twenty people… *She muttered, holding on to MacBeth’s neck! That unicorn was even bigger up close and in person! …They were going to end up thrown out of the festival at this rate!* -06:27 Apr 08

    Duncan: *He found himself cornered by an Elysian mare and gulped! He closed his eyes as he huddled in the corner with his arms over his head.* Nice Elysian mare … Nice Elysian mare … *He was going to get eaten for sure! He was going to wind up buried as a pile of bones! He was–getting his hair nuzzled?! He opened one eye and then another! The Elysian mare was there, rubbing her nose in his hair!* Uh … Didn’t see this coming …

    Betty: *The jester was dancing and talking away but Betty only had eyes for the handsome King who had people at his beck and call!* Hm. May we find a bard to sing your praises, Your Highness, so that all may know the glorious god to whom they are indebted to?

    Cassius: *Cassius rubbed his chin!* Yes…! I do believe a bard is a fine idea! *Seeing as how his Troll hadn’t returned with a princess yet…* WHO In this realm is brave enough to go on a quest for the king?! I want that Knight MacBeth as my singing bard! He’ll sing my praises until the die he dies! Oh ho ho ho ho!

    MacBeth: I’d rather we didn’t end up on the menu. *He said as the male’s attention was diverted by some people running away!* -06:37 Apr 08

    Ceri: *She blinked as he pulled her away again! She couldn’t begin to imagine what had happened this time!*

    Duncan: *He verrrry carefully reached out to pet the Elysian mare on the nose, half-expecting her to bite his hand off! All she did was sniff his hand and then his hand was petting her nose!*

    Bronwen: They’re bound to catch them in a minute. …Unless the owners were already eaten. *…which was a pretty high possibility. But they couldn’t go shooting someone’s pets!* -06:50 Apr 08
    [Bronwen was hiding under a table with MacBeth while virgin eating Elysian unicorns were loose… And Cassius was taking over the festival with his Evil Queen!] -01:30 Apr 09
    [MacBeth looked around and saw the coast was clear! Time to move!] -01:30 Apr 09
    MacBeth: *He stood and bolted for a very large tree not too far away! He heard the sound of hooves behind him but he wasn’t about to glance over his shoulder right now! He stopped by the tree and looked up! The lowest branches were at least a dozen feet off the ground! The Elysian male was back and it was galloping for them but at the last minute, he moved behind the tree! He hoisted Shadowstar as high as he could!* Go for it. -01:32 Apr 09

    Betty: *She studied Cassius’ face!* MacBeth for a bard …? *Of course, she had no idea how well MacBeth could sing! It seemed a strange order from someone who wanted him crushed.*

    Duncan: *He slowly stood, still not sure what to do about the Elysian mare. He didn’t want to take any chances.* Um … I sure hope you don’t decide to have me for lunch.

    Ceri: *She looked around when Dion finally stopped.* Are we even on the fair grounds anymore …?

    Bronwen: *Not exactly graceful trying to hop in a tree wearing a dress, but no one is going to complain about that with flesh eating unicorns! Bronwen grabbed a branch and pulled herself up! She scooted and hung down so she could hold her hands down for MacBeth!* -01:35 Apr 09

    Cassius: YES. That will be his divine punishment before I break all of his limbs and throw him in to the fires of my might! *Cassius pointed his sword at a few of the roaming knights!* You there! Fetch me MacBeth!

    The Elysian male turned and dashed back for Bronwen and Mac!

    Dion: *He glanced around at the trees… Technically they were outside of the main festival town, but there was still some fencing in the near distance with the decorations… They must have added in the trees for the ‘forest’.* I think we are. …But the forest is always a safe haven for fleeing heroes. *He cast her a soft grin!*

    MacBeth: *He turned and rolled out of the way! Then he was up and running back to the corral!* -01:40 Apr 09

    The male stopped just as it was about to hit the tree! It had pretty quick reflexes! It shook its head, snorted and galloped after Mac!

    Ceri: *She blinked and found herself blushing again!* Dion, you’re such a sweetheart.

    Betty: *She gave a deep sigh!* Hm. I love it when you talk rough, Your Magnificence. The people will quickly learn that your might is the only one that matters.

    Bronwen: Hey…! *Bronwen had contemplated jumping on that horse, but thank goodess for some common sense!* Damnit! -01:44 Apr 09

    Cassius: Aye, as they should! Those wretched siblings and that upstart MacBeth will rue they day they ever challenge The Black King! *Once again Cassius laughed loudly! Everything was going as planned!*

    Dion: A sweetheart for the prettiest knight in the whole kingdom. *He was pulling Ceri in to his arms for a dance! There was no music, but who needed it? They had a forest to themselves!*

    Duncan: Um … You uh, stay here. *He was telling the mare.* I’m gonna um … go find my captain. *And so he left the corner he’d been huddling in! But the mare kept following him! And if that wasn’t odd enough, the mares they passed followed him, too!*

    Ceri: *She was still blushing! What a romantic! She followed his lead and started to hum in time with the dance!*

    MacBeth: *He spotted a long coil of rope someone had left next to one of the tents and picked it up as he past! Then he hopped over one of the unbroken pieces of the fence and wrapped some of the rope loosely around one hand!* -02:06 Apr 09

    Betty: So what other plans do you have, Your Greatness? *She asked, curious.* You know I will help you in whatever way you desire.

    Bronwen: Duncan! * She called when he nearly passed under her!* …You whole a whole flock of mares following you! -02:13 Apr 09

    Cassius: *Cassius rubbed his chin giving it great thought!* I intend to win this tournament, destroy MacBeth, humiliate my sister… and possibly get vengeance on my brothers! …and speaking of which, Dion is on the top of that list!

    Duncan: *He looked up and waved!* Hey, Captain! *He looked around when she mentioned the mares!* Uh … Yeah. I’m kind of confused about that, too! *He patted his pockets.* I don’t have any treats … I wonder if it’s the hat. *He touched it where it still sat on his head!*

    Betty: Ah yes, my sister’s boyfriend. *She rolled her eyes.* The romantic. No doubt making out with my sister as we speak.

    Bronwen: It might be the hat. *Bronwen replied with a grin. …Of course it was more likely that Duncan was an animal charmer. She finally hopped down out of the tree and primly fixed her skirts!* We better go save MacBeth from the stallion though, or he’s going to end up devoured. -02:23 Apr 09

    The male stopped on the other side of the corral from MacBeth and looked like it was wondering what to do!

    Duncan: *He looked around.* With all the mares wandering around, I’m surprised no one’s tried to round them up yet.

    Bronwen: …That IS kind of weird! The whole festival is hopping around preparing for something, but we were too busy running to see what it’s about. *Bronwen eyed one of the mares….* …. we better lure these back to their corral before they stop being so friendly. -02:41 Apr 09

    Duncan: Good idea. Um … I think I saw some boards we could use to patch it up in the tent on the far side of the corral. *He started heading back there and the mares continued to follow!*

    Meanwhile, there was a group of knights heading out to capture MacBeth! Only when they found him, there was one of those Elysian horses loose! ….Maybe they’ll just wait a minute!

    [Bronwen and Duncan were looking for MacBeth!] -03:17 Apr 18
    [MacBeth saw his chance as that Elysian male came at him!] -03:18 Apr 18

    Duncan: *Still not quite believing there were a herd of Elysian mares following him, he scratches his head!* … I hope they didn’t eat anyone.

    Bronwen: I don’t think they did. No one seems to be in TOO much of a panic. …They must get loose on a regular basis. *…Or maybe most of the fair consists of manwhores and sleazy women, but she didn’t care to think about that!* -03:22 Apr 18
    MacBeth: *He looped the lasso around the male’s neck, grabbed onto its mane and hoisted himself up as the male started kicking out and thrashing! He held on with clenched teeth!* -03:23 Apr 18

    The male refused to let the human stay on for much longer! It thrashed and kicked! When that didn’t work, it galloped through the fair and was headed straight for Bronwen and Duncan!*

    Bronwen: *A disbelieving blink!* ….That isn’t MacBeth riding an angry unicorn and heading right for us is it…? -03:26 Apr 18

    Duncan: *His eyes grew wide! He wasn’t about to find out first hand if it was his imagination or not! He pushed the captain out of the way but was still going to be run over!*

    MacBeth: *He opened one eye and then another, then pulled on the lasso HARD! He turned the male to the right of Duncan!* Damnit, Flyboy! Get that corral open! -03:29 Apr 18

    Duncan: *Ack!* Going …! *He threw open the fixed corral gate–amazing what some rope and a lot of cement adhesive will do–before getting run over when Mac came back a little while later!*

    Bronwen: You heard him, open up the gate! *One of these days she’ll ask MacBeth where he gets these bright ideas… but for now, she was getting the hell out of the way!* -03:34 Apr 18

    The Elysian male went galloping into the corral! MacBeth jumped off at the last minute, rolled, and landed in a crouch as Duncan shut the gate!

    MacBeth: *He smirked as he stood, dusting off his clothes!* … Your Highness. -03:36 Apr 18

    Those Knights that were waiting to grab MacBeth were now scratching their heads! ….A guy riding around on an Elysian Stallion wasn’t going to be easy to grab! They needed a new plan!

    Duncan: *He walked back to them, scratching his head under the cap!* … Did I just … And did you just … And did we just …? *He seemed in shock as he pointed from Mac to Bronwen to himself and back again!*

    Bronwen: We saved a fair from virgin eating unicorns… Ones that MacBeth let out, mind you. I thought we were going to stay out of trouble today! -03:42 Apr 18
    MacBeth: *He probably should be getting upset about her blaming this on him but … That brought up a real good question! … Who the hell was that guy ANYWAYS?!* It seems to find us. Speaking of which … it’s been too quiet. *He glanced at Shadowstar and quickly added.* Cassius-wise. -03:44 Apr 18

    Duncan: *Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Much better!* I think Fa would have loved to see the Elysian mares! And the male, too! They really are beautiful!

    Bronwen: That’s true… I haven’t seen Cassius all day. Do you think he found himself a women? *Bronwen smiled at Duncan! Just like Fa Hessing with the scary critter charming!* -03:47 Apr 18
    MacBeth: … We brought Betty, remember? No woman is going to get within six feet of him without her there. I say we go check things out. Looks like everything has calmed down. -03:50 Apr 18

    Speaking of Cassius and trouble…. Those Knights appeared behind them and cleared their throats! “AHEM! Ho there, patrons of this fine fair! We would like to issue you a personal invitation to…. The King’s Castle!”

    Duncan: *He blinked at them! Real Knights! He even poked at the man closest to him! Sheesh, that armor must weigh a ton!*

    Bronwen: The King’s Castle would be interesting… a lot more than tracking down Cassius and finding him doing unspeakable things with Betty. *Ack! She was going to have to quickly erase that mental image out of her head!* -03:57 Apr 18

    Duncan: *The idea of going to the King’s Castle made his face light up!* Yeah, let’s go. I’ve never been to the King’s Castle before! *Then again, he’s never been to one of these fairs either!*

    “Yes! And you shouldn’t refuse the King of the Festival, or it’s off with your heads!” A Knight offered Bronwen his arm, while the others motioned for Duncan and MacBeth to follow!

    MacBeth: *He arched his eyebrow when the Knight mentioned getting beheaded for declining the invitation! He didn’t like the sound of that … and it had to do more with the tone of the Knight’s voice than anything else! But he followed after Shadowstar and Duncan!* -04:00 Apr 18

    Duncan: *March and march and glance around! They hadn’t gone very far when he scratched his head under the cap again!* … Have any of you seen a small furball about this big, cuddly looking, blue eyes? *He held his hands apart to give an approximate size for Tiny!*

    And thus the Knights were very nice and charming, and led them off towards the festival castle! Out in front of the tower, they stopped. “Before you meet the king, there are prepreations! The Madam can visit the Lady’s Waiting room, while your Sirs can follow us!”

    And nay, none have seen a little furball!

    Duncan: *He huffed and sighed at their reply!* … I sure hope Tiny’s not eating anyone … *He muttered but he got distracted by the Knights leading them somewhere else!* I guess we’ll see you later, Captain.

    Bronwen: Don’t worry. Tiny knows how to behave. …so I hope you two can stay out of trouble for fifteen minutes while I seemingly go to weird girl stuff. *She cast them both a grin!* -04:06 Apr 18
    MacBeth: *He smirked!* We’ll do our best, Your Highness. *He told her just before the Knights started leading him and Duncan away!* -04:07 Apr 18

    Duncan: *He grinned sheepishly! He felt aLOT better about Tiny roaming around alone! He gave her a salute!* Will do, Captain!

    Leading Bronwen away to the Tower, the Knights cleared their throats and motioned for Duncan n’ MacBeth to follow them in to the Castle! They finally came to a big empty throne room with two large thrones! And sitting there was…

    Duncan: *He blinked a couple of times! And then a couple more!* … CASSIUS?! And … BETTY?!

    Cassius: Well done, my Knights! …Welcome to MY castle, peasants. All you see before you is the domain of the Dark King Cassius! Now you will do my bidding!

    MacBeth: *He had his arms crossed and he wore his smirk!* … And I always thought you didn’t have a sense of humor, Cassie. -04:17 Apr 18

    Duncan: I’ve never been to one of these fairs before but … aren’t you supposed to be elected the King or something?

    Cassius: *Cassius scowled for a moment, but he was right back to grinning like a fiend!* HA. I do indeed. That is why you have been brought here before me. YOU are the new court Bard. You are going to sing for the King or be put to death!

    MacBeth: I’ve never been to one of these, either. *He told Duncan. He looked at Cassius.* Keep talking and you’ll bore me to death. Besides, I only sing for Bronwen. -04:21 Apr 18

    Cassius: *Cassiues eyed his Knights, and at visual confirmation… he grinned even wider!* You’ll never sing for Bronwen again! Ha ha ha! She’ll be locked away and never found. So you’ll be singing for my Queen, or my Knights are going to behead you and feed your insides to the vultures!

    MacBeth: What’s the matter, old man? Can’t take care of me yourself? *He was still smirking!* -04:27 Apr 18

    Duncan: *He glanced around and moved a little closer to Mac!* Uh … Mac …? *He whispered, eying the Knights! The odds didn’t look too good!*

    Cassius: *A Snort!* I could crush you with my bare hands. …But then we wouldn’t have such an exciting show. …Knights… destroy him!

    Destroying people wasn’t usually in the script, but this King seemed to know a lot about putting on a show. …All the Knights drew their swords and charged!

    Betty: *Ahem!* Be sure to leave Duncan alone! I promised Ma Hessing to look after him!

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Uh … Thanks … Betty …? *Just how many people did his Ma ask to look after him?!*

    Cassius: *Siiiigh… Well, he had no problem with Duncan, anyway. Just his monster.* Spare the kid and just destroy MacBeth, as the Queen orders!

    MacBeth: *The taunt worked a hell of a lot better when he was younger! Oh well! He pulled one of the sword hilts out and a blade appeared! He stopped an incoming swing for his head, kicked out to stop another knight charging from the side! Then he pushed the knight crossing swords with him backwards so he could duck another incoming swing! He slipped his blade under the swinging knight’s belt and SHHLICCK! off went the belt and the knight’s pants!* -04:34 Apr 18

    Cassius: *He should have known…. Damned MacBeth was always too good in a fight for a bunch of goons to handle themselves! Cassius stood up and bellowed!* Ready to start singing yet, kid? Or does King Cassius need to teach you another lesson?

    MacBeth: *He stood up, kicked a knight in the ass as he bent over and sent him falling head over heels!* I got a better idea, old man. Give me back my captain. *He stepped back as another sword went swinging down to cleave him in half, then punched out the knight who’d done it!* -04:42 Apr 18

    Enough was enough! A bunch of Knights could only take so much of a beating! They were scurrying out of the way with many apologies to their King!

    Duncan: *He was on the sidelines and really enjoying the show! A lot of the other people around seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was!*

    Cassius: Forget it! If the fox wants to prance around like a damned princess, then she’s goin’ to sit up in the tower like a princess! *Damned useless Knights! He’ll have to take care of this himself!* Of course, if you enter my tournament and think you can win the prize… I ~might~ let her loose. …but… I think I’d rather have you destroyed and you never see your Princess Captain again! HO HO HO HO! *Cassius made sure to give his very best of evil laughs! This was HIS festival!*

    MacBeth: I’d win your little tournament but I doubt you’ll keep your word. You always were a sore loser, Cassie. -04:52 Apr 18

    Cassius: HA. Sounds like the words of a coward! Too chicken to compete against me, MacBeth?

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Just thinking of your old age and well being, old man. Fine. How about a wager? I win your tournament, I get my captain back. -04:56 Apr 18

    Cassius: *He sure as hell wasn’t going to give her back… But he doubted MacBeth would be able to win his challenges. Ohohoho!* FINE. ~If~ you win the tourney, you can have her! And when ~I~ win… You’ll stay away from my damned sister, and you’ll proclaim to the world about your awesome King Cassius!

    MacBeth: Just remember that a Shadowstar keeps his promises. You break this one to me and Morgan is the least of your worries. -05:06 Apr 18

    Cassius: *Cassius only smirked!* I have no worries, MacBeth. You won’t win my tournament. *Faking a huuuuge yawn, he waved a hand!* Get out of my sight! The tourney begins tonight. I am a considerate King. Enjoy your last few hours of freedom!

    Duncan: *He was about to walk over to Mac when he looked down! There was Tiny! He picked it up!* There you are, Tiny … I need to ask you for a favor …

    And that was how, not too long after, Tiny found itself perched on the sill of a tower window! “Greeowww!” it called into the darkness, looking for the human female with the comfty chair!

    Bronwen: *This Princess business was pretty dull! She was about to trick someone in to opening the door and punch a guy in the face when she spotted Tiny!* There you are! Duncan was worried about you. *She moved to the window and took a peek down. …How did Tiny climb up that?* …I’m going to assume Cassius is up to something, huh? -05:14 Apr 18

    “Greeowww!” Tiny replied. Tucked into its collar was a folded up piece of paper. It simply read \”Cassius is the King. Need to win tournament. Where are you? -Mac\”

    Bronwen: How the hell did he manage that? *King Cassius? As if his head could get any bigger! She scribbled quick reply and tucked it neatly in Tiny’s collar!* Okay fuzzy. Better run fast before Cassius gets worse. -05:19 Apr 18

    “Greeowww!” And off Tiny went! It just jumped off of the sill and seemed to fall straight down! Except it started to jump off the walls, slowing its fall! Was there anything that furball couldn’t do?!

    Bronwen: *…Bronwen leaned out the window! SHE could do that! ….maybe. Jumping out windows and down walls couldn’t be that hard if the fuzball could do it!* -05:29 Apr 18
    MacBeth: *He was outside of the castle, trying to figure out a plan. There was no way Cassius would let him win … He looked up as Tiny arrived with a note! He took the note and read it!* … Between me and Shadowstar, we could win the tournament. *Then he smirked.* Tiny, I have another job for you … -05:33 Apr 18

    It was almost dark when Tiny returned, perched on the tower sill again! This time the note read \”Need your help. Between the two of us we can win the tournament. Tiny will get you out. -Mac.\”

    Cassius: *Meanwhile, Cassius was making sure his tourney was going to be impossible for that MacBeth!* MUAHA HA HA HA! Everything is complete! I will have his bones between my fingers!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked at the letter and then blinked at Tiny!* …All right then, how exactly are we getting out of this tower? And it better not involve eating anyone. -05:37 Apr 18

    “Greeowww!” Tiny went. It hopped off of the sill into the room and grew into its larger size! Then it lay down, perfect for Shadowstar to climb on top of its back!

    Betty: *She clapped her hands!* Everything is set up, my King. Perhaps I shall kidnap that annoying brother of yours? What better revenge than to let him witness MacBeth’s demise at your hands!

    Cassius: *Stroking his chin, this idea did sound splendid!* Hmyeeess. Dion has been damned uppity about taking MacBeth and Bronwen’s side… Worse now with his pretty little girlfriend. Maybe we should take his woman too!

    Betty: *She smiled! She could hardly contain herself! She’d get Ceri back for “slaying” her all those years ago! No one slays the princess and gets away with it!* We can snatch her as soon as she realizes her boyfriend is gone. The way those two cling together …

    Bronwen: *Not so sure if she was going to like this idea, but Bronwen climbed on Tiny’s back and held on tight…. and closed her eyes! She was probably not going to want to watch!* -05:45 Apr 18

    Cassius: HA HA HA HA! Excellente! You have your task, my brilliant Queen! Strike Dion down and steal the Lady Ceri!

    Tiny got up and walked over to the door! Then it turned and Bronwen could feel its muscles tense and ripple under its fur! It crouched down, really low … Then it suddenly took off. It landed on the window sill for a split second and then sprung off! There was falling, and then Tiny landed on something else, they fell again, Tiny recovered by landing on something else! It was quite a ride going down but in no time at all, they had stopped!

    Betty: As you wish, my magnificent King. *She curstseyed and motioned for two of the Knights to follow her! She refused to soil herself by having to hoise those lovebirds back!*

    MacBeth: *hoist -05:51 Apr 18

    Duncan: You made it! *He grinned and hugged Tiny!* Good … g–I mean, Tiny. *He still wasn’t sure if Tiny was a girl or a boy or what Tiny was exactly!*

    Bronwen: Well that was a wild ride! *Bronwen hopped of Tiny quick and gave a good pet!* You’re such a good little rescuer! -05:56 Apr 18



    Brennen comes to ask for help, as there is problems with Lady Heather’s business!

    [MacBeth was outside the Hessing farm, helping out Fa Hessing with the chores!] -02:41 May 01
    [Bronwen was doing what a good captain should be doing. Supervising others and plotting their next move!] -02:42 May 01

    Duncan: *He was also outside, helping Fa Hessing out! It was hard work but he had missed his parents during his travels! Not that he’d ever think about settling down just yet!*

    Ma Hessing: *She walked outside to where Bronwen sat, supervising the men and plotting!* Bronwen, look who came to visit. *She stepped aside to reveal Brennen who looked like he’d been through hell.*

    Brennen: *He took a deep breath!* Brownie … I need your help. I really, really need your help. The kind of help that I’d beg to get and love you forever if you give it to me.

    Bronwen: *With a very flat screen in her hands, she was looking up boring blah databanks to find out where Morgan usually sets up her.. everything. Man… the galaxy sure was different.* Hmm…? *Like she did with Dion (whom she now forgave, but Bree didn’t need to know that) she just scowled at him!* And why should I! You’re a pussywhipped baby and let Aaron push his balls around! -02:46 May 01

    Brennen: *He deserved that!* Aaron did what he felt he had to do. I did what I could. Come on, Brownie. I’m sorry I didn’t do more. I love Mac like a brother, you know that.

    Bronwen: Tch, sorry. …What’s wrong with you anyway? Big mean brothers should be able to take care of their own business. -02:50 May 01

    Brennen: *He looked embarassed.* I would but … this concerns Heather. Someone’s leaning on her business and customers are disappearing from her place. *He looked hopeful.* So … can I get your help?

    Bronwen: … What is with you idiots and not protectin’ your womenfolk? *…Dangit. Bronwen grumbled under her breath as she stood and marched off across the yard.* I’ll tell my boys… -02:53 May 01

    Brennen: *He gave her a look of relief!* Thanks, Brownie. I know I owe you big time.

    Bronwen: You owe me money and compliments! Just like Dion! *She called out over her shoulder!* -02:56 May 01

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Would you like something to eat, Brennen? You look famished. *She was already leading the way to the kitchen!*

    Brennen: *Sheepish grin! The kind of grin that said he had more compliments than cash at the moment!* Yes, ma’am! You wonderful, brilliant woman!

    MacBeth: *He stopped and looked up when he heard Shadowstar yelling!* What’s up? *He asked her when she got close enough.* -02:57 May 01

    Dion: *The last person he was expecting to see was Brennen when he popped down to the kitchen just to grab some snacks for himself and Ceri. …Like hell he was going to leave her out of his sights for longer than 10 minutes!* Bree? …No. Wait. Let me guess. Trouble.

    Bronwen: Another rat showed up asking for a favor. In the mood for some more rescuin’? -03:03 May 01
    MacBeth: *He smirked!* You’re a saint, Shadowstar. But you know I’m with you. Hey, Flyboy, ready to play calvary? -03:05 May 01

    Duncan: *He blinked and looked up! He grinned!* Ready when you are, Captain and Mac.

    Brennen: *He blinked!* Dion! *He flashed an embarassed grin.* … How’d you guess?

    Dion: Besides that look on your face? No better way to solve trouble than to ask trouble for help. *Dion cast a wide grin.* Good timing, anyway. A few days sooner and you would’ve had to wait your turn.

    Bronwen: Good, good. We’re going to be saving some pretty ladies. So you might wanna wear a nice shirt, Duncan. *Smiiirk!* -03:11 May 01

    Brennen: *He laughed and scratched the back of his head.* Really …? *He blinked.* Wait … Ceri …?

    Dion: Ceri is all right. Found out as a spy and nearly publicly executed, but all right. …I have to admit Bronwen is impressive when she’s not terrifying.

    Duncan: *There was a look of wonder on his face! This would be a dream come true for him!* … You really think I stand a chance of making a good impression with them, Captain?

    MacBeth: *He smirked and ruffled Duncan’s hair.* Look on the bright side, you’ll have them all to yourself. -03:16 May 01
    Bronwen: I think you’ll get mauled with kisses, Duncan. Mauled. ..Now c’mon then. Sorry Fa! Make Dion stop hovering over Ceri and help! *She waved at the old man!* -03:16 May 01

    Fa Hessing: *He grunted, but just nodded a head!*

    Duncan: *A big grin!* Yes, Captain. I’ll see you later, Fa! *He ran to put his shovel away and get a clean shirt!*

    Brennen: I’m glad she’s alright. *He laughed.* What kind of trouble did she cause this time?

    Dion: Cleared an entire stadium of Morgan’s men. By herself. …and didn’t get shot in the process. Throw in grenades, smarting off to Morgan over the comsystem… and… It’s a wonder that girl is still alive and managed to get any of us free. *He replied sheepishly… It really was!**

    Brennen: *He let out a breath and laughed softly.* I think that’s what Mac is for.

    Bronwen: *watching Duncan run off..!* I wonder if he’ll realized they’re whores. …He hasn’t figured out when I hook him up with women yet… -03:30 May 01
    MacBeth: Whether he realizes it or not, he seems to enjoy their company anyways. *He smirked.* So, this is Heather we’re talking about. What did Brennen say? -03:33 May 01

    Dion: He’s doing a damned good job at this rate. Ahem. …Speaking of…. Something wrong with Heather?

    Bronwen: Someone grabbing her customers, I think. Kidnapping. Doesn’t really sound like Morgan’s style. Might be a rival or smugglers or something… Rabid Werewhore? -03:35 May 01
    MacBeth: *He chuckled, still wore that smirk of his.* Rabid werewhore … Looks like you’ve been thinking too hard and too long, Shadowstar. We won’t know for sure unless we check things out for ourselves. It might even be disgruntled customers. -03:41 May 01

    Brennen: Someone’s leaning on Heather to shut her business down. Meanwhile, customers are disappearing from her place and you know how people are, they talk. Heather’s getting a bad rep.

    Bronwen: Hey. I still think Morgan might be a rabid werewhore, so don’t go knocking it off. *She stuck her tongue out at him, but headed off for the house!* -03:43 May 01

    Dion: Ah. Not good. Was good to ask for help… whomever it is, they’re sure to know you. *He looked up at a clock on the wall… Ten minutes were up! If that woman was trying to sneak out of bed, he would catch her!* Good luck, Bree. Make sure you come back in one piece. *He cast a quick grin before managing to snag some drinks and a couple of Ma Hessing’s wonderful fresh baked muffins!*

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Yeah, well … ‘rabid werewhore’? *He followed after her.* -03:51 May 01
    Bronwen: Uh huh. Best not to let her bite you next time you get in a fight. *She was serious. Nobody that hideous could be human. The old hag should be dead by now. Bronwen stepped in the house looking for her Duncan, who was taking far too long picking out clean clothes, and that good for nothing brother!* -03:55 May 01

    Ceri: *She looked around. Maybe it was safe to move now … She had told Dion, Ma Hessing, and everyone else she was perfectly fine but they insisted on keeping her in bed! She hissed under her breath when she sat up a litle too quickly. Then she swung her legs down and tiptoed toward her clothes. Or rather, Ma Hessing’s clothes. She’d been generous enough to give them to Ceri. Very nice clothes, too! A nice light blue dress with a long skirt and a modest neckline!*

    Dion: Woman. *Now, normally a line like that would come out of Cassius’ mouth and Dion never thought there’d be a day where he’d use it… But here she is trying to escape!* …Back in bed.

    Duncan: *He was digging through clothes trying to pick the right one! The red shirt! Nah. How about the yellow? Hm … Maybe not. He was throwing shirts this way and that!*

    Ceri: *She froze with her hand on the dress!* Dion … I’m perfectly fine. *She stood straight and attempted to look well … in fighting condition! But he looked so adorable with that look on his face, even if it did infuriate her too.*

    Dion: You’re barely standing! Get back in bed and give me a few more days. Then I’ll make it up to you with something amazing. I promise. *Of course, if she didn’t agree he was just going to grab her and hold her down like he did yesterday. The woman was stubborn.*

    Bronwen: Duncan! ….Duncan! Just grab all your damned shirts! I’m not pussyfotting around when there’s dames to rescue! -04:17 May 01

    Duncan: But–But–! *He looked around and started grabbing every shirt he could get his hands on! You could never have enough clothes, right?! By the time he was done, he could barely see … that’s how big the pile in his arms was!*

    Ceri: *A sheepish grin!* How about a little walk? Five minutes? You won’t even know I’m gone. *She had to stretch her legs and well … get some fresh air!*

    Dion: I’ll open the window and you can have a seat. No comprimises. *It was hard not to smile. Why was it so sweet when a girl was trying to be sneaky.*

    Bronwen: Duncan y-… Hell. *She let the dummy drag out all his shirts. Why not!* Breeeeennen. If you’re done stuffing yourself with Madam Hessing’s treats, we better get off! -04:43 May 01
    MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow! It was a miracle Duncan managed not to walk into the door or trip over something with those shirts of his!* -04:44 May 01

    Brennen: HMmm!! *He had definitely missed these treats! He tried to smile at Ma Hessing but he was afraid crumbs would fall out! He gave her a thumbs up instead, swallowed some of the cake and drank some milk! Then he gave a bow to Ma Hessing and shot out to join Bronwen and company!*

    Ma Hessing: *She laughed softly and waved to Brennen! When he was gone, she sighed softly with a smile on her face.* Those Shadowstars …

    Ceri: *She winced when he said no compromises.* Not even a teeny-tiny compromise?

    Dion: Not if you want to spend your days a freedom loving woman, instead of tied up to bed for the next three weeks. *Maybe not three weeks. One week for sure.*

    Bronwen: Now, *She started on the way to the ship and waving a finger!* since I figure it’s not likely to do with Morgan, and since you’re all sweet on ‘mlady Heather, my boys can flirt with ladies. -04:55 May 01

    Ceri: *She blinked!* … You wouldn’t.

    Dion: I didn’t go rescuing a lady to have her die on me before we can have our next date. *How he said it with a straight face, he wasn’t sure.*

    Brennen: *He swallowed the last of the cake! Madame Hessing was the best baker ever! He nodded.* Mm … Yes, O beautiful, graceful, best sister ever.

    Bronwen: …you don’t have any money either, do you. *She muttered. Really, how did they survive this long? MacBeth? Into the ship they head, Bronwen thinking out a few different kinds of plans depending on what’s appropriate! She may not be able to get away with whorin’ Duncan and MacBeth was out of the question! Brennen would be useless ’cause he’s there all the time…* I wonder if Cassius left his dress on the ship… -05:06 May 01

    Ceri: *She looked at him. He was right … But she was stubborn.* Can I go downstairs and get myself a snack?

    Duncan: *He blinked.* His dress …? I um, I think so.

    Dion: No. *He presented her with the pilfered muffins from downstairs!*

    [Bronwen logged out of the chat.] -((05:52 May 01))



    Dion asks Bronwen and Mac for help in rescuing Ceri after she’s discovered and captured by Morgan’s men.

    [MacBeth was as good as new … and was the ship the trio had gotten!] -02:21 Apr 23
    [Bronwen had to admit she missed the Briar Rose! And now it looked right shiney too!] -02:22 Apr 23

    Ma Hessing: She looks mighty fine, sweetie. *She kissed his cheek and then threw her arms around Fa Hessing!* And you haven’t gotten rusty at all, have you, love?

    Fa Hessing: Aye. *He muttered out with his usual gruffy growl. The ship did look like a nice piece of work! Probably one of his best!*

    Duncan: *His cheeks went red!* Ma … *He got himself together.* But yeah, we did a great job on the Briar Rose. It’s a good thing Cassius installed that engine from McRaven!

    Ma Hessing: Oh that old engine. I had to torque things a bit. Just because it’s new and such doesn’t mean you can’t make it better.

    MacBeth: Looks like we’re almost ready to go, eh, Captain? *He gave Shadowstar a sideways glance. The Hessing farm was great and all but they still had a mission!* -02:26 Apr 23

    Duncan: MA! *He winced.* Just how many things did you … torque? *He asked slowly. He was already pretty sure he wouldn’t like the answer!*

    Bronwen: I think we’re golden. It’s about time we dig up some goodies on the old hag! *Things had a way of working out for the better! Briar Rose with a little of Ma Hessing’s crazy Toru princess magic… they were going to blow Morgan to bits!* -02:28 Apr 23

    Ma Hessing: *She blinked and turned to look at Duncan!* … Oh, Duncan. You worry too much. Your Fa and I are just looking out for your welfare and those of your crew-mates.

    MacBeth: *He smirked and saluted!* Ready to get digging, Captain. She won’t know what hit her. -02:30 Apr 23
    Bronwen: Yeah, you worry too much, Duncan. We need all that Toru voodoo if we’re going to plaster Morgan’s gut across space. *She gave Fa Hessing a quick kiss on the cheek!* Brilliant job! We’ll cannon someone just for you! -02:32 Apr 23

    Fa Hessing: *Fa snorted loudly, but his cheeks were good and red! He only grumbled as he crossed his arms over his chest!*

    Ma Hessing: *She gave Bronwen a cat-like grin.* Ah, the cannon. It reminds me of the time Fa stuffed me into one and tried to blow me into the icy, deep, soul-sucking, never ending emptiness of space.

    Duncan: *He grinned sheepishly.* Sorry. *He mumbled under his breath. He didn’t seem surprised to hear that coming from his Ma about being stuffed into a cannon!*

    Dion: That couldn’t possibly be true. *There was Dion, as if he had appeared out of no where… and he didn’t look too happy!*

    Bronwen: Look what the wolves dragged in. A deserter. *She was still pretty damned pissed off, but he didn’t seem so great either.* -02:38 Apr 23
    MacBeth: *He glanced from Dion to Bronwen and back again.* … What happened? -02:39 Apr 23

    Dion: *He was frowning.* Do we want to start where I found out there’s a leak with those galactic officials, the part where my girlfriend got herself captured, or my favorite; a planned public execution?

    Bronwen: …That all? Here I thought it was something serious. *Out of all the girls in the universe he hooked up with, he had to go and pick Lady Undercover Spy!* …I guess we’ll have to put Operation Kill-a-hag on hold for a bit… -02:44 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Oh crap … Wait, Ceri isn’t a secretary somewhere?

    Tiny, in large form, grabbed another basket from Ma Hessing and was already getting on board!

    Dion: *Dion gave a wry smile as he rubbed the back of his head.* No, Duncan… I’m afraid not.

    Bronwen: Hmph. And where are the rest of my good for nothing brothers? -02:47 Apr 23
    MacBeth: Let’s go then. Madame, Sir. *He turned to the Hessings and nodded.* Thanks. *He started for the ship and as he passed Duncan, he grabbed his arm and dragged him inside!* -02:47 Apr 23

    Duncan: *His mouth kept opening and closing, like a fish out of water!* Bu … Wha … Huh … She …

    Dion: They don’t know. Rescuing someone isn’t exactly Aaron’s strong suit. That, I believe, is yours. …are you going to give me a hand?

    Bronwen: We’re getting on the boat aren’t we? *She tilted her head towards the hatch, giving Ma and Fa Hessing a good wave before boarding!* -02:50 Apr 23

    Ma Hessing: *She smiled and waved.* Have fun, kids. And be safe.

    MacBeth: *He plopped Duncan down into his seat and slapped his face a couple of times.* Snap out of it, Flyboy. We gotta move. -02:51 Apr 23

    Tiny put the basket in the cargo hold and prepared for what could be a rocky take off!

    Duncan: *He blinked! This made no sense to him whatsoever! Ceri was the most normal girl he’d ever known! She didn’t do stuff like this! … Did she?*

    Dion: *With a sigh of relief, Dion wasn’t wasting no time getting his ass on the ship!* It’s a space station off Corasoa. And damned likely to be a trap. The whole thing was practically broadcasted across the damned galaxy.

    MacBeth: *He wasn’t sure whether to start threatening Duncan or bribing him with something! So he slapped him!* Damn it, snap out of it, I said. You and Ceri can talk about it AFTER we rescue her. Got it? -02:55 Apr 23
    Bronwen: Hey! If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see Morgan herself! *Bronwen headed straight for the control room to drop in to her chair! Sitting there as if MacBeth slapping around Duncan was an everyday thing!* Corasoa Space Station and better make it fast, flyboy. We don’t want to be late. -02:56 Apr 23

    Duncan: *SMACK! His head whipped to one side and he rubbed his cheek. But he finally nodded!* Yeah. Got it. Thanks. *He started the ship as Mac sat down.* Okay, everyone, buckle up!

    3 … 2 … 1 … BLAST OFF! The ship took off, headed for Corasoa Space Station!

    MacBeth: … Nothing like a family reunion. *He remarked.* The Rose is flying smooth as ever. -02:59 Apr 23

    Dion: *Duncan was lucky enough to find himself a seat before getting flung to the back!* Pretty damned resourceful, I have to admit. Didn’t think you’d already have a ship when I showed up.

    Duncan: We should be there pretty soon. *He looked over his shoulder at Dion and beamed!* It’s the Briar Rose. My own fine ship. We found her and fixed her up.

    Bronwen: I had two ships the day I got out of that damned freezer, but no one thinks to ask Bronwen about her plans! -03:04 Apr 23
    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Speaking of plans, I’ll go take a quick look at Madame Hessing’s basket. *He stood and went to the cargo hold.* -03:05 Apr 23

    Dion: …Basket? *…Dion decided to save that question for later!* Look Brownie, I didn’t agree with Aaron’s choices and I’m pretty damned sure Bree didn’t either. But it ain’t likely either of us would have made much a difference.

    Tiny was there, curled up around the basket in its large form, sleeping!

    It woke up and lifted its head when Mac came in!

    MacBeth: *He pulled a piece of jerky out of his jacket.* Time to check the basket. *He offered the jerky to Tiny! It was his last one!* -03:10 Apr 23

    Duncan: *Checking the engine, the filters, everything! He should probably leave Dion and the captain alone but … he was the pilot. He had to stay at hand in case something happened!*

    Bronwen: Uh huh. But you stood aside all the same. Don’t think I’mma just forget that because you came and ask me for help first! You owe me an assload of compliments, and… some cash too! -03:11 Apr 23

    Tiny sniffed the jerky and then ate it! It shrunk into its small form and left Mac alone with the basket, finding its way into the control room to curl up on Mac’s vacant chair!

    Dion: …compliments and cash. *At least that was confirmation that he was forgiven. …enough to wear he wasn’t going to have to worry about her kicking him off the ship, or worse… sicking MacBeth on him!* Well, my charming, brilliant sister… I hope you like compliments the best, I used the last of my cash to get us security passes for that space station.

    MacBeth: *He opened the basket and, of course, found a hell of a lot! It was just like the first with tons of boxes and items in it! The first things he found were food and water. Then he pulled out weapons, ammo. Was there anything Madame Hessing DIDN’T pack?* -03:16 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He glanced over his shoulder!* Wow, security passes. Uh … Speaking of which, we’re almost there, Captain.

    MacBeth: … I swear, Shadowstar and Madame Hessing think alike. *He muttered loud enough for everyone to hear as he walked back in. He bribed Tiny off of his seat with a meaty leg he’d gotten from the basket.* -03:20 Apr 23
    Bronwen: At least you’re good for something. *She leaned to cast MacBeth a smirk.* Hand Duncan those codes, Dion. If we can pass off as a cargo ship, we’ll at least be able to dock. As for the rest… I figure the bitch is probably waitin’, and like any dramatic old hag she’ll be expecting something sneaky and steathly like. …so maybe we’ll distract her with a good bang. -03:21 Apr 23
    MacBeth: You wouldn’t happen to have a layout of the place, would you, Dion? The more running around we do, the less time we’ll have to rescue Ceri. Much less get out of there in one piece. -03:23 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He was watching Tiny chew on the bone.* It’s too bad we can’t have Tiny just sniff Ceri out. I bet Tiny’s got one hell of a nose.

    Dion: *Dion was getting out of his seat and pulling some datapads out of his back pocket, as he cast a quick look at Tiny!* …if Tiny COULD sniff out Ceri, and Brownie pulled one of her ‘big bangs’, how fast do you think we could make it out of there?

    Bronwen: I could have that whole damned place blowing up in thirty minutes. … Fifteen if I try not to kill anybody. -03:29 Apr 23

    Duncan: Thanks. *He told Dion as he took the codes.* So, Tiny, is your nose up to it?

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” mewed Tiny!

    MacBeth: *He smirked!* I think our biggest problem would be keeping up with Tiny. -03:31 Apr 23

    Dion: That’s not going to be a problem. I want Ceri out of there as fast as possible, if I have to strap a rocket to my rear to get there. *And damned if he wasn’t serious. If Cassius were on board he’d have a jetpack!*

    Duncan: *He looked up as the space station came into view.* So … our usual Duncan-stays-everyone-else-goes routine?

    Bronwen: Yep. Who else is gonna save our ass and fly us out of here if we lose our pilot? You’re the most important person on this whole boat! -03:35 Apr 23
    MacBeth: … Not to mention I feel sorry for whoever delivers the bad news to Madame Hessing if anything happens to you. Speaking of which, she was generous enough as always to pack some party favors for this big bang of ours. -03:36 Apr 23
    Bronwen: I wonder if that basket has a door to her cellar. …You think she spies on us? *Probably not the time to bring that up, but it had her curious! She pushed up out of her chair.* Might as well arm up. I am just going to point out if anybody gets shot this time, your ass is in so much trouble. MacBeth. -03:38 Apr 23
    MacBeth: Yes, ma’am. *He saluted and grinned over at Dion.* By the way, I think I saw some armor in that basket. Looked a lot like the one you used when we got Aaron out. -03:40 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He scratched his head.* I don’t know. Then again … there’s lots of things I don’t know about Ma and Fa Hessing. *He was starting to think all the bedtime stories she told him as a child were true after all!*

    Dion: Good to know. *He didn’t hesitate to get up, allowing Bronwen to lead the way to this mystical “basket” they keep talking about!*

    The basket was right where Tiny had placed it! There were a few boxes stacked on either side of the basket already. One side was food. The other side was everything else!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen took a good look at everything, a grin ever widening at the lovely little treats Ma Hessing made sure to send with them! Of course he favorite were the very nicely designed explosives… As long as she didn’t over do it, they would do the trick!* -03:45 Apr 23

    Duncan: *Meanwhile the Briar Rose had been hailed by the space station! The security passes were accepted! He flicked on the intercom.* Alright. So they accepted those security codes. We’re about to dock.

    Dion: *That basket didn’t look anything special. But he was more concerned with armoring up! He wasn’t about to get himself shot on this rescue mission, not with Ceri at risk! And then when he got her, he was probably going to yell at her for a few hours while he made sure she was in one piece!* All suited, Captain. *…complete with one nasty gun.*

    Bronwen: Beautiful Amazing Captain, that you love and adore. *Bronwen had her favorite guns, a good string of explosives, grenades, and… some kind of flying disk robot thing with a button! She wasn’t sure what they did yet, so that was going to be fun to try out on someone!* We’re going to storm in like kamikaze terrorists, so try not to panic or anything. You just worry about grabbing your girlfriend and getting back on the ship before.. uh… there isn’t a station anymore. -03:55 Apr 23

    Up front, with some tinkering on Duncan’s part, a screen appeared showing a large crowd gathered in front of a stage. Someone off screen announced, “Ladies, gentlemen of all shapes, sizes and colors! We’re here to witness a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime event! A public execution of a traitor and the worst kind!” There was no picture of Ceri but the crowd was getting wild!

    Duncan: … Holy crap. *Morgan spared no expense! He was beginning to worry a bit as he docked and the ship parked but … he was going to handle it fine. Just fine!*

    MacBeth: *He stood and patted Duncan on the shoulder!* Just hang in there, Flyboy. We’ll do the rest. -04:02 Apr 23

    Duncan: *A sheepish grin!* Thanks, Mac. *He turned to Tiny.* Okay, Tiny, it’s up to you to find where Ceri is. I know you can do it. *He gave Tiny one last scratch behind the ears for good luck!*

    Dion: *A slow deep breath.* All right then. Lead the way. Just make sure I don’t have to come rescue you too.

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” Tiny was in small form and as soon as the door opened, it ran down, stopped and sniffed the air. It turned its head one way and then another. And then it ran off down the corridor at their left!

    *after getting something Ceri had touched from Dion to sniff!

    Bronwen: HA! Happens once and a girl can’t live it down. *With Tiny taking off down the corridor, Bronwen dashed for the opposite direction! This was going to be a fun rescue!* -04:07 Apr 23

    Dion: *Fuzzy critter was fast, but Dion was on his heels in an instant with that gun ready to shoot down anyone that met in the halls!*

    Security was light but there were always a few guards about! The first few guards Dion met were caught unawares, in the middle of taking a smoke!

    MacBeth: *He gave Dion a headstart before he ran after him! If anyone caught Dion, they probably wouldn’t expect back up to come a little while later!* -04:11 Apr 23

    Bronwen found a few guards as well! Man, they really wish they could have gone to that public execution!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was going to have to contain her laughter while shooting people after the irony of idle conversations! Nobody is going to want to be at the execution was she gets in that room! There’s going to be a nice little riot!* -04:13 Apr 23

    Dion: *Dion didn’t even stop in the halls when he ran in to someone. A few quick shots was all it took as he darted after Tiny down the corridors!*

    As Bronwen drew closer to the arena where everyone was gathered, the noises of the crowd were getting louder! She approached the first pair of doors that led inside the arena! There were a total of sixteen pairs of doors down the hall, all leading into a different seating section!

    Tiny skidded to a halt in front of a door at the end of the hall. The door was marked “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY!” but all Tiny could do was scratch at the door! Unfortunately it was a door with another DNA signature lock, so only Morgan and her trusted goons could come and go without setting off a nasty alarm!

    Bronwen: Sonofabitch… *This was one grand-all affair for killing off a spy… Morgan really WAS trying to catch herself a couple of Shadowstars. …stupid damned bitch. Entering in the place, she subtly moved past several people before she bumped in to someone.* Oh, hey. Hold this for me, please. *She handed the guy a grenade with a pulled pin… and very quickly was scooting off in to the crowd!* -04:19 Apr 23

    Down below, four guards and a man in a suit stopped in front of one of the cells. Unlike the others, this one was occupied! The man in the suit smirked down at the woman in the black uniform now stained and torn in many places. “Show time, love,” he sneered. He used his handprint to open the door and gestured for the guards to grab her!

    The guy looked at the grenade for a bit. No one ever expects someone to hand them a grenade in the middle of a busy crowd! When he finally realized what it was, he swore and tried to throw it but it blew up before it left his hand! BOOM!

    Dion: Never makes this easy does she? *He couldn’t shoot the damned thing out but… Ah ha! He had MacBeth!* Hey, magic hands, I think this one is for you.

    Ceri: *Hands cuffed behind her back, her wrists were raw, her lip was bleeding, she had nasty bruises and don’t even get her thinking about those nasty lashes on her back! She clenched her teeth as they grabbed her arms and pulled her up! She stared at the monster in front of her. Oh, if only half the people who thought they knew him really knew who he was.*

    Bronwen: Oh my god! It’s a Shadowstar! And he has grenades! *Bronwen was shoving a couple grenades in to someone else’s hands the moment after that last one exploded! ….And was dashing quickly out of the way!* -04:25 Apr 23
    MacBeth: Haha. Very funny. *He muttered as he stopped in front of the door beside Dion and saw the familiar lock! He pressed his palm against it!* -04:26 Apr 23

    BEEP! The lock glowed green and there was a CLICK! of the door! As soon as Dion had opened it, Tiny scurried into the elevator and scratched at the lowest floor’s button!

    There were shouts of “Where?!” and “A Shadowstar!” all over the place! The guy Bronwen gave the grenades to panicked and threw them into the air! They blew up in mid-air! BBBBOOOOMM BBBBBOOOOMM!!

    Dion: *In to the Elevator he went, and he might have grinned if it weren’t HIS woman they were after! This wasn’t going near fast enough for him!*

    Henrik smiled. “Smile. You’re about to be a celebrity.”

    Ceri: … You are disgusting. *She replied, wishing she could spit in his face. Then again, he’d probably get a kick out of that! She was suddenly dragged toward the elevator when Henrik tilted his head to it.*

    Bronwen: *Man, she was going to have to get a little creative here and try something more…well… crazy. There wasn’t near enough mayhem! …Ah ha! Bronwen pushed through crowds of people and hopped down stairs to head for the stage! Of course, not without dropping a bomb in to someone’s pocket here and there!* -04:32 Apr 23

    The elevator stopped! Tiny streaked out, to the left! They’d been running for awhile when there were shouts “Hey, what the hell is that!” and “Shoot it!” Henrik grabbed Ceri as the four guards rushed between them and the rescue party.

    All eyes would have been on her … if everyone hadn’t been too busy, panicking to notice! The guards around the arena were pushing down everyone and going for Bronwen!

    Dion: Devour and conquer! *Dion shouted to Tiny! His own gun was raised and he was firing without mercy! And with his armor on, he had no damned problem rushing in at them!*

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” went Tiny. It was here. That scent was here! It was too small and quick for it to be hit by the soldiers’ shots!

    MacBeth: … Damn crazy Shadowstars. *He muttered. He pulled out his gun and was already dashing forward!* -04:38 Apr 23

    Tiny morphed into its larger form and tackled the last guard to the ground! The guard was yelling and trying to shoot at Tiny before the gun was knocked away by a big claw! One guard went down from getting shot by Dion! The other two began to retreat as Henrik began dragging Ceri further, back the way they’d come!

    Ceri: *She didn’t think much about the guards shooting at something but she blinked when she heard Dion’s voice! Surely this was a dream!* D–Dion?! *She strained to see him but Henrik had a death grip on her arm and was dragging her away!*

    Bronwen: *Now she was getting somewhere! Bronwen took a running slid to roll right through someone’s legs until she reached the edge of the stage! Grabbing on to a cord she jerked.. and got just what she wanted! A microphone!* AHEM! I’d like to give a big thank you to Mad Morgan for taking such good care of those Shadowstar men for me, you ass faced wrinkly old gutter sniping devil winged whore! I’d like to see your skanky cu- oh shit- *Her shout out to Morgan was cut short as she had to dodge someone’s gun fire! She swung the mic cord to clobber the guard in the face with it.. making a very nasty TWIIIIIIIIING reverb through the whole place!* -04:43 Apr 23

    Down went the guard Bronwen hit with the mic! People clapped their hands over their ears but kept running! This wasn’t the type of “entertainment” they had in mind! More guards arrived to fire at Bronwen!

    Dion: Ceri, I’d like to apologise for my sister’s language! *He said, gunning down after those other guards! It was that guy holding Ceri he REALLY wanted, but he sure as hell didn’t want to risk a shot at her!*

    Ceri: *She was blushing! Even in the middle of a gunfight, he was sweet enough to apologize! She found herself hoisted up with Henrik’s arm around her waist and then she was moved over his shoulder! It must have looked ridiculous as Henrik was a head shorter than she was and looked as thin as a twig! Oh, if only people knew!*

    Bronwen: *Ducking to the ground and making a quick roll, she found herself right under the stage! Crouching on her feet, she pulled out a few more of those grenades…. and gave them a good hard roll out in random directions for that crowd!* -04:49 Apr 23

    BANG BANG! Those guards went down, one after another. But for a guy with a woman over his shoulder he was moving really fast! He seemed to have disappeared when Dion and Mac found themselves at the end of the corridor! There was no other way out, just the rows of cells on either side of them!

    By now, only the guards remained! There was a rapid succession of explosions and seats blowing up!

    Dion: *He slowed… last thing they needed was an ambush!* …MacBeth if you can shoot the bastard down and not hit Ceri, I’ll owe you one mighty big favor. *Dion muttered quick… He didn’t trust his own shot, but MacBeth’s..! Once they grab Ceri, he was going to shove a grenade down the guy’s throat!*

    MacBeth: … It’d be the least I could do for you. *He replied as he looked around. He looked back the way they’d come.* -04:57 Apr 23

    Tiny trotted up to them, in large form. It started to sniff around and finally stopped at the last cell on the left!

    Bronwen: *Without all those nice people to hide behind, looks like she was going to have to pull her guns… While those guards were distracted with those explosions, she snuck out from under the stage, dashing behind rows of seats. She popped out just long enough to take a shot at someone and duck again!* -04:59 Apr 23

    The shot took down a guard! The others quickly began to scatter and shoot in the direction the shot had come from!

    MacBeth: *He moved to one side of the door and nodded at Dion, gun ready. He motioned for him to get ready to act. The locks to this cell and all the others except Ceri’s hadn’t been activated so they could be opened and closed easily. He took a deep breath, then kicked the door open!* -05:04 Apr 23

    Dion: *Gun aimed, Dion rounded that cell door with a scowl!* End of the line. Let her go and we might not kill you. …painfully.

    Henrik was there, holding Ceri against the wall with one hand squeezing her neck! The other was covering her mouth to keep her from giving away their location! He smirked and snorted. “I think I’ll just go ahead and execute the bitch.”

    Dion: You don’t want to see what happens if you do that. I can promise it’ll be worse than what Morgan’ll think up for ya. *And he was dead serious. More serious than he’d been his entire life! That trigger finger was itching!*

    Bronwen: *Boy she was glad she didn’t have those giant breasts like Betty! Trying to crawl under these chairs would be a bitch! What was taking those guys so long anyway, were they having a tea party with the guards?!* -05:11 Apr 23

    Ceri: *Henrik had one hell of a grip on her! She finally managed to twist her head slightly and bite down on Henrik’s hand!*

    Henirk howled in pain! He glared at Ceri and slammed her against the wall, knocking her unconscious! BANG! One shot of Mac ripped into the arm holding Ceri to the wall! BANG BANG! Two more shots severed his arm entirely and he dropped Ceri!

    Dion: *That was enough! Dion was rushing forward, but it wasn’t to catch the girl! He was ramming the muzzle of his gun right in the guy’s mouth and pulling the trigger! Of which later he was going to be worlds glad that Ceri didn’t see!*

    SPLAT! Henrik never knew what hit him as Dion pulled the trigger and then his body fell to the ground!

    MacBeth: *He rushed to Ceri’s side and checked her pulse! When he heard the SPLAT!, he raised his eyebrow! This was a side of Dion he’d never seen before! He picked Ceri up and put her over his shoulder.* Come on, D. It’s time to move. -05:22 Apr 23

    The guards decided to play it smart! They started to fan out. One of them was bound to get the little Shadowstar female and then Morgan would have her public execution!

    Dion: *He hit his comlink!* We’ve got Ceri and we’re heading for ship. *Then he moved to take Ceri from MacBeth! Not that he didn’t trust him, but damned if he were EVER going to let her go again!* You cover fire, me carry.

    Bronwen: *Good! She’d love to reply to that message, but she was trying to be QUIET here! Smart guards seemed like an oxymoron, but she kept her mouth shut and made sure to stay out of sight as she crept for one of the doors!* -05:27 Apr 23
    MacBeth: Yes, sir. *He said without his usual sarcasm. He nodded to Tiny.* You heard the man, let’s go. *They ran back to the elevator and rode it back to the ground floor! True to Bronwen’s word, there were no guards or people around!* -05:27 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He was beginning to get a little nervous … more nervous than when he’d first felt the space station shaking or heard the panic outside! Staying in the ship while everyone was out on a mission could be nerve whacking!*

    Oxymoron, indeed! The guards hadn’t noticed her creeping for one of the doors yet! They were jumping at their own shadows or the slightest noise!

    Dion: *That sister of his was something else. He’d be sure to thank her later… and possibly be very VERY afraid of her in the future. With Ceri as his top concern, he rushed back the way the came, heading for the ship!*

    Bronwen: *Fighting the urge to wave and taunt the guards, Bronwen sliiiipped through the doors silent as a cat! She’d just save this nice big bomb as her goodbye present! She ran!* -05:33 Apr 23
    MacBeth: *He shot down any stray guards they came across and Tiny tackled a few as well! They entered the docking area!* -05:34 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He looked up as they came in!* Phew, you guys are here. *He started the ship up but he was going to wait for the captain before taking off!*

    Dion: *First thing he did was take Ceri straight to the Infirmary! She looked like hell, and if Bronwen blew up the whole station he’d be pretty damned glad of it!*

    Bronwen: *Stumbling in to the docking bay, she stopped long enough to turn around and fling that cool looking disk out! And with button in hand, she charged quick for the ship!* Is everybody on board?! -05:42 Apr 23

    Duncan: Aye aye, Captain! *Now he started flicking switches and buttons and took off!*

    Bronwen: Is anyone shot? *She had to ask!* -05:45 Apr 23

    Duncan: *He blinked! There was no way he could have gotten shot!*

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Not me. *He turned serious.* The one who’s worst off is Ceri. -05:45 Apr 23
    Bronwen: Actually I think that space station is the worst off. *She held up the button clicker for a moment before she pressed it! Then she was following the trail to the Infirmary!* -05:48 Apr 23

    Dion: *Having Ceri in the Infirmary was a bit of a weird predicament, so he was damned happy to see his sister in one piece. He thrust a medkit in to her hands.* Fix her.

    Bronwen: *She was going to complain she wasn’t a doctor, but she’d had plenty of practice by now! Ceri didn’t look THAT bad. Nothing a little patching and a good drink couldn’t fix.* You’re not going to hide in the hallway, are you? Because I’mma take credit for rescuing her if she wakes up. *Opening the kit, she held a few of the gauzy things in her mouth while she looked for the needles!* -05:58 Apr 23

    Dion: I’m not going anywhere. *He just wasn’t going to mention that he’d like to avoid accidentally killing his girlfriend with those damned things. Dion grabbed a chair and sat it down next to the bed. He at least helped get some of those clothes off Ceri so they get tend those wounds better.*

    Ceri: *Bad condition, indeed! They had to get those cuffs off of her and then it took awhile to patch her up! She still hadn’t stirred!*

    Bronwen: Damn, I hope I don’t look like that when I’m fixing MacBeth. You look like a sad puppy. *With all those cuts and scrapes, Ceri was going to be in itching pain. But it’s not like she was shot or anything!* -06:24 Apr 23

    Dion: A sad greatful puppy. You’re my hero, Brownie. A merciful goddess. A divine angel. The shining light of space that graces us with her ever-

    Bronwen: OKAY. I get the hint. Pay with cash not compliments. You’re so weird. *Gagging at him, she left him aloooone. They were probably going to be too cute for her to stomach anyway.* -06:27 Apr 23

    Dion: Thank you, Brownie. *He called after her, with a grin.*

    [Bronwen had helped Dion patch up Ceri, and promptly escaped the infirmary before Dion got all mushy on her.] -04:08 Apr 25
    [MacBeth was getting himself a drink–he deserved it!] -04:09 Apr 25

    Duncan: *He had set the ship on auto pilot under invisibility cloak and was pampering Tiny!* Who’s the adorable, fuzzy furball? *Petpetpet!*

    Ceri: *It seemed like ages before she stirred and began opening her eyes!*

    Dion: Ceri… *Dion had been sitting there, watching her carefully… Trying not to give in to that urge of flying off in to a crazy man-killing rage! It’s surprising how pissed off you can get about these things!*

    Bronwen: *For once, a mission went without someone getting hurt! …well, besides Ceri, but the one getting rescued normally was expected to be injured upon retreival. Now to hand out goldstars to her very good crew!* And whoooo is the best pilot in the entire galaxy? *Bronwen gave Duncan his own pat on the head and a scratch for Tiny before she escaped to get MacBeth!* -04:15 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She opened her eyes, still feeling a little groggy. She didn’t know where she was but she was too weak to do much of anything but lie there. When she heard Dion’s voice, she turned her head and opened her eyes a bit more.* … Dion …? *She winced as she started to sit up but couldn’t. She was bandaged up and she was itchy.*

    Duncan: *His cheeks went red.* Heh heh. Thanks, Captain. *He looked up and watched as she walked out. Then he went back to giving Tiny much petting!*

    “Greeoww! Greeoww!” went Tiny! It looked mighty proud, lying in Duncan’s lap, as majestic as any lion!

    Dion: *Don made sure she wasn’t moving anywhere. And as much as he wanted to kiss her, pet her, and do many other things… he had a very cross look on his face.* My sweet, I hope you realize I am never letting you out of my sight ever again.

    MacBeth: *He grabbed himself a shot glass and a bottle of hard liquor! He was going to pour the liquor into the glass but changed his mind and drank straight from the bottle!* -04:19 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She closed her eyes. He sounded very serious and she couldn’t blame him. She was surprised he wasn’t flying off the handle … yet. He probably would in a little while.* I’m … sorry, Dion. I shouldn’t have gotten you involved. *She said after a moment or two of silence.*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen watching MacBeth for a moment… just incase he was trying to sneak by with an unmentioned injury…* Are you not even gonna save any for the rest of us? -04:22 Apr 25
    MacBeth: *He stopped and glanced over his shoulder. Then he smirked.* I’m the one with a demon spawn as a mother, remember? -04:23 Apr 25

    Dion: *He had to lower his head and hide the sudden grin that came across his face.* I believe being a Shadowstar makes me already involved. *He replied, just barely keeping that stern tone in check.* Have you any idea how scary it is to try and rescue a girl while your sister is throwing around grenades?

    Bronwen: You wanna trade? I’ll give you Cassius. *Bronwen wouldn’t have any qualms about shooting Morgan in the face… but now she wondered if MacBeth might. Could blood out weigh loyalty…? Moving in to the kitchen, she took the glass and the bottle to pour herself a drink… then handed him the bottle back.* -04:27 Apr 25
    MacBeth: Thanks. *He took the bottle back and looked at it for awhile.* … It doesn’t matter to me. -04:39 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She blinked and although she was tempted to smile, she knew this was probably not the best time to.* I … can only imagine. *She tried to sit up but then she realized …* Where are my clothes?

    Dion: *Clearing his throat, that stern and serious expression had suddenly vanished to be replaced with a deep red blush. Dion was no stranger to women, but for some reason this case just seemed…. different.* Er… well. There were a lot of cuts and bruises that we needed to get to and… I can fetch you something.

    Bronwen: The trade or Morgan in general? *She leaned on the counter to take a sip from her glass and watch him. * -04:45 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She blushed a red as deep as Dion’s face! She’d assumed Dion’s sister had taken her clothes. But … he had and …* It’s … quite alright. *She drew the blanket a little further up her body.* Right now I’m too itchy to put anything on. *She looked at him thoughtfully.* Dion … what happened to Henrik?

    MacBeth: *He smirked up at her.* … You can keep Cassius. *The smirk disappeared.* I meant Morgan. She made her choice a long time ago and I did, too. -04:47 Apr 25

    Dion: He is dead. *…he would spare her the details about how. He hadn’t quite been thinking when he did it, but he sure as hell didn’t regret it either.* You won’t have to worry about him again.

    Bronwen: Some things are more important than blood, right? *She said as much to Aaron, but telling your brothers to go to hell wasn’t quite the same as a mother. Even if the woman was a scheming, murderous whore.* If you wanted to bow out, I would understand. Not that I don’t plan on shooting her in the face anyway, but… I wouldn’t drag you through it if you don’t want to deal with her. -04:51 Apr 25

    Ceri: *The look on her face, the shock, said it all! But then she suddenly sat up and winced. Sitting up like that … not a good idea when one was injured so badly.* Oh Dion … He’s … He wasn’t the one to worry about. *She stopped, trying to figure out how to put this.* … Do you know Tsugoro, one of Morgan’s worst men?

    Dion: Ceri, stay still. *He muttered, pushing her back gently on the bed.* I know of him, yes. …I didn’t just earn m’self another black star on someone’s hit list, did I?

    MacBeth: *He smiled a bit.* Thanks, Shadowstar. I appreciate it. But like I said before, I’m your man and I’ve got a few scores to settle with her and her men. -04:56 Apr 25

    Ceri: *And back onto the bed she went! She had such a sad look on her face.* Henrik was Tsugoro’s younger brother … *There was a few moments of silence. She smiled a bit.* I’m more trouble than I’m worth, aren’t I?

    Bronwen: *She always liked the sound of ‘her man’! Bronwen cast him a wide grin.* In that case we might as well drink to her invitable demise. Besides, you deserve a reward for going through a mission without getting shot up. -05:00 Apr 25
    MacBeth: *He smirked and raised his bottle for a toast.* To Morgan’s demise and those of her bastard men. May we do it and rub it in your brothers’ faces afterwards. *He laughed.* -05:02 Apr 25

    Dion: *Ah… Killed a man’s brother. That was going to be a problem on down the road. But… he’d handle it.* Trouble, you say? Anything worth having is worth a little trouble, but I think I owe you some change. *He smiled, leaning to brush a kiss over her forehead.*

    Bronwen: Oh Mac, you’re a man after my own heart. *She tilted her glass at him with a smirk before taking another drink. In her brothers faces indeed! How did they get on without her?* -05:06 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She blushed!* You’re the sweetest. *She looked up at him.* … Where you serious when you said you’re not letting me out of your sitght?

    MacBeth: *sight? -05:11 Apr 25

    Ceri: *were

    Dion: I intend to keep you for a good long while. *He hesitated a moment.* ..That is… if you want to be kept. ..I mean, not KEPT but… *Cough! There went his elegant approach!* Exclusively my lady. …girlfriend?

    MacBeth: *He took a drink and smirked.* You made good use of Madame Hessing’s toys, I see. -05:18 Apr 25
    Bronwen: *There was a dangerous smile in response!* What sort of repuation do you think I’ll be earning for single handedly clearing out a stadium of goons and shouting out an insult during one of her special executions? It’s amazing how much easier it is to get away with stuff the more people there are… -05:21 Apr 25

    Ceri: Sweet! I … oh dear … *She was blushing! Oh dear! But it was hard to look dignified when one was stuck to a bed and pretty much naked!* I uh … What I mean to say is … *She cleared her throat.* I would … love … to be your girlfriend.

    MacBeth: *He smirked.* You mean besides being a wild, unpredictable woman with a knack for insanity and enough grenades to blow us sky high? -05:24 Apr 25

    Dion: *Dion laughed softly, leaning forward to give her a quick kiss… Anymore than that and he might carry off her of, and she was in no condition for that!* Then, Ceri my sweet… I am yours. There will never be another lady for me.

    Bronwen: There should be a cool name for me. Bronwen the Invincible… or something. Or the Amazingly perfect Captain Shadowstar. -05:30 Apr 25

    Ceri: I must be dreaming. There’s a real hot guy who just said he’s all mine. Maybe another kiss will prove I’m not dreaming after all? *She said with a smile.*

    MacBeth: *He chuckled.* There aren’t enough words to describe your incredible skill or your breathtaking beauty, Captain. *He said, raising his bottle in another toast.* -05:41 Apr 25

    Dion: I don’t know. My mother always said you should never wake a lady when she’s having a good dream. *That didn’t stop him from leaning and kissing her again, this time lingering a bit longer.*

    Ceri: *Her cheeks were red again! She laughed softly and kissed him back, then rubbed her cheek against his.* Your mother sounds like a very intelligent woman. I’ll have to hold onto you.

    Bronwen: Alas, things a first mate has to say or face unimaginable torture from his captain! …you didn’t go saying stuff like to my brothers did you? *Of course he didn’t. But it was funny to imagine anyway!* -05:47 Apr 25
    MacBeth: *He snickered.* To Cassius once. We were drinking and I was feeling suicidal at the time. That’s youth for you. -05:50 Apr 25

    Dion: That would be wise. I am afraid the only other Shadowstar worth dating is Bronwen and I just don’t think Cassius is going to let her loose. *Dion brushed the hair from her face, casting her grin.* …are you sure you’re up for this kind of insanity?

    Bronwen: *She blinked, before she laughed!* I am really tempted to get you snockered and see what happens. -05:56 Apr 25
    MacBeth: *He smirked.* Ask any of your brothers. Me and getting drunk never go well. -06:04 Apr 25
    Bronwen: I don’t know… I think last time resulted in us actually scaring away squird pirates. …Though THEY probably wouldn’t say it went well. -06:07 Apr 25

    Ceri: *She smiled.* I think I’ll survive. We undercover cops have to be tough after all. *She nodded matter of factly.*

    MacBeth: *He snickered.* Nothing like a bunch of squid pirates to make your drinking game. We should have a drinking game with your brothers sometime. -06:44 Apr 25
    Bronwen: It’d serve them right, really. We’d have them under the table in an hour… Then you’d be stuck with me. *A grin!* -06:48 Apr 25



    The Shadowstars discuss what to do about MacBeth. Bronwen says Aaron can have her ship but she won’t kick off her crew. Aaron takes over and kicks Bronwen off for her own safety.

    After bandages, showers, and lots and lots and lots of sleep, the next evening…

    Dion: *Dion claimed himself the best seat. The one that wasn’t anywhere within swinging distance of Aaron. Luckily, Cassius was probably going to be getting the brunt of affections with the way he had been moaning all day. Dion lit up a ciggy!*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was scowling at Cassius from over the table. Maybe it was more like a staring contest. The mother fucker had one of those foolass grins on his face like he had this whoooole thing under his thumb. She kicked his knee!* -03:32 Apr 06

    Brennen: *He sat at the table, too worried about all of this to eat any cake! He rubbed his temples at the staring contest between Bronwen and Cassius!* ….

    Cassius: *GRINGRIN-ARGH FUCK! He reached under the table to rub his knee, muttering some curse words at Bronwen!* You just wait.

    Aaron: *He was at the head of the table … and Cassius was within striking distance!* Alright. So let’s cut to the chase. We’re having this meeting to figure out what to do about MacBeth … now that you all know he’s Morgan’s kid.

    Dion: …Now that we all know…? *Dion asked curiously. Aaron tended to learn things far sooner than the rest of them, but this was one of those ‘big’ things.*

    Cassius: *Cassius was still rubbing his knee.* Does it matter anyway? He’s fucking dangerous and needs to go.

    Bronwen: The only person that needs to go is you, Cassius! -03:38 Apr 06

    Brennen: *He was scratching his head.* Cassius, you’ve always thought Mac needed to go. You weren’t too keen on taking him on the last time we had a meeting about him.

    Cassius: *Cassius flashed Bronwen a toothy smirk.* I don’t know why we got stuck with some kid and had to raise him. And look what we got for it. Morgan’s brat making the moves on our sister. I liked him just fine up until he started putting his hands where they didn’t belong!

    Aaron: We got stuck with this kid because I gave my word to someone. A Shadowstar keeps his promises. *He looked ready to knock Cassius out of his seat as he cracked his knuckles.*

    Bronwen: Why don’t you stop blabbering bullshit for a minute and actually think for once, Cassius. When has MacBeth every done anything against this family? -03:43 Apr 06

    Cassius: WHEN? How about when he fucking tried to kill me! On more than one occassion! *He was warily shifting his chair to the side!*

    Brennen: … You’re not exactly an innocent bystander, Cassius. *He eyed him!*

    Dion: …According to Duncan, Cassius stuffed Brownie in a shipping box and that was the start of it. *A puff on the ciggy!*

    Cassius: Oh right, it’s MY fault and we’re going to ignore how Bronwen yaps her mouth like a bitch in heat everytime that kid is around.

    Bronwen: You sonofbitch! *Bronwen stood up pulling her gun! Screw the meeting, she was going to shoot Cassius’ face off!* -03:48 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *THWACK! Out came Aaron’s hand again toward Cassius’ face, easily crossing the distance between the older Shadowstar and the one shooting his mouth off!* -03:49 Apr 06

    Brennen: *He quickly stood and put a hand on Bronwen’s wrist! He shook his head!*

    Aaron: *THWACK! Out came Aaron’s hand again toward Cassius’ face, easily crossing the distance between the older Shadowstar and the one shooting his mouth off!*

    Cassius: *FUCK! He tilted backwards and nearly fell out of his chair! Cassius rubbed his face.* She pointed a fucking gun, and you’re hitting ME?

    Bronwen: *Damnit. Smacking Cassius wasn’t nearly as much as he deserved. Bronwen sat down, but she didn’t put her gun away.* Asshole. -03:51 Apr 06

    Aaron: Watch your mouth. *He cracked his knuckles again.* We’re getting sidetracked. If all of you remember, I was the one who called that meeting those years ago and told you about an eleven year old boy I had promised to care for.

    Dion: *Clearing his throat…!* Now that I think about it, it was pretty strange for you to do, Aaron. Especially after Ma and Fa were killed. Would have been nice if you told us.

    Brennen: *He blinked!* Yeah … This isn’t the type of thing you usually keep to yourself.

    Bronwen: *Forgetting Cassius for the moment, there was a peculiar look on her face. That made her about ten years older than MacBeth, but now it’s like he’s ten years older than her and…. Damned cryosleep chambers.* Does it really matter if he told you? Would it have made a difference at the time? -03:56 Apr 06

    Cassius: Fucking would have made a difference to ME. We taught that kid everything we know. Who is to say he’s not going to decide to turn around and join mommy-dearest and use that against us? *His face fucking hurt. He scowled darkly at Aaron and back at Bronwen again. Aaron could have at least hit her too!*

    Aaron: It isn’t the family you came from that makes the difference. It’s the family who raised you. Mac isn’t just Morgan’s kid. He’s Ian Gordon’s son, too.

    Dion: Ah… That Tech King. Fa had Ian Gordon doing most of the work on Brownie’s own ship.

    Brennen: You know … it stands to reason … if Morgan’s best locks are DNA signature, we might have a way of one-upping her.

    Cassius: Yeah, and it also stands to reason that Morgan is going to be fuckall pissed and be scouring the galaxy with her goons twice as much. Having him around is asking for more trouble.

    Bronwen: Morgan is already pissy, already dangerous, and could easily be blown to pieces if we just go GET her. And Frankly, it’s a lot easier to accomplish with MacBeth helping. -04:09 Apr 06

    Brennen: … She has a point. And it’s not like we shy away from trouble in the first place.

    Dion: But do we know how MacBeth will deal with it? He never did quite feel right with any one of us up until Bronwen, and scourge of the galaxy Morgan may be, she is still his mother. …That’s bound to mess with a guy’s head.

    Cassius: And what if Morgan has some mind control psychic bullshit in her bloodline and one day he wakes up and slaughters us? It HAPPENS.

    Bronwen: Loyalty is about a hella lot more than blood. He’s not going to turn in to a Morgan-zombie (you stupidass) and he’s not going to drop the ball elsewhere either. I trust MacBeth. -04:23 Apr 06

    Brennen: But he still stuck by us, even when he knew we were going up against Morgan … And he was went on a wild goose chase to get Bronwen after Morgan split us up.

    Cassius: Went after Bronwen after we told him NOT to. And then let her come after us where she could have gotten her kamikaze gunslinging ass killed.

    Bronwen: Uh huh. And I didn’t get killed. AND you’re all free as birds with all your limbs still attached with MacBeth half dead in the medbay. -04:28 Apr 06

    Dion: *Dion couldn’t help but grin around his ciggy.* …Brownie wins the point. If he didn’t find her, we might all still be Morgan’s toys. It didn’t look like we were getting out any time soon.

    Cassius: MacBeth saves the day, big hero. Whatever. I ain’t dealing with some cocky asshole pushing his knives in my face every chance he gets!

    Brennen: Things were looking real bleak but we can’t deny, they’ve done good so far. *He was thoughtful.*

    Bronwen: Then you can get the hell off my ship! We shouldn’t even be having this conversation. He’s my crew and I say he stays. -04:36 Apr 06

    Cassius: Aaron is the oldest, and I’m pretty damned sure he makes all the choices around here.

    Bronwen: Oh ho really. Well Aaron is more than welcome to have my ship. But it’s still MY crew and if any damned one of you is fool enough to try and boot him off, you’re booting me off too! -04:39 Apr 06

    Aaron: … Bronwen is staying out of this. *He gave his no-nonsense look at Bronwen in case she had objections!* She’s been put into too much danger as it is. We’re taking her somewhere safe and then I’m rallying my men.

    Bronwen: Like hell I am! I didn’t spend twenty years in a freezer not to blow off Morgan’s damned face myself! *Fuck his no-nonsense face! He was an old man, and she could take him!* -04:45 Apr 06

    Cassius: Now, Brownie, Aaron knows what’s best for you. *Cassius grinned like a cat!*

    Dion: …Cassius. *Dion warned… and scooted his chair back slowly. This was about to get ugly quick.*

    Brennen: *He was glancing between Cassius, Bronwen, and back again! He was definitely not getting into this one!*

    Bronwen: Piss off! *Bronwen slid in her chair to kick under the table and send Cassius’ chair tipping backwards!* -04:49 Apr 06

    Cassius: *Cassius flailed a minute before righting his chair and standing up. He pointed a finger across the table.* How would you like to go in another damned freezer until we’re done!

    Bronwen: *She only growled as she lept up from her chair again, and this time was shooting her gun at Cassius!* -04:54 Apr 06

    Aaron: … *He reached out and grabbed Bronwen by the back of her shirt, then took the gun away from her! He released her to turn and press the intercom!* Duncan. Land this ship at a safe place. Your captain is getting off.

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Uh … Um … *He wasn’t sure what to do!* Um … Captain …?

    Cassius: *Cassius had to duck and dodge to avoid gunfire, but oh did he look smug as hell!*

    Bronwen: …Land the ship. We’re getting off. *Just so…angry…! She couldn’t even put it in to words! Bronwen stopped out, only making sure to flip them the finger as she did! She went to fetch MacBeth!* -04:58 Apr 06

    Dion: *Cough..!* That went slightly less bloody than I expected…

    Brennen: *He finally opened his eyes!* … It’s over …?

    Duncan: *He blinked!* Uh … Yes, ma’am! *He did as told and set the coordinates for the Hessing farm! Ma and Fa would know what to do!*

    MacBeth: *He’d heard the intercom announcement Aaron had made! They’d made their choice … He wasn’t sure how he felt about that …* -05:04 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *Just snatch her gun and drop her off. IGNORE she totally saved their asses and so did MacBeth too! Take her ship AND try to take her crew with Cassius and his fucking grinning…!* MACBETH! *…She didn’t really mean to growl out his name so loud! Bronwen took a deep breath!* MacBeth. …Would you like to stay on board with the Shadowstar assho-… men. Or will you be leaving with me. -05:05 Apr 06

    Cassius: Ah, nothing like having a REAL Captain on board. I guess she’ll be mighty pissy for awhile. *Grinning so much his face was hurting, but boy was it worth it!*

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit. As if she needed to ask … He was grateful that she had, though.* … I’m still your man, Captain. No matter whose blood is in my veins. I just need to get Madame Hessing’s cane from my room. -05:07 Apr 06
    Bronwen: By all means, feel free to beat the shit out of anyone you meet in the halls too. *…at least knowing he would stay with her eased the anger a little bit. Bronwen immediately turned tail to head up to the controls with Duncan.* …Hey… I have a question, Duncan… -05:09 Apr 06
    MacBeth: Aye aye, Captain. *He nodded, knowing she was very serious. He slowly sat up and was making his way to his room while she went to find Duncan!* -05:10 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He blinked and turned to her.* Uh … Yes, Captain? *The look on his face showed just how confused he was about all of this! What had happened?!*

    Bronwen: I know I said this ship was for you, but Aaron is going to be taking it for awhile. I am not it’s captain anymore. Would you like to stay on board or would you rather leave with me? -05:13 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He blinked.* Um … I’ll go with you, Cap–er, Bronwen. *He glanced at Tiny sitting in the captain’s chair.*

    Tiny hopped off and went over to Bronwen. It sat down at her feet and placed one paw on her boot. “Greeoww greeoww!” it growled!

    Brennen: … I still feel weird about this. *He muttered as he sat up.*

    Bronwen: *Giving Duncan a grin, she leaned down to scoop up Tiny.* Yes, you can come too. Oh, I’m still Captain. Just not captain of this ship. We have a mission and we’re gonna finish it. -05:18 Apr 06

    Dion: No kidding. *He muttered in reply to Brennen.* Granted I’d rather not see her involved any more either, but… I don’t know.

    Duncan: *He breathed a sigh of relief!* That’s good to know. It’s weird calling you by your first name. Oh, I set us to land at my family’s farm. I hope you don’t mind.

    Cassius: You’re just a couple of pussies that can’t say no to a women, even if she’s your own sister. Bronwen doesn’t have any business doin’ this shit.

    Bronwen: That sounds perfect, actually. We really need some rest first. I like staying with your parents. *She was scratching Tiny’s ears… Bronwen was still pissed off, but like she said… it was HER crew. She can always get another ship.* -05:25 Apr 06
    MacBeth: Shut up, Cassius. *He shot a glare at him. He looked over at Aaron.* I’m sorry, Aaron. I’m asking that you drop me off at Heather’s place. I need time to think. -05:26 Apr 06

    Brennen: Shut up, Cassius. *He shot a glare at him. He looked over at Aaron.* I’m sorry, Aaron. I’m asking that you drop me off at Heather’s place. I need time to think.

    Aaron: She should never have been involved in this the first place. *He suddenly had a cigar and was lighting it! He had finally sat down and looked at Brennen long and hard before nodding once.* Aye. We will come back for you.

    Dion: …I think I’ll be getting off with Bree, myself. I’d like to take care of some things. *It was a relief to know he wasn’t the only one having second thoughts about all this.*

    “Greeoww greeoww!” went Tiny. It closed its eyes and rubbed its head against her fingers!

    Aaron: *A hard, long look at Dion! But he finally nodded once.* As you will. *His eyes went to Cassius.* Cassius …?

    Cassius: *Cassius snorted. Bunch of babies.* Hell no, I’m staying.

    First stop … the Hessing farm!

    Bronwen: *Bronwen was still angry enough that she was giving every last one of those brothers the silent treatment! She had her guns and everything she needed!* I guess that’s it. And I so liked that ship too. -05:42 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He looked over the ship with Tiny on his head.* Me, too. I guess we can start looking for a new one.

    Cassius: *Cassius would have loved to say “goodbye”… but he knew which planet this was, and he wasn’t taking any chances being spotted by Betty! He stayed on the ship to take over the flying!*

    Dion: *Dion sighed with a wry grin. He wasn’t going to press Brownie, he understood why she was mad.* We’ll be seeing you again soon, don’t worry. Take care of your Captain.

    Brennen: *He was still real troubled about this!* Be careful. I’m sorry it had to end up like this.

    MacBeth: *He nodded once to Dion and Brennen.* Same here. If you need anything … you know where to find us. -05:51 Apr 06

    Aaron: We’ll come back for all of you once this is over. *He promised.*

    Bronwen: *Bronwen couldn’t resist and ended up flipping Aaron the finger again before turning her back on him! Just like Fa indeed!* -05:53 Apr 06

    Dion: *Biting back a snicker, he nodded his head to the others and reboarded the ship!*

    Duncan: Bye, Brennen. Bye, Dion. *He was sad to see them go. He really liked them!*

    “Greeoww! Grreeoww!” Tiny made sure to jump on Brennen’s shoulders and rub up against his cheek! Then it jumped onto Dion’s shoulders and did the same to say a fond farewell!

    Dion: *A small (manly) snuggle for Tiny and a wave for Duncan. …It was a damned shame to lose a good crew!*

    Brennen: *He scratched Tiny between the ears and waved before he disappeared into the ship after Dion!*

    Aaron nodded to Cassius for them to take off!

    Cassius: *And thus Cassius, though not nearly as smoothly as Duncan and possibly very badly took off with the other Shadowstars – minus one – in tow!*

    Duncan: *With Tiny in his arms again, he watched the ship take off! And tried not to shudder at Cassius’ flying skill!* Uh … I’m gonna tell Ma and Fa we’re here.

    Bronwen: I’ll wait here a minute. *She muttered in reply. It HURT to be left behind! …Bronwen finally sighed!* Shadowstars are free, yaaay. …jerks. -06:01 Apr 06
    MacBeth: … They don’t stand a chance against her. *He said after watching the ship fly away and moments of silence! This felt exactly like the last time, except for the fact Morgan didn’t have Bronwen to threaten.* -06:03 Apr 06
    Bronwen: They really don’t have a clue, do they? *She leaned to rest her head on his shoulder, just in case someone decided to pop out here and caught her looking all girly and teary eyed!* We’ll just handle it ourselves. I bet we’d bury her before they even knew what happened. -06:07 Apr 06
    MacBeth: … Ian Gordon. What do you know about him? *He asked.* -06:15 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *Leaning back up again, she blinked at him!* You don’t know? -06:18 Apr 06
    MacBeth: No. There was mention of him every now and again but no one ever went into detail. -06:19 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *Boy… MacBeth was finding out all sorts of surprises…* Aaron said Ian Gordon was your father. He was Fa’s friend and did all the designs and work for his ships. They called him the Tech King. …I guess that kind of makes you the Tech Prince. *A slight grin.* -06:22 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Very funny, Shadowstar. *The smirk disappeared.* She called me Ian back there. Said I’d run off with another woman just like your Da had. -06:26 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *Ugh..! The look of horror on her face..!* You saw Morgan herself? That really was a nightmare trap! *…Which meant he likely got stabbed by Morgan herself too!* ….That raving bitchwhore! I’m going to stab out her eyes and dump acid down her throat! -06:28 Apr 06
    MacBeth: … She was wearing something. I thought it was just for show. I shot her. *He looked down at her face now, met her eyes.* But it got deflected. -06:30 Apr 06
    Bronwen: …That’s kind of disturbing. Unless her skin is so rubbery it bounced off, she must have some high tech suit or armor… *She bit her lip, taking it in to consideration..* We’d not be able to out right attack her then… -06:37 Apr 06
    MacBeth: Unless we’re willing to go through trial and error or we know someone who might have worked on it, we might have to find the plans for the suit. If it deflects bullets, who knows what the hell else it does? -06:39 Apr 06
    Bronwen: Ugh…! *She leaned forward again to knock her head against his shoulder!* And I wanted to shoot her in the face so bad. ..hmph. When you are fine I’ll get us a new ship. Finding a fancy suit designer shouldn’t be too hard… -06:42 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Didn’t say you couldn’t. You’ll just have to wait a little longer, that’s all. -06:46 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He stepped out on the back porch and cupped his mouth!* CAPTAINNN!! MMAAACCC!! YOU HUNGRY?!

    Bronwen: *She turned and blinked at Duncan!* …I guess we better feed you. You’ll need that strength for all the songs you owe me. -06:51 Apr 06
    MacBeth: My throat -07:00 Apr 06
    MacBeth: My throat’s dry already. *He smirked as he started moving for the house.* Too bad we can’t send Betty to Cassius right now. -07:01 Apr 06
    Bronwen: *A wistful sigh as she fell in to step beside him!* I know. Just the thought of the romantic surprise is enough to stir my little fluffy girly heart. -07:02 Apr 06
    MacBeth: *He still wore that smirk!* I missed the thought of Cassius getting a taste of his own medicine. -07:14 Apr 06

    Duncan: *He waited for them to get there before explaining.* Ma and Fa said it’s alright to stay here for as long as need to.

    Bronwen: *Bronwen grinned at Duncan.* They’re really nice. When we go out hunting, what kind of ship would you like? Something shiny? Or maybe something more subtle? -07:19 Apr 06



    Aaron’s rescue. Everyone falls in to a trap.

    [Bronwen has her crew prepped for a rescue and they are landed on a grim looking planet where THE BEAR is being held prisoner.] -04:57 Apr 04
    [MacBeth looked around at everyone!] -04:58 Apr 04
    MacBeth: … Let’s run through the plan one more time. *He said, although they’d done it at least a hundred times alredy!* -04:58 Apr 04
    MacBeth: *already -05:02 Apr 04

    Dion: *Dion looked dressed in his normal clothes, but underneath was that nice bit of armor he picked up. He was serious about not getting himself shot.* It’s a bit like storming a fortress. Aaron’s is going to be somewhere in the mid-levels, likely in a steel reinforced tank. Something he can’t bust out of with bare hands. Assuming they know we’re coming, the whole place is going to be littered with me. We’ll have to split just to increase the chances of someone getting there fast. ….And we want to do it SILENTLY. *All eyes turned to Cassius.*

    Cassius: Yeah, yeah, I get it. Keep my damned mouth shut. *He snorted.

    Dion: *littered with men! and not Dions!

    MacBeth: (Ceri would have loved it if that was the case! *lol*) -05:04 Apr 04
    Bronwen: Once someone reaches Aaron, then we alert everyone else via the comlinks and then you can blow up as much stuff as you like on the way out. *Bronwen gave a big grin. That was always the best part.* -05:05 Apr 04

    Duncan: And me and Tiny stay on the ship in case anyone needs back up or something. *He replied, nodding.*

    Dion: Right. We’ll need to be ready to fly out the moment the last person steps on board. *…Dion gave a heavy sigh.* I think that’s it. We have to play it by ear once we crept through that door.

    Brennen: Let’s go then. The sooner we get Aaron out of here, the sooner we’ll be tossing back drinks.

    Cassius: Oh, hell yeah. That’s what I wanted to hear! *With drinks on the mind, Cassius worked his magic on the door with a good little hacking… And led the way inside!*

    Like most fortresses, this place was all hallways, doors, and sharp corners! It was a maze to navigate, so it was a good thing they decided to seperate. The search could take awhile!

    MacBeth: *He looked over at Shadowstar beside him.* Hey, Shadowstar. Have fun. -05:23 Apr 04
    Bronwen: *Bronwen gave him her best smile.* Don’t get yourself killed. You promised. -05:24 Apr 04

    Cassius: Ugh. Makin’ me sick. *It was Cassius who broke off first… choosing his direction and heading down it. With nothing but his first, a single gun and his knife to arm him!*

    MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Wouldn’t dream of letting you down. *He looked like he was about to say something else but then he gave a smirk and disappeared down a different direction than Cassius!* -05:27 Apr 04

    Brennen: *He took a deep breath.* Take care of yourself, Brownie. *He smiled.* You’ve come a long way. *And then he, too, was off!*

    Dion: *Dion pat his sister on the head.* Be safe. …if you have to come rescue us again, leave Cassius for last. *A joking smile and Dion picked his direction to disappear!*

    Bronwen: *A deep breath… And it’s go time! Bronwen moved forward in to the dark fortress of creepy… quiet… doom. Jeeze. You’d think there’d be people in here somewhere.* -05:34 Apr 04

    Creepy and quiet was definitely the words to describe the place! This fortress could easily hold thousands of people, yet the halls were empty and devoid of sound. The lighting didn’t even seem to be working properly, as they’d occasionally flicker in the halls!

    Brennen: *He was armed with a gun that looked more like a shotgun. It was heavy and it only held so many bullets but it packed quite a punch! He slowly moved down the corridor, finding the total silence more disturbing than any sound he’d ever heard!*

    As Brennen walked down the hallway, suddenly one of the doors opened right beside him! ….But nothing was there!

    Brennen: *He quickly turned and aimed the shotgun into the darkness beyond the door! He glanced around, side to side. It was probably a stupid idea but he had to check it out, make sure it was all clear. He took one step, and then another, and then another …*

    As soon as Brennen stepped in to the room, all the other doors in the hallway opened up! …But those rooms weren’t empty! Tons of goons wearing the finest of bullet proof armor came pouring at, and all of them were rushing for Brennen!

    Brennen: *He pressed his comm link and raised his shotgun butt to slam it into the nearest guy’s face!* Hey guys! We got a problem! *He held the shotgun like a club and slammed it into another man’s face! Then he lowered the shotgun and shot holes in thugs’ feet, taking advantage to push them over each other and try to fight his way through the mob, back to the ship!*

    BZZZZZZZ! Brennen’s comlink was only giving a weird buzzy sound in reply! They must have been jamming up his signal! Brennen might have taken out a few goons, but there were an awful lot of them! He couldn’t even make it out of the room before… THWACK!

    Dion: *…This quite WAS a bad thing. It was never good when things were quiet. His comlink gave an odd sound… did someone try to page him? With a frown, Dion turned a corner with his gun ready!*

    As Dion turned a corner, he finally heard something that broke the silence! Was that … crying?! It was faint but it was definitely close!

    Dion: *Crying wasn’t something out of place in a prison fortress. Checking around at all sides of him, he headed for the sound… It might have ben a woman or a child, and despite this being an Aaron rescue mission, he wouldn’t leave someone else behind if they were trapped too.* …Hello? Who is out here…?

    He neared the door the crying seemed to be coming from … Whoever it was, was on the other side! Now he could make out words! “Help me … Help me … please!” It was a woman wailing and she was beginning to pound on the door! But the pounding was little more than a light tap so she must have been weak and in dire need of help!

    Dion: *Damn…! Glancing around again to make sure no one was coming, Dion put his gun away. He pressed his comlink.* There’s another prisoner in here and I’ve got to get them out. *Taking out one of Cassius’ little door crackers, he was able to get that door open in no time!*

    The door opened and there was a woman lying against the door frame, dressed in only a white slip! She had long, unkempt dark hair but she wasn’t pale and she wasn’t skeletal thin either! “Help … me …” she gasped, raising an arm weakly toward Dion and suddenly dropping it!

    Dion: *Dion moved to her side quickly, pressing his fingers to her neck to make sure she hadn’t just died then and there!* Don’t worry, I’ve got you now. We’re going to get you somewhere safe. *He pulled her up to her feet… why hadn’t anyone replied yet?!*

    The woman had to lean against Dion for support! “Th … thank you …” she sighed, leaning her head against his shoulder! From out of nowhere, one of her arms came up, wielding a nasty needle which she swung down toward his neck!

    Dion: Gu-uh…! *Dion shoved her away, his hand reaching up to yank that needle out of his neck! He was trying to press that comlink again as he dropped to his knees… and passed out!*

    The woman was laughing! “Sweet dreams, dear prince!” she sneered as he dropped to his knees in front of her!

    Cassius: *Cassius was doing GREAT. He was running in to goons here and there and dispatched them with perfect ease. Usually with a swift fist or boot to the face. Twice now the comlink fzzed, but he was too busy punching people in the face when it happened!* Boo yah, Eat my fists of steel, assholes.

    It looked like nothing could stop Cassius when he was on a roll! Oh no, a trap door opened right in front of Cassius but a few yards away!

    *small (trap door)

    Cassius: *Cassius hopped backwards q