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  • Tying Down Royalty 003: Caught by the Guard (tbc)

    Tying Down Royalty 003: Caught by the Guard (tbc)

    [Lilei got in to a lot of trouble for her unscheduled park picnic. So naturally she was sneaking out.] -10:07 Apr 13 [Deitrick ] -10:10 Apr 13 Lilei: Lilei didn’t normally do this sort of things. She was not known for trouble or being sneaky. But things were different now. She was no longer in […]

  • Princess 101 006: Secret’s Out

    Princess 101 006: Secret’s Out

    [Adrian Is enjoying a day off… for once, singing in his room.] -09:57 Apr 09 [Autumn is having ONE OF THOSE DAYS.] -09:59 Apr 09 Autumn: It all started with itchy contacts. After all, her eyes weren’t naturally brown, just like her hair wasn’t naturally black. The contacts were high quality since Ysabelle paid for […]

  • Repairing Destiny 012: Britt’s Busy

    Repairing Destiny 012: Britt’s Busy

    [Britt is at school today. Finals are coming up and there is a Parent meeting today, which is ALWAYS a nightmare.] -05:22 Mar 11 [Jane it limping into Britt’s school to surprise her!] -05:22 Mar 11 Britt: Right now, Britt was in the library surrounded by several books and trying to cram as much information […]

  • Waterlogged 001: Internet Dating

    Waterlogged 001: Internet Dating

    [Daisuke logs on to his skype after a shitty day of classes and work.] -06:03 Feb 24 [Dr0wnedG1rl53 Is the internet alias for a real life Nix, a water nymph who is lonely and can’t talk to humans.] -06:04 Feb 24 Daisuke: Daisuke was not creative. Or rather, he was SUPER creative, but could never […]

  • Destiny’s Child 001: The Crash

    Destiny’s Child 001: The Crash

    [Kuzan is on a mountain, looking for a broup of bandits who stole something gooood so he’s gonna steal it from them!] -03:48 Feb 22 [Claire is driving to a party!] -03:52 Feb 22 Claire: It was the first party of the summer. If she missed this party, not only would it be social suicide, […]

  • Repairing Destiny 011: Kim Moving In

    Repairing Destiny 011: Kim Moving In

    [Kim is wearing a loose backless shirt and a short pair of cutoff shorts. She’s carrying her school books in one hand and looks like a run way model, not like a brutal kickboxer.] -07:47 Feb 17 LATER THAT WEEK -Jane 07:48 Feb 17 Jane: Jane was limping, even now, she had had a broken […]

  • Repairing Destiny 010: Ass-Kicked

    Repairing Destiny 010: Ass-Kicked

    [Britt has visited Jane’s gym to see some kickboxing action. It’s WAY hotter seeing a bunch of sweaty strong girls than boys! ] -01:33 Feb 17 [Jane is just stepping out of the changing rooms in a tant top, shorts, trainers, gloves and headband, bashing her gloves together as she steps into the ring in […]

  • Verge 002: Our Mission

    Verge 002: Our Mission

    [Charlotte Kristoff looks like she didn’t get any sleep. And it’s true, because she spent the entire night studying the plans for Lightbringer and the files of her chief crew. ] -12:02 Jan 04 [Andrew Sharpe Is sitting to the captain’s rightm as always a folder of papers in front of him that he is […]

  • Verge 001: The New Captain

    Verge 001: The New Captain

    [Andrew Sharpe has been passed over for a promotion promised to him yet again. Now he’s standing in the shuttle bay with a filder under his arm watching the vessel bearing the new captain land smoothly with most of the command staff behind him. ] -12:12 Dec 31 [Charlotte Kristoff is not qualified for this […]

  • Harmony 001: Sleepover

    Harmony 001: Sleepover

    [Harmony has one of those wierf names Hippies give thier kids. She usually goes my ‘Harm’ though and so has a reputation of neing an emo but who the fuck cares.] -05:22 Dec 22 [Wilhelmina is a very quiet, very invisible girl. She’s okay with that.] -05:31 Dec 22 Harmony: "Hey dorkfish." ‘Mina’s head was […]

  • Bad Boss 001: Mistaken Identity

    Bad Boss 001: Mistaken Identity

    [April is a Data Entry Operator, which is just a fancy name for the sucker that types up all your documents. And like any sucker, she is doing the Executive Assistants work for her, because she had a DATE to go to.] -10:31 Jul 11 [Matt is the big boss, on this floor anyway but […]

  • Your Starr 015: Last Night on Tour (TBC)

    Your Starr 015: Last Night on Tour (TBC)

    [Drake had just finished the last show of the tour. Always an exhilirating moment.] -09:22 Jul 02 [Madeline is at the FINALE CONCERT! The best concert of all! ….and she had to go and fall asleep backstage sometime during the break!] -09:23 Jul 02 Madeline: Maddie didn’t care what everyone said. She wasn’t too tired […]

  • Princess 101 005: Blackmail

    Princess 101 005: Blackmail

    [Autumn is starting to get the hang of ettiquete classes. It’s probably the ONLY thing she has the hang of! And now she is headed back to her suite.] -10:35 Jun 19 Autumn: Her hair was freshly dyed black again, so she was happily not wearing one of those silly hats. Every time she passed […]

  • Your Starr 014: Going All the Way

    Your Starr 014: Going All the Way

    [Drake is eading for his hotel rool after a long day, but only a couple more and he gets a holiday.] -01:41 Jun 14 [Madeline was told to leave early, because apparently everyone thinks she is worn out! But it’s okay, this is giving her a chance to surprise Drake when he gets back to […]

  • My Hero 002: Strange Greetings

    My Hero 002: Strange Greetings

    [Gwenyver is glad to be home! ] -12:54 Jun 13 [Captain Neptune is keeping an ear out for danger.] -12:58 Jun 13 Gwenyver: There was nothing better than getting back home after a long busy day. Gwen was already plotting out a bubble bath with a hot cup of tea. Digging around in her pockets, […]

  • My Hero 001: Captain Neptune Meets a Girl

    My Hero 001: Captain Neptune Meets a Girl

    [Captain Neptune had just set a net full of people down after pulling them out of the way of an avalaunch with a NOT!stolen fishing net.] -11:27 Jun 10 [Gwenyver is not having the greatest of vacations! Her horoscope was right! ] -11:28 Jun 10 Captain Neptune: After setting down the holiday makers he immediatly […]

  • Repairing Destiny 008: Families and Exes

    Repairing Destiny 008: Families and Exes

    [Jane if at the gym, in the ring with a ginger 1st hear college student who is beating the CRAP out of them.] -09:45 May 22 [Star is not dressed like normal. In fact, she looks like she got a make-over on one of those “Dress me Like a Hooker!” shows.] -09:47 May 22 Star: […]

  • Repairing Destiny 007

    Repairing Destiny 007

    [Britt is in bed with her best friend turned girl turned girlfriend. Life is weird.] -04:54 Apr 30 [Jane is befinately DEFINATELY not a virgin anymore.] -04:55 Apr 30 Jane: It was warm under the blankets, snuggled up against the naked Britt, thier limbs entwined as the day dawned. Both of them had gone to […]

  • Repairing Destiny 006: Britt’s Confession

    Repairing Destiny 006: Britt’s Confession

    [Jane is trying to blend in a girl, so she’s wearing a shapely blue tshirt, back skirt, black stockings and her shoes as well as carrying a new school bag to keep her identity safe as she waits outside Britts class.] -03:24 Apr 25 [Britt is not so sure she likes her major.] -03:26 Apr […]

  • Repairing Destiny 005: Date Take Two

    Repairing Destiny 005: Date Take Two

    [Jane is pulling up in the public park’s parking lot for another date with Star!.] -07:30 Apr 24 [Star is totally on board with this date!] -07:30 Apr 24 Star: This was going to be perfect. At this point Star was pretty sure she just needed to get used to them dating again, starting from […]

  • Repairing Destiny 004: Temptations

    Repairing Destiny 004: Temptations

    [Jane is drying off her hair and stepping out of the bathroom in nothing but a too large shirt and too large boxer shorts that are being held up by one hand.] -04:46 Apr 21 [Britt is crawling through the window, which is a big production because she is not atheletic at all and she’s […]

  • Repairing Destiny 003: Bad Date

    Repairing Destiny 003: Bad Date

    [Star is going on a date with her boy- er… girlfriend!] -01:30 Apr 19 [Jane Is in her dad’s old car, pulling up outside Star’s house.] -01:30 Apr 19 Star: Star had no idea what to wear on a date with a girl, so she went for a nice pair of black slacks and another […]

  • Repairing Destiny 002: Shopping for Girl Clothes

    Repairing Destiny 002: Shopping for Girl Clothes

    [Britt is taking her bestie to the mall for shopping, which normally would not be something they did!] -03:37 Apr 15 [Jane is going shopping… in a skirt. This is wierd and she keeps trying to hold it down.] -03:38 Apr 15 Britt: "Stop fussing with it. You’re just going to make people stare more." […]

  • Repairing Destiny 001: James’ Big Surprise

    Repairing Destiny 001: James’ Big Surprise

    [Britt got a weird phonecall from her BFF. She’s assuming James is having another grades flipout or someone slipped him a daterape drink again and he’s hallucinating. Either way, she’s headed to his place to slap some sense in to him!] -12:59 Apr 14 [Jane used to be knows as James and has stormed off […]

  • Genetic Bride 026 012: Done

    Genetic Bride 026 012: Done

    [Baldor has been in chef school, all paid for by the woman he doesn’t love anymore. Resigned and defeated he thinks he’ll never see khloe again.] -12:13 Apr 06 [Khloe is a product for consumers, and that is not a nice thing to be.] -12:14 Apr 06 Khloe: Khloe is in the crate. The cold […]

  • My Demon Roommate 007: Baby Troubles

    My Demon Roommate 007: Baby Troubles

    [Jayden has taken to being a demon just fine. …Not so much to being a mother. ] -01:06 Mar 27 [Cupio is away at a photoshoot!!!] -01:08 Mar 27 Jayden: Being a demon seemed to grow ever increasingly easier the more Jayden just sucuumbed to it. This mothering business was a bitch and she was […]

  • Your Starr 013: The Bribe

    Your Starr 013: The Bribe

    [Madeline will always be a hopeless fangirl.] -02:32 Mar 18 [A knock at the door is heard, early in the morning at the time Drake usually shows up.] -02:34 Mar 18 Madeline: Maddie is as awake as she could get, full of more caffiene than any human being should be taking. She hadn’t even had […]

  • One Life Stand 024: The Final Wish

    One Life Stand 024: The Final Wish

    [D has an arm around Tessa but is slipping awa towards his guitar case.] -08:11 Mar 07 [Tessa is working at home. Not that she wants to! There’s tons of things to do outside of the house, but SOMEone insisted on her staying home, and worse, that SOMEone isn’t even there to keep her company.] […]

  • The Angel and the Witch 001: Steal a Soul, Save a Soul

    The Angel and the Witch 001: Steal a Soul, Save a Soul

    [Samuel bursts into physical form in a shower of feather and blinding light the burns all truly evil creatures it touches.] -12:08 Mar 03 [Siomha will bring terror upon this world, and will do so with the captured soul of a most powerful creature!] -12:10 Mar 03 Siomha: Once she can SEE again! Her summoning […]

  • The Town 001: Hitchhiker

    The Town 001: Hitchhiker

    [Susan has been walking for far too long on the side of the road, carrying a bag that is too heavy, in weather that is too cold!] -01:58 Feb 12 [Anton is a journalist for a motoring magazine writing a review for the latest Jaguar. It’s getting late and he is looking forwards to testign […]

  • Feather Collector 001: Collector

    Feather Collector 001: Collector

    [Paul is just an ordinary human boy, or wants to be… these wings on his back make that difficult. But there’s time to worrk about that later it’s time to go home from work.] -07:45 Nov 30 [Tarohi is a very scary guttersnipe. Or at least she believes she is.] -07:48 Nov 30 Paul: Work […]

  • Project A.I. 002: Deal

    Project A.I. 002: Deal

    [47 79 72 69 6f 6e is running on minimal resources.] -06:24 Nov 28 [Amy is a DOCTOR dammit! ….of genetic sciences!] -06:24 Nov 28 Amy: A few days after initial contact with her strange new computer virus, Amy had zero answers and even more questions. Having copied a snippet of the source code to […]

  • Avenger 003: Posting Bail (TBC?)

    Avenger 003: Posting Bail (TBC?)

    [Celosia told herself she didn’t care and he could run away as he pleased. But the next afternoon she still found herself following after that bond, and now spending every bit of cash she had just to bail a demon out of jail. ] -01:05 Nov 23 [Cupio is sitting in a cell, caged and […]

  • Avenger 002: Hunting

    Avenger 002: Hunting

    [Cupio was ordered to sleep on the couch but somewhere around midnight slipped under the blankets!] -06:45 Nov 19 [Celosia is a restless sleeper and does not realize she has bed company.] -06:46 Nov 19 Cupio: He was next to her, his braid form pressed against hers, his hands on his hips, his face a […]

  • Project A.I. 001: Virus

    Project A.I. 001: Virus

    [Amy Sherridan is a DNA Scientist! Who is currently working late, late, late, laaaate in to the night on her computer.] -03:50 Nov 15 [47 79 72 69 6f 6e is on the far side of the worls, and in increadible pain.] -03:53 Nov 15 Amy: Everyone liked to call her a workaholic. It was […]

  • Avenger 001: It Begins Again

    Avenger 001: It Begins Again

    [Cupio Is not here yet!] -09:53 Nov 11 [Celosia is a bounty hunter for hire. And right now, she is on a mission to kill and/or capture a mysterious summoner!] -09:54 Nov 11 Celosia: Technowitch, technomancer, mad scientist, whatever the name may be, Celosia blended her mix of gadgets with old world magic like it […]

  • Princess 101 004: Town

    Princess 101 004: Town

    [Adrian is in town for a meeting and picking up a few things.] -09:37 Oct 18 [Autumn walked all the way to the local town, which was a WAY longer walk than she thought it was!] -09:38 Oct 18 Autumn: Her feet hurt. Ysabelle’s pretty princess shoes were not made for walking down long winding […]

  • Princess 101 003: That Voice

    Princess 101 003: That Voice

    [Autumn is in her room with her headphones on! It’s her free day and she managed to borrow some fun things from the music room to play with. This is so much better than reading boring history and politics books.] -09:06 Oct 09 [Adrian is going to ask a certain “princess” some very serious questions. […]

  • Tomb of Mars 001: The Tomb

    Tomb of Mars 001: The Tomb

    [Guofu this is it, the first man on mars. A historic moment. No hope of rturn and just a resuply package every few months… alone with the rocks.] -09:18 Oct 03 [Ninharrissi is a very big surprise waiting to be discovered.] -09:20 Oct 03 Guofu: "I am not approaching site 27." he said to no […]

  • Princess 101 002: Royal Manners

    Princess 101 002: Royal Manners

    [Autumn has to schedule a tutoring appointment with a mobster prince. This time she is much more prepared!] -09:47 Sep 25 [Adrian is conducting bussines, no ban on phones is going to stop him having one, especially one with settelite internet.] -09:54 Sep 25 Autumn: Autumn was so prepared, she might have accidentally have built […]

  • Your Starr 012: Flight

    Your Starr 012: Flight

    [Madeline is going through AIRPORT NIGHTMARE SCENARIO. And she hasn’t even been able to make it through the gates yet! She is currently sitting in the security office, really annoyed, and also a little violated!] -11:36 Sep 03 [Drake has been waiting for Maddie for well over an hour, time is getting short but at […]

  • Princess 101 001: Tutoring

    Princess 101 001: Tutoring

    [Adrian is the son of the famous business man, Damion Rubrum and is here in europe to learn for to rub shoulders with the highups of european society in order to break into the market and add europe tot he family financial empire… all to impress his father.] -10:00 Sep 02 [Autumn is Ysabelle. At […]

  • Voodoo 004: Hollywood Tour (TBC?)

    Voodoo 004: Hollywood Tour (TBC?)

    [Amber is “off work” today. And by off work, that means she didn’t have to run around town. Instead, she…. did some research!] -04:54 Sep 01 [Sigfried fed and then slept, leaving his assistant with the day free.] -04:56 Sep 01 Amber: It started as a simple bit of checking facebook to threaten her "friends" […]

  • Voodoo 003: Old Friends

    Voodoo 003: Old Friends

    [Siegfried has woken to find the house empty. His newest purchase is out late…] -01:11 Aug 31 [Amber has spent a few days being a personal assisstant and evening dinner for a vampire. It’s been okay. Except TODAY where she’s running $^%%&#^@ late cause she had to be in five million meetings and still have […]

  • One Life Stand 023: Old Habits

    One Life Stand 023: Old Habits

    [D missed his concert, and for good reason. The coucks it covered with equal parts of drugged assassin and blood.] -09:09 Aug 29 [Tessa is furious. And worried. And furious for being worried! With an equally as edgy panther in tow!] -09:10 Aug 29 Tessa: Tessa ranted the entire way home from the cancelled concert. […]

  • Voodoo 002: Job Expectations

    Voodoo 002: Job Expectations

    [Sigfried has rested… and it’s a new day.. or night as it were.] -11:15 Aug 19 [Amber is not so rested… but under the circumstances, that should be understandable!] -11:16 Aug 19 Amber: The moment the automagic window… thingies… started rolling up, Amber had picked herself up off the sofa to wander over to the […]

  • Voodoo 001: Undead

    Voodoo 001: Undead

    [Amber was at the greatest party ever with her boyfriend and friends! ….except she doesn’t remember that at all!] -09:11 Aug 15 [Sigfried is old, much much older than he appears, and is standing in a small windowless, featureless room in front of the gir; shose name he doesn’t knowm after restoring her mind.] -09:13 […]

  • One Life Stand 023: Back to Work

    One Life Stand 023: Back to Work

    [Tessa was fiiiiinally home! Weaaaaving around like she was drunk thanks to those silly pain meds. And eek! No poucing, Chaya, nooo!] -01:35 Aug 18 Tessa: Apparently she had been missed by a panther. Thankfully a quick squeak and her hands thrown up protected Tessa from getting knocked to the floor. Then D would have […]

  • Your Starr 011: Classic Day After

    Your Starr 011: Classic Day After

    [Drake is in Maddie’s kitchen with a mixing bowl and a wooden spooin his briefs and shirt. The pancake mix is not cooperating.] -09:51 Aug 13 [Madeline has a HUGE headache! And something smells both delicious AND burned… huh…] -09:53 Aug 13 Madeline: Maddie might not have woken up at all, but something… almost smelled […]

  • One Life Stand 022: The Hit

    One Life Stand 022: The Hit

    [D is staying behind but like hell he’s going to let Tessa to into town alone with assassins threatening her, in fact he’s sending insurence.] -10:02 Aug 02 [D is now known as: Chatya] -10:02 Aug 02 [Chatya is now known as: Chaya] -10:02 Aug 02 [Tessa is a savvy music producer, who can freaking […]